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Family Farm Seaside - Play Free Farming...

Family Farm Seaside - Play Free Farming App & Harvest Game Online
4 based on 7,847 Votes
Price Free

Have you ever wanted to run your own farm? Now you can! Come and create your own farm in Family Farm Seaside. Feed your animals, grow crops, and sell products for a nice profit.
Family Farm Seaside is a beautiful and fun farming simulation from the makers of the hit Facebook game, Family Farm. Farming doesn’t have to be hard, the simple controls and touch interface allows anyone to start playing in just seconds. Plant, grow and harvest your crops with just a tap on the screen. The beautiful graphics and sound effects provide a fun and entertaining atmosphere for all ages. Family Farm Seaside includes over 200 unique products your farm can produce. Complete farming missions and sell your crops to become the best farmer around! Read more...

Family Farm Seaside - Play Free Farming App & Harvest Game Online is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 4 based on 7,847 Votes. This version 3.0.0 has an average rating of 4 based on 269 Users.

Your device must have atleast 44.8 MB of space to download and install Family Farm Seaside - Play Free Farming App & Harvest Game Online. This application is game center enabled . Family Farm Seaside - Play Free Farming App & Harvest Game Online is Free to download and install on your mobile device

Support Languages

Arabic , NB , Dutch , English, American , French , German , ID , Italian , Japanese , Korean , Polish , Portuguese , Russian , Chinese , Spanish , Swedish , Thai , Chinese , Turkish


Games , Family , Simulation ,


Family Farm Seaside - Play Free Farming App & Harvest Game Online
Family Farm Seaside - Play Free Farming App & Harvest Game Online
Family Farm Seaside - Play Free Farming App & Harvest Game Online
Family Farm Seaside - Play Free Farming App & Harvest Game Online
Family Farm Seaside - Play Free Farming App & Harvest Game Online
Family Farm Seaside - Play Free Farming App & Harvest Game Online
Family Farm Seaside - Play Free Farming App & Harvest Game Online
Family Farm Seaside - Play Free Farming App & Harvest Game Online

Additional Information

◆◆◆◆◆ REVIEWS ◆◆◆◆◆

5/5 “Loving it. Really enjoy playing the game. It gets you addicted to the game”

5/5 “FABULOUS. I love this game, you can do so much on it”

5/5 “Awesome. I love it is fabulously great and you get so many awards”

5/5 “FANTASTIC Love love love this game.”

5/5 “Great game Very addictive.... I do play every day multiple times a day.”


• FREE to play

• Become neighbors with farmers from all over the world

• Plant, harvest, and process over 200+ unique products

• More than 100+ achievements to complete

• Daily orders for you to fill with your farm products

• New missions updated regularly with fun new features

Tired of playing by yourself? Invite your friends and add them as your farming neighbors. Challenge them to a race and earn over 40 achievements.

So come along and move to the Seaside! Install now!

Our team here at Funplus would love to hear from you!

What's New on this version 3.0.0

The Island Farm is now available!

This must be the biggest update in history! Follow Darryl and Felicia's father to explore the new island and unlock awesome new features! Use a zeppelin to transfer goods between your Seaside Farm and Island Farm to improve your business. Finish Helicopter Orders and try out brand new machines! This version will also introduce a funny camel and the cutest panda to all of our dear Farmers.

Will you be the first one to set sail to the new island?

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • اضافه

    FAYOHJV ضيفوني باللعبه و نساعد بعض ونسوي لايكات


    Love game need neighbors don't have facebook. Takes time to earn rc also too much to expand

  • I need neighbors please

    My id is FAZSVMF


    Great game , Add me please i will help you every day ☺️👍

  • add me

    add me plzzzz i help everyone FBWCSIQ

  • Could be better

    I love the game but everything costs so much money. They want you to have so many things on your farm but no room to put it and to expand you have to spend so much to do it. It's ridiculous because you can never get enough coins to expand because you spend all your coins purchasing everything you need to finish a mission.

  • Love this game

    Only problems is growing things take way too long & is very expensive. After planting there is nothing to do. I just leave and return the next day. I'm a daily player. 💟Add me: AUDVBPX💟

  • FCFQHNH 👈👍

    Love this game! Daily player, please add me! Still need neighbors. FCFQHNH

  • It's fun and all but...

    I hate games that take 4+ hours to make 1 item but this takes 1 min or less to make. I thought it was a good thing at first but you have to constantly be on this game to get stuff done. The only thing that takes long are the crops🌽🍇. Plus a bit greedy on the cash 💰 I spent $16 on this game and that's not even close to how much cash I need.

  • Too many quests requiring purchase

    The game was really fun at the beginning. Then as you progress, quests require objects that can only be purchased with in game cash. The trouble is, that cash is extremely hard to earn and the objects are expensive. I have 3 tasks requiring objects. I figured out that it was going to take me 9 weeks to achieve one task due to the amount I need to accrue. Other games that do things like this at least will give regular bonuses or the accrual rate is quicker. About to delete.

  • add us

    add us ♡ 1- FBTHEEH 2- ACE00751 3- FBWXUJT

  • Love it CGNHVNF

    ADD ✨CGNHVNF✨ ME I always send requests and I fertilize farms. I love this game! It gets to a point where there aren't enough missions but there are tons of things to do!


    Great game! Add me. *FCEWTVH* I play everyday.

