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Slugterra: Slug it Out!

Slugterra: Slug it Out!
4.5 based on 7,471 Votes
Price Free

Slug it out! and become the best slugslinger of all time! Play as hero Eli Shane in this fast-paced action puzzle game based on the popular animated television series Slugterra. Collect little critters called slugs then fire them out of your high-powered blaster, transforming them into magical battle beasts! Each slug has its own unique power. The more you use your slugs, the more powerful they become. Collect all the slugs and use them to battle a horde of villains and stop the evil Dr. Blakk!
To play, quickly match tiles on the game board to power up your slugs. Tap the slug icon to load them into your blaster then watch out as they transform and attack your opponents! Read more...

Slugterra: Slug it Out! is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 9+ (Application may not suitable for children under the age of 9). This application has an average rating of 4.5 based on 7,471 Votes. This version 2.2.2 has an average rating of 4.5 based on 183 Users.

Your device must have atleast 193.0 MB of space to download and install Slugterra: Slug it Out!. This application is game center enabled . Slugterra: Slug it Out! is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of Nerd Corps Entertainment Inc. at

Support Languages

Arabic , English, American , French , Greek , Italian , Korean , Portuguese , Russian , Spanish , Turkish


Games , Puzzle , Action ,


Slugterra: Slug it Out!
Slugterra: Slug it Out!
Slugterra: Slug it Out!
Slugterra: Slug it Out!
Slugterra: Slug it Out!
Slugterra: Slug it Out!
Slugterra: Slug it Out!
Slugterra: Slug it Out!

Additional Information

The key to being the best slugslinger around is choosing the best slugs for each round, and knowing when to use them!

Players can collect new slugs and unlock slug powers in story mode, or duel an endless stream of opponents to compete for top leader board scores in challenge mode. Duel friends across devices through Game Center in multiplayer mode, or find other slugslingers to challenge!

Special items are now available in the store to boost your game play.

***The Bottom Line: 9.5/10 (Super!) Slugterra: Slug it Out! isn’t the first strategy match-3 that we’ve played but, by far it incorporates the need for strategy more than others. Tack on an adorable theme and you’ve got one of the best strategy-puzzlers this year.” – Appstore Arcade


• Match tiles on the playing board to power-up your slugs and blast your opponents

• Collect new slugs and unlock slug powers as you play

• Battle all of your favourite villains from Slugterra and challenge Dr. Blakk!

• Add all of your favourite slugs to your arsenal, including Infurnus, Frostcrawler, Tazerling, Flatulorhinkus, Arachnet, Fandango, Doc, Enigmo, Rammstone, Hoverbug, Aquabeek, Makobreaker, Flaringo, Thresher, Frightgeist, Negashade, Ping, Xmitter and many more!!

• Combine two slugs for an incredible fusion shot!

• Ghoul your game and add ghoul slugs to your arsenal!

• Play through story mode to collect slugs and unlock new powers

• Compete for top scores in the leader boards on Game Center in challenge mode

• Duel friends across devices in multiplayer mode through Game Center

• Special items available in the store to boost your game play including blaster mods, slug chargers, new characters and more

• Available for iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch®

What's New on this version 2.2.2

Minor bug fixes and optimization.

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • This lags way to much

    This game is great until you get to chapter 4 because is starts lagging and crashing so much I can't play. I recommend you to NOT get this game. Or we all ask the developers to fix this.

  • Multi-player is not working 👎

    Great game but multi player feature is not working. Tried to reach the support twice but no comments.

  • Dream Game.

    This game is fun but the public wants something more. I think u should create a dream Slugterra game that I call Slugterra: Your Way. It hasn't been really thought of but I know more people will play your games than ever before! It has 3-d graphics and you go around 25 (at first) caverns and find and catch (or buy) slugs. There's shops to buy mecha parts, and you can customize your mecha and character. Other players (computerized and real players) are in the caverns. There aren't ghouls or goals, but u receive awards for finding new slugs. There are all the slugs from the show and u can train them! The slugs, depending on their type, can be hard to find but have the extremely rare Infurnus, Enigmo, and Crystaliod slugs. There should be about 10 duels and some real caverns in the game from the show. It should be free but with in-app purchases for whatever money is used in the game. I've wanted something like it for months! I am starting to get impatient waiting. Nerd Corps, your games are awesome, but please consider creating this game!

