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Jackpot Party *** - Slots

Jackpot Party *** - Slots
3.5 based on 16,032 Votes
Price Free

Enjoy exciting **** slots action without going to the ****!
Feel the rush of playing authentic **** slots whenever you want! Jackpot Party **** Slots features more than 70 slot machines from the WMS family of slots found in ****s around the globe. You get all the excitement of playing real **** slots without any of the gambling risk. Read more...

Jackpot Party *** - Slots is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 12+ (Application may not suitable for children under the age of 12). This application has an average rating of 3.5 based on 16,032 Votes. This version 4.07 has an average rating of 3 based on 568 Users.

Your device must have atleast 65.8 MB of space to download and install Jackpot Party *** - Slots. This application does not have game center . Jackpot Party *** - Slots is Free to download and install on your mobile device

Support Languages

English, American


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Jackpot Party *** - Slots
Jackpot Party *** - Slots
Jackpot Party *** - Slots
Jackpot Party *** - Slots

Additional Information

When you’re ready for some fun, treat yourself to a slots break and play world-famous slots like Zeus II, Jungle Wild, Super Jackpot Party & Invaders from the Planet Moolah. You can even upgrade your slots experience and unlock high-roller slots KISS, I Love Lucy, Dean Martin’s Wild Party and more!

In addition to authentic **** slots, Jackpot Party **** Slots features a variety of great features, including:

• Promo Slot Unlocks

• Bonus coins every 4 hours

• New Slot Releases & Events

• Gift Exchanges

• And much, much more!

Like our slots? We appreciate your feedback. Play today and join the Party!

Jackpot Party **** Slots is a play-for-fun **** intended for amusement only.

Note: Guest account does NOT merge with Facebook account

The games are intended for an adult audience. (E.g Intended for use by those 21 or older)

The games do not offer "real money gambling" or an opportunity to win real money or prizes.

Practice or success at social **** gaming does not imply future success at "real money gambling."

What's New on this version 4.07

Misc bug fixes and improvements.

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Don't win big

    Three times now I have been kicked out of the app after a bonus winning big and never got my money. Think I'm ready to delete!😡

  • Zero stars!! Bonus rounds so RARE!!! Brutal LOSING rate!!

    BELIEVE the BAD reviews!! Ridiculously hard to win!!!! Bonus rounds are basically non-existent!!!! Then IF you get one, they pay like crap!! The games are actually good, but it's so ridiculously hard to win!!!! Don't buy chips! So not worth it!!!

  • Jackpot

    I won

  • Not liking This

    Just played 14 million at 90 thousand a spin and finally got 7 free spins and it payed 4 million! The more per spin you play the less you win. Don't waste money cause it goes fast!

  • Jackpot Party Casino

    Great game. But it takes waaaay too long to get to the next level. Like days and weeks

  • Lol

    Payouts are worse than the actual casino.

  • Delete !!!!!!

    This game has the best slots. It's sad that it's fixed so it does not give you anything. Two weeks ago I finally won over $500K, and the game froze and I lost it all. Sad that the creators feel they'll earn more by giving less. Deleting this game will be the best thing you can do!!!

  • No credit for points won?!

    I just won 635,000 points on a bonus round and the game never credited me!

  • App doesn't open

    Keeps telling me I must have Internet connection to play. I'm on wifi and LTE and still can't open app. Horrible

  • Not this one

    This is one of my favorite casino apps only because they have my favorite slits on there. Although, it does not give back much, especially since you can use real money to buy fake slot money. It definitely doesn't allow you to win much. If it weren't for the specific games, I would have deleted it a long time ago.

  • Games like you play at the casino

    I love this game, but I would gladly give it 5 stars if it didn't take so long to unlock new slots. Since they gave us more coins to play with it takes FOREVER to move to the next level. They need to see how fast other games comparable to this one lets you play for more than 5 minutes and actually shows movement to the next level. I will gladly give 5 stars if this fix it because the games are just like the casino slots.

  • Mo

    Scam ,,no winnings,I bought so many times I never win money doesn't last long,,, i'm playing all week no bonus

  • Agree All The Bad Reviews

    Though you have a lot of great slot games, I have to say I refuse to spend money on this app anymore...because no matter how many coins you buy, or win on a bonus, these games are set to take every single coin you have...Sorry, but if you are planning to install this app or play it on FB, get ready for a lot of frustrations!!! Then when you send their tech/Customer support a message, their response is always, "we can't help the out come of these games"... yada yada games, just wish the payouts were just as enjoyable...



  • Fhk


  • Game freezes on big wins

    Game keeps freezing on big wins in the Egypt slots. Lost 26k on one and 20k on another.

  • Don't spend money

    Paid money to play horrible game

  • Bet option needs to be available

    Without bet option the coins disappear faster.

  • Lost money

    In the bonus and won all this then the game froze up on me what joke

  • Internet connection issue causing frustration

    The very same internet connection I'm using right now to write this review is the same connection that this app cannot seem to connect with. On multiple occasions, with full/functioning wifi or numerous cell 'bars' this app has crashed or even refused to allow me to use it because it says I have no internet connection. LAME! FRUSTRATING!! I realize it's just a game, and I really do enjoy it, but if you have in-app purchases you should be able to afford to fix this absurd and minuscule issue that prevents people from actually playing your app.

