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Simple Control Legacy (Formerly Roomie...

Simple Control Legacy (Formerly Roomie Remote)
3.5 based on 1,274 Votes
Price $9.99

Simple Control Legacy is the original Roomie Remote app and is designed for iOS 8 or 9. The newer version of this app is Simple Control Home.
Use Wi-Fi to control thousands of devices like TVs, cable and satellite boxes, receivers, Blu-ray players, lights, thermostats, and many more smart home devices. Simple Control Legacy includes control of 3 devices. Add a Simple Service subscription to control additional devices, view media guides, and enjoy many more features. Read more...

Simple Control Legacy (Formerly Roomie Remote) is a Lifestyle application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 3.5 based on 1,274 Votes. This version 4.5.4 has an average rating of 2 based on 9 Users.

Your device must have atleast 91.8 MB of space to download and install Simple Control Legacy (Formerly Roomie Remote). This application does not have game center . Simple Control Legacy (Formerly Roomie Remote) can be downloaded and install for $9.99 only

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of Roomie Remote, Inc at

Support Languages

English, American , French , German , Spanish


Lifestyle , Entertainment ,


Simple Control Legacy (Formerly Roomie Remote)
Simple Control Legacy (Formerly Roomie Remote)
Simple Control Legacy (Formerly Roomie Remote)
Simple Control Legacy (Formerly Roomie Remote)
Simple Control Legacy (Formerly Roomie Remote)
Simple Control Legacy (Formerly Roomie Remote)
Simple Control Legacy (Formerly Roomie Remote)

Additional Information

IMPORTANT: Some devices may not be controlled directly via Wi-Fi and require a Simple Blaster adapter for infrared control. Check our website to determine whether any of your devices need a Simple Blaster.

Winner of the 2015 and 2016 CEA Home Technology App of the Year Award!


• IP Control + Auto-Discovery: World class control directly via Wi-Fi for thousands of devices including AppleTV, Fire TV, DISH, Sonos, TiVo, Nest, Kodi, Plex, DirecTV, Roku – automatically discovered on your network.

• Gesture Remote: Intuitive gestures let you control your remote without looking down.

• Virtual Remote: A single remote for all of your devices, automatically optimized with all commands from your original remotes and additional commands to make everything work together.

• Unmatched Compatibility: Over 250,000 commands for IP, Infrared, and even Serial devices.

• iTunes: Includes Airplay control, position scrubbing, album art, volume, and more.

• Sonos: Runs your entire Sonos system. Group/regroup speakers, setup automatic regroupings and control Sonos services.

• Synchronization: Run on as many iPhones/iPads as you like – your configuration will automatically sync in real time.

• Macros+Automation: Sequence precise control over your devices.

• Customization: Remotes can be customized with your own buttons, graphics, and commands.

• IP Receivers: Displays volume, power, and many other aspects of popular receivers from Yamaha, Denon, Onkyo, Marantz, and more. Integration with receiver streaming services.

• IP TV/Projectors: Sony, Sharp, Panasonic, Samsung, JVC, LG.

• IP Lighting, Thermostats, Cameras: Honeywell, Hue, Insteon, Lutron, Vera, SmartThings, WeMo, Nest, Dropcam, Logitech, Foscam, and any RTSP camera.

Choose a Simple Service subscription level based on number of devices controlled:

Simple Service

3 Devices — Control up to 3 devices: $1.99/month or $19.99/year

20 Devices – Control up to 20 devices: $2.99/month or $29.99/year

100 Devices – Control up to 100 devices: $4.99/month or $49.99/year

Subscriptions renew via iTunes Account at the selected interval unless auto-renew is disabled 24 hours before end of period. All subscriptions include:

• TV Guides: Personalized listings for 34 countries integrated with your set top to tune channels. Detailed episode, season, and cast information.

• Media Guides: Content guides for Sonos, iTunes, Apple TV, VLC, Kodi, Plex, Kaleidescape

• DVR Guides: DVR control for DISH, TiVo, and DirecTV

• Simple Control for Apple watchOS 2

• Simple Control Widget

• Backup/Restore to Simple Service, Dropbox, or Simple Hub

• iBeacon Proximity Actions

• iBeacon Automatic Room Detection

• Clocks and Time/Timer based activity execution

• One-Click Backup

Requires separate Simple Hub purchase:

• Simple Hub Control of macOS

• Remote Access

• Amazon Echo Voice Control

All in-app purchases from prior releases of the software function as originally defined. This edition of the app does not offer multiple home support, user permissions, invites, and does not integrate Simple Hub as a background service.

