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The RouteShout iPhone app makes it easy to find bus stops, routes, and arrival times.
You can browse by location or search for stops by street name and see when the next buses are due to arrive. You can save your frequently used stops as favorites for quick access too! Read more...

RouteShout is a Navigation application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 2.5 based on 192 Votes. This version 2.0 has an average rating of 2 based on 55 Users.

Your device must have atleast 75.6 KB of space to download and install RouteShout. This application does not have game center . RouteShout is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
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Support Languages

English, American


Navigation ,



Additional Information

Over 150 transit agencies available. With more being added all the time.

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What's New on this version 2.0

Overhauled UI
Improved speed and stability
Bug fixes

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • So many bugs

    I don't even know where is best to start with saying how terrible this is. My local bus system recommended this app, so thought I would give it a try, but it is totally useless. It can't find my current position with the GPS. Manually entering my position works a bit better, but the menus are still confusing. On top of this, it's not optimized for a larger screen iPhones. Wish my local bus system would just send information toGoogle Transit, instead of depending on this piece of junk.

  • The worst app I've used since the mid-00s

    ... and I think it hasn't been updated since then, either. Slow, buggy, bad GUI. The app doesn't support the larger screens of the iPhone 5/s/c, let alone the 6 or 6 Plus). On top of that, this app displays •scheduled• departure times, not actual bus positions. Given how horrendously slow this app is, I am better served by simply looking up the schedule online. This app is a disgrace to both its developers and to anyone in the transit companies who took a cursory look and said "hm, this looks good enough."

  • Spinning wheel

    When this app works it is really helpful but I spend more time looking at the loading screen then the routes.

  • NEEDS An Update!

    Please! The loading on this app is slow, SO slow. I often have to reload the whole thing 4-5 times before it shows anything useful!! It's frustrating and it's hard to believe people have given it 5/5 stars! PLEASE. If you guys want higher ratings, do a better job with this app!

  • Works for Columbus Ohio!

    Routes for COTA are accurate, even the day of new seasonal schedule changes. I love the favorite setting! I use this app almost daily, especially on weekends for running errands and have yet to have inaccurate info! Those that are complaining, their local transit system must not be providing accurate info!!! No problem to locate a route, zoom in and find the stop and direction needed! Only con is that it is not real time, only uses the set schedule times but I'm happy with that until COTA gets their own app up and running!

  • Horrible Awful

    This is the worst app ever! It is slow and inaccurate. DO NOT TRUST THIS APP! It gives you wrong information.

  • Terrible

    Who did you hire to design this app? A blind, developmentally challenged pig? Awful user interface, the majority of which does not work, and what does work is buggy and missing lots of potentially useful features like displaying buses on the map. So frustrating and useless it's honestly not even worth trying.

  • AWFUL!!!!!!

    This is the most unintuitive app I have ever used. RouteMatch needs to scrap it and go back to the drawing board.

  • Horrible

    This app is just horrible. It's not accurate whatsoever. It'll say a bus is leaving the stop "now," and the bus is nowhere nearby. This app is a waste of time. What's the point if it doesn't even serve its purpose?

  • Worthless at UGA

    If you are in Athens, GA do not expect this app to be useful. The app looks like it was written a decade ago. The data that the app has will not help you catch your bus. It is often plain wrong. Misleading and worse than useless.

  • Here's an idea

    Sell your data to google so that I can use their app to plan my trips through town. They don't have Tyler transit in their system you do but their system is better! Either upgrade to have route planning/GPS navigation or sell your info to someone who does!!! Everything else about the app works fine for me here in Texas but knowing when the next bus comes doesn't make it come faster or help me know what's the next bus I need to catch or where I need to get off.

  • Great app!

    Great App for UGA, does what it's supposed to do!

  • Great!

    This is a life saver! Go Dawgs!

  • Great app!

    Great for the university of Georgia campus! It's accurate within a minute the majority of the time (except on weekends)

  • Great info

    Easy to use app, I love the real time info

  • Very Functional

    This app works well in Baton Rouge and has been very useful for me. I think it's most functional for ppl in or around the campus area.

  • Absolutely Awful

    I had big hopes for this app but there are absolutely no useable features. In addition to no route schedules, the routes are not marked on map nor can you tell where the bus is currently located. This is a far cry from the excellent Transloc service and app used by LSU. What a waste of taxpayer money especially since the initial upstart service cost was paid for with a $1.3 million federal grant.

  • Great for UGA!

    This app works really well for the University of Georgia campus! So far all of the times have been correct and it has been really useful in determining when the busses will arrive. Great work SGA!

  • Garbage

    Wow is this a bad app. It doesn't work. It isn't worth your time. It's so bad that it shouldn't even be allowed in the App Store. Don't bother with this garbage.

  • Useless

    This app is useless in Pittsburgh. Doesn't give you half of the bus stops available, constantly says no buses are coming as they are driving by me. Also will not let me look at bus routes, or locate me.

  • Useless in PGH

    Route shoute was my go to app until the Apple iOs uodate, now it is pretty much useless. Time for plan B.

  • Terrible

    It's completely incorrect. The Terrible part was that I sent an email to notify them the information is incorrect so that they can fix it. But they keep asked me to test (which obviously they can test as the website gives correct information) while they were not making any change. I could not believe. Anyway the UI could be nice but the information is completely incorrect so what's the point?

