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TextNow - Free Text + Calls

TextNow - Free Text + Calls
3.5 based on 162,034 Votes
Price Free


TextNow - Free Text + Calls is a Social Networking application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 3.5 based on 162,034 Votes. This version 6.9.0 has an average rating of 3.5 based on 11 Users.

Your device must have atleast 62.1 MB of space to download and install TextNow - Free Text + Calls. This application does not have game center . TextNow - Free Text + Calls is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of Enflick, Inc. at

Support Languages

English, American , French , Spanish


Social Networking , Utilities ,


TextNow - Free Text + Calls
TextNow - Free Text + Calls
TextNow - Free Text + Calls
TextNow - Free Text + Calls
TextNow - Free Text + Calls
TextNow - Free Text + Calls
TextNow - Free Text + Calls
TextNow - Free Text + Calls

Additional Information

Give your friends your very own phone number!


You can send as many texts and picture messages as you want - FREE!


Make unlimited free phone calls to any phone number in the US & Canada!


Add money or earn free money by completing offers to your account and make low-cost international calls


Works on your iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone


There is no catch. No yearly or monthly fees! It is completely free!


The app comes with a few ads. If you don't like ads, you can purchase a subscription to remove them.


- Customize the look and feel of the app

- Tons of wallpaper, color schemes, and ringtones to choose from

- Use your own pics as wallpaper

- Customize your own voicemail greeting

- Make your own signature

- Super fast

- Bluetooth support for iPhone users


"If you want an unlimited texting without the high priced carrier based texting plans, then Textnow is the app for you." 4/5 rating --AppAdvice

"anyone needing an unlimited number of texts, we’d recommend TextNow as our app of choice" --AppAddict

"Just as fast sending/receiving as regular texts for me (including people who don't have the app)." -tbm248, MacRumors


Functionally, it makes no difference which area code you pick. As long as your friends are in the USA, they will not be charged any long distance.

What's New on this version 6.9.0

- International SMS is now live! You can now text numbers in over 100 countries for free!
- Bug fixes and improvements.

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Hello!!! Can u hear me now??

    Crap!!! It only worked one time, deleting and sticking with Google Hangouts so far the best one in the market and no annoying ads.

  • Rate

    This is the best application people can use, far better than magic jack. You can call Mexico, Porto Rico, Canada, USA .... for free, and you can even send text messages to phone numbers like Dominican Republic, USA, Canada. I used them because I 've got friends living there but guess you can try to text other countries.


    I highly recommend it!!! If your a cheater and don't want your girl checking your bill? GET THIS!!!

  • Download he app!

    Pretty dope app if your phone don't got service!

  • Bad update

    I've been using this app for a long time but since the update the app freezes and the message doesn't always send. Stop updating if it's not fixed πŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘Ώ

  • Handy app

    Great app to have for somewhat anonymous texting. If I don't know someone well, I can use this app to communicate without giving up my privacy. Easy to use. Only minor irritation is need to get a text every 25 days to keep phone # active.

  • Sound turns off

    The app is good for the most part. However, for some reason, when the app is in history, the sound for everything gets turned off. As I'm typing this, I can't hear the clicking noises because the app is in the background. Pleeeeaaaaase fix this.

  • Crashed

    Love this app but it crashed and I lost all my contacts!!

  • Bad

    It's always freezing on me and doesn't send the texts idk if it's just my phone but this app is always freezing and takes forever to load the app

  • Hi

    No comment just awesome ^.^ but don't like the adds that have been showing up lately gets annoying

  • Bad

    When someone calls I accept call then it says call failed

  • Its good but been bad recently

    Ive been using this app for about a year now worked real awesome on my nokia lumia recently started using on my iphone 4 and its been crashing so much and sometimes wont send a message so i have to reopen the app really irritates me at times but if this could be fixed would give 5 stars other then that does its job!

  • This app is so worth it

    I usually don't review apps but this time I wanted to my girlfriend doesn't have wifi until Wednesday so I got this app on my sisters old phone that has no service and its unlimited calling I was so shocked and the call quality is great the texts go through smoothly there is nothing more to ask for looks like I don't need a phone anymore I've got this app they are not a money hungry app that makes you pay for calls that you can pay a phone bill for how much you pay for the minutes but this app is perfect they get their money through ads they aren't that bad either they even let you get rid of the ads when you upgrade to premium me saying I'm satisfied with this app is a underestimation

  • Messed up

    This app keeps freezing anytime i text, its just crazy.. Pls do something about it...

  • Update doesn't work on iPhone 4

    Before, update worked great, after you fixed the crashing thing. Now, it won't send my texts through. It'll make the send button a lighter blue as if it were sending, but then just sit there! If I close it and open it again, it might show that it's sending it over wifi with the little signal, but then doesn't do anything! Every time you update it, you break it. Please fix, this is my only number.

