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BAND - Groups & Communities

BAND - Groups & Communities
3.5 based on 469 Votes
Price Free

Are you a group organizer? Looking for a new community to join? Then BAND is the right app for you.
BAND helps you organize your groups and also discover new groups catered to your interests.. Read more...

BAND - Groups & Communities is a Social Networking application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 12+ (Application may not suitable for children under the age of 12). This application has an average rating of 3.5 based on 469 Votes. This version 5.5.3 has an average rating of 5 based on 13 Users.

Your device must have atleast 68.2 MB of space to download and install BAND - Groups & Communities. This application does not have game center . BAND - Groups & Communities is Free to download and install on your mobile device

Support Languages

English, American , ID , Japanese , Korean , Chinese , Spanish , Thai , Chinese


Social Networking , Productivity ,


BAND - Groups & Communities
BAND - Groups & Communities
BAND - Groups & Communities
BAND - Groups & Communities
BAND - Groups & Communities
BAND - Groups & Communities
BAND - Groups & Communities
BAND - Groups & Communities

Additional Information

BAND is BEST for

● Teams/Clubs - Post notices, schedule meetings, and chat with all members in a group chat or 1-on-1.

● Gaming Clans/Organizations - Strategize, play, and stay connected with team members.

● Open Forums - Discuss your favorite topics and make new friends who share the same interests; from video games, sports, and fitness to fashion, relationships and everything in between.

● Local Communities/Meetups - Connect with people in your area about the topics you care about most.

● Work/Projects - Share important project updates with your work team.

● Personal Groups - Privately share photos and updates with family, friends, etc.


● Stay organized with the ultimate features.

- Community Board / Chatroom / Poll / Calendar / File Sharing / Photo Album

● Be anyone in any Band.

- Create different aliases for different groups so you can be free to talk about anything with anybody.

● Personalize your group settings to fit the group’s needs.

- Set privacy levels (Secret, Closed, Public) / Manage memberships (Admin & Co-admins) and Assign privileges / Make a vanity URL dedicated to your group.

● Access your group on any device including your phone, tablet or laptop by going to

We value your feedback! Send any suggestions or report bugs to us so we can make BAND better together!




Twitter: @BANDtogetherapp @BAND_Gaming

Instagram: BANDtogetherapp


What's New on this version 5.5.3

Version 5.5.3

Here's the BAND Guide for you!
Find out the best ways to leverage many different Bands you have and check FAQs to resolve anything you've wondered using BAND.

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Good app

    I personally like it. I get to interact with people specific to my interests

  • Great!!

    Exactly what I needed

  • Amazing

    After I figured this app out it was a lot easier for me to be organized

  • Lucrida Band

    Love the app! Love the updates about the family 😘

  • To all the people from Balor

    Gj Fezzy

  • Great app for sharing information!!!

    If you have a group of like minded individuals and/or you share a common cause/interest, this an excellent way to update your group on events, share files and videos, and keep in touch!!

  • Awesome!!!

    This is a very robust app for private/public groups to keep in communication with each other.

  • This is Pretty SPECIAL

    This place is exactly what the people of the world need from the Internet. This is the bare basics of socializing in popular requisite for anonymous pleasance. This place offers the ability to place a band and keep their point of view into perspective. The most prominent features include the essentials for happy chatting and posted sharing about progression through current events. This place is just right.

  • nothing special

    i only use band for a a game i play, helps keep the guild organized and in touch better.... but so far I see no reason why you should pick this app over any competitors. if choosing between band and line, flip a coin.... theres no real difference i can see at all. fb+messenger has its own ups and downs, band just lets you hide personal identity. there's no voice options. theres no good inner-band group organizational option or sub-headings. and (literally discussing this and finding out the reasons earlier today) it the app has not taken initiative to make itself able to use newer features of devices such as ipad/iphone multitasking... i can be in the game, and without leaving swipe open a sidebar and see all chat posts in dischord, or switch voice channels there, or send a quick tell or post a message, or do anything at all since the well-designed app is available in full. band, however, is not an option when using this small but handy feature. makes the app just that much less convenient. its a decent app, does what it advertises.... but expect only that and no more. its not going to be a great or superior app because the developers dont seem to care.

  • Good stuff

    Good stuff

  • Not a bad app!

    Pretty solid way to connect with people, I use it for Pokemon Go groups but there's something for everyone here. Try it out. Only complaint is the UI is based off many different screens stacking and getting back to a home page can be confusing.

  • Great

    It's a great place to get to know others that are interested in what you like as well and talk with each other about it

  • Great App


  • Ughhhhh

    This used to be such a good app. 2 updates ago you take away the option to write a description about what we are looking for in order to find specific interests with other people. This update you decide to incorporate ads. This app keeps going downhill. Only reason I gave it 2 stars is because clicking on the kik name brings you to the kik app profile without having to type anything. Usually apps get better after updates. This app seems to be going downhill each update. You had everything right..... Quit trying to improve it. Go back a few updates and things will be good again 👍🏼

  • Like

    I like it. I like it A lot!

  • Band


  • Band is awesome

    I really like this app for Pokémon go and the chat rooms

  • Nice Application

    Easy to use and works great for private groups. The app is stable and is not bloated with adds.

  • Love it.

