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Family Farm Seaside - Play Free Farming...

Family Farm Seaside - Play Free Farming App & Harvest Game Online
4 based on 7,703 Votes
Price Free

Have you ever wanted to run your own farm? Now you can! Come and create your own farm in Family Farm Seaside. Feed your animals, grow crops, and sell products for a nice profit.
Family Farm Seaside is a beautiful and fun farming simulation from the makers of the hit Facebook game, Family Farm. Farming doesn’t have to be hard, the simple controls and touch interface allows anyone to start playing in just seconds. Plant, grow and harvest your crops with just a tap on the screen. The beautiful graphics and sound effects provide a fun and entertaining atmosphere for all ages. Family Farm Seaside includes over 200 unique products your farm can produce. Complete farming missions and sell your crops to become the best farmer around! Read more...

Family Farm Seaside - Play Free Farming App & Harvest Game Online is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 4 based on 7,703 Votes. This version 3.0.0 has an average rating of 4.5 based on 66 Users.

Your device must have atleast 44.8 MB of space to download and install Family Farm Seaside - Play Free Farming App & Harvest Game Online. This application is game center enabled . Family Farm Seaside - Play Free Farming App & Harvest Game Online is Free to download and install on your mobile device

Support Languages

Arabic , NB , Dutch , English, American , French , German , ID , Italian , Japanese , Korean , Polish , Portuguese , Russian , Chinese , Spanish , Swedish , Thai , Chinese , Turkish


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Family Farm Seaside - Play Free Farming App & Harvest Game Online
Family Farm Seaside - Play Free Farming App & Harvest Game Online
Family Farm Seaside - Play Free Farming App & Harvest Game Online
Family Farm Seaside - Play Free Farming App & Harvest Game Online
Family Farm Seaside - Play Free Farming App & Harvest Game Online
Family Farm Seaside - Play Free Farming App & Harvest Game Online
Family Farm Seaside - Play Free Farming App & Harvest Game Online
Family Farm Seaside - Play Free Farming App & Harvest Game Online

Additional Information

◆◆◆◆◆ REVIEWS ◆◆◆◆◆

5/5 “Loving it. Really enjoy playing the game. It gets you addicted to the game”

5/5 “FABULOUS. I love this game, you can do so much on it”

5/5 “Awesome. I love it is fabulously great and you get so many awards”

5/5 “FANTASTIC Love love love this game.”

5/5 “Great game Very addictive.... I do play every day multiple times a day.”


• FREE to play

• Become neighbors with farmers from all over the world

• Plant, harvest, and process over 200+ unique products

• More than 100+ achievements to complete

• Daily orders for you to fill with your farm products

• New missions updated regularly with fun new features

Tired of playing by yourself? Invite your friends and add them as your farming neighbors. Challenge them to a race and earn over 40 achievements.

So come along and move to the Seaside! Install now!

Our team here at Funplus would love to hear from you!

What's New on this version 3.0.0

The Island Farm is now available!

This must be the biggest update in history! Follow Darryl and Felicia's father to explore the new island and unlock awesome new features! Use a zeppelin to transfer goods between your Seaside Farm and Island Farm to improve your business. Finish Helicopter Orders and try out brand new machines! This version will also introduce a funny camel and the cutest panda to all of our dear Farmers.

Will you be the first one to set sail to the new island?

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Please ADD ME!

    FCCIQCX I play every day! I'll help everyone who adds me!!!

  • تكفون تضيفوني جار في المزرعة



    i love this app

  • Fun interactive games within a game.

    I really enjoy this game. There's always something to do. I wish it was less expensive to get more land. It seems unattainable to me the daily player that doesn't spend cash on the game.

  • ?

    What does it mean to upgrade my batch production to level 4? My phone just uploaded the new update and now there's an island with missions and I can't figure out how to upgrade my production level...

  • Please Add. Every day player.

    FAUCKTQ Play every day. Please add.

  • 👉👉Like My Farm👈👈

    Pliiiissss Add Meee!!! 🔴🔴🔴FBZDMZL🔴🔴🔴

  • FCBBERG famliy farm

    Add me FCBBERG pliz ضيفوني على هالحساب

  • Batch production

    Can't figure out how to do batch production so I can move forward with the island, can anyone help?

  • Add


  • Great game!

    My favorite farm game ever!

  • Best game ever

    I love this game

  • Family Farm Seaside

    Fun for all ages.

  • Add me please DZTAEBJ

    I play everyday. I send gifts

  • Not working

    Every time I log onto app I try to finish a quest and it keeps saying game out of sync and to refresh I have done that five times and does the same thing over and over

  • Molly FBQPDEZ

    😢💃😘جاره جدا نشيطه تسميد لايكات 😢💃😊😘اضيفوني بليييز FBQPDEZ

  • بليز ضيفوني😇😇DCINGDT

    I'm new to Belize ÖíÝćäí "DCINGDT"


    Need neighbors, please add me. I play daily. Tasks are too short, I wish there was more time to complete. It is too hard to play 24/7 to get anything done.

