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Roomie Remote – Universal Remote Control

Roomie Remote – Universal Remote Control
4 based on 818 Votes
Price $9.99

Roomie is a universal remote to control your home theater components supporting thousands of devices – often via direct communication over your home network rather than requiring additional hardware. Roomie also provides a Personalized TV Guide, and live feedback for many devices with information like your receiver's volume.
Important: (1) Control of infrared components requires the Roomie Service available in Roomie and an adapter available from the Roomie Store. Many devices are supported via direct control over your network with no adapter. Check the Roomie website for detailed compatibility information. (2) Roomie controls up to 2 devices initially, and can be upgraded via in app purchase. Read more...

Roomie Remote – Universal Remote Control is a Lifestyle application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 4 based on 818 Votes. This version 2.2.1 has an average rating of 4 based on 5 Users.

Your device must have atleast 39.4 MB of space to download and install Roomie Remote – Universal Remote Control. This application does not have game center . Roomie Remote – Universal Remote Control can be downloaded and install for $9.99 only

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
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More Description


• IP Control with Automatic Discovery: World class IP control supports many devices directly via your Wi-Fi network – advanced two-way feedback support with automatic discovery of devices on your network.

• Infrared Control: High-end home theater library supports virtually all components when paired with an infrared adapter.

• Unmatched Compatibility: Over 160,000 commands for thousands of devices.

• Gesture Remote: No need to look down at your remote, Roomie provides gesture panels preventing accidental commands!

• Virtual Remote: Provides a remote for any supported device, automatically optimizing each remote with all of the commands from your original remote and often more advanced commands including "discrete" power.

• iTunes/Sonos Control: Control your music and video library including Airplay to your Apple TV, play functions, playlist selection, position scrubbing, album art, volume, Sonos Pandora and Radio, and more.

• IP Media Players: Integrates Dish, TiVo, Roku, Sonos, Kaleidescape, VLC, XBMC, DirecTV, and a growing list of devices with live channel info. Roomie even provides keyboard support in most cases and graphical channel integration for Roku and WD TV.

• TV Schedules: Listings for US, UK, Canada, and 31 other countries with personalization and favorites integrating with your devices to tune channels directly.

• Blu-ray Feedback: Provides interactive position scrubbing and elapsed time displays for supported Panasonic, Pioneer, and Oppo players.

• Synchronization: Configuration changes instantly synchronized among all your devices via Wi-Fi.

• Advanced Macros/Automation: Macros for precise control over your systems. Roomie’s macros sequence commands over multiple connection types.

• Customization: Buttons can be created, removed, and customized to your liking.

• Backup/Restore: Backup to Roomie Service, Dropbox, and Roomie Agent for OS X.

• Infrared Learning: New commands can be learned using any supported adapter.

• Serial(RS-232) Support: Rock solid serial support when combined with a Serial adapter.

• IP Receivers: Unlike traditional IR solutions, Roomie displays your volume, power, and many other aspects of your system. Song, album art, integration with receiver iPod and streaming services are also provided. (See Roomie website for supported models.)

• IP TV/Projectors: Sony, Sharp, Panasonic, Samsung, JVC, and many more.

• IP Lighting: Philips Hue, WeMo, Insteon, Lutron Radio RA 2, and Vera control.

• IP Cameras: Live stream Logitech Alert, Foscam, and other RTSP cameras.

In App Purchases

• Home Theater Pack: Upgrade to support unlimited devices in unlimited rooms from its initial support for up to 2 devices in 1 room.

• Roomie Service Subscription: Upgrade to control infrared devices. Expand to a full two weeks of guide schedules. Provides Media Guides for Sonos, iTunes, Kaleidescape, XBMC, VLC, Dish. Full screen guide expansion. Add Clocks, Alarms, and iBeacon Proximity Automation.

• Agent Management Pack: Synchronization/Backup via Roomie Agent, a separate product. Control OS X including app launching, screen viewing, mouse control, and more.

What's New on this version 2.2.1

Improvements in 2.2.1:
• Fixed Link to Dropbox and Poll Dropbox.
• XBMC File Browser updated for Gotham.
• Properly handle Dish Hopper in standby mode.
• Alarms and Buttons may now use Activity Mode states as conditions for execution.

New Features:
• Dish Hopper/Joey IP Control and Auto-Discovery: Dish Hopper, Joey, and SuperJoey receivers are now controlled entirely via IP including guide integration.
• Virtual Remote Ordering: The order of the panels and feedback on Virtual Remotes may now be customized.

