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Cashman I Heart Diamonds **** slot game

Cashman I Heart Diamonds **** slot game
4 based on 255 Votes
Price $0.99

Mr. Cashman™ , everybody’s favorite friend is back. It’s show time with Aristocrat’s newest version, Cashman Live. Mr. Cashman takes center stage awarding updated versions of the original bonuses. I Heart Diamonds is first game in the Cashman Live series. It offers players the traditional slot theme with Bars, 7’s and Diamonds. With frequent base game pays and bonuses, Cashman Live is sure to entertain you for hours.
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Cashman I Heart Diamonds **** slot game is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 12+ (Application may not suitable for children under the age of 12). This application has an average rating of 4 based on 255 Votes. This version 1.0 has an average rating of 4 based on 255 Users.

Your device must have atleast 92.6 MB of space to download and install Cashman I Heart Diamonds **** slot game. This application is game center enabled . Cashman I Heart Diamonds **** slot game can be downloaded and install for $0.99 only

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of Aristocrat Technologies Inc. at

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English, American


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Cashman I Heart Diamonds **** slot game
Cashman I Heart Diamonds **** slot game
Cashman I Heart Diamonds **** slot game
Cashman I Heart Diamonds **** slot game
Cashman I Heart Diamonds **** slot game
Cashman I Heart Diamonds **** slot game
Cashman I Heart Diamonds **** slot game
Cashman I Heart Diamonds **** slot game

Additional Information

***** GAME PLAY *****

•Feel the anticipation as the DIAMONDS land in hopes of that big win!

•Just when you thought the game was over, Cashman appears to give you a bonus

•Play all 25 lines to trigger the five random Cashman Live bonuses


•Juggle – choose either Credit or Free Spins

•Star Match – select stars for a match of either Credit or Free Spins

•Poker Machine – win up to 999 credits times your bet multiplier

•Magic Multiplier – Free Spins with a multiplier and a guaranteed win of 2x your bet

•Hold & Respin – Scattered DIAMONDS are held and remaining reels respun for a chance at a big win


Only Aristocrat slots provide you with all these great features! Check them out!

•Enjoy I Heart Diamonds in one universal App for your iPhone & iPad. Pay once and play on all your devices!

•Manage your bets and lines played to achieve different spin strategies

•Play three exciting Game Modes: **+, Dream, and Tournament

•Beat the game and unlock all the Achievements

•Connect with Facebook and Twitter to share scores with your friends

•Compare your best scores online with multiple sets of Leader boards in Apple Game Center

•Tell us what you think or cast your vote for the next game with our Feedback System


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Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Player

    This game was so exciting in the beginning but now it crashes every 3 days. What can you do to solve this problem? Please help me solve this problem.

  • It won't open

    Just purchased and it crashes every time I open it.

  • Just like in the Casino!!!

    really like this game! sounds and all! really cool app but I dont see where you can earn free credits like hourly or what not? or where friends can send you free credits???

  • Cashman

    Just like in the casino, luv it.

  • Cashman

    This Cashman is great, let's me win all the time which I love. Hopefully, I will be able to play it in a Casino near me soon.

  • Cashman

    The most boring game I've ever played!

  • Great Game

    Fun to play, hoping more games to follow.would like to see more Mr Cashmans.Louie's Gold,Jailbird, African Dust to name a few favorites Of mine.

  • Great fun!

    This game is hilarious and lots of fun. I enjoy it very much.

  • Cashman hearts and diamonds

    I am very glad that I did not listen to the whiners about this is very entertaining and I have not had any problems with it. Get it you will be glad you did. One of my favorites.

  • I love diamonds

    Great game just like the casino version Need the ruby saloon version

  • new apps

    we need new games games such as more chilli/more hearts /phantom

  • Fun!

    Addicting and fun!

  • The game that could've won 'em all!

    This is truly a faithful attempt to recreate Mr. Cashman from the casino. I don't really like some of the non-authentic changed music that they did, because it is somewhat out of character in some spots. Game bugs out every time when you open it. It automatically sets itself to dream mode which is absolutely annoying and loud. The Casino mode is best. Your money lasts in this game! I'm still on the first $80 it gave me when I started Casino mode. All in all: buy this game if would love to play Mr. Cashman at the casino. The app is priced perfectly. Please make another one that's even more authentic Aristocrat!!

  • The best game

    This is one of the best games I ever play I have so much fun

  • Fun game......but

    Not enough wins. Mr. Cashman does not come up enough. Please give more wins!!!!


    Where are the promised releases? 9 months isnt good enough. Has anyone checked out what Bally has to offer? Some good games there. Aristocrat can't even release a game let alone ones we are asking for.....

  • They gave up on us customers

    Ok seriously it has been almost 9 months since you last released a game???? Did you give up on us???? Thats pretty sad especially when the last couple of games havent been exciting and we have been waiting for new ones. I own every game you have released and i am very frustrated that you are not releasing new games let alone the ones we are begging for!!!! Please release new games soon or I will not even bother looking on your site anymore and will buy elsewhere.

  • Vegas Slot

    It's like Vegas slot right in the palm of your hand. Love it!

  • Mr. Cashman

    This game is fun.. But does anyone realize that it has been 9 MONTHS since Aristocrat has released an app??WHY DON'T YOU PEOPLE AT ARISTOCRAT LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE THAT BUY YOUR PRODUCTS? We are sick of waiting... 9 MONTHS is waaaaaaay too long! Get on it or your fans will leave in droves.. Half of us already have our foots out the door! Release more apps and more updates or lose your supporters.

