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Jackpot Party * - Slots

Jackpot Party * - Slots
3.5 based on 13,912 Votes
Price Free

Jackpot Party *** brings all the excitement of REAL WMS Gaming *** slots to your iOS enabled device for free!
With titles like ZEUS II, INVADERS FROM THE PLANET MOOLAH, and ROME AND EGYPT you’ll have all the lights and sounds of Read more...

Jackpot Party * - Slots is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 12+ (Application may not suitable for children under the age of 12). This application has an average rating of 3.5 based on 13,912 Votes. This version 3.10 has an average rating of 3.5 based on 228 Users.

Your device must have atleast 49.9 MB of space to download and install Jackpot Party * - Slots. This application does not have game center . Jackpot Party * - Slots is Free to download and install on your mobile device

More Description

Vegas in the palm of your hand. Connect with Facebook to compete and gift with friends, unlock new slots, and Win Big!

Play on these outstanding WMS Gaming slot machines right now!

- Zeus II

- Invaders from the planet Moolah

- Brazilian Beauty

- Jungle Wild

- Reel Rich Devil

- Fortunes of the Caribbean

- Super Jackpot Party

- Buffalo Spirit

- Rome and Egypt

- Hearts of Venice

- Enchanted Kingdom

- Reels O’ Dublin

- Black Knight

- Kronos

- Sabertooth

- I Love Lucy

- Bruce Lee

Spin on hit G+, Hot Hot Super Respin, Cascading Reels and other popular WMS Gaming machines. Jackpot Party *** is the hot spot to play real *** slots with no real wagering. Now is your chance to take a piece of the fun! Good luck and we’ll see you on the *** floor!

Jackpot Party *** is a Play for Fun *** that is intended for amusement only.

Note: Guest account does NOT merge with Facebook account

What's New on this version 3.10

- Additional Slot Content
- Misc updates


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  • Social Networking
  • Card
  • Casino

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Support Languages

  • English, American


Jackpot Party * - Slots
Jackpot Party * - Slots
Jackpot Party * - Slots
Jackpot Party * - Slots

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Awesome game!

    I love this game! It is very realistic!

  • Jackpot party

    This is my favorite casino game to play. It's just like the slots in the real casinos.

  • Abby redhead

    Great fun game but credit I think are expensive but the slots are great a real live graphics love it

  • Reminds me of the casino!!

    Have a GREAT time most of the time I play. Wish I could get a few more bonuses...

  • Jackpot slots Casino

    Good slot to relax to except when it malfunction and take your Big Winnings away like it took $498,000.00 from me today on my iPhone. I wrote Williams interactive without a response. If they respond and return my money then it would make this game an overall great.

  • Vegas Games but not Vegas Payout

    I was so excited to see that I could play my most favorite casino game at home - planet moohlah. In Vegas with real money I win at this game ALL THE TIME in any casino. I never win this game ever. I can't believe how tight these machines are. And every spin is a loser. Even when you do win you lose because the wins are so small. It takes forever to open new games and I have to collect bonuses for at least a week to even make this game worth playing.

  • Lost credits!

    I just one a jackpot but didn't get the credits.

  • Zeus

    One of my favs

  • Needs bug fix

    Very fun slot game , but too many bugs .. Needs to be fixed

  • I love it

    Good game to pass the time by

  • Fantastic slot app!

    Enjoying every minute of it. Playing it daily and Winning!!

  • Play like your at the best casino

    All gaming here is the games at the casino I love it it pays a lot

  • Win win. Please please!!!

    No matter what game I play can't win. Stay in same game nothing ever comes back. What happened to the days you really could hit?? Only one time I got it over 5 million. But it took it back fast and lots and lot of money. Bought twice today and nothing. Terriable. Love playing just can't win. Please give back. Have a question. Why do some people get sweet repeat?? Have never gotten that. Terriable. God loosen up.

  • Nice!!!

    I like it

  • Not happy

    Fix your game. Losing internet connection right in the middle of a win is not cool. And from the other posts I'm not the only one. Fix your games. All my winnings are gone what happened. Give my winnings back what the hell

  • Should be illegal...

    After you lose repeatedly you have to buy credits to play. The real slots that this fail app depicts pay much better. Once a month you see some wins but the the app shuts down and you lose what you just won. It's a total scam that should not be legal.

  • G'Ma

    Love the games, hate the way this app constantly craps out with the submitting to server error. Now it kicks me out after 2 or 3 spins. This needs to be fixed soon or I'm deleting.

  • Towill

    Tight machines!!!

  • Love it

    Sometimes very slow to earn money but I was finally on a roll yesterday!

  • Cool

    I actually love this game but it's hard to level up sometimes when u don't have any credits on the game

  • Jackpot Partu

    Very fun slots game!!!

  • Dumb

    If you got nothing to do for A for min just like for real

  • Not great!

    I win more at a real casino!!!! Every time I win big a submit to server message pops up and I lose it all!

  • Great slots but bad bonus

    Great slots games. Just like the casino. But played for 45 min an lost $40,000 coins at 450 a throw and never got the bonus.