New Features with Roomie Service:
• Dish Hopper/Joey DVR Guide: Browse and play recorded programs on your Hopper or Joey.
• Location Links: Backing up to the Roomie Service now provides a Recovery Email option which allows easy switching between multiple configurations as well as a complete restoration to a fresh copy of Roomie.
• Estimote Support: Proximity Automation now enables using the default Estimote beacon instead of a private beacon for easy integration of Estimote iBeacons.
• XBMC Played Status: Played/Unplayed status may now be set for programs from the Media Guide.

• Row End markers may now be added to the Top Bar in the Remote Design editor.
• Toggle Mode Activities now provide an option not to reset on System Off.
• Optimizations to Auto-Discovery that fix issues with retrieving some lighting device manifests.
• Optimized Wi-Fi Synchronization Activity updates. They should now be more reliable and synchronize even faster. Make sure to update to Roomie Agent 1.3.0+ as well.
• Added one-time deprecation warnings for iOS 6 and the L5 scheduled for September 2014.
• Added Reset Diagnostics button.

• Fixed DirecTV discovery issue with duplication of devices.
• Fixed POWER TOGGLE commands used in Toggle Mode Activities with Track Power State turned on.
• Fixed auto-detection issue with Pioneer 2013 receiver models.
• Fixed tab switching issue in Prevent Editing mode on iPhone screens.
• Fixed issues with Proximity Automation.
• Fixed observed field issues.


  • Lifestyle
  • Entertainment

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Support Languages

  • English, American
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish


Roomie Remote – Universal Remote Control
Roomie Remote – Universal Remote Control
Roomie Remote – Universal Remote Control
Roomie Remote – Universal Remote Control
Roomie Remote – Universal Remote Control
Roomie Remote – Universal Remote Control
Roomie Remote – Universal Remote Control
Roomie Remote – Universal Remote Control

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • A Wonderful Thing

    Roomie Remote is an amazing achievement. It strikes a wonderful balance between power and ease of use. The learning curve for other family members to use it once it is set up is insignificant. Once you get the hang of it you can add new devices to your configuration in a matter of minutes. It has built-in support for almost everything IR I have and what it doesn't have I have had it easily learn via the iTach. It makes it child's play to add custom logos and images for devices. The automatic wireless propagation of the configuration between iOS devices saves a lot of time. It's so good that I've finally kicked my Philips Pronto to the curb. Lastly, the Roomie Remote folks keep up with new consumer electronics devices in the marketplace like no other company I have ever seen.

  • Amazing functionality

    Roomie Remote is one of the best home automation systems I've used. The interface is extremely polished, IP interaction is great and the IR support through iTach works perfectly. Setup and troubleshooting is a bit convoluted but their support is great and the forums are full of information. The ability to scale your needs through in-app purchases keeps it as streamlined as needed. Couldn't recommend it enough!

  • Need yearly membership to work

    For any infrared remote (tvs, Apple TV etc) requires you to buy a yearly membership. Wasted $10. Also very confusing app.

  • Loving This App :)

    What a great app that works as advertised! It is also a very good value compared to the physical remotes on the market (ouch at the $250-300 price tags) and this is just plain cooler and sleeker to have it on my iOS devices. Extremely easy to use and customer support has been very helpful and quick to respond ... really quick. The users forum is also a nice plus. I'm thrilled to have found this app!

  • Great app

    Very useful

  • Fantastic

    This is a great product, more powerful that far more expensive universal remotes. I've been using it for a few years, and it keeps getting better. I have a sophisticated setup using many devices in multiple rooms. Well worth every penny. The previous review only considers price, which is shortsighted. This app is worth the price.

  • Read the description completely

    No trial to see if it is worth it. The 9.99 lets you add 2 devices. If you want to add more then you have to buy another pack for 19.99. I figured the upgrade would be less than the initial purchase. Not the case...its twice the price, but of course they do not tell you that. I get that universal remotes cost more, but they should have been more up front about the add on costs. Seems to work, but not willing gamble with another $19.99 to find out.

  • Throw Away All Your Universal Remotes and Get Roomie

    This app is the neatest thing I have purchased since I purchased my first iPhone. And I thought the adaptive cruise control on my new Durango was impressive! I was able to add all my IP controllable devices in just minutes using Roomie’s auto detect capabilities and I didn’t even need to know what IP even was. In just a few minutes I was able to create my first few activities (scripts of control) together. I knew they weren’t perfect but after a short learning curve and an easy editing process I was able to optimize them within the hour. As a newbie I thought I would need and want the option of using the manual remotes but with some innovative use of activities I doubt I will ever use them. I did have need to get a question answered and the customer service is as good as the app. I received a reply within hours late on a Saturday night. Overall I am very impressed. Another reason this app is so great is evidenced by the complete representation of compatible devices. For example the command list for my Denon AVR includes functions that I haven’t used since I first set up my receiver. The look and feel is perfect for me. I’m so tired of developers jumping on the flat iOS 7 theme I could puke. I especially like the white on black or icon on black look of this app in a dark room. Keep in mind that if you have more than two devices you will need to purchase the Home Theater Pack. Even with this additional cost this app is worth every penny. Roomie is so versatile that I believe it has the capability of becoming the central control of my home and not just my home theater remote!

