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Jelly Splash

Jelly Splash
4 based on 14,350 Votes
Price Free

Join millions all over the world enjoying awesome puzzle fun with Jelly Splash! Puzzle your way to victory with massive combos and compete with your friends to save Jelly Land! Don’t miss out - click to play now!
Match, match, match in 300 levels of the most amazing mobile puzzle fun! Match the Jellys, power up with Super Jellys and play your way through the beautiful world to help pop the evil slimes. Can you help bring fun back to Jelly Land? Read more...

Jelly Splash is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 4 based on 14,350 Votes. This version 1.18.0 has an average rating of 4 based on 198 Users.

Your device must have atleast 65.0 MB of space to download and install Jelly Splash. This application does not have game center . Jelly Splash is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of wooga gmbh at

More Description

Rack up a friend-beating high score with the explosive Splash Time bonus round, connect Super Jellys for massive combos and play your way to delicious fun.


- NEVER STOP PUZZLING: 300 hyper-addictive matching levels, completely FREE

- MATCH AT YOUR PACE: 100% fun, with no annoying time limits

- CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS: Top the Facebook leaderboards

- PLAY HAPPY: Match the super-cute Jellys to add tons more fun to your day

- UNIQUE LEVELS: 6 completely different match game types


5/5 “The most fun block puzzle game out there. Cute, addictive and 100% awesome.”

5/5 “Easily the best puzzle game I’ve played all year. A must-play!”

5/5 “The best puzzle game out there. No wonder everyone is playing it!”

PLEASE NOTE: Jelly Splash is completely free to play, but you can also purchase some items within the game for real money. Just disable in app purchases on your device if you don't want to use this feature in the game.

Play Jelly Splash today and join millions enjoying awesomely fun puzzles!

What's New on this version 1.18.0

• Minor bug fixes
• Improved performance and stability


Please rate Jelly Splash after each update. Your feedback is important to help us make the best gaming experience possible.


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Jelly Splash
Jelly Splash
Jelly Splash
Jelly Splash
Jelly Splash
Jelly Splash
Jelly Splash
Jelly Splash

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • A lot of fun

    This game is a little buggy, but a lot of fun. Just the right mix of entertainment and challenge!

  • Fun at first but a HUGE scam

    This game is fun and addicting. Then you realize that it's set up so that you are forced to pay for more lives/stars if you want to progress in the game. But here's the thing...if you choose to buy more lives you will be charged by iTunes but those lives will never show up, and the app will not give you are fund because there is no customer service. So this means you have to wait 20 minutes to gain a new life and over an hour for 5 lives in order to keep playing....who would design a game like this?......

  • Addicting

    Fun game and very addicting.

  • Fun for a while

    I only play games here and there to kill time so I deleted this one after the second round of levels. You have to get a certain amount of stars to continue playing. If you're the type that likes getting three stars on everything then this is for you. If you're like me and just play randomly for fun it gets annoying fast.

  • Love game BUT....

    Really hate to give this game a bad review as it's great fun playing it BUT..... I get 3 stars almost every level but never get any coins. Only way to get coins without buying is to watch videos every day. about 5 coins for each have to click on the watch video button more than 10 times before the video actually loads. Each time you get the Oops something's gone wrong error. Very frustrating. Why can't you just have a daily wheel to spin or some other way of just giving away a free power up each day instead of having to accumulate enough coins to buy them.

  • Annoying

    Over all I like game but there are problems. There have been times when a accidentally hit the purchase button for the extra jellies. They need to put a confirm button or something. One time I didn't even press anything close to it and it still purchased the special jellies. Also I'm pretty sure they have cheated me on some stars.

  • Fun

    Daughter who is 5 says "your jelly shines you're awesome maybe add crowns and diamond jellies"

  • Favorite Game

    Of all the games this is my favorite!!! How ever i totally agree with the other reviews. I also have problems with purchasing coins. Also my I pad shuts down while playing & I loose the progress while playing a game & have to start all over again. I do find these things to be terminally annoying, but still my favorite game.

  • Don't take update!!

    Every since the update I have not been able to load any videos to get free stars...I'm assuming they want me to give up and say I'll just buy more coins! Nope not gonna happen.

  • Cachesgirl4life

    Love this game.

  • Jelly😜😋

    VERY addictive and fun!

  • Addictive

    I love the game, but hate the fact that you have to sign into Facebook or purchase coins in order to continue--


    I absolutely love this game super fun and super addictive I barely put it down I highly recommend it to everyone

  • Jelly's

    I like this game. I just stared playing jelly's a couple of day's. Now! It will keep me distracted.

  • Has bugs that need fixed

    I really have fun with this game BUT please fix the bugs!!!!! To try to get more "coins" after you "win" these coins - "objective" appears and the game shuts down. Then when you reload the game - your earnings are not there. At one point I won three stars and the game shut down and my 3 star winning was not recorded. Very frustrating. Is that the name of the game? I refuse to purchase more "coins". That is definitely not worth it. Again. Please fix the bugs!!!

