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Gmail - email from Google

Gmail - email from Google
4 based on 106,054 Votes
Price Free

Get the official Gmail app for your iPhone or iPad. The newly redesigned app brings the best of Gmail with real-time notifications, multiple account support and search across your entire inbox. With the Gmail app, you can:
- Switch between up to 5 accounts

Gmail - email from Google is a Productivity application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 4 based on 106,054 Votes. This version 4.2 has an average rating of 3.5 based on 519 Users.

Your device must have atleast 15.9 MB of space to download and install Gmail - email from Google. This application does not have game center . Gmail - email from Google is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of Google, Inc. at

Support Languages

Afrikaans , Arabic , Basque , Bengali, Bangla , NB , Bulgarian , Catalan , Chinese , Croatian , Czech , Danish , Dutch , English, American , Estonian , Finnish , French , Galician , German , Greek , Gujarati , HE , Hindi , Hungarian , Icelandic , ID , Irish , Italian , Japanese , Kannada , Korean , Latvian, Lettish , Lithuanian , Malay , Malayalam , Marathi , Persian , Polish , Portuguese , Romanian , Russian , Serbian , Slovak , Slovenian , Spanish , Swahili , Swedish , Tamil , Tegulu , Thai , Turkish , Ukrainian , Urdu , Vietnamese , Zulu


Productivity , Social Networking ,


Gmail - email from Google
Gmail - email from Google
Gmail - email from Google
Gmail - email from Google
Gmail - email from Google
Gmail - email from Google
Gmail - email from Google
Gmail - email from Google

Additional Information

- Get notified of new mail fast, with notification center, badge and lock screen options

- Search through all your mail quickly - now with predictions as you type

- See profile pictures as part of the conversation

- Read your mail with threaded conversations

- Auto-complete contact names as you type from your Google contacts or your phone

- Respond to Google Calendar invites right from the app

- Read and respond to interactive Google+ posts right from the app

- Organize your mail by archiving, labeling, starring, deleting and reporting spam

- Send and receive attachments

- Customize emails with custom scribbles

What's New on this version 4.2

- Bug/translation fixes and performance improvements.

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Best App EVER!!!

    This is just like the Mail app on my iPad!!!!!

  • Terrible

    Cannot open to retrieve my emails. Always get the error 'cannot download offline messages' even if I am online. Hate this app.

  • What happened.

    I can't load emails or go to any folders. This app use to be great but now just a headache.

  • Doesn't work

    Won't load my emails. Keeps saying "no offline messages " But im not offline...

  • Better Than Apple Mail

    But not by much.

  • No signature for replies

    There's no option to have one's signature inserted before quoted text I'm replying to—after what I write (like in the desktop Gmail). Instead, my signature is placed AT THE VERY END of the e-mail chain. This is the only reason I use Apple's mail app instead of the Gmail app. Google, plz add this feature. It's in high demand among Google users. Thanks for your time!

  • Better than default mail app

    Works with everything Google, including opening links with Google Chrome, fast, reliable, and defaults to unread messages.

  • Awesome!!

    This app is basic and so easy to use. I've been using it for a while

  • Short cut does not work.

    Emails are not being sent, when using the shortcut in the photo app. It's very frustrating it says it's been sent and when I check my sent folder it's not there and it's not in the drafts.

  • Could be better, but...

    A dedicated Gmail app has always been my go-to for gmail management. It totally beats using iOS's built in mail app for my gmail account.

  • Latest Update Ridiculous

    It was just great getting mail before updating then all of sudden when I check today the whole application is completely different. Needs help Google

  • Goggle rates big time

    I love the alerts I'm not on my email all day so an important email can be screened by me ASAP! Love Googles search engine as well. Just the best!!!!!

  • Overall disappointment.

    5 star operation when it works. Very often I get the spinning multicolor ball of death. The app just doesn't want to open emails after a little bit forcing me to close the app from running in the background and starting it anew. Most of the time it will let me read an email or two. I like google products but this one just blows currently. Once it catches back up to outlook iOS app, I will be back.

  • Perfect Email App!

    I read the crazy reviews by others... Duh! It's an app ... for your phone! Gmail app works flawlessly for me..always has. If you want Gmail to do backflips..put down your phone and go to your PC.. Keep up the good work! Happy User

  • Awful

    My emails don't load and it will freeze or close on me.

  • Funciona perfectamente

    Fácil de usar, tiene más funciones que la app Correo de Apple. Fácil de organizar

  • Student9028

    This app always works well for me, quick, easy, dependable and I haven't had any issues like it asking me to change my password or not getting emails etc. I use it a decent amount too (daily) and I've had it for almost 2 years.

  • Very average email app

    Nothing that stands out and makes you stick to the Gmail app. Expect better from Google !

  • Cool Cool

    This app works fantastic, neat trick after you select one email you can select the rest no matter where on the email you click. It's really nice when bulk sorting email.

