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Megapolis HD

Megapolis HD
4 based on 12,316 Votes
Price Free

The #1 city-builder game in more than 20 countries with over 10M downloads! One million people play every day!
Manage finances and design and develop the primary infrastructure of your own city: Read more...

Megapolis HD is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 4 based on 12,316 Votes. This version 1.71.2033 has an average rating of 4.5 based on 2,041 Users.

Your device must have atleast 118.3 MB of space to download and install Megapolis HD. This application does not have game center . Megapolis HD is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of Social Quantum Ltd at

More Description

* airports

* railway stations

* seaports

* oil and gas mining

* wind, solar and atomic power plants

Regular content updates and city events will add excitement to the life of your Megapolis. Trade materials and build alliances with your neighbors. Challenge your friends to see who can create the most alluring and successful city.


* Awesomely realistic 3D graphics

* World-famous architecture from ancient to modern times

* More than 700 buildings and sites with hundreds of construction materials

* Cooperate with your neighbors

* Expand your city over land and sea

* Challenging tasks, rewards and achievements

What's New on this version 1.71.2033

- An error leading to poor responsiveness when the player has a large number of neighbors and uses materials from the gift window has been fixed.
- An error that caused the game to crash when posting events to Facebook has been fixed.


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  • Entertainment
  • Simulation
  • Strategy

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Support Languages

  • Chinese
  • English, American
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Turkish


Megapolis HD
Megapolis HD
Megapolis HD
Megapolis HD

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • This game is great but Facebook login often won't allow me to open game!

    I really enjoy this game! I love all the new challenges and how you can expand your city. Lately I have had to hit ignore Facebook posting 10 times and the game will not load. I lost 14 contracts last night because of this! Please do an update to fix this problem and then I will be back to giving you 5 stars.

  • Great game

    This is one enjoyable game. Easy to use and understand.

  • All about $$$$$

    Takes mega bucks out of your account for no reason. They just disappear. Should let you use coins to purchase mega bucks.

  • Extras

    1. I still want the extras back. Now I have to wait till they decide to give me the ones I want which means storing mega bucks. 2. Another problem right now is I can't spend the documents. I tried to expanded the land buy spending my documents, I click buy and it closes out and nothing happens please fix this. FYI you get documents as random gifts from your neighbors. Other than that it is a pretty good game. You don't have to spend money, you just have to be patient. and as other people said if you want to complete the random construction that comes up in time you will have to spend money, but that is the only part and it is not nessasary for the game. You just won't get the reward.

  • More bugs than a swamp

    I've been playing the game for over a year. The timeliness and quality of support is atrocious.

  • Awesome

    Awesome game and customer service. There was a "glitch" in the game and they addressed the issue quickly and without a problem....This game is highly addictive and outrageously fun. My husband and I are both hooked! :) I think I may have also gotten a friend of mine hooked, too!

  • Great

    It is very interesting

  • Expensive!

    Great game, addicting, awesome graphics! However, to build your city faster than the speed of smell requires significant outlays of cash, hence the three star rating.

  • Used to Love It... Now, Not So Much! Starting to Love again...

    It is a really fun game the more experienced or further along in the game you become however, it's a little pricey and it seems as if they expect you to finish the tasks / buildings on their schedule. I've written several reviews suggesting improvements however, they've been deleted or erased. All I ask is for a simple update to let us play for the Xtra's that we don't have yet, however it has fallen on deaf ear. Apparently, adding a new subway system is more important. Anyway, I feel I can't proceed until I have the missing Xtra's I still need. Please, let us be able to play for the missing buildings. It would be much appreciated. 12/24 - We need more land to expand on in our city because I prefer not to make the expansions in the new / other locations ( Tourism Island, the Rocky Mountains, & etc... ). I'm also still waiting for access to play for the Xtra's I don't have ( Wright's, Botta's, Gehry's, Gaudia's, & etc... ). I'm finding it hard to comprehend why some of these simple issues still haven't been met. Shouldn't you be trying to appease / make your customers happy. I would think that you would want to keep as many customers as possible. It stands to reason that the more customers you have the more $ you make. Anyway, "Word of Mouth" is a great advertising tool and can either help or hinder the success of your products. Please honor my suggestions, I feel it would be in your best interest and make me a very happy and extremely satisfied customer. Almost forgot, when accessing your Neighbor's Wish List... it would be very beneficial to have all items under each name so you can send gifts more easily to each player. 01/13 - I just wanted to say thanx for giving us the additional land to expand on, however I would still like to be able to play for the Groupings / Xtra's I still don't have yet. I just purchased some more Mega Bucks and would like to use them for that reason. By-the-way, thanx for listening... 02/04 -There are problems w/the trees at the Wood Processing Plant. They are now overlapping buildings that were already in place... Can we please fix this? Also, we are still unable to access / play for the Xtra's / categories we were unable to get the first time they were offered. Please, can we get another chance to obtain / play for them? 02/14 - Could we have one or two more areas to build on... And I am begging you to please give me / us access to the to the Xtra's we still don't have. I really like the buildings from Botta's, Gehry's, Wright's, and Gaudia's. Please, please, please... 03/14 - FYI, I just wanted to let you know that I will not be purchasing anymore Mega Bucks until we get at least two more new large areas of expansion to work on and access to the Xtra's we were unable to obtain the first time around. 04/05 - To my fellow neighbors, I will be stepping away from the game for a while so I won't be able to help out w/your contracts or give you any items to continue building your cities. I have no land to expand on so this is no longer fun for me. I will check back in in a couple of weeks to see if any changes have been made.

