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Family Farm Seaside - Play Free Farming...

Family Farm Seaside - Play Free Farming App & Harvest Game Online
4 based on 8,142 Votes
Price Free

Have you ever wanted to run your own farm? Now you can! Come and create your own farm in Family Farm Seaside. Feed your animals, grow crops, and sell products for a nice profit.
Family Farm Seaside is a beautiful and fun farming simulation from the makers of the hit Facebook game, Family Farm. Farming doesn’t have to be hard, the simple controls and touch interface allows anyone to start playing in just seconds. Plant, grow and harvest your crops with just a tap on the screen. The beautiful graphics and sound effects provide a fun and entertaining atmosphere for all ages. Family Farm Seaside includes over 200 unique products your farm can produce. Complete farming missions and sell your crops to become the best farmer around! Read more...

Family Farm Seaside - Play Free Farming App & Harvest Game Online is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 4 based on 8,142 Votes. This version 3.1.0 has an average rating of 4.5 based on 284 Users.

Your device must have atleast 54.4 MB of space to download and install Family Farm Seaside - Play Free Farming App & Harvest Game Online. This application is game center enabled . Family Farm Seaside - Play Free Farming App & Harvest Game Online is Free to download and install on your mobile device

Support Languages

Arabic , NB , Dutch , English, American , French , German , ID , Italian , Japanese , Korean , Polish , Portuguese , Russian , Chinese , Spanish , Swedish , Thai , Chinese , Turkish


Games , Family , Simulation ,


Family Farm Seaside - Play Free Farming App & Harvest Game Online
Family Farm Seaside - Play Free Farming App & Harvest Game Online
Family Farm Seaside - Play Free Farming App & Harvest Game Online
Family Farm Seaside - Play Free Farming App & Harvest Game Online
Family Farm Seaside - Play Free Farming App & Harvest Game Online
Family Farm Seaside - Play Free Farming App & Harvest Game Online
Family Farm Seaside - Play Free Farming App & Harvest Game Online
Family Farm Seaside - Play Free Farming App & Harvest Game Online

Additional Information

◆◆◆◆◆ REVIEWS ◆◆◆◆◆

5/5 “Loving it. Really enjoy playing the game. It gets you addicted to the game”

5/5 “FABULOUS. I love this game, you can do so much on it”

5/5 “Awesome. I love it is fabulously great and you get so many awards”

5/5 “FANTASTIC Love love love this game.”

5/5 “Great game Very addictive.... I do play every day multiple times a day.”


• FREE to play

• Become neighbors with farmers from all over the world

• Plant, harvest, and process over 200+ unique products

• More than 100+ achievements to complete

• Daily orders for you to fill with your farm products

• New missions updated regularly with fun new features

Tired of playing by yourself? Invite your friends and add them as your farming neighbors. Challenge them to a race and earn over 40 achievements.

So come along and move to the Seaside! Install now!

Our team here at Funplus would love to hear from you!

What's New on this version 3.1.0

It is getting explosively dangerous on the farm!

Darryl found a new cave on the Island and rumour has it that there's a lot of treasures hidden inside! Go and explore it together with your neighbors!

The Daily Quests will guide you to get the most out of your daily farm work! Check them out every day and get great rewards!

Landmark Buildings were developed for all island farmers. This kind of special decoration will help your farm to increase the limitation of your Dev Points.

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Add me!! FBBCOWI

    I play lots during the day!

  • Waleed

    Piz add me FBKWTVQ

  • حراميه خوات الكحبه

    حراميه اخذو ٥ دولار من حسابي وما انطوني اي شيء لا تشترون من اللعبه لانهم حراميه

  • Need more neighbors

    Add me. COYJCBK please. Daily player. Gift daily. Need more farms to visit.

  • Help pls


  • Wow I love it

    I got it on my iPhone and I pod touch and I pad I love it Xmas is over and put a reset button on so we can start over

  • Typical Internet con

    Says play for free. True up to point in game where you realize you have to spend real cash to advance....a lot of real cash! Needs other ways to earn rc cash besides leveling up. Been playing these types of games for over 2 years. Will not put real money in them as amount needed is absurd! Need to honor play for free part. Don't mind that there are things I can't buy but when it is something I need to advance in game....I'm irritated!!!

  • EBRYWJX. Fofo

    بلييييييز أضيفوني 💞بلييييز لايكاتب 😃هذا حسابي EBRYWJX

  • Add me

    Level 72. Play every day. DJJZJLF 😍 & FCGZIPW

  • Add me

    Need new active players after clearing out inactive neighbors. AFYEYPL and CNRCXRX


    Love this game. I have been playing for over a year now. I like that there is always something to do. A purpose. I do wish that it didn't cost so many ranch cash to do certain things. They also need a way to log in and out and not to have it tied to FB in case you lose your farm. I play everyday. Farm ID: ASWSFEE

  • Very cool game!

    Hello everyone! Add me please, I play everyday. ID: FBVXTHY

  • ابغى جيراااااان

    ضيفوني هذا حسابي ابغى جيران FBHRFWZ

  • Game is a money stealer...

    It's super fun at first but they require so much RC and only give you 1 every time you level up, you basically have to constantly buy RC to get anywhere. The restaurant was fun but now they are making it rediculous hard and impossible to complete on time, not to mention that requires RC to buy the items for the recipe too. I wish they weren't so stingy,, so I finally decided to delete the game.

  • Awesome....but new update made me lose my duck pond 😢

    Awesome game. Play all the time Add me CQZFSVV

  • Losing trees

    I love this game overall but now I'm coming across this problem where I'm losing trees on the island when I chop them for wood and finding myself having to purchase them again causing me to lose unnecessary coins. Is this something that can be fixed?

