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Jackpot Party *** - Slots

Jackpot Party *** - Slots
3.5 based on 14,058 Votes
Price Free

Jackpot Party **** brings all the excitement of REAL WMS Gaming **** slots to your iOS enabled device for free!
With titles like ZEUS II, INVADERS FROM THE PLANET MOOLAH, and ROME AND EGYPT you’ll have all the lights and sounds of Read more...

Jackpot Party *** - Slots is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 12+ (Application may not suitable for children under the age of 12). This application has an average rating of 3.5 based on 14,058 Votes. This version 3.10 has an average rating of 3.5 based on 415 Users.

Your device must have atleast 49.9 MB of space to download and install Jackpot Party *** - Slots. This application does not have game center . Jackpot Party *** - Slots is Free to download and install on your mobile device

More Description

Vegas in the palm of your hand. Connect with Facebook to compete and gift with friends, unlock new slots, and Win Big!

Play on these outstanding WMS Gaming slot machines right now!

- Zeus II

- Invaders from the planet Moolah

- Brazilian Beauty

- Jungle Wild

- Reel Rich Devil

- Fortunes of the Caribbean

- Super Jackpot Party

- Buffalo Spirit

- Rome and Egypt

- Hearts of Venice

- Enchanted Kingdom

- Reels O’ Dublin

- Black Knight

- Kronos

- Sabertooth

- I Love Lucy

- Bruce Lee

Spin on hit G+, Hot Hot Super Respin, Cascading Reels and other popular WMS Gaming machines. Jackpot Party **** is the hot spot to play real **** slots with no real wagering. Now is your chance to take a piece of the fun! Good luck and we’ll see you on the **** floor!

Jackpot Party **** is a Play for Fun **** that is intended for amusement only.

Note: Guest account does NOT merge with Facebook account

What's New on this version 3.10

- Additional Slot Content
- Misc updates


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  • Social Networking
  • Card
  • Casino

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Support Languages

  • English, American


Jackpot Party *** - Slots
Jackpot Party *** - Slots
Jackpot Party *** - Slots
Jackpot Party *** - Slots

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Game request

    1. Great to play your favorite casino games on your iPad in the comfort of your home 2. The app keeps hanging up due to "server connection problem", especially when you hit a big win. This makes me wonder if the program has problems, and if so, maybe the real casino games has some as well. 3. Don't you folks at the lab have "life of luxary"?

  • Awesome

    I love this app!!! (:

  • Really amazing game

    It's good if you're bored....

  • 👍👍👍

    Love it great game

  • Love

    Súper divertido

  • Thumbs up

    This game is very exciting!!! I can't stop playing!

  • Bill crap!!!!!

    I hit for over 120,000 on a bonus, and over 20,000 on another!!! As soon as I hit the spin button my bank goes back to what it was before the bonus! It takes to long to get on a roll with this game and when I finally do it screws me out of my winnings!!!!!!!!!

  • Best game have on my phone

    I really like this game same d game they have at the c no I like the frist game a lot because I won 1900 at the c no most I won anywhere cool game to get Ur c no on

  • Slow

    Only loaded it to get bonuses somewhere else

  • Constantly takes wins away

    When I get a big win this game stalls and a blank screen comes on and says" submitting spin to server" then blinks off. When I return the big win is gone. What a rip off! Very disappointed because the games are just like casino.

  • Lost connections

    I've lost so many points cuz I keep losing internet connections. Very very annoying. About every 5 minutes I have to re load it. Thanks. Dory lake. PLEASE FIX!'!!!!!

  • Love the game

    Awesome game!

  • How can you win??

    Please let them hit. I've spent over 100$. In two days. I can't get anything to play on. I really can't afford it!! But really love playing. But you must no that. That why you not letting them hit. And just keep taking money. Please they suppose to be fun. And can you give me hot offer?? Never got it all weekend. But most everyone else did. Don't understand why?? Please!!!! If I bet really low then maybe but if I bet 600 not a thing. Come on jackpot party!! Give to us as we give to you!!! I really have to give it up. Not any fun. There are so so tight!! If and when you get bonus it gives nothing back. Jungle wild, gorilla chef, queens knight, black knight. Are just some of the games that boy you can't even get bonus. You stay on same game or move to different games. Don't matter. You just take the fun totally out of it. Thus really is a scam. That much money and can't even play fir a few weeks. WOW!!!! Love playing but not when you don't return at all. You can so see all you want is money!!! Someone turn this game in!! Iam sick to my tummy how you can't play and have fun. If you buy 25$ worth it's gone within 2 hours if that long. And that's not betting high!! Robbery!!!! Now what the hell suppose to get 20,000 and only got 10,000. On my bonus every 4 hours?? Wow yo really don't want me playing. I wouldn't write in if they were a little looser. Take it all!!