  • Love it but

    This game is fun all it needs is more slugs and custom blasters.the only other thing is that challengers are super hard I know that is the point but make them easier or make a skip button to buy.Thats all I want love the game!!!

  • Amazing game

    I want the new update and new slug,ghouls and more levels

  • where are the other slugs?

    I love this game at all but where are the other slugs in the game? I mean they're great and here's a message for nerd corps: bring the slugs back.

  • Bug

    The bug is i can not enter the app pls fix this Ps:Love the game


    I love the update

  • Great

    So fun

  • AWESOME!!!!!!

    This is a super fun game! I love that it's based off of the Slug Terra TV show. I just wish they would add more levels. Please, add more levels. I think the TV show ended which is sad. But they should at least add more to this game that leads up to the show's ending. More characters, more levels and more slugs would be good. Updated: After the most recent update the blackout spots in challenge mode go away again like they should. Thank you for fixing this problem and making Slug It Out fun again! I still would love to see even more levels, slugs, characters, and power-ups. This is an amazing game. Thank you. Please continue to update this game with more levels! Second Update: please, please, please make a way to pay to get rid of ads. There are WAY too many ads now and that makes me sad. :'( I would pay for that. Thanks for a great game.

  • Best game ever

    I love this game and it's the best game ever

  • Drone

    So fun I fant

  • This game is amazing!

    I love this game! But I feel the only things that are missing are The Elementals, megamorphs, Junjie and Joo-Joo. I said Junjie because he is my absolute favorite character. You should add in a chapter called "A Champion's Past." In the first level, the Shane Gang find Junjie next to a tree, covered in a blanket and injured. Then the marauders from "Ghoul From Beyond" attack the gang and you end up having to fight one of them. This is all I have for update ideas. I would greatly appreciate it if you would at least consider my idea. In the meantime, keep being awesome!

  • Custom Blasters

    I agree with Mr.Beettle but also to buy,earn and find Blaster pieces and accessories for ur custom Blasters and from Mr.beettles ideas more duels


    Nerd corps I think that up dates /new or special slugs should stay longer for people can buy them I think that every day we should get a free slug upgrade or even coins!!or any boosters hope nerd corps can do this it would be AMAZING AWESOME PERFECT we should also get two gouls per chapter plzzz 😃😃😃😃😃😃😍😍😍😍😍😍😃😇😇😇😉😉😋😋😎😎😎😎😎😎😄☺️☺️☺️☺️

  • Plz ad hexlet

    I like this game, but I would like if you ad the hexlet, and elementals. Thanks!

  • Updates

    The game is awesome but after you beat the chapter it is extremely boring and they should have a update where you get all the slugs in slugterra if you have seen the show there are a lot besides the ones in the game for free to make the game more interesting because I am a big fan of slugterra

  • GREAT!!!!!!!

    this game is so cool!😃 but I have some suggestions like maybe add characters that you can customize yourself, and it's cool that you can upgrade your slugs to make them stronger but maybe add armor to protect yourself from certain status effects, and add custom blasters like auto fire, anyways I have one more thought, I think that you could add the "hang out" the the Shane gang's base from the series and you can move your character around the base, I just think it would be a better way to get to the your g.u.i. like your slugs, upgrades, armor, anyways I think in would be better. You know what, one last thing, in the next chapter you creators should add the mega-morph slugs, and add an overload feature so like when your slug is charged to tier three you have a chance to go to one last tier, the mega-morph but there's a chance for it to fail and gives you damage (if you don't know what I mean, go watch the last episode!) but have better chances of not failing on different slugs. Anyways that's it and these are just suggestions the game's great without these, but it would be cool if these were added


    This game is amazing!! You can buy slugs, power up your blaster, choose a slugterra character (I prefer Eli) and you can battle the bad guys or in multiplayer.

  • Good game waste of money

    Power ups r a rip off I have no money know but the game is fun

  • Great game!!