  • Good graphics

    I enjoy this slot game. But I looked at my phone and the game was taking up 2.5 gigs of space. I deleted and reinstalled but now it doesn't want to load. It's been crashing a lot lately anyway. I may be rethinking my attachment to this game?

  • Game rarely works!

    I like this game a lot, when it actually works! Regardless of using my wi-fi connection or service provider's connection, game always tells me no internet connection, click to close! I know my connection is fine because everything else always works just fine! Please fix

  • Mr. D. Schrock

    Wooooo,Hopoooo having Loads of fun , love Jack Pot Party games both in the Casino and on line ! Good min burner!

  • Feeling frustrated

    Came out the bonus in all my coins I won was gone during the spins in the bonus didn't pay for the lines bet that I won

  • Chas

    Game is always crashing because of slow network , should be improved!!!!

  • Coins not awarded

    I am very disappointed in this game. I was playing the Brazilian slot and won $30,000 in the bonus. When the bonus ended and I was supposed to be awarded my coins, the app went black and did not award my coins. I then restarted the app and of course I still did not have the coins. This is a huge upset as I spend real money on this app. This game is a scam and I will not be spending anymore money.

  • Bad customer service they won't return my coins!!

    Terrible customer service I was playing a bonus game on the Brazilian beauty and won $30,000 and the screen went blank, no bonus!!! Why??? So what are you going to do about this problem!!!!!!! Also games go black and you lose all your points when will this app do something about all these problems terrible terrible terrible customer service!

  • Slots are tight

    Game is fun at first then the slots stop paying and you can't win anything don't waste your time

  • Sooo disappointing

    JUST purchased 70,000 coins for $9.99. The amount was taken off of my iTunes balance but no coins were credited!!!! Logged out and back in... Nothing. Turned phone off and back on, but still nothing.

  • My Favorite Game

    I play this game every day and though the money is not real I still feel like I am playing in a Casino. Fun fun!!!

  • Just like the "real" casino!

    I like playing these slots it's like being at the "real"casino!! Can't win on these slots either!! Need to raise the amount of money you get when the 4 hours are up. It would nice to be able to play longer than 15 minutes!!! Would be nice to get a bonus game once in awhile as well! But it's a lot of fun the little bit of time that you do get to play!!

  • Extremely loud and long ads!

    I used to enjoy this game. I played it on silent mode. The new ads do NOT respect the players sound choices. If you are low on coins or go the the lobby, you are unexpectedly bombarded with ridiculously loud music from the ads. It is shocking and annoying. I feel like an unwilling participant in one of Pavlov's experiments. I am being conditioned to hate this game.

  • I used to love this app!

    I used to love this app, and I have had it for three years or more. Within the last six months, All the app does is crash, I can barely play- It says I need to be connected to the Internet when I am. I just don't understand why there are so many glitches 😩

  • Me

    Not bad

  • No customer service

    Changing phones has cost my wife all her levels and money. We have screen shots to prove each but customer service is non-existent. They say you can reach CS via in game. That is not true and the Facebook community has not responded. We've paid for credits in the past and feel ripped off.

  • Fun

    I love this game I play it every rim I feel bored

  • Fun

    Good game very addictive but very hard to get coins

  • Should be illegal...

    Getting worse daily. You have to buy coins but if you don't rate them good you will never see a win or bonus. Millions can disappear. Bonus spins in progress and hundreds of thousands disappear. Terrible app.

  • Game

    Had over 3,000,000 in bonus and it crashes had another with 1,200,000 and crashed again . I played every day for 30 days and never leveled up or got a bonus . Game is terrible

  • Another glitch

    Hit 64k on the Egypt bonus. Game failed to provide me with my win. I wonder if this is why they can't be contacted like other games? Sorry, no half stars available.

  • Silvereyes_48 Not Happy 😡😡😡

    Just started playing this slot game, had bet low and had won 45,000 credits and thought "YAY" until the game closed on me.... Needless to say I did not receive my credits. 😡😡😡 After reading their reviews I'm guessing they never read them because there NOT fixing the issues...

  • Slots

    Cool game

  • Never enough coins to play

    This game has so many fun games to play, the problem is that your daily bonus coins are so few and if you buy coins they cost wayyyyy more other casino games. After your purchase, you feel ripped off because it just takes your coins and you barely win. It takes FOREVER to go to the bonus and when you do you barely win enough to keep playing. I think they should give more free daily coins and lower the price for purchasing coins. If I wanted to feel this crappy when I played I would go to the REAL casino.

  • This game is a frud....

    Y the hell dis game always saying their is no internet on my iPhone end it really hard to get on line always have to play it at night around 2am end it only give you 3x every time ....

  • Game is a total rip020776905

    All phantom games are a rip off!!!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!

  • Million coins

    One day a million coins showed up. Since then can't get to another level. My least amount to play is 9000. I want to go back to the other lower bets that I had. Did not ask for this increase. The games no fun now because you can't even get s bonus. The coins I play don't accumulate do u can advance

  • Awesome games

    Awesome games, I love how you can continuously open new slots as you level up, Awesome 😀

  • Not so great anymore

    I've been playing for years, used to be pretty good, but now they have started using ads. Had to delete.

  • Fun time

    Great game to stay playing ..

  • Jacked up party

    What happened? I've been stuck at level 161 for 3 months. Betting over 10,000 a spin;level meter never moves have won 865,000 on one spin and level never changes but it fills up for the game you can play for 24 hrs. Should probably be on level 170 by now at least but no still at 161. Fix it.

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