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Jelly Splash

Jelly Splash
4 based on 14,132 Votes
Price Free

Join millions all over the world enjoying awesome puzzle fun with Jelly Splash! Puzzle your way to victory with massive combos and compete with your friends to save Jelly Land! Don’t miss out - click to play now!
Match, match, match in 300 levels of the most amazing mobile puzzle fun! Match the Jellys, power up with Super Jellys and play your way through the beautiful world to help pop the evil slimes. Can you help bring fun back to Jelly Land? Read more...

Jelly Splash is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 4 based on 14,132 Votes. This version 1.18.0 has an average rating of 2.5 based on 3 Users.

Your device must have atleast 65.0 MB of space to download and install Jelly Splash. This application does not have game center . Jelly Splash is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of wooga gmbh at

More Description

Rack up a friend-beating high score with the explosive Splash Time bonus round, connect Super Jellys for massive combos and play your way to delicious fun.


- NEVER STOP PUZZLING: 300 hyper-addictive matching levels, completely FREE

- MATCH AT YOUR PACE: 100% fun, with no annoying time limits

- CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS: Top the Facebook leaderboards

- PLAY HAPPY: Match the super-cute Jellys to add tons more fun to your day

- UNIQUE LEVELS: 6 completely different match game types


5/5 “The most fun block puzzle game out there. Cute, addictive and 100% awesome.”

5/5 “Easily the best puzzle game I’ve played all year. A must-play!”

5/5 “The best puzzle game out there. No wonder everyone is playing it!”

PLEASE NOTE: Jelly Splash is completely free to play, but you can also purchase some items within the game for real money. Just disable in app purchases on your device if you don't want to use this feature in the game.

Play Jelly Splash today and join millions enjoying awesomely fun puzzles!

What's New on this version 1.18.0

• Minor bug fixes
• Improved performance and stability


Please rate Jelly Splash after each update. Your feedback is important to help us make the best gaming experience possible.


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Jelly Splash
Jelly Splash
Jelly Splash
Jelly Splash
Jelly Splash
Jelly Splash
Jelly Splash
Jelly Splash

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Jelly splash

    Great game, on the last update the sound fx was lost. Does this need a fix?

  • Love this game!!

    Really Fun. No need to spend tons if money to play. Even my 5 year old can play and have fun.

  • JellyYea

    It frustrates the heck out of me, but I still love the game. Pretty much addicted to it.

  • Great game

    Exasperating at times but I keep coming back.

  • Loved but disappointed now!!!

    **** For 2 days tried to get gate at 60 Unlocked, I had 4 keys at least and it will not let me through!!! What am I supposed to do?

  • great, addicting game

    Best game ever

  • very good game

    Enjoy the game.. Not to complicated and easy to play

  • Love it!

    Love this game! Very fun and keeps me entertained.


    There is no way to contact anyone when you need help. I hit a button in error and lost almost all my coins, but who do you contact? No one. You're in your own. The faqs are useless. It starts off easy enough but then reverts to candy crush, totally disappointed.

  • Recent crashes

    Game is fun when I need a simple distraction. Unfortunately there has been a crash the past few days; after completing 1 game, I can't get off the end screen. An ad jumps up, I click it off, it jumps on again. App support said to put iPad into Airplane Mode, which works until out of Airplane mode (not a permanent fix like they said) I've turned iPad off and on, that gets me one game then stuck on ad screen again. Please fix!

  • It could be better

    I love this game but after the update I don't that much because now when I'm trying to press any of the buttons after I beat the level all these ads pop up and I can't go back to the home screen just all these ads come up and I hate it cuz then I have to exit off the app and wait till the apps restarts again

  • Issue from recent update

    After playing a level when I am trying to either replay the level or go home the game pops up with about 5 or 6 ads, even after I try to exit the app. And then takes me to the App Store. This is annoying. Why the F?

  • AMAZING!!!

    My whole family is addicted to it. It's so fun!!!!

  • addicting❥

    this is so cute & addicting i love it! 😍

  • Love it

    Best game ever!!!

  • Entertaining!

