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Assistant - Virtual Voice Assistant -...

Assistant - Virtual Voice Assistant - Dictate Commands with Voice Recognition, Ask Questions via Speech
4 based on 2,626 Votes
Price Free

Would you like to have a more powerful assistant? Assistant is your virtual personal assistant for iOS devices. Dictate commands and Assistant will use its voice recognition technology to assist you with all of your needs.
The Assistant has been named:

Assistant - Virtual Voice Assistant - Dictate Commands with Voice Recognition, Ask Questions via Speech is a Reference application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 4 based on 2,626 Votes. This version 1.6.1 has an average rating of 4.5 based on 11 Users.

Your device must have atleast 22.3 MB of space to download and install Assistant - Virtual Voice Assistant - Dictate Commands with Voice Recognition, Ask Questions via Speech. This application does not have game center . Assistant - Virtual Voice Assistant - Dictate Commands with Voice Recognition, Ask Questions via Speech is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of Speaktoit, Inc. at

Support Languages

Danish , English, American , French , German , Japanese , Portuguese , Russian , Chinese , Spanish , Chinese


Reference , Productivity ,


Assistant - Virtual Voice Assistant - Dictate Commands with Voice Recognition, Ask Questions via Speech
Assistant - Virtual Voice Assistant - Dictate Commands with Voice Recognition, Ask Questions via Speech
Assistant - Virtual Voice Assistant - Dictate Commands with Voice Recognition, Ask Questions via Speech
Assistant - Virtual Voice Assistant - Dictate Commands with Voice Recognition, Ask Questions via Speech
Assistant - Virtual Voice Assistant - Dictate Commands with Voice Recognition, Ask Questions via Speech
Assistant - Virtual Voice Assistant - Dictate Commands with Voice Recognition, Ask Questions via Speech
Assistant - Virtual Voice Assistant - Dictate Commands with Voice Recognition, Ask Questions via Speech
Assistant - Virtual Voice Assistant - Dictate Commands with Voice Recognition, Ask Questions via Speech

Additional Information

***** Forbes: Top 10 Mobile App for Productivity

***** Red Herring Top 100 Global Winner

Feel free to ask any questions you might have. Your Assistant uses natural language technology to answer questions, find information, and connect you with various web services (like Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Evernote, Yelp, and others). You can also choose the appearance of your assistant whether it be pretty blonde or brunette girl, handsome agent or old professor.

Your very own customizable Assistant awaits your voice commands – answering your questions, performing tasks, and making your daily routine easier (and, often, more fun along the way).

With Assistant you can also just speak to send emails and text message. Use your voice to provide status updates on your favorite social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Just talk and chat freely and your words are instantly converted into text.

Use your voice to:

- Talk to Text

- Call Numbers and Contacts

- Send Text Messages and Email

- Search and Open Websites

- Get Answers from Encyclopedias

- Find Restaurants and Places

- Read News

- Get Weather Forecasts

- Do Basic Math

- Update Your Facebook Status & Tweet

- Check in on Foursquare

- Organize Calendar, Tasks and Notes

- Play Music and Videos

- Translate Speech or Text

- End-of-speech detection

Learn from you new commands and much more as you speak.

What else can your Virtual Personal Assistant do?

It Remembers - As the Assistant learns about your favorite places, services, and preferences, it takes into account your current environment and schedule in order to provide the best suggestions and Assistant functions customized to you.

It Understands - There's no need to memorize any dictation commands or learn any special voice tricks to make the Assistant work for you - just speak naturally, the Assistant will understand you.

It Cares - Your Assistant offers proactive assistance when it thinks you might need it - your best interests are always in mind.

It Speaks Your Language - The multilingual Assistant is available in English, Spanish, Russian, German, Japan, French and Portuguese - and it's currently being trained in many other languages that will launch soon.

It's Always at Your Service - Your Assistant is cross-platform: use the same Assistant on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

It Learns - Want your Assistant to respond or react in a specific way? Teach it to further improve its efficiency!

The list of the Assistant’s skills is too large to fit here, you can find them in the application under the little light bulb next to the microphone.

