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Roomie Remote – Universal Remote Control

Roomie Remote – Universal Remote Control
4 based on 991 Votes
Price $9.99

Roomie is a Universal Remote for home theater and automation that uses WiFi to control thousands of devices like TVs, cable and satellite boxes, receivers, Blu-ray players, lights and thermostats. Roomie controls 3 devices initially. As your system grows, device packs can be added via in app purchase.
IMPORTANT: Some devices may not be controlled directly via WiFi and require a Roomie Blaster adapter for infrared control. Check the Roomie website to determine whether any of your devices need a Roomie Blaster and for more information about Roomie. Read more...

Roomie Remote – Universal Remote Control is a Lifestyle application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 4 based on 991 Votes. This version 3.1.1 has an average rating of 5 based on 1 Users.

Your device must have atleast 40.1 MB of space to download and install Roomie Remote – Universal Remote Control. This application does not have game center . Roomie Remote – Universal Remote Control can be downloaded and install for $9.99 only

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of Roomie Remote, Inc at

Support Languages

French , German , Spanish


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Roomie Remote – Universal Remote Control
Roomie Remote – Universal Remote Control
Roomie Remote – Universal Remote Control
Roomie Remote – Universal Remote Control
Roomie Remote – Universal Remote Control
Roomie Remote – Universal Remote Control
Roomie Remote – Universal Remote Control
Roomie Remote – Universal Remote Control

Additional Information

Winner of the 2015 CEA Home Technology App of the Year Award!


• IP Control + Auto-Discovery: World class control directly via Wi-Fi for thousands of devices including AppleTV, Fire TV, DISH, Sonos, TiVo, Nest, Kodi, Plex, DirecTV, Roku – automatically discovered on your network.

• Gesture Remote: Don't look down at your remote! Use gesture panels to prevent accidental commands.

• Virtual Remote: A single remote for all of your devices, automatically optimized with all commands from your original remotes and additional commands to make everything work together.

• Unmatched Compatibility: Over 220K commands for IP, Infrared, and even Serial devices.

• iTunes: Includes Airplay control, position scrubbing, album art, volume, and more.

• Sonos: Runs your entire Sonos system. Group/regroup speakers, setup automatic regroupings and control Sonos services.

• Synchronization: All devices are automatically synchronized via Wi-Fi.

• Macros+Automation: Sequence precise control over your devices.

• Customization: Remotes can be customized with your own buttons, graphics, and commands.

• Backup/Restore: Backup to Roomie Service, Dropbox, or Roomie Agent for OS X.

• IP Receivers: Displays volume, power, and many other aspects of popular receivers from Yamaha, Denon, Onkyo, Marantz, and more. Integration with receiver streaming services.

• IP TV/Projectors: Sony, Sharp, Panasonic, Samsung, JVC.

• IP Lighting: Hue, Insteon, Lutron Radio RA 2, Vera, Smartthings, WeMo.

• IP Cameras: Watch Logitech Alert, Foscam, any RTSP camera live.

In App Purchases:

10 Device Pack

Upgrade Roomie to support as many devices as you need in packs of 10.

Roomie Service Subscription

Renews via iTunes Account at 1($1.99), 6($9.99), or 12($16.99) month intervals unless auto-renew is disabled 24 hours before end of period. Includes:

• TV Guides: Personalized listings for 34 countries integrated with your set top to tune channels. Detailed episode, season, and cast information.

• Media Guides: Content guides for Sonos, iTunes, Apple TV, VLC, Kodi, Plex, Kaleidescape

• DVR Guides: DVR control for DISH, TiVo, and DirecTV

• iBeacon Proximity Actions and Triggers

• Agent Management for PIN locked configurations and OS X control

• Infrared control for non-Roomie infrared adapters

• Clocks and Time/Timer based activity execution

• One-Click Backup

Roomie includes Proximity Automation features that optionally allow location updates in the background. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

What's New on this version 3.1.1

New Features:
* Amazon Fire TV: Both Fire TV and Fire TV Stick are now auto-discovered and controlled via IP including keyboard support.
* LG TVs: LG Smart TV and WebOS models with IP control are now auto-discovered and controlled via IP including mouse/keyboard control. LG TVs cannot be powered on via IP, most scenarios require additional control via Roomie Blaster.
* Smartthings Connect: Send commands to your Things.
* Insteon Web Services: Control over the new Insteon Hub (2245) including lights, switches, and more.
* Denon HEOS: Discovery and control of HEOS Media Players.

