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ASUS AiCloud Lite

ASUS AiCloud Lite
2.5 based on 118 Votes
Price Free

All you need to get into the cloud world with AiCloud is a compatible ASUS router, and up you go.
Please goto to find the latest version of ASUSWRT which supports ASUS AiCloud. Read more...

ASUS AiCloud Lite is a Productivity application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 2.5 based on 118 Votes. This version 1.03.08 has an average rating of 2.5 based on 2 Users.

Your device must have atleast 8.3 MB of space to download and install ASUS AiCloud Lite. This application does not have game center . ASUS AiCloud Lite is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of ASUSTek COMPUTER INC. at

More Description

AiCloud is currently compatible with the following devices

- RT-AC66U 802.11ac dual-band wireless AC1750 gigabit rotuer

- RT-N66U Dual band wireless N900 gigabit router

- RT-N16 wireless N300 gigabit router

ASUS AiCloud is a revolutionary app that combines all the power of public and private cloud platforms together with home networking into a single space. Enjoy diverse cloud services at home or your office, with cloud storage expansion available on demand at no additional charge!

Take a look at what AiCloud has to offer:

Cloud Disk

Your always-on data and media library

Connect USB storage to your compatible ASUS router to access content and files and stream media straight to your AiCloud app on mobile devices or from a unique web link via your browser

Smart Access

All your devices in tune

Whether you’re using Windows, Mac OS, or even Linux PCs, ASUS AiCloud lets you access, stream, and share content from your home network or online storage through a personalized web link. For greater convenience, download the ASUS AiCloud app to your iOS smartphone and get everything on the go. Smart Access even lets you wake up sleeping PCs in your network for remote access.

Smart Sync

Always up to date

Keeps all media, data, and other content you want to share from online storage services like ASUS WebStorage*, your home network, and even other AiCloud-enabled networks** up to date in real time to easily share and access the same file version wherever you are.

*AiCloud currently supports ASUS WebStorage. Support for other public cloud services to be added at a later time.

**Pending feature to be added via future updates.

What's New on this version 1.03.08

- Share-link time to be unlimited
- Increase performance on iOS 7

- Fix image browsing crash issue
- Fix QIS stock issue
- Fix file navigation issues on iPad
- Fix samba access issues
- Fix manual WOL issues


  • Productivity
  • Utilities

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ASUS AiCloud Lite
ASUS AiCloud Lite
ASUS AiCloud Lite
ASUS AiCloud Lite
ASUS AiCloud Lite
ASUS AiCloud Lite
ASUS AiCloud Lite
ASUS AiCloud Lite

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • AiCloud too flimsy

    ASUS AiCloud Lite app is fine as a mobile app despite some UI clumsiness. The real problem is that AiCloud app on the router is - to put it in a gross understatement, less than robust. Any disruption, even normal reboot, shuts down AiCloud forever. In fact, all router applications that sits on your USB storage - media servers, download master, etc., all shut down permanently after router reboot, reconnect USB, etc., etc. In other words, AiCloud is useless unless your router and connections stay up forever - which is an impossibility and improbability. I use RT-N56U (which is a nice high performance Wi-Fi router by itself) with Comcast. The router needs a reboot every other month for various reasons.

  • Smart Sync does not work.

    Bought the Asus router so that I could have my personal cloud BUT Smart Sync does NOT WORK.

  • good when it works

    Functionally it's all you need...but it crashes constantly!

  • Play all formats!

    Why do I need to download separate software to watch my mkv and avi movies? It would also be nice to be able to shuffle my music in some way

  • Request

    It should give an option to choose the player to open my videos. It only gives the option to use goplayer or aceplayer.

  • Skinny on features but it works

    I would love to see better management of downloaded content. Often I'll start a download and the wifi will timeout and I'll have to start all over again. Also being able,to view downloaded content. I use this mainly to steam video to myself and to be able to have the content locally, and manage it would be really nice.

  • Unfinished app

    App has potential, but unfinished. I really wanted the wol feature, but all I found was a manual wol which requires the entry of the MAC address. Seriously??? Put in some work asus...