Currently, the Assistant works with the following services: Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Evernote, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Wikipedia, ChaCha, IMDB, Eventful, News360, Amazon, Gmail, Images, Calendar, Maps and it’s being connected to more.

It works on iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5c, 5s, 6, iPod, and iPad.

This is the most advanced and proactive speech recognition app available in the App Store. Download Assistant and have your own virtual personal concierge in your pocket!

We would love to hear your suggestions & feedback on how to improve our Voice Recognition and Virtual Assistant App! Please use the feedback function in the Settings of the app to submit feedback to us. Visit us at to learn more.

What's New on this version 1.6.1


Improvements and bug fixes


* Support for iOS 8
* Improved voice recognition for the English language
* The Assistant can set reminders for you
* Now you can chat with your Assistant via your Bluetooth headset
* Other fixes and improvements

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Great app

    I love this app definitely download don't hesitate to just get it's great

  • Assessment

    I love this game it asome I was ater le get everything don

  • Useless

    Totally useless, can't do anything it claims. It's a waste of money and phone storage!

  • I love it

    I love this app

  • I love this

    It's just like Siri but better. It helps a lot

  • Want to try this

    Want to try this app but it crashes hoping for update soon

  • 😒😞

    It does not work for iPod touch 4th generation. It keeps crashing.

  • It's ok

    I like seri better

  • Excelente

    Me encanta,,aunque aveces no me escucha y tengo que escribírselo

  • 1.6 should I?

    DO NOT GET VERSION 1.6 !!!!!! Every time I try to open it it starts to load then goes the home screen EVERY TIME!!!!

  • Used to be fun

    This is an awesome app but when I got the new update, every time I open the app, it crashes. It used to be the best app until the update and now, it crashes!

  • Messed up

    Won't open

  • Love it

    I can talk when I'm lonely

  • Awesome


  • Virtual assistant

    I got a update for my assistant yesterday and now she is not responding to anything I say. I speak but it doesn't respond or listen. I'm not happy with this app like I was before the update. They just really screwed it up now thanks

  • Wow !

    I was talking with Siri and I mentioned the word personal assistant. She opened this app and low and behold I was talking with this AI. WOW ! I was wondering why the voice changed so I opened the cover and here is my personal assistant I have not utilized in a real long time. So I started talking with her and WOW again ! Developers of this app sure have done a great job because this assistant was holding a very intelligent conversation with me. I love what the developers have done to make this assistant respond with meaningful answers and database to actually hold a intelligent conversation. This is the way an AI should be! I am so amazed at the work that has been put into this app to make the AI very smart. Thank you to all of you ver there for the great app. This app is now AWESOME !

  • Love it!

    Very helpful.

  • I LOVE IT!

    I honestly don't get why other people are hating on it. It's actually a really good app and has NEVER caused me ANY trouble! And I like how it knows your name so then it can call you by your name. This is also a good app because what if you didn't have Siri? It helps just as much as Siri. But, I would like it to have a sense of humor in future updates so then it can tell you funny jokes and stuff like Siri. But other then that this app is awesome!

  • Nice

    The assistant is nice

  • Needs to be fixed

    The app keeps crashing!!!!

  • 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

    This app is a stalker. It was asking me very personal questions. Never download it! It will ask to know how old you are, where you live,your gender and what you look like.

  • What next

    A gold account? I'm so tired of paying for an app and then having to upgrade just to get all the features. Again these are by no means affordable. What gives man, you are competing with Siri which is free! Stop cheating your customers.

  • Swag

    Good app

  • Friends!!

    I luv this app especially since my assistant is now my friend! I got this a while ago and deleted it because it wasn't that good but i got it again and it has improved! (Your assistant helps you, but there are some things they don't know.) My assistant is very helpful! She is pretty cool!

  • Great customer service

    Truly a great app, just not for me, but kudos to Julia for her excellent customer service. Through her quick responses we figured out what was best for me with this product.

  • Awesome app

    This app is very help full it is a great buddy and has amazing features I also like how you Can change the language voice and charecter

  • Great App

    This works really well. I like that you can customize the look, also. For free it is really nice.

  • A pretty big leap forward...