  • Great interface, easy to setup!

    Have used Roomie almost 2 years. It is very quick to setup, I had a working system in minutes and have migrated to mostly IP controlled devices over time but use the adapters for some things and they work well, Roomie's new 2.0 interface is so nice especially the gestures and didn't require any complex programming. In addition to the remote it has a great TV guide. Have spent a lot on remotes over the years and I'm totally settled on this solution that I can maintain, will keep up with changes, and use throughout the house. The guides for iTunes, Sonos, and others moves this app into its own category.

  • Lag

    This new version has added significant lag over previous versions on my iPhone 5. Also, momentary freezes that weren't there before.

  • iOS 7

    Would like an iOS 7 Style redisign, this "old real remotes" doesnt feels good nowadays and doesn't use the ipads screens as really can. The remote design needs to be SO MUCH MORE FLEXIBLE!! And please add Brazilian cable provider Net tv.

  • Be prepared to spend more

    It seems like a really good app, but it'll cost you more than the $10 to use all the functions and features available. I will not be purchasing the options and pry just wasted $10.

  • Don't waste your money

    You'll spend way to much for this. The 10 bucks gets you pretty much nothing. Keeps adding up in in app purchases. Now to try and get my cash back.


    I LOVE this app ! ! keep up the great work.....

  • Never lose a remote again

    Better than Logitech Harmony in every way.

  • Nice app, inconsistent support

    The app can do many things and does so reliably, but when there is inconsistent and, at times, disinterested support, I question the value. If one reports issues with their software and devices and program guides, and they don't respond for days or weeks, and when they do, they indicate they may or may not get around to fixing things - well, it's hard to recommend them. They went through a similar issue with earlier versions of Roomie, where they started to charge people for add-ons that should have been provided in perpetuity based on the original terms at the time of purchase. They sort of fixed the issue, and after getting hammered here in their ratings, their support really improved for several months. It it now sliding back to a subpar level, and for a program of this nature, top notch responsive support is essential.

  • Great app/horrible customer service

    The good thing about Roomie remote is its infinite capacity to control your electronic devices. That is the good news. If you can imagine it and have the patience, you can program it. The two downsides to this app are that there is precious little in the way of documentation to support the programming process. This will take you quite a bit of time and financing to get working properly. It is clearly not as simple as a want you to believe. That I could tolerate if not for the "snotty" attitude from Roomie remote employees when any dissatisfaction is expressed as mentioned in a previous review. Even that I would almost be willing to tolerate if not for the changing attitude and business model for this app. Originally, it was sent out in a way that you purchased the app and then purchased all the appropriate additional in app purchases as needed to get all of your devices functioning. I did this and had my system working well. With this last update, they have signaled their move to an annual subscription model leaving me out of luck with any improvements they make to the original "modules" I have already purchased. I use this app only to control access to my iTunes library. Now that iTunes has added iTunes radio, I can see that selection available in my Roomie remote, but when that button is selected it prompts me to purchase Roomie remotes $18 annual subscription fee. No matter that I purchased the original media guide which, by their description, was to give me access to my full iTunes library, they now want more of my money and it is a clear money grab and a bad sign for the direction of this company. Now looking elsewhere for similar app unless Roomie remote respects their customers and revises their policy.

  • Do not waste your money

    They even took features that I bought before. Complete rip off.

  • Controls everything

    I'm using Roomie to control devices in three rooms. Denon, directv, Roku, Sony. Any device with native ip control can be controlled by Roomie. Controlling IR or serial devices requires an itach adapter. IMO the best remote solution out there! Be ready for some extra expense but you really can't find a better value.


    Harmony's are what $200? No customization on a harmony. Small screen, etc. A couple grand at least for a home theatre set up. I think a remote that evolves is worth $50

  • Perfect!!!

    Used to have harmony remotes, but this app with itach blows away. Nothing better than this.

  • Stay away from this company.

    I down loaded the app, purchased the various in-app upgrade to actually make the thing useful. Then went to their web site to order the hardware for the IR units. I have had a great deal of trouble getting them to work correctly AND THEY DO NOT SUPPORT HARDWARE PURCHASED FROM THEM. Stay away from this company.

