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Neil Strauss: A Better Man

Neil Strauss: A Better Man
3 based on 50 Votes
Price $2.99

Version 1.6.1 includes bug fixes that should resolve geolocation and freezing errors. If you experience any issues, please be sure to email and let us know.
Bestselling author Neil Strauss has helped thousands of men master the art of seduction with The Game and Rules of the Game. Now for the first time, Neil has created a real-time application to help men move the practices of The Game and Rules of the Game beyond the page and into the real world: A Better Man. You will create a profile for yourself, take a brief entry quiz, and then select missions that will help you master the art of attraction. Each mission will be timed, and at completion you will report back on how you did and share results and findings with fellow agents. As you progress, the missions become more difficult. Having a hard time completing a mission? Take on a wingman (a fellow agent who has already completed the mission) to participate with you and share advice, tips and encouragement. Read more...

Neil Strauss: A Better Man is a Lifestyle application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 12+ (Application may not suitable for children under the age of 12). This application has an average rating of 3 based on 50 Votes. This version 1.6.1 has an average rating of 2 based on 5 Users.

Your device must have atleast 19.2 MB of space to download and install Neil Strauss: A Better Man. This application does not have game center . Neil Strauss: A Better Man can be downloaded and install for $2.99 only

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of HarperCollins Publishers at

Support Languages

English, American


Lifestyle , Social Networking ,


Neil Strauss: A Better Man
Neil Strauss: A Better Man
Neil Strauss: A Better Man
Neil Strauss: A Better Man

Additional Information

* An extensive library of missions and bonus content with more added frequently

* Audio and Video tutorials featuring Neil

* Ability to connect with other users via Wingman Chat

* Life-changing potential!

As you progress you’ll unlock special achievements and bonus content from Neil to help you along the way. Let your quest to become a better man begin.

What's New on this version 1.6.1

* Access to missions during lockout between completing missions so you can review.
* What's new screen to keep you up to date on your new tools for success.
* Social sharing so you can let your friends know how you're progressing.
* Better navigation and easier to use interface.
* Mission do over option.

Bug Fixes:

* iOS 7 updates
* Geolocation fix
* App freezes

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Won't let me creat an account

    I just got an iPhone 6 and this app will not let me create a account. An error keeps popping up. I downloaded the latest version. I don't know what wrong with it.

  • Doesn’t work

    Was really looking forward to using the app on my ipad. Thing is, it doesn’t work after I try to login.

  • Can't even start/sign in

    Just spent $3 and I can't even into the first page to see missions/advice. Needs to be updated asap.

  • Great app for new experiences

    I love this app because it changed my life in a positive light. The mission brings a lot of excitement and I enjoy it. I've accomplished more and have a better personality. Buy this app i recommend it highly

  • Sharp, effective.

    Bugs are fixed, app runs smoothly. I found it very useful to help me grow.

  • Approach Anxiety Annihilator

    If you are a fan of Neil Strauss and The Game, this app is an awesome tool for going through The Rules of The Game, and getting out of your shell. Really nice to have the rules and a timer in your pocket. The app holds you accountable. Buy it now!

  • Awesome App

    It is a really smart app- good supplement to Rules Of the Game..Highly recommend it.. Only criticism is it would be cool to have functionality it find people locally who are using it...

  • Won't load

    I really do enjoy this app, it gives me real challenges that help me be a better person. But since the last update it won't load anymore which is very disappointing.

  • How about "A Better App?"

    Crashes constantly. I like the idea, but it would help if you could actually get beyond "report results" without a crash.

  • Don't bother...

    Save the $3... I had heard good reviews of this app so I decided to go ahead and give it a shot. Downloaded it, started it up, created an account, then as soon as I log in, it crashed.. Now whenever I try to load up the app, it immediately crashes every time... Have tried reinstalling it multiple times still to no avail... Such a waste...

  • Bad investment.

    Your supposed... 'wingman' it's nothing than a dumb bot, useless.

  • Freezes

    I'm sure it's a fine app and I would absolutely love to use it however every time I try "report results", the app freezes and then crashes. I've reinstalled it multiple times with no result. I'm very disappointed as I am a big Neil Strauss fan..

  • It's a cool app

    I just wish it didn't have a timer, I can't wait for the next mission.

