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Megapolis HD

Megapolis HD
4.5 based on 14,026 Votes
Price Free

The #1 city-builder game in more than 20 countries with over 10M downloads! One million people play every day!
Manage finances and design and develop the primary infrastructure of your own city: Read more...

Megapolis HD is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 4.5 based on 14,026 Votes. This version 1.92.3202 has an average rating of 4.5 based on 7 Users.

Your device must have atleast 140.7 MB of space to download and install Megapolis HD. This application is game center enabled . Megapolis HD is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of Social Quantum Ltd at

More Description

* airports

* railway stations

* seaports

* oil and gas mining

* wind, solar and atomic power plants

Regular content updates and city events will add excitement to the life of your Megapolis. Trade materials and build alliances with your neighbors. Challenge your friends to see who can create the most alluring and successful city.


* Awesomely realistic 3D graphics

* World-famous architecture from ancient to modern times

* More than 700 buildings and sites with hundreds of construction materials

* Cooperate with your neighbors

* Expand your city over land and sea

* Challenging tasks, rewards and achievements

What's New on this version 1.92.3202

Big update in Megapolis!

Take part in new special offers for valuable prizes and discounts!

Working with mail has been made easier for you. Events now show transitional rewards, and you can now delete social network friends from your neighbor list!

The game's stability and efficiency has been increased, many small bugs have been fixed, and now you can know your exact position in the TOP! We've considered all your requests, and now playing Megapolis will be even more fun!


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  • Entertainment
  • Simulation
  • Strategy

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Support Languages

  • Chinese
  • English, American
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Turkish


Megapolis HD
Megapolis HD
Megapolis HD
Megapolis HD

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Very very bad

    This biggest app updates is the worst. It crashes whenever you tap online. It often crashes after a long wait loading. Gotta say I never wanted to play it again

  • Number one

    Love it

  • Hello

    This Success,in the dream。

  • Very, very expensive!!!!

    SQ does not add enough new territory so the game eventually becomes a building collecting game with nowhere to put the numerous buildings they provide. I didn't mind the expense when I could actually plan, design and build a city, but that is no longer the case after only 5 months of daily play. There are also too many fixed structures in adjacent areas to the empty areas most of which frustrate and contradict the design of player-defined areas. Members have been raising this issue on the SQ forum and support tickets from before I began in January but SQ has totally ignored it. Instead they have squandered development resources on redesigning buildings that already exist and creating a new splash screen.

  • Time challenge

    I think that there should be a a first responders timed quest. You guys should add a large hospital, like the ones you can't move, and a large fire and police station. Also, you should add more variations of fire and police stations. If you did this, that would make me so happy! p.s.- my father is a first responder

  • Awesome!

    I've just downloaded this game and it is far better than most other simulation games I played. Very pleased with the HD graphics as well. The problems every one else has spoken of hasn't occurred, but I do hope that bugs were removed prior to the latest update. Love this game and didn't have to spend a dime!

  • Awesome addictive

    This game is great for someone who only has a few minutes a day to play a game or great for someone with a few hours to play.

  • C'mon!

    I've been playing for a year and a half now. Seems like every time there is an update it starts crashing. Please fix! Ever since the upgrade around the 4th of July this thing crashes all the time. Very frustrating!!

  • Not happy!

    I have been playing this game for about six months. All of a sudden in mid July the only way the app lets you login is if you link it to your Facebook account. There was no notice given and no other way to play. I do not want apps linked to my Facebook & sending email invites to the game to my friends list. This needs to be fixed. Otherwise do not waste your time with this

  • Crashes

    This is an interesting game when you can play it. It gets frustrating when it crashes every 3 to 5 minutes. For the money that I've put into it, it's not worth it. I've just about given up on it. I have also noticed that a lot of my neighbors have left the game. Come on guys , let's fix this and maybe I will come back. See ya!

  • Best

    Just give bucks

  • ****Why is the app forcing me to Facebook? Requesting all monies returned please****

    The game is great for what it is... ***However, it works for a while and then doesn't work!!*** **********Just now after I just purchased a lot of mega bucks and playing for a second time in the day it is making me choose a social network (which it has never done before) and will curiously only work when I accept Facebook as the one.********** Social Quantum Network isn't even recognized.. ***An error message is displayed to change networks.. **** Retried SQ a hundred times, it didn't matter.. But as long as I chose Facebook it was smooth running.. I don't need to sign in and play with Facebook, there is no reason to make me play on FB. I do not want my FB attached to this. it is private and not up for connection.. I would just like to play. Please just let me play and I'll stay, however keep forcing me to use a network and We leave. Can I get a witness here?

  • Convoluted and expensive

    Snarky support. Sold expansions by mistake by clicking on the picture - not the sell button. Got a condescending email back from support that was not much help at all. Already spent real cash or I'd just delete it and I have some good friends helping. Took a month just to get the zoo FOUNDATION built!

  • Junk

    Don't get

  • Time for an expansion...

    06/25 - I think it's time for one or two more large new areas of land to expand on... at least 41 x 41 or larger. There is a huge area north of the Amusement Park / Concert Sub-Division that is at least 40 x 70. Or, there is another large area to the left / southwest of Riverside Station to expand on. Please, just let us purchase the expansion land to build on without forcing us to complete one of your little building projects. I think it is time for you to make a little compromise and give this to us. We would really appreciate it very much. 07/10 - Hello out there... I need more land to expand on in order to work on building up the Washington D.C. challenge. The only undeveloped area I have is in the Rocky Mountains and the task / challenge doesn't come up in that area. Also, since I ran out of land to expand on in Megapolis I had to place a few Bus Buildings on Tourism Island so now I am unable to advance further with the bus station because the game no longer recognizes that those buildings have been built. I need your help to continue...