  • What about AVI?

    Works ok after fumbling around with the setup. Lack of documentation is a minus. Big minus for not being able to play AVI files. Asus missed the mark with this one!

  • Broken-still

    Does not work with OS X 10.9. Get popup to enter password-no box to enter, keyboard does not come up. Even after latest update-can not login in to my Mac mini. Just constantly asks for user ID and password.

  • Useless

    It never plays any music. I have to use the web browser every time.

  • Potentially Useful

    I installed the latest version and it works out of the box for me. Browsing data on shared usb disk on the router is nice. But browsing content on my Windows 2012 shared folders is priceless! Too bad ASUS documentation is sparse...will have to do some more testing before I give more stars.

  • This update has some serious bugs

    When accessing my drive it just hangs on loading, hitting abort fixes it and I can access my files fine .

  • Spins and spins, then crashes

    Broken! Doesn't anyone do regression testing anymore?

  • Useless Update

    I'm not able to go through the setup process!! Stuck on "Finishing setup.." You have to fix this!!

  • Crashes Repeatedly

    This app crashes repeatedly with IOS. I purchased this router in part because of the AICloud advertisement. Please fix this app and make it useful.

  • Hasn't been updated in forever

    Still has some big issues - can be tough to connect to from time to time, no upload, not fullscreen on iPhone 5, and has trouble with large folders (connecting to a windows PC). Seems cool, but doesn't work that well.

  • What the French toast....

    So I came from a cisco EA6500 and using their app I could control everything with it whether I was On my wifi or across town. We need that kind of control/flexibility in this app. I don't even know what I am to do with it. You make that happen and 5 stars

  • Not reliable at all

    Crashes all the time. Can you please make something that works? It's a good idea but useless if it crashes every few minutes when you browse files on the hard drive connected to their router.

  • What?

    It was iPhone 5 screen size now it's not. What is going on!? I don't get it.

  • Please fix

    It was great until the update. Please undo what ever you did.

  • iPhone 5

    App runs great but still not optimized for iPhone 5 as described. Please fix! And layout is kinda boring...

  • Movie Title Shows on iPad

    I would give it 5 stars if the movie title didn't stay at the top of the screen when displaying on my iPad 2nd gen.

  • Great Concept, Worst implementation

    I bought the asus router for that feature, and honestly it's a waste of money. The application is not reliable, crashes, can't read most my files, while I can download sometime the file in the app, we can't open them with something else that the app, and actually the web base access is also as bad, they share the same issues. so guys, go back to the drawing board or open your source code so that like for the firmware, the community can help you!

  • Directions?

    When I try to access my computer, a box appears on my iPad stating 'Authentication' with a cancel and ok option. If the ok option is chosen, the box disappears then reappears. If the cancel option is chosen, the box disappears and puts me back where I was, looking at the available computers.

  • Crashes

    Made just for the sake of having an ios app. Not useful at all as every time i try to access files - it crashes!

  • Does not work

    Can't connect.

  • Works for me

    The app works perfectly fine for me over the local network and over the Internet. The only reason it doesn't have 5 stars is because it doesn't allow you to upload photos from your phone or tablet to the USB disk in the router

  • Great app too listen to music library anywhere!

    Love this app! I wish it could queue music like Apple's Remote app, which is why I only gave it 4 stars.

  • Doesn't work

    Fails every time

  • Works better than expected

    I'm able to access most of my files that are on my flash drive that's plugged into the back of the router. Haven't experienced any connection problems. Only thing I can't open is any URLs (web page links) that are saved on the flash drive. Not sure if this is a limitation of the app or if its a problem that can be fixed. Other than that , I really like it. U can even password protect it , in the event someone takes ur phone and tried to access it

  • One of the worst iPhone apps

    Totally unreliable application. Fails to connect 99.9% of the times. Technical support was useless in trying to solve the issue. Application sees router/disks and other devices on the network but it constantly fails to connect even when the phone is at 2 feet from the router. It seems they did a better work with the iPad app though, as connectivity problems are not as bad as with the iPhone.

  • Awesome

    Best application ever! I can wake my computer up and access all my data from just about anywhere.