    Support is awesome and they are always working on new updates. Works great for me since I'm a Twitch streamer :)

  • Good ok

    I like the overall layout but it is kind of hard to get used to. A problem was when you go into band, the bar on the bottom is there right? Than when you go into a band the bar is there but turns out that's the things you can do with the band that you are in. If you are looking for something to chat with, like with your faraway aunt I would use this for chatting. But kakaotalk is better for chatting.

  • Kinda stupid

    This app was good until I noticed the ability of "co admins" of a group to kick people without consent. Every "band" seems rather biased in which if you accidentally 'offend' the wrong person the co admin kicks without question. Please fix this issue

  • Easy to browse

    I like the recent update bc I don't need to open bands multiple times. You can browse all new posts in one single menu. Great job!

  • Fun and friendly!😃👍

    I love joining my favorite fandoms and having fun with all the people who like what I like! It's so easy to make friends and I just LOVE this app!!

  • Awesome App!

    I use it for Clash of Clans chat and it works great. The calendar and poll features are really useful. I'd recommend this app for anyone wanting a great chat app for gaming

  • Just started using today.

    So far, I'm enjoying the app. Seems to be very active. Joined because of Pokemon GO and then discovered there's so much more in the app. If you're looking for something that will not only keep you in touch with the GO community, snag tips and tricks, or just looking for a good message board, I recommend this one.

  • Wonderful.

    Terrific app and solid website. ———–————————— Write tap a send

  • Fantastic Tool

    This is a great way to organize any group of people for nearly any purpose- it offers a ton of features, all for free. I'll put it this way: it's good enough that I'm spending my life writing this, so why not give it try so this isn't time wasted, eh? Not a fan of the new Feed feature, but it doesn't detract from anything, so still 5 stars.

  • The Band App Keeps Us Banded Together

    I love the Band App! The app allows the band director to inform parents and members of band schedule of events and performances. It allows us to download the events onto our individual calendars. I love the Band App!

  • Don't update if you haven't yet!

    This update is one of the most awkward updates I've ever seen for an app. The "feed" tab is useless, convoluted, and completely unnecessary. Message notifications show up in your notifications, and then aren't in the chat room when you open the app. The entire app seems volatile, as if the update broke something essential to stability. It hangs up in odd places and just doesn't feel slick anymore. Sorry, I'd pass on this update if I could, and definitely on future ones if this keeps up.

  • Kicked for sticking up for myself by admin Dreama

    Okay so I am new and joined a group called you know what really grinds my gears for fun. But my third day out some pos and his lil buddy starts saying things about my mother! After a day waiting for admin to do something I stick up for myself and thats when admin did something, they kicked ME! Forget it obviously they are to busy to do there job. Oh and the one rule one post per day

  • Awesome app for gamers

    Great app that works well, let's you schedule events and take polls, along with a clean chat

  • Love it

    So far easy to use. I'll review again after using it for a bit.

  • So useful!

    I love this app for clash of clans because it's super fun and easy to run my clan! It's a essential if you are looking for a professional clan.

  • Vainglorious

    Downloaded this for vainglory lol

  • Sweet


  • Group Planner

    I use BAND as a planner or calendar for the clubs and groups I run on campus. I can post important dates, and group members can post when they have conflicts or special events in the calendar. Notices are easily posted on the BAND and articles can be shared with all members. I can even use the album to share photos, polling function to vote democratically and chat to speak to members one on one or in real time.

  • 짜증나는 광고투성이

    광고없으면 돈을 내랍니다 겁나부자 네이버가!!!!

  • Needs some work

    It is glitchy here and there but I never crashed in the app. However it's very laggy and I barely have pictures only have a few apps and I have 16gb plus all the background apps are closed but there is still lag in that app. And I mean a lot.

  • Great!

    I'm in several different bands and I think the ability to be in multiple bands is very easy and there is a feature that allows you to see all the chats your in and easily communicate without having to go to the band page. The notifications work well too and show posts as well events that have been created.

  • Revenge 😈

    I was in a band and got kicked, my thirst for revenge has never been this intense. Anime geeks here i come. This app overall frustrates me and it's pretty much like Kik.


    Amazing way to talk to people you don't know in a game. AMAZING

  • My review

    Very fun and easy to use. Everyone is very kind!

  • Band

    This app is so good download it now

  • Helpful!

    Great FYI projects

  • Hands down the best

    I've used many different chat programs, but the ease and versatility of Band is unmatched. I use it for a few groups I have within some video games and for work. Whether it's on the app or on the website, Band is with me everywhere!

  • Love it

    I love this app. There are so many different kinds of bands to be a part of. I'm in a couple of advice bands, and I love being able to help other people and know that other people are there to help me too. It's great!

  • Good app but..

    I can't upload a gif bigger than 5mb which is sad because I want to share them to my friends but can't please increase it

  • Fun to browse

    This app is awesome to find and talk to ppl w/ similar interests. I'm a huge gamer/anime nerd and there's an awesome community on band :) there's also a ton of funny bands on there too, like #adulting and #whatgrindsmygears. they update pretty often and customer service is quick to respond so props to them!

  • Best app to keep your group organized!

    Whether for business, team, family, troop, or special interest, BAND is the BEST app to keep you together! Share files, photos, articles, links; chat; even split a bill! Look no further, BAND has it all!

  • I love it

    Just wish I could use gifs:-( that's the only thing I really really really don't like

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