New Roomie Service Features:
* Apple TV Media Guide: Apple TV content may be played directly from Roomie’s Apple TV Media Guide.
* Apple TV iTunes Guide: iTunes content can be automatically directed to your Apple TV.
* Denon HEOS Media Guide: All HEOS services such as Pandora/Rhapsody controlled directly.
* DISH DVR Recording: DISH Hopper/Joey users can set programs to record from the TV Guide.
* DISH DVR Timers: Timers can now be edited/created.
* Dune HD/Mede8er + Kodi Media Guide: Merge Kodi with Dune HD or Mede8er players for the best of both worlds. Roomie plays content from the same NAS as Kodi to your Dune or Mede8er.
* LG TV Media Guide: App launching for SmartTV and WebOS models.
* Timer/Time Based Triggers: Global triggers based on a time of day or triggers created by Buttons or Activities for a specific duration. Enables "open shades at 9" or "turn off TV in 30m" cases. Triggers can be executed on any Roomie, or on Roomie Agent 2.1+.

Additional Devices:
* Dune HD Players: Feedback with position set/status is now provided.
* Mede8er X3D Players: Feedback with position set/status is now provided.
* Mirage M-400, Russound C-Series, and Shinybow SB-8804LCM Multizone Amplifiers: Volume feedback for all zones.
* Lutron Homeworks/QS: Added feedback support.

* Added Hue, Vera, and ISY as eligible Trigger devices.
* Activity lists now have 5 layout sizing options set in the Edit Room panel from the Rooms list: Size To Fit, S, M, L, and XL.
* Virtual Remote sections now size dynamically based on screen size when appropriate.
* Added Nest Away mode feedback handling.
* Hue and Vera scenes are now directly supported.
* Nest is an eligible Trigger device for use cases such as "turn off all lights when I’m away from home".
* Animation optimization for older devices.
* Don't use Estimote beacon ID. Correct ID may be copied from Proximity Settings for use with external iBeacons.
* Sonos PLAYBAR Media Guide now shows TV Input.
* Command Log provides timestamps when expanded.
* Samsung EX-Link Serial explicit volume support.
* "Next On" guide segments tappable to jump to that broadcast.
* Kodi PVR Channel Tuning.
* Pioneer Dolby Atmos support.
* Option to suppress DHCP address update notification.

* See the Roomie website for more information.

If you feel generous and have a couple of minutes, please leave a review. It makes a huge difference to us. We live for this stuff. Thank you in advance!

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Crashing

    It won't load. Constant crashing. What a waste

  • Love it

    I impress my friends with this remote which has taken replaced my other 4 remotes! You make the remote your style by adding whatever to it. Like on my dish remote I have my hue lights in there so I can easy change the lighting, the best part though is how you navigate to other channels, it's got this sleek channel guide, $2. A month and totally worth it, think about it you spend 2 dollars on other stupid things and this right is gold! So many cheap people out there but oh well like I said freaking worth it!!

  • App gets worse

    So wrought with issues is this app. Set-up manual is poorly written, support is horrible, and recent Apple update, has this app immediately closing when one tries to launch it! An app that won't stay open is useless.

  • Over rated

    Over priced and over rated...takes a significant investment in order to control much...better off using the free apps for each device

  • Unparalleled functionality

    By far the best solution I've found for AV device control. I have a combination of IP control and IR bridges, and Roomie is compatible with everything I throw at it. Great updates for new devices. I also have a home automation system it interfaces with, but don't use it as my primary control app.

  • Excellent Universal Remote App

    Roomie is an awesome Universal Remote app for IP based control of all your devices. I highly recommend it.

  • The absolute best

    I have integrated my av system, lighting and devices (Insteon), Nest thermostat, Hue lights and security cameras and it all works beautifully controlled by Roomie. Big fan here!

  • Expensive, additional costs

    Requires subscription and most likely purchase of hardware ($99) to get app to control audio video devices

  • Great App

    Like another user, I had Harmony remotes and this thing blows them away. While I'm making popcorn upstairs, I can click one button to perfectly start my entertainment system, have it wait a perfect amount of time, open up the Smart TV app on my Samsung, wait another perfect amount of time, and move the cursor to the Amazon Instant Video app and click it. And it works every time. Very, very stable. By the time I sit down to watch TV, many rooms away, everything is ready to go and I only have to select the movie/show I want to watch. Another user above mentioned the latest update breaking his functionality, but I just tested all mine and everything still works. I'm not saying he's wrong; I'm only saying that all of mine still works.

