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Text Me! - Free Texting + Free Phone Calls...

Text Me! - Free Texting + Free Phone Calls + Free Video Call
4.5 based on 30,402 Votes
Price Free

The Best FREE TEXTING App on the Store with FREE VOICE and VIDEO CALLS now optimized for iOS7

Text Me! - Free Texting + Free Phone Calls + Free Video Call is a Productivity application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 4.5 based on 30,402 Votes. This version 2.6.2 has an average rating of 4.5 based on 2,055 Users.

Your device must have atleast 32.0 MB of space to download and install Text Me! - Free Texting + Free Phone Calls + Free Video Call. This application does not have game center . Text Me! - Free Texting + Free Phone Calls + Free Video Call is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of TextMe, Inc. at

More Description

● FREE Unlimited Text and Pic messaging to any phone in US, Canada and 40 countries in the World


● Send pictures, voice and video messages to your friends

● Transform your IPOD TOUCH and IPAD into a real phone

● Send your Dropbox photos and videos via sms directly from TextMe

No Catch, No Hidden cost !

TextMe is an easy to use messaging application that allows you to send unlimited text, voice, pics, video messages to any mobile phone number in United States, Canada, Mexico and more than 40 countries in the World for FREE. With this new version, you can now also Call any number in the US and Canada for free too ! Also, if your friends install the app as well, you will be able to do a lot more with them (including Video Calls) ! So choose a nickname and a Texting Number and share them with your friends and start texting, calling and video calling ! and Guess what ? It’s a free app!

What makes TextMe different? With TextMe you and your friends can:

- Send as many Texts as you want (real SMS) to any number in the US, Canada, Mexico, China and more than 40 countries worldwide FOR FREE

- Call any number in the US, Canada and 200 Countries in the World

- Enjoy Free Video Calls to other textme users

- Send and Receive large Pictures, Videos and Voice Messages from iPhone/iTouch/iPad to iPhone/iTouch/iPad

- Receive phone calls on your number and enjoy Free Voicemail

- Share your location in one click

- Enjoy group texting features with text, photos and videos

Other goodies that come with TextMe:

- Enjoy a wide sample of 367 free Smileys and Emojis to choose from

- Easily find your facebook friends on Textme and chat with them for free

- Get notified when your message is delivered or/and read by your friend

* Important:

- We do not Support 911

- In order to call for free any number in the US and Canada you need to Earn free minutes within the App

- Free calls to numbers in the US is subject to some limitations see TextMe Terms and Conditions

- If Push notification is not enabled, you may not receive messages and calls

Please give us your feedback on the app! Thanks for testing TextMe!

The TextMe team


Twitter: @textmeapp

What's New on this version 2.6.2

[FIX] Fix a bunch of bugs

[NEW] Now you can use your credits to shop a lot of new little packs : Stickers, Themes, Remove ad, …
[NEW] More stickers packs to come
[NEW] In app notifications when your credits balance increases
[FIX] Improve 'share your places' UX
[FIX] Custom background is back


  • Productivity
  • Reference

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Support Languages

  • English, American
  • French
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish


Text Me! - Free Texting + Free Phone Calls + Free Video Call
Text Me! - Free Texting + Free Phone Calls + Free Video Call
Text Me! - Free Texting + Free Phone Calls + Free Video Call
Text Me! - Free Texting + Free Phone Calls + Free Video Call
Text Me! - Free Texting + Free Phone Calls + Free Video Call
Text Me! - Free Texting + Free Phone Calls + Free Video Call
Text Me! - Free Texting + Free Phone Calls + Free Video Call
Text Me! - Free Texting + Free Phone Calls + Free Video Call

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • The Best Calling/Textapp

    This is a great app I like it I always use it when I need it in case of an emergency. Or I also use to text my friends I have a lot of fun this is the best app when I had other calling apps they wouldn't work as well as this one that's why I'm glad I found this app.

  • Text me

    It's awesome you can text all of your friends

  • Cool


  • Love it works off wifi

    My phone service does not work in the casino I am in and this app helped my relationship. I am able to keep in contact with the outside world. It addition, I'm able to contact my employees.

  • TextMe

    This app is alright. I wish it wasn't gay and crash all the time.

  • I love it


  • Rate for text me

    It is a great app

  • J. Walker

    Great for texting. Can't make or receive calls because there is no audio sound for calling. Can't hear them and they can't hear me!!!!