  • Tampa BEWARE!! Save your space

    About 5 mi from when the bus is suppose to pick us upi checked the app to make sure it wasn't just those other 20 times I've tried in the past. Well, this continuously tells me there's no buses within the next hour, but guess where I'm typing up this review....ding, ding -- on the bus. And sadly, my route is NOT the only route in Tampa like this-yes I looked. Why have this bus system on here if it won't be updated? I would have given it .5 stars if it would have let me, because it is somewhat user friendly. The "Favorites" part would be great if it showed the times of my favorite stops.

  • Confusing and unstable

    I can't believe people are rating this app high for Pittsburgh. Biggest issue, other than saying no busses are coming at all for any routes right now (10am, weekday), is that it lists too many options/names for the same intersection. How do I know which of the 5 "Millvale at Centre Ave" options to click to get a bus going in the right direction? No inbound/outbound designation even when showing times for a route makes this app basically useless.

  • Pittsburgh

    Works great in Pittsburgh for Port Authority busses!

  • useless in austin, tx

    just like others have said, this app shows no bus departure times for any stops i've tested in austin. total waste of time until it's fixed. otherwise it SEEMS promising.

  • Well the bus came within the hour

    I live in Austin, TX and use the capital metro system. The app acknowledges the stops and bus numbers fairly well but according to the app no buses are going to come, ever, which is funny cause that's how it feels sometimes. But they do come, eventually, and if you could check into this to provide the schedules I will rate this accordingly. has a lot of developer tools to allow you to sync with their schedule within your app. Thanks, I'll look forward to an update.

  • Waste of a download

    This app is completely useless. Says theres no buses coming in the next hour when the most certainly is. I dont understand why they would even make such a waste of data space.

  • Pittsburgh, PA

    This is a perfect app for Pittsburgh, PA! it really makes it easy to jus click and see how many minutes u have until the bus arrives!

  • App does not work

    Use is not intuitive, and there is no help available within the app nor at their website. I could not find a way to find the scheduled stop time information for ANY of the stops in the available routes. By the way, please check with Huntsville's public transportation department: all the routes have changed since the app's last update.

  • Agree Totally doesnt work

    Totally doesn't work, dont waste your time.

  • The data is all wrong

    The actual app ui is nothing special, but whatever data source this app is drawing on is outdated and inaccurate. You're much better off with google transit. Tested in Pittsburgh against university shuttles.

  • Try Tiramisu app instead

    The worst app ever! The new Tiramisu app is sooooo much better.

  • Horrible

    This is a terrible app. It tells me lies. It will say a bus is coming in 4 minutes, well that bus is long gone. I waited 20 minutes at a bus stop once and a bus that was suppose to be there in 8 minutes never came. I almost missed the last bus from the city to my hometown (which is an hour away). Well I didn't, because I had to run there! Thanks for nothing.

  • AlanZim

    Pretty solid for what it's supposed to do, good organization of lot of helpful information. It could benefit from organizing some groups of stops into stations, but all around, not bad!

  • Great!

    RTD data works great with this app!

  • Not even worth being free

    I thought this app would be useful by telling me when the next bus would come, what bus I could take to get to where I needed to go. But NO. Don't even waste your time to download. It always tells me that there isn't a bus coming within the next hour when I know there is. If I had paid for this app I would have been infuriated because it seriously does nothing.

  • Absolutely awful

    Hands down the worst app I've ever tried. No idea what routes it was trying to show, but they certainly weren't for here.

  • Works well for Pittsburgh

    I had the same problems with stops not showing routes. The key is to browse by route, check the stop listing, and then make it a favorite. Another good feature: the app will show you a map of the entire route. Good luck finding that on google transit!

  • Not working in Nashville

    This app did not show buses that I knew were on the schedule in Nashville. Very disappointing.

  • Not working in Tampa either

    Saw the ad on the bus, decided to check it out despite the reviews because I was bored. It finds the bus stop okay, but has no route info.

  • Less than zero

    Used to work ... but now apparently there are NO buses running anywhere in Cincinnati no matter what time!

  • Has grown worse, now broken

    Started using in August 2010 and it was OK--functional and quicker than a paper timetable. An "upgrade" in December made it barely usable, especially when it came to searching for a particular bus. Search was taken away and replaced by a long list that repeated the same bus due to slightly varying routes so you'd have to painstakingly select each bus instance and look at its details separately. Truly an awful step backward UI-wise. Lately the app doesn't appear to work at all, lile the database is no longer there. No stars.

  • Ugh...

    I shouldn't even give this a star. I read the other reviews and thought maybe it'd be different here in Indiana, but I was wrong. Don't waste your time downloading this. Absolute trash in app form.

  • No data for stops or even routes?

    Trying to use in Cincinnati Ohio. No stops are listed and no route info seems to be available for Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority. 25 Jan 2011 - updated from one to three stars now that SORTA stops are loaded for Cincinnati. Decent app, but clunky. Too many screens to get to arrival times. If I'm standing at a bus stop, I want times without having to go through three clicks to get there. Also, it would be helpful to see last hour and next three hours.

  • New version has no data for my stop


  • This app is horrible!

    The old version worked great in Nashville. Now, it says no buses come to the stops I use. Take this version down and go back to the old one!!

  • Doesn't work as is

    Can't see any stops

  • Horrible app - not recommended

    This new updated version of the app is horrible. I do not recommend this app to anybody. The previous version would show the bus timings very accurately but this new version does not. Many of the bus stops are hard to find or do not exist anymore.

  • New version is a big step backwards

    The new version is terrible. It loses the previously saved favorites, some routes have disappeared, and some stops don't work at all. The new interface is a pain to navigate and breaks the iPhone HIG. Don't upgrade if you're happy with the way it was!

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