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ASUS AiCloud

ASUS AiCloud
2.5 based on 179 Votes
Price Free

All you need to get into the cloud world with AiCloud is a compatible ASUS router, and up you go.
Please goto to find the latest version of ASUSWRT which supports ASUS AiCloud. Read more...

ASUS AiCloud is a Productivity application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 2.5 based on 179 Votes. This version has an average rating of 2 based on 4 Users.

Your device must have atleast 64.0 MB of space to download and install ASUS AiCloud. This application does not have game center . ASUS AiCloud is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of ASUSTek COMPUTER INC. at

Support Languages

NB , Czech , Danish , Dutch , English, American , Finnish , French , German , Hungarian , Italian , Japanese , Malay , Polish , Portuguese , Russian , Chinese , Spanish , Swedish , Thai , Chinese , Turkish , Ukrainian


Productivity , Utilities ,


ASUS AiCloud
ASUS AiCloud
ASUS AiCloud
ASUS AiCloud
ASUS AiCloud
ASUS AiCloud
ASUS AiCloud
ASUS AiCloud

Additional Information

AiCloud is currently compatible with the following devices

- RT-AC66U 802.11ac dual-band wireless AC1750 gigabit rotuer

- RT-N66U Dual band wireless N900 gigabit router

- RT-N16 wireless N300 gigabit router

ASUS AiCloud is a revolutionary app that combines all the power of public and private cloud platforms together with home networking into a single space. Enjoy diverse cloud services at home or your office, with cloud storage expansion available on demand at no additional charge!

Take a look at what AiCloud has to offer:

Cloud Disk

Your always-on data and media library

Connect USB storage to your compatible ASUS router to access content and files and stream media straight to your AiCloud app on mobile devices or from a unique web link via your browser

Smart Access

All your devices in tune

Whether you’re using Windows, Mac OS, or even Linux PCs, ASUS AiCloud lets you access, stream, and share content from your home network or online storage through a personalized web link. For greater convenience, download the ASUS AiCloud app to your iOS smartphone and get everything on the go. Smart Access even lets you wake up sleeping PCs in your network for remote access.

Smart Sync

Always up to date

Keeps all media, data, and other content you want to share from online storage services like ASUS WebStorage*, your home network, and even other AiCloud-enabled networks** up to date in real time to easily share and access the same file version wherever you are.

*AiCloud currently supports ASUS WebStorage. Support for other public cloud services to be added at a later time.

**Pending feature to be added via future updates.

What's New on this version

1. Optimize iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
2. Fixed some crash bugs

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • I like the hard to find router dashboard but the rest is terrible

    The biggest issue is when exploring the files, every time you change a folder it gives you a message that the smart sync won't work and claims you made a change to the settings. I did not. I proceeded to go to the settings area it referred to, but there are no instructions on what smart sync is or what setting it needs, just where to change it. In this section, there is http and https. Tapping on the slider changes a port setting. I tried changing this, but still receive this message. The message itself contains a slider, but it does not work. Tapping on it is just a tease and does nothing. It needs a manual link. The FAQ is garbage and talks about a repeater.

  • upload video from camera roll

    unsuccessful attempts to upload videos to external hard drive from this app on IOS. This app gives access to upload photos. Dropbox allows access to photos in camera roll and also hooks to the videos in IOS. So close!!

  • Chromecast support?

    This app's sister app supports playing videos on Chromecast, but not using AiCloud (only ASUS routers on the same network). This app supports videos on AiCloud, but doesn't support Chromecast. What? If this gap is bridged, this app will be amazing. Also, the app should let users use other apps to open files in, other than just AcePlayer and GPlayer. Both of those apps are terrible.

  • Cannot setup

    Can't rate it more than one star. I cannot set up the app because no keyboard comes up to enter anything.

  • Awesome

    I don't know why no one has used this product yet. It is a awesome find and a good product.

  • Where's the router control app?

    Where is the app to control my ASUS router configuration? All the other major manufacturers have one. Why hasn't ASUS published one?

  • Good but...

    From the app, need to be able to create a file folder and delete items. Almost really great

  • Great but. . .

    Add an "upload" button!

  • Status bar still in the way

    I will change my 2 stars when the status bar is gone from the full screen. When watching something it a little annoying having to see the time lol Thanks once this is updated 5 stars all the way. I love the app!!!

  • ASUS, please read below.

    I only gave this app 5 stars because of the potential it has to be a 5-star app. I hope you, ASUS, are reading this. This app has a lot of potential and it just left me yearning for more. Here are two ideas to make this app phenomenal: 1. Hook this app with the share feature in the photos app (allow me to upload photos directly to my USB hard drive that is connected to my router by opening a photo in the photos app and clicking AiCloud and upload.) 2. Redesign the interface to make it match iOS 8 better. I expect an update soon, ASUS :) cheers

  • Good app needs a little inprovement

    It would be nice to upload videos too!!!! Also keep updating the app to make it better.

  • Really!