    If there could be a chapter 14 and sometimes my multilayer doesn't work so that would be great but either way AMAZING game

  • Great game but...

    I think it's a great game I just think they should add more slugs like the elementals

  • Why? Ghouls

    Why do people like ghouls so much if they do Damege to yourself

  • Rip off

    Don't waste your time it's a money pit! No matter what u do the opponent always has faster blasters. And even if u do get an upgrade it lasts one round! Deleting immediately

  • Pretty Good but

    It would be nice if they would put some more codes up and did more rare slug alerts

  • Rip off game

    No matter how much money I keep dumping into this game to make the pistol have more damage and go faster against any opponent at any level the game is rigged to always make yours go slower and have less effect. Although I love the series this game is a big rip off and a complete piece of crap. If you're reading this don't bother downloading it and or bother to play it. The programmers of this game have definitely made it to steal your money and is not even fun to play anymore. I lost interest and would not recommend it to anyone.

  • Slug it out!

    I absolutely love slug it out because u can get new slugs and characters to use and not just regular slugs there are gouls too oh donor for get the double barrels and I like that u can vrs other people ! It is so fun

  • I love this game but

    But I don't like having to buy slugs because than u have to upgrade to and get new slugs it's just so hard😓

  • Another scam

    Another cool looking match 3 game with so much potential. Unfortunately, it becomes obvious that without buying boosts and power ups, you have no chance to pass. A real shame, this one had potential. Deleted!

  • Slug it out

    This game is so cool I but they should get more. Slugs.


    I really have nothing to say exept I LOVe it

  • The best

    I love this game to death but u should really try to make way more slugs show up and ghouls I hope u do this and I hope u have a good day

  • Slug it out

    The game is awesome,fun,and hard but I like it.

  • Good but!

    I have been like 3 months with the same challenges!!

  • Useless

    Your game is pointless and over all horrible you need to severely weaken all the opponents In the challenges and story mode. Also for story mode stick to the show. Only junjie and Eli are suppose to have infernus slugs and only Shane can use fusion shots now since the master is dead. Follow the official lore

  • Hard but also fun :)

    I am a reporter and wanted to get this game and play it .But then I played longer then I thought I did and I was very interested on how idectitive this game was for all your low support on this game. I wish you a good day😃 -Anthony The Reporter

  • Ghoul extravaganza

    The ghoul extravaganza only has 3 ghouls or is it gonna get more over the five days

  • Slug it out op

    Slug it out is so op as crap

  • Awsome game

    It's great and all but should use all slugs and all Gouls and should have mega morfus but all in all best game ever and should have use all the charecter

  • Gfycyvyvtvyvyvy

    I love the game but please add a arma shelt and a hop rock slug

  • Awesome

    This game is amazing in every which way

  • This is impossible

    Chapter 13 is impossible

  • 💙💙

    That update sucked but I still love this game put mega morphs and elementals in. Or at least put all the slugs in. Is it that hard?

  • Update Is Not Working

    Chapter 13 Does not show up and neither does aquafreak

  • Slugterra

    guys lay off they cant just add the elementals or mega morphs or everything would be out of order for the story line so please stop asking for the elementals and mega morphs to come into the game

  • Coin store problems

    all I wanted to do was to buy some coin from the store and I got stuck with a loading screen for 2 hours and it said that the purchase was unsuccessful even though I had money

  • Awesome but.......

    You need to keep up with the show please add mega morphs please that would be amazing

  • Suggestions

    They should definitely make mega morph slugs/ghouls. And my favorite slug is the thuglett slug like twist's Loki. It should be normal and ghoul. It's power could be where he can pass through ice walls and go through slugs to deal a lot of damage to your opponent. And should have elementals. I hope that nerd corps/DHX will take my suggestions. :)

  • Ideas and Suggestions

    So I was thinking that you should be able to train your slug for it to upgrade instead of using coins, and even though this next idea is a long shot but I think it's pretty cool is that maybe you should be able to catch the slugs some how. But those are just some ideas BEST GAME EVER!!!!

  • Epic game

    Awesome game I like how you added ghouls but I have some suggestions: 1.Add mini games like driving on your mecca beast through caverns 2.Make and design your own Shang Gang hideout

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