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Jelly Splash

Jelly Splash
4 based on 14,923 Votes
Price Free

Join millions all over the world enjoying awesome puzzle fun with Jelly Splash! Puzzle your way to victory with massive combos and compete with your friends to save Jelly Land! Don’t miss out - click to play now!
Match, match, match in 320 levels of the most amazing mobile puzzle fun! Match the Jellys, power up with Super Jellys and play your way through the beautiful world to help pop the evil slimes. Can you help bring fun back to Jelly Land? Read more...

Jelly Splash is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 4 based on 14,923 Votes. This version 1.20.0 has an average rating of 4.5 based on 22 Users.

Your device must have atleast 63.0 MB of space to download and install Jelly Splash. This application does not have game center . Jelly Splash is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of wooga gmbh at

Support Languages

Arabic , NB , Danish , Dutch , English, American , French , German , Italian , Japanese , Korean , Polish , Portuguese , Russian , Chinese , Spanish , Swedish , Thai , Chinese , Turkish


Games , Puzzle , Entertainment , Arcade ,


Jelly Splash
Jelly Splash
Jelly Splash
Jelly Splash
Jelly Splash
Jelly Splash
Jelly Splash
Jelly Splash

Additional Information

Rack up a friend-beating high score with the explosive Splash Time bonus round, connect Super Jellys for massive combos and play your way to delicious fun.


- NEVER STOP PUZZLING: 320 hyper-addictive matching levels, completely FREE

- MATCH AT YOUR PACE: 100% fun, with no annoying time limits

- CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS: Top the Facebook leaderboards

- PLAY HAPPY: Match the super-cute Jellys to add tons more fun to your day

- UNIQUE LEVELS: 6 completely different match game types


5/5 “The most fun block puzzle game out there. Cute, addictive and 100% awesome.”

5/5 “Easily the best puzzle game I’ve played all year. A must-play!”

5/5 “The best puzzle game out there. No wonder everyone is playing it!”

PLEASE NOTE: Jelly Splash is completely free to play, but you can also purchase some items within the game for real money. Just disable in app purchases on your device if you don't want to use this feature in the game.

Play Jelly Splash today and join millions enjoying awesomely fun puzzles!

What's New on this version 1.20.0

MORE LEVELS: Look out! Super Jelly high-five coming your way! You asked, and we delivered! 20 brand new levels in the all-new Magic Cloud Castle. That's 340 in total!

MORE SPOOKS: EEK! The ghosts are now more spooky than ever. Splat them quick!

MORE FUN: Thanks to your feedback, we balanced out a few of the levels. Keep those reviews coming!

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Nice

    Relax ur mind game

  • Newest Update

    After this latest update, all my coins were gone. I'm not happy about this and wondering if the update was worth it. Thinking about deleting this game and go with Candy Crush instead.

  • Fun

    This is a fun game!!

  • Used to be good

    I loved this game when I first downloaded it. But now it crashes so much I can't enjoy it. Not to mention that the only time it crashes is when I get more stars and win. That leads the game to not keeping my score and I have to play all over again and I lose lives, even after winning. Starting to really tick me off.

  • Fun & Challenging Game

    I've been playing this game for months and still enjoy it.

  • Issue

    Unable to Facebook sign in after update

  • Very enjoyable!

    I love that the levels aren't timed. I can play and enjoy without the clock stressing me out

  • 5 Star!

    What a game! Thank you!

  • My addiction

    This is the only game I play!! It causes so much frustration which makes me wanna play more. The new updates however just aren't better than the first version. They push buying things like coins but i will not buy coins... I will play this game until I have enough stars for the next world. It takes time and your life but it is amazing.

  • Great challenging pain in the butt game

    My girlfriend who doesn't play now got me into this game, I have a lot of fun playing this game so much so she says I'm addicted, lol. some levels are easy while others can be like I wrote in the title a pain in the butt to get through but it really is a fun challenging game, hope you'll play and see how addicting it can be, have fun....... Steve

  • Addicting

    Very fun but not everyone else has. Caught onto it so I'm having to go back for more stars to move on...wish there was a magic fairy like in candy crush

  • Not working

    Since the last update I can't play it won't even open to the home screen

  • 😘

    Love this game. I play all the time

  • Cute, fun, relaxing

    This game plays well. Easy, yet challenges are enough to hold attention. Fun to watch what happens when something else is going well. Colorful and wholesome.

  • Outrageous!😃

    This game is addicting and amazingly fun. Challenging yet easy. It is so fun and I only had it for a few days. The little jellys are so cute too!

  • I love the game mostly

    I love this game but I'm frustrated with the fact I need a certain amount of stars for a key.

  • Great Game, but...

    Love this game! Don't even mind developers started showing adverts to pay the bills.. Just hate that with the adverts come the crashes. Would pay for game not to be annoyed with adverts, but option not available. Some levels IMPOSSIBLE to win 3 stars w/out in-game purchases, but most you can beat w/patience. All & all, one of my fav go-to games to relax.

  • Loads of fun!

    Great game to play. Very addicting ! More challenging then some of the others so you don't lose interest. Have fun. I know I am.

