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Family Farm Seaside - Play Farming &...

Family Farm Seaside - Play Farming & Harvest Game Online Free
4 based on 10,068 Votes
Price Free

Have you ever wanted to run your own farm? Now you can! Come and create your own farm in Family Farm Seaside. Feed your animals, grow crops, and sell products for a nice profit.
◆◆◆Over 60 Million people already build their own farm in the world! ◆◆◆ Read more...

Family Farm Seaside - Play Farming & Harvest Game Online Free is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 4 based on 10,068 Votes. This version 3.4.1 has an average rating of 4 based on 467 Users.

Your device must have atleast 65.3 MB of space to download and install Family Farm Seaside - Play Farming & Harvest Game Online Free. This application is game center enabled . Family Farm Seaside - Play Farming & Harvest Game Online Free is Free to download and install on your mobile device

Support Languages

Arabic , NB , Dutch , English, American , French , German , ID , Italian , Japanese , Korean , Polish , Portuguese , Russian , Chinese , Spanish , Swedish , Thai , Chinese , Turkish


Games , Family , Simulation ,


Family Farm Seaside - Play Farming & Harvest Game Online Free
Family Farm Seaside - Play Farming & Harvest Game Online Free
Family Farm Seaside - Play Farming & Harvest Game Online Free
Family Farm Seaside - Play Farming & Harvest Game Online Free
Family Farm Seaside - Play Farming & Harvest Game Online Free
Family Farm Seaside - Play Farming & Harvest Game Online Free
Family Farm Seaside - Play Farming & Harvest Game Online Free
Family Farm Seaside - Play Farming & Harvest Game Online Free

Additional Information

Family Farm Seaside is a beautiful and fun farming simulation from the makers of the hit Facebook game, Family Farm. Farming doesn’t have to be hard, the simple controls and touch interface allows anyone to start playing in just seconds. Plant, grow and harvest your crops with just a tap on the screen. The beautiful graphics and sound effects provide a fun and entertaining atmosphere for all ages. Family Farm Seaside includes over 200 unique products your farm can produce. Complete farming missions and sell your crops to become the best farmer around!


• FREE to play

• Become neighbors with farmers from all over the world

• Plant, harvest, and process over 200+ unique products

• More than 100+ achievements to complete

• Daily orders for you to fill with your farm products

• New missions updated regularly with fun new features

Tired of playing by yourself? Invite your friends and add them as your farming neighbors. Challenge them to a race and earn over 40 achievements. So come along and move to the Seaside! Install now!

App Notes:

• This app requires active internet connection to play, please make sure your device is connected while playing.

• Please note that this is a standalone version of Family Farm, and will not sync or connect to your Facebook farm.

What's New on this version 3.4.1

Use the new Map Editor function to rearrange your farm in seconds - even if you have a lot of items!

Present your farm with your personal touch! Now you can choose one of the many avatars to personalize your farm image.

Farm Beauty Contest coming up! Do you have the most beautiful farm? Then show it off and win beautiful prizes! Be ready when it starts!

Your animals are also spruced up. Check out the new cute look of some of your animal friends.

Minor bug fixes:
- Fixed loading issues
- Fixed Fishing Book display issue
- Some performance improvements

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Game problems

    I updated to IOS-9 on my IPad. Now the game will not load. Now I can't play so I am losing all my daily rewards. Please fix this problem as soon as possible. Or I will be forced to delayed the game which I love playing.

  • Game won't load

    Game hasn't loaded in about a month!

  • Locks up on iPhone 6s

    Worked fine on iPhone 5s but upgraded to 6s and now tap 2 or 3 things and it stops working. Because of this I have not been able to complete the calendar or spin the wheel or daily anything. Lost out on so much that I am about to delete it.


    Please add CLJPOYJ

  • Great Game.

    I really love this game but I've been having a lot of problems for a week or so getting it to load. The chick in the bottom corner just keeps bouncing and I know my wifi is working cause everything else loads just fine. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!


    ارجوووا منكم الاضافه واللايكاااااااات مزرعه الخريف

  • HELP!!!

    Can not load the game since the new apple update I have played this game 2 or more times a day everyday since I first installed it, one of my favorite games. I have invested too much time and money in this game to just give up now. PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE!!!!

  • Need an Update for 6s!

    Please, please, please do an update for iPhone 6s. I cannot click on anything or harvest my trees or crops. I am on day 200+ in a row and I don't want to lose my progress just because I got a new phone!!

  • Love the game

    I really love this game and an a loyal player, however my game keeps crashing! I keep waiting on an update but nothing so far.

  • Frustrated

    I love this game but lately it won't load or it stops working. I lost a streak of 170 days because it would not load. Please fix.

  • Dra.Lourdes

    I'm having problems opening the game since I downloaded the last Apple update. I need you to work on that, because the techs say that it's related to you


    I have not been able to get into since the update on my mini iPad have not been able to get the game up and running for the last three days, will have lost my daily bonus rounds and with traveling granny, kitchen with neighbors everything please help I had only 4 more gooseberry purses to get lost my bonus for that, help me please, can't even get Facebook to open the game

  • Fix the game please

    Please fix my game!! It will not load at all since the latest update and I'm an everyday player! I would love to be able to play again!!

  • Not working

    Just downloaded and after the initial story line it will not tap-slide. Unplayable.

  • Game not loading since last update

    I have not been able to play my game since updating iPad. It is stuck "on way to your farm" will not download. I love this game. Please fix the bugs. It's been over a couple of weeks. Love this game... please fix. Ever since we updated to iso 9 been around 2 weeks.

