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Slugterra: Slug it Out!

Slugterra: Slug it Out!
4.5 based on 6,818 Votes
Price Free

Slug it out! and become the best slugslinger of all time! Play as hero Eli Shane in this fast-paced action puzzle game based on the popular animated television series Slugterra. Collect little critters called slugs then fire them out of your high-powered blaster, transforming them into magical battle beasts! Each slug has its own unique power. The more you use your slugs, the more powerful they become. Collect all the slugs and use them to battle a horde of villains and stop the evil Dr. Blakk!
To play, quickly match tiles on the game board to power up your slugs. Tap the slug icon to load them into your blaster then watch out as they transform and attack your opponents! Read more...

Slugterra: Slug it Out! is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 9+ (Application may not suitable for children under the age of 9). This application has an average rating of 4.5 based on 6,818 Votes. This version 2.0.1 has an average rating of 4.5 based on 590 Users.

Your device must have atleast 193.0 MB of space to download and install Slugterra: Slug it Out!. This application is game center enabled . Slugterra: Slug it Out! is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of Nerd Corps Entertainment Inc. at

Support Languages

Arabic , English, American , French , Greek , Italian , Korean , Portuguese , Russian , Spanish , Turkish


Games , Puzzle , Action ,


Slugterra: Slug it Out!
Slugterra: Slug it Out!
Slugterra: Slug it Out!
Slugterra: Slug it Out!
Slugterra: Slug it Out!
Slugterra: Slug it Out!
Slugterra: Slug it Out!
Slugterra: Slug it Out!

Additional Information

The key to being the best slugslinger around is choosing the best slugs for each round, and knowing when to use them!

Players can collect new slugs and unlock slug powers in story mode, or duel an endless stream of opponents to compete for top leader board scores in challenge mode. Duel friends across devices through Game Center in multiplayer mode, or find other slugslingers to challenge!

Special items are now available in the store to boost your game play.

***The Bottom Line: 9.5/10 (Super!) Slugterra: Slug it Out! isn’t the first strategy match-3 that we’ve played but, by far it incorporates the need for strategy more than others. Tack on an adorable theme and you’ve got one of the best strategy-puzzlers this year.” – Appstore Arcade


• Match tiles on the playing board to power-up your slugs and blast your opponents

• Collect new slugs and unlock slug powers as you play

• Battle all of your favourite villains from Slugterra and challenge Dr. Blakk!

• Add all of your favourite slugs to your arsenal, including Infurnus, Frostcrawler, Tazerling, Flatulorhinkus, Arachnet, Fandango, Doc, Enigmo, Rammstone, Hoverbug, Aquabeek, Makobreaker, Flaringo, Thresher, Frightgeist, Negashade, Ping, Xmitter and many more!!

• Combine two slugs for an incredible fusion shot!

• Ghoul your game and add ghoul slugs to your arsenal!

• Play through story mode to collect slugs and unlock new powers

• Compete for top scores in the leader boards on Game Center in challenge mode

• Duel friends across devices in multiplayer mode through Game Center

• Special items available in the store to boost your game play including blaster mods, slug chargers, new characters and more

• Available for iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch®

What's New on this version 2.0.1

• Minor bug fixes and optimization.

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Ripped off...

    I bought this game for my grandson to play on my iPad. He loved it. I tried to buy him extra coins and never received them. App Store keeps telling me they are restoring for free but the please wait screen runs and runs and never does give the coins. I have never had trouble with an in app purchase before.

  • Love this game

    Can u plz put in a new update with the goon or anything just plz make a new update because I beat all the levels ps. love this game it is the best game of all time. I play it everyday. :)

  • Like

    My little brother started off playing this game and he told me can u beat one of these for me so I was like sure you know idc if I beat it but then I kept wanting to play it bc it seemed to be cool and so I was like yea I like this game and what I've seen so far this app has no problems and doesn't crash all to much

  • Give a new update

    New characters !!! In the "slug it out" webpage I see the down world characters and they are not in the game!!! So please get them in a new update!! But is a great game!

