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Nemo's Reef

Nemo's Reef
4 based on 17,461 Votes
Price Free

Nemo and his dad, Marlin, set out to build the coolest reef in his class. Help Nemo create a best-in-class underwater retreat, and discover the secrets to building a permanent home for his friends! Read more...

Nemo's Reef is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 4 based on 17,461 Votes. This version 1.8.0 has an average rating of 4 based on 613 Users.

Your device must have atleast 67.5 MB of space to download and install Nemo's Reef. This application does not have game center . Nemo's Reef is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of Disney Electronic Content, Inc. at

Support Languages

Dutch , English, American , French , German , Italian , Japanese , Russian , Spanish


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Nemo's Reef
Nemo's Reef
Nemo's Reef
Nemo's Reef
Nemo's Reef
Nemo's Reef
Nemo's Reef
Nemo's Reef

Additional Information

* Continue Nemo's story and adventures beneath the sea!

* Create and personalize your very own underwater paradise.

* Make a home for your favorite characters from Finding Nemo including Dory, Gill, Bloat, Bubbles, and more!

* Find the different combinations of plants and decorations to delight Nemo's friends and other exotic fish.

* Discover and plant rare seeds to attract extremely rare and mysterious fish.

* Collect over 50 kinds of fish to enhance your world!

* Visit your friends' reefs, and compare their collection of fish to your own!

Before you download this experience, please consider that this app contains social media links to connect with others, in-app purchases that cost real money, push notifications to let you know when we have exciting updates like new content, as well as advertising for The Walt Disney Family of CompaniesΒ  and some third parties.

What's New on this version 1.8.0

Minor bug fixes and optimized performance.

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Do not start playing this game

    The developers have arbitrarily abandoned this game. They used to offer special events where you could earn rare fish or limited plants about once a month. Not any more! They obviously don't want anyone playing this game or spending money on it any more.

  • The Reef

    Love it

  • Fish


  • Faulty

    The app won't even connect on my iPhone any more. Only works on my iPad


    I literally love this game it's actually really good! I used to let my little brother play it so I can do my homework without anyone bothering me I can't play this game on my iPhone 6 for some reason it keeps crashing and telling me server it's not working etc... I just need the game to be working because my little brother & sister loves it they always asking me when I'm letting them play this game.

  • Poor app

    I so sad I brought this nemo app for my 2 year that loves nemo and right away it keep on giving me "messages of connecting to the server". Paid 2.99 And it never worked for me.

  • Too buggy

    It should give you an option to load a specific reef- I hate that I can't get my original reef back without calling customer service, I don't want multiple reefs. I feel like no one is listening.

  • Won't connect on iPhone

    I don't like giving 1 star reviews and I really LOVE this game (I've been playing it on my Kindle) but upon downloading it to my iPhone I keep getting a connecting to server progress bar, nothing new, but it never connects and then I get a timeout error regardless of using data or wifi. I would love to be able to play this on all of my devices.

  • Doesn't work

    I tried to download this app onto my phone and it won't even connect to the server so that I can play it.

  • Fix it

    You guys say your fixing the problem but you guys are not fix it till then 1 star

  • Won't open

    I have a strong signal and connected to wifi but the ap won't start. My son loves this game after playing on my friends phone but on mine it keeps saying cannot connect? Anyone else have this issue (iphone6)

  • No connection

    I had this game about a year ago and decided I wanted to play again but when I installed it this time is just doesn't work. I've checked it for 5 days straight and it always says the same thing, connection error. My wifi is fine and I've tried everything but it doesn't work. I'm uninstalling and maybe I'll try again some other time

  • So Far...Not Good

    I downloaded this app for my children today. So far I can't even get the app to open. It will pop up with a message - can't connect to server. Well I have Internet access and everything else works on my iPad so I'm going to assume this is not a good app. I am glad we figured it out before we started that this was a waste of our time. *I would be happy to give a new review if I ever get the app to work but for now I will give it the one star since I can't give it zero.

  • No updates since 12/2014 No levels beyond 50

    Many have posted here and on the web about issues with ads crashing in the December 2014 update. Disney has not provided a fix for those crashes. Love the game, but stuck until more levels, patches, and space are added for players at level 50. Please Disney, correct the bugs in the current release and add more levels, space, and patches for those of us who have been stuck at 50 for a very, very long time.

  • Won't load

    It just won't load it just keeps on with that little spiny thingy and won't let me play

  • It won't connect to any server.

    Ive even deleted and reinstalled.

  • dont get

    this game wont load for me wanted to play but its just wont load...crappy game

  • Server issues

    I just downloaded the game on my iPhone and I cannot get further than "Connecting to Server". I waited five minutes before I finally gave up. I've closed the app and reinstalled it. Still no avail.

  • Nemo

    After you fix all the bugs, how about making the patches hold more than 4, maybe up to 16 to 20 to open up space on the reef.

  • Regular

    Deben aΓ±adir mas cosas y mas desafios y aΓ±adir mas espacio. Ya estoy por el nivel 18 y se me acabaron las misiones y no tengo mas eapacio.

