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Jackpot Party **** - Slots

Jackpot Party **** - Slots
3.5 based on 13,817 Votes
Price Free

Jackpot Party *** brings all the excitement of REAL WMS Gaming *** slots to your iOS enabled device for free!
With titles like ZEUS II, INVADERS FROM THE PLANET MOOLAH, and ROME AND EGYPT you’ll have all the lights and sounds of Read more...

Jackpot Party **** - Slots is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 12+ (Application may not suitable for children under the age of 12). This application has an average rating of 3.5 based on 13,817 Votes. This version 3.09 has an average rating of 3.5 based on 212 Users.

Your device must have atleast 48.4 MB of space to download and install Jackpot Party **** - Slots. This application does not have game center . Jackpot Party **** - Slots is Free to download and install on your mobile device

More Description

Vegas in the palm of your hand. Connect with Facebook to compete and gift with friends, unlock new slots, and Win Big!

Play on these outstanding WMS Gaming slot machines right now!

- Zeus II

- Invaders from the planet Moolah

- Brazilian Beauty

- Jungle Wild

- Reel Rich Devil

- Fortunes of the Caribbean

- Super Jackpot Party

- Buffalo Spirit

- Rome and Egypt

- Hearts of Venice

- Enchanted Kingdom

- Reels O’ Dublin

- Black Knight

- Kronos

- Sabertooth

- I Love Lucy

- Bruce Lee

Spin on hit G+, Hot Hot Super Respin, Cascading Reels and other popular WMS Gaming machines. Jackpot Party *** is the hot spot to play real *** slots with no real wagering. Now is your chance to take a piece of the fun! Good luck and we’ll see you on the *** floor!

Jackpot Party *** is a Play for Fun *** that is intended for amusement only.

Note: Guest account does NOT merge with Facebook account

What's New on this version 3.09

- Additional Slot Content Available
- Additional stability/connection improvements


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  • Casino
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Support Languages

  • English, American


Jackpot Party **** - Slots
Jackpot Party **** - Slots
Jackpot Party **** - Slots
Jackpot Party **** - Slots

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Hmmm either a glitch or I'm done.

    I've played this game for awhile now. All of a sudden the game doesn't pay out and it's constantly freezing and I have to wait for it to submit my spin to the server. My service is fine so that's not the case. Not sure wth is going on but it's frustrating. FIX IT!!!!

  • Jackpot party

    Totally love these games play them in casino all the time like bonus feature of slots that i dont have unlocked

  • Ripped off

    I was playing dean Martin and won bonus of 900,000 and it took it away leaving me with a 120,000. No way to contact the support to fix problem and give me back my win. How do you contact app support? Every time I click on app support I brings me to the Facebook page.

  • Jackpot casino

    Best casino site

  • Fix this issue

    Just lost my 28k bonus on hearts of Venice. It did not load to my balance after I won. Fix this issue please. Has happened several times before as well. Also, the Zeus achievements are not being awarded to me. I've won more than $10k in a bonus, I've hit the respin bonus at least 20 times and so on!

  • Jackpot Party

    This game is a rip off. I bought credits on 7/21/14 and did not receive the credits that I purchased. I will dispute this charge on my American Express card.

  • Bonus fail

    Game was awesome just like the real slots till I got a bonus had 45000 coins half way through then froze and had to reset my phone to get the game to work.

  • Don't buy fake money, patience is key

    Enjoy playing real slots but don't buy anything, eventually you will unlock games, but being impatient will cost you, especially that moment when you go into bonus and someone calls you, or you hit a jackpot and get a network issue. Don't do it! They will scam you, just like the real casino

  • Almost real...except for the moola!

    I play these games for real in the casinos and they're almost perfect. And I don't lose money playing them! Great sounds and visuals. Bonus screens are good. 5/5!

  • Player


  • Want to play its fun

    Great game need more ways to warn chips

  • Rate

    I like the game. Feels real

  • Cannot get help!

    Cannot get into app support, keep getting tossed over to FB. Cannot collect any gifts sent - for weeks now. Plz help. Thank you! Love the games, just a bit discouraged at the moment. :(

  • Paid for credit and charged double.

    Paid for credits and never revive them. Been charged double before and also when you get low on credits and you win a large amount it will say connecting to server and say to check you Internet connection and close the app and when you open the app again the credits you just won are not added to your winnings. Ripped off and will no longer purchase credits from this app spent way to much money on this anyways.

  • I hate this game now.

    This game used to be fun . But now it's just become a scam to try and make money. What's the point in spending money for coins when the game does not pay out correctly. The designers of this app has definitely screwed up this app purposely to try and make money. I would suggest all to delete this app as I did. Good luck I know it's addictive but enough is enough. I rather go travel a million miles to play for real money than to get ripped off by this company anymore.

  • Cheaters!

    This app takes my bonus coins(the few times I actually when them). Is always timing out and the more coins you buy the less you win!

  • No bonus round

    Takes all your coins and never lets you go to bonus round!! And surprise parties never happen!! Don't waste your money!!!!!! It doesn't even give you all of your bonus coins!!!

  • Fifty8


  • Review

    Can't stop playing the game.

  • So mad!