What's New on this version 4.5.4

* Fixed Oppo Blu-ray Player feedback via IP.
* Fixed Denon HEOS discovery and source selection issues from firmware update.
* Fixed Plex Media Player sometimes not providing feedback.
* Fixed saving triggers to activate immediately.
* Fixed DIAL-related device discovery problem.
* Various additional fixes.

* Updated for Simple Hub 4.5 compatibility.
* Pairing and synchronization improvements.

All Simple Control and Simple Hub instances in your environment must be updated to 4.5 with this release. Environments using a version less than 4.5 will be ignored and vice versa. Note the Simple Hub version number is now the same as the corresponding Simple Control release.

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Used to be good

    When I first started using this as Roomie Remote it worked. A little tricky to set up but once in place it was good. Then they rebranded. Their tech support went right down the tubes, but worst of all, the app is now so buggy I can only get it to work on one device. I'm convinced this is due to their new in app purchase policies and subscription plans. Waiting for a competitor to arise with a simpler solution so I can kick this one to the curb and move on.

  • Amazing potential,but..

    I have no doubt this app and related suite of programs and appliances can do a lot, but wading through support and directions takes patience. As others have mentioned, related costs can really add up.

  • Money grubbers

    A few years ago I posted a 5 star review. Times have changed. The app is still great. But now there are too many "ifs". As other reviewers noted, it is difficult to figure out which app, which appliance, etc. so it's great if you can navigate their matrix of apps and offerings and compatible hardware. No matter how much money you pour into this vendor, they always want more. They want upfront fees. They want you to buy their chosen hardware. They want you to subscribe to their service. You can easily spend $100-$400 on setup and have ongoing annual fees staring at $30/yr on up. So it's great if you don't mind continuing to throw money at problems. Added a new component a year or two after initial setup and I get told I need some other service, at an additional fee, to properly control it. And setup is hard, with questionable support that is online forum only. No live chat, no phone numbers. At least at these prices they could provide more than an online FAQ. I exaggerate a touch, but it is bad. So the app is great if you can figure it out and have a lot of patience with slow support. Too many ifs for me...

  • Frustrating and confusing

    This app does a lot, and I'm completely dependent on it, but its basically a cluster-f. I can't make heads or tails of their product offerings or what each does or what I've purchased or haven't purchased or how to setup an of the integrations with smartthings and echo. This app is basically what ADHD looks like in a programmer.

  • Reminds me of Comcast

    Ever feel taken? I invested over $400 dollars into this system tens of hours in setting things up then on top of that they ask me for an annual subscription. So I paid it thinking there is no going back now after the $400 I invested. I've been emailing text support for over two weeks now with a similar answer of "have you rebooted your router" which is unacceptable for the amount of money I have invested into this company. They don't even have a phone number to call someone to walk me through a situation that turns out to be a bug with their over the air channels which I found out two weeks later. Changing the subject one of their executives said that google should have purchased them for 3 billion instead of Nest. I will say you actually have to be a good company that takes care of their customers in addition to having a product that works for a company to even be remotely interested. I laughed out loud when I read that comment. Please take my word for it this is a money munching pathetic waste of money and time. Don't do it the $9.99 isn't even close to what you will pay.

  • The continual squeeze for money from these guys never ends and tech support are JERKS!

    2016-10-18 Update: the continual squeeze for money from this developer is really upsetting. They just never stop hitting you up. If I were starting over I would use a solution from a better developer. This would be a five-star app if the technical support people were helpful or at least kind in their interactions with their customers. You almost get the feeling they actually hate their customers. If you are a seasoned AV person who is willing to risk paying for all these additional and reoccurring add-ons then this is an excellent app. It is by far the best in the market but it is not without some quirks. If you have multiple users in the home trying to control identical devices, it doesn't like that. For a bachelor or single-user it is absolutely amazing once you figure out how to get it set up.

  • Great app awful tech support

    I've had a issue with the channel guide for 6 months now. Tech support had been no help at all. They declared the problem an issue with their 3rd party vendor that's been going on for months. I'm not sure I believe that. Support hasn't spent more than two minutes trying to troubleshoot. They don't seem capable. Also the web site seems to be intentionally bare of any mgmt or corporate phone numbers or email addresses. To bad they have a great product, but the company needs to mature.