  • Suggestions/ ideas

    The game is really fun and I love playing it. But there are a couple problems about it. First the game crashes and you lose all your progress so please fix that. Second some of your opponents slugs do more damage than mine even if they have to same slug or arsenal. My ideas and suggestions are that you should add more slugs like armishelt and its power can knock a slug out for a short period of time which is kinda similar to the xmitter slug. Another slug you should add is the hot rocks slug with the power to decrease the transformation of a slug if it is flying towards me. Another slug you should add is the ricochet slug which can fly all the slugs back to its player or it can change the order of the opponents arsenal like if a tazerling is at the top of the arsenal it will change spots with another slug. Also add more slugs like the tornado, drilling, jellyfish, phosphoro, and the elementals. Another idea I have is that we should have a game mode where you actually play as the character and customize your Shane hideout and have trixie, kord, and pronto, and other random people to join your team and where you can actually catch slugs in the different caverns. You should also be able to customize your own mechabeasts and blasters too. Please take my suggestions and trust me, I know people will be more happy and excited to play this game.

  • March

    The best

  • Awesome

    This is one of my most favorite games ever but you should add more slugs and ghouls to it and then it would be even more awesome but please try to add all of the slugs in slugterra like the four elementals and the ghoul from beyond please and also please make the fusion shots less money like 4 thousand.

  • What the heck!

    It was a great game, I was loving it! The. One day I turn it on and I lost all my stuff!!!! What's going on?!😫

  • Starting over

    When I got the app a week ago, it was fine. The thing is, when I opened the app today, I HAD TO START OVER!!

  • I am mad

    I lost all my progress on it please fix it i am so sad i had everything on the game please fix this

  • Coolest In The Universe

    This game is awesome and it just had a slug terra taste of fun and it has ghouls and a boon doc and most of the elementals it is just really cool.

  • Glitches

    I was playing endless mode and was on the second player with a little bit of health gone I was not worried and he had very little health I'm going to do a mega attack with all my slugs he shoots me with his blaster and I'm dead

  • Need fixing

    Well first the multiplayer doesn't work at all it says syncing to state idk what that means and in story mode it's not really that fair when you have not that much Health they don't give any sorry about the negative review but this game is awesome


    This is my favorite game of all time It's challenging and and fun at the same time FIVE STARS and if you haven't seen the TV show WATCH IT it's my second most favorite show

  • Eeeeh

    I got this game specifically to play with my brother, but the multiplayer feature does not work. Every time we get on it stops for me at 2 seconds saying "syncing data" and for him it lets him continue, but his bullets go right through me as do his slugs. The game is fun, but I can't do the one thing I wanted to do when I got the game- play multiplayer with my brother.


    We should be able to make our own fusion shot . Like pair up our own goul fusion shots plus more slugs and Rare like elementals and mimki from the the pirates with that all slugs should be gouled and in fusion shots plus more slugs you can use in battle "I want to to use more!"

  • Great game

    I loved this game to shreds until it lost all my data,game creators if you are reading this please please PLEASE PLEASE make a game where you have a pet slug and you can take care of it(kind of like the talking Tom app) PLEEEEAAASSSSEEEEeEeEeeEeE

  • Progress Sync

    Can you make it possible to sync progress across different devices

  • Lost everything

    I LOVED this game I played it nonstop for a week and beat story mode. I set my phone down to help my grandmother and I pick my phone up 30 minutes later and all my slugs, progress, characters, money, and power ups were gone. I was very sad because I put all of that time and work and it all disappeared.

  • Raged game

    I was on a level and when I was almost died My slugs where not firing I then threw my IPad mini because I was raged.

  • Best game ever

    Best game of the year all I use is infurnus burpy fandgo frostcrawler chiller taserling joules

  • Good game...but

    This really fun game is fun and all but I already beat the game. There's nothing to do with game so I think this game needs a few updates,thank you nerd corps

  • Multiplayer

    It always losses the connection.

  • Problems

    This is a great game for the most part but when I am in the middle of a battle (especially in endless mode) it shuts off and I have to start over again. The challenges got a lot harder than before because I noticed they fire faster, the slugs do more damage, and I don't know if it is just mine but when the opponent hits me with a tazerling the effects of it stay on me so much longer than they used to, so I am as good as dead.

