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BAND – The Ultimate Group Communication App

BAND – The Ultimate Group Communication App
3.5 based on 310 Votes
Price Free

Be Together!
BAND, the ultimate group communication app, allows you to stay social, organized, and in touch with the groups that matter in your life. Read more...

BAND – The Ultimate Group Communication App is a Social Networking application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 3.5 based on 310 Votes. This version 4.2.1 has an average rating of 4.5 based on 19 Users.

Your device must have atleast 32.9 MB of space to download and install BAND – The Ultimate Group Communication App. This application does not have game center . BAND – The Ultimate Group Communication App is Free to download and install on your mobile device

Support Languages

English, American , Japanese , Korean , Chinese , Spanish , Thai , Chinese


Social Networking , Productivity ,


BAND – The Ultimate Group Communication App
BAND – The Ultimate Group Communication App
BAND – The Ultimate Group Communication App
BAND – The Ultimate Group Communication App
BAND – The Ultimate Group Communication App
BAND – The Ultimate Group Communication App
BAND – The Ultimate Group Communication App
BAND – The Ultimate Group Communication App

Additional Information

Be together with any of your communities, small or large, by making a dedicated space. Use BAND to share, communicate, and organize activities. It works well for fraternities/sororities, sports teams, friends, debate club, and others groups

BAND moves beyond chat to keep your group in the loop with a full suite of free tools. It allows for traditional posting and chat, as well as group polling, events, calendars, file sharing and photo albums. For greater convenience, users also have the ability to access their Bands on desktop (

Download now to join the 40 million users already using BAND to keep up with friends, loved ones and everyone in between, to share life as it happens.


YOUR GROUP’S HOME – Greek organizations, study groups, sports teams, coworkers - Join as many Bands as you want or create your own. Customize your Band cover photo and appearance to suit your style and invite your group to join you.

SHARE EVERYTHING – The home-base for your Band allows members to keep up with group activity or post something of their own. Every member can share text, photos, videos, gifs, PDFs, location, stickers and files in Dropbox or Google Drive, and vote on group polls.

EASY CONSENSUS – Make your opinion heard through Band’s Polls feature. Band members can create polls to find out the group’s tee shirt sizes, best day to grab lunch, or which movie to go watch. Easily track the polls for every category, and see who has yet to participate.

PLAN EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES – Keep everyone on the same page with a calendar for each Band. All members can add events with time and location before asking their Band members to RSVP. Share the group’s duties with To-Do and Bill Splitting features.

CHAT WITH ANYONE - Stay in touch with all the members of your Band, a select few or one-on-one. All members can share text, photos, voice messages and stickers.

REMEMBER THE MOMENTS – Share the important things with the important people in your life – upload up to 100 photos at a time to an existent group album, or start your own. You can make your group’s year-end book on the go.

MEET NEW PEOPLE - Each Band has 3 privacy setting options of Secret, Closed and Public. You can search the closed or public groups to meet new people who have the same interests with you. Also, the group admins can reach out new members and control their membership easily.

Oh, did we mention that all of these awesome features are FREE? No pricing model ever.

We want to hear your feedback!


Twitter: @BandTogeterApp





What's New on this version 4.2.1

Ver 4.2.1
Minor bugs fixed

Ver 4.2.0
You asked, we listened. Update now!

*Unlimited Notices
Admins, take heed.
Number of Notices you can add is now unlimited.

*Sharing Posts
Found an interesting post in a public Band?
'Share' it to your Band members.

*Better Posting and Commenting
-The preview of the links you share is now better than ever.
-Attach photo at its 'original size.'
-Edit sticker and photo on comments.

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • 🎉


  • Greatest App Ever!

    This app has some of the greatest functionality ever; updates are often and always appreciated and the community which grew up surrounding this app is unparalleled. A must have for any public group, college club, or organization of any type!

  • Nice

    Good work nice app

  • 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

    This app is very fun and user friendly. It maintains its simplicity in interface while still providing the user with a variety of different uses. Having a few different friend groups, we can organize events via the calendars provided. We can also set up a voting poll to get different opinions on things. The app is also highly customizable without going over the top. For example- you can join a lot of different public or private groups (similar to chat rooms) where you can control the notification level. Allow your higher priority groups to give you every little update while the smaller, less important groups hang back a bit. Overall, this is a fantastic app for those who need a little organization in their social media-connected lives.

