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BINGO Blitz - FREE Bingo + Slots

BINGO Blitz - FREE Bingo + Slots
4 based on 26,700 Votes
Price Free

Attention Campers: NEW ROOM: Camp Wannabingo!
Download the FREE Award-Winning BINGO & Slots game for your iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch! We have over 50 exciting rooms, including 30+ internationally-themed rooms, speciality rooms, and Slots! We add new content every week so check back often! Play BINGO Blitz today! Read more...

BINGO Blitz - FREE Bingo + Slots is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 12+ (Application may not suitable for children under the age of 12). This application has an average rating of 4 based on 26,700 Votes. This version 2.69.0 has an average rating of 4.5 based on 517 Users.

Your device must have atleast 38.5 MB of space to download and install BINGO Blitz - FREE Bingo + Slots. This application does not have game center . BINGO Blitz - FREE Bingo + Slots is Free to download and install on your mobile device

More Description

***Wi-Fi connection suggested for best playing experience.***


BINGO Blitz mixes the classic game of bingo with exciting arcade-style gameplay features such as power-ups, collection items, achievements, and much more to create a unique and addicting Bingo experience.


Connect and play against millions of players from around the world! Chat in-game and in real-time with other bingo players while you daub or between rounds. Play up to 4 cards at a time on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch!


Tilt the odds in your favor with an array of power-ups that can cause a cascade of bingos, boost scores, and elevate your status in the game.


Travel around the world through more than 30+ international Bingo rooms with unique goals, collections, trophies, and rewards!


We’re the official BINGO home of Elvis! BINGO with The King in our two new rooms: Elvis Backstage and Elvis Paradise! Collect the Elvis-themed items to complete the Elvis scene, and daub while The King himself calls the numbers!


Spin in one of our themed slots rooms, each with their own collections and achievements.


A BINGO and slots room for every occasion – we offer limited time rooms for seasons and holidays!


Connect your BINGO Blitz account to Facebook or your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch and sync your profile, credits, keys, power-ups, and everything else you’ll need.


Our weekly app updates bring you new rooms and new features. Check our Facebook page for more information!

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What's New on this version 2.69.0

- Attention Campers: NEW ROOM: Camp Wannabingo!
- General gameplay enhancements!


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Support Languages

  • English, American


BINGO Blitz - FREE Bingo + Slots
BINGO Blitz - FREE Bingo + Slots
BINGO Blitz - FREE Bingo + Slots
BINGO Blitz - FREE Bingo + Slots
BINGO Blitz - FREE Bingo + Slots
BINGO Blitz - FREE Bingo + Slots
BINGO Blitz - FREE Bingo + Slots
BINGO Blitz - FREE Bingo + Slots

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Bingo Blitz

    Love it! Lots of fun and habit forming!!!!

  • Bingo blitz

    Fun game

  • Awesome!!

    I love love love this game, it's sooo much fun. I've even hot my mom playing it ow to!

  • Love it!

    Lots of fun to play!

  • I really like it

    But the game will freeze up and I end up losing my credits

  • Love this game!

    I Love this game!!

  • Best Bingo Game Available


  • AB FAB

    Love love love, can't get enough of this game! It's my fave Bingo!!

  • Fun to pass the time

    Enjoyable game to pass time during commercials and waiting in lines at the supermarket

  • Crazy bingo girl

    Love this game :-)

  • Susie

    Great game😉

  • Great Fun

    Super fun, great pass time lots of chances to win

  • Mjb


  • Super game

    I love this game it's just so great

  • Bingo

    I love bingo blitz

  • Glitches.. glitches.. glitches

    it happened again 😠 5 times now or more. After purchasing cards, loading suddenly sssllllooowwws down, you hear numbers being called but your cards are still loading. Shadow cards are always repeating too. Takes forever to complete a room. The 3rd and 4th items on the first rows are always the last to appear as shadow cards. They're the ones you can't buy or request or gift. 😠 Makes you think it's being done on purpose.

  • Ughish

    It's an okay game. If you're looking for something to keep you brain dead. However it seems to be a problem for myself and others that it keeps crashing. And for the last week every time I BINGO! a shadow card, I don't get my puzzle piece. The popups are ridiculous, if I want to play that room, I'll go play it. And the ratio of bingos to cards/people makes absolutely NO friggin sense! PS. If we can trade credits to coins we should be able to do vise versa. And if you don't end up actually starting the round you should get your credits back!