  • Cashman

    Love this game!

  • Cash man

    I love this game!! Really fun game to play.

  • Great, fun game!

    Fun game, works perfect on my iPhone4, no problems at all. I've actually played this game in a Casino. It's a cute / fun game,

  • From gardener ny

    Totes love this game!!! It's the ONLY slot machine I play at the casino....and that says a lot bc I'm not a big gambler but I go just for Mr. Cashman!!!

  • Game is fun BUT........

    I would have given 5 stars but it has 2 major problems. First, it always crashes. Second, it makes my iPod touch get super hot in temperature. None of my other games do that. Despite the crashing, I still enjoy playing it -- I just have to be aware of the temperature of my device and quit when it gets too heated.

  • Fun But. . .

    The game is fun for a casino game; the Cashman pop ups are like the casino games but . . . I would rather play a game I can actually play at a casino rather than this. African Dusk, or any of the other games I regularly play (still) would have been a good app rather than this generic version. I also don't like how they changed the music for the app. While I don't agree with it, the WMS apps for the real casino games aren't perfect and require you to be online, they do simulate what you can play at the casino and I wish this were the case here. Overall still a fun casino slot game, but not what I would have expected. Also, the sound doesn't always work on my iPad. It works every time on my iPhone though.

  • Aristocrat Apps

    Most of these apps are great! Why haven't u released any new apps lately. Can we get more apps PLEASE??? Money Honey!!!!

  • New game

    When is the next slot coming out preferable lucky 88 or queen or king of the Nile it's been five months since the last slot came out come on bring a new one ASAP please

  • Great app

    Love it

  • Cashman live

    Great app. Just don't like the way the diamonds pop outvatvya. It's annoying. Wish there would be a cashman fever app. My all time favorite slots.

  • Blah

    Pretty boring, not sure why they release this game but not Pompeii, red baron, lil Lucy etc...

  • Love it!!!

    Good game.. Found it in Atlantic city casino and won some $$$$$

  • Moon and stars

    Where can I find the slot game "moon and the stars". You say it is on the apps for ipad but I cannot find it.

  • Crashes

    This game constantly crashes during the bonus. Please fix this issue.

  • up and down opinion

    Like the game but performance issues are many and often. At times - will not load and I have to reinstall, just crashes in the middle of a bonus, just not reliable. Fun when it works" just doesn't work.

  • Me

    I just love this game!! I wish I could find more cashman games to play

  • Amazing

    I love this game!!!! Highly recomended..

  • Diamond Slots

    LOVE THIS NEW GAME. BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Great

    Love this game!

  • Cash man

    I like the game,it would be sooo much better if it were actually like the cashman's in the casino's!!!! :)

  • I Heart Diamonds

    I don't care for this game. A little boring. Like the casino games like Buffalo, Seal the Deal, More Hearts, etc. this is just not exciting. Disappointed after waiting for months for a new game. WMS has some better games to offer for the iPad. Still waiting for new games to come out. What is taking so long. I can't believe the games you have been putting out lately. I've been buying the Ballys games. They are at least fun.

  • Bad

    I have been buying the aristocrat games for over a year now. When I first started to buy these games they would be available every 4-6weeks. Now they are taking over 10 weeks and the games aren't as good. Games such as more chilli, more hearts, fifty dragons and phantom would be a lot better. The longer that you take with your games people will start to go elsewhere for there entertainment. People are taking the time to suggest games that they would be interested in buying, it would be good to have some of those suggestions turned into games before more people start to loose interest. I know I am tired of lengthy waits for games that aren't appealing.

  • Another good one

    Aristocrat has the best slot games available

  • Listen to your customer.....

    Aristocrat, you are going to lose faithful customers.....because you won't give us the games we are asking for......I totally agree with the majority in regards to we waited 2 plus months for this water down game......this is not even the game at the casino......please listen.....we want certain games and we want them faster .....what is the are the maker of the games and we are paying for these boring games........ Please create the following games below: MONEY HONEY Lucky 88 Pompeii Tarzan (Lord of the Jungle) Lucky 88 The real Mr. CASHMAN More Hearts Choy Sun DOA More Chilli 50 Lion Queen Nile Red Baron Big Ben Where's the Gold Pelican Pete Wild Goose Banana King Jaws Great Wall Yea, Aristocrat if you don't start listening too us I'm going to discontinue buying your games.......Please bring "Money Honey" and "Lucky 88 and "More Hearts and More Chilli....... Thank you......Faster Faster Faster Faster create more exciting games Please listen!

  • Cashman I Heart Diamonds

    Love this game!!! I'm addicted already. Lot of bonus action. I love to see that Cashman !!!!

  • Totally Addictive

    Can't seem to put this game down. You never know what it is going to do next. But it is always fun!

  • Mr Cashman

    Game crashes every time it goes to the bonus. Please fix!

  • Lafdfiremom

    I just live this game... It's more fun to play than some of the other aristocrat games I have downloaded. The anticipation of the next "cash man" makes it fun & getting the diamonds.. Very fun😃

  • Mala calidad

    Solo pone la pantalla en negro... Nunca cargo el juego... Que tristeza..

  • More Aristocrat!!!

    I have all Aristocrat apps!!! Waiting for more, Pompeii, 50 Dragons, Golden Incas!!! Keep them coming!!!

  • Aristocrat

    Would like to play Mr.Cashman Fever and a lot more games that you have that we can't download. Why not we are buying them ?

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