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Nemo's Reef

Nemo's Reef
4 based on 18,052 Votes
Price Free

Nemo and his dad, Marlin, set out to build the coolest reef in his class. Help Nemo create a best-in-class underwater retreat, and discover the secrets to building a permanent home for his friends! Read more...

Nemo's Reef is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 4 based on 18,052 Votes. This version 1.8.2 has an average rating of 4 based on 363 Users.

Your device must have atleast 86.1 MB of space to download and install Nemo's Reef. This application does not have game center . Nemo's Reef is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of Disney Electronic Content, Inc. at

Support Languages

Dutch , English, American , French , German , Italian , Japanese , Russian , Spanish


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Nemo's Reef
Nemo's Reef
Nemo's Reef
Nemo's Reef
Nemo's Reef
Nemo's Reef
Nemo's Reef
Nemo's Reef

Additional Information

* Continue Nemo's story and adventures beneath the sea!

* Create and personalize your very own underwater paradise.

* Make a home for your favorite characters from Finding Nemo including Dory, Gill, Bloat, Bubbles, and more!

* Find the different combinations of plants and decorations to delight Nemo's friends and other exotic fish.

* Discover and plant rare seeds to attract extremely rare and mysterious fish.

* Collect over 50 kinds of fish to enhance your world!

* Visit your friends' reefs, and compare their collection of fish to your own!

Before you download this experience, please consider that this app contains social media links to connect with others, in-app purchases that cost real money, push notifications to let you know when we have exciting updates like new content, as well as advertising for The Walt Disney Family of Companies  and some third parties.

What's New on this version 1.8.2

Fixes reported crashing issue from version 1.8.1.

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Love it

    Love it

  • Fish, plants, etc

    2-1-16--So I got a new iPad, and back then you had jump through a TON of hoops to transfer your game, so I just started over. No worries. Until I realized, there is no way to get all the limited edition plants that I had in my previous reef. Or the limited time only fish. All of the holiday fish, holiday plants, epic fish, I can't get. Why? Some of those plants reap HUGE rewards, as do the fish. There are still spots for the fish in my collection. It just says this fish will be available again sometime. I would love to have access to those fish again. Especially the rare fish as they give pearls. In spite of all the hiccups and lousy game play at times, I have had this game for several years. I would like the opportunity to get some of the things from the old version in the new version.

  • Awesome

    The graphics are awesome. I really do like this game because that is just relaxing and the colors and fish are amazing. It just takes a long time before you can get a rare fish. Which I don't think is very fair. Either do my kids. I have already spent $30 in buying extra pearls. I will not buy any more extras with this game $30 you should get the full version and not have to spend any money for anything else to get the rare fish. My kids are upset with me on this but that's just way too much money for a game.

  • Fun, but tedious at times

    Fun and easy to begin, but as you progress, it gets to the point where it's not as enjoyable.

  • Good game

    Just wish it was easier to get pearls

  • Rare fish guide!

    There are only 2 problems with the game. The game freezes a lot for just a second is the first. The second is that there should be a better tutorial system or guide system on the color schemes, living things and corals and what you can possibly place in patches to attract more fish.

  • Enjoyable. But...

    Nemo's Reef is fun. Ive played it on my MacBook and now on my iPad. I stopped playing it on my MacBook because the game just stopped loading and never connected to the server again. Im starting to have that problem on my iPad as well where it can't connect to the server sometimes. Its exciting and great for the first 3 days or so but then there are maybe 2 missions a day if your lucky and there not even good ones. Normally it just tells me to buy an extraordinary mystery seed which I need pears for which are few and far between. Also the reef gets so big that when you play Hide and Seek, you don't have enough time or movies to find all of the fish. I like it and mostly I'm playing it out of curiosity but that wont be enough for me much longer.

  • Nemo fish fun

    Love the game so far.

  • Fun but bugged

    Lots of fun but crashes a lot like I find all Disney games do. Earning pearls is slow and I needed to buy a supplemental pack just to earn the pearls.

  • Nemo

    Love this game just don't like when game freezes off and on.

  • Coooooooooooooooooool game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I like dis game I showed my mom she like it and she plays it with me and where friends on the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nemo

    Lost interest since you can't go any further than level 55. How about an update/grade level? I think you will loose a lot of players if you don't. 7/16/15. Just did the update. Keeps crashing. If I could give a 0 rate I would. Some fix. You gave more bugs. Did update at 7am. It is now 7:30am still crashing. When are you going to fix the fixes? I am beginning to think you don't read these reviews. 7/17/15. Still no fix for update crashes. WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO FIX IT? Are you reading this? It is now 1/19/2016. Still no up dates still crashes. Now every few minutes it stops and says game sever is not working. The only way I can get the game to work again is to power down and start over after reload how about fixing all the problems. And there are many..

  • Like a lot

    Very entertaining, haven't been playing too long but a few crashes here and there and would be nice if you wouldn't get so many duplicates on the mysterious plants and the rare plants.