  • Ads, are annoying but app still usable

    The first week of the app was great but after that ads became the most annoying things. You learn to cope with them because there's no better app than this.


    it's a great app to text on for whatever reason. if you have no minutes it's great. don't want anyone reading your texts it's great. it's just a great app.

  • The more you update, the worst it gets

    -can't receive calls -texts doesn't go through -CRASH CRASH CRASH

  • Cool😳

    This app is so amazing I can use it to call ON M I. IPod TOUCH

  • Eh

    Use to work great until the update. Now it will not send my text or tell me when I have a text. Will not let me answer my calls and when I am using the phone most of the time the other person cannot hear me.

  • Disappointed with the updates

    Ever since I updated the app a few days ago it's been crashing every time I want to send a text and just won't send them. I loved the app before this and would love to see the problem fixed!

  • Amazing

    This app is amazing. People just need to be grateful that we have an app like this. If we didn't have this app, I wouldn't be able to text my mom that is across the state or call friends. I love this app so much

  • Fix app

    It's was a great app but now text never go thru. Used to work great and used it all the time. Please fix it.

  • What

    Why am I being asked to choose an area code for a new number whiles I have one already?? The screen switches to that where I'm asked for a new area code. What is this??? 😑😑😑

  • Fantastic!

    Great app!

  • Bad for texting recently

    I've been using this app for a very very long time. I have been extremely grateful for this free texting service. I rely on this phone number for lots of things. Recently I have not been able to send texts to anyone. The text is always pending or "trying to send" but every single time it freezes my app. Only within the last week or so the app has been freezing EVERYTIME I text. I can make phone calls perfectly fine, and also can receive texts normally. I've restarted my device several times and even tried deleting and re downloading the app. I still cannot send any texts on this free texting app. It's very frustrating having my phone freeze all the time. And it only happens on this program all other apps work fine on my phone.

  • Useful, but...

    It keeps shutting down and it's slow when it launches. I still like to use it.

  • Needs improvement

    It cancels the call in the middle of conversations and sometimes I can't hear the person but they can hear me. Please fix this issue. Thank you.

  • Ok

    No thing is perfect so get this app

  • Read Receipts

    Look I love this app it really helps me text my friends well. But… I really wish you could see if they read what you wrote. I have this friend that won't respond and I want to know if they are at least reading it but I can't see it. Please fix this, thank you.

  • Ads

    It would be better if they took away the ads.

  • Long overdue feature..

    1. Passcode lock (include TouchID access while you're at it) 2. 3D Touch isn't fluid, there is lag, if use it more if it was smoother. 3. Watch app would be nice to view messages there. Thanks!

  • Missing a few things

    I like to see when the messages where sent, time wise, so can you add that? And also the calling feature needs to be improved. It ends the call on random and is VERY annoying for you have to call back again and again

  • Calling problems...

    Don't know if Microsoft just doesn't sit well with the app or what...but on my Lumia 8.0 or whatever phone I have it doesn't let me make or accept calls. And most of the time if it does the other person can't hear me but I can hear them. Calls just DO NOT come through to me either. I'v used this app for sometime now and hate to but, Im currently looking for a new app to use that I wouldn't have to watch hrs of videos on to make a phone call. Anyone got any suggestions?

  • Messages

    Cant send messages to Mexico. πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

  • Liars?!?!

    Why put a update saying we can now text people over 100 countries but I just try texting a old friend of mine in the uk and it doesn't work.

  • Perfect wifi calling and texting app

    By far best way to cut phone bill in half uses less minutes and can send text and calls via wifi would give 5 if it weren't for late reaction time

  • πŸ™„πŸ™„ annoyed!!!


  • Amazing

    I just want to let everyone know that I have tried to look for the BEST free texting and calling app.. And this app is 100% #1!!!! I love it!!!!

  • Calls drops

    My calls always drop after 60 minutes and bad connection. Until this is fixed I'm deleting the app. & going to try to get it removed off the AppStore.

  • Good

    Really cool app but u have to have wifi for it but that's okay 😐 Really great for calling my mom when I'm with my dad so yeah! πŸ™‚

  • Best text app

    This is the best texting app I've seen in the App Store

  • PLEASE FIX Best texting/phone app

    I have an iPhone 5. If my phone is locked I almost never get a notification on if someone is calling or texted. I have to go in the app to seem if someone texted or called but it is a good trade off for unlimited calling and texting.

  • Love this app

    It's great to use for work..

  • Amazing

    Best app ever

  • Almost perfect ...

    One problem wish I was able to see when the text was received or send

  • Bad

    This app ends calls on its own. It needs a lot of improvements. Bad app.

  • Chat heads

    Does this app have chat heads for iPhones?? If not could y'all please make an update that has chat heads in them. I use to be a Samsung user and I found the chat heads very useful and would love for iPhone users to have that same accessibility. I absolutely loved the chat heads on all messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger and TextNow. It would be greatly appreciated if you all could make an update with chat heads! Thank you!!

  • The only one I use

    Love this app

  • Can any body tell......

    Can any body tell which 100 countries are now free for texting.

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