  • What is not fair

    The game is great but there is something going on in the game. Some players get the characters in story that we can't get. I think that they either hack to get them or they glitch the game. The other day I saw a player with Will Shane and someone with Dr Blakk with his gather. You must add those characters or I'm gonna freak out

  • Please Fix

    It's been force closing at random moments

  • Good


  • Add Grimmstone!!!

    I would love if you added grimmstone (Ghouled version of rammstone) And it blocks 3 Slugs! I loved it if u added ghoul fusions

  • Progress gone

    My son loves this game, but today he tried to play and all his progress was gone, slugs characters and all. Is there any way to get them back? I will gladly give this 5 stars if resolved.

  • Hi

    It's a great game but when I go into Multiplayer mode my slugs And blaster shots go trough the Oppent and it says the oppents Slugs are not charging. Or says syncing game data but overall good game and could u please add junjie

  • Could be better

    This game is one of my favorites however there is much more to add and fix that would make gameplay more fun and enjoyable while still proving to be challenging. All of an opponents slugs fired do more damage than my slugs even if they are the same in my opponents arsenal. The reason I have been able to observe this is because my opponent's slugs are fired much quicker because his or her slugs load much faster than should be. They have no slug auto charger and yet his are prepared at a faster rate and stronger capacity as if they were mega morphs. I am glad of the updates the game has gotten better but now that slugterra is over I believe that the rest of the show should be added such as mega morphs. I do not believe they should have to be bought to be upgraded but rather trained the more it is used. The blasters those slugs are fired from should be one bought at a reasonable price as to wha to hope becomes customizable and more realistic characters to the show (Eli doesn't have 2 shells on his bandoleer it is 3). I hope that the next update brings about better changes to the game making it more fun and yet still proves to be challenging to an average gamer. Along with bug fixes changing the mistake in the game I which I am in the middle of a duel and the game shuts off which does not happen with the rest of my games. Thank you and I hope to see the game improved as it has been over he years.

  • Awesome

    Great game slugs, Gouls what doesn't it have

  • 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

    I love this game!! I play it all the time but could u put more slugs in??😇 Also most important is you put the elementals in the next update please make it soon!😇😃😎😇😃😎😇😃😎😇😎

  • I love the game

    I love the game much , I do like the show what are the things I do not like I wish they had like the elementals But I wish you could have all the slugs😓

  • Great game

    I love this game but you need to fix the multiplayer my bullets go through my opponent and add the elementals and make new fusion shots and a New slug on Monday and Friday Monday through Tuesday Friday through Saturday and anyway a good game but make more updates I give this game for stars but not five because they need a lot more but I still love this game is about the only thing I do on my iPad but everyone wants you to add the elementals please do it

  • Slug Tera

    I love the game because it's fun and easy to play

  • Plz add the elementals

    In my opinion I like this game but I really want the elementals to be apart of the game so plz add them

  • I love this game

    The game is so fun Iove

  • Best Game Ever (BGE)

    It's great but it sends me out of the game butt it's great game:)

  • I hate it I can't duplicate my slugs

    I hate it i can't duplicate my slugs

  • Elementals

    Plz I want elementals (other hand great game)

  • Use to be great

    This app use to awesome. But now they have switched and unless you pay you have to watch commercials for other apps. That has killed a once great free app.

  • Best game ever

    This game is really good and can u add the elemental slugs plz.

  • What :(

    Ok i love slug terra even the tv show and this game so when it came out i beat the game in two days i think.Then i deleted it for a new game, but when i redownloded it all gone slugs characters coins everything. So i was like no then deleted the 2 days ago i saw a goul on the cover im like update. But i rememberd the stuff nothing please fix this i will put all stars please.

  • Slugterra

    Everyday we should the slugs specials everyday

  • My favorite game

    Best game

  • Complant

    MAKE A F@&$kin difficult setting


    More slugs because I finish all of the levels and it's getting bored. Please, please, please, MORE SLUGS. THANKS

  • Slugterra

    Its fun.i can even duplicate my novabolt(infurnus and tazerling).all of my team is novabolt.

  • Multiplayer

    Single player is great but every time I play online it always breaks either saying syncing data for a long while then says lost connection or I shoot through my opponent, please fix this.

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