  • Alright App

    This is good but it could use some improvements. One thing is that iTunes movies cannot be played through the app. Also you can't stream purchased songs from iTunes. Other than that this app is pretty good. I like the interface and the app's simplicity.

  • Easy to use...

    And easy to set up. Seems to work well. It needs to be more accessible with security settings though.

  • Works sometimes

    Not very reliable. Sometimes it connects, but most times it does not.

  • Works perfectly

    Great app to have. Both my kids can watch different movies on their iPads without issues. A+ 7/10/13 Update: please release an update that will not show a top title bar on iPad. It is annoying and it was not present in the prior version. Dropped 2 stars for that.

  • Works every time! Fantastic app!

    This app works great for accessing your stored music, video and documents while on the go with your smart phone. It's amazing how you can stream your whole music library (stored via a hard drive connected to your asus router) while over 3G and LTE. I can understand why many reviewers give this app only a few stars, as it takes quite a bit of time and tweaking of different settings on your router before it will fully function. I imagine many give up after 5 minutes of trying to simply plug and play. After getting this app up and running with my router which took a few hours, I can never look back to the days without it. This app deserves 5 stars. Thank you asus for such an innovative product!

  • Not very good

    Bring back full screen on the iPad version without that stupid bar on the top!

  • Can no longer log in

    Latest update will no longer accept my password. Really??

  • Excellent.

    Performed as advertised with a seamless setup to use experience; highly impressed.

  • WOW! JOKE!

    All I gotta say is WOW! You would think they would put some real effort into this app.. It's a joke.. We should all complain and get this app taken off the AppStore.. Can't even login to my router.. Everything else work IN my router.. But the app is trash.. Get it together..

  • Unable to access NAS

    Can't login half the time. Would be nice if you could share folders with friends not just files.

  • Unable to successfully run setup through app

    May be a problem with my downloaded app. Unable to setup or access AiCloud through this app, but have no problems remotely accessing my router through Safari on my iPhone. Using the online ASUS tutorial, I was able to set up AiCloud through my PC. Everytime I try to log into AiCloud, the app freezes while displaying "Finishing setup process..." The first time I experienced this, I let it run overnight. Afterwards I shut the phone off to turn off the app to try again. I think I downloaded a corrupted app.

  • Flawless victory!

    Works as advertised! ASUS bringing in their A game!!

  • Great in concept

    I've had problems off and on with this app allowing me to login to access files from day one. There's no clear reason why I can't access my shared drives with the routers admin account. Furthermore, you can't spin off additional accounts to share cloud access without giving away your routers admin credentials. I'd love to see this working correctly. It's seems its still very early in development and not ready for prime time.

  • Pretty narrow window

    Needs some more logic around the router firmware check. I am running the latest Asus beta code on my router but this app won't let me past the 'there is an important software update available' and doesn't show any local LAN devices

  • Very Impressed!!!

    Took me a few seconds to download the app and took me less to get it running remotely and I am no tech geek. no lag time in between songs or photo views. I have been a life-long Linksys user and this app with my new Asus router has changed all of that moving forward.

  • Still Can't Login to App

    It's marketers' need to get with the support folks. Until you can login to the App to even begin using it. Get your programmer's working just a LITTLE harder to make this work. No use posting it, otherwise!

  • Great potential, lacks uploading

    There were two things that I was unaware of when I first downloaded it. 1) You can actually change your login so that if you have private folders under a certain login you may view them from this application. 2) When listening to audio files in this application it will automatically go to the next audio file in that directory(although this doesn't always work on my iPhone 4, usually does on my 4S). Both of those are extremely awesome, but a critical feature which is missing is the ability to upload. The netgear equivalent application allows for uploading and when I got my AC Asus router, I was hoping to find the same functionality in this app. Also, the app seems to stall when opening large directories, but I don't know that anything can be done about that. If it had the ability to upload from the camera roll and local storage in the app, this would easily be a five star application. Heck, I'd probably give it five stars if it could even just upload pictures and video from the camera roll.

  • Update broke it

    Used to work fine over 3G until last update

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