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DoubleTake Offers: FREE Local Coupons +...

DoubleTake Offers: FREE Local Coupons + 50% OFF Deals
1.5 based on 94 Votes
Price Free

Welcome to - the evolution of DoubleTakeOffers! LocalFlavor is your local connection to deals, coupons, and gift certificates from the businesses that make your neighborhood yours.
Grab and redeem directly from your device. LocalFlavor and the DoubleTakeOffers app has thousands of 50% OFF DEALS + FREE LOCAL COUPONS from your favorite businesses! Read more...

DoubleTake Offers: FREE Local Coupons + 50% OFF Deals is a Shopping application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 12+ (Application may not suitable for children under the age of 12). This application has an average rating of 1.5 based on 94 Votes. This version 3.3 has an average rating of 1.5 based on 55 Users.

Your device must have atleast 8.1 MB of space to download and install DoubleTake Offers: FREE Local Coupons + 50% OFF Deals. This application does not have game center . DoubleTake Offers: FREE Local Coupons + 50% OFF Deals is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of Clipper Magazine at

Support Languages

English, American


Shopping , Lifestyle ,


DoubleTake Offers: FREE Local Coupons + 50% OFF Deals
DoubleTake Offers: FREE Local Coupons + 50% OFF Deals
DoubleTake Offers: FREE Local Coupons + 50% OFF Deals
DoubleTake Offers: FREE Local Coupons + 50% OFF Deals

Additional Information

Our mission is to put instant savings in your pocket. Need an idea where to eat, play, or shop? Wonder if there's a deal or coupon? Check your DOUBLETAKE OFFERS APP and stretch your dollars nearly every time you go out.

Traveling or work out of town? This app is perfect since we offer savings in 29 states and over 750 cities with over 50,000 FREE COUPONS + 1000's of 50% OFF DEALS! You trust the restaurants and merchants we feature where you live, shop and play so you can trust the DOUBLETAKE OFFERS APP to recommend great places (with great deals + coupons) as you take a trip or travel to work.

Here are a few great features:

- SHOP AND BROWSE for deals + coupons with EZ category options

- REDEEM with a quick tap + send to iPhone Passbook

- VIEW details, directions + business hours

- SHARE your favorites with Social Networking option

- FOLLOW your favorite businesses by setting mobile alerts

- ACCESS your account and login to connect to your deals + coupons

- MANAGE your saved certificates

- EXTEND your savings online with



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What's New on this version 3.3

-> is the new DoubleTakeOffers!
-> We've grown to deliver deals, coupons, and gift certificates in more than 700 towns across the US.
-> This app will deliver ALL the deals, coupons, and gift certificates from
-> Look for an all-new Mobile App in March '15. We are making something amazing to give you an amazing neighborhood savings experience

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Useless

    App won't even open. I used to love this app for local coupons but it hasn't worked in over 6mo. Very disappointing. Get it together!!!

  • Crashing

    App crashes & closes within 1/2 sec when you try & open it. Reinstalling did not help.???

  • Doesn't work on iOS9

    This app hasn't opened or worked for quite sometime. I have iPhone 6s with iOS9.

  • Crashes

    Crashes as soon as I try to open it... iOS 9.3

  • App. Issue

    The app doesn't work.

  • Very poo app!

    Bought deals and now the app never works. Come on people, let's fix it!

  • What happened????

    I dont know what offers you could find in other cities but in Miami i have bought many great deals on this app. I know app development is expensive but please fix this app it simply wont open anymore. Very sad but i must erase this from my phone.

  • Guess they want to crash iPhone

    App crashed. Oh wait it just froze the phone. Manual reboot. App crashed. Manual reboot. Deleted app. Redownload app. App crashed. Quit app and relaunch. App crashed. Running iOS 9.2. Left this 0 star review for worst app ever. Guess I am not alone in thinking this.

  • Won't Open

    This app used to work great. Now it just won't even open.

  • Too bad

    Agreed. Used to work. Now it doesn't. Awful.

  • Crashes

    Doesn't even open, wast of space on your phone

  • Can't even open App

    Crashes on startup every time. Deleting.

  • Latest App crash on IPhone 6s 9.1

    Decent app when it works

  • have to force quit - Doesn't get past splash screen

    Used to work. Current version has some sort of fatal error. Would use if I could open it.

  • Crashes

    Used to be great but now crashes every time I try to open it. If it doesn't get better ASAP I'm deleting

  • Was working stopped won't open

    Was doing great but last few iPhone updates and it stopped opening so until a fix don't waste your phone space

  • Won't open.