  • Looke fun, but it's not

    I can't expand my city. The only way to do so is to buy more mega bucks or wait forever.

  • Fantastic

    One of the best city simulators of all time. Really fun, buy it now.

  • Turkmenistan

    Hi guys I'm from Turkmenistan Ashgabat, I would be so proud if you guys include our new "Yildiz Hotel" to Megapolis. It looks like an egg kinda

  • Awesomer than awesome

    I love this game/app

  • Excelente muy entretenida

    Me he enviciado. Pero pasó momentos distraídos y muy entretenidos. Muy buen trabajo.

  • Suggestions for next update!

    Here are some ideas for the next update, - More landmarks! Space Needle Falling Water Egyptian Pyramids and more! - Sending Messages I've been wanting to send messages since the game first started, so why not add that so players don't feel alone! - Unlocking the new islands When will we see the new islands?? o3o - Some major projects More hotels, skyscrapers, and try to add more space to build, I've seen very big cities, but with all the major projects, it just seems to make in crowded, so try to expand the map!


    Trust me save yourself the heartache and never ever install this game! I've been playing for months and wasn't getting anywhere construction wise so I decided to treat myself and buy $100 worth of megabucks. Well, for some reason my card kept getting charged so I ended up with $500 in charges for "fake" game money. I contacted the company to let them know what happened and to request and refund for the extra 400 in charges. I was told THEY DO NOT GIVE REFUNDS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! What kind of company does business that way? Ridiculous! Anyways, since they refused to give my money back I went ahead and spent the Megabucks. Let me add that when I bought them they were on special so I got double or 2500 for each 99.99 I spent. So in all I ended up with 12500 megabucks. YET I STILL COULD BARELY COMPLETE ANY CONSTRUCTION! Am still nowhere in the game with hundreds more construction projects needing assets to build. And I've discovered the higher you go in the game the more dependent upon megabucks the game becomes. Trust me you will never ever be able to build the city you want without spending thousands of real dollars. I went to the website megalopolis wiki, and it will tell you the megabucks cost of each construction project. I was going to get a total cost but I got tired of counting at 23,000 megabucks. Let me break down for you exactly what that means. Say you have 10 friends and they send you an asset everyday that you actually need, which isn't realistic but for example sake we say they do, 10 a day for 1 month is 300 in a year that's 3,600 that means it would take 6 1/2 years to build everything in the game without spending real money. And that's not counting all the new buildings etc that they would add during that 6 years. If you didn't want to wait for friends you would end up paying $2000 in real money to build everything not counting all the extras they constantly add. The people that made this game are incredibly selfish. Who spends $2000 on a video game?? Nobody I know. Not to mention they have horrible customer service. They might .have a lot of people downloading their game, but I guarantee that most people get fed up after a few months and quit playing. Who wants to wait months to build 1 building? I think that all the players of mega polis should get together and boycott the game. For a few days to let the developers know that we don't appreciate being swindled, and we do not like greedy developers. They should give you way more for your real money and cut the costs of construction. I'm so sickened with this game that I would delete it if I hadn't. Spent $500 on it. I could've went and bought a whole gaming system and a few games for that much money. So, please, for your sanitys sake do not install or play this game!!!

  • Fun

    Can you fix a bug

  • Good game huge storage reqs.

    This app takes nearly 1gb of storage on my iPad mini

  • Favorite Time Waster

    Strategic planning and delayed gratification abound! What a great way to spend an absurd amount of time!

  • Awesome


  • Hate it

    Constant crashes make this app terrible. I don't remember when I was able to play without at least one crash. I have tried everything. Reloading, rebooting, shutting down all apps and nothing works.

  • Was interesting...

    The buildings are really nice, beautiful detail (do some of those buildings actually exist? Many are amazing!). I can't seem to play anymore now. Apparently there's no connection, and it gave me an option to connect to Facebook or Social Quantum. I'm not a part of either (but I "connect" myself to the second one). It won't connect to the second one, and I'm not a part of FB (and I refuse to sign up just to play this). Big bummer. I found this an interesting game, but now it won't connect (and again I refuse to sign up to FB). I'll try this again if there's any updates.

  • I play all the time.

    But I spent way too much to enjoy it.

  • Adios Amigos!

    No more paying $20 for a silly object. I wait a whole week and all they offer is one silly megabuck. And if I manage to build up a measly 10 mega bucks, a single building will wipe those out in a second. I'm taking my money somewhere else. These developers are WAY too greedy.

  • Great city building game!

    Great looking fun to build and layout following quests! Somewhat rigid in overall layout design options, you only get to layout half the city yourself. The other half is predesignated locations.