  • Search function crashes the app

    I use this as my primary email app, but every time I try to text search emails the app crashes. Had to use another app to complete the search.

  • Very Satisfied

    Thus far it's proven to be quite a useful app.

  • Great so far

    I like using gmail this is a safe app for my email.

  • Contacts don't work from other apps

    When I try to share from another app, my contacts aren't available. The + is greyed out and nothing autocompletes when I start typing a name. This is not a problem when using the gmail app, only when sharing from another app.

  • Great App

    Really like using it!!

  • App is horrible

    This app rarely works- every time I try to check my email it tells me no offline messages- it doesn't matter if I am on wifi or my data. Absolutely horrible- most of the time I have to go through the Internet on my phone to access mail. Don't waste your time downloading this.

  • Inbox

    Love the push notifications. Would prefer if all incoming emails went to one location named inbox instead of primary, social or promotions. Thanks and keep bringing the filthy

  • It is great.

    It's easy to use and effective. I would like to see Google Tasks come to reality as a separate app, since this app is great. It's fast, too.

  • (-)(-)

    The app is great but it still have some bug

  • Works great

    App works great, the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because there is now way to turn off or disable "conversation" mode.

  • Not happy

    I'm not sure what's going on but I have to continually uninstall and reinstall the app. My email fails to load. I haven't had a problem until recently.

  • Gmail


  • Sweet

    It works.

  • Double Down

    Love the game, but just doesn't let you very much..

  • Last update

    After last update this app stopped working, it never logs in ,they have to work on fixing this issue , my phone is an iPhone 5 c

  • When it works, it's great... BUT...

    I love having the familiar features and interface of Gmail on my iPhone, but you can only read a message or two before it gets stuck loading and then can't retrieve or open messages. Usually a force quit fixes it (though that shouldn't be necessary on a daily—or more often—basis), but today it's stuck after multiple force quits. I shouldn't have to consider rebooting my phone for a Google product. Get it together, Google. This has been a problem with this app for YEARS!

  • Fix it!

    Fix the app so it will stop showing I have one unread email! It's annoying!

  • Crashes and notifications

    Crashes a lot. Almost daily after some usage, whenever I try to search something, the app crashes. Also, notification per email should improved. One 'email thread' should not have more than one sound notification otherwise this simply becomes noise and you end up turning it off.

  • :/

    Keeps saying I have 5 new emails when I don't, I have tried removing the app and login out of all of the accounts, just has a weird glitch.

  • So so

    Gmail on iPad leaves much to be desired. No ability to create new folders or delete contacts. No ability to format text, bold, underline, highlight, change font color....rather limited. Do not recommend it.

  • Eh I'm not one to really rate, but....

    So this app is great! Except for one feature, online like on the computer, you can mark a little box at the top and delete EVERYTHING! Nope, not on this app, and for a person who's like me who has a LOT of mail yet never checks it, it'd be nice to have that little box at the top! Hopefully, the makers will see and read this and fix this little problem! Thanks! ~Alexia

  • Love it!

    It's the only e-mail app I use (since I can't get used to the one that came on the phone) and it never let me down. Rarely crashes and never gave me major problems. I just love the label system, it's the only reason I can keep track of important messages because I get a lot of promotional e-mails as I don't have time to actually stop and look at online stores' website and thanks to gmail they don't get mixed up with work and college messages. I just love google's services.

  • Great App

    It works! If app doesn't work get an iPhone.

  • Great app

    Great app. The possibilities are endless. I enjoy using all the Google apps and they are helpful with everyday living. They make life so much simpler.

  • Love This App

    I have been using this app since I got an iPhone 3+ years ago. I just use the basic features: Read, Delete, Reply and Forward messages. Easy access to folders. I do not understand the reviews that mention a repeated prompt for a password. I have never encountered this problem. I did enter my e-mail password in iPhone Settings when I first downloaded the app. (There was a password prompting bug with IOS that seems to have been resolved with a recent upgrade.)

  • Awesome

    Awesome! Easy to use and organize

  • Can't more the cursor!!

    As of one of the more recent releases the standard iOS cursor movement does not work. Positioning the cursor to edit is really hard.

  • HORRIBLE!!!! Don't download.

    App randomly resets and erases ALL gmail accounts you have synced with it. So time after time you'll have to go back and re-sync them. TERRIBLE!!!

  • Happy with the app

    The app meets my requirements though sometimes it just hangs and closes suddenly. But overall all experience for the last two years has been satisfactory. Keep up the good work Google

  • nice evolution

    since all my mail accounts are on gmail, this app is awesome i just want to know how it keeps checking mail when i turn off cellular data and wifi maybe its the NSA data plan?

  • Gmail is my mainstay

    I always have Gmail open - often on four different devices. I'm a former user of Apple Mail, Entourage/Outlook, various webmail clients eg. Squirrel, and all the way back to cc:Mail and MCI Mail (anyone still remember that?). But I'm very happy with Gmail as both app and web client. I have a few quibbles, but for the most part it does what I need and does it well.

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