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WKRN – Nashville’s News 2

WKRN – Nashville’s News 2
3.5 based on 64 Votes
Price Free

Get breaking news, weather and traffic on-the-go with Nashville’s News 2/WKRN's mobile app. Watch our newscasts live from your Smart phone and stay informed with live breaking news and weather coverage. Our mobile application includes:
- Latest local news and videos

WKRN – Nashville’s News 2 is a News application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 12+ (Application may not suitable for children under the age of 12). This application has an average rating of 3.5 based on 64 Votes. This version 4.9.5 has an average rating of based on 0 Users.

Your device must have atleast 14.2 MB of space to download and install WKRN – Nashville’s News 2. This application does not have game center . WKRN – Nashville’s News 2 is Free to download and install on your mobile device

More Description

- Radar and weather forecast maps

- National and international news headlines

- Sports and entertainment

- Traffic updates

- Live streaming video 24/7

- School closings and delays

- Local events

- Programming information

What's New on this version 4.9.5

iOS 7.1 fixes.


  • News
  • Weather

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Support Languages

  • English, American
  • Spanish


WKRN – Nashville’s News 2
WKRN – Nashville’s News 2
WKRN – Nashville’s News 2
WKRN – Nashville’s News 2
WKRN – Nashville’s News 2
WKRN – Nashville’s News 2
WKRN – Nashville’s News 2
WKRN – Nashville’s News 2

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Great app

    I go to this app every day for the current news and weather.

  • Great

    Love this newest format

  • Renee

    I love this App.

  • Best local news app!

    I love this app! It is the most updated of any of the news app's. it also has the most information for each story. It's always my "go to" app for news.

  • Subtitles always on!

    It shows subtitles even when turned off, very annoying!!!

  • Best local news app!

    I deleted the other local news app... (Bye bye channel 4 app- don't waste your time on it) Awesome design, THANK YOU for a great weather section, and up to date news!

  • Amazing!

    I love the interface! It's easy to navigate and I use it everyday. Also, the weather section of the app is also well designed! Good work!

  • Proof reading, anyone??

    Looks like they have the unpaid interns writing for the app judging by the typos and bad grammar in the articles.

  • Horrible Update-Weather Is Usless Now

    The previous app was just fine, this update is awful! I'm especially disappointed in the weather-WKRN was the only local app I used. Where did the meterologist forecast go? A pretty picture of the 7 day forcast tells me nothing-I want to read the specifics. The main screen shows a weather alert and you can't find it-went to the zoom radar, which doesn't cooperate at all, the red alert is on the side, but nowhere to be found on the map. Seriously, if it ain't broke.............

  • No good

    The new app is not good. It has too many ads and is hard to find stories.

  • Nov. 2013 update ruined this app.

    I have been using this app daily for two years with declining satisfaction, but this new update is the worst. This update has removed both the option to open the news story in Safari, and the option to send the story in a text message directly from the app. The only options now available are to send as an e-mail, post to Facebook, or post to Twitter. I had often used this app to text stories to friends directly from the app, and now I am required to take multiple extra steps to pull up their website and track down the story in question- which I am now less likely to do, resulting in fewer of those valued page views for WKRN's website. And don't even get me started about all of the new ads that are designed to look like news stories interspersed between the real articles!

  • KISS

    Just when I get used to the old new format of the app... It gets changed again. Ever heard of KISS? Keep it simple stupid.

  • Liked old version much better

    Updated the app on 11/20/13... Don't like the new set up... Could see more stories ,quicker ... Now gave to scroll through everything....too bad it changed... It was fine the way it was

  • Completely different

    November 20 2013 version is not a minor rewrite but a completely new interface. Lots more room for ads I don't care for it. This will not be my app to go to for local news.

  • Ok

    Prett Good

  • Push Notices

    Why am I still getting pushes for stories that are 3 or more days old?. VERY annoying!. If not fixed within a few days I WILL be deleting the app.

  • Red Notification stays on!!

    Please fix this. Red notification stays on and no way to clear it. I'm deleting. I'm a News 2 guy, but sticking with the "other stations" apps until this is corrected. I'll try back in a couple weeks.

  • Fix the alert, Please

    The alert stays on and won't go away, please fix soon, very annoying, I can always get my news from channel 4 or 5

  • iPhone

    Since I've got the new update it says that I have an update with the red one but I've uninstalled and re installed the app and hasn't removed it very annoying!

  • Push alert

    Please fix push alert. It's very annoying

  • Push Alert

    Please fix the push alert that is showing up.

  • Latest update is annoying

    Can't remove push alert


    It's horrible. It's a hot mess!! Please change it back or I will delete the app!

  • If it ain't broke don't fix it!!!

    Hate the new update. Was my fav news app. No more!!!!! I deleted it

  • Update 1.10

    Tried updating to version 1.10 and it froze up. Using an ipod4.

  • Awesome iphone 5 update

    Absolutely great

  • Entertainment Section Always Empty

    Please fix the entertainment section. Hasn't worked since 2 updates ago.

  • Easy to navigate

    Great app. Better than other Nashville channels.

  • Cool App.

    This is an awesome app. except I still have to keep channel 5 for the alerts. You guys have everything I need except the alerts. What's that all about? If you do have them please tell me how to turn them on. Oh, and the Entertainment section is always empty. How come. Do I need to redownload the app. ?

  • Great app

    Awesome app...I use this app all the time!!

  • Great app!

    Excellent app for local Nashville news!

  • It's ok.

    I've had the channel 5 app for awhile and I hate to say it because I'm a huge fan of News 2 especially in the morning but their app is way better. Mainly the weather. At least for me. We really need more than one map and updated more often. I'm gonna keep both apps. As soon as you guys get this one straight I'll delete my channel 5 app.

  • Hmmmmmm

    Not sure why people are gloating about this app. It's a very vanilla news app. I've had it for 2 days and the stories are rarely updated. I checked the sports section (all other sections are tucked off in the "more" area of the app" and found stories 3 weeks old. Also checked the weather radar as well.. Yep, image was 3 hours old. I do watch news 2 mornings and find it delightful however, this app is far short of being a "go to" application for your local news. Update your content regularly and improve the navigation and it may have a shot at being useful.

  • Awesome App

    This app is great! This had made me a fan if news 2!! When compared to the other local channels app this one wins by leaps and bounds. I recommend it!! It flows well it looks classy & has the feel of like CNN or Fox, pretty cool to be a local channel. I deleted ch 4's app for this one! :-)

  • Great app!

    Channel 4 WSMV has had an app for a while. I prefer Channel 2 so am glad that this app was developed. The app is easy to navigate and looks great on both iPad and iPhone. The only missing element is bio info on the anchors and reporters.

  • Hello WKRN Nashville!!!

    Awesome, thank you News 2, you guys are great!

  • 👍

    EXCELLENT!!!! I have found this app to be extraordinarily helpful. Useful info right at my fingertips. Thank you News 2 for providing more than just news and current weather. Definitely user friendly!

  • Best of the local news channel apps.

    Was going to say "it's about time you had an app" but since this is the best and easiest to move around on of all of the local news apps, I can say it was worth the wait.

  • Love the news in black and blue!

    Great layout! Let me zoom the radar to fill the screen and you'll get that sixth star!

  • Finally!!!!!!!!

    Well worth the wait!

  • Sweet!!!!!!

    IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!!! Make sure you push traffic reports. Thanks. :-)

  • Sweet!

    It's awesome!

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