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Jackpot Party **** - Slots

Jackpot Party **** - Slots
3.5 based on 15,542 Votes
Price Free

Enjoy exciting ** slots action without going to the **!
Feel the rush of playing authentic ** slots whenever you want! Jackpot Party ** Slots features more than 70 slot machines from the WMS family of slots found in **s around the globe. You get all the excitement of playing real ** slots without any of the gambling risk. Read more...

Jackpot Party **** - Slots is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 12+ (Application may not suitable for children under the age of 12). This application has an average rating of 3.5 based on 15,542 Votes. This version 4.05 has an average rating of 3 based on 142 Users.

Your device must have atleast 65.8 MB of space to download and install Jackpot Party **** - Slots. This application does not have game center . Jackpot Party **** - Slots is Free to download and install on your mobile device

Support Languages

English, American


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Jackpot Party **** - Slots
Jackpot Party **** - Slots
Jackpot Party **** - Slots
Jackpot Party **** - Slots

Additional Information

When you’re ready for some fun, treat yourself to a slots break and play world-famous slots like Zeus II, Jungle Wild, Super Jackpot Party & Invaders from the Planet Moolah. You can even upgrade your slots experience and unlock high-roller slots KISS, I Love Lucy, Dean Martin’s Wild Party and more!

In addition to authentic ** slots, Jackpot Party ** Slots features a variety of great features, including:

• Promo Slot Unlocks

• Bonus coins every 4 hours

• New Slot Releases & Events

• Gift Exchanges

• And much, much more!

Like our slots? Give us a 5-star review. We appreciate your feedback. Play today and join the Party!

Jackpot Party ** Slots is a play-for-fun ** intended for amusement only.

Note: Guest account does NOT merge with Facebook account

What's New on this version 4.05

-Misc bug fixes and improvements.
-Facebook 2.0 compliant.
-Graphics optimizations.

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Game is horrible

    The games do not hit free spins been playing these games for awhile not very satisfied so I will be deleting the app!!!

  • Screwed over on bonuses

    Twice in one day on the Brazilian beauty game I got the bonus. And in these bonuses I was screwed over. Even though I spun a winning line it would not pay me for that line. It only counted when I collected the girls and I got the extra bonus. This last time I actually took pictures or screenshots of winning lines that I had that I was never paid for. after my bonus was completed it said I had and so many coins for the girls I collected unfortunately I also have a screenshot that shows I was never even paid for my bonus. So now I have been screwed over just on this last bonus for about 4,000-6,000 coins and this does not include the first bonus I was screwed over on. Fix your glitches it shouldn't come at our expense and give me back my winnings


    There is a glitch in the bonus and it didn't give me my 200,000 points! So irritating. I want to delete this app!

  • Greedy

    Jackpot you have become greedy,I will no longer buy coins from this site the machines have become to tight and will not give up bonuses if you bet to high,your coin prices are way to high for the few you get,DO NOT PLAY!

  • Jackpot party

    Great games

  • Its ok

    It's ok that's it

  • Lost bonuses from crashes!

    The past two bonuses have not been awarded because the game crashed!!!

  • Seriously pathetic

    Why don't you test your upgrades before you throw them out there. Its a joke just spinning for the hell of it. It isn't like the iPhone has a huge screen but you would think you could maximize the game to use the entire screen instead you reduced the screen and you need a magnifying lens to see it. What a joke

  • Ridiculous

    Amazingly you have out done yourself. I cannot believe how terrible the odds are on this app. I have spent a lot of money and never seem to win anything. The difference is that you are not a real casino. You do not pay out real money. All you do is take peoples money hand over fist. You should be ashamed of your excessive greed.

