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ASUS AiCloud

ASUS AiCloud
2 based on 233 Votes
Price Free

All you need to get into the cloud world with AiCloud is a compatible ASUS router, and up you go.
Please goto to find the latest version of ASUSWRT which supports ASUS AiCloud. Read more...

ASUS AiCloud is a Productivity application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 2 based on 233 Votes. This version has an average rating of based on 0 Users.

Your device must have atleast 71.4 MB of space to download and install ASUS AiCloud. This application does not have game center . ASUS AiCloud is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of ASUSTek COMPUTER INC. at

Support Languages

Czech , Danish , Dutch , English, American , Finnish , French , German , Hungarian , Italian , Japanese , Malay , NB , Polish , Portuguese , Russian , Chinese , Spanish , Swedish , Thai , Chinese , Turkish , Ukrainian


Productivity , Utilities ,


ASUS AiCloud
ASUS AiCloud
ASUS AiCloud
ASUS AiCloud
ASUS AiCloud
ASUS AiCloud
ASUS AiCloud
ASUS AiCloud

Additional Information

ASUS AiCloud is a revolutionary app that combines all the power of public and private cloud platforms together with home networking into a single space. Enjoy diverse cloud services at home or your office, with cloud storage expansion available on demand at no additional charge!

Take a look at what AiCloud has to offer:

Cloud Disk

Your always-on data and media library

Connect USB storage to your compatible ASUS router to access content and files and stream media straight to your AiCloud app on mobile devices or from a unique web link via your browser

Smart Access

All your devices in tune

Whether you’re using Windows, Mac OS, or even Linux PCs, ASUS AiCloud lets you access, stream, and share content from your home network or online storage through a personalized web link. For greater convenience, download the ASUS AiCloud app to your iOS smartphone and get everything on the go. Smart Access even lets you wake up sleeping PCs in your network for remote access.

Smart Sync

Always up to date

Keeps all media, data, and other content you want to share from online storage services like ASUS WebStorage*, your home network, and even other AiCloud-enabled networks** up to date in real time to easily share and access the same file version wherever you are.

*AiCloud currently supports ASUS WebStorage. Support for other public cloud services to be added at a later time.

**Pending feature to be added via future updates.

What's New on this version

- Fix router login failed issues.
- Fix UI bug in share link expire time selection for iPad
- Fix UI bug for iPad
- Modify launch image, and login process
- Modify Alasset(iOS8 or earlier) to PHAsset(iOS8 or later)
- Modify UI for user to select pictures and videos to upload
- Add share link expire time selection
- Add function to check auto-close streaming port
- Add ability to add new folder/upload file/download/rename/delete to Smaba PCs

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • No Longer Works

    This app is broke! It closes immediately after opening. Reinstalled with no luck. It used to work...update is broken!

  • Works Like a Freaking Champ

    Works great on my iPad mini 2 w/ iOS 9.3.1 and my iPhone 4S with iOS 7. Had to install older version for the 4S. I can stream music, movies, pics, and access all my documents from my Windows Home Server with speed over wifi on my iPad. On my phone the same but also with 3G I can stream music,pics, documents through my cell provider from anywhere. I can even skip through songs with the steering wheel controls in my truck. I mean what's not to like? I have easy access to every single document on my server anytime anywhere. I personally think the layout is simple, intuitive, and nice. Would give this 50 stars if I could. Using with my ASUS RT-AC68U wifi Router

  • Please, support Nplayer.

    Nplayer is the best movie player in ios. Please support the app.

  • Doesn't work anymore

    Used to be nice to check if router was online for troubleshooting but now just shows offline and won't connect. Phone is an iPhone 6.

  • Excellent concept, poor implementation

    In theory this seems like a fantastic idea... Access files on a hard drive at home and more or less it even works. The major issue comes in actually playing those files. None of mine have audio rendering the entire app useless. It also does not play natively in that you must download a third party app which costs money. And I'm fine with they except the app has such poor directions it's essentially useless. No mention of there's no audio or how to fix that. Even the developer page for Asus says not found. Boy you're not kidding!

  • Can't upload any more

    I used to be able to upload to WD-MyCloud. I can't do that any more. After I navigate to the directory and select upload, it says "operation failed". Please fix it!

  • Did not work

    I had hopes this app would work since I have Asus router with attached hard drive. No such luck

  • Update broke the app

    I can no longer share files with a link. This was working before.

  • Old version worked

    Since the update cannot connect to the router anymore. Please fix it. Thanks

  • They broke it

    Was not a very robust app before, but the latest update broke it completely. Won't connect, keeps claiming the router is offline. Please fix it!

  • Functional but not very efficient

    Has worked perfectly fine for me in accessing (upload/download) of files from a networked USB drive. I sure wish they would add some "sort by" options when viewing files so I don't have to scroll through hundreds of files every time since the newest uploads are always at the bottom.

  • Wasted my time

    Companies should be sued for putting up apps that don't work as advertised. What a complete waste of 2 hours of fiddling with this piece of junk. Cant connect.

  • Continuous Play Still Broken

    I see that the last update fixed the apps ability to proceed to the next track but unfortunately it doesn't "play" the track. The timer proceeds as though it's playing the track but no sound. I was excited when I read it had been corrected but now just disappointed once again. Please give it another try.

  • Not working on Mac

    With a web browser, I can use the DDNS address of the router to access files on both a Windows machine and a Macintosh. Using this app, I can access files on the Windows machine, but not on the Macintosh. The app asks for authentication, but does not accept valid credentials.