  • Roomie Rocks !

    I've used this app for a while now and all I can say is things keep getting better with each new version. Super functionality and ease of use. The Roomie Team is always improving and adding great features. Simply amazing !

  • Good app - Buggy update

    This update broke several features that has turned my near perfect remote into a disaster. Activity buttons no longer behave correctly and channel icons disappeared from remote. Please fix.

  • Perfect!!!

    Used to have harmony remotes, but this app with itach blows away. Nothing better than this.

  • Must have app!

    Roomie is the only true option for the home theater aficionado. Nothing else can do what it does, and especially not so consistently well. I love Roomie, it's worth every penny and more.

  • Still the One!

    Just keep getting better and better. Dumped the touch thing and hub. This is the only remote I use.

  • Roomie controls 3+ systems for me….

    Feb 15 - Roomie is pretty wonderful, there’s a lot of capability to the application. To me, it’s worth every penny. Working with support, I managed to create a couple of really clever macros that allow me to group / ungroup sonos equipment quite simply. The software developer and users would benefit from a user forum to where ideas / best practices could be shared. May 14 - Closing in on ten months use and I cannot imagine losing this. This is really good software and if your devices IP manageable, Roomie is worth every penny. I still wish they had a way, or encouraged other users, to show clever examples of macros and custom remotes. Written Sept 2013….Since there are no half stars, I rounded up to 5. This is more than an app, this is really good software and getting better with each release. I'd give it a 4.5 as it would benefit from a couple of things noted at the bottom. I needed an RF system so that I could control audio on the patio and some equipment behind a cabinet door or in another room. Roomie for about half the cost of a URC IR to RF remote solved the problem. The interface won over the wife as I create custom workflows. Having been a customer through one upgrade, it's very good and only getting better. Here's the control. Patio… I have a SONOS Connect and Yamaha 710, Zone 2, connected and can access it from anywhere on the deck. The UI to change tracks, access pandora or move to the LINE IN to connect with TV is flawless. Even better, the workflows created are wife friendly and she can turn it on/off with minimal training. Master, Same Sonon and Yamaha 710, Zone 1 along with an Oppo as a source from another room. Roomie controls the Oppo and all of the Yamaha functions. One trick - when turning everything off in the Master, Roomie moves the Yamaha back to the HDMI Input 1 so the TV can pass through making the wife very happy. Family Room, the Oppo is connected to another Yamaha and a Samsung TV. There's SONOS here too, Apple TV, xBox. The Samsung is a little flaky on IP access and needs to be moved to a static IP address or better, serial interconnect. Full disclosure - I don't worry about the Apple TV, I use there remote. Regardless, the control is far more intuitive than the URC Remotes and better than the Yamaha remote. Kitchen, theres a ZP 100 in the Kitchen… The Roomie interface is just about as good as the Sonos. Since I'm moving frequently from the Deck to the Kitchen, the room switch to me is a bit easier. I've turned to Roomie twice with issues, one related to a hiccup created by the June upgrade. After some typical email exchange and a couple of pictures, there was a revision correcting the issue on the app store perhaps as quick as a week later. What would seal this up being a full 5 Star software package? First, some better instruction on getting started would help however it is pretty simple once you dig in. Roomie would also benefit from creating a user portal where users could share workflows, examples of custom remotes and other creative ideas. If you've read this far, I trust you get it - this is very good software. Outside of being a customer, I have no involvement with Roomie other than nudging them to keep innovating.

  • Roomies Remote

    I bought this app because I thought it would be fun to use my iPhone as a remote, but it is so complicated and confusing that I can't even get it set up to use. In trying to set it up, they use all kinds of technical terms that they assume I know. Well, I don't know what they are talking about, so I can't even get started. They should not assume that everyone is a technology expert, because most of us are not.

  • Don't buy this app if you live in a city

    It relies on Global Cache's iTach Flex wifi IR blasters. iTach Flex is a product not ready for prime time. It's like a public beta at best. They crash and need to be reconfigured every couple of months and apparently weren't designed for areas with more than 1 wifi router present. After a year and a half, I give up. Throwing in the towel. If you like to geek out and reconfigure your setup constantly, this is for you. If you want something you can setup and forget, this is not for you.

