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BINGO Blitz - FREE Bingo + Slots

BINGO Blitz - FREE Bingo + Slots
4 based on 23,129 Votes
Price Free

NEW Hare-raising Slots Room: Tales from the Patch!
Download the FREE Award-Winning BINGO & Slots game for your iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch! We have over 50 exciting rooms, including 30+ internationally-themed rooms, speciality rooms, and Slots! We add new content every week so check back often! Play BINGO Blitz today! Read more...

BINGO Blitz - FREE Bingo + Slots is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 12+ (Application may not suitable for children under the age of 12). This application has an average rating of 4 based on 23,129 Votes. This version 2.57.0 has an average rating of 3.5 based on 54 Users.

Your device must have atleast 38.5 MB of space to download and install BINGO Blitz - FREE Bingo + Slots. This application does not have game center . BINGO Blitz - FREE Bingo + Slots is Free to download and install on your mobile device

More Description

***Wi-Fi connection suggested for best playing experience.***


BINGO Blitz mixes the classic game of bingo with exciting arcade-style gameplay features such as power-ups, collection items, achievements, and much more to create a unique and addicting Bingo experience.


Connect and play against millions of players from around the world! Chat in-game and in real-time with other bingo players while you daub or between rounds. Play up to 4 cards at a time on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch!


Tilt the odds in your favor with an array of power-ups that can cause a cascade of bingos, boost scores, and elevate your status in the game.


Travel around the world through more than 30+ international Bingo rooms with unique goals, collections, trophies, and rewards!


We’re the official BINGO home of Elvis! BINGO with The King in our two new rooms: Elvis Backstage and Elvis Paradise! Collect the Elvis-themed items to complete the Elvis scene, and daub while The King himself calls the numbers!


Spin in one of our themed slots rooms, each with their own collections and achievements.


A BINGO and slots room for every occasion – we offer limited time rooms for seasons and holidays!


Connect your BINGO Blitz account to Facebook or your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch and sync your profile, credits, keys, power-ups, and everything else you’ll need.


Our weekly app updates bring you new rooms and new features. Check our Facebook page for more information!

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What's New on this version 2.57.0

- Good bunnies vs evil bunnies in NEW Tales from the Patch Slots!
- Gameplay optimizations!


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Support Languages

  • English, American


BINGO Blitz - FREE Bingo + Slots
BINGO Blitz - FREE Bingo + Slots
BINGO Blitz - FREE Bingo + Slots
BINGO Blitz - FREE Bingo + Slots
BINGO Blitz - FREE Bingo + Slots
BINGO Blitz - FREE Bingo + Slots
BINGO Blitz - FREE Bingo + Slots
BINGO Blitz - FREE Bingo + Slots

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Bingo blitz

    I love the game the problem is, sometimes you aren't given the right amount of chests. There are too many puzzle duplicates and spend way too much time on one board. Very frustrating to the point of wanting to quit for a while.

  • Freezes

    Freezes up and takes your credits half the time. Lame.

  • Awesome game

    Awesome and addicting game!

  • Love It.... But

    Love the game, but don't like the limits they put on receiving gifts and bonuses from friends. What's the point in having multiple friends that play if they can't help as much as they want. Put a limit on the giving, not the receiving. Or better yet, don't have a limit from friends.

  • Fix the bug!!!! Buyer beware!!!

    Had 70,000 coins disappear when the game froze on a scatter. Contacted customer support with no response. Will not play until fixed!!!!

  • Coins disappeared and no access

    Today no access. Error messages only. Be aware that I had over 180,000 coins disappear from my account yesterday. I have reached out to support but of course no response. BUYER BEWARE. They have no problem taking your money but returning it is a different story. Coins to play with are also expensive.

  • Love this game butt

    I love this game but it won't let me do anything can't play can't get credits and as if the 18 th the chest aren't working right dab more them one and only give me one to open crazy ! Fix it please !!!!!

  • Worst Customer Service ever

    Update April 21, 2014 No issues fixed. This game is getting worse with every update, but the customer service is by far the worst I have ever experienced in my whole life. They are aware of all these issues but do nothing about it. But go complain on their Facebook page, and ta da you are blocked from commenting or liking any comments. Really horrible how they are so quick to block someone speaking the truth, but they don't fix the problems that cause thousands of people to complain. The greed of this company is downright horrible! Apple, you guys should remove bingo blitz from the App Store! Coming soon a boycott bb page, and many petitions! Updating my review. I was finally contacted but only to receive a message that says they are aware of the problem, but yet they don't compensate you at all. This is ridiculous! More or less they are aware of all these glitches causing us to lose credits, keys, treasure chests, and spins.. But they don't care. This saddens me cause I do like the game when it works properly, but the developers clearly don't care about our loses. Way to many bugs. I have lost keys, treasure chests, bingo credits, and bingo money. I contacted support and never received a response back. I also agree with the other people stating that it takes forever to complete a collection. Why is it that I can get several of 1 collection item, and I keep buying keys in hopes to find the missing items in treasure chests? But yet I will get a item I already have. Don't get me wrong I enjoy a challenge, but not if I have to repeat daily with no chance in hades of completing a collection! Please fix these bugs, and your customer service!