  • Doesn't work

    I cannot connect to my attached usb if I am not in the same network. This is a useless update. Please fix asap.

  • Still no Chromecast support

    Every time I open the app, I have to delete ("unlink") and then re-add my router, or else the app tells me it can't connect to my router or that it's offline. Wrong.

  • Not working

    Hi. This version for some reasons cannot connect to my router. I removed my router and tried add as a new one, but still cannot be found. I have ddns and static IP address on my router. Previously this app worked perfectly fine. I have nothing changed on my router. Please fix it. I need back connection to my router from mobile.

  • MAC computers do not show up in device history

    The device list shows active and inactive devices attached to the router but my MAC never shows in device history once the MAC enters into sleep mode. Why not?

  • Does not work properly

    This update does not work properly, as well as previous one. I used this apps to listen audio books from external hard drive, connected to Asus router. It worked perfect two updates before, but after stopped playing audio files one by one automatically. Playing one file and stopping... To listen next file I should go to it manually. Very inconvenient... Asus should fix it.

  • Not working

    Peter must have fooled you

  • Please fix the playback issue

    I purposely bought the router so I could store my music at home on a dedicated drive. Please fix this so I can stream a whole disc instead of advancing to the next song manually.

  • Limited usability

    Setup is not intuitive and help documentation is not, well, very helpful. Took a little while to setup. Thus far, I've been able to upload only photographs from my iPad Air 2 128Gb. Don't know if it's by design but the app will only see picture files not videos. No problems uploading files from my PC via the web interface. For me, the utility of this app was so that I can off-load picture AND video files from my iPad in order to free up space. I don't have issues with picture files since they're usually not too large, but video files are often huge. Will continue to look for other options.

  • No video upload capability?

    Videos take up the most space on an iPhone or iPad. Videos are what we want to move to the cloud most! Need to be able to upload videos! Please fix!

  • boo on continuous streaming

    Please, please, please fix the problem with music tracks only playing one at a time!!!

  • Fix Continuous Play

    Agreed - latest versions no longer continuously play your music - plays one song only and stops. Please fix!

  • Finally

    Finally fixed the streaming problem with this app now G player and ace stream work great! Please don't mess up this app after you just enhanced it

  • Fix Continuous Playback Issue

    This used to be my favorite app for streaming my personal music library. For some reason, playback stops at the end of each song and I have to skip to the next track for every track on an album. Please fix this!!!

  • Doesn't work

    Cmon ASUS. Can't login to my router with this app. I'm on iOS 9.1

  • great . . .BUT

    App simply doesn't work!! Don't waste your time.

  • Stopped Working

    Ever since upgrade to ISO9 the app keeps crashing weather I want a document or play music Guess no one at Asus has an iPhone so they could run a test before releasing an upgrade !

  • Unable to download.

    Did anyone test this before releasing?

  • Constantly Crashes

    Ever since I upgraded to iOS9, this app does not work and always freezes and crashes. Even after ASUS has updated it. Very frustrating.

  • It does not work

    Bad apps

  • Cant play videos

    Until last version i could play mp4 videos (no download needed ) but now i cant play them why?

  • iOS 9 broke video playback in iPhone

    Very frustrating. Asus has a bug that will not allow video playback once you update to iOS9. Very frustrating. I am using AC68U and an attached USB drive.

  • New update broken

    I can no longer download media to my phone or watch any video. Please fix ASAP!

  • Does Not Work

    After the last update videos will not play. Used to be a pretty cool program and now it just takes up space on my iPhone. Come on ASUS, please fix it!

  • Used to work, not anymore!

    This used to be a wonderful app that played all my files. Now nothing works! I'm so disappointed!

  • Screwed Up!!!

    How does a company that prides itself on offering the cutting edge in router technology screw up their own app this badly?! I can't understand messing with something that worked perfectly! Guess it's back to the Mac router since this feature was really one of the only benefits to using my 66... What a waste!

  • Can't play my videos anymore

    I guess the old adage "if it's not broke don't fix it". I can't play my videos anymore since the most recent update. Please fix this, it was truly an amazing app before the screw up.

  • No longer will play movies

    This was such a great app. Now I can't play movie files from my router. So disappointed. I thought updates were supposed to improve the app. Nope. Please fix.

  • Doesn't work now

    It used to work fine, I just tried using it today and now it literally won't play anything. It used to let me open my movies with AcePlayer and now it won't, it says I don't even have AcePlayer installed on my iPad but I do.

  • Broken

    This latest update has made it unusable to stream media over the net thud taking away some of its main functionality

  • Good until iOS 9

    As reported by others, everything looks the same but no audio coming out of the app, apparently since the iOS 9 upgrade. A very unpleasant surprise. Als, says router needs firmware upgrade but router does not think so.

  • Barely usable

    It used to be a decent app, but from update to update you made it worse. Now it doesn't see any installed player, and constantly drops connection to the router.

  • Stop breaking the app

    After this latest update, it no longer plays MP4 movies or MP3 music... What are you guys doing!

  • New version does not work.

    Previous version worked perfect with IOS 9.1. But new does not. It can see the router, folders, but does not provide sound in MP3 files and audiobook.

  • Inoperable

    Latest update made the play in of music and videos inoperable; app completely freezes up, causes phone to stall. Needs fix ASAP!

  • No actualiza/unable to update

    No me actualiza, me sale un error I can't update I don't know why! But it show me a error

  • No audio or video

    As others have stated no sound when playing audio files and playing video files crashes the app. I was able to install the last version before this update from a backup stored on my desktop and that one works fine. Do no update this app until a fix is made.

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