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Roomie Remote – Universal Remote Control

Roomie Remote – Universal Remote Control
4 based on 926 Votes
Price $9.99

Roomie is a Universal Remote for home theater and automation that uses WiFi to control thousands of devices like TVs, cable and satellite boxes, receivers, Blu-ray players, lights and thermostats. Roomie controls 3 devices initially. As your system grows, device packs can be added via in app purchase.
IMPORTANT: Many older devices may not be controlled directly via WiFi and require a Roomie Blaster adapter for infrared control. Check the Roomie website to determine whether any of your devices need a Roomie Blaster and for more information about Roomie. Read more...

Roomie Remote – Universal Remote Control is a Lifestyle application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 4 based on 926 Votes. This version 3.0.3 has an average rating of 4.5 based on 33 Users.

Your device must have atleast 31.1 MB of space to download and install Roomie Remote – Universal Remote Control. This application does not have game center . Roomie Remote – Universal Remote Control can be downloaded and install for $9.99 only

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of Roomie Remote, Inc at

Support Languages

English, American , French , German , Spanish


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Roomie Remote – Universal Remote Control
Roomie Remote – Universal Remote Control
Roomie Remote – Universal Remote Control
Roomie Remote – Universal Remote Control
Roomie Remote – Universal Remote Control
Roomie Remote – Universal Remote Control
Roomie Remote – Universal Remote Control
Roomie Remote – Universal Remote Control

Additional Information


• IP Control + Auto-Discovery: World class control directly via Wi-Fi for thousands of devices including AppleTV, DISH, Sonos, TiVo, Nest, XBMC, Plex, DirecTV, Roku – automatically discovered on your network.

• Gesture Remote: Don't look down at your remote! Use gesture panels to prevent accidental commands.

• Virtual Remote: A single remote for all of your devices, automatically optimized with all commands from your original remotes and additional commands to make everything work together.

• Unmatched Compatibility: Over 200K commands for IP, Infrared, and even Serial devices.

• iTunes: Includes Airplay control, position scrubbing, album art, volume, and more.

• Sonos: Runs your entire Sonos system. Group/regroup speakers, setup automatic regroupings and control Sonos services.

• Synchronization: All devices are automatically synchronized via Wi-Fi.

• Macros+Automation: Sequence precise control over your devices.

• Customization: Remotes can be customized with your own buttons, graphics, and commands.

• Backup/Restore: Backup to Roomie Service, Dropbox, or Roomie Agent for OS X.

• IP Receivers: Displays volume, power, and many other aspects of popular receivers from Yamaha, Denon, Onkyo, Marantz, and more. Integration with receiver streaming services.

• IP TV/Projectors: Sony, Sharp, Panasonic, Samsung, JVC.

• IP Lighting: Hue, WeMo, Insteon, Lutron Radio RA 2, Vera.

• IP Cameras: Watch Logitech Alert, Foscam, any RTSP camera live, or load others like Dropcam via web activities.

In App Purchases:

10 Device Pack

Upgrade Roomie to support as many devices as you need in packs of 10.

Roomie Service Subscription

Renews via iTunes Account at 1($1.99), 6($9.99), or 12($16.99) month intervals unless auto-renew is disabled 24 hours before end of period. Includes:

• TV Guides: Personalized listings for 34 countries integrated with your set top to tune channels. Detailed episode, season, and cast information.

• Media Guides: Content guides for Sonos, iTunes, VLC, XBMC, Plex, Kaleidescape

• DVR Guides: DVR control for DISH, TiVo, and DirecTV

• iBeacon Proximity Actions and Lutron Triggers

• Agent Management for PIN locked configurations and OS X control

• Infrared control for non-Roomie infrared adapters

• Clocks and Time based activity execution

• One-Click Backup

What's New on this version 3.0.3

New Devices:
• Apple TV: A truly unique breakthrough, Roomie now features direct network control of all current Apple TV generations including gestures, media feedback, and keyboard support.
• Nest Thermostats: Official, supported control over Nest thermostats includes setting cool/heat points, fan timers, and away status.
• Roomie Blaster: New infrared adapters that provide infrared control with no additional purchase.
• Lutron Caséta: Auto-discovery and control over Lutron Caséta Smart Bridge Pro lighting/shades.
• Extra Device: The core Roomie application now supports 3 devices up from 2. This change is retroactive.

New Features:
• iPhone 6 and 6 Plus: Enhanced for the new resolutions of the latest iPhones.
• iOS 8 Enhanced: Built to take advantage of enhancements in iOS 8.
• New Interface: The Virtual Remote and other aspects of Roomie have been beautified, simplified, and enhanced.
• Sonos Grouping: Now fully integrated with the main volume controls showing all of your Sonos speakers with grouping controls and mute controls for the entire group or individual speakers.
• Start Actions: Opening a Remote Design may now set screen brightness, take over the full screen, or open a gesture panel.
• Activity Chaining: Activities may now open and set Activity Modes for other Activities.