    Used to be great but can't even open it now. Deleted and reinstalled: same result.

  • Plz fix!

    This app was an awesome one when it worked. Now it crashes when opened, even after a reboot. PLZ FIX IT!!!!!

  • Crash and burn

    I use to use all the time though every time I have tried to open last 6 months it crashes before home page opens, and as others have said no update since 2013... Getting deleted shortly.

  • Crashes on iPhone 6s

    The app keeps crashing after repeated installations. Works fine on my old iPhone 4. Now I have to access my account on Safari. Last app update was Nov 2013 so there's no service commitment from this app developer.

  • Used to work great... now not at all.

    I buy these deals all the time, but now the app won't work at all which means Groupon and Living Social are going to be getting my business. What is the point of a mobile app when it won't work at all? I hope they get it fixed because the deals are good. But they are too much trouble and the vendors get upset when you can't give them the app for redemption.

  • Oc mom

    Great...when it doesn't crash.

  • Crashes

    Due to the 9.0 update this app no longer works. It either won't open or it just keeps crashing. It used to be great, no longer. Useless.

  • APP Has Crashed. Still Down !!!!

    Please Fix this Bug. Lost Revenue !!! Every minute it's down !!!!!!

  • Not working on iOS 9.0.2

    Got a new iPhone upgraded to I OS 9.0.2 when you open it The app hangs.

  • Should be 0

    Use the service a lot. But now app is broke with iOS update. Way to plan ahead. Not apples fault they release the update to developers well in advance. Have deals that I can not redeem easily. I have to know ahead of time, print out deal ect. P.I.A.

  • Have an account- does NOT LOAD.

    No longer works. Starts to open for a second, then closes. Both apps. Please remove from App Store. Does not work, no need to waste people's time to download.......

  • It won't open with ios9

    Can't use it if it won't open. Fix it and I will add stars

  • Used to work...

    With the new iOS 9 update it doesn't work.

  • Good deals. Terrible app

    I have had issues opening this app too many times. It crashes. Today I went to a restaurant, ordered and the dumb app wouldn't open. I think it is completely broken with the new iOS 9. Absolutely awful app. The deals are good though so I hope someone fixes it.

  • Doesn't work

    Blank white screen... Still

  • Blank Screen

    Blank white screen. Reinstalled and it walked me thru the instructions again. Seemed like it might work! Then same blank screen.

  • Can't Print certificates after purchasing

    Can't print from App, Mobile web site or Desktop version of website from phone.

  • Buggy, Ugly

    Forgets I'm logged in, ugly app, embarrassing in 2015.

  • Works Perfectly

    We don't have to keep entering our login info. The certificates pop up immediately. Easy to buy new deal certificates. Excellent design for the app.

  • SCAM

    These people are running a scam, DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY. IT IS A PROVEN SCAM!!!

  • Horrible.

    None of the businesses are close to (and I live in the middle of a huge city). Now I'm getting spammed with a million emails and can't get unsubscribed from the stupid email list. Thanks.

  • Waste of time

    Unable to even get thru the Tutorials pages without crashing. Uninstalled and installed with no luck. Can't get into app at all. What a joke.

  • Crashes

    Sometimes it works. Sometimes it don't. Fix it guys!

  • Crashed upon opening

    Can't get thru the teaching swipe photos to even check out the app.

  • Seriously ?!

    Why do I have to create an account just to get coupons ? I'll just use the flyer

  • Zero attention to detail

    Within the first three minutes of use I planned on deleting this app due to the poor presentation of deals. Spelling errors and nonsense words in descriptions doesn't show that much attention or care is put into this service.

  • Used many times!

    I've been using this for months and it's always worked fine. I've redeemed many coupons at local restaurants with no issues. It's a valuable service with a very nice app.

  • Don't bother.

    Does not work.

  • Love it

    Discounts are from great places!

  • Waste of time

    Read the reviews but really wanted the offer for 50% off one of my favorite restaurants... I tried to order quantity of 1 and it said I exceeded the quantity limit. You can scroll between 1 or 0. I tried both several times. This app doesn't want my business. Mission accomplished!

  • I don't want to give you my email

    You are an app, act like one.

  • Great idea in theory

    Just doesn't work. Fix it and I'll come back.

  • Disappointment

    I tried to redeem the offer for $10 off at Aikou in Morristown, NJ and they unapologetically refused to apply the discount. I emailed Doubletake customer service to let them know that their offer wasn't valid, and they never replied. The experience was a disappointment all around.

  • Useless

    Never actually opens

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