    This is awful. The iPhone version works like a charm. The iPad version is trash. The bugs and kinks and crap they somehow forgot to remove are atrocious. I'm using an air and still having trouble.

  • Remote Login Question

    Support for multiple languages and NOW after 6 months I can finally Authenticate remotely and I finally see the correct Account/Password. Thanks, maybe next time you can turn the fix around faster and please note it in the change log. I will be backing up this version

  • Terrible

    I used to love this app before the upgrade. Now I can access the my network and view the files if the appliation supports it. But it does there is no option to download the files so you can open it with other apps. I don't understand how a company that makes such good products can make their app worse than before. They need a management change in their software department.

  • iPhone 6, 6+ compatibility

    For me, this app works great. There's a few things though that can be added or changed. Of course, the ability for the app to work in the native resolution of the iPhone 6 and 6+. Also a small bug I noticed while viewing videos - the top bar with the carrier, date, and battery status still is visible while watching videos. It's really annoying and hope it is fixed soon. Otherwise, it's great, I can finally access my NAS away from home.

  • Love my new RTAC87U AICloud

    The UI on the cloud app an router have a nice layout and easy to use.

  • Broken

    Not working after 2.0 update. Only connects when connect to the wifi router. Used to work from my phone LTE

  • Doesn't Work

    Appeared to have promise but won't load. As soon as the router and USB drives are recognized and selected, the app crashes. Too bad. Was looking forward to using it on my iPad. Hope someone updates it.

  • So many complain for this version

    Can not you see all the complains? Why don't you fix the app? It Does not work after upgrade to 2.0. I need to remote access my doc over Internet please! Otherwise, I would not purchase this expensive router AC68U. Please fix it ASAP! And please add support for open PDF file! Thank U!

  • Unable to access usb drive

    As others have stated, this app worked fine before this latest update. I'm using it on my ipad2 and can no longer access my usb drive that's plugged into the Asus router. It gets stuck with the "loading" message. Please fix this!

  • Lock off

    Some problem. The update software iOS 8.2 I can't play music when iPhone lock off. Help please.!!!!

  • Doesn't work anymore

    Not sure what happened to this app, but the new version is complete trash. I used to be able to connect to my USB hard drive that is connected to my AC68U through the app. Starting about a month or so ago it will no longer connect. I can login to the router, see everything on the network, but once I try to connect to the drive it loops in perpetual "loading" state. I didn't change any settings. One day it works and the next it doesn't. I can connect to the drive locally and by going through the DNNS web interface, so I know the drive works and can be read. This horrible app just won't connect to the drive. It's been over a month now...fix the app!

  • Great App but something seems missing

    This app is simple to use and easy to connect to other devices on the network. 1. Hope ASUS can built in router setup and router admin UI in this app. 2. AiCloud not releasing iPhone storage after items deleted from app. For example, I downloaded 500Mb of movie into the app. After I deleted the movie, AiCloud still showing more than 500Mb of storage usage. I had to manually delete the app and reinstall the stall then it show 46.7Mb of storage usage in iPhone setting. Hope someone can enlighten me the correct way of deleting downloaded item if there is one or Hope ASUS can solve the bug.

  • Great potential, needs app selection

    Just because you can doesn't mean you should. In the case of this program, just because you can play a movie doesn't mean you should. You should also allow movies and music to be passed onto other programs. Aicloud cannot open as many formats as other programs. I'd really rather watch the movies with apps that give me more features and have all of my movies in one place. Other than that, the update fixed the link sheet. Now it pops up and stays up. Old review below with outdated comments removed: There were two things that I was unaware of when I first downloaded it. 1) You can actually change your login so that if you have private folders under a certain login you may view them from this application. 2) When listening to audio files in this application it will automatically go to the next audio file in that directory(although this doesn't always work on my iPhone 4, usually does on my 4S). Both of those are extremely awesome. Also, the app seems to stall when opening large directories, but I doubt that anything can be done about that.

  • ADMIN SHARE! Doesn't support Synology NAS sleep mode

    Need to be able to see ADMIN SHARE Folders! new music UI does not look better than old one. does not support synology NAS, always shown offline!

  • February Update Broke Continuous Play

    I'm very glad that I haven't updated the app on two of my devices because the February update broke my ability to play song after song on my iPhone. I used to play a song in a folder and the app would play song after song until it reached the end of the list, now the app stops after the first song and I actually have to back out of the list and come in again to play the next song, please fix it! I thought it was a great app before the update.

  • Nice app, but can not upload videos

    This app is good and I was able to upload pictures from my iPhone, but the app is not able to upload videos from camera roll. I think it might be a bug since it is able to access the folder, but filtering out .mov files.

  • Almost a great app/feature RT AC68

    Reliability is flaky sometimes works sometimes not . App can access everything for about 5 min after router reboot. I can always access my NAS fine from the web interface but the app is asking me for two passwords that don't exist.You have a great product in this app and the router if you'd just get them working as they should.