  • Game cheats

    How can multiple players get a bingo after only 3 balls? This happens in all boards. It's very frustrating. It's very difficult to win. It started out well, but now it's impossible. I am deleting the game.

  • No longer able to access

    Guess I have to find a new game. This was my game. Now, after changing my facebook password, I can no longer connect to FB and play. Ridiculous. I've tried everything. Very disappointed.

  • Game refuses to load

    Can't get past the login to Facebook screen. Can't even sign in as a guest. This has been happening for over a week now. Please fix ASAP!!! Would've given 5 stars because I love this game and play daily but down graded to 2 stars until it is fixed.

  • Latest update

    Game doesn't load on the iPad after latest update. UGH! Please fix it!

  • Can't play

    I was loving this game...until today. I can't play at all. It won't let me get past the welcome screen. I get some "whoops! Error 1000" message. It won't let me login to my Facebook or even play as a guest. Also, I bought a pack of credits, but I had to delete the game from my iPad because it was freezing up. There's no option for restoring purchases, so you guys really need to implement that. I'm not happy about wasting my money. All other apps have a restore purchase option.

  • No Volume

    Every since the new update, I can't get any volume from this app unless I have on my headphones. I've played it on several different devices and it's the same problem on all devices. that's how I know it's the game. It didn't start happening until the new update.

  • (Y) good (Y)

    Good game

  • Freezes up

    The game freezes up all the time no matter what country I am playing wasting cards and credits and any power ups I may have used to that point

  • Can't play half the time!

    Game is fun when it actually works. Hasn't worked now for 48 hours. Always seems to have problems with logging in or connecting. Really annoying when you use your credits to buy bingo cards and then it doesn't work, so you can't play and lose those credits. I would wait to download this until they fix these issues.

  • Candy

    I love this game!!

  • Love it

    Messes up from time to time but great fun when working

  • Love it

    this game is so addicting!

  • Fun game

    Fun game

  • Addicting

    Love this game :-)

  • Love it

    I love this game

  • surprisingly fun

    Didn’t expect to have this much fun playing….bingo. The tapping gets pretty furious as you try to match all your numbers when you have 4 cards. Then bonuses….arg!

  • Bingo Blitz

    A fun game of bingo with a twist. Wish you had the option to play more than four only less than positive feedback.

  • Addictive!

    Playing bingo every night!

  • Addictive!

    Love the game. I play it on all of my devises - iPhone, iPad, laptop, desktop

  • Bingo!

    Live the gane

  • Awesome

    The best of the best!

  • Mimisandra

    Love this game. Lots of Bingos so you don't get bored.

  • LOVE it....

    Love this game! By far the best Bingo game I've played from the App Store! I do have some issues with the connection at times, where it freezes, or disconnects, and I lose the credits, but other than that, it's great!

  • Love

    I love this game! It is always so fun, I love all the different games. And the power ups. I love that there is an option of decisions.

  • Fun but software needs lots of work

    I still have lots of fun with this game, but: 1--"Bingo" button too close to bottom numbers 2--need 3-second time delay to finish punching numbers before game cuts you off. 3--more bingo chips during tournaments if you get a bingo and in regular games. 4--it would nice to be able to convert coins into blue Bingo chips; i.e.--250 coins=1 blue chip. The game allows for chip to coin conversion, why not reverse for those who don't want to make real money purchases? **5--got to fix that time snag when multiple Bingos hit the system; it locks it up for at least 5 seconds.

  • Fun

    Having fun playing

  • Addictive!

    Love this game

  • Have a blast!!!

    I love this game. Completing each room is a blast

  • Yes

    Love it!

  • Very fun!

    Addicting and entertaining game!

  • Bingo Blitz

    So addicting and fun

  • Review

    I love the game but, I hate the customer service. There is no customer service. That's really a shame. No one responds to emails about problems with the game. I just continue to lose things everyday. Today I lost 5 chest because the game froze. You can do better for your loyal players!

  • Stole chips

    This game froze and then stole all my chips rip off game.

  • Great game!

    Love this game!

  • 😊💙

    Love it!! Very addicting!! Easy to level up...just wish you could buy bingo chips with your coins!!!

  • Great game!!

    So darn addicting and fun!!

  • So much fun!! Love it

    One of the best bingos!!

  • Facebook login

    On my Galaxy S2 I could sign in and out on. 3 different accounts, but with the iphone I can only use 1 account. Why is that?

  • Game won't load

    Love this game but ever since the last update it won't connect to Facebook! Very frustrating!!!

  • Love this app!!

    This game has turned into a community that helps each other complete their rooms. It's really amazing!

  • Bingo blitz

    Love it

  • Game keeps freezing!

    Game is so fun and addicting but it freezes in the middle of a round more times than not. So frustrating!!

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