  • Megapolis-Megaexpensive

    Don't be mistaken, you cannot play this game satisfactorily without spending a ton of real money. The vast majority of building that is required to advance and open new zones can only be done with megabucks, and the only way to get megabucks is to purchase them. Megabucks are expensive and the amount of megabucks required to build is insane. Don't expect the game desingers to change this either. They must be making a lot of money. The greed the designers exhibit in this game design far exceeds anything I have seen in the app store. You've been warned!

  • Blah!

    This game is awful. Nice graphics but the business model wants you to buy parts of the game really necessary to enjoy the game. Way tooooo expensive!

  • Like it

    Game is fun but money is hard to earn compared to what is needed to build and expand.

  • Latest update

    Major stability problems. Can't play for five minutes without crashing. Liked this game and played it a lot before the update but issues need to be fixed if I'm going to continue playing. - Tried playing for three days since the update and I think it's actually getting worse. No response from customer service when I've asked questions. - Seems to have improved the stability somewhat, so I am raising my ratings a couple of stars from one to three. Still a few problems to fix, but it's gotten better. 2/18/14 - Stability problems seem to have returned. Frequently crashes almost as soon as I open. NO FUN TO PLAY IF IT CONSTANTLY CRASHES!!!!

  • Fun for Builders

    Cheaper than REAL estate !

  • Booooring city sim, *YAAwn*

    This city sim is boring and awful.......

  • Fun game!

    Fun game but does not have good explanation of how to play or game details.

  • Good but getting expensive

    Would be nice if there were a way to rotate the camera view. I have to move buildings constantly to see what's behind them. Also would like to see a way to complete the seemingly endless number of construction jobs without spending so much real money. Maybe a way to pay with coins collected or a megabucks bonus for each job completed.

  • Pretty,

    It is a very pretty game and very detailed BUT it's very expensive and I don't just mean real money. Game money is earned slowly and spent quickly. It is next to impossible to expand the city on Apple. You need "Documents" which you can't ask for on the apple. It takes a long time to complete construction projects and sometimes you can't even use items you have towards things you are building. You have to give them away.

  • Goody good good game

    The best city builder game I've ever played keep making more

  • Very fun!

    Great addicting architecture game that is reminiscent of a roller coaster tycoon type game.

  • Game In Decline

    I liked this game at first. However, over time the quality of the game has declined to the point that I am sorry that I spent any money on in-game purchases. The game frequently crashes, sometimes undoing work that you’ve done during the session. The performance of the game has become so bad that it is nearly impossible to do anything (and I’m running it on a gen 4 iPad). If you feel inclined to download the app and check it out, do yourself a favor and don’t spend any money on it.

  • The most notorious case of $$$ extortion

    I have yet to see another app in App Store that demands so much money and so often via in-app purchases. Happily deleted.

  • Fun but a complete rip off!

    This game is a complete rip off the developers are incredibly greedy. Whenever you finally finish a project that took 3+ months to complete they add one more phase to finish it that requires more supplies. The supplies require megabucks which cost REAL money and they occasionally give you a few supplies but when you have a project that requires 100 supplies or more it won't be completed for a few months unless you invest your own hard earned dollars into it. Don't download this app it isn't worth it.

  • Worst support EVER! Lost Game!

    2/9/2014- I still have received NO reply from support about my game being started completely over at e beginning. This happened after playing more than 6 months and spending over $100 in real cash. I purchased megabucks on dec. 31 which were never added to my game. I wrote to customer support multiple times to have my bucks added to my game, and the only response I ever got was a survey about how quickly they fixed my problem. NEVER!!!!! This has happened many times. Now a new problem. After the last update I lost my entire game from 8 months of playing and spending over $100 in real money. They started me over from the beginning. Please Replace my full game and my megabucks, or I will continue to add to this review how your support is horrible.

  • Really Great Game

    This game is one of my favorite ways to waste time. And for all you who say its impossible to make any progress without spending real money, I built a city over about 8 months with more than 2 million people and have spent maybe $5 at the most. However, I do agree that the only way you could complete ALL the tasks they give you and build EVERYTHING you would definitely have to spend real money. Also, I know this shouldn't bother me, but it does: no matter how many lanes of roads you build there is always still only two or three cars driving around, in the next update can you please make the city more busy? because it's just so weird see all my infrastructure and no people hardly there... it's like a huge empty city. besides that the game is great and I don't think I will ever get tired of it!👍

  • rate


  • very good

    very good

  • Great game

    Addictive. .



  • Good game

    Good game

  • Fix the game

    Games crashes all the time and cannot expand territory.

  • Fix the glitch

    If you plan on down loading is game on your gs3 don't bother , the game will shut down every 3min and a message comes up if you would like to report why it stopes work done this a tone of time over the last 5 months and these people do not want to fix this glitch, it was working great tell one of there updates

  • Metropolis city

    We are complaining about how we cannot use territorial expansion documents to expand our city someone needs to fix this problem now so are city can function better!!!

  • really good!

    Amazing game. I've spent hour and hour on it.

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