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Megapolis HD

Megapolis HD
4 based on 14,864 Votes
Price Free

The #1 city-builder game in more than 20 countries with over 10M downloads! One million people play every day!
Manage finances and design and develop the primary infrastructure of your own city: Read more...

Megapolis HD is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 4 based on 14,864 Votes. This version 2.60.9265 has an average rating of 4 based on 19 Users.

Your device must have atleast 100.5 MB of space to download and install Megapolis HD. This application is game center enabled . Megapolis HD is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of Social Quantum Ltd at

Support Languages

Chinese , English, American , French , German , Italian , Japanese , Korean , Portuguese , Spanish , Turkish


Games , Strategy , Simulation , Entertainment ,


Megapolis HD
Megapolis HD
Megapolis HD
Megapolis HD

Additional Information

* airports

* railway stations

* seaports

* oil and gas mining

* wind, solar and atomic power plants

Regular content updates and city events will add excitement to the life of your Megapolis. Trade materials and build alliances with your neighbors. Challenge your friends to see who can create the most alluring and successful city.


* Awesomely realistic 3D graphics

* World-famous architecture from ancient to modern times

* More than 700 buildings and sites with hundreds of construction materials

* Cooperate with your neighbors

* Expand your city over land and sea

* Challenging tasks, rewards and achievements

What's New on this version 2.60.9265

A large update awaits you!

Very soon, you’ll be able to build the ultra-modern Megapolis Airport, send cargo and passengers out on international flights and get a significant income for your efforts.

On top of that, we’ve fixed several bugs and increased the app’s stability.
Moving and deleting objects has been improved. You can now go into move and delete mode by long-pressing on an object.

Hurry and visit the game to check out the changes!

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • New update - bring back moving experience

    Great app - love the game - last update change the way we could move objects within the city's main region - used to be able to assist moves by clicking the GO TO map and select the area (within the same region) - after new update you can only move objects by scrolling them across the entire region - makes moves very slow - please change that back. :-). 5 stars I love this game

  • Megaoplis

    Great mind game. You don't have to spend big bucks if you are patient and develop friends. Now it seems to constantly crash. What's up?

  • The game neeeed fix a lot of fixing

    The update is useless the game crack all the time and close by it self and it takes ages to collect money and megabuks I'm getting bored of it but I want to compleat it and the tasks take a lot of time and things to do it that's awful bleeeees fix it I wanna play it againe 😞😞😞😞

  • Disappearing currency

    Giving game it's 5 stars back, support repaired the disappearing currency problem- good job.

  • Not fun

    Played for over 2 yrs. Finally deleted it. You spend ALOT of time trying to complete tasks and buildings because each one is collecting 100 items on each of 6 levels ....ridiculous. Took months to complete a single task. I got to point I had lots of coin, didn't need to do contracts anymore, but everything you want is in megabucks. Which they want u to buy. I bought nothing, my city was big, but everything had to be plopped where there was space...not pretty. Space costs megabucks too so u can't design a pretty layout. Last straw was this Ring Road, which is divided into tons of sections, each requiring hundreds of items to build, multiplied by multiple stage levels. You spend more time being patient and waiting than happy building. Ring road would take a year...and all I would have to show for it is a lousy road in a circle. Sometimes they throw you a few megabucks, but it doesn't go far. The stock exchange is a mystery and waste of time...No megabucks to be got there. The treasure hunt yields no megabucks also. Gifts from neighbors trickle in and much is not what you need. No fun is bottom line!

  • MegaHD

    Love the game.... <3

  • Squeezing every dollar possible

    Would like to say, I have been playing this game for over a year. I like city builders and this game does just that. The last few updates have been nice to look. Just wish they wouldn't put out updates that require you to spend to complete. Understand that spending is required but the last few have been just poo p on the the wallet.

  • What's with all the pop ups?

    Cannot, repeat, CANNOT do anything due to pop ups every 3 to 5 seconds wanting me to buy buildings. Stop it already.

  • Once a great game

    I played this game every day for almost a year with no problems. Since ios9 came out I haven't been able to log in at all.

  • Please fix

    The game won't load since iOS update

  • No longer works

    Game won't even load after iOS update. Please fix.

  • Need an update!

    I enjoy playing this game daily. But since I updated to iOS 9 I cannot stay in the game for more than 30 seconds. Please fix the game to work with the new iOS.

  • Fix crash bug!!

    Come on guys! I can not stay playing game due to freezing up then crashing!! On both FB an Social Quantum!! Get it together!!

  • Great game and...

