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Jelly Splash

Jelly Splash
4 based on 20,339 Votes
Price Free

Get juicy with the Jellys!
Join over 75 million Jelly lovers all over the world! Enjoy mega matching, crazy combos and super-duper splashing across hundreds and hundreds of amazing levels. Read more...

Jelly Splash is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 4 based on 20,339 Votes. This version 2.27.0 has an average rating of 4.5 based on 18 Users.

Your device must have atleast 104.3 MB of space to download and install Jelly Splash. This application does not have game center . Jelly Splash is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of wooga gmbh at

Support Languages

Arabic , Catalan , Croatian , Czech , Danish , Dutch , English, American , Finnish , French , German , Greek , HE , Hungarian , ID , Italian , Japanese , Korean , Malay , NB , Polish , Portuguese , Romanian , Russian , Chinese , Slovak , Slovenian , Spanish , Swedish , Thai , Chinese , Turkish , Ukrainian , Vietnamese


Games , Puzzle , Entertainment , Arcade ,


Jelly Splash
Jelly Splash
Jelly Splash
Jelly Splash
Jelly Splash
Jelly Splash
Jelly Splash
Jelly Splash

Additional Information

With brand-new worlds, incredible events and huge prizes coming every month, the fun never ends!

Join the Jellys today, and unlock your very own splashy adventure.


BEAT YOUR BUDDIES – Hit the leaderboards and smash your friends’ high scores.

PLAY ALL DAY – Hundreds of awesome levels and new ones coming all the time.

TAKE A TIME OUT – Play at your own pace with no annoying time limits.


5/5 “Easily the best puzzle game I’ve played all year. A must-play!”

5/5 “The most fun matching game out there. Cute, addictive and 100% awesome.”

5/5 “The best puzzle game out there. No wonder everyone is playing it!”

PLEASE NOTE: Jelly Splash is completely free to play, but you can also purchase some items within the game for real money. Just disable in-app purchases on your device if you don't want to use this feature in the game.

Download now and start your super-splashy adventure today!

What's New on this version 2.27.0

MYSTERY TEMPLE – The ancient Jelly Temple only appears when the Jelly stars are aligned. Can you adventure through 5 levels and defeat the terrible slime boss?
OM, NOM, NOM – The Jellys are organizing a special picnic event in early May. But they’ve gone and lost all their stuff. Help them find it and enjoy some delicious rewards!

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Very easy

    It's a lot of fun

  • Best game Match ever

    This game is a game my whole family plays GO JELLY SPLASH

  • Awful, rigged, don't waste money

    Be ready to spend some cash as the game is rigged.

  • easy

    very fun and easy game

  • Jelly splash

    I love Jelly Splash it has easy & challenging levels that keep you interested & engaged.

  • So much fun

    I love this. Can't believe never played before.

  • Initially fun...

    Fun in the beginning but then it just gets ridiculously hard to the point that it's just not fun any more. Plus it crashes on the ads which makes you lose a life.

  • Addicting and fun, but expensive.

    This game is super fun and entertaining, but after a while it can become pretty expensive because some levels seem nearly impossible to pass without spending money on extra features and such. That definitely takes away the fun out of the game.

  • Time to delete it. I'm done with this.

    This game is fun at beginning levels and it becomes quite frustrating as you progress toward advanced level. Past level 840, they created another annoying creatures which locks up jellies after it counted down to zero. I'm so fed up with spending extra stars or special features in an attempt to pass the level, so I totally deleted it. On same color jelly level, are you giving me only 5 jellies of the color I need for 10 on a whole screen even after 10 moves? I didn't even see 3 of them which I need for 10 or even 15 after a few moves some times. Seriously? C'mon guys. Make it fair! There is no mercy in some occasions and I'm so tired of that. Games are meant to be fun not to be frustrating and for the past few months, I was not really enjoying the game instead it was feeling like it was my duty or something. I don't think I will be missing it at all. I'm all done with it. All in all, it's fun and addictive but as you progress, you might feel quite irritated. So just be aware, folks.

  • Dumb

    Don't understand why you need a front facing camera to play this game.

  • Amassssssssing!!!!!!

    This is a awesome game! Very addicting and fun to play. 100,000,000 million stars!

  • Ok


  • Cute and fun!

    I like to play this when I'm feeling anxious because the levels aren't timed and the music is pleasant.

  • Difficult does not mean impossible

    I don't mind a challenge but when a puzzle isn't even possible to complete, it isn't fun to play at all. The game does really stupid crap that makes it seem like they intentionally want to screw you over and not let you win levels just so you'll pay money for their boosts just so you can get past levels you'll be stuck on for days and even weeks at a time. And even when you do complete the level, you get screwed over on getting "stars" which are necessary for game progression but you can't get the ones you deserve because they throw away 12 of your extra moves you finish the level with on one round of "splashes" instead of just using 3 at a time like they used to. I'm not a fan of games that intentionally make things impossible or screw you over just so you'll pay for their extra crap. Not fun. Not cool. Deleting.

  • Awesome

    AWESOME I like the limited time offer!!

  • Love

    Love this game. But, got a new phone and had to start from the beginning again. Not happen about that when I was up in 370's. Which you guys would have like a memory of level. Well, guess I we get there again. Second time this has happened.

  • Jelly Splash

    Fun and addictive!

  • Love it!

    So addictive, cute, and fun!

  • Great game but...

    I love playing this game to pass time but recently the video option in the bottom right corner has disappeared so i cannot accumulate any free power ups or coins from watching the videos. I hope that it can be fixed

  • Terrible

    Terrible kept lying about stars!

  • This is cute!

    I like that you can string so many. Also the levels are cool too. There's like an infinite amount.