New Features of the Roomie Service:
• Plex Media Guide: Plex Home Theater is now provided a full Media Guide for all Movies, TV, and other content fully integrated with Roomie’s extensive guides for seasons and episodes.
• Triggers: Create reactive feedback actions such as “run the Watch TV Activity when my Lutron keypad button is pressed”. The currently supported trigger devices are Lutron Radio RA2 and Lutron Caséta. Triggers can be set to execute from a specific Roomie instance or via Roomie Agent for OS X.

In-App Purchases:
• 10 Device Pack: New pack adds support for 10 more devices.

• Sony Blu-Ray Registration: Improved feedback from Sony Blu-ray players and integrated registration with the devices directly into Roomie.
• Delay Options: Inter-command delay options increased up to 5 minutes.
• Delay All Option: Commands may now delay all other devices to synchronize command execution between all devices.
• Philips Hue Colors: A gradient of hues is now provided when selecting colors for Hue lights.
• Philips Hue All: Control all lights at once.
• Room Status: Rooms running an Activity are now highlighted in the room list.
• Image Activities: Enhanced to support image-only Activities with no name.

• Optimizations to panning/swiping.
• Improvements to sizing of panels on different screen sizes in particular iPhone 6/Plus.
• Several fixes to Proximity Automation. Proximity features such as Room Detection and Proximity Actions should now work better when the app is in the background.
• Nest thermostat celsius improvements.
• Fixed appearance of list buttons on iPhone 6/Plus.
• Fix for timing issue with multiple commands after a Delay All Devices command.
• Plex Media Server is now independently auto-discovered to enable using it on a separate device from Plex Home Theater.
• Fixed inconsistent behavior in Airplay button.
• Additional fixes for observed field issues.

Requires iOS 7 or above. Attempting to install Roomie on an iOS 6 device will provide the last compatible version 2.4.1. Configurations are updated by this version. All Roomie Remotes sharing a configuration should be upgraded to this version.

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Keeps getting better

    Versatile app. Very stable. Highly recommended

  • Perfect!!!

    Used to have harmony remotes, but this app with itach blows away. Nothing better than this.

  • Unparalleled home theater control

    Having spent tons of time and money on various lesser solutions, I've settled on Roomie because of its ease of use, huge library of supported devices, and incredible technical support. Yes, it costs a bit of money, but it's cheaper than other solutions and much nicer in my opinion. Keep up the awesome work!

  • Dropbox restore crashing

    iPhone 6 here and can't restore my configuration from Dropbox without the app constantly crashing.

  • Best Home Theater App, period.

    I have been a Harmony user for well over a decade. I've wanted to switch to another solution since the iPhone opened up its APIs... I've even tinkered with my own bespoke apps to talk to my devices over IP. Then along came Roomie. The first couple of versions just didn't pull me in, but a few weeks ago I took the 3.0 plunge... I got the converter so I could control my one IR holdout, and wow, wow, wow. Fan-freaking-tastic. I only wish I had several rooms I needed to control because I would be all over using Roomie to do this. I have all the devices in my media closet using Roomie, along with my Hues and Nest. If you're frustrated by the cost, then you're not thinking about this right. A decent universal remote is a few hundred dollars. Roomie, the IAP, and converter are still a fraction of the cost of anything you'd go grab at your local retailer.

  • Good app, need gui improvements and more solid support

    The Roomie App continues to improve, with more control and functionality added with each release. It's got a very large database of devices, so unless you have something esoteric, you should have no problem controlling your devices However, the GUI can use improvement - they made activity buttons smaller in this version, which makes it harder to press the correct button. Type is still very small and lightweight in many areas - especially the guide. This makes its hard to read. Panel scrolling has become more erratic (panels "grab" on a button when you're trying to swipe up or down), and guide scrolling in both directions still is poor.

  • Still only one star

    Remote constantly needs attention. Crashes, reverts to older configurations. When the module they sell you fails they send you to global Caché. Still waiting to hear how my module will get replaced under warranty

  • Great interface, easy to setup!

    Have used Roomie over 2 years. I had a working system in minutes and have migrated to mostly IP controlled devices over time but use the adapters for some things and they work well, Roomie's gesture interface is so nice and didn't require any complex programming. In addition to the remote it has a great TV guide. Have spent a lot on remotes over the years and I'm totally settled on this solution that I can maintain, will keep up with changes, and use throughout the house. The guides for iTunes, Sonos, and others makes this app its own category. Apple TV IP Control is amazing.