    I have some other city building game and in my opinion, I would say it is my personal favorite game and not just for the building category and I do not have the best city ever but I still think I can and will get a lot better.

  • Almost there

    I have more coins and no mega bucks

  • So far so good

    This game is very fun. It is still working properly. Hope it doesn't crash like some people have reported.

  • When doesn't this game crash?

    I've had this game for many many months and I can't remember a time where it ran as it should. As with many others I have time and $ invested so I keep giving this game "one more" chance...but the fact that I am here writing a review of how annoyingly frustrating it is is a sign that my end time is coming. Don't waste your time and money. Don't download this app.

  • A sad state of affairs

    After having been loyal to this game for well over a year, playing every day, and spending 100's of dollars to invest, the game simply does NOT work anymore. I can't collect rent and can't spend any money to purchase anything either. I haven't logged issues a couple of times only to be told that the issue is being worked on and that everyone has the issue. I doubt the issue will ever be fixed and my investment is lost. Happy for the developers that now sit back drinking frosty drinks at its players expense.

  • Expensive & Buggy

    I've played everyday for 18 months to get daily free items. I have 100 active friends who give me free things. I've spent $200, buying in bulk and waiting for sales. I'm maybe 10% complete. Now the game fails every two minutes. Very buggy after last update.

  • Fun!

    I used to like this game! Now I hate it as the "use the topaz" tab constantly comes up not even allowing game play. Every time I click on a building or try to collect money the stupid "use the topaz" buttons pop up forcing me to close the screen 4-5 times before I can collect rent from one building then the topaz screen is back again over and over. As if they are ramming spending money on the game down your throat. It comes up so many times over and over again the game is not worth playing any longer.

  • Good Game

    What would be nice if, like the train stations, infrastructures they would accumulate money.

  • 2 choices - hacks or real-life bankruptcy

    The game is a lot of fun, but it's impossible to get very far without spending boatloads of real money. Hundreds, probably thousands, of objects to build and some are multiple levels deep, most of which can be gained only with game money. Game money, of course, costs real money. Spent $10 for $200 and that's just a drop in the bucket . You continually run out ot power and water. I see that there are hacks on YouTube that give you unlimited $ and coins, but what's the point of that. Enjoy this game for a while and then delete it. Wile you are playing, use all your $ for expansions, build mostly production facilities, avoid projects like the hydroelectric dam or the bus station like the plague.

  • Great City-building Fun

    This game allows for great fun in building a city, resort isle, winter community, and entertainment destination all in one. There are great quests every few weeks and lots of awesome and amazing things to build!

  • Nice


  • Love the game BUT!!!!!!

    As I try to complete one of my trains the app crashes and clears out any construction that did

  • Thieves!

    I have put so much $ into the his game it is embarrassing. Now with this latest update, you erased close to a year of what I put into this stupid games! Basically, took my $ & I am S. O. L.

  • Megapolis

    This is a rip off at best the stuff is ridiculously expensive, and then you got ten thousand upgrades witch always cost you an absurd amount of money or wait for it you can spend your own real hard earned money in witch the building never will complete with out one of the two and its almost impossible to do anything and this takes away from the enjoyment of the game it's self an it would be good but not for this non-sense I listed above.

  • Laz0317

    I wish they will create new regions to build more stuff on, I'm getting bored of the additional little gets tedious.

  • Was great now crashes ever time

    Fix the crashing ASAP or refund the massive amount of money people have spent. The game literally will not work for more than 10-15 seconds Unacceptable.

  • Add a soccer stadiums like the nou camp and Wembley and Santiago Bernabeau

    Add a soccer update where we can build a soccer club

  • Good game, but crashes all the time!

    Please let me play this game!! Fix the crashing for ipad 2!

  • Good game but you need a lot of friends to build stuff

    Crashing issue is fixed by restarting device.

  • Fun!

    Super fun game, add people in Game Center to get tons and tons of daily parts that are needed for some construction.

  • Fix it please

    After the last update you can't even play anymore. Game crashes after a minute or two every time. Time to delete.

  • Good but could be better

    I like most features of this game but it could use some tweaks, particularly in the length of time it takes to build things and the payouts are very small for buildings which cost a lot to build.

  • Crashes every two minutes.

    Very annoying. Ever since the last update this game just crashes.

  • Rate

    Great game but takes forever to build special items such as tunnels and airports.

  • It crashes

    I have to start all over in collecting my taxes! And also there is a bug while placing roads.. Its getting too expensive playing this game

  • Too much and glitchy

    Good time passer. But there is becoming too many objects to buy and build with assets. It keeps crashing on me, and sometimes all the ones I collected tax from reset. And we're supposed to spend money on this?