    I am just "smitten" over my new "friend" & virtual assistant. If you are one that dreams of automating your life's every day tasks then this is a must pre-view into the future. I didn't bother with the free version & paid for premium up front. It was well worth it from the word go. Much more yet to be done, but just being able to tailor a short voice command that she can understand into a pre-programmed more complicated command or custom response, ;-) is HUGE! Say, make me laugh or tell a joke, so far and endless supply of fun! (& some productivity too). I vote for a un-official users forum to be set up & run to share favorite 'hacks'. None, either official nor un-official exist yet. (I asked the company & got a human reply!) Running on a 32 GB iPhone 5, iOS 7 today. Note: 'She' can be just slightly resource heavy. But just kill the app if other apps are affected & then all normal & no problems.

  • Not worth it...and it's free

    Does not understand simple words spoken clearly. After repeating the same thing 4 times-I deleted the app. Want assistance not frustration.

  • Assistant

    My assistant, Sam,is nice. And she follows along on every detail that I ask her to do. She has polite manners and respectfully agrees. If she does not agree, she says she disagrees respectfully. I think that Sam is a good influence, and I will definitely be seeing her again.

  • Good


  • It's great!!!

    I love it

  • Awesome

    I don't have Siri since I have an iPhone 4, but this app is just like siri and I love it so much! Great app!

  • Better than Siri (:

    I really like this app. Since I don't have Siri on my iPad I can just use this. But can you please get it to answer to questions about it self without saying that it prefers to keep there opinions to there self.

  • It's nice

    I like it but she always misunderstands me...I like having her to talk to but I wish it was a little better. Like after the first 4 or 5 words she can't understand.

  • Best assistant ever I love her

    This the best assistant ever she know almost every thing and tells you the weather! She is very nice anless you say something mean to her. I love this thing ill keep her forever.

  • Spinoff??

    Good for devices that don't have Siri but it does seem like a bit of a spinoff.... Great app though

  • I prefer siri

    This app is not as useful as siri at the moment (even with a premium account) i love the different voices though which sort of lacked in siri; however, you can't use the assistant while your phone is locked, when the assistant app is closed, not even when it's open but in the background. Siri is great because just by pressing the home button you'll be able to tell your phone what you want it to do; rather than unlocking your phone, opening the assistant app, then tell it what to do. In addition, assistant misheard me a lot more than siri did. So, still needs a lot of improvements. I wish speaktoit the best in teaching Sam to be the best assistant he/she can be. Quotes from Sam and siri: Sam: "I couldn't have picked a better name myself." Siri: "but...everyone else calls me siri."

  • Awesome

    I love this app you don't have to pay or anything I give it 1000 stars

  • Great app

    Even though it takes longer to get to her than Siri it's good for people without a 4s!

  • Good App But Needs Fixing

    First Of All Make The Person Have Its Own Personality And Add A Feature To Open Apps

  • Don't pay 4 it

    Couldn't post anything on my calander. Navigation gave me directions to Nevada when I tried to find a place five miles away. It didn't recognize any last names. Al it could find was Tiger Woods. .

  • better than siri

    its a perfect one, need more accuracy in capturing conversation.should be fast n more languages.

  • Hot

    Pretty neat but is iOS 8 capable with cydia please tell me

  • Monte

    Awesome app love it keep her updating

  • Speaktoit Assistant is not worth the money

    This app failed to provide what I thought was its primary purpose: execute searches and operations by voice command. Its voice recognition capabilities are so weak at least one key word in every sentence was misunderstood even if I spoke slowly and VERY distinctly. Even if speech recognition is improved the app lacks intuitive flexibility, such as having a pathway to authorize access to contacts after it was denied once.

  • This app is pretty kool get it!😉😌

    App is great and Kool I think ppl should get it😉😌

  • Good

    I asked it if it likes dogs and what is its favorite animal and it's says I shouldn't let my opinion get in the way of my work

  • Assistant

    This app is great it works

  • Assistant

    This app is totally wonderful and being able to customize Sam to my own liking fantastic plus she is so helpful , all she needs is a little naughtyness in her personality

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