  • Simple Control

    This is the best remote for anyone who has 10 or more components, it does everything, from TV to's fantastic.

  • Very convenient

    One of the most versatile remote control I ever had. You have the option to customize it base on your needs and what kind of equipment you have.

  • Great app

    Better than irule! So much easier to program! Less than half the cost of irule.

  • Simple service doesn't work

    I purchased the app and the Simple service. They both worked fine until the first update. Then it asked me to log in again. When I tried, my login didn't work. I contacted tech support. They told me to use my Apple ID. (I know it or else I wouldn't be able to write this review.) It didn't work. I sent them a copy of my Apple receipt and asked for a password reset. They again told me to use my Apple ID. I'm at an impasse with my simple service not working and a useless $19 subscription. The app may work fine but it's useless if you lose everything with an update and can't recover your account because they don't have a reliable membership database.

  • Done with this app

    I bought this app several years ago and was happy with it at the time. I purchased the package for 10 devices and invested $100 in their IR repeater. In the past year or so they have removed features and changed their policies so I had to buy a subscription to continue using. The latest update removed all command sets for my IR devices. Now the app is useless to me. Terrible business practices. Don't make the mistake of buying this app.

  • No worth it

    I got into this app because it was a way for us programmer type to have more customizability, but at the end of the day it's pretty clunky and has too many issues that frustrate me. The activity I'm on will randomly go away and I lose the remote and when I re-click the activity things that were on turn off and I have to manually reset what's on and off. Hue lighting is super clunky and tough and a long process to program. My harman/kardon receiver is a hit or miss if the input changes or the volume works right. Lastly it keeps screwing up the brightness on my phone. I think I'm going to go back to the tried and true Harmony for my automation needs.

  • Whole home control

    Simple Control is a fraction of the cost of competing systems. The biggest value for me is the guide service. Seeing what is on TV without blocking the picture is very useful. Once you have guides, you can not live without them. I don’t think guides are even an option with most of the big buck systems.

  • Unparalleled home theater control

    Having spent tons of time and money on various lesser solutions, I've settled on Simple Control because of its ease of use, huge library of supported devices, and incredible technical support. Keep up the awesome work!

  • Love the control!

    This app is great. LOVE the TV guide and the guides for AppleTV, Sonos + are fantastic. Use this app all over the house to control the tv, blinds, lights, stereo and security cameras. Honestly, so glad we have this. It integrates with Alexa which is so helpful. Makes life handsfree. Keep up the good work!!

  • Don't do it

    What a waste of money. It doesn't connect to anything. So upsetting.

  • Stay away, very costly.

    Greedy developer! I pay more for many device upgrade packs than any other app and then this greedy company comes out with a new version and calls mine Legacy. I bought many more than needed with a gift card to allow for future devices and now they make that a complete waste of money because the "legacy" app won't be updated. Time to find a new solution if this is how this scam of a company is going to act. Grow by getting new customers, not by ripping off your existing customers who are already heavily invested.

  • Looking for an alternative

    Have been using this app since its earliest days and invested a lot of time making it work as it needs too. I went with the update to Simple Control and even paid the subscription so the Plex Media Guide works, although it effectively duplicates the information the Plex Server already has. Having purchased unlimited devices, roomie service, then simple service. Basically they are forcing me to buy a new app and pay $49.99 a year to use it. Just because I will upgrade to iOS 10 on my devices. Will switch to an alternative as soon as I can as the new functionality I don't need. The existing functionality works for the most part but still is incomplete. I put up with the lack of support and the heavily censored forums as I figure most out for myself. iOS 10 will cost me nothing, being able to continue to use this app will cost me $60 in the first year and $50 for each year after, unless they again force another new app and subscription on existing users next year.

  • Every update breaks more functionality

    There was a time when Roomie Remote was a solid five stars, and the most useful app in the store. Those days seem to be long gone, as with every update Simple Control seems to get bigger and buggier. After spending nearly $300.00 on a Simple Hub I am terribly disappointed that the hub keeps going offline, and I keep getting caught in a loop where I'm asked to pair with the hub on both my iPhone running iOs10 beta, and my iPad running iOS 9.3. The pairing process usually hangs, and I'm usually paired anyway so the request is pointless and frustrating. Also, every time there's a problem - which is now most of the time - none of my Amazon Echo commands work, and that's the main reason I bought the hub in the first place. As for the Apple Watch app - ugh. Worked OK in Roomie but it has been almost 100% worthless since the very first Simple Control update. Bottom line - a 5 star app caught in a downward spiral. Will it recover? I hope so as I am *very* heavily invested.