  • Napoleon and Josephine

    Again a qualified slot will not download. Can someone fix your download problem. So annoying Still cannot download madam x that I qualified for being at the 135 level. What a rip Very frustrating. Going to use my other slot from another company Can you fix madam x so that it will download. I qualified for this slot and it will not download I have been trying to download this slot dean martins wild party for hours and it will not download. This is the third slot that I have qualified for and will not download so that I can play. What a rip off. Can someone fix this slot. Very frustrating. Still trying to download jade elephant and it will not download. This is the second time I have qualified for this slot and it will not work. They should fix this. Very frustrating Still so very frustrating. 24 hours of trying to qualify for a new slot and the slot will not download . It keeps on going to download but it does not. Complained about hours ago now it is to late to play because the time has run out. You ought to give me another slot to make up for this failure So very frustrating. Cannot download jade elephant. Keeps on saying download but won't let you play. Never fully downloads this has happened before I am verb frustrated. Every time I fill the level for the comet slot it never downloads and keeps on saying slot is downloading but it is not and I have won that slot but it will not download in order for me to play it. Now I am trying to download a slot called wild zone. I got the amount of points to qualify and the slot will not download. Again very frustrating. Why don't you fix the program that allows the download when you qualify with points

  • Fun game

    Its A fun game but you don't get many bonuses

  • Love it

    I love this game , we had the original ones in a sweepstakes I use to work for and they are awesome

  • Worst slot game ever

    The graphics are horrible and the payouts are just as bad. Only collecting $100 every 4 hours is ridiculous. No other ways to collect free coins except if your friends on Facebook send them and then those gifts are only $25. I'll stick with playing Hit it Rich.

  • Totiejo

    They need to do an update I can't download either! It's very very slow or it doesn't ever download...,please fix!

  • major failure

    Used to be fun app. But now the developers have become greedy. Just played 125 spins with no bonus. What's the point of playing if you never win? I'm sure they want us to waste all "free" coins and buy more. DON'T DO IT! You can't cash out and receive winnings so shouldn't be expected to buy coins (though you want have winnings anyway :-). Went from decent app to junk.

  • Horrible Bonus Games

    This could potentially be the best casino app online if not for the extremely rare bonus games and payouts. On the rare occasion I do hit a bonus game, the fun only lasts a few minutes. Not worth the download or spending any money on it.

  • Ehh

    Not that great

  • Ripoff!!

    3rd time I've logged into this app to find that my "winnings" were TAKEN from me! I'd be at 30-40 thousand dollars when logging off then at 100-1000 when logging back on! Tried to contact them and had no way to do so!

  • Didn't get bonus win..

    I was playing Egypt game got bonus spin of 400,000. Did all 10 spins. Game froze. When it finely unfroze it didn't give me my bonus points???

  • Such fun!

    To be able to play some of these games is such a treasure! It is so great to play some of my favorite games just by pulling out my phone is great! I look forward to hopefully seeing more of today's casino games added to this app.


    I couldn't dload comet!!!! Now I can't dload Dean Martin really!!! I end up using my coins to try to get the bonus feature, REALLY PISSING ME OFF!!!!!

  • Fix bonus with friend sending

    I want the gift sending friends to be fixed. Give extra bonus. Change the max times as in an increase as three is too low. Six should be the lowest times and the ten should be the medium and new highest payout out needs to be a fifteen or twenty times. Send all gifts to all friends who play this game for iPod 4th generation.

  • Should be regulated by the Govt'

    This is an absolute farce. This game charges more money than if you stuck ur $$ in a Vegas slot. 20+ years experience with Vegas casinos and even THEY would think this is taking people's money illegally. This uses addiction against those who have a 'cant loose' attitude. Stop. Stop playing, I employ you all to report this abuse of App Charges!!! Plus their hidden fees along with it.....scum peddlers. I have tried every slot game and this is the worst heroin of them all.

  • Gem Hunter

    The bonus slot "Gem Hunter" says it's downloading but will not install. Now having downloading issues with Madame X. I've closed the app & tried several times. This hang up also denies me access to the other games & is using up data! Please fix the bugs!

  • Jackpot party casino

    Terribly slow buttons do not work well! I'm using it from a iPhone and compared to my other games it's not as smooth! Hard to play!