  • Step back in UI and usability, ugly icon

    I've been a longtime supporter of roomie. The subscription service is expensive for long time supporters who put in $ for the extra feature bought early. The UI is step backward not everybody has an iphone6 or phablet. The old icon is distinguishable whereas the new one looks like a generic ugly remote from cliart.

  • Love it

    Use it everyday in my HT.

  • Still Buggy

    Everything but the override volume control works. Can't use the iPhone volume buttons on this version. Everything else works seamlessly. Please fix the volume buttons.

  • Roomie remote

    Great way to control multiple components as well as lighting and temperature. Best thing about it is that it is still evolving and they are adding more features. Great, simple remote. Thanks!

  • Thanks for letting people know

    Just wanted to thank the people in charge for being very professional while screwing your customers over by forcing your Roomie Service on them. Especially the one who have paid for Add-ons. Completely absurd you now have to pay for a yearly service to use this app. Even more so there was no warning. Hope you loose a lot of customers to your shady business ethics. Your app is NOT worth a yearly service.

  • Best Remote Control Application

    I've used this app for a while now and all I can say is things keep getting better with each new version. My configuration has 14 rooms and 17 devices and I can't imagine using a standard remote again. Being able to trigger activities from within an activity is definitely a useful way to simplify programming.

  • Direct TV "Recordings" Button Gone

    UPDATE! The buttons back and better than ever! Thanks Roomie! I know this was an experimental feature; however, I have come to depend on it... Am I missing something?

  • I love it

    This is one of my most used apps. It controls a multi room setup, computer apps, and was fairly easy to setup. I have multiple iOS devices, so I like the way it stays in sync across the platform. (Note: I have subscribed to all of the extra services, so it may be a different experience when you aren't completely converted.

  • Disappointed

    I loved this app and invested a lot of money when it first came out. Taking away functionality with the guide and now wanting to charge a monthly or annual fee, is not okay. Not cool Roomie.

  • Always included program guide, 3.01 update makes it no longer free

    All of a sudden with the latest update they have removed the program guide unless we now pay a $2/month fee for something which has been there since day one for all of those of us who have supported this product, buggy as it has been on occasion for the last two years! Very poor indeed.

  • This is half baked, miss the previous version

    I absolutely loved the previous version of this app. I think it's great to add functionality like Apple TV, but to change the look and overall functionality has been painful. I miss the bottom navigation on the iPod version and so do my guests. Also, the entire app is so much slower to respond, making you unsure of whether or not you actually pressed the button. The response in the previous version was like a regular hard button remote... Now it feels like a really dated touchscreen remote. Please fix this Roomie. I think someone should have spent some time with this first before its release. Fix it or let us downgrade to the old app until you do.

  • Bait & switch

    Bait and switch. This app is full of add on and annual fees. I bought this app two years ago and enjoyed using the TV guid provided inclusive of the app. The last update turned the TV guide into a fee service for $17 annual subscription fee. Clearly a bait and switch. You will spend allot of time programming your scenes and Rommie will change to app and/or fee structure; requiring you continually revising scenes.

  • Why...

    Surely not everyone has upgraded to a gigantic iPhone 6, right? The smaller interface is simply not that nice to use on an iPhone 5. And the worst part - swiping to get to the activities and devices. Did anyone actually live with this before it was released? The whole thing is clunky. Give us the option to swipe or display buttons again...

  • Great Product

    What a great product this is. I wish help was little more helpful then just relying on video...but nope, not taking star away for that...

  • Remot

    I Dont know how to use it

  • Great home automation app

    One of the best automation apps and great service as well. Easy to set up and customize. Thank you.

  • Super remote control and more.

    Great device support and accessories to control a variety of devices. Now add Apple IP remote and I'm doubly sold! Great customization too.

  • Top 3 all time best apps

    One of my favorite apps just got even better with this update. I am loving the Apple TV ip control and the updated interface. Great work!

  • Love the new look, Hate some buttons are gone

    I love the roomie app! I'm going to give 5 stars, but I have one thing that is bugging me. The new look is a nice refresh, but why did you take away my bottom row of buttons that let me jump directly from one room to the guide or from the guide to the remote and from there to the location selection. At least leave it as an option for the people that prefer it. To me it was way easier to navigate then the new swipe option and top little buttons. Please help me out here. I've been with you guys now for 2 years. Don't disappoint me, please.

  • Works great

    Home A/V is completely automated. IP, IR, and serial.

  • iOS 8 update

    Well....doesn't open. Good job guys. iPhone 6. FIX!!!!

  • Beware of upgrade

    New design looks glitchy on my 4" screen. Crashed repeatedly while trying to set up a new device. Not sure how the new Apple TV control is supposed to work. I added the device, paired it, but there's no d-pad or trackpad area like in the official Remote app.