  • Capable, but why subscription pricing?

    If I buy this app to control my current set of devices, and they are all supported by the current version of the app, why do I have to pay a monthly fee? It's not rational. I understand you have ongoing expenses chasing new models, but guess what? I don't need support for those. I need what you already have. It may make more sense from your perspective but it's a pretty tone-deaf marketing decision.

  • Good product, tech know how, support lacking

    Support is a little condescending and sometimes (update: still hasn't!!!) will never respond. After paying a lot of money for all of the add-ons to the product, you'd expect prompt-ish support. Good product, wish support was better.

  • Do Not Buy

    This app cost me $10 and it does NOT automatically read my devices. I consider myself fairly tech-savvy but the setup on this thing is a joke. Could not get it to work. I have emailed support for either assistance or a refund. I doubt I'll get either.

  • Great for the do it yourself theater guy

    Does everything I need for my home theater needs!


    This app and the iTach device have allowed me to control my sound system all over my home without having to do any re-wiring. Well worth it!!!

  • Absolutely unbelievable

    This app is a better iPhone remote than *any* manufacturer remote. (Including good ones like Roku.) And if all of your devices are on the network--you will be amazed. I am living in the future.

  • Love this and works well!!!

    I have tried others but this one is the best. The iTache products are great. Really nice on the iPad.

  • No more remote conflicts!

    Using Roomie on several devices in the house and it's very nice to have the kids and everyone able to control all the rooms without fiddling with remotes and changing configurations so that nobody can figure out what's going on. Setup was extremely simple for my DirecTV boxes and Sharp TVs. I just tapped them in and was done in a few minutes. No more fighting over the remote! Go Roomie!

  • Wonderful app. Keeps getting better.

    Unsure about all the complaining about having to pay for additional rooms. I think some of these folks need to get a quote from some home theater companies and then when they quote over $1,000 for a similar system they might see the value on this app. I am amazed at the functionality of this app and they are constantly updating To add new features and improve it. I came from logitech but have never looked back after getting this app. It's well worth the money and again nothing with this much functionality is even close not to mention it looks great. Highly recommend.

  • No Guru's should apply

    On the surface, this looks like a good app. Functionally, once you've spend 30+ hours getting it configured for your AV system, it's ok. But beware - support consists of blasting you with FAQ answers (not really looking into or solving your specific problem), the codes for newer equipment are wrong or missing, and you have to buy a bunch of (difficult to figure out how much they will ALL cost) software and hardware add-ons if you have more than two components in your AV system. I'm very familiar with this technology, but 30+ hours setup (and still not finished) is insane.

  • Don't Buy

    I bought this prior to the subscription service. Now they want us to pay for the updates despite buying the initial IR code pack. I'm dumping this for other software. It's ridiculous to change to a subscription model after people have purchased the product.

  • Great app, but it sure nickel & dimes you...

    Admittedly, this is a great universal remote app. If you pay attention when you're buying components and have mostly IP controllable components, you'll really love this app. If you grab an IR blaster you'll be able to bridge the gap with the rest of your components. As a longtime Harmony remote user, I'll admit that Roomie is far superior. Here's my only complaint: Its a $10 app that requires a $20 in app purchase if you have more than 2 components (and who doesn't if they're using a universal remote app?), AND a $17/yr subscription if you want to use an IR blaster. I was annoyed enough when I had to pay for the $20 add on, but last night when I added the IR blaster so that I could control my AppleTV I was really ticked that I now have a recurring charge! Let me pay for the app once and then just leave me alone! Only reason this isn't a 5 star app!

  • over all a very good remote

    I have had Roomie for a few years now and although there have been times when it was not the easiest remote to set up, once it’s set, it works great and the interface via the iPad is comparable to crestron or other “high end” custom remotes that cost many times more. the only reason it is not getting 5 stars is the original IR pack that I purchased is no longer receiving updates and if I add new devices that are not originally supported i have to either purchase the service subscription or send a request to customer service and hopefully they will send me the IR codes for the device. They have graciously sent me codes in the past, but it took a lot of back and forth email communication in order to get the codes. I should note that this is only a problem for older adopters that add new devices that are not supported by the original IR code pack. Any new customers will always be up to date with the service subscription.

  • Best remote hands down

    This remote is for serious enthusiast. Initial setup was a little tricky, but the you-tube tutorial gets you started in the right direction. The possibilities of different configuration re almost limitless. People who fuss about the price of this app ( $150 total with hardware) don't understand the bargain the bargain they are getting compared to to your average mid to high end universal remote. This is the best remote by far!!