  • Starting to hate this game

    This game is getting harder to fulfill missions since I absolutely refuse to spend hard-earned bill money on RC. Also always resetting back to earlier time after losing sync every minute or so. Impossible to complete missions or fulfill kitchen orders because of this. Will probably delete if not fixed and made to have more attainable missions to complete without RC/real money.

  • Family Farm

    Add me & be my neighbor FBISHXC ... 😊

  • Mentaz

    CISUJRI ارجو الاضافة

  • Upset now..😟

    I was so addicted to this game but now i am so upset because many tasks require (RC) to be completed .. I think this is unfair for those who do not want to buy RC .. Most probably the game is losing me and my friends who suffer from this issue.. Hope to stop this.. Also, the expanding require alot of money and requirements which are also needs to use RC.. I wish to see some updates to fix this issue. How can I accomplish the chicken requests if I need more than 16 RC 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 Thanks

  • Eh

    I just downloaded it and it seems fun but I can't pass the beginning quest with the hay bail because it won't let me move it

  • Not fun anymore

    This game was fun in the beginning and now I'm ticked off with it. As you progress in the game there are quests you have to use rc's to complete it. Whether to skip it or to buy an item to complete it. I don't spend money on these games because it's a rip off and they'll want you to spend more as the game goes on because you spent money to get farther. Once my quests that don't require spending real money to get further in the game are done I'm done and it's a shame because I really do like this game. Get rid of need rc's to complete quests and to buy items then I'll increase the rating and continue playing after the good quests are done.

  • Game Would Be Better If....

    You didn't have to keep app open for certain things to be done. For example.... In order for the Bees to do their thing, the App needs to stay open. That waste battery. I really like the game but can that be changed? Also, why do we have to spend so much RC on stuff? If it's going to be like that, why can't it be were you can earn more RC? Instead of just when you level up. Come on now. Be somewhat fair....

  • I need neighbors please

    My id is FAZSVMF

  • Family Seaside

    I bought some special packages not showing on my game two two 1.99 a 2.99 a 4.99 and a 9.99 I am sooooo mad my grandma mad my grandma bike dropped off my game can't trust the Notify Company who has this game also iTunes They don't care - you are on your own Please sync my iPad iPhone and iMac - notw Not working right--won't down load won't up date Update - please fix Terrible game things drop off support no help costly not connect to iTunes - your lose if thing drop off get a hand held game game boy or something like that no inappropriate purchase - trust me

  • Fun but challenging

    I found this game pretty fun but it requires constant building of new machines later on in the game, and I just don't have enough space in my farm😫 But otherwise the game is awesome~😊 Add me plz:WhiteJewelxd

  • Add me!

    FBEGYBW and DLSENLB I'm a daily player (:

  • غداً أجمل

    جار نشيط 24 ساعة أبي إضافات FASCMSS

  • Add me


  • Bamboo baskets?????????????

    There is no way to get or make bamboo baskets, anyone know how or where to get them or make them, can't finish challenge without them........

  • Air balloons

    Still playing, but running out of interest since the last update appears to have taken away the air balloons that allowed you to earn mystrons, which in turn could get you the much needed ranch cash...


    FAVMFFZ. Add me. Daily player.

  • اضافه

    مزراعه نشيطه ضيفووني DERKBCE

  • الجيران ضفي لي هذا ايمليFBZXIGR


  • Add me COMZGRV please☀️☀️☀️😍

    I play many times a day. I always have room for more neighbors. Love this app! So many fun things about this game. They are constantly adding fun surprises. Works totally awesome on my iPhone 5S. All is good in my neighborhood. Add me COMZGRV.

  • جـوري❤️

    FCFIYEZ مزارعه نشيطه👯 ابي جججيران 😢💔

  • Family Farm

    I love it one of the best farm games on AppStore so many stuff to do cool game 😘👍🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  • good game with lots of update

    This is a great farming game with plenty of stuff of do, cooking, farming, fishing and crafting and lots of room to expand on especially the new island update which improves the search function in the kitchen witch was badly needed. It might be a little hard for new ppl though since a lot of current missions require trees and items that were earned from previous holiday events. The developers did a lot of research for their almost monthly holiday events which can be fun and informative but hectic to do in alloted time. Also they push buying in game currency but no surprise there. Possible to do everything by completing missions, leveling and putting in time to get most stuff you need. Daily players will enjoy this the most. Add me FAOOEMU, I play daily!

  • Good game BUT.....

    I've been playing for a few months very addicting and fun!!It started getting annoying the higher you get in levels and they want you to spend RC for certain ingredients and to finish building machines. If it wasn't for that I would've kept the game.

  • Add me



    The newest update is horrid... It takes forever to load if it even will. Five minutes for the app to load is crazy...

  • Worst Game I've played in awhile

    This game is nothing but a horribly programmed Hayday knock off. If you want a real game that doesn't delete your crops and farms , download Hayday. I strongly recommend not downloading this game!!

  • ضيفوني مزرعة نشيطة


  • Add me please!!!

    🆔 AASYTMF. Just deleted a bunch of non-players. I'm a daily player and need more neighbors that actually play.


    Play daily ADD ME!!!!!!!!!!!


    Add me please thanks


    Please add FBXSNWH

  • I'm totally addicted to this game.

    Here's a suggestion. Make the kitchen menu searchable according to name or ingredients.

  • Luv

    Love the game. Need more friends and so does my son! He just started and he's 7. FBZUHCO. Mine is FBHKCBR

  • Add Me

    Add Me 👇 FAXFXXE

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