  • Good addictive farming game but issues

    Great fun farming game. Lot of events and holiday updates these days which keep the game fresh. However there are still some balance issues, like with the introduction of the island there is an increased need for power for cooking and creating on top of cooking events and activities but we still only have a cap of 30 which delays a lot of stuff unless you play constantly. The RC(ingame currency) is not greatly balanced, you need it to often get certain machines, parts or animals and the game often tries to get to you to spend money, even constantly playing doesn't earn it very fast. Overall, good game with plently to do but it is hard to catch up to earn items older players been earning without spending a ton of time or money. Daily player, please add me FAOOEMU

  • Iraq

    نشط جداً

  • AMCZIUD add myضيفوني😍😊

    AMCZIUDضيفوني😊😍add my

  • New to this game

    Please add me FCFJSGS

  • hard 2get RC pls add me FCBULBS

    I love this game and I play it everyday, but it's gettig to the point where I can't finish any of my machines or anything bc it cost so much and then when I do save up enough I accidentally spend it in the kitchen when I try to see what to make it spends my RC without even asking me if I want to use it. It should ask you before it takes any RC away. So frustrating Im about to stop playing altogether!!!

  • Daily player cuznptt

    Add me if your a daily player too! Addicting, fun and passes the time. Never had any problems.

  • AR


  • Fun if you're a millionaire with no job

    I really enjoyed playing this game for a while now. It's been more than a year. However, suddenly everything is just outrageously expensive and/ or time consuming. ESPECIALLY the island farm. I spent a lot of time getting all the necessary items needed to unlock it and the island farm does nothing for me except eat up my coins. For example, I'm trying to build a machine now and I need 10 nails. Each nail cost 1200 coins to produce and it takes 12 minutes to create. 12,000 coins and 120 minutes! Plus there are 2 other items that are just as or more expensive to make that I still need, too. The items you can grow or create on the island farm have to be transported to the seaside farm to be sold. It takes forever. About 5 minutes per item. So if you want to sell 30 pieces, it takes over 2 hours before they appear at your seaside farm to sell. I'm ready to delete!

  • App me :::: FASIRTB

    App me:::: FASIRTB. ارجو اضافه

  • Crash and burn

    I got to level 20 and it started to crash. I payed everyday 😑😕👎

  • Slow

    Loved this game till new island. Takes Forever to finish tasks and DEV rewards are small. They need to speed it up.

  • الجيران ضفي لي هذا ايملي


  • اضافات 💙FCAMJLE💙

    اللعبة مسلية وجميلة ولدي القليل من الاصدقاء وهذا حسابيFCAMJLE وارجوا اضافات

  • Add me----->FAPYYSM

    Active player...will gift and visit DAILY.....tired of inactive neighbors! LETS HAVE FUN TOGETHER!!!!!

  • Add me please!!!

    🆔 AASYTMF. Just deleted a bunch of non-players. I'm a daily player and need more neighbors that actually play.

  • I need nighboor please😩😅😫جارة نشيطه احتاج جيران ممكن🔊🍆🍓🍉



    This game is so addictive & I've been playing it for 2 hours. I do think the crop time wait is a little extreme though! Add me & we can be neighbors & help each other out : FCETVAL 😊

  • Buggy

    The balloon that gives the mystron dollars still doesn't work....

  • Add me please

    Add me FAWHGHR (: daily player. I need active players.

  • Coins

    When I open the Gift Boxes (from cleaning & loyal player rewards) they have money in them and I don't get the coins. It says 300 - 400 coins and it never adds them. I refreshed the game but it still didn't work. This has happened a few times already. I should be getting the money I earned.

  • Thr

    I need neighbors my farm id is FAYDORK

  • Love this game! FBBRFIY

    I've been playing this game for months now, it's always being updated with great adds which keep it long wait times, goals you can actually complete & the new island is awesome💕 ADD ME, I play everyday FBBRFIY


    👆👆👆Add me👆👆👆 I just started this game and I think it's pretty fun, except sometimes there's nothing to do...


    Daily player! Love this game! Add me!

  • Very upset

    I deleted this app because I can't get rid of the little task they want us to do and it takes up all of the side of my farm before I could get it out of the way now I can't I'm sorry I don't have that kind of money to complete it so I no longer have this app there's other better games to play than this and they don't force you to buy things.

  • FBGJNAC ilooooooove it

    اضيفوني بليززز نشيطة جددا أسمد واعطي هدايا ولايكات كل يوم FBGJNAC

  • Add me



    This game was one of my favorites and now I'm just getting irritated because it's too expensive. It's almost not worth it. I may quit playing if it doesn't get cheaper.


    Not plating any more... I can't open my game for 4 Wells!!! Please fix it, I missing the missions...

  • Problem with fishing

    I've been playing this game for over a year but somehow missed the update for the fishing. I haven't caught one fish and am getting frustrated. Please help or I might have to quit playing which I don't want to do because I really enjoy it. Thanks!

  • Good

    It could have been worse lol.

  • Helpme

    i cant open the game help me FAUBQNC............

  • Love it

    FCEFCHP Add Me I need Neighbors :) Great Game

  • Add me

    Level 72. Play every day. DJJZJLF 😍


    Add me!✌️✌️CDOCSFQ✌️✌️ 👉CDOCSFQ👈 (I help!) Awesome game!! All the new things that have been added have really expanded the game! I stopped playing when I ran out of missions, and came back to a whole new game! I'm loving it! If you are having a problem with not getting helps, get new friends!! Like me :) ✌️✌️CDOCSFQ✌️✌️

  • Fun game

    Add me !! daily player DWRNTAJ

  • Add me


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