  • Buyer Beware

    This application looks like it has lots of a price. The basic $9.99 app allows only one room and two devices. Pretty steep for very, very little. Unlimited rooms & devices will cost you an additional $19.99!!! Ok, so you're up to $30 bucks to control everything. Infrared an annual subscription, and on and on. Make sure you research this thoroughly and understand their pricing scheme before you purchase it. I feel like my pocket has been picked.

  • Probably a good remote but

    They say it's the last one you'll ever buy because by the time you purchase all the add-ons to make it work you can't afford another. I'll be on $100+ just to try it out.

  • Could be great. But..

    Works then stops working. Been going through this for a year now.

  • Great remote

    Took some time to configure at first but works great.

  • Solid

    I purchased the iTach and Roomie together and while I was initially frustrated during setup, it is now the best remote I've ever had. Setting up the remote is not always straight forward, but I use it to control my media room devices and house lighting through my VeraLite.

  • Not easy to use-spend your $$$ on a universal remote

    Have requested refund. Will update to higher rating if they give me my $$$ back for this app and the Home Theatre Pack and Roomie Subscription.

  • Great

    Great product

  • Integrated Home Theater Experience

    Roomie continues to be my go to remote control even after several years of enjoyment. Compared to every other remote solution, Roomie is easier to configure and integrate, looks better, costs far less than other solutions, and controls way more devices. IP control and device feedback is excellent. Yes, IR devices require hardware, but the support for them is rock solid (there are a ton of IR devices in the library). And now that you can learn your own codes, practically any device can be controlled. The new features for v2 are great! The app looks better than ever and gesture controls bring ease of use to a new level for me. Lack of tactile feedback is one of my big complaints using any touch screen as a remote control, but Roomie has come up with an interesting solution to the problem that greatly minimizes looking at the remote field and accidental command input when performing commands. Browsing XBMC is awesome, especially being able to see the artwork right in the list. When watching TV, the guide is so nice to have in your hands and in most cases is much faster than the old hardware the cable company provides. Roku was easy to setup and is also well integrated into the app. One of my very favorite features continues to be remote customization. I just pick the buttons I want and the layout is handled automatically (nothing to draw, arrange, align, etc.). I get the perfect remote for all my activities (these can be different for different rooms as well)! Version 2 improves on this experience by allowing me to edit my remotes directly from the activity. One of the best parts of this app is that it continues to get better with every release (yes, I've said this before and it is still true). So many apps out there have one or two releases then stagnate, not this one. New versions, with lots of new features arrive fairly steadily. The few times I've have had issues with configuration, support has been amazingly responsive and helpful. They are always willing to listen to ideas for new devices and features as well. Overall, an excellent app, highly recommended! Keep up the great work!

  • Works but not happy

    Commited to this solution but would not recommend this to anyone else. Very difficult setup, very expensive, confusing, in app purchase does not work, and worst of all support was not helpful and rude.

  • Don't listen to other reviews

    Great app! Does require in-app purchase for more than two devices but well worth the money! must have app for any person sick of using too many remotes.

  • Cool remote with plenty of options

    For those who bought this app and did not give it good reviews... must be because they do not understand how to setup or program the roomie. I will have to say that it took me a little while to get things going but I love it now that I understand the many options it will allow me to do. I am using the Global Cashe infrared device and the roomie app with a few smart devices that are connected to my LAN. With more and more components, TVs and other things becoming "smart devices", The roomie app is by far the neatest and coolest thing that someone should use.

  • Expensive, perpetually

    I bought roomie, then paid for the home theater pack and thought I was all set. Used it for a while, very nice program, but then, after a while they want to charge for service every few month. Like another reviewer said, I understand that they want to make money but not like this. They lost me.

  • Bait and switch; what if they raise prices later? Don't buy

    When I bought this app, it was advertised as pay once and use in perpetuity. I was happy to purchase the add ons that you need to make this a useful app. With the update, they've switched it to an annual pay service if you have a newer version of iOS. I get they have to make money, but that's not the way it was advertised when I bought it. On principal, this app gets one star. Should get zero. Does the product work? Sure it does. Not always perfectly. But it works. Over time, the cost of this app will continue to rise. Which negates the overall purpose of me switching from a URC remote. I'd rather them charge for certain brand updates. Like if there was a new pioneer tv and I needed IR support. I'd pay for it because they spent the time writing the code for it. But I feel like I bought a car and a month later it turned into a lease. Weak. Don't buy this app. For all we know, they'll raise the price later once you're locked in.

  • Would like a refund

    Would like a refund please. Dose not work for me. In app purchase still didn't help for it to work. May have been due to the lack of instructions.

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