  • Addicted player

    Love love love the game! I'm addicted to it. My only complaint is when it crashes and I lose my credits. Very frustrating. Also it seems that's when I get down to one more piece to complete the puzzle it never seems to show up on my cards which makes it to where it takes weeks to complete a room and I don't pay for my credits which makes it even a longer process. Other than those I love the game and am a daily player! Even if I only get to play a few games :)

  • Entertaining

    Keeps me busy , love it !

  • Game !!!

    I do love this game tired of the problems with the game

  • L Vakos

    I love this game. You do have the best version. I play almost every day. I have a struggle trying to get bingo most days. I will get number 67 or 102. While at the same time I see the same person getting 1st and 2nd etc. Well today the same person got 1st, 2nd, and 3rd and I had only 6 spots on one card !! I usually finish with ALMOST 5 or 6 they will not call that one number. I am not writing this bc this happened several times. NO it happens too much. You have a great chance to win if you are just joining on the app. :((. Even playing field please, I'm paying too !

  • Bingo blitz

    Great game

  • My new addiction

    Always loved playing BINGO growing up. I have quickly become addicted to this version. Assume game play - just wish I had an unlimited supply of power ups, keys, and BINGO credits.

  • Fun game

    Gets addicting

  • Fun and addicting

    Super addicting but I love it

  • Bingo Blitz

    It needs some going over to fix the problems. Some of them I have is freezing losing my credit & even my bongos. It needs some serious help. I like to play bingo, but I haven't been playing this game very often

  • Such fun

    Lots of variety...lots of ways to win...lots of fun

  • So slow and frustrating!

    I am no longer going to have this app because every time I try to play it freezes during a game and I am unable to keep up with the balls because it will unfreeze and shoot out about 10 balls at a time!! Very frustrating and it's not worth any anger.

  • Great bingo

    Lots of rooms. I have not run into any problems with this app. Great bingo game

  • It's an ok game. Just won't let me win very often.

    It's an ok game. Just won't let me win very often.

  • Best

    This game is my favorite Bingo. It gives plenty coins, keys, & chest.

  • Bingo Blitz

    I love this game

  • Rating

    I like this game. Sometimes I have a bingo but I don't get it because I press the number but it won't take it.

  • It's kinda bittersweet for me

    They give you coins to play but you won't get bingo often because the game gives others bingo so fast as soon as the game starts it's a little difficult to continue playing when you have no coins. Yea you get a certain amount of bingo coins daily but how do those other players win bingo in .5sec? Maybe it's the numerous amount of bingo cards you're playing but if you want to check a number that you're not sure was called on you can't check because there's no number sheet for you to know what has and hasn't been called. I like the game a little but I get annoyed with how it's made to play.

  • Love game, bugs bad

    Game really cool bugs are terrible. BB need to fix bad, too many to complain. Game is addicting, so I love it.

  • Like the game

    I like the game but can never win a thing

  • Bingo blitz

    Addicted to this game out of all the bingo's I have played this is the one I enjoy the most. Like being able to play slots also.

  • Awesome Game

    Cool bingo game

  • Love it!!!

    Haven't spent a dime, no freezes or crashes. Playing on iPhone 5c.

  • Hours of Fun

    With all the different backgrounds and rewards this is challenging but so fun!!!

  • Awesome game

    Absolutely LOVE IT!!!

  • Freezes

    I really enjoy playing this game, but it freezes constantly mid game causing me to lose credits. And because the rooms cost so much to play, I end up only playing a few rounds before I'm done for the day. Frustrating!

  • Bingo Blitz

    Crashes sometimes but great game

  • Bingo blitz

    I love this game

  • Bingo

    Been playing this game for months, lots of fun. Again, ton of fun just would love to win more.

  • Love it

    Fix bugs everything will b awesome oh n add auto bingo when u get a bingo it automatically detects it

  • Thailand

    Good game

  • Fun but frustrating

    Seems to get more difficult to finish bingo rooms. The slots don't pay off well enough. When you finally get a scatter game - the game freezes before you can collect the coins you won. Need to fix the bugs and improve the slot payouts.

  • Great game, but....

    This a fun game. However, the lags/freezes during and between games is frustrating.

  • Love that bingo

    Love bingo

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