  • Faulty

    The win meter has not moved in days. I have played many hours and am collecting bonuses but I am not advancing. What's up?

  • Fun till they want $$

    Set up to make u pay money not fun After a while

  • don't pay

    games are lots of fun but unfortunately many times it'll lose spin and won't pay! it doesn't correct itself like Slotomania! takes lots of space on ur phone so will delete!

  • Thieves!!

    Don't know if it's a glitch or intentional part of the game but most times when you collect your bonus, you don't get the full amount! Otherwise, it's a great game! Don't have to deal with smoke in your face & drunks to enjoy gambling.

  • Grunt

    Awesome slot game. Can't get enough.

  • Great slots

    Love the slot titles

  • Horrible

    No fun when you don't win for months.

  • Serious glitches

    Been playing this awhile, and just really not impressed with the play.... I think I am done with this, just had a bonus win of over 70k and it never went into my account....

  • Very dissatisfied player

    If only there was a minus 1000 rating it would be too good for this Game.

  • Chontae

    I hate it at first but like it a little more now.


    I like this game because with a bonus every 4 hours it's easy to keep enough coin in your account to play whenever you want to....

  • Fix Error Message

    Need to connect to internet to run Jackpot? Please fix connection. Connection poor at times

  • Junk

    F this game. Play about 30 seconds at a time, I'm not spending real money on a pretend game

  • Player

    I have purchased coins and lost all coins and levels when I restarted play. I will delete these games from my I phone.

  • Frustrated

    Not enough wins in this game. Even if you buy coins. I'm about ready to delete this game.

  • My fAvorite Game..!

    Luv this App.. !!!

  • Brazilian beauty

    Cool app

  • Garbage!!!

    Any time you get a big win on this game it says "connecting to spin server" and you never get your winnings. Huge rip off and don't count on the customer support, they will not give you anything. Not worth downloading.

  • Bogeyman

    This game is a blast! If you don't try it, you're an idiot!

  • Jackpot Party Casino-Super Jackpot Party

    I really like the mobile version with two exceptions. 1 : When I am playing Super Jackpot Party & hit bonus party , half the time the game will freeze/lose connection . Each time I have won enough for a "Big Win"... then nothing ... 2: Most times I play I don't get the return next day card flip bonus...frustrating... But all things considered , it is very near the FB version. & I love that game...

  • No payouts

    You never win at this app. You have to build up coins for days to play for a couple minutes or you have to purchase coins all the time if you want to play everyday.

  • Jackpot party

    Now I remember why I quit buying credits!! There is no customer support, or at least it is impossible to contact them! Have been trying for the last two hours to no avail!!!

  • Needs tweaking!!!!

    I enjoy playing these games, hard to hit bonuses and gifts sent by friends are not added into your balance ..why should I invite others to play if we can't exchange gifts...otherwise no problems here!

  • Jackpot party

    I have only played a few minutes so can not rate yet

  • Jack Party casino

    I just got cheated out of 9,000,000 points I brought I tuns

  • Fun

    I love playing Jpc it's one game I play everyday and enjoy it also through this game you get to meet people. I love this game it's just like being in the casino

  • Gifts

    Can you fix the gifts on the iPhone ap.. You can't collect, but you can send.

  • Games don't pay!

    You get your free coins and they take them right back! Sorry I'm not gonna waste money on more coins for a game that doesn't at least let you play!

  • I'm getting tired of no bonus on every game!!

    I'm getting ready to delete the games.

  • Williams Interactive Takeover

    Ever since Williams Interactive commandeered this app.the amount of fun playing has plummeted right to boredom. Because the points run down so quickly I found myself playing with other apps. p.s. The party poopers in Super Jackpot Party is really Williams Interactive. Loosen up please!!!

  • iPhone player

    I agree with a lot of the reviews here, the games are tight but I wish they would allow you to play the games are locked what you've passed a level

  • Jackpot party casino

    Love games but stuck on level 251. Can't progress !

  • Winning spins? Hardly

    For clarification.......I winning spin is when you are awarded more credits than you bet. NOT WHEN YOU BET 200 and receive 50. I don't think I've ever had 5 winning spins in a row like this app wants to post!. Too tight for my money. When i FINALLY hit the bonus it paid NOTHING. That tells me it's time to go

  • Best Casino Game Out

    This app has all the games from the real casinos by me...... Every slot in this app u can find at Ameristar Casino, Harrah's Casino, and Argosy Casino in Kansas City, MO I love this app!!!!!!! Nick

  • Give me my 9 millions

    I win 9000000 and I have not received. Give me my credits .i play 25 minutes boost and not win any thing . Cheating

  • Johnnyjoe3

    This game bad

  • Help please!!!!

    I have this app downloaded on my Mini iPad, and it froze up on me! Can you please help me out? I have been a long time player of Jackpot Party Casino. Any advice would be deeply appreciated. Thank you. Rose Dixon.

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