  • Fun little game

    Enjoy playing this game not difficult so far. Relaxing. Cute.

  • Jelly Splash is great!

    I play this game everyday. It's addicting and wonderful. More enjoyable than candy crush.



  • Addicting and wonderful

    This is a very, very fun and addicting game. It gets progressively harder and more addicting as you go on. I like it and play it all the time. It is a very silly and we'll put together game

  • Update issue

    Seems to be a problem with the update. Won't update, but won't let you play until you do. Anyone else having this issue?


    This is the best game to play,even on the road!

  • Fun times.

    Simple fun for hours!

  • Awesome game

    I really recommend this game👍🏼 it's a good game for kids too to find out different ways they can solve things😎 I really like this game it's really similar to candy crush but in my opinion i like this game way more💕

  • Please read

    I've been stuck on level 109 for about 2 weeks now. Y'all can't make these so hard. And even power up is around 100 coins. Seriously!? Coins take forever to add up and videos only give you like 5 of them. This game is simply too hard.

  • Jelly Splash

    This has been a favorite fun game however, starting at level 349 it has become impossible to get thru this level. I don't mind a small purchase once in a blue moon but I won't buy my way thru a game constantly.

  • so-so (if you don't want to read a giant thing don't go farther🤗😂)

    this is a fun game but it can get boring after a while because, its fun but its not unique. Its pretty much the same a pose to frozen free fall or candy crush. It falls in the same category along with all the other games that have the same system and story. Does this deserve 5 stars? No. Does it deserve one? No. A lot of games can appease to other people who are into these kinds of games but its alike a lot of the other stuff that if you are taking a long trip across the ocean, this will not keep you in for all those days because you are so used to the other games.

  • Possible without IAPs, to level 439 & counting

    I've been playing this game a little each night a few years, and have reached level 439 without buying anything or letting it into my Facebook. I do the rainbow quests and the videos for boosts. If I run the video ads with full lives I get boosts or coins instead of lives. If I wait to finish a rainbow quest until I have a few hundred coins, I get more chances to open chests and more boosts. I make the most of the holiday specials for boosts. I've done some star farming through the first 200 levels, but it also always unlocks the new batch after a few days wait. I find that levels I could barely pass when I first attempted them are possible to get to 3 stars after I've gone a 100 levels beyond and gotten used to the strategies. I wish there was more of a reward for stars, or some way to convert stars for rewards (the used up gold stars could change to silver). Basically I wish the game rewarded improved scores a bit more. My favorite thing about the game is the sounds and the graphics. Cute to look at, satisfying sounds. My least favorite is that if I'm sleepily pawing at my alarm I may accidentally give the game FB access, then have to go turn that off again. I feel like I'm in a fight with a toddler who keeps asking for the same thing. I want to tell it "no Facebook forever!" and have it stop asking. I think this game wouldn't hold my interest so much anymore, except it's relaxing to fiddle with while I listen to free audiobooks from my local library (Overdrive ftw!).

  • Pop up ad issue

    I love this game!!! But there is a pop up ad after the game (specifically game of tutors) and does not go away. Usually an X comes to exit it but this now forces me to leave the app and come back. Please fix!!

  • 2 Stars

    I do like this game a lot. However, of course you need to complete all the levels with at least two or more stars to progress to unlock each section on the jelly map. The problem is, the game never wants to give you that last star. I've played the same levels more the past day trying to unlock the next level. I have beaten and beaten my high scores, yet for some dumb reason, it's never enough for the last star. Even when I wipe out the board from connecting all of them, somehow I don't get but a few points. So that's very aggravating and makes me not want to play anymore since it refuses to let me unlock anymore levels.

  • Love it !

    Cutest Game Ever !! Also Very Fun !😁

  • Review

    So much more fun than candy crush!

  • Good Game

    Very relaxing game. Repetitious but that is what I need plus like in order to relax. Very good matching game.

  • Da'bomb

    My three year old was playing & before you know it. Boom💥 I'm addicted.

  • So cute!

    This game is honestly so easy and extremely cute!There isn't a cure of my current addiction to the game👍🏻

  • Not Cool!

    They have introduced a new "splash bonus". However, I am stuck on level 400. Tired of waiting for the lucky board that lets me complete the level. I believe I will never be allowed to move on without spending real money to buy their new gimmick. Not going to do it. It is a game, not an investment. The frustration far out ways any fun at this point. Time to move on to a new game. New players beware. It is so much fun for awhile, until you hit the brick wall. Grrr........

  • BEST GAME!!!

    I love this game I am so addicted to it! What a smart idea!!!!!! I love it and can't wait to show my friends I thought it would be like candy crush or something but this is 10x as better! Thx so much for a amazing game♥️♥️

  • Money

    Great game, just don't like the fact that you have to spend money to buy lives! 👎🏼

  • Jelly splash

    Jelly splash is an AWSOME game that makes it fun but also makes you think. Really worth downloading. !!! Time goes by before you know it. Enjoy.

  • Love it!

    Fun and addictive. Levels can be attained without purchasing anything.

  • I love it

    The best game ever

  • Heaven

    Literally the best game in this entire UNIVERSE its soo addictive so fun and so cute !! I totally recommend it for anyone !! 😽😂💖🎀💮

  • 0404

    It's fun, and easy at first, but after about level 400 they get practically impossible to pass without spending money to buy coins that it's lame and rather disappointing.

  • Love this game

    Look for people who don't like ads and stuff like that this is the game I mean lots of games have an sad right after you play once and I gets annoying but this is amazing

  • Great Entertainment

    I love the game but what don't like is the fact that if you upgrade your phone all of your accomplishment are lost. There has got to a better way to preserve that information.

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