    I just went to the bonus and won 45000 but when I went to collect it took my money... Please reimburse me😔😔 also since the beginning of july2014 I have not been able to receive my friend bonus also in the month of August 2014 I have won 50000 in my mega bonus and didn't receive the money please give me what I've waited for four hours

  • Horrible

    Got my first bonus spin in 3 wks. Total play time 5 mins. There are plenty of ot apps better than this.

  • Myself

    Very frustrating when playing on my IPhone, it seems like it is always"Submitting spin to server"! Always asking to log in with Facebook, I don't do ***king Facebook so stop asking

  • Horrible

    I've never been to a Casio that you can spin 30 times and not win a cent. Very unrealistic.

  • Tycobaby

    Don't. Want to give bonus any more just takes Points away,every game I Play it's the same.i used to have lots of points what happened Right now. I rate it bad

  • Very nice!


  • Phuck this game

    You can't even play, you run out of credits within 3 minutes of opening the game and have to wait four hours for a reload. Dumb dumb dumb. Would be fun if you actually got to play. This game is the reason I don't go to casinos. If I get the urge I play this b/s and realize slot machines are the dumbest thing ever. Surprised that they have actual machines in this app. I will never touch one of these in a real casino. Download slotomania. At least you get to play.

  • Love this game

    Great slots app!!!!!!

  • Fun but....

    I really like this game except for the fact it takes forever to level up. Also, I loved being able to play to play the preview slots but now it doesn't matter how much you win you can never fill the status bar to actually play that game. If you are winning $50k+ jackpots you should make some progress. Just not worth as much of my time anymore.

  • In-app purchase rip offs

    I would give this app 5 stars. The games are fun and true the real world counterparts. Some of the games are tight and volitile and some are loose but payouts are low. This is okay. I don't feel like I'm just losing all the time but also don't feel it's too easy or unrealistic. The reason I give the app 1 star instead of 5 is because the two times I have purchased coins for it I got ripped off ... Significantly. Both purchases were special offers that pop up when you start the app. The offers said a certain number of coins for a special low price and both times I got about 10% on the coins promised. 10%! The last time was something like 200000 for $4.99. I got 20000 instead. Sorry I haven't looked at their normal pricing but 5 buck for 20K in coins is too high even at normal pricing for me. In any case, whether I got the right coins had I been paying normal price is not the point. The point is I was lured into a special offer only to pay and not get what it said I would. False advertising and shady business practice earns this app 1 star. Zero if that were possible. Play it, but font but coins in app.

  • Notice ways app cheats

    Have you ever noticed when you're playing on your PC. And on the scratcher game you win 15-20 minutes of bonus that increases the speed you collect experience points. And during that time the game runs very slow. And you have to download slots that you've already downloaded. And it takes a long time to do that. Which in turn uses up all your bonus time. Also like many other reviews watch when they give you your mega bonus. They cheat you out of points. And that's not the only time they cheat you out of points you have to watch your total carefully. It's a shame this app is so dishonest. In reading the reviews and how this app cheats you. All I can recommend is take a screenshot before your bonuses and what's your awarded in your bonuses and then a screenshot when they didn't pay you. I think if enough of us get together with proof of what this app does. There may be some kind of action we can take. I have a friend who's a lawyer I'll have him look into it. And see if there's some kind of law they're breaking. Maybe if they had open up their books and explained our game to authorities. They'll feel the frustration that their players feel

  • Very good slot

    Awesome games

  • Great game

    Great games. Could be more generous with daily bonus points. I mean it's not like you're winning real money. It'll keep you playing....oh...about 15 minutes.

  • A+

    Love this game but needs more bonuses

  • Good game

    It's a in game to play

  • 50&fab

    Love playing this game

  • Good way to kill some down time

    Has a good selection of bonus & an extra reward every 4 hours.


    Great Slots

  • Fun

    Good fun. Very addicting and entertaining for a lot of age groups. To bad the money isn't real.

  • Great game

    Awesome game very fun. I don't know why people are complaining even though it takes long to level up that is what makes this app fun it makes you want to come back for more just like real casino games they always make you come back its a gambling stragety.

  • JPC

    Love this! Just like the real casino!

  • Love Jack Pot Party! So realistic!

    A great time!

  • Luv This App!!

    I enjoy playing this game but coins are difficult to win and it takes a long time to level up!!

  • Not happy

    Just spent 9.99 and no coins . I am tired of paying and not getting anything in return . I spent 50.00 dollars last month and nothing . Really sad !

  • No payouts

    You never win at this app. You have to build up coins for days to play for an hour or you have to purchase coins all the time if you want to play everyday.

  • Totally unfair!!!

    The games get cold after first 10min. Then it start eating all of your points. At least in real casino there is a chance of payback. You end up paying for playing video games every few min!!!what a shame for Apple. It is a rip off and when we ask from itune for refund they don't pay and seems to enjoy working with this scam software!!!! I will change my iPhone to another brand soon !!

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