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BAND - Fun community forum for fans,...

BAND - Fun community forum for fans, gamers and other interest groups
3.5 based on 369 Votes
Price Free

Connect and Interact with a worldwide Audience of over 50 million users by a safe, easy and DEPENDABLE channel – BAND. Members can utilize group polling, events, calendar, file sharing, and photo albums. Discover topics that you are passionate about and engage in conversations with like-minded people. BAND is available for mobile and desktop (, allowing you easy access whenever and wherever you want.
FEATURES:

BAND - Fun community forum for fans, gamers and other interest groups is a Social Networking application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 12+ (Application may not suitable for children under the age of 12). This application has an average rating of 3.5 based on 369 Votes. This version 5.2.2 has an average rating of based on 0 Users.

Your device must have atleast 40.8 MB of space to download and install BAND - Fun community forum for fans, gamers and other interest groups. This application does not have game center . BAND - Fun community forum for fans, gamers and other interest groups is Free to download and install on your mobile device

Support Languages

English, American , ID , Japanese , Korean , Chinese , Spanish , Thai , Chinese


Social Networking , Productivity ,


BAND - Fun community forum for fans, gamers and other interest groups
BAND - Fun community forum for fans, gamers and other interest groups
BAND - Fun community forum for fans, gamers and other interest groups
BAND - Fun community forum for fans, gamers and other interest groups
BAND - Fun community forum for fans, gamers and other interest groups
BAND - Fun community forum for fans, gamers and other interest groups
BAND - Fun community forum for fans, gamers and other interest groups
BAND - Fun community forum for fans, gamers and other interest groups

Additional Information

DISCREET INTERACTION - BAND offers all the collaboration tools necessary in order to trim down and improve communication at your organizations or even at your work places. One can easily create BAND groups that foster teamwork and interaction. Additionally, with created BANDs, you can easily reach, align and engage with members and improve outcome.

YOUR HOME BASE – Create a home for your community on BAND. You can become an admin or a group leader of your group, customizing the appearance to suit your Band’s identity, and sharing what matters most to your community. Make it your own!

DISCOVER NEW TOPICS AND PEOPLE - Band has communities for everyone. BAND allows people to form interactive groups around shared interests, where by gamers can find tips and strategize, whether you're new in town and interested in hearing what foodies have to say about a local restaurant – Band is the place for you. Talk about the latest issue of your favorite fashion magazine or last night’s sports game, share hilarious MEMEs and find people with the same interest and have fun. Find what you like on our Discover page, join in the conversation!

SHARE EVERYTHING – The home-base for your Band allows members to keep up with different members’ activity or share their own. Each member can post and organize photos, videos, gifs, PDFs, location, and files from Dropbox or Google Drive into your Band homepage. This is the place for sharing, venting and communicating and the best part is, all this gets saved on our Cloud! No more hassles about phone memory organization!

EASY CONSENSUS – No more endless discussions, going back and forth between different opinions. Use Band’s polling feature to make sure every member’s opinion counts. Create polls to let members vote on options for events, merchandise, personal decisions etc. The polls can be set to anonymous or public and lets you easily track how many members prefer specific options.

CHAT WITH ANYONE - Have an instant chat with all the members of your Band, a select few or one-on-one. You can share photos, voice messages, and stickers while chatting.

PLAN EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES – Want to create a meetup? Use the calendar! Anyone can create an event in a Band’s calendar and ask other members to RSVP to that specific time and date.

Oh, did we mention that all of these awesome features are FREE? No pricing model ever. All you need to do is download and start socializing.

What's New on this version 5.2.2

Ver 5.2.2
Minor bugs fixed

Ver 5.2.0
* Keep track of the join requests you sent The days of endless waiting not knowing what happened to your requests are finally over!
Go to My Page and view all the requests you sent at a glance.

* We added some excitement to your polls
Set your poll so that members can't view the results unless they participate too.
Introducing automatic closing.
Freely choose how long you want your polls to be.

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Best Group App There Is!

    Update Feb 2nd : I still stand by my original review, but I'm still awaiting the lock post / thread chats feature! For large Bands, especially for MMO guilds, this needs to be implemented!! Also please bring back the 1:1 feature, when clicking profile. This was useful, now there's too many steps to private chat. ------ I discovered Band after looking for an alternative to Groupme and Line and have been using it for a mmo guild for several months now. I've personally talked nearly 100 people into downloading it for our guild use and have discovered that it offers everything to keep us connected outside the game, from casual discussions, to being able to make polls on decisions as well as using for guild raid set ups and loot tracking. However, there is one feature I would suggest implementing to the already amazing notification features, and that's the ability to lock thread topics or turn off comments in those sections. When managing a large community of people with multiple Bands, for multiple purposes, an option to cut down on comments in threads would be a welcome addition.