  • Not worth it

    Free remote apps do the same thing and are easier to use. Need to pay extra to support extra devices. Need to pay for an additional subscription for channel guides. Frustrating interface.

  • Greedy

    Seems like every time I update, they want to charge me for a part of the software that was included before for free. The in app purchases on this is getting ridiculous. With this latest update, they removed the guide and now want me to pay a subscription fee. Sorry, you lost me this time.

  • Insanely Great!

    The amount of technical probing and bookkeeping across the vast landscape of multimedia hardware people use and the thoughtful, thorough design and testing that have gone into developing Roomie Remote and the Roomie Service are simply astounding. What more can I say? I am continually blown away by Roomie!

  • Removed Features

    I used to be able to view Guides. Now they require me to purchase the guides through an in app purchase, even though when I bought the app they were included. Until they made this change, they were five stars.

  • New interface and Apple TV support is great!

    I've been using Roomie remote for over a year now to control all the devices in my man cave. I wanted a single device to truly replace all of the vendor device remotes, Roomie exceeds what I thought possible. One press to turn everything on/off, easy switching between TV viewing to Apple TV to Blu Ray player - all from my mini.

  • Roomie giveth and roomie taketh away

    Roomie adopters beware. With every major update they require additional in-app purchases to maintain the same features. Case & point..TV guide was taken away and now made part of their $$ subscription service. Roomie, could you be anymore unappreciative of your early adopters?

  • Great app

    This is a great way to control all of your devices. New Apple TV support works well. The developers keep the app up-to-date. Very happy with my purchase and I look forward to future enhancements.

  • Awesome update

    I am loving this update. Nice flat icons. Apple TV gets direct connection now with full keyboard feature. Amazing.

  • iPhone 6

    No iPhone 6 support!!

  • Responsive

    Using a gen 1 iPad as a dedicated remote. Easy to program. Getting ready to do serial programming for macintosh mx121 home theater preamp. Wish this was in the company's library already. Daughter and wife did not take long to get used to. Not 5 stars because of the additional tinkering required to make Mac work on serial otherwise I am very happy.

  • Deceivingly priced

    I purchased this app thinking I was only going to spend $10 to control my iTach which will be used to turn an air conditioner on and off. I have the remote codes from the iTach software I just wanted a nicer app interface. I bought roomie for $10 and then was surprised when it ask me to buy a monthly subscription. Why did I just spend $10 if the app is still locked. What a rip off. They need to be up front about this. Deceptive business. I'm going to call apple and get my money back for this bate and switch

  • Best Remote

    This was everything I was looking for and then some. Roomie continues to add new bells and whistles to keep me hooked. Love it!

  • Great app, needs Siri interface

    App works really well. It would be excellent if it interfaced with Siri and homekit for voice activated control.

  • Not for everyone, but great!

    This app takes a while to set up, but with time and patience it can do some really amazing things. Know going in that IR is not supported without adapters. Past that, it's a great product with some fantastic capabilities.

  • Highly Dissatisfied

    Bought the remote and a 1 month subscription, and realized I need adapters for EVERYTHING. I could go buy a new Harmony remote that would suit me perfectly if I wanted to spend several hundred dollars. I'd really like a refund, it should be CLEARLY stated that a controller is REQUIRED FOR ALL IR controlled devices, not to mention for Apple TV

  • Can't check for full compatibility until purchase

    Selling crap ware, this was unable to control a single appliance in my man cave. Lg smart tv 2014 43in. (WebOS) Lg BR player Verizon set top box Bose cinemate gs 2 Skip this app but a real control. Selling pipe dreams here.

  • Misleading

    This is a poorly designed app, with the sole purpose of requesting the customer to purchase a more a larger package to add more functionality, to support more devices and remotes, which I did but did not sync. Very poorly designed, extremely expensive if you wish to use all the functions and very complicated to use (used iTech). Device database is poor and does not have almost any device. I ended up using Logitech Harmony hardware and software for half the price, ease of use and better support.

  • I was miss lead

    This app never mentioned that it only works for the most modern of devices that have IP addresses or Bluetooth if you have a standard infrared system TV receiver etc. this app will not work without buying extra attachments which you don't want you want your phone to control everything with out all this extra crap or having to buy additional apps to work with this or extra attachments honestly very disappointed I just wasted $10 I'm not happy at all :(

  • Garbage and scam tactic

    Starts at 9.99 but u need to buy adapters for each room and limited to two devices per room. A buy I regret. If they would state up front u need to buy additional adapters and pay more for use if more then two devices it would be honest.

  • Could be great. But..

    Works then stops working. Been going through this for a year now. Same thing still after two years. It just reuses to communicate.

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