  • Awesome

    Once you get past the learning curve you can control all your video and audio remote needs with this app on your phone, tablet, or device. Plus it can do much much more. I just got started with this app

  • Version 4.3.3 broke my old in app purchases

    Seems that they want everyone to pay for subscriptions. I have in app purchase for unlimited devices that I bought when this app was called Roomie. After update 4.3.3, it is asking for subscription!!! What a shame!

  • Works Awesome (Until It Doesn't)

    This is supposed to be a universal remote and does quite well MOST of the time, but alas am back to switching between apps or pulling old remotes out of the cabinet due to functions that just don't function (for example the keyboard won't type into Text fields in Kodi with this app, though other apps work fine.) The user forum is an absolute joke - it is a ghost town and questions I've posted there never even went live. Really wanted to love this system and it seemed so awesome at first (back in the Roomie Remote days), but pretty sure these guys are on their way out. At least on their way outta my house.

  • Subscription model kills this

    Would you pay a monthly subscription fee for your thermostat? How about your garage door opener? Then why is this necessary for a remote control. I invested into getting Roomie Remote setup in my house, and evangelized it. Now as Simple Control its just another product taxed with a subscription model. Sad.

  • Great Home Control

    My family loves Simple Control. The Guides are great. Multi-room Audio Video, lighting, and HVAC control for a fraction of the price of other solutions. A really great App and a great value.

  • Major improvements

    This app is getting better and better. Very well done. Been using it for a couple years. Love it!

  • Great app as long as you like troubleshooting

    This app took some time to make work. It initially took me a few days of trial and error and contacting customer support to make the app work. It isn't perfect, but I now control all my equipment from my phone and have hidden my remotes. Their tech support can use some improvement. It takes anywhere from 24 hours to several days to get a response. They do eventually respond, with rather concise explanations.

  • Love the app

    I have had the app for over a year, working great on my IPad and IPhone!!

  • Stopped working

    Stopped working with my Yamaha RX-V473 receiver after the latest update.

  • AV plus home automation controller

    Great app! I control MCE, Pioneer receiver, Panasonic TV Epson Projector and Plex plus WEMO, Lutron Caseta Pro Bridge and Philips Hue lights all in one app. Lights go off with the play button and on with the stop. Not all my devices are IP controlled but with their Roomie/Simple Blaster I can control the IR devices with the app as well. Powerful app for the price. Some reviews from Roomie customers like my self, complained about the changes. I read the information Roomie provided at the time of change to find out I needed to upgrade to Simple Service to run Echo and Remote Access but, because I had other legacy purchases I just needed Simple Service 3 so it was a $3/yr increase and I canceled renewal for RS. I thought it was reasonable for the new features that will come with the Simple Service. One time fees are nice but this service will help future proof my system as Simple makes home automation cooler and easier to use on a mobile platform.

  • Almost $200 wasted

    I got all the add-ones for this remote to be used by my iPhone and ipad as well as my wife's iPhone and ipad. I have spent months with customer service trying to get the remote to work on a consistent basis but to no avail. The hardware that you can buy is awesome but app has never consistently worked. I cannot give this app a good review. Additionally, customer service forced me to remove my negative review of the app in the App Store before they would help me (they called me a "app terrorist" and gave me a paternal dressing down). Kind of shady. After almost 8 months of working the issue (2 sets of hardware, 3 different routers, and 1 new iPhone) I just resigned to the fact that I should have bought a harmony universal remote. Note. I have a pioneer receiver, Panasonic TV, and insignia bluray player. All of these components were found in the roomie store under one of the in-app purchases and still couldn't get the remote to work.

  • Not Working

    I linked my Hue Lights and Samsung SmartThings to it and it simply doesn't control them. It's buggy and requires a paid service, which is not specified. Please, just use the original apps.

  • Great product except monthly fee

    I love it except for that monthly fee.

  • Too much work

    This app is too much work and offers zero technical support. Have written them numerous times with no call back. It does a lot but takes too much time and is certainly not intuitive.

  • Buggy

    The problem with using this app is that is from time to time gets buggy. This current version has rendered my infotainment system unusable, so it's back to the ol RadioShack remote. It no longer works with older Yamaha receivers and is very laggy with appletv.

  • Great possibilities!

    Although there are some quirks there are surprisingly very few, and for the price it's fantastic in my opinion! I'm excited to see the evolution of this system.