  • This is awesome

    This is better than expected

  • Files, videos, and 1:1 messages

    In my 1:1 chats, files won't open, videos won't play, and messages are disappearing.

  • Great App

    I use mainly for clash of clans

  • Good, but~

    Photo album sorting by name needed!

  • Good

    Simple, yet too simple.

  • BrokeGamer

    Here cause of FoxyHotmess lol

  • Crash

    Crashes often pls fix and will immediately be 5 star

  • 아이폰에선 일부만 나타나는 댓글들

    안드로이드 기기에서 표시되는 댓글의 일부가 아이폰에서는 전혀 나타나지 않습니다. 동기화가 늦어서 그렇나하고 며칠을 기다려도 전혀 안 보입니다. 나타나는 형태를 전혀 알 수 없습니다. 일부 안드로이드기기의 댓글은 보이고 일부는 안 보입니다.

  • Everything is great, however

    This is still a developing app. Meaning not enough people are on it. It'll take some time perhaps....


    this app is awesome! You can join a bunch of "bands" that revolve around different interests (gaming, fashion, food) or even treading topics (adulting, I hate my ex, what are thoooooose?!) you can change your profile setting for each group and be completely anonymous and connect with users who have similar interests or opposing opinions from you. It's a great way to debate or share and learn about things that matter to you! Awesome app for sure

  • Fix it NOW!

    It keeps crashing. Can't do anything now. So disappointed..

  • 튕김현상, 렉 걸리는 현상 너무 심해요 락걸린 미국폰이고 ios 9.1 입니다

    빠르게 고쳐주세요

  • Voice

    Could you add an optional voice chat that admins of the group can toggle on or off. And the voice chat would always be open whether or not anyone was already in it.


    I've been using this app for awhile but the recent update has the text in chats splitting the word and going onto the next line. Must be an issue with the code but it's annoying trying to read texts in chats when the word goes halfway off the screen. It's an easy fix so please fix it.

  • A message from a multi Band co-admin!

    Hi, I am a multi 4-band user and contributor to various bands posting polls, and entertaining content and today I thought maybe I'd write a review to point out a small add-on I'd like to have to improve the experience of "POLLS". I believe, It would be a cool idea if there was an option to hide poll RESULTS. So that it only shows up to the individual who have already taken the poll, and those who haven't voted yet can't see the results until they vote! Helps and makes it more fair since there are people who just look and judge then skip past it, or some people vote by seeing the majority voted and it is inaccurate, and decision conflicting. All in all the app is amazing and great! Hope the band community grows even richer in the future! Great work developers!!!

  • Helpful communication app

    definitely useful for gaming communication but the words in messages get cut off when it's in the next line. Please fix asap.

  • Great for group management

    My Destiny clan (500+ members) use this as our main source of contact. There are two name fields so we use the second for console type which is very handy. Admins can delete or lockout features easily. Recent updates to allow message groups (chats) to be given names and icons is especially helpful. Photo albums and polls work very smoothly and the like/emoticon feature encourages positive communication. A few gripes: * The secondary tab for dedicated "chatrooms" is redundant since it shows up both places. * for larger groups, incessant wall posts can be a nuisance, so a lockout to admins only would be helpful * the recent update broke the text wrapping function in messages * anyone can, and often will attempt to, change storage settings for the entire band. This should also be locked out * a way to see most recent log on would be helpful for culling abandoned accounts

  • Great mobile app for group comms

    My Destiny clan recently switch over from Line to Band to take advantage of the calendar for scheduling in game events and a bit more user management. It's been a great upgrade to our old methods. That being said, there's an extreme lack of free stickers. This is a small issue, but they're really fun to have. Also, the latest release introduced a bug with chat lines wrapping in the middle of a word. Other than that I'm enjoying the app. M

  • To all the people from Balor

    This is a shout out to the literal tens of people that use this for Celtic Heroes

  • Good way to keep groups informed

    We use for gaming community. Works great for posting tips game strategy and keeping guild informed.

  • BAND is a descent group app. Could be better.

    - It is slow in general, and especially when it comes to chats. - The notices bar should be redesigned. (I wasn't aware that there were more than one notice in a row until i swiped by mistake.) - You should put an option to choose a band as the primary band. Cz I don't want to go to 'home' tab then choose my band to enter and see the feed. I want to open the app and find the band already open. Cz i only am in one. - Option to make a theme for the whole band? - Option to choose a wallpaper (for band and chat) - Option to see full profiles of members - You should make profiles like the ones in facebook. Everything you post appears in your profile and so... - Stickers are for $1.99 each? Seriously?😂

  • Love it

    Amazing chat app i use it so much

  • It works

    While Band works well as a group messaging app, it does so in a very unintuitive way. Menus are over complicated, when I open the app I'm not instantly in my work chat, I instead have to tap on chat, than on the appropriate channel. Our company recently switched from GroupMe to this and I haven't been that thrilled about it honestly. GroupMe was simple and effective, this is complicated and effective. Band reminds me of Samsungs failed attempt at making a group messenger ChatOn. Which is thankfully no longer in existence.