  • Awesome app

    Band is the best app for group messaging it allows you to not only create groups with your friends but at the same time allows you to meet people with the same interests as you. You can use this app to do anything from making plans to go out to finding people to study with. Highly recommend it guys

  • Very cool

    If your looking for an app where people can chat in a more professional setting than GroupMe, then BAND is the perfect app.

  • Absolutely Amazing 😍

    It didn't take me long to fall in love with this app. This is just perfect, with the ability to post photos, videos, create polls and events to even sharing location and files, this app has it all, or most of it at least. I would like to see more import options when it comes to sharing files and an easy access to a link within a post (although it's pretty easy as is). Overall I love this app and it keeps getting better as it updates. I definitely recommend this for anyone who wants to join/create groups or little communities to post, text and share multiple things.

  • Discover the BAND Mobile community!

    This app is great!! It's the perfect mobile community where people can discover new things or talk about things they love. Reminds me the old AOL chatrooms, but without a lot more features like polls, calendars, etc. I like that you can be in a private "Band" with a team or friends while being in a public "band" it's like the mobile version of reddit. It can be a little overwhelming or complex at first, but it's easy to learn! Def room for improvement but I love it, I use Band everyday now!

  • Best app ever

    This app is the greatest especially for clubs and organizations on college campuses! It's great for planning events and letting everyone know what's happening. You can create events, add photos, create posts and polls, group chat, etc. Don't stop there - you can also join other bands or even create your own band! If you haven't got this app yet, what are you waiting for?


    This is the best group communication app! I LOVE THIS APP!!!!

  • Band is resourceful

    Scheduling and organizing events was made easy with this app. I love it <3

  • Too complex

    There is way too much going on in this app-- the groups are convoluted, the chats within a group are endless, and the polling and other forms are not concise enough to be helpful. Great idea for an app... Needs major refinement

  • Awesome App!

    BAND is such an awesome app. It is not only fun and entertaining but also serves as a platform that connects and enhances the bond among friends and family members. I love it! :-D Hurry up and download BAND, YAY!!!

  • Amazing!

    This app is great for staying connected. In this day and age, everything is about communicating and getting involved. This app specializes in that

  • Great app

    So far so good for group chat!

  • Ultimate Group Chat App!

    BAND is awesome for gathering family & friends into private bands to chat, share content, plan events, and there is even polling! Public bands are legit too , you can join gaming bands, foodie bands, sports bands or whatever your hobbies are. There’s nothing like it, it’s a hidden gem… hopefully more people will discover BAND

  • Excellent app

    This app is outstanding. I find that it is invaluable for keeping my guild up to date on latest builds, tactics and game updates.

  • Awesome app!!!!

    I've had this app for a while now and I really love it! It is a great way to connect with others who share the same interests as you like fashion or sports. I have read reviews of it having crashing problems or bugs but since having it there have been absolutely no problems!

  • Buggy calendar

    Every time I try to view events for a future month it jumps back to the current one. Please fix.

  • Good app. Annoying at times

    Please remove annoying gimmicky sticker shop notifications (or at least provide an option to turn them off). They clutter my experience and make the app feel cheap.

  • Amazing and simple

    Very User friendly and simple! I can communicate with my co workers with ease by using band

  • Works great

    I like it, you will too

  • Dope

    This app is actually pretty dope. This app makes grouping based on interests much easier and the process of creating your own bands is easy as well.

  • Get BAND!

    BAND is not only a great way to stay in touch with my family and friends, but it allows me to join communities based on my interests as well. Extremely easy to use and allows me to stay in touch in a more versatile way than Facebook or iMessage groups. Highly recommend it!

  • Amazing app

    Very nice and easy to use

  • Great APP

    BAND is a great message/group app with lots of cool features! Everyone go download it

  • Great to keep in touch with Family and Friends

    Even though the previous reviews mentioned how buggy and laggy this app was, BAND has done a really good in the last few weeks to update it. I have an iPhone 5c, and I seldom have any crashes or any problems loading my chat. My family decided to create a group with our family members (15 people), and it’s been such a great way to keep in touch with every single family member. My aunt uploads pictures of my cousins at a soccer game, or my grandma updates us on her latest foodie adventures. Sharing pictures and posts allow my family members and me to stay in touch with each other. It isn’t as overwhelming as Facebook, it’s simply a social platform with people you’re very close to. It’s a really fun app, and great stickers! (But for the really nice ones, you have to pay). The fact that there are no ads really make me like this app. Keep on doing a great job! :)

  • Super App

    Without a doubt, the best companion app for games like Clash of clans. Polling, private chats, picture sharing, this app has it all. So much better than Glassboard or EveryMe. It does everything those apps do and more, and actually WORKS! Look no further, this is an awesome app.