  • thanks for letting people know

    just wanted to thank the people in charge for being very professional while screwing your customers over by forcing your simplexremote service. Especially the one who paid for add-ons. Completely absurd you now have to pay for a yearly service to use this app. Even more so there was no warning. Your app is not worth a yearly service!

  • Amazing system

    The program guides are incredibly useful. All our phones and iPads update each other. So easy to use.

  • The big scam

    The concept was great with roomie , when bought it it was allowed to control 3 devices ,y not tell me upfront,most audiophiles have more than 3 devices at least 5 ,y not say 75$ for 5 devices ,and the most absurd of all they want u to do a subscription ,to a remote on a yearly basis,my solution was to dump them and go with irule ,a little more complicated,but it's like the new phone the more u play with it the better it gets. Simple control just lost me as a customer.a subscription for a remote smh.

  • Great IP support — terrible value

    Tons of equipment is supported, with incredible detail. I particularly like the network control so I don’t need any IR blasters, etc. It works great. But you are are limited to 3 devices and then you have to start forking over money monthly or yearly. If you only have an AV Receiver, TV, and one other device, you are fine. Add a bluray player, Xbox, etc. you may need to buy (forever) the service. Another subscription is just what I do not need, so I’m done with Roomie. Sad.

  • I feel nickel and dimed

    I bought this app when it was reasonably priced. They introduced a reasonable yearly service fee of $16.99 to support more devices and to give you TV listings. I bought the $99 IR blaster, and I was reasonably happy. Each year brought new features, and as a result more and increased fees. I saw some potential to integrate my mac into the fray as well with Roomie agent ($29), which has soon after become simple sync rendering the Roomie Agent application useless and cost me another $49 to replace. They renamed themselves to Simple Control. My yearly subscription continued, so now I have Roomie Services subscription at $16.99 (not to be confused with Simple Services which actually replaces it), I have a mac OS X Simple Sync app ($49) which doesn’t do anything that I can see since any really beneficial application of this app is only seen if I spend another $29.99 per year so that I can access the features it unlocks. All in all I have now spent over $200 and I have a bunch of disjointed and EXTREMELY difficult to configure services that don’t do everything they claim to do because I haven’t been able to bring myself to spend another $29.99 to enable them. This product is a moving target with the prices continuously going up with each new feature tagging on an even bigger price tag. Support is VERY curt and condescending. The idea was really good, but I can no longer support a company that continues to increase the cost and treats me badly.

  • It works. for the love of God, please stop asking me to rate this app.

  • Ruined Watch Functionality

    4.0 has obliterated usefulness on Apple Watch. Almost all of the functions have been removed. Indigo does not work with watch. Please bring back previous watch version.

  • Hands Down Best Controller!

    I am tired of more ugly remote controls. This solved that problem. A Harmony (and others) remote is just another ugly remote. You need to have a basic understanding of IR and IP control to make this work for all your gear, but once it's set up it works amazingly well. Love that if I tweak something on my iPhone, it automatically updates the setting on my iPad and my wife's iPhone. You can make it as easy or as complicated as you like. I use it for my home theater room, whole house Sonos, HVAC and security cameras. They also continually update and improve the app.

  • Complicated

    Asked for my money back. Needs a lot of setup, and I didn't understand how to use the app.

  • Great in theory

    I should have read a little closer you only get 3 devices then you have to pay a yearly fee if you want any additional devices. When controlling a theater system it takes more than just 3 devices. So buyer beware don't make the same mistake I made

  • You have to be a Rocket Scientist to use this!!!

    Completely nonintuitive very hard to set up and a complete waste of money. Positive reviews are probably from people that were paid to give positive feedback

  • Great app!

    Thanks for this app. With this app, I can control different devices from within the same app...

  • Too complex to setup

    Didn't find most of my devices on wifi. Did find Samsung tv's, but the didn't work to control them at all. I want something that just works, and I don't have to putz around trying to configure it. I don't have time or energy for that. I want my money back!

  • Great App due to Great service

    This app and the associated hardware is quite the challenge to setup. However; with the outstanding technical assistance, one can get this up and running. The hardest aspect is with the command lines and getting the needed parameters to setup custom activities. This is where their service excels! Jon from Simple Control was fast, friendly and precise with the guidance I needed. So bottom line, this app and hardware are excellent and I am amazed at the number of compatible devices you can control. Ordered the hub and look forward to having Alexa control my A/V equipment!

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