  • Xxxx

    I used to love this app but now I hate it with a burning passion. 1. It take forever to load and start up 2. It has so many glitches and sometimes closes for no reason 3. If I get a message I'll go to it in the app but when I get to it on the app, my recent messages with that person have disappeared 4. When someone calls me I hardly ever get to answer it because it takes forever to load so basically it tells me someone's calling me but I don't get to answer it, I just have to call them back every time like an idiot. I would recommend getting a different app. I sincerely think you can get a better app than this.

  • ffggf


  • Great

    It worked!

  • Mom

    I like the app.

  • Contact Pictures

    I just got this app yesterday and so far it's working way better than any other app I've used for texting and calling but there's only one problem that I've come across that just REALLY bothers me. I set a contact picture for one of my friends and then a few minutes later, I noticed it was messed up on textme so I changed it on the contacts app that Apple has then when I went back to text me, it was the old one! Please please please fix this! And also, I see that there are a lot of complaints for other things that haven't happened to me YET but please fix those too!

  • 💁

    It's a cool app :)

  • It's alright

    Like the app, would love it if I were able to actually talk, hear, and conversate with people with the amount of credits I have. That is definitely very irritating to say the least. Please fix. My mic works and so does my speaker thingy

  • Awesome


  • Awesome

    I love text me it's a great way to text my friends

  • Worth My Time!!

    This app is worth my time because I have messaging but when I try to put someone's number In it denies. I don't really know why but once the number is in and I try to text someone it says "this message can't be sent". This is why I love this app because it has emoijes and has funny pics. You can also create your own memes which are really cool from my opinion. That's why this app is worth my time.

  • text

    helped talk to my brothers

  • It's alright

    It's an ok app.Nothing too extravagant you know?

  • Ok

    It's an okay text app

  • Great For Travellers

    On a recent business trip to Eastern Europe I was told about this app and downloaded it to my Iphone. I loved the clear tonal quality and being able to stay in touch with my family without the long distance calling bill.

  • Ok.:)

    Well I really have not used this app but can't wait to use this app!!!

  • Worked for what I needed

    Phone wasn't working was turned off for almost a full day. Needed a way to be able to text people. Downloaded this app over wifi, even when I wasn't near wifi & services was disconnected, it still sent messages from this app.

  • TextMe

    Works fine for me!

  • I love textme

    I love text me it is amazing I always call and text my friend

  • 5 star

    I love this app it works great and if people have a phone they don't need the app !

  • Not bad

    It works good but every once in a while it looses messages! Please change that

  • Love app

    I love it.Now I can text my cousin that lives in Miamy and I am in Lakeland. I know we are so far apart. Anyway, I love the app.

  • Poor

    This really helps out, and easy to use :0)

  • Awesome!

    Love the app now, used to have a lot of prob w it sending my messages but they clearly fixed the bugs! Thanks

  • Awesome!

    The app is okay. You can't receive or send pictures/videos. You also can't see if the person you're texting has read your text, or if they're typing.

  • I love it

    I really like it becoz of its save my money & it's sound quality is very good.

  • Wow, This is awesome!

    It comes at the right time. While I need it for my international call which no phone plan will not affordable to make international call. Thanks a lot!!

  • Nice


  • Great app

    I love this app. I can text from my iPad to ppl who dont have iMessage. I can also use a pw and it doesnt link it to my native text app or phone number. I give this number to my clients to text me on and they are private.

  • Good

    Very good

  • 👍

    👍 good

  • Good app

    For me this is a good app for a back up for texting. I was able to use this as a way for my kids to reach me when I was without my cell phone. So as a back worked great.

  • Good


  • Great app

    It's a great app

  • Messages being deleted

    app is great but recently, messages just disappear, whether it's sent or received. it just started happening a couple of days ago, messages are being deleted. please fix!

  • Gr8

    I love it I have an ipod

  • So good

    I like it

  • I don't care I like it

    I love it

  • Great texting app

    One of the best texting app . I use it all the time thank you

  • Great

    Love it

  • Love it

    Love it a lot, great app

  • Can't receive pictures from anyone

    Phone calls are okay and texting is fine but I got this because I needed an app for picture texting and it Dosent let you receive any picture messages

  • Like


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