  • Add me

    Add me FCCAJDL ☺️

  • FCBVORY - Farmer ID

    I love this game! Super addicting! I just need more neighbors! Pls add FCBVORY!!!!

  • Fun, great time killer

    Looking for neighbors. Daily player. Add me :o). Farm id FAPCDJT


    Love game need neighbors don't have facebook. Takes time to earn rc also too much to expand

  • Family farm seaside

    Very nice great for kids I need it to look a little more grown up like hay day

  • What a blow!!

    I like this game, I can be playing for hours But lately is having a problem. I was expanded my warehouse and when I finish collecting everything and trying to expanded it froze and I can't and I try to reset the game and is not doing nothing really I feel frustrated. Please fix the game!

  • Seaside Farmland

    Woke up this morning and my game was back --only thing is I had two games to start -one was at level 33 and one was at 10 --I only had the one 33 level left - don't know how to sync them -- my level 10 is still gone - don't know what happened --to it--Just have to eat it --It is a fun game with lots of glitches unfortunately :):):) This game is a rip off - takes your money and then every thing you have purchased will drop off -- I found out they are a third party game and not responsible for your loses - I also realize Seaside Farmland don't give a darn about your loses or feelings --I have been playing this for months - woke up one morning and got my iPad and all my items I had purchased fell off --now I have an empty farmland seaside --was fun but not any more --I made a complaint and nothing happened -so that's that 😽😹😡😁😂😂😂 I change my mind - beware customers seaside Farmland players --I have three electronics IPad iPhone and iMac. - Spent all my RCs coins mystros --kitchen energy -- had most of my farm on my iPad then i bought an iPhone - used RCs money and coins -- my items all dropped off my iPad game --the whole darn game - my barn items in barn - trees on my farm-- things I bought for my farm - gone - I am so mad -- don't play this game -- it can delete your whole farm just like that. --Farmland seaside says you can sync but you cannot --I am soooooo. Mad---- Don't play I was very disappointed Love this game -- my farm looks awesome and I enjoy the heck out of it --


    Not plating any more... I can't open my game for 3 days!!! Please fix it, I missing the missions...


    Please add me I play daily

  • Please add and like

    Love playing ... I play every day! User ID: DZZRYUE ... Girls only please!


    Add me as a neighbor! Daily player, promised. Thank you. 😄

  • Add: FCBJYCQ

    Me encanta esta súper.👍👍👍👍👍✌️✌️✌️👌👌👌💪💪💪👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋❤️ Add: FCBJYCQ

  • Videos

    I like that there is an option to watch videos to earn mystrons (sp?). However, since the last update, at least half the time the video pulls up as a black screen and I have to completely exit out of the game and basically reboot my phone to get that black screen to clear.

  • Rip off!!!!!!!abc

    This is a total rip off of Hay Day and is way worse

  • Add me please!!!

    🆔 AASYTMF. Just deleted a bunch of non-players. I'm a daily player and need more neighbors that actually play.


    Daily player looking for neighbors.

  • Real people are nuts!

    I am not going to spend real cash on pretend items! Your game used to be fun but challenges that cost me "real" money to complete....well it's time to 'REALly' delete your game


    I really love this game but gee guys I play several hours and after I visit my neighbors I have oh 3 mins left to good and you push me back to 1 hour I just don't what play anymore ( Zach Mom this note is from)

  • Add me

    Love it add me!!! FAOYRUT


    Add me love this game FBXUANJ

  • Add me

    FBCQRDX add pleaseeee I love this game

  • I need nighboor please😩😅😫جارة نشيطه احتاج جيران ممكن🔊🍆🍓🍉



    Please add FBXSNWH

  • Add me FBDIOCW


  • Add me. ATZJMFH

    I've been playing this game for about 2 years now I need friends that plays the game on the daily bases Add me ATZJMFH

  • Add me!!

    I play everyday! Fawcman

  • Daily player DJMVTCU

    Add me please djmvtcu

  • Love this game

    I love playing this game but as of late I am frustrated cause I can only play it if I have internet I am asking if you could come up with an update that will allow us to play the game online as well as offline so we can keep the fun going thanks sincerely a very game loved fan

  • Odio este juego

    Gaste mucho dinero en mi granja antigua y pedi una transferencia y no me la pudieron hacer

  • Daily player

    Add me love this game FBZCEQG


    Love the game but I am trying to watch the videos to earn green mysterons and it keeps shutting down! I thought it was not enough space on phone. But phone is new. Fix the glitch. Oh and I agree with everyone about the fishing. And there's one challenge I haven't completed cause I don't have 12 RC to buy an Apricot tree. Oh well.

  • Add me


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