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Jackpot Party **** - Slots

Jackpot Party **** - Slots
3.5 based on 14,774 Votes
Price Free

Jackpot Party *** brings all the excitement of REAL WMS Gaming *** slots to your iOS enabled device for free!
With titles like ZEUS II, INVADERS FROM THE PLANET MOOLAH, and ROME AND EGYPT you’ll have all the lights and sounds of Read more...

Jackpot Party **** - Slots is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 12+ (Application may not suitable for children under the age of 12). This application has an average rating of 3.5 based on 14,774 Votes. This version 4.01 has an average rating of 3.5 based on 101 Users.

Your device must have atleast 60.3 MB of space to download and install Jackpot Party **** - Slots. This application does not have game center . Jackpot Party **** - Slots is Free to download and install on your mobile device

Support Languages

English, American


Games , Card , Casino , Social Networking ,


Jackpot Party **** - Slots
Jackpot Party **** - Slots
Jackpot Party **** - Slots
Jackpot Party **** - Slots

Additional Information

Vegas in the palm of your hand. Connect with Facebook to compete and gift with friends, unlock new slots, and Win Big!

Play on these outstanding WMS Gaming slot machines right now!

- Zeus II

- Invaders from the planet Moolah

- Brazilian Beauty

- Jungle Wild

- Reel Rich Devil

- Fortunes of the Caribbean

- Super Jackpot Party

- Buffalo Spirit

- Rome and Egypt

- Hearts of Venice

- Enchanted Kingdom

- Reels O’ Dublin

- Black Knight

- Kronos

- Sabertooth

- I Love Lucy

- Bruce Lee

Spin on hit G+, Hot Hot Super Respin, Cascading Reels and other popular WMS Gaming machines. Jackpot Party *** is the hot spot to play real *** slots with no real wagering. Now is your chance to take a piece of the fun! Good luck and we’ll see you on the *** floor!

Jackpot Party *** is a Play for Fun *** that is intended for amusement only.

Note: Guest account does NOT merge with Facebook account

What's New on this version 4.01

- Addresses player login issues

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Fun Fun Fun

    Did I say it was fun. This is the greatest multi slots out there The best bonus rounds of all games. Yes, you might spend a little money but it's worth it for the entertainment.

  • Fun games

    Unless your ready to have your tokens taken from you in first 5 minutes move on. Even with purchased tokens never a winner. Bummer since the games are really fun :(

  • I like it!

    I would give it 5 stars if it didn't take so long to get through each level. In my opinion you should get to choose a new slot after every level instead of after every five levels.

  • Fun game

    Was a fun game, now it's horrible, I'm deleting it, wait for days building up a bank role with the measly little bonus every four hours, just to play for a few minutes. I really feel like you reach a certain level and it just won't pay out...cmon guys that's no fun for anyone! I tried and tried to hang there and keep playing cause it really is a cool and fun game when u first start and winning some. But I'm deleting it, I refuse to buy tokens when I pass a real casino on the way home from work everyday lol.

  • NannyL726

    Love the games but ever since last update to fix log in problems, my Planet Moolah will not load. It will say downloading then immediately stops. I've deleted game and reloaded a couple of times and no success.

  • Great game

    It's a fun game. But haven't really won a whole lot

  • New phone, lost all points

    When I bought my new iPhone 6, I lost ALL my points and levels. I had over 1 million points! They don't make it easy to contact them unless you have your original info which was also lost. Any ideas on how to get Jackpot Party back? I refuse to start over.

  • Still short one wreath

    I have figured out that in the last wreath it will tell me 90+% but then will not give the wreath on that days game. But the very first spin in the next days game it gives me a wreath on the very first spin. That counts towards my nine for that day. So I am still short one wreath so it will be impossible for me to reach the 140 games that playing is suppose give me. That is wrong especially for something like a Christmas promotion. Also I have noticed that all the games you are picking are the ones with the worst odds. So winning is next to nil. Merry Xmas to your fans. Does anyone from the gaming company read these posts???????

  • Yep

    I love it one love

  • Thank you creator!

    I am pleasantly surprised with this app. My husband and I are doing a marathon on this :D I enjoy playing this a lot. One thing too, I love its cool soft sound. So classy. I love the singing background every time I get the jackpot. This is just wonderful ;)

  • Update

    Since last update I have to login's annoying! But I do love the game!

  • Doesn't win

    Never enough coins to play or unlock new game. $500 coins every 4 hours is nothing. Doubledown gives thousands everyday. I will play there. Since update I can't open game on iPhone.

  • Love it!!!!

    Cool app!! I am addicted to Super Jackpot Party!!!!!!

  • Beware!!!

    I paid 4.99 for 25,000 coins and did not recieve them. I think this has happened before. Beware!!!

  • Ridiculous

    Some update you literally get no play at all now oh and let's not forget the boost what a joke. Pathetic

  • Jackpot party casino

    Super fun!!!

  • Very fun real casino games!

    Gives you enough to keep playing unless you get too crazy bet-wise just like a real casino. If you start losing you have to find another slot to play. Realistic! I highly recommend!

  • Where are the bonuses?

    Since the last update I have gotten very few bonuses and when I do they are so small. Played eye of the dragon for 20 minutes before I got a bonus. Ridiculous. Takes the fun out of playing. Must get better or I am gone.

  • U need to lossen them up.