  • Great fun

    Get it

  • Horrible glitches

    I won a jackpot but before the coins are given the game freezes and forces you to restart the app. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  • Didn't save

    I really like the game because i play Zeus 2 at the casino and love it, but they all seem kinda stiff and don't hit well just like normal slots. One time I was in a bonus round and got a call, and the game didn't save my bonus round or the winnings. Very disappointed in that...

  • Awesome

    This is one of my all time favorites ... All of the games on here are real slot games I do believe..

  • Great Slots;))

    AWESOME!! Love these slots!

  • 1/03/12

    Cool games really enjoyed them........ Keeps me out of the real casinos and spending money…… People keep on playing

  • Awesome


  • Problems-big time

    After your updates all my games say touch to download. All games except Zeus, are needing me to download each game!!! Again! Do you know how annoying that is each time YOU do an update?This last one has another problem; I can't get in to get my free $$$$, it says I have to have an internet connection. I'm real tired of these problems. I hardly ever play your games anymore. Next - play Hit it Rich.

  • Horrible, play

    Moved up 1 level in 5 months. Haven't had a good bonus in the last 6, done playing this garbage. The worst slot app available. People would have to be real stupid to think players are going to spend real money on a game they can't win anything on. Over 1200 spins since last bonus on Platea. I might spend money on garbage like that. Casinos aren't even that bad. Amazing that whatever game I play it takes hundreds or thousands of spins to get a bonus, then get a 2x or 5x return, and you stupid idiots want or expect people to pay real money for that garbage

  • Jackpot party

    Fun hard to win on this game

  • Just like the Casino

    Slots are just like the ones at the casino. Fun to play! WMS all the way!

  • I'm hooked

    I can't get enough...this app is as close to real as you going to get!

  • Jackpot party casino

    This game is great it is pretty life like

  • stoooooo


  • Garage

    Never was able to download other slots, bonus credits never added. Just a piece of garbage.

  • Internet

    I get this message about once a week when logging on that says: I must be connected to the Internet in order to play. Got news for you. I am. Frustrating. Your the only game site that I have this problem with. The other problem is, you need to listen up on giving out your tokens. Getting frustrated on this too. That's the reason I left Double Down.

  • Frustrating..

    I'm pretty sure that the odds of winning are worse than a real casino..go to one of the other slot games, this one just wants your money....

  • Getting very frustrated

    I have played this game for a while-up to level 172-but since the update I have been having problems with the game. Although I have a full strength signal, the game won't load so I can collect my 4 hour bonus. It tells me I don't have an Internet connection, even though I do and can use every other app on my phone. This has been happening so often that I have lost over 100,000 of bonus credits. Maybe that's the point - to get me to buy credits when the app actually loads.

  • Patsy

    I love Hot Hot Penny and when reaching the level to be able to play, I have used 20,000 points betting $300 and have not received one bonus. It has only given me three times with two symbols that rolled. If I had played this game before with these results then would probably not play it at a casino. The other games are good. Thanks

  • Upgrades turn to downgrades

    Seems like with the more upgrades the game gets lost. What's the deal, where's the fun? You don't get all your bonus points, you can't bet lower bets, you set them higher& we runout of points sooner, we keep losing our game before we even get to play & sometimes we can't get into the game @ all, just end up with an icon, so what's the deal, bait'n switch? Is anyone even reading this, so you even care? Thank you if you do. I would like to not be pushed into getting upgrade it is not a good thing.

  • Jackpot Party

    Took forever to win free spins

  • Need more coins

    Ok but long time to get a little coins

  • Fantastic

    Good App, real casino games.. I like it!!

  • Bad update

    Since downloading this update have not been able to download or install any games. Really frustrating.

  • Jackpot slots

    10,000,000 plus credits disappeared. What happened to them . I was playing as a guest. They disappeared when I was asked my ID password. Don't know why this pops up

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