    Very entertaining, very much like candy crush! Love it

  • They get you coming and going

    Rave reviews coming from gamers who have played the lower levels. Can't play this game unless you buy mucho coins. Level 50 is impossible for a reason....greed! You have to pay past that level or you can collect 100 out 100 coins to get to level 51. Play a game where you have half a chance!

  • Better than Candy Crush!

    Super fun and challenging

  • Fun to a point.

    This game is great for the first 50-100 levels. It's fun to use the mechanics to create special jellies and rack up points. But after that, the game becomes mere frustration. All later levels have inadequate amounts of moves - it's like the developers tested how many moves you would need to complete the level, then subtracted 3 from that so you're always left short and are more likely to pay for extra moves. I feel like I have absolutely no control over the board on every level, something I rarely felt when playing a game like Candy Crush. I made it all the way to 140 without facebook or spending a single cent, but at that point the number of stars needed requires you to 3 star nearly 90% of the levels and 2 star nearly all the rest, which if you've played the later levels, is an impossible feat. It's really a shame that the game is so heavily based on manipulating the player into buying in app purchases now instead of actually being fun.

  • This game is fun.

    This game is fun.

  • Disappointed.

    After the last update, I lost the ability to watch videos to earn extra coins. Please reinstall. I live this game but cannot afford to purchase coins. Thank you.

  • Spent money, no coins!

    I spent 19.99 for coins and got nothing, app crashed. Who do I contact to get money back?

  • Love it!

    This is a great app for all ages!

  • Love it!!!


  • Momm

    Sweet game. Love the diamond levels!

  • Jelly splash

    Great fun

  • Wish I could send lives

    The game works fine, but on my iPhone or iPad I cannot send lives to my friends....only if I access the game on my laptop. You can get past Level 50, I'm at 109.....and I haven't spent a dime.

  • Awesome!!!

    Love this game!!!

  • Oh Lawed!😄

    This game is really addicting,fun and cute!

  • Lots of Fun

    Its a game; don't take it so seriously. I enjoy the challenge and play when I have time to kill.

  • Recommend

    amazing!! loving it..

  • Awesome game!!

    I could play this game forever. 

  • This is a cool game

    Very fun and addicting i love it!

  • ✌️EchaNty💋

    Buen juego!

  • Jellies are addicting

    Fun and challenging.

  • Not bad

    This game is amazing

  • Jelly splash

    It's a great game tbh :)

  • Amazing!!!

    This game is incredible

  • Fun

    Love the game but hate having to have others send maps to get to another level! What if I don't have any friends playing this game?!! And I'm sure as crap not paying for it!!

  • Awesome Game!

    Simply addicting!

  • What the heck

    This last update made it worse then before now the game freezes so annoying!!!!!

  • Recent Updates

    Last 2 updates have really improved quality and playing experience. Before there was no fun in consistently and constantly failing! Thanks for the step up.

  • Not good

    It's a very annoying game. Once you get to level 50, that's it!! Can't go any further. Don't waste your time.

  • Addictive but an in app purchasing scam

    I started off playing and immediately got hooked. I did not connect to facebook, but the levels I'm at now are basically forcing me to buy gold to move on because I don't have a bough stars. I did the math and basically you have to have 2 stars on most of the levels as a healthy amount of 3 or you can't move on. I have been replaying levels for months with no end in sight. I shouldn't have to pay to play, smh. I'm deleting this app. Cookie jam is more fun!

  • Insanity!!!

    Since I cant contact u let me complain here. U updated today and I lost a ton of coins when the update went thru. NOT HAPPY! not to mention the play button is very close to purchasing "extras" I have enough extra features that are not needed to purchase (via established coins in reserve). A CONFIRM purchase button would be nice. I have terrible arthritis so my hand hurts and slips. I love this game but I should be able to contact you with issues!!!!

  • Awesome

    Very addictive and enjoyable

  • Fun

    Addictive. I want 3 stars on every level. :)

  • Nice but dim

    It's a pity you get far into the game and realize you cannot progress without spending money.... Nothing's random on this game... It's favored toward making you lose...and spend money... No thanks!

  • Pretty good app

    This app is ok not my favorite but it's fine, slightly addictive...


    Crazy addicting, love it

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