  • Great app; not-so-great tech support

    I've been using Roomie Remote for about a year in a fairly complex home theater environment, and I have yet to find anything that it hasn't been able to do. I've got a mix of IP and IR components that Roomie controls almost flawlessly, and there have been plenty of nice little extras - bells and whistles, neat features, etc. - that show how much thought and effort has gone into developing, maintaining and improving this app. In that regard, I couldn't be happier. Unfortunately, Roomie's customer support hasn't been on the same level in my experience. On several occasions, I've asked questions or reported minor bugs, only to be either ignored outright or, worse yet, given the run-around until all I could do was give up and go away. I've spoken with several other Roomie users who have reported similar bad experiences with Roomie tech support, so This appears to be something of a pattern for them. I'll gladly continue to use this superb app, but I'll know better than to expect decent support or professionalism when it comes to addressing issues.

  • Great potential, lots of features, crashes constantly.

    I added two foscam camera feeds to the remote and now it crashes every time I start the app as well as every time I return to the app from another app. Overall roomie is a super expansive toolkit if you're willing to put in a ton of hours of setting up your custom remote and spend money on wifi to IR emitters for your gear that isn't IP control compatible. When it works it's magical - unfortunately the build they have now is just totally unstable when you take advantage of the feature set the offer, especially the IP cameras. Also I would like the option to resize certain buttons bigger or smaller. At the moment you're at the mercy of their standard designs which are nice but occasionally very clumsy to use.

  • Prefect

    I have owned harmony remotes and thought it could not get any better till now, this system is a little complex to setup but it does it all.

  • Worst app I've ever bought

    Terrible, terrible, terrible. App finds almost nothing. Instructions for manual connection are unclear and incomplete. Contacted the developer twice and been ignored. I would not be so annoyed if the wasn't a ten dollar app. Thrown for a bit of a loop by some reviews that talk about the ease of setup. I'm a pretty savvy guy and I am utterly baffled. Instructions and "tutorial" send you to items and icons that don't even appear. Will never buy from this developer again. Worst. App. Ever.

  • Difficult to Set Up,Use

    After reading all theowing reviews about the app, I decided to go full bore and get everything required to set up a single remote setup for multiple devices. Paid over $60 for this privilege. That was over 3 years ago. I still don't have a working setup. Support for certain devices is very spotty and incomplete or buggy and the support is arbitrary. If you like dealing with people that must be stroked to get a response, this is for you. The paradigm for setup and use is very confusing, and there is no real documentation for this. If you are expecting a well designed usable product, stay away. The concept is a glorious one, but execution leaves a lot to be desired.

  • Outstanding

    I personally love this app. I have a custom home theatre setup but made the mistake of utilizing a custom universal remote that you could not program yourself. If I got a new piece of equipment I had to pay for the remote to be updated by a custom A/V tech. Got tired of that once I found this app. If you have all IP equipment this is the easiest thing to setup. If not buying a few IP to IR items you can setup everything. I have been waiting for a iPhone/iPad app and finally I found the right one. Controls everything. Love it!

  • Roomie Remote Rocks!

    I am using Roomie in my family room for the main activities (ATTUverse, Blu-ray, AppleTv) to play through my Yamaha Receiver. I just added my home theater to control a Projector, Blu-ray, ATTUverse again through a Yamaha Receiver. I needed a Roomie Blaster in each room for the RF devices. Now I can use my iPhone or iPad and can control all the equipment and most with one button push. What a great product!

  • Hidden Subscription costs

    I downloaded their solo app to try and loved it. I liked how the TV Guide integrated into their app. Then went and purchased this on only to find out that the guide is a service subscription. That verbiage is not listed on the details in this app. While the app is great, I there are hidden costs with adding more devices past 3 and using their guide. I will just stick to the free DirecTV app for that.

  • Not impressed!

    I purchased this AP to cut down on the clutter on the coffee table. It would not recognize the Roku player, Apple tv, Toshiba flat screen. either of 2 sound bars or a play station 3. Then it has to have “Roomie Service subscription" or a 10 device pack which gets you a starter subscription. I understand in AP purchases to expand but this was $10 for the ap, then $16.99 for the subscription, and I can’t even discover if this ap is functional before I invest even the minimal amount, plus then I find out that this is of limited scope and would need to purchase a “10 device pack” to handle the items involved on the wall of my living room. This whole thing smells like the ole “bait and switch” hustle. And the “bait” doesn’t function. Run, run away. I gave it one star but only because I had to give it that or I couldn’t submit the review.