    Love the games u have BUT I CANT PLAY ANY OF THE ONES I WON!! They won't download ! FIX IT !! Please

  • Great job party people👍

    My fewest times trying before and have never really liked it. But now is the first time ever to feel the enjoyment. So I'm giving you four for now and see. And man I hope I won't be right again. After Sending it in rating will I found out that you took all of my credits back.

  • I love this game BUT...

    Why is there always a problem with it?!? I keep getting ripped off with the coins that I either win or earn!! I keep playing hoping that it will run smoothly one day but it seems like whoever made this app doesn't wanna even bother FIXING ANYTHING!!! I didnt even get all my coins from the mega bonus. And it was a 10x win too...ALSO why can't my levels sync when I connect with Facebook?? I don't wanna lose all my progress from playing as a guest. Please allow to sync the progress from playing as a guest!!

  • Love this game

    So I spent a whole $.99 and haven't been happier the more you bet the more you win. Have millions of coins. Addicted to this game.

  • Games are good BUT.............

    Games are good BUT it is difficult to win. The most recent game Golden Pearl isn't fun at all!! Very boring. No bonus rounds at all and the wilds never come into play. At least make it fun and allow you to win every now and then. True odds not just losing odds!!

  • Casino games

    LOVE the slot games but need to be able to "try a new machine" more often. It would be nicer to win more which would keep me playing more than a few minutes. Honestly loosen up and let people be able to play. If things don't change - I'm deleting this app. PLEASE let people "win"........ They have stopped giving double money on the weekends .... I used to look forward to playing on Saturday and Sunday ~ this is making me feel I might delete this app

  • Worst app ever

    I just got the bonus van I won 6000 points I turn off the app after five minutes I opened up the app to play again and it did not give me the 6000 point I one These guys are total scam they want to lose your points week buy points Bad enough they made the game so hard to one is easier to one of the casino than this game I would never pay a penny support this developer scammer

  • Submitting spin to server

    I can't spend all my credits even if I try. Every spin is followed by a 30 second wait with the message submitting spin to server and that's WHEN I can connect always says I need an internet connection even when I'm connected! Awful app don't waste your time

  • Jackpot Party Casino.

    I like the way that all games are different and from different makers. Too many slot games are exactly the same only with different themes. There is diversity in this slot game you won't find anywhere else. My only problem is a glitch here or there that's takes away bonus money. I'm owed millions in wins. And now as soon as I do win you take it back. Getting really sick of being betrayed.

  • Fun ! ,but your winnings don' always sow up .

    The fist is very hard to get !

  • Ugh

    Watch out with your connection... It will say you won over $100k and then your connection will "time out" and you won't get that $$. OR when it's time to collect your bonus it will go negative and then add up to what you had before you collected your bonus. It's very frustrating especially if you spend Money for coins. Deleting app from my phone because of all the bugs and glitches. What a waste...

  • Game

    Great game

  • Yup


  • Boost pay nothing trick

    Players Go to casino and play same games and win real money. Don't buy credits best idea !!! Boost it's nothing I play boost 25 minutes I don't win anything

  • Jackpot casino

    Super bad returns.....low bonuses, and watching vids for only 11 to 17 coins.....really?? Not worth the time or effort, no value here!

  • Just like Thunder V

    This app is awesome . I cant wait to play each day. Awesome guys keep it up . The Real Deal

  • Addictive!!

    So fun! You can play the real casino penny slots! They know when to stop paying so I can spend money to buy coins....

  • Gracias por la app

    Muy buena app me quita las ganas de jugar en el casino real, es decir me ahorra dinero y controla mi ansiedad GRACIAS

  • Weak

    What the hell is the hot slot mode about?? It's makes the already sorry experience even worse

  • Love it

    Takes away the gitters I have in between casino runs :-) lol

  • Great

    Great! Just like the casino

  • Gifts

    I used to be able to receive my 25.00 gifts from friends. Not that $25 is a lot to begin with but now it won't even give them to me. I have to push the accept button 5-6 times and once it finally clears it doesn't even give me the money. Not to mention on some of my mega bonus plays it doesn't give me the full 10x when I have hit for 10x. Annoying!! Please fix and I will give it five stars again.

  • Rip Off!

    Tired of getting cheated out of bonus coins! Just won 72,000 but only got 62,000. I've been watching and you're always cheated on coins!

  • Al

    Fun to lay

  • Money gone

    Eats all my coins up

  • Friends

    Will not allow me to accept money from friends. Shows up and when I accept it disappears and does not add to my bank. Over a month now. Please correct problem as I am not only person complaining

  • Jackpot party casino

    It's a fun game keep me preoccupied

  • Jackpot

    I enjoy this app with great pleasure.

  • Gifts

    What a joke.Your friends send you gifts $25.00 and you accept it,it never is added into your bank.Where does it go and what's the purpose of having it if you can't collect it?Love playing the games but the gift aspect just soon not be there

  • What's going on????

    Was enjoying this until I changed phones. I backed this up and when I reloaded it I lost everything! I was at level 110 and had a couple hundered thousand points. It started me over as a new player! What the ????? Very frustrating. Finally got to crystal forest which is our favorite casino game. Now will take like forever to get to it again! Been ripped off!!!!

  • Me

    I do not get my gifts they won't accept!!!! Been going on for a couple of weeks !!

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