  • Good app and concept

    Good app good concept but extremely unstable it looks real simple and i bet ASUS can invest a day or 2 to improve it

  • Share file does not work anymore

    Since the update, the share files function does not work anymore...

  • Missing basic features

    It works, but needs capability to delete files, and create/delete folders.

  • Fix remote WOL

    Please fix this feature

  • Excellent!

    Exactly what you think it is! I can browse/open files, photos, music and videos from my media server (via ASUS router) anywhere in the world and download to my phone/iPad at anytime. Totally free! So cool! I used to have to use PogoPlug for this exact ability. Not anymore!

  • Junk


  • Fails at its core

    The biggest driver for the actual app itself is the ability to share files on the fly - AND IT DOES NOT WORK! When you try to share a file, the app bombs and goes back to the prior screen! What happened to the ability to offer a share for a fixed amount of time only? That was a great feature... now gone! Why is your DDNS service down so often?? Come on Asus, pick up your game! #epicfail

  • WTH?!!!

    Apparently upgrading to the new version loses all previous Config and then won't allow me to enter my router DDNS so I can manage my home network when I am not at home! Do you even test before you release? Thank god you app now can know my location and send me notifications. I thought I was getting a useless update. Oh, wait, these new feature do me no good at all. Thanks for nothing. Your release notes forgot to mention the features you removed. FAIL

  • Good, but one problem

    I only use this app to wake up my sleeping PC, and for that it works fine. For some reason, though, if I’m listening to music on my iPhone, it turns that music off when I open the app. Minor quibble, I know, but it seems unnecessary. It should only turn that music off if I’m trying to stream music through this app.

  • useless!!! wont play videos

    Won’t play videos……...just automatically downloads them…..DUH ASUS….IF I HAD THE SPACE ON MY IPAD FOR VIDEOS I WOULDN’T BE USING A HDD ON A NETWORK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It works

    Though I'm only streaming and downloading movies. It was simple to install. Use aceplayer app you will need that it free on the AppStore

  • Worst "update" possible

    Can't stream any media from the pc connected to the router; stuck on an infinite loop of authentication for it. I know I'm typing the correct things! This app is now useless!

  • Improvements are welcome in 2.0, but:

    1. Rotating the phone while viewing photos cause all sorts of weird hardly describable visual behavior 2. I can't set the default start-up location/page as described in FAQ. I am using what is called in description a 'full functional supported model' - RT-N66U with latest firmware as at the date of writing and iPhone 5 with latest software as well. 3. I cannot access a Samba share that isn't password protected (I can do it on an iPad AiCloud app). The same share is accessible from other Windows / Mac PCs on the network as well as from iPhones' / iPads' Safari web browser (not the AiCloud app). Please fix. It just seems nobody even tested this. Otherwise a superb feature and can alone be a great motivator to buy a compatible Asus router. It's like having your own multi-terabyte cloud with tons of possible uses. And yet it takes months (if not years) for Asus team to fix anything. Duh...

  • No longer works

    This Asus app used to read my usb remotely before this recent update but now is useless. The only way it reads usb is when your on the network. It WAS nice. Don't waste your time.

  • Can't access shared folders on server

    Just got another update today but still doesn't work. When I access server with shared folders it opens an authentication box. BTW Both boxes are labelled password. No login I use works. Previous version did not require authentication to open shared folders once logged into app.

  • Worked fine before 2.0 update

    I have followed all directions, searched the internet for update tutorials, and done all the instructions have stated. However, it only works when hooked up to LAN. They really messed this one up. Horrible release as they have ruined a fundamental reason the high-end asus router interested me. Wouldn't some evaluations be appropriate prior to releasing such a terrible product?

  • :;($$;:@

    This is an upgrade? It's garbage!

  • Useless

    Just an app that does nothing. You would expect to be able to play the media files... Neah, you need to buy an app for that... So, from my point of view, it's useless!

  • Fail!

    Total failure! I can't pal anything on iPad. Asus needs to look at an app called "documents" by readle and get with the program. So disappointing! Uninstalled!!!!!!

  • Is a 17+ rating really needed??

    Latest update changed rating to 17+. I use this on a company phone that locks out 17+ rated apps. The app is now dead and of course useless to me.

  • AiCloud too flimsy

    ASUS AiCloud Lite app is fine as a mobile app despite some UI clumsiness. The real problem is that AiCloud app on the router is - to put it in a gross understatement, less than robust. Any disruption, even normal reboot, shuts down AiCloud forever. In fact, all router applications that sits on your USB storage - media servers, download master, etc., all shut down permanently after router reboot, reconnect USB, etc., etc. In other words, AiCloud is useless unless your router and connections stay up forever - which is an impossibility and improbability. I use RT-N56U (which is a nice high performance Wi-Fi router by itself) with Comcast. The router needs a reboot every other month for various reasons. The new supported device list starts with RT-N66U, which doesn’t make sense because RT-N56U prompts downloading of this application, etc., etc.

  • GREAT!

    Way better UI and enhancements.

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