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BINGO Blitz - FREE Bingo + Slots

BINGO Blitz - FREE Bingo + Slots
4.5 based on 29,973 Votes
Price Free

SpooOOooky NEW ROOM: Haunted Manor!
Download the FREE Award-Winning BINGO & Slots game for your iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch! We have over 50 exciting rooms, including 30+ internationally-themed rooms, speciality rooms, and Slots! We add new content every week so check back often! Play BINGO Blitz today! Read more...

BINGO Blitz - FREE Bingo + Slots is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 12+ (Application may not suitable for children under the age of 12). This application has an average rating of 4.5 based on 29,973 Votes. This version 2.82.0 has an average rating of 4.5 based on 327 Users.

Your device must have atleast 39.8 MB of space to download and install BINGO Blitz - FREE Bingo + Slots. This application does not have game center . BINGO Blitz - FREE Bingo + Slots is Free to download and install on your mobile device

Support Languages

English, American


Games , Entertainment , Board , Casino ,


BINGO Blitz - FREE Bingo + Slots
BINGO Blitz - FREE Bingo + Slots
BINGO Blitz - FREE Bingo + Slots
BINGO Blitz - FREE Bingo + Slots
BINGO Blitz - FREE Bingo + Slots
BINGO Blitz - FREE Bingo + Slots
BINGO Blitz - FREE Bingo + Slots
BINGO Blitz - FREE Bingo + Slots

Additional Information

***Wi-Fi connection suggested for best playing experience.***


BINGO Blitz mixes the classic game of bingo with exciting arcade-style gameplay features such as power-ups, collection items, achievements, and much more to create a unique and addicting Bingo experience.


Connect and play against millions of players from around the world! Chat in-game and in real-time with other bingo players while you daub or between rounds. Play up to 4 cards at a time on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch!


Tilt the odds in your favor with an array of power-ups that can cause a cascade of bingos, boost scores, and elevate your status in the game.


Travel around the world through more than 30+ international Bingo rooms with unique goals, collections, trophies, and rewards!


We’re the official BINGO home of Elvis! BINGO with The King in our two new rooms: Elvis Backstage and Elvis Paradise! Collect the Elvis-themed items to complete the Elvis scene, and daub while The King himself calls the numbers!


Spin in one of our themed slots rooms, each with their own collections and achievements.


A BINGO and slots room for every occasion – we offer limited time rooms for seasons and holidays!


Connect your BINGO Blitz account to Facebook or your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch and sync your profile, credits, keys, power-ups, and everything else you’ll need.


Our weekly app updates bring you new rooms and new features. Check our Facebook page for more information!

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What's New on this version 2.82.0

- SpooOOooky NEW ROOM: Haunted Manor!
- Introducing: Total Rewards Social Loyalty Program! Earn in-game benefits and rewards! Free to join!

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Love it

    This is one of the top 3 bingo games that are worth playing. Need to switch the power ups back to us being able to use what we have available rather than limiting us on how many we can use.

  • Not fun anymore

    I don't mind that the rooms are more expensive. But when it comes to seeing or in my case not seeing the non gift able cards the game isn't fun anymore. 5 months trying to clear Istanbul and all I need are the non gift ables I haven't even seen them yet!!

  • Bingo blitz

    Best bingo game in App Store love it

  • Bingo Blitz Addict

    Great game

  • Give me more bingo chips

    I love to play this game, it's fun playing in the different places. The free chips run out fast though. I have a ton of coins and would rather spend those on bingo chips then buying chips with my real money. Also, I'm in Hollywood and only need 1 collection, but it rarely gives me the one I need as the shadow card in play. I've sent about a week trying to get this one last collection item, it's frustrating.

  • Bingo

    I love chatting with friends and winning bingos

  • Awsome

    I love this game been playin it for years!!!

  • Blitz bingo

    One of the best !!!!!!!!

  • Good game to pass time

    I haven't been having the issues I am seeing listed in the reviews here - it's a fun way to pass extra time.

