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Slots™ - Titan's Way

Slots™ - Titan's Way
4.5 based on 15,942 Votes
Price Free

Download the best multi-slot experience today!

Slots™ - Titan's Way is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 12+ (Application may not suitable for children under the age of 12). This application has an average rating of 4.5 based on 15,942 Votes. This version 3.0 has an average rating of 4.5 based on 134 Users.

Your device must have atleast 61.8 MB of space to download and install Slots™ - Titan's Way. This application is game center enabled . Slots™ - Titan's Way is Free to download and install on your mobile device

Support Languages

English, American , Chinese , Chinese


Games , Entertainment , Card , Casino ,


Slots™ - Titan's Way
Slots™ - Titan's Way
Slots™ - Titan's Way
Slots™ - Titan's Way
Slots™ - Titan's Way
Slots™ - Titan's Way
Slots™ - Titan's Way
Slots™ - Titan's Way

Additional Information

Packed full of fun and thrills - Slots - Titans' Way.

You'll have a blast playing for big payouts!

Every machine has a uniqe play style that provides massive amounts of fun!

Slots - Titan's Way is especially designed to give you the experience of Vegas slots on your iPhone/iPad.

If you LOVE slots, there's no doubt you'll be downloading Slots - Titans' Way.


-Varying play styles to keep things interesting!

-Fast-paced tumbling reel action that will keep you winning again and again!

-Super re-spin mode that makes your big wins even bigger!

-Extra bonus chips each hour!

-Offline mode available: free to play with or without internet connection!

What's New on this version 3.0

Added a new character

- Themis

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Slots

    Games are cool, odds not so good!

  • Likeable

    Love this game but why cant i get the free extra games anymore??

  • Love it!

    This is a great game. You will enjoy it!

  • Great

    Good game. One of the top slots.

  • Poor

    Well fun to play pop in the middle of game wanting you to get another game is a pain. It also wants you to make a purchase when shutting down for the day or lose you collections. When you try to double your bet with red or black half the time your win but it comes back that you lost.

  • Biggest SCAM ever!!!

    500 spins. 150,000,000,000 points and got nothing. Stay away from this game

  • Great game

    Easy to use and lots of wins!!

  • Updated Rate. . .

    Taking away the tournament, and moving those slots was the worst thing they could have done. I enjoyed the slot tourneys. I also was on the third tier of the pyramid for on blizzard king and now I can't play it anymore. I also spent 199 Gems to get one of the slots in the enchanted world and it is locked. I believe the name of it was unicorn dream. Terrible terrible updated app. Thumbs down to you. Where is the loyalty to your daily players. Put it back to the old way! Thieves! There isn't a daily spin. I play this game often and I spin the actual coin wheel probably once/twice a week. . The hourly spin always works fine, but the bug on the spin wheel is annoying.

  • Bonuses

    Why is it I can never retrieve my 4 hour bonuses

  • Sad to leave

    Level 144 and 350,000,000 coins disappeared after switch from iPhone5 to iPhone6. Rebooted to Level 1 and 300,000 coins. Tech support offered a Facebook solution or Game Central solution both of which required being part of my old iPhone (neither were). They were prompt and if I had registered on Facebook or Game Central, the solution might have worked. Not going to start over, took too long to reach 144 and 350,000,000. So, reluctantly, delete time.

  • Awesome!!

    Soo much fun. Takes alot of time to level up though.

  • Titans

    Great game

  • Lots of fun

    This is one of my favorite games. I wish they gave the bonuses more though. But overall, the different slots are fun to play.

  • Awesome

    This app is great

  • 👍

    👍 cool games

  • Fun

    Very addicting can't ever put it down lol

  • Yeah!

    Love the different slot types, just wish they would pay back even money more often ;)

  • Nice game more coins

    More free coins would like to get

  • Titan

    Free spins need to give more winnings and three angles should appear more offen

  • Fun Games

    Would like to see more chances to spin for bonus coins. Having to wait 24 hours is too long. Games are fun however.

  • Love it

    Great rewards

  • Great

    Would be perfect except for crashes.

  • Good

    Decent game.

  • Starrfire3

    Love it!! A must have :)

  • Fun game

    The game is fun but the wins are few and far between. Bonus games need some serious help and revamping.

  • Good


  • Fun

    Fun & Free !!

  • In love

    Love the graphics of this game the sound the payouts

  • Fixed Finally

    I love this game. Thank you Technical Team for finally transferring my previous credits to my new iPhone 6. This is a great game. Now I can finally continue to enjoy one of my favorite games!

  • More bucks

    If ur gonna have such high bets need to have more free coins

  • Great App

    This app is awesome!

  • Decent.

    It's a alright game, keeps freezing though

  • Good app

    It's a good app, but tries too hard to get you to spend money

  • :)


  • Meh

    It's an ok app at best

  • Game

    Love it 10

  • Update Disaster

    Moving on to a better app if you guys are the worst I've purchased and purchased the ads are supposed to go away they still won't. You've taken away blizzard which I had just spent 200 gems on to upgrade the jackpot. Now it's locked. I will never do another update nor continue to put money into your game. Everybody who is on the fence over getting this game don't. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. On top of it. The worst part is reviews don't bother these people they do nothing when listening to its fan base. Done.

  • Fun and Frustrating

    Takes way too long to move up levels. The daily spins ALWAYS give $400k. Every time you increase your bet you are guaranteed to lose the next 5 hands. Game is ok but there are newer games that are more fun

  • Love it


  • Titan

    Great grafics! I like the upgrade

  • Male

    Nice game

  • This slot rocks

    I love this game more than life itself

  • Tzzm

    You only win 10 percent of your bet! Do not bother playing!

  • Lots of Fun!!!

    Love the game lots !

  • Jeeezzzzz ...give us a break

    You need to loosen up a little and make it a bit more fun and enjoyable. I give it only 2 starsI've been playing this game for quite some time, and it seems the further I get, the less and less it pays out...and getting from one level to the next is like watching paint dry, or grass outs are so minimal and if this game is or was at my local casino, I would NEVER PLAY IT if it pays the way this app does. I

  • Titan

    Great slot game lots of levels and great bonus also good payouts really enjoy playing Titan thank you

  • Awesome

    One of the best games I've played.


    Payouts are very low. Each game (level) takes every credits you have. Scatters and bonuses hardly happens. The higher you play, the faster you lose your credits. Not enough wins. The pop-ups are so annoying.

  • Good

    Great game

  • Player

    Terrible. Wheel turn so fast & takes your points in no time. Consistent unwanted ads interruptions. Used to love this game. No more!!! Deleting it off my phone.

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