  • Liking it but fix the bugs!

    It's good but when I open chat it crashes.. And it's never done that before so idk what happened. I restarted my device and even deleted and re installed the app.

  • Most Annoying Chat on iOS

    I'll scroll down the chat window to see the latest messages, then it'll scroll me back up a few hundred lines. Repeat, and it scrolls back up. Then s new message comes in, I click it, and it scrolls to where I want to be... Then it scrolls back up a few hundred lines. Irritating.

  • Garbage

    This app is buggy and laggy. We have a chat room with close to 300 people (not concurrently) and every time I scroll down to see the most recent message the app moves me back up by a 100 chats. It's super annoying. The lag to which I refer is concerning typing. It takes 1-2 seconds for your key taps to register in the UI.


    BAND I LOVE BAND BUT IT NEEDS TO BE MORE USER FRIENDLY! NEEDS MORE ADMIN OPTIONS AND A NEW LAYOUT TO EASILY FIND THE CHAT please remove that ugly green chat bubble it should be the color of the theme of the chat not this ugly green that makes everything look off the ability to silence people in the group and the ability to have a timer set on someone so they can be systemly unsilenced we should be able to have a feature for the admins to right up rules and make them easy for memebers to find! the app logo needs to be better and the app just needs a whole new design!

  • Love this app!!!

    Use this app to stay connected to a couple of business partners! Super easy to maneuver, and very well put together! Motivation can get out of hand a little on a busy day but there are setting to adjust this also. Great App!

  • Awesome app

    Fun app to talk with the fun people. You won't be alone.

  • Creepy app that won't let me remove my cell number

    Why do you need my cell phone number? And why can't I delete my cell number from your system? And why am I getting so many telemarketing calls since I installed this app?

  • A few bugs

    Sometimes when I am scrolling through my messages in a group it randomly goes to previous messages, so I scroll down again to the more recent messages and then it randomly goes to the previous messages again. It is annoying.

  • 스팸 1:1때문에 정말 짜증납니다!

    어느 순간부터 밴드 업댓하면서 기능이 점점 좋아지기는 하는데 그만큼 불필요한 일들도 많이 생기네요.. 특정 밴드멤버로부터 1:1 안받기. 이런 기능 좀 있으면 좋겠습니다!

  • How about PWs for each band?

    Great app. It will be greater if I can set up different pass words for each band I have.

  • great!

    I have been using this app for a community and it's been amazing discussing topics and chatting! Hope this app gets even better!

  • It;s great, but...

    It;s is an awesome SNS app, but it has a typo.. It says... Please, ensure your app is up do(should be ’to’) date...

  • Loving this app

    My sister and I took our seven teenage daughters to Florida for Spring Break. I wanted an app that we could all share our pics, videos, comments... I searched through tons of apps and this was the only one that had everything I wanted! So there are ten of us in a group and we ALL love this app! We had so much fun using it and now we have all our memories saved. I will definitely be trying to promote this app. Keep up the good work BAND team 😊👍

  • Nice apps

    Like a combination of Line, Whatapps, and Facebook. A very nice apps for group gathering uses. Thumb up😄👍

  • This is perfect app for private group

    This is perfect app for private group

  • New update

    Loving the update, but it would be nice to be able to link a file from other options instead of just Dropbox.

  • Definitely is ultimate

    One of the reasons I really like BAND is how customizable. I mainly use it with my roommates, but there are so many options on what you can allow people to do. New version is pretty.

  • Very unfriendly

    How do you use this app? And why can't I connect it to LINE?

  • For Mac please

    Good app! Want it for my computer so I don't have to keep switching devices.

  • Band is great!

    It works really well. Not many other apps have the capabilities that this app does and this app quick and easy to use. Highly Recomended!

  • crash after update

    so i delete app. re install. after that it works

  • NHN 먹칠하는 앱

    라인이 잘 나간다고 라인에 몰빵하느라 밴드에는 투자를 안 하나본데 가면 갈수록 프로그램이 무거워지고 챗하기 힘들다. 이거 밴드 담당 팀장이 보고 위에 보고 좀 해라. 투자 좀 하라고... 왜 첫 마음가짐을 지키지 않느냐? 처음처럼 시원상쾌한 접속과 챗이 부활하면 좋겠다.

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