  • Cannot Play Anymore

    The update requires new iOS which is not available on older iPads. Game requires you to update and will not start. After over a year of playing I cannot play anymore.

  • Great game

    Great graphics on the game.

  • Don't Like The Update

    Game was better before the last update. It crashes now and when collecting from neighbors it looses their position and you have to scroll right again to get to the next neighbor. Did not have to do that before the update.

  • Very fun

    It's awesome

  • Too much

    Glitchy and why do so many buildings need so many upgrades. There needs to be a task limit. So many tasks keep coming up that I can't keep track of the ones I'm doing and I can't keep up with all of them.

  • Facebook connection

    This update brought crashes and sudden location switches. And, srsly, do we need 5 upgrade stages of every station. Stop the greed, fix the bugs.

  • Addicting

    Every time I get a notification I have to play this game!!!!!!!!!! Love it so much


    06/25/14 - I think it's time for one or two more large new areas of land to expand on... at least 41 x 41 or larger. There is a huge area north of the Amusement Park / Concert Sub-Division that is at least 40 x 70. Or, there is another large area to the left / southwest of Riverside Station to expand on. Please, just let us purchase the expansion land to build on without forcing us to complete one of your little building projects. I think it is time for you to make a little compromise and give this to us. We would really appreciate it very much. 07/10/14 - Hello out there... I need more land to expand on in order to work on building up the Washington D.C. challenge. The only undeveloped area I have is in the Rocky Mountains and the task / challenge doesn't come up in that area. Also, since I ran out of land to expand on in Megapolis I had to place a few Bus Buildings on Tourism Island so now I am unable to advance further with the bus station because the game no longer recognizes that those buildings have been built. I need your help to continue... 08/19 - Can we please get some new land to expand on? I am unable to participate in any of your new challenges without land to build on. All of my land has been built on. Can you please do the right thing and give me additional land to build / expand on? 09/05 - Hello out there, is anyone listening? What happened to the big update in August... I think there are many others out there like me that would prefer some extra land to build on rather than wasting our mega bucks on pirate forts or polo arenas. It's very simple, give us the extra land we want and I'll purchase the Mega Bucks. 10/14 - When does Las Megas open up? I could really use some land to work on. It's pointless to buy any buildings if I have nowhere to put them. 11/15 - Hello again, what the hell is going on with this game? Last night I had 9 more days left to work on finishing the tasks for Las Megas and today I have none. I just started to work on it and now it's been taken away from me so I am unable to collect the rewards for completing all of the tasks. What kind of game are you playing? Just trying to get me to spend all of my Mega Bucks so I will have to buy more. Anyway, do you think it would ever be possible to give us the opportunity to expand on some new land in Megapolis instead of always having us complete your buildings? I would really like to use some of the buildings that I have already bought that are stored in my warehouse and put them on the new land. I would also be able to play for the world capitals if I had this land. And I would spend my real money willingly. Just a thought... 12/18 - love the new railroad..... 02/24/15 - I think it's finally time to give us a few more squares of land to build on. 03/17/15 - I would prefer to build on one or two more large plots of land 45 x 45 or larger than on the five or six little islands that were just added to the Las Megas side. There is plenty of empty space out there where we can do our own building on if you just let us. 03/22 - I have a request, since we're not getting any additional land of our own to build on could we get more access to the wasted / empty spaces of land on the five islands in Las Megas? 04/03 - Can we please fix the road that is coming off of the Constellation Bridge, it doesn't look right with the circles in it. It needs to look more like a road. Also, I am getting very board... I really really need more regular land to build on. I think it is time for four or five more new sections. 04/24/15 - The new updates, the new buildings, the special key, and etc... are all very nice however, it seems a little pointless to buy any of it when I have no land to put it on. Also, it makes no sense to continue playing when you cap off the money I can collect from my citizens and contracts I send out. Even though I collect the money, the amount never goes up.

  • Great

    But too addicting- be careful.

  • Love This Game, But Have Ideas

    •A list you can scroll through to view all of the buildings / infrastructure / landmarks currently under under construction (i.e. needs more assets) •The ability to win / earn Megabucks and Coins by completing a task (such as watching a video, downloading an app, etc.) •The ability to remove an applied asset from a building / infrastructure / landmark currently under construction to apply it to another.

  • I love this game

    This is my 3rd time building LIZZYLAND. I fell in love on my phone then moved to a small tablet and now am on a large tablet. It keeps me as busy as I want. If I don't have time it just sits and waits till I do.

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