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Slots™ - Titan's Way

Slots™ - Titan's Way
4.5 based on 17,529 Votes
Price Free

Download the best multi-slot experience today!

Slots™ - Titan's Way is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 12+ (Application may not suitable for children under the age of 12). This application has an average rating of 4.5 based on 17,529 Votes. This version 3.8 has an average rating of 4 based on 171 Users.

Your device must have atleast 83.5 MB of space to download and install Slots™ - Titan's Way. This application is game center enabled . Slots™ - Titan's Way is Free to download and install on your mobile device

Support Languages

English, American , Portuguese , Chinese , Chinese , Turkish


Games , Card , Casino , Entertainment ,


Slots™ - Titan's Way
Slots™ - Titan's Way
Slots™ - Titan's Way
Slots™ - Titan's Way
Slots™ - Titan's Way
Slots™ - Titan's Way
Slots™ - Titan's Way
Slots™ - Titan's Way

Additional Information

Packed full of fun and thrills - Slots - Titans' Way.

You'll have a blast playing for big payouts!

Every machine has a uniqe play style that provides massive amounts of fun!

Slots - Titan's Way is especially designed to give you the experience of Vegas slots on your iPhone/iPad.

If you LOVE slots, there's no doubt you'll be downloading Slots - Titans' Way.


-Varying play styles to keep things interesting!

-Fast-paced tumbling reel action that will keep you winning again and again!

-Super re-spin mode that makes your big wins even bigger!

-Extra bonus chips each hour!

-Offline mode available: free to play with or without internet connection!

What's New on this version 3.8

Fixed several bugs.

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Excellent

    I can't stop playing one of the best out there

  • Review

    Love the variety of games

  • Love it

    Enjoy this slot a lot.

  • Titan

    Great game

  • Wow

    This game is dope

  • Complete rip off

    Tried this game. Paid a bit but it's not worth it at all it just eats up the points and steals your cash!

  • Hmm

    Ads appear constantly during play. Very annoying! Takes too long to earn your way to the next game. Games are boring.

  • This is fun

    There are a lot of levels to play, it keeps it interesting!

  • Great set of games, but

    Like my title says, great set of games, but stop the freakin pop-ups they are really starting to bug the hell out of me. Right now I have over a billion points, but if these adds don't stop, I'll delete this game.

  • Ok


  • Is Titan's Way now a Dead Game??

    It has been since December of 2014 since any new edition to this game. Do you not plan on expanding this game further? For us old timers waiting is becoming exhausting!

  • Enjoying it

    Love playing this game

  • Addicting

    I am addicted to this game. Just wish they paid out more so you could play a little longer.

  • Ad Nightmare

    DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. Ads constantly pop up out of nowhere for other apps, even during bonuses. This takes you to the Apple Store shoving the app down your throat to download. Games are basically all alike, bonuses are a rarity. No fun. Too many other choices.

  • Best slots app

    Love this game, can't stop playing

  • Latest update wiped out

    374,000,000,000 coins and 460 levels. I knew there was a good reason NOT to update. What made it worse was that the update added only one new game. I have deleted Titans Way. The older versions were so much better.

  • Slots titans way

    I just had a total iPad crash and had to load an older update, losing most of my points on all games only a few games have an auto retrieval function, Titans way not only has one it tells you where to find it kudos. Also it is a great slot machine with excellent graphics and imagination in worlds

  • Fun

    I love to hate this game

  • Yup

    It's awesome

  • Terrible

    When I updated it took my 72 millions and started a new account!

  • titans Way

    great game. It takesTOO long to get to next slot. Please STOP the request to buy bonuses, Coupons, etc That ad prevents me from playing the game. BH

  • Cool

    Favorite game u must try it

  • Most unhappy

    I have sent several emails to these people over the past 3 weeks and they have not responded to any of them. My game was synced to my other iPad by accident and froze up both of my iPads. I cannot progress on any challenges but the sure do take my coins when I do try to play. I also will recommend that Apple take their game out of the App Store .

  • Queen nose blower

    Game very fun very fair lets you win n others don't. Try it

  • Gems

    Love playing the game got over 500bln coins game does not recognize me as the top coin leader...also it used to be 2 coins when playing bonus spade heart diamond and club. Now the games says I need to purchase 750 coins just to get bonus re-try...not good but still will play and win.

  • Great graphics

    Super addictive fun game I'm so used to playing these games for a short time because you always lose and have to spend your real money to keep playing . This one at least lets you win . Started yesterday at 300k today I'm at 50mil nice

  • Rip off

    I did play this game a lot had a bunch of money and gems saved up but I stopped playing for awhile come back to the game and start playing like I did only to find that the double up system that they did have went from 2 gems to retry to 300+ in some cases note that around $30 for one retry this game has become money hungry at is not worth the time or the effort don't bother playing it

  • Great Slots!

    Love the graphics!

  • Good Idea, but...

    It's a great idea for the game and play style they've incorporated into playing the slots, but as with many games it is too purely based on forcing people into paying to play once you've used up the tutorial chips. My experience has been with most casino style games is that you're lucky while in tutorial mode with free chips until that's over you immediately plateau and then hardly ever win as much as the spin cost unless of course you spend money then usually luck is little better for the day or less depending on what you've spent. If their was just extra bonus if u spent money but was totally beatable without having to gamble a ton of $ without being able to actually win it back it would've got ****.

  • Fun

    I liked this game

  • Titan

    This game has to many ads you also lose your bonus points when an ad pops up

  • Yo

    Great good game

  • Just one problem...

    This game could be as exquisite to play as it is to see if it were not for the pop-ups. It is as close to extortion as you can get to continually bombard your players with pop-up messages and then telling them "any purchase will stop" them. What a waste. Don't expect to get in and out of this game cleanly cause it's not likely!



  • Awesome

    Please give us more gifts

  • Nice sound

    Enjoy the sound quality of this game.....the game screen turns off according to how long the phone screen is set to turn off....why does it do that?

  • Good


  • Smiffi

    Cool graphics - had potential to be a great app, but too many annoying pop ups, advertising other games. Not worth the trouble!!!!

  • Has promise but flawed

    This has the potential to be a great game, but there are far too many adds that are disruptive to the game! Some of the bonuses in game are very boring and not worth playing for. Game needs many updates

  • Awesome

    I love this game way to much ! I find myself playing and lose track of time!!! But it's sooooooo fun!

  • Slots

    Use to be fun but I do have to agree these machines just take and take and don't give you No entertainment

  • Boss Hog

    it's one of the top 2 slots app.

  • Great slots game

    I'm loving the iPhone version. The graphics are awesome, too!!

  • Seriously???????

    used to love and play this game all the time now it's very inconvenient how your ads pop up in the middle of a spin and I can't believe you have tighten the winnings down to almost nothing soon to be deleted DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!

  • Game cheats if u don't buy

    Waste of time stuck on 66 and 67 for six months

  • Ok at first then downhill

    At first get some wins, after a little bit nothing. For example I had 20 free spins on a 25k bet and only won 37k out of the 20 spins. Then 10 free spins little after and only got 32k on a 25k bet so not even worth the time waiting for free spins. TONS of ads in middle of spins.

  • Love it!

    Please.......believe me! Best game.....EVER! I am at Level 480!

  • Ms

    So much fun

  • Fun fun fun

    Cool games tons of free coins and awesome bonus rounds

  • The ads

    The ads are loud as hell , 45 second videos take over your screen every time you win big not worth it.

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