  • Well designed, well executed and very fun app

    Great app to help individuals improve their confidence in a context much beyond dating. Plus it's well written, well-designed, and fun. I liked the user interface a ton. Make one for all shy or introverted folks (not just men)! I haven't hit the aforementioned bugs at all but I'll keep an eye out- perhaps they've been fixed? Mine works smoothly and seems pretty glitch free. I purchased it for kicks but highly recommend! An added plus is the author actually has a good sense of humor as well- the content is well written. (The 1.2 version doesn't crash)

  • I feel cheated this does not work

    It does not load

  • Just doesn't work

    Save the two bucks..never felt the need to write a review to warn people like I feel about this app. They should refund everyone for this app.

  • Worked on install, now won't open

    Click app on homescreen Bar loads halfway App crashes I might as well have bought a super fast, extra awesome Porsche, only to find it has no doors. Ironically, this app was HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by AskMen. Bought it when I read about it on pulse news reader. Will be sending AskMen an email about this as well.

  • Still crashes constantly

    The app is completely nonfunctional for me. Lots of goo content inside as far as I can tell. Too bad you can't get it to stay open long enough for it to be useful.

  • Waste of money

    This does not work. It crashes immediately upon load up. Miss my three dollars. Wait for them to learn how to make it not crash.

  • Just Started Using This For Sarging

    Seems pretty good so far but I have a problem with the location function, I keep getting an error message when trying to input my location. Want to find some wings in Denver so I'd really like to be able to input that. Also, originally it told me that based on my initial answers it would skip me to Level 2 but it kept me on the beginning of Level 1 and I'm beyond those missions already. All in all, I like the idea of time-based missions but I think you should be able to complete more than one mission a day, especially if you do most of your sarging Thursday through Saturday nights. Just some helpful ideas on the app.

  • A Better App, first

    Maybe it would be useful if it didn't crash every time I try to open it. Garbage!

  • Please update with fixed bugs

    After the first "real mission" it crashed and won't open for more than 4 seconds ! The app is really fun and I was enjoying doing the missions so please fix

  • Freezes every 20 seconds

    It seems like a good app but don't really know if it's useful because I can't have it open for 30 seconds without it crashing.

  • Good concept, bad app

    Big fan of Neil and the rest of the seduction community. Was really excited about this app since I just recently came out of retirement to play the game again. But unfortunately, nothing seems to work on the app. Crashes when trying to complete missions and has never worked when trying to link up with local wingmen. Needs to be patched and updated ASAP.

  • Lame

    App crashes right when I try to complete a mission. Laammee

  • Too bad

    Crashes on the iPad

  • Needs some work

    I consider myself a social person no problem talking to random people... But I messed up the questions at the start and I'm stuck doing the easy missions. Needs a restart button cause I'm getting a little bored. The app should also explain how to use wingmen and how to be a good wingman if you're selected. I got selected and I didn't do anything.

  • Can't login

    I have reset and double checked the username/password I'm entering. Each time I try to login, it says "Unable to create request (bad URL?)"

  • Keeps crashing

    The app seems legit and I'm very excited but every time I push the report results button it crashes which means I can't record results or open new missions. So far it's a waste of money. Fix it!!!

  • Frozen

    This app freezes every time you try to complete a mission. Waste of money.... Fix it.

  • Good

    This is really great in improving your skills socially which not only helps with meeting someone but also in daily life to get what you want out of it.

  • Psyched out of my mind, but can't get started

    Anyone else have the problem where every time they press the "report results" button the app freezes out? Besides this app looks to be amazing. Soon I will give the world many overpopulation problems

  • The Taken Guy's Review

    I wasn't sure right away if I could play along since I already have a girlfriend and all, but after looking through the first sets of missions (up to level 3) I can still play in good conscience. A lot of it is the dare of using an opener on groups/women or going to see professionals to fix things like fashion problems. Looks fun, can't wait.

  • Neil is superhuman

    Thank you for bringing us back in the game. Thank you for making this awesome app. Neil strauss for president!

  • great app!!!!

    great app, thanks!

  • AWESOME app..

    it's on. Mothers hide your daughters...

  • Smart

    Time based goals are smart. The app is beautifully designed and smart. Users are more motivated to follow through with tasks and encourage one another. The game is now in your pocket and ready to roll.

  • Sweet!!

    Been waiting for an app from Style! This is awesome.

  • Awesome

    This is just a cool, fun app. The visual and flow alone makes it worth having. Incredible quality of the design. This is a huge step up from the previous Stylelife app. Blows it out of the water. Great job guys

  • High Quality

    Excellent app- on the go coaching, motivation and challenges. Especially good for those who want more than the books.

  • Whaaa!

    So excited about the way the community is growing too.

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