  • Not happy

    Please fix the rare plants, been trying for months to grow required rare ones, only to keep getting ones I already have many of. Not fun anymore need to move on

  • Fantastic Graphics

    This game has amazing graphics, the only thing I would want the game to change would probably giving us more money at the beginning.

  • Time to Update!! Please Please!

    It's been awhile since I've seen an update. Been playing with this app for at least once a day for several years now. I really enjoy playing. It's a great therapy for a stressful day!! If possible I would like to see more tropical fish. Thank you!!!!!!

  • So Far So Good

    The fact is Finding Nemo is my all time favorite movie. I have 2 Welsh Corgis named Nemo and Nigel so anything to do with this movie I'm going to love

  • Jilted by Disney - Where's the Magic?

    If you are a beginner to the world of Nemo's Reef, you will probably fall in love with this app. You won't be the first! It's fun and addicting. After playing it faithfully since almost day one, I can tell you, regrettably, that you will end up feeling like a jilted lover. I reached the highest level, which is (and has been for some time) Level 55 almost 2 years ago. I have been played almost daily for years, in spite of the issues. Yep, sometimes it's hard to give up a habit, even when you know it's a bad one. There was a modest attempt to make us feel better with some minor little changes a year or so ago, but seems it was just enough to tease and taunt us. The love affair between Disney and this app's faithful lovers seems to have grown stale, grown indifferent to its loyal lovers, and has come to an abrupt halt. A sad ending indeed. Yes, it's just a game. Or is it??!! But for those of us who have invested countless hours and in some, countless dollars, we are left to just spend our time tap, tap, tapping our little fingers away each day in hopes that one day our luck will change, and Disney will return to us once more. It is Disney after all!! They are supposed to be the source all things creative and fun and magical. Or rather, they once were, in regards to this app. I'm sad to say that at this time, the app has lost its magic!! Even at Level 55, with literally millions of sand dollars, algae, and almost 2000 pearls, there are still fish and rare plants that have been impossible to collect. One challenge for a rare still sits on the "wall" as it has for over 2 years. How is that possible??!! After investing much in this "relationship"!! Disney has seemingly turned its back and walked away. So disappointing. The only reason I am able to even provide 2 stars is because 1, Disney's Support Team, once you find them, (and it's not always easy) will restore your reef should you change phones, for example. A plus BUT...make certain you take screen shots of pertinent information periodically (that is stored on your cloud or backed up with your photos) because you will need it in order to have your app restored to the level you were on with all of your acquisitions. Know your reef name, your Level, last time you played, number of algae, sand dollars, and pearls you had when you last played before contacting support. (They may need your firstborn child, as well.) 2. There is a great support page on Facebook where you can go to get great information, and rejoice and commiserate with other users on your highs and lows. Kudos to the keepers of that site who have seemingly invested more time, energy, and concern into the app than the developers. Oh, Disney, it was fun while it lasted. Now on to searching for a new love... (Mr. Walt would NOT be happy that you let the magic fade!!!)

  • Sad

    It said server unavailable so I couldn't play it

  • тнιѕ gαмє ∂σи'т ωσяк

    The game says the game is not accessible and that it docent work I wish I did so can u make it happen I really like this game I so want to play it. I used to have it and I still want it but it docent work. That is what I hate. 😠😠😠

  • Really good

    Pretty great but not my fav.

  • Needs improvement..

    I can't even get into the game, it keeps saying server not found..not sure I'm gonna keep the game

  • Game doesn't work!

    After downloading the game to my device I can not play. It says it can not connect to my server. I have checked the my internet connection and that's working fine. I also deleted the app twice and downloaded again and that did not help. Please fix! Thank you

  • They gave up

    The Developers gave up. (: No new fish, no challenges, no extras. Do t kknow if I want to try any of their new games, if this is the way they treat them

  • Server problems

    For some reason the game keeps saying something about it not being connected!!!!!! Now I can't even play the game:(

  • Nemo's fish

    I like this game. Really cool game.TJR

  • Where's the new fish ?!?

    Less than 1/10th of a star!! the latest update of this game crashes every 20-30 seconds! no new fish quests for 6-9 months. opening treasure chests is futile, hardly EVER win anything without paying for it. when u try to buy a rare plant it's always ones that you already have TOO many of already. space is limited, so there's no room for new plants even if you COULD find a new rare plant to grow. on the opening page, you select 3 buttons out of the nine squares showing, for free stuff. the button on right that says "get everything for 100 pearls" so my granddaughter hit that button - it gave her only 3 extra buttons to hit, when we were expecting (and paid 100 pearls for) 'everything'! it'll take her 4 weeks to get those pearls back. she doesn't want to play this game anymore, says "it's NO FUN anymore". who can blame her?!?! what a monumental WASTE of TIME this game has turned out out be. shame on Disney for perpetrating this farce on innocent children!!!

  • Game will not connect to server on iphone 6+

    I got a new iPhone 6 s + and are having problems connecting to server. I love the app and have spent monies playing. I wish I could find some help connecting to server have tried everything.