  • Jelly Splash

    Great game, challenging and fun! Keep up the good work game creators I appreciate you over Candy Crush!!

  • Challenging and FUN!

    So many aps out there are created to make you spend money. This ap is not one of them. It is just challenging enough to enjoy without becoming "Two Dots" frustrated or "Candy Crush" bored. I'm at level 298 and I'm going back to the lower levels that I initially skimmed through to get three stars on everything! ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Great to pass the time and relax!

  • They Don't Care

    For those of you complaining about bugs, or customer service/purchase issues, don't bother. All they care about is getting your money, and they will do it any way they can. The game is rigged- if you go back through to collect stars, once you get the number of points they say you need for three stars, sometimes it will then switch to saying you need a higher number of points. For example, if it says you need 60,000 points and you get them, it will then say you need 75,000. Yesterday I had 75,000 (once I achieved it) jump to 85,000. Seriously? I doubt anyone could get 85,000 points on that level. I think that, not doing it every time, they figure people will think they had just read it wrong. This is a scam to try to get you to buy more coins. Don't fall for it!

  • fun

    me & my daughter love playing this game when we have down time :)

  • Switched

    I used to love playing candy crush but I have a new game. Jelly splash is so much better.

  • Challenging

    It's fun n keeps on going to next level

  • Great Challenge

    Fun to you've completed a level and have list lives to do it. Sad when all the lives are gone but worth the wait to try again. Thanks

  • Addictive!!!

    I really like it because it's more mentally challenging than most farm or chop or witch games I've tried. And u don't have to purchase lives, just wait a few minutes.

  • Love this game!

    It's addictive!

  • Star issues

    Major star discrepancies. I have 3 stars on level 73 on Facebook but only 2 stars on my iPhone. In the game map, level 74 shows 2 stars until I play that level then it shows me 1 star only. How am I supposed to reach 3 stars on each level if app & FB don't sync? And how am I supposed to know how many I've got per level if things aren't working right? Please fix ASAP.

  • Awesome

    I love this games it is soooo addicting

  • NO


  • Really fun

    I so enjoy this game. I play it on iPad and phone. Just watch a few ads and you get the coins to open a new level or get free lives. I have had no glitches.

  • Super Fun & Stress Reliever

    This game is a stress reliever. It is challenging but not to the point of pure frustration like many other games. Very relaxing & fun

  • Somethings are Wrong - Please correct!

    1.) I purchased $19.99 in coins and did not receive credit for them. 2.) I completed level 245 and the game is STUCK there. It will not proceed to the next level.

  • Love this game!!!

    This game is so fun!! There are so many levels to do but it can get annoying when u can't beat a level and then u have to purchase something

  • 10

    This game is so addicting . Currently my favorite game !

  • Jelly Lover


  • Love


  • Nothing to do?!

    Jellies is a great way to pass the time if you have nothing to do. It makes you think, strategize and keep coming back for more!!!

  • Great fun

    I have enjoyed this great game- it is engaging and also intermittently a challenge!! I really haven't had much of any problems til recently when I bought coins for an extra 3 plays. The game locked up, I did not receive my coins and now it is the third day of being locked up with no coins and 5 plays in the Que. help!! I like this game - what happened?

  • It's a cool game doe

    Need less time to get your lives back

  • It's okay get DIVE and HUNT

    DIVE and HUNT is more simple and fun

  • Half an hour for turns......

    Like this game? You have to wait to play.... When that time comes you will understand.

  • This game rocks ! 😄

    This game is so awesome ! 😄

  • 3 moves????

    Love the game but the creators are cheap and money hogs! Sometimes I don't mind paying, like I do in candy crush but here you pay $2 bucks for 6 moves, CC you pay $.99 for five moves. Or $2 bucks for 10 moves. JS is a rip off! For this they get 1 star!

  • Fun fun

    This game is great! But sum levels may take forever to pass

  • Not happy

    Please bring back the opportunity to earn coins and freebies. This isn't fair!!!!

  • Great way to pass time!

    I don't purchase coins so I can't confirm or deny other posts. I also don't have enough friends to get enough keys to pass to the next level. What I DO have is the ability to play to earn more stars. With enough STARS you can advance to the next level. I am somewhere passed 100 and still having fun!

  • Jelly splash

    Jelly Splash is hours of fun

  • Ughhh

    To many glitches I'm sick of this game

  • Good game

    Very fun,addictive,and time consuming

  • Awesome

    This game is amazing and addictive.

  • Lousy update!

    Please fix the ad stream!

  • Lots of fun!!!!

    I have a lot of fun playing this game by myself or with my kids. It can get frustrating trying to get 3 stars but I can settle for 2.

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