  • So ez to set up

    Roomie just found my DirecTV boxes and Apple TV, set up was a breeze. I did add a Roomie Blaster so we could control an older TV in the basement that did not have WiFi built in, and had to read the short Setup Guide in the Support area of the web site. But it works great and a single Blaster runs our old BluRay too. The biggest feature is the TV Programming Guide. Now that I have used this for a while, I can’t live without it. Crazy to see people complaining about paying less than two bucks a month for this! C4 and Savant are 20X as expensive and don’t even offer guides. I also appreciate that you can build your system as you go, and just buy device packs when you need to add on. Compared to other whole house control systems, Roomie is a fraction of the price, customer support is great and it works really well. Our family loves it.

  • Still only one star

    Remote constantly needs attention. Crashes, reverts to older configurations. When the module they sell you fails they send you to global Caché. Still waiting to hear how my module will get replaced under warranty. Dishonest, unresponsive and lazy after I've given them hundreds of dollars...still don't have a replacement for the junk they sold me in October 2014. Buy your components direct.

  • Nice App, Poor Support

    I really like the interface and I was able to get it working, but it wasn't easy. Since I have a lot of legacy equipment I required a lot of IR connections. I opted to use a Xantech distribution block since the Roomie Adapter I had to purchase ($90) only supports a few devices. They offer an IR Blaster but my setup was such that I couldn't use it. The instructions for interfacing with Xantech devices were poor and in some instances wrong. With a lot of persistence and trial and error I got a basic setup working. There are glitches. For example, the TV Guide (which requires an annual subscription of $17) though nicely tailored for my region issues the wrong commands to my set top box if you tap on a channel in the guide rendering this feature useless so far. The graphics are nice, but limited. For example, Roomie chose to change their skins for v3 of the software, but doesn't offer v2 graphics should a user prefer them. Instructions provided on-line or in PDFs are sparse and outline only basic functions. Roomie offers a forum for additional support, but it's not well attended. When you post a question it can take days to get a response and the answer is usually not on point. For example, when I posted a question about interfacing to Xantech I was sent to Global Cache where Roomie gets their hardware. Those folks are very responsive and helpful, but it took nearly a week to answer one question. If you mix IR with serial control you need to purchase more Adapters. For example, my home theatre amp doesn't support IP control, but it does have a serial port. To get 2-way communication so the amp can report back volume level and status I have to buy a Roomie IP-to-serial Adapter and sort out how to work the control codes. Overall Roomie Remote is an ambitious product and if you have the time to invest it will work well. Despite having to purchase a lot of "extras" it's still a good deal compared to other options if you have a complex setup. If you have all new equipment which accepts IP control you'll undoubtedly have an easier time than I did. I hope Roomie sticks around and gets better. A lot of folks complain about their business model and what appear to be "hidden" fees, but if you study the product before your purchase the pricing structure is pretty clear. I don't begrudge Roomie a price plan that supports a viable business since I want them to continue to support the product I just invested in. Their weakness is not adequately supporting their product and listening to customer feedback. Hopefully they'll improve on this as time goes on.

  • A fabulous SCAM!

    As a owner of a mid-size AV company this interface is caps, DONT BUY THIS if you're aware your limitations since you'll need to buy additional features as monthly service in order to integrate it with global cache. Once I get my money and time back will reframe my customers to avoid purchasing this app

  • Wow!

    The Roomie is awesome! The remote app & Blaster Complete are rocking my world! I didn't even know how powerful this remote system was when I bought it. I love the clickable TV listings.

  • Useless

    I just wasted $10 for the most useless app ever!!! I have a Bravia XBR-49X850B Tv which I just bought a couple of weeks ago and an Apple TV. None of the devices can be woken on LAN. $10 is just the beginning. If you want to make features work or add more than 3 devices we are talking more money $19.99. I am a very tech savy person but everything in the app seems very confusing and not easy to setup. Stay away and save your hard earned dollars!

  • Great remote!

    This is by far my favorite iOS app. I've been using it for years and it's very functional and powerful. Worth every penny compared to hardware alternatives.

  • Not just "older devices" don't work

    A tad misleading to say only that "older devices" may not work without purchasing additional gadgets. Brand new Samsung TVs also do not. That should be in big bold letters on this page. I purchased this without checking their web site because I don't have any "older" equipment. So, ten bucks down the drain. Nice interface though. Back to the harmony one - no additional gadgets or dongles needed.

  • No more remote conflicts!

    Using Roomie on several devices in the house and it's very nice to have the kids and everyone able to control all the rooms without fiddling with remotes and changing configurations. Setup was extremely simple for DirecTV boxes and Sharp TVs. No more fighting over the remote! Go Roomie!