  • Already boring

    This game was fun at first, but now I spend days playing the same level because the levels became too hard too quickly and the specials cost too much $. I'm deleting this app. I need more variety.

  • Enjoyable, but......suzicat09

    I've enjoyed playing, however I will probably remove this game. I cannot connect to Facebook & the game will not allow me to continue unless I PAY. At present I am just replaying. It is a REAL shame how all these games just WANT MONEY. Why not just offer this game for sale!!!! 7-31-14 very angry--suzicat!!! I just got 3 lives to play level 70. & had one key in my e-mail. Went to start the game & the lives disappeared I addition to my saved key!!!!! Why??? Cannot reach anyone for support. Please tell me how to get this returned!! Playing on the 5s I- phone. 8-11-14 fun game but getting very frustrated!! Now stuck @ level 97. Again, seems like winning this level will be on LUCK only!! Please FIX the request lives from friends--when trying to request on the I-phone you MUST send request to ALL of your contact list. This is WRONG. Please FIX!! 8-20-14 please fix the "request lives from friends". Our entire contact list should not BE THE ONLY way of requesting lives if only 2 other friends play this game!! Your system or software needs to be modified so that we are allowed to request ONLY from those playing! 10-27-14 suzicat When will you return the free video viewing for coins or lives???? Use the apple I-phone 5s & you removed this feature!! Now this is NO LONGER a free game. Must pay to go to next level. For this reason I give you 0 stars. This is my favorite game & now RUINED!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mom

    Lots of fun for the whole family. Promotes eye, hand coordination for the children.

  • Needs Some Work

    Whenever it gets to unlock screen and people send you lives, the game doesn't recognize the lives so you are just STUCK unable to unlock. The game can be fun otherwise!

  • Love this game!


  • THUMBS UP!!!

    This game is extremely addictive and lots of fun! It's sometimes a bother cuz some levels are really hard, but otherwise, it's a great game!

  • Tons of fun

    Very addictive!! Can't stop playing!

  • Addicted

    I love this game!!

  • App keeps crashing

    I love this game, but I am frustrated by the fact that after each play it seems to crash, often losing my high score or an extra life. I see that many others have complained about the frequent crashes as well. Please fix this problem! Also, often times when I try to connect a line of jellies, the connection stops while I am still dragging my finger/stylus and causes me to get fewer points. This is pretty annoying. :(

  • Fun!

    Fun game!! Only wish going to the next level was easier I don't have a ton of FB friends that play this yet. But I also don't send game requests to just anyone. 👍👍

  • Fun

    Fun and good for thinking and planning.

  • Great game

    I love this game a lot! Very addicting and cute. But, I really dislike the whole coins thing. It costs so many coins to do/use anything. And the free gift videos do not EVER work. It always says "oops something happened" every time I click "watch" very annoying. So there is no way to earn coins to get power ups or whatever.

  • Locked up on me!

    I love this game but, I recently installed the update & now the game is locked up and won't let me do anything... disappointing & frustrating! 😁

  • Love this game but

    Did the option to obtain free coins go away with the update? I do not have nor want a FB account and I enjoyed receiving the free coins by watching a video. Please fix and bring back that function. Thank you

  • Super

    I like this game . It is really make fun

  • It's fun

    It's a bit addictive thought it was too simple at first, but I was wrong.

  • Gamehead

    I love this game but just like others have said..after finishing, pausing, before or after playing for free gift, the game either pauses or go black then go off. U have go back in, then ur life is gone. Unlike others, this one stays!

  • Latest update won't open

    I was sad when after I installed the latest update, my game will not open. This has become my go to game for those few minutes of peace when I'm not working, doing school work, and the kids are asleep. My daughter is a few worlds ahead of me so I got to keep up. Lol.

  • That's a great game!

    This game is totally the I can play it for hours, till I run out of lives :(

  • 😊

    Игра затягивает😱😊👍

  • Mentally Fun!

    Very easy to quickly master yet not so simple that you don't have to think about your moves. Holds my attention in passing time while waiting.

  • I didn't know who to complain to

    It's a great and fun game but I have been having a problem where right after completing a game, it sends me back to my home screen and when I go back in, I have lost a life it's very frustrating, but worth it to get the game

  • Favorite Game EVERRR

    I love this game lol it's the only game that I've had for so long ... Every other one gets deleted but never jelly splash lol I'm on level like 200 something ... Just playyy iiittttttttt

  • Great game!!!!!

    I've been playing it more than a year, is very fluid, with excellent graphics and a good challenge for the afternoon. these new enhancements were just and necessary, all I have to add is that in the promotional video with reward, should include best gifts to help us pass complex levels.

  • Yay!

    So appealing, and cute! Made me so happy to play it for a while :).

  • Help

    The update says more levels. I still see more coming soon...SOS developers. (My review also won't send and post). 4s. Ios8. Help! I need my game.

  • Fun!

    Fun Game!!!

  • Absolutely love this game!

    It's so addicting. It doesn't have too many annoying pop ups, and it's just simply fun.

  • This update nothing new


  • Not working

    I updated your latest update and not it will not open. WHY?????

  • Seems like a slot machine

    Just be a little smart to understand the logic of the levels. The goal is not your fun, but your money.

  • Too Addictive

    Great game to get sidetracked on.

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