  • 传输到


  • Help

    I love this game but recently it wont start up, how do i fix this?

  • Beware all the shill ratings from the developers.

    This game is no sim city and the developers take in app purchases to a new level of greed and stupidity. You don't build all the buildings you build foundations that require outrageous stuff ranging from 15 hard hats to 10 sticks of rebar and other non-sensible junk between that cost "mega bucks" for each foundation. You must buy Mega Bucks with your real money. Mega Bucks are also only used to expand your city's land. .. You don't need roads, residential or industrial just power, water and infrastructure buildings. You make coins from infrastructure but WATCH OUT!! The developers like to change the cost, payout time for infrastructure items in a extremely lame attempt to get players to spend more money. You can build a tax office to auto collect taxes but after so many collections it cost guessed it MEGA BUCKS... I was making about 12000000 coins every 30 hours, before the last update, I now make 11000000 every two weeks! The developers will sell me 12000000 coins for $100 USD in the in-app purchase. Don't waste your time or your money on this one. Like I said BEWARE ALL THE SHILL 5 STAR RATINGS

  • great game

    great game

  • Bug issue

    I give the game 3 stars. Reason why is because now I can't even get into the game! It just sits at the menu and constantly says starting, and it just stays in that screen! Please fix the bug issue and I will gladly change to 5.

  • Fix it

    Crashes constantly. Seems they won't address problem. Beware!

  • Really a nice game

    This game is a lot of fun

  • Megabucks/ New Place

    This game is great but there needs to be more Megabucks!!! And for the new update can there be a new place and it be Hogwarts

  • Awesome game!:)

    It's great so far

  • Great app

    Really fun app try it out!

  • App crashes. And it crashes. And crashes...

    Did I mention this app crashes? "Suggested Fix" was to the effect of "switch to a different network source". I only use one--my wireless router. And it has nothing to do with this app, WHICH CONSTANTLY CRASHES.

  • Really Great Game

    This game is one of my favorite ways to pass time. And for all you who say its impossible to make any progress without spending real money, I built a city over about 8 months with more than 3 million people and have spent maybe $5 at the most. However, I do agree that the only way you could complete ALL the tasks they give you and build EVERYTHING you would definitely have to spend real money. Another thing is that when you do spend money, you do not get a fair share of mega bucks. You can basically spend 20 dollars and only complete 1 building project. I don't mind spending money, but who wants to spend hundreds of dollars on an internet game? I mean tbh I've played a lot of games and this literally beats every single one at its intent to steal your cash. Also, I know this shouldn't bother me, but it does: no matter how many lanes of roads you build there is always still only two or three cars driving around. Out of all those 3 million people I see about ten cars on my roads. in the next update can you please make the city more busy? besides that the game is great and I don't think I will ever get tired of it!👍

  • Good game

    It's pretty fun.

  • Buyer Beware -- No Going Back

    The game itself seems fun. HOWEVER, as many people have discovered, there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY to restart or reset the game once you start playing. For some reason that is lost on me, the developers have tied the game's progress either to your device or your Facebook account (you can choose, but then you are locked in). I contacted customer support about this, and they sent me a form letter saying that there is no way of restarting the game, other than "you need to create a new Facebook account" or I guess, purchase a new iPad. Too bad. The game seemed fun, but once you figure it out, you can't go back to correct early mistakes made as a newbie. I, like thousands of others, won't be playing anymore. If they ever add a reset option, I'll take another look.

  • Excelente juego

    Pocos bucks

  • Good game but no reset option.

    I like the game, however I do not like the way I did some things and would like the chance to restart. There is no option to re set the game. I have deleted the app and redownloaded it but since it uses Facebook, my previous city is still there. So I won't be playing it anymore until I can reset.

  • Can't play without money

    This game is very cool but unless you spend real money you can't play.

  • Awesome

    I love this game a lot but there needs to be a little more availability in to getting megabucks and coins. I want to be able to actually build a city and not get stuck with a little. We all should be able to make large cities and enjoy it.

  • Can't downLoad

    Why do I have to wait for wifi when I pay for 4g data?!

  • Awesome game

    I love this game

  • Good but gets old

    I would play it every morning then after a few weeks,I would stop. Then not play as much. Pettey much like Big Win.

  • great game

    Dad and his 4 year old enjoy playing the game together.

  • Bugs and glitches

    Fix bugs and glitches

  • Hate it

    When I got the HD version, I decided to delete my other version but it cleaned my entire city with the dam I spent so much on! Come on megapolis! 💩💀👹👺👿😈👎

  • It would take years

    Don't Like that you can't convert coin to mega bucks. Kinda lame

  • Fun


  • Awesome Game

    This game is cool!

  • Takes too long and costly

    Good graphics but it takes too long to play

  • Great Game!

    Great graphics, lots of fun!!!

  • Megapolis HD

    Never, never, would I recommend this site. I did NOT want to download it, but it would not let me exit. Zero stars/bad business tactics

  • Confusing

    Fun but confusing

  • It is amazing

    The best game.

  • Addictingghhjkhvchjgccyjc


  • not very intresting

    i think it starts off great but i dont know what it is about THIS game that makes it soo...boring compared to other games like these

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    Rut cutrcetuxuytfukgvukgvukgviyrdturdyitfiytfiytdiytfyitfuitfiytftyi

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