    I buy coins on a daily basis that's crazy that I buy and don't ever win. I get frustrated when I have to purchase 3 to 4 times a day. If u don't lossen them up I will delete. Also u charge me several times to much and I let it go. I win and then it says submitting spin to server and lose my coins u really need to do something with your games. I have one level left and its over I'm tired of spending money everyday. At least the other games I play lets me play a while and don't have to pay daily. Check my account I'm sure I have spent a couple thousand dollars so glad I'm almost done with it. Will delete soon if problem is not fixed!! My Rome & Egypt game has a blank screen.

  • Good app

    Well for the new folks here's some advice. This has good games like the real casinos but: do not... again, do not buy coins. This app is designed to take the money with very few wins. The way you play this game is to only play during bonus times and you wait for your free pay outs. Eventually (months) you will unlock games you like to play. The goal is to unlock new games not win money. Do not buy coins. You've been warned.

  • Where are my coins??

    Spent $10. Where are my 100,000 coins?

  • Level up has stopped

    I love it. Butt my boost level gauge stopped working at level 1060 when I have billions. It will probably start working when I lose all my money. I don't now I can't gain any more levels.

  • Get your wallet out!

    I would give this game zero also if possible. Went through 400,000 points in minutes with piss poor wins, almost non-existent bonuses and only a handful of wins bigger than my bet. This game is a yourself a favor and find another slot.

  • Great game

    Very entertaining

  • Love it

    Great game

  • Buying credits

    I have bought credits and at times it is a while before they show. About 15mins. ago I purchased 250 credits and they have not posted. I hope I'm not charged for something I didn't get. I do enjoy playing your games. Hope this problem is soon corrected. The purchase was confirmed but the credits still do not show. I cannot afford to buy anymore credits and would like to play. PLEASE HELP

  • Awesome

    Out of all of the Facebook casino games this is by far my favorite. Jungle Wild, Zeus, Brazilian Beauty... all of my favorite casino slots! However, the payouts could be much better

  • Boss

    Stole money, gave no credits. I will never try to buy credits again. Rip off!

  • Love This App!!

    Greatest app ever for casino lovers who can't get to the casino. I just wish there was a way to win REAL MONEY!!!!!

  • Best games BUT

    I love this app but it gets very stingy at times. Seems it gets stingy when scratch off boosts are happening. Be nice if it did not take a half million to get one bonus. Also on the Christmas promo it starts off with decent wreath earnings but then it stops. By mistake I hit max and spent 600 k and lost all money Wish there was a safety when the max is hit to stop that from happening.

  • To tight will not download again!!

    I can't figure out how to give no stars it I would take this off the App Store! Is this supposed to be a fun game? There is no fun in waiting for your chips for 4 hours then losing your payout in less than 3 minutes. Would not recommend to anyone! DELETED and will not download again. I am so glad after reading everyone's reviews that I did not pay this rip off company for chips, to be tightened up even more when u purchase chips is unheard of the game us already the tightest out of any slot game on the App Store!!! . I'm going back to playing pharaohs way slots so much better and you can actually win and have fun playing!!!

  • Mr


  • Deleting NOW!

    This app deserves all the bad reviews! They are all true!

  • New Phone-lost all previous points & levels

    Just went from the IPhone 4 to the 6 and transferred all my apps via the cloud. My player ID # changed on my new phone so I am starting all over again. How do I get my old player number on my new phone?

  • TERRIBLE!!!!!!

    App won't even open now...what a mess...what a waste of time...FIX IT...if I took care of customers like your IT people do, I would be FIRED!!!

  • Come on man

    Every mega bonus is a measly 3x now that I have more to earn. I haven't got a 6x or 10x in ages. Come on man!

  • So bad!

    Don't understand why the makers of this game must be SO greedy. Just ate several million coins in a only few minutes. Will lose it all when I upgrade phone in January so I am deleting now.

  • Jackpot party

    The Game stuck

  • Good Game

    Fun to play with lots of variety!

  • Casino

    I played this casino for awhile and it was fun you get your bonus and now you play and don't get anything. your done in a minute

  • Nacmaster

    Love these games. Been playing for about 3 years. So much fun!!!

  • Use to be a great game

    I totally loved this game it was 5 stars all the way.. My other half played as well. I am on level 146 I believe.. I reason I say believe is because have not been able to get on it in days! The update sucked people. Hate it when they fix what is not broken. Fix it I will make this a 5 star review easy! It was that good. Was.. Update: 12-9-14--- login is better and working 5 stars

  • Scratch Card

    It be nice to have the scratch card made available for the mobile version of this game that's available on the Facebook version do you guys plan on making that happen by chance

  • Lost games

    I was almost at 25 games and over 1.5 million points when it reset to start. This is the third time I'm doing this review because it says I need to change my name and when I click OK my comments are gone. How do I get back my earned games and points?

  • Texan

    Great game. Enjoy it very much.

  • Buy coins?

    Shutting the game down to "absolutely no pay out mode" is a sure way to make me want to purchase more coins! Not. I on level 204 so I have been playing awhile. If you up your bet at all or buy coins they are gone in minutes. I went through 11 million in no time because it just shut down paying, I have seen it over and over again. Not a good way to run an app.

  • Ripped me off bonus coins

    I liked playing these games a lot but lately when I get a bonus and it pays good the web sight says error and doesn't give me my bonus coins mad

  • Update

    Last update screwed up Game!! No wins are registering...what is going on??

  • Money Taken

    Just downloaded update and now all my money and the Kiss game I bought are gone.#bewareofthedownload

  • Jackpot party casino

    I have been playing on this site for quite awhile. When I upgraded today They took all the games I earned away except the first one.

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