  • Cute Time killer

    I like the colorful fish and plants and the fact that nothing dies. If you like repetitive fish games just to relax then this is for you. However if you like challenges go for something else because the challenges stop after a while and it is just lots of cute fish and plants to watch. Don't bother buying pearls not worth spending the money but I do suggest googling the combos and rare fish requirement lists and keeping them handy just for quick reference. Once you get enough rare fish attracted just keep them fed and they will make pearls after a day or two. Nothing worth buying with pearls that can't wait till you save up.

  • Fun game

    It a fun game

  • IPhone version is driving me nuts

    Every time I try to open a chest with common spines it jams so I have to waste another spine. This never happens on the iPad version just the iPhone version. Just fix the game. I'm sick of wasting my spines.

  • Game doesn't work

    Downloaded the game per a friends suggestion, and I'm stuck on the first screen. It has a spinning circle and says "connecting to server". I've tried many times letting it sit over 5 minutes and even deleted and reinstalled the app. No luck :( I'm on an iPhone 6 with the most up to date version of iOS.

  • Nemo's Reef

    I really love this great game, I enjoy watching my little fish swimming in my reef! I have a few concerns though, Epic Fish, they were introduced in April 2014 year, ever since August 2014, which was the last time I saw an Epic Fish, they have completely abandoned these really cool monthly fish. :( I would really like it if at least they cycled these 4 Epic Fish every year so everyone can get a shot at getting them.

  • Servers faulty

    Loved this app, but close to deleting it. The servers have been down for 3 days & the latest update makes it crash so much it's unplayable. Too bad because it is addictive.

  • 😒😒

    Played this on a friends phone and loved it so I downloaded it on my phone and it won't load says it can't connect to server

  • Love

    This game is the bomb!!!!! I really love it!!!!! πŸ’–πŸ˜πŸ˜˜

  • Lovely

    I really love this game Cannot stop

  • Love this game

    I give it 5 stars because i love finding nemo and this game is addicting once you get started

  • Nemos reef

    Amazing and very addictive

  • Great to kill time!

    I work nights and I hate the fact that other games have only 5 lives and you have to wait for it to refill the lives! The memo game is entertaining once you set up part of the reef... And I love to look at other peoples reefs if you have free time this is the game for you!

  • Addicted

    Love this game!

  • Agree it was fun at first

    I am on level 33. All there is to do now is get to the next level. The challenges are boring since I have collected such large quantities of everything all I can do is the homework everyday to collect points to move on to the next level. It is 3 minutes a day and I'm done.

  • Routine

    I hate the ads that pop up before you play. Nothing interesting happens. Even if you spend money on pearls, that doesn't guarantee the rare plant you need to get the next fish. There should be a button the harvests everything with one click. It is really kind of tedious.

  • Asome

    This game is so cool my mom and my other sisters love the game and it is like a real reef wich is good so you know all the and what tipe of plans ther are in this game and know what different tips of fish there are in this game and i just love it and all my sister a mom dose to and we also friend eachother too wich is reallly nice this is why i love this game soo much please friend me and my game name is IRONGIRL04πŸ˜€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘§πŸŸπŸ πŸ‘

  • Awesome, addictive

    This game ROCKS I like to see your reef grow and unfold in front of you! But, one thing Disney should add is extra quests once you complete all of them! This game is epic and you should definitely get it!

  • Awesome

    I just love it!!!!

  • It's wonderful

    I love it on everything and I have no problem with it but I like you to add an option to change algae per sand dollars because I have a lot of algae and I would like to change it by sand dollars

  • Mrs

    Addicting game!

  • Good game

    It just needs more challenges and less time on how it takes to earn pearls and grow plants.

  • Amazing Game!!!

    This game is fun for people's faces all ages!!!

  • Game unretrievable

    Whatever you do don't clear and reset your iPad, because you will lose your game! They make it so hard with over 20 questions and conditions that it's impossible! You would think with all the in app purchase they can link me to my game, but NO! Now I have started over and REFUSE to buy any in app things like pearls...something I did on a monthly basis.

  • Frustrating

    I like the game, but it won't acknowledge when some of the tasks are completed. That is frustrating.

  • Need More Reef

    I am on level 44. When will reef expand? Suggestion: Make it possible to buy more reef with coins or expand reef more often. I have over 6 million coins that I can't use. I have not been able to grow new plants from seeds in a very long time.

  • Fun

    My 4 year old really loves playing this game.

  • Dildo

    Nemo's moms reef

  • Eileen

    Although the fish count down twice before giving a peril the app also ask for thing two leaves above what I am on. Also I plant what it ask for and the program dose not recognize it,

  • Disappointing

    Downloaded the game after seeing how much fun it was with my kids. Looked forward to the monthly challenges for new characters, but that has all but stopped for 5 months now. Need new content to keep players happy.

  • Not what I was expecting

    Well I have to say it is a fun game but I still have some complaints. Like it doesn't let you send your "friends" pearls or anything,and it doesn't even let you send your friends messages sometimes it doesn't count the number of pearls you collect or earn and sometimes it doesn't give you back your money if you accidentally hit the button on your tablets to get a new plant

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