  • Disgusting update. nickel and Diming for basic features

    I am done with this app. The latest updates are nothing more than a cash grab. I have to pay to use a simple TV directory? This is a feature that is free on even cable TV apps. I use to support this app but I have moved on. There are better options out there.

  • This is a scam

    The app directs you to purchase additional equipment and additional features not available without a monthly fee. The price you initially pay only covers three devices. You'll find that you need to fork over more money if you want this app to work properly. I want my money back!

  • Messy

    I just spent 5 minutes searching for the screen where I can add a device. Also disappointing to discover that the guides shown in the AppStore previews are in app purchased- as a subscription.

  • Don't buy reviews are fake

    This product just wants you to buy another adapter so you can use it! Such a scam! I want my money back!

  • Poor Interface, Poor Execution

    This is my first review, but after paying nearly $10 for this app, I would have hoped that the app would function as promised. I have found that the poor execution of the UI renders it very difficult to use. It is also frustrating to find out after purchasing that if you have more than three devices, you're going to have to pay another MUCH more to add those "extra" devices to this app. Very frustrating!

  • Who needs custom installer?

    I think this is very cool except it could put me out of business. Good thing tech still scares some people to death. I would like to see a little more customization but it works pretty well the way it is.

  • Fabulous

    I have been so irritated with the difficulty in reprogramming a Universal Remote MX 8800. Then I found Roomie. Not only is it so much more functional, so much easier to use and so much more versatile in programming capability, it also allowed me to dump all of the equipment and wires I had for infrared and RF. I can’t say enough about how great this product is and their support has been stellar. I did have some frustration around not having a user’s guide, so I had to experiment a bit. The support team sent me a beta version of the get started guide. They need to get this out asap. But, whatever extra effort I had to put in to understand the functionality was worth it a thousand times over.

  • Amazing

    Worth every $

  • Impressive number of supported devices

    Have used Roomie over 2 years. Had a working system in minutes and have migrated to mostly IP controlled devices over time but use the adapters for some things and they work well, Roomie's gesture interface is so nice and didn't require any complex programming. In addition to the remote it has a great TV guide. Have spent a lot on remotes over the years and I'm totally settled on this solution that I can maintain, will keep up with changes, and use throughout the house. The guides for iTunes, Sonos, and others makes this app its own category. Apple TV IP Control is amazing.

  • Much better, requires more $20 more.

    The latest version is actually quite good and functional, but it does require you to purchase an additional $20 in add-ons to control more than a few devices. In addition to that, customers who have already spent a small fortune on the previous version of this app are basically screwed as their in-app purchases are gone. But if you ignore the cost and the shady business practices, the quality of the app is pretty solid, interface is only mildly confusing and it actually does easily connect and control network devices.

  • Best Home Theater App, period.

    I have been a Harmony user for well over a decade. I've wanted to switch to another solution since the iPhone opened up its APIs... I've even tinkered with my own bespoke apps to talk to my devices over IP. Then along came Roomie. The first couple of versions just didn't pull me in, but a few weeks ago I took the 3.0 plunge... I got the converter so I could control my one IR holdout, and wow, wow, wow. Fan-freaking-tastic. I only wish I had several rooms I needed to control because I would be all over using Roomie to do this. I have all the devices in my media closet using Roomie, along with my Hues and Nest. If you're frustrated by the cost, then you're not thinking about this right. A decent universal remote is a few hundred dollars. Roomie, the IAP, and converter are still a fraction of the cost of anything you'd go grab at your local retailer.

  • Keeps getting better

    Versatile app. Very stable. Highly recommended

  • Best remote software on App Store.

    I have been using Roomie for almost 2 years now and it is the best on the App Store. Trust me I have tried them all. The updates are great and I love the latest font and layout change. The tech support is great and adding new devices is easy even if you have to create it yourself. It is expensive to buy the equipment for the controls but once you have it this is great.

  • Dropbox restore crashing

    iPhone 6 here and can't restore my configuration from Dropbox without the app constantly crashing.

  • Good app, need gui improvements and more solid support

    The Roomie App continues to improve, with more control and functionality added with each release. It's got a very large database of devices, so unless you have something esoteric, you should have no problem controlling your devices However, the GUI can use improvement - they made activity buttons smaller in this version, which makes it harder to press the correct button. Type is still very small and lightweight in many areas - especially the guide. This makes its hard to read. Panel scrolling has become more erratic (panels "grab" on a button when you're trying to swipe up or down), and guide scrolling in both directions still is poor.

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