  • So Happy~~~

    소심한 성격에 밴드를 통해서 자유로운 소통을 할수 있어서 행복합니다.

  • 아이패드 유저인데

    언젠가부터 이모티콘키있잖아요? 그거누르면 갑자기 다시 키보드로 넘어가고 설정들어가서 문의하기 누르면 앱이 종료되네요

  • Love it!

    Use it for all group things!

  • Amazing

    Hands down one of the most useful, intuitive, and entertaining apps I've ever used. It's perfect for group messaging and has a great online community where I've met awesome people and made great memories :)

  • Just what I was looking for

    I run a clan for Destiny and this app is just what I was looking for. Everything is in one place: chat, scheduling session, announcement, poll, and upload photos. It has worked out pretty good. I gave 4 stars because of the stupid cartoon sticker (emotes)! Would have been 5 if not for them.

  • Nice at first, now I keep getting dumb notifications

    This app is very useful; however, they are trying to branch out into more social usage of the app, resulting in sending me dumb notifications like, "Ever had a bad breakup? Join 'I HATE MY EX'!" I wish they would stick to a more mature approach, it's turning off my band members. Also, it'd be be cool if the calendar could sync to a gmail calendar somehow.

  • Awesome social media!

    Absolutely love this app! It's ability to combine personal social sharing with close friends/family, and public silly posts with strangers is great. I've suggested it to both coworkers and friends.

  • Awesome!

    Band has a great interface that makes it easy to keep up with different groups of people and their activity. Would definitely recommend this app to people who want to stay in touch with a group.

  • The Best!

    This app is fantastic! It's user friendly and makes it easy to stay connected with friends! With all the different groups it's easy to find one that fits you! I absolutely love it and would recommend to everyone!

  • Greatest App Ever!

    This app has some of the greatest functionality ever; updates are often and always appreciated and the community which grew up surrounding this app is unparalleled. A must have for any public group, college club, or organization of any type!

  • My BAND members love it!

    My group was about to purchase a custom app until I found BAND. We love the ease of uploading documents and uploading pictures to albums. Best of all is the ability to tap a member's icon and call, send an email or text straight from the app. We love that feature!

  • Awesome

    This is an amazing app for gaming clans!

  • Thanks


  • Fun App

    Almost like a hub for fb group pages, but much more accessible and a better sense of community. Highly recommended to keep in touch for group projects, friends (chat + plan events+store photos!) reach out to fandoms, etc..

  • Incredible

    My gaming clan uses band to keep 300+ people at a time in contact. Easy to use, very scalable, and great admin tools

  • Awesome App

    great way to stay connected with the things you love. you can join thousands of bands and even create your own! one of my personal favorite apps. it's a must download!

  • 👌🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

    Great way to get connected with people who love the same things! Can literally join over a thousand different bands!

  • Love it!

    I really do enjoy this app. Very user friendly. No apparent bugs or crashes. Helps keep me in touch with other likeminded people from all over. My only wish, is that there was a way to integrate my chat with my website. So if someone posts anything in the BAND chat, it would show up and be live with my website chat. Other than that. This app is excellent.

  • Great but...

    Like notices which are pinned, admins should be able to pin the current/ongoing polls and events at the top so members can view it easly. Polls and events should also have expiration date. Thanks.

  • Download it!!!

    A very useful app. Basically helps you communicate and connect with multiple groups and more! The thing I love about it the most is that you can personalize it so much 👌🏻


    This app is wonderful to communicate to many groups that I am involved. Since I am in college, there are many activities and things that we need to organize as a team. BAND makes everything easier with photo albums and uploading files. It is everything that I want to talk to my group more efficiently and effectively.

  • Do no update

    After update, I cannot open app anymore. For Band App, please so anything to correct the problem.

  • 업데이트 후 로그인이 안되요

    업데이트이후에 첫 화면에 비밀 번호를 입력하는 곳이 비활성화 되어 번호 입력 이 되지 않습니다 지문 인식도 되지 않습니다 저는 아이폰 5s를 사용하고 있습니다.

  • 실행 안됨

    업뎃하고 나서 비번치는 화면에서 안넘어감 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 개판 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • I am having a same problem with my iPhone 6

    Can't open this app.

  • I can't open the app after update

    I can't open the app after update. I'm using iPhone 6 Please do something about it

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