  • Daily Player AABGXEK

    Game center doesn't work since iOS 9 so I'm having problems starting the game

  • Bugs

    Does not open only loading!!

  • Watch Updates

    I updated my phone to the latest os and now I cannot get into my game



  • Ms

    I updated to ios 9 yesterday and now can't get into my game. I was up to around 430 consecutive days. So mad as I will not have the September monthly award and will be back to 1, if I can even get into the game anytime soon. Plus, I have no way to contact developers!!! Otherwise, I really like the game and I am at around level 60.

  • Warlance

    Can't get games to load since new ios9 update

  • Will not open

    I played this game everyday but for some reason now for the last week it will not open I'm about ready to just delete it and move on to a new game which is sad because I really liked this one... Hope it gets fixed soon

  • crash and no mitrons

    keeps on crashing and the video for free mitrons won't push thru. it just goes back to ur farm

  • Grrrrrrrrr!!!

    I have almost 1000 days logged in and many, many dollars spent on this game it is my favorite. So you can guess how disappointed I am in that it has been almost 2 weeks since I updated to iOS 9 and can no longer access my game. 2 WEEKS!!!! Have you abandoned us?

  • Problems with the new iPhone 6s

    I can't play now that I got this new I phone. I am on level 55 and can't do anything. Please fix.

  • Pleas add me at nigh-poor


  • New update

    I can not open game! It won't come out of first screen can't even get to my farm! :( I love this game please fix! I did all updates and now for the past week can not open Farm please fix this problem ASAP! Thank you!

  • Love it but...

    Love this game but rc cost all the time and takes way too much time to earn them. I like to play but can't afford to advance. Keep thinking I can get ahead in the bonus rounds but guess not . Need t buy rc to get quince tree to play so this is rapidly becoming a lost cause for me . Need to get 700000 just to expands do harvest not happening. News flash iOS update will not let me play anymore. I really like this game please fix this problem. . Very sad that I can't play but seems from other reviews I am not alone in this. Do you even pay attention to your reviews or are you just letting all of us make purchases and then not fixing the problems. .seems we are all frustrated by this.Your game is well liked but now may have to delete because it won't load.

  • Love the game, but it will not load

    This game is fun with many different tasks to preform. Love it. But I cannot get it to reload plus it kept kicking me out. I have tried everything I can think of and still can't get it to reload". Helpppp!!! I want to play.

  • Family farm sea side

    I love the game but I'm very pest right now cause I'm have a lot of problem getting in the game


    Ever since the iOS update I have not been able to open my game which made me lose all my log in. I have played steadily for well over a year. Now I have lost so much time on quests. Please update or at least accommodate what I've lost with RC.

  • Doesn't work on iPhone 6s

    The tapping doesn't work on the iPhone 6s. It's awful.

  • Not work since my iPad did the update

    Why isn't this working since my iPad did a update I play this game a lot and know I can't plz fix it

  • Fun game but too many bugs

    I am one of the users who did not update to ios9 on either iPad of iPhone and I can't get into my game. It's hit or miss with it. Sometimes I can get in sometimes it won't load at all, I can't visit neighbors because all it does is load and load and load I can't help my neighbors for requests because it does the same thing, the balloons don't work for the short videos. It's becoming annoying now. I never had an issue with the game either. My quests that I'm doing have reset itself and I had restart the quest for the lettuce machine and I needed one more bucket! Please fix this or I'm going to be forced to delete it. I thought maybe it was my internet but all my other apps work and I can get on to the Internet. I even tried to load the game with mobile data and nothing, I even deleted and reinstalled and nothing. Frustrating.

  • iOS 9 update

    I cannot get in this game since the iOS 9 update, this is my favorite game, I try multiple times a day & it doesn't work. Please fix it so I can play again.

  • add me

    add me ♡ FBTHEEH

  • Need neighbors FDCNJFD

    So far the game is good. I need neighbors though. Add me FDCNJFD

  • Can't open

    Since the latest update for Apple I cannot open this game on my iPad

  • Game not loading.

    I don't know why but this game is not loading anymore, please fix this soon.

  • Unable to play

    My favorite game! Ever since ios 9 update on my iPad, the game will not load. I tried to play on iPhone, crashes. Please fix it!

  • Problems

    I love this game and something is happening with it in the last week and it's not working! I can't open it! Please do something!!

  • Doesn't work on 6s

    Unable to harvest crops and pick up some items on the new 6s. Please fix.

  • Problem with game

    I have the iPhone 6s Plus and I am have problems with my game and I really like my game. I would like to know are you going to make it compatible with the iPhone 6s Plus any time soon? Thank you

  • Frustrated

    I absolutely love this game but ever since the update on my iPad I cannot connect to this game at all so I'm unable to finish any missions in a timely manner to collect the things I need. Please fix the game

  • Game won't load on my iPadk

    The game won't load on my iPad since the new operating system. Please help I want to play.ipad

  • Updated to IOS 9

    Now the app does not open please fix! I like playing the game but now it just does open after doing the update to the new IOS 9

  • Why won't game load?

    I would like to contact you thru the game however I can't even get the game to load since my iPad updated this morning. Yes I have restarted it several times. This is my favorite game. Please message me back or on your community page at least acknowledge that there is something going on and your trying to fix it. Thank you.

  • Crash crash and crash 💔💔💔

    Crash crash and crash What is this? I was love this game but now because of a lot of crashes I become hate it Find solutions quickly please

  • Love the Game but loading problems

    Since Apple update my game will not laod at all. Please help!

  • Love the game but...

    It doesn't work properly on the new iPhone 6s. I'm wondering if it's due to the 3D Touch. Hopefully they are already working on an update but didn't have it ready in time for launch day.

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