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Slots™ - Titan's Way

Slots™ - Titan's Way
4.5 based on 17,684 Votes
Price Free

Download the best multi-slot experience today!

Slots™ - Titan's Way is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 12+ (Application may not suitable for children under the age of 12). This application has an average rating of 4.5 based on 17,684 Votes. This version 3.8 has an average rating of 4 based on 340 Users.

Your device must have atleast 83.5 MB of space to download and install Slots™ - Titan's Way. This application is game center enabled . Slots™ - Titan's Way is Free to download and install on your mobile device

Support Languages

English, American , Portuguese , Chinese , Chinese , Turkish


Games , Card , Casino , Entertainment ,


Slots™ - Titan's Way
Slots™ - Titan's Way
Slots™ - Titan's Way
Slots™ - Titan's Way
Slots™ - Titan's Way
Slots™ - Titan's Way
Slots™ - Titan's Way
Slots™ - Titan's Way

Additional Information

Packed full of fun and thrills - Slots - Titans' Way.

You'll have a blast playing for big payouts!

Every machine has a uniqe play style that provides massive amounts of fun!

Slots - Titan's Way is especially designed to give you the experience of Vegas slots on your iPhone/iPad.

If you LOVE slots, there's no doubt you'll be downloading Slots - Titans' Way.


-Varying play styles to keep things interesting!

-Fast-paced tumbling reel action that will keep you winning again and again!

-Super re-spin mode that makes your big wins even bigger!

-Extra bonus chips each hour!

-Offline mode available: free to play with or without internet connection!

What's New on this version 3.8

Fixed several bugs.

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Great game!

    Really fun game with high payouts!

  • Nice

    Nice entertaining game

  • Awesome

    This is a very addictive game. Huge pay outs, big fun for hours.

  • Super fun

    I don't like games that make you play online and this one doesn't make go online to play I can enjoy it anywhere

  • Titans Fun

    Having a great time. Game is fun and offers a variety of ways to play. Enjoy!

  • Bad app

    After many attempts to get my 1 billion plus points back that disappeared from this from support I will now completely delete this game. It's not worth your time!

  • Cool

    Bitchin game

  • Fun

    Very fun game. The graphics are cool and the bonuses are great.

  • Homey


  • Slots

    Very good game selection

  • way too hard to win

    is it my luck or the game is rigged?

  • Great fun

    Love it you have to try

  • Rating

    A very nice group of fun games. But the constant interruptions of your promos takes away the interest of the game. I'm seriously considering deleting this game app. Messing up a great game.

  • Fix the free bonus problem

    When I use the hourly free bonus and the wheel on the lower right has all the slots lit, it does not clear the wheel and give me credit for the spin. This might happen two or three times in a row.

  • 1900 billions

    i max lvl 480 from 3-4 month ago and my coins now is 1900 billion , i try login with gamecenter but they not show me on leaderboard , now on Top 1 leaderboard is 99 billions, and i dont know what to do with 1900 billions

  • None

    Loved it when it first came out, not so much since The update. Still like The game,just wish it was like it was earlier, that is why I do not play it as much as I used too.

  • Not Bad, But.......✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

    Wish it was easier to earn the gems, & I've yet to get 3 of the same numbers on the special bonus.👍🏽👎🏽

  • Fun!

    Great to pass time

  • Not Commercial Free

    I love the games, they're fun to play, but getting interrupted by commercials about other games they have available is not cool.

  • Great

    I'm really enjoying this game.

  • Titians

    Thanks a lot, betting 1,250,000, had a 58,000,000 bonus, screen goes to something else, by the time I get back the bonus is gone. REALLY!!! Really! I can bet $30,000 or $600,00 and not get free spins or bonus features Not any fun anymore. Ready to delete this. I swear this game pays terrible. Should I look for something better

  • Slot Titan,s

    Fun enjoyable win a lot

  • Decent graphics, clunky interface, annoying popups

    Multilevel popups really spoil the experience. The navigation buttons are not clearly defined. I'm very close to deleting it.

  • Titan Slots

    I'd give it more if they would stop with back to back ads. Thought I paid once to stop them, didn't work apparently. Gets real annoying how they appear suddenly and go strait to browser then App Store. About to dump it again, this time I'll block them and all their games. They make piles of money off these games, stop being so damned greedy. I've voted to make these games illegal, at least in Minnesota. This is more like your stealing our money, unless you buy back points when asked. Then it would be fai.till then I'm lobbying with the state to make it illegal. Get real or get bent!

  • Awesome Game

    Great game!!!

  • Awesome!

    I really enjoy this game!

  • Mr.

    Grate graphics,fun to play BETWEEN THE FRIGGIN POP UPS EVERY 2 MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm gone!!!!

  • Just okay

    The games are fun but you can't play long before running out of coins.

  • Slots


  • Titans Way Slots

    This is the best slot game I have ever played. It's got amazing, up to date graphics, fun bonus games and the right amount of winning to keep me playing!

  • Love!

    Love it!!!

  • Great game

    Free coins in game

  • Games

    This game was so funn

  • Very poor app

    Updated app like it wanted me too and I lost everything! Had over 1000 gems and 750,000,000 coins and was on at least level 220 and had to go back to the very beginning. Very frustrating! When emailed the company several times, no response!

  • Excellent

    I can't stop playing one of the best out there

  • Review

    Love the variety of games

  • Love it

    Enjoy this slot a lot.

  • Titan

    Great game

  • Wow

    This game is dope

  • Complete rip off

    Tried this game. Paid a bit but it's not worth it at all it just eats up the points and steals your cash!

  • Hmm

    Ads appear constantly during play. Very annoying! Takes too long to earn your way to the next game. Games are boring.

  • This is fun

    There are a lot of levels to play, it keeps it interesting!

  • Great set of games, but

    Like my title says, great set of games, but stop the freakin pop-ups they are really starting to bug the hell out of me. Right now I have over a billion points, but if these adds don't stop, I'll delete this game.

  • Ok


  • Is Titan's Way now a Dead Game??

    It has been since December of 2014 since any new edition to this game. Do you not plan on expanding this game further? For us old timers waiting is becoming exhausting!

  • Enjoying it

    Love playing this game

  • Addicting

    I am addicted to this game. Just wish they paid out more so you could play a little longer.

  • Ad Nightmare

    DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. Ads constantly pop up out of nowhere for other apps, even during bonuses. This takes you to the Apple Store shoving the app down your throat to download. Games are basically all alike, bonuses are a rarity. No fun. Too many other choices.

  • Best slots app

    Love this game, can't stop playing

  • Latest update wiped out

    374,000,000,000 coins and 460 levels. I knew there was a good reason NOT to update. What made it worse was that the update added only one new game. I have deleted Titans Way. The older versions were so much better.

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