  • Doesn't let me on

    I recently redown loaded the app, but it says there's a connection error. I deleted my other two apps and checked the WiFi, but it doesn't work. It doesn't even try to connect with the network

  • Crash issues

    Keeps crashing, won't even load up. Have had the game in the past and loved it but needs the crashing issue fixed ASAP.

  • Server issues?!

    It was fun but I got a new phone and downloaded the app but when I try to open it I get an error message that says the server is unavailable. It has been 2 days and still can't access the app!

  • Awful

    It don't let me play the game what is up

  • Nemos reef

    Game stopped connecting to server. I was told to install game called Water n play to level 3 Nemo would then be able to be restored. Nothing. Told to delete Nemo and reinstall Nemo.did that game still will not connect to server. I was told they can't fix n restore my game until they fix the bug causing the issue. They can't give me a time frame so I loose all, my time n money I put into this game . I am very unhappy that they are not fixing this problem

  • Love the game...

    But it is repetitive. Daily quests that are repeated over & over, impossible quests. If you have a quest to gather 4000 algae from chests, but only get chests with coins, it's an impossible quest. I spent all of my resources opening six different chest today, all of which contained coins. Even if more chests appear, I can't afford to open anymore. I think the graphics are beautiful, the variety of plants and fish is quite extensive, but there are still things that need improvement. Every week there are issues with connecting to the server, or being able to get into the game.

  • It's not working

    Hi I downloaded this game but it keep say that there server is not accessible to try again I really want to play this game can you fix it

  • Doesn't work

    So sad! Downloaded the game but continue to get a message saying "cannot connect to server." All my other apps, Internet and Disney games are working!

  • Wouldn't connect

    Tried thirty times downloaded it twice and it still will not connect to the dumb server don't try to get the game it's a waste of time

  • Boo

    I used to give this 5+ star rating but now every time I try to play my game, it says unable to connect to the server EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. never fails. It's so annoying because I love playing this game and I was ultimately excited but nope. Nada. Please do something to fix this ASAP.

  • Pearl problem!

    I absolutely love this game, but every time I earn a pearl, whether it be from the game or videos, I don't get them! I need 10 pearls for a quest but I only have six. I've watched tons of videos to try and get ten pearls but even when it says I earned a pearl I don't get it! I'd have rated higher because I absolutely love this game but this is getting quite frustrating!

  • Disappointed

    Upgraded my phone to a 6s and downloaded the app. I wasn't even worried that I had lost everything. But the app doesn't even work! Won't load. Says the server is down and to try again later! What the heck happened? Why won't it work?!

  • Need to add more levels

    I really love this game but l am at level 51 and my mom has reached and finished level 55. There is no level 56! Why have there been no more updates with additional levels? Why did the "special weekend events" end with the opportunity to get special fish and plants? Bring those things back. There are more fish in the ocean that can be added to this game. Please update soon.

  • Serious flaws, no official rules?

    This app has serious issues with the iPhone app. It loses rare plants, it does not count correctly. For example, when told to plant eight rare plants from any rare seed, I chose to plant with the choice paying 10 pearls. It grew eight rare plants but only counted four. It did not say to grow eight DIFFERENT rare plants, etc. The (level 33) method of paying for opening chests with spines is a bigger rip off than with the straight forward pearlpay since this costs 5% more 95 spines costs 100 pearls. There appears to be NO rules to follow or the rules are constantly changing without warning or explanation. On the other hand the tech support has been great. I have played this game for over two years.

  • Glitch after glitch

    The game freezes to many times. I have "lost" during the freeze periods. I got 10 pearls during the daily pick, never showed up in the "bank". Used to like playing.

  • Expensive!!! Beware of Third Party Ads!

    It's so expensive I opted to use some of the opportunities to earn pearls by looking at ads. Lately pearls earned this way never show up. There was a Black Friday special supposedly providing opportunities to earn extra pearls. Ha! I didn't even get the regular number of pearls. If you want to lodge a complaint about missing pearls you have to supply a great deal of personal information to the third party provider of the ads. Very devious!

  • Update already!!! PLEASE

    Was so excited to see an update needed for Nemo, first time in 2 years!!! But, totally disappointed it's only for bug fixes. What's up Disney, you forget about your Nemo fans???

  • Free Pearls?!?!?!

    I love Nemo's Reef! However, I have been trying to earn free pearls by watching required videos, etc but haven't been receiving them. When I reported it I got an email from Tapjoy stating that watching the video was just a way to interact with a vendor but no reward was to be given. This has happened numerous times. I believe this needs to be corrected. Tapjoy is fraudulently advertising that a person can earn free pearls.

  • Love it

    I love this game so much it's kids & I play this game a lot but the only things I have to complain about are the amount of algae you need to feed some fishes which doesn't help save for the others and I have to turn off the music so it won't freeze when the sound loops

  • Love it

    Fun and great way to pass the time.

  • Mrs

    Love it it's addicting and fun wish there were some games you can play to earn sand dollars. There is a glitch for about 2 seconds every 3 mins that's my only problem

  • Love

    Love to play this game :)

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