  • Joe Briscoe to Bingo Blitz

    Great game. Addictive if you will. lol Games a bit expensive but fun.


    TOTAL RIP OFF!!!!! Cannot believe Apple has this App.....DO NOT WASTE YOUR $$$....come on Apple wake up

  • Fun!!

    I love playing this game. So fun!!

  • 10-10

    Amazing game I really love it. Great style and fun to pass time. Highly recommended must get. Love this game

  • Needs bugs fixed!!!!

    I'm with the other person on the comment that something needs to be done. I don't know if there is anything Apple can do but this is ridiculous. The free daily credits aren't really free because when you use them you get an "oops" error and then you have lost not only your credits but your power ups too! I have played this game for a long time and put hard earned money into it, only to have it stolen with glitches in the program. Hope someone will post if there is anything that can be done to resolve the thievery!

  • Should be a 5 star review

    Except for the repeated "error 302" messages that will not allow me to open the chests I've earned, meaning it's basically a waste of credits. I'm so frustrated that this problem doesn't seem to be getting addressed with updates.

  • Game freezes

    I even had a bingo when they came through and didn't pay off due to the game freezing. I'm just going to stop playing it for a while to see if they can fix it, I'm not wasting my money anymore.

  • Bad bad game don't waste your time

    SECOND UPDATE: Game isn't working and neither does support. I will report problems to Apple to see if I can get this game taken down until it's fixed!!! UPDATE: Game still freezes and takes a lot of credits. The support for this game is disabled, probably so they don't have to fix the game or refund all those credits that have been taken from everyone. I have sent emails and never receive a response. These people know this game is defective!!! I'm really tired of dealing with morons!! This game gets 1 star because you can't write a review unless you give at least 1!!! The developers keep saying they are fixing problems but they aren't. I've made numerous complaints and nothing gets fixed. Their answer is to force the game to restart but I've tried that 7 times and it fixes nothing. Power ups don't work, the game freezes constantly and now they have made the online support doesn't work. Probably because they can't fix anything. I'm still waiting on daily credits that never showed up. Please don't waste your time on this crappy game. Maybe if no one plays this anymore they will be forced to fix it. I forgot to mention that the first winner of several rounds won after only 3 numbers were called. Explain how that's even possible!! This game froze up again and took all my credits. Why don't they display the number of reviews they got that were bad? GAME FROZEN AGAIN!!!! SUPPORT STILL NOT WORKING!! Now down 30 credits that I paid for with no way to contact these idiots! WHAT A WAY TO STEAL MONEY!!! They could care less!

  • Bingo

    Best bingo ever

  • Lost credits

    Just lost credits in 3 consecutive games 24 in Jamaica 7 in New York !!!!!! Lost credits yesterday too!!!!!! Ever since I updated the app I am losing credits it crashes as soon as the game is over lost power ups used in game also !!!!! How do I contact support ????? I want my credits back & power ups used in game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Frustrated!!!

    You need to work out your bugs BB. It's not fun losing your credits because of your problems. Error messages that say "cannot retrieve your rounds" at then end of the game only when you have hit bingo's is a bit questionable to me!!! I have lost credits several times this way and only when I have had more than one bingo!

  • Me encanta

    Muy bueno el juego

  • Please fix the glitches.

    I have been having problems lately with receiving rewards. I've completed a round and get error msg saying can't access round after it's over. Level up rewards are not being rewarded .. The mini rewards like PU's and keys and bingo coins are not being recognized when passed. This has been going on for 24 hours. Please fix and credit me back the hundreds of bingo coins I've lost in the process.

  • Endless Fun

    Luv the app!!

  • Ladybugg81303

    This is a fun game.

  • Bingo Blitz

    I love the game, but, it has freezing issues, plus, when you have one number left and a few bongos, it will not let you cover your number to get the bingo.

  • Bingo blitz

    Great game.

  • Favorite Bingo Game

    I really like this Bingo game. The variety of games together with the fact that I don't have to buy credits to still have fun. Great game!!

  • Keeps freezing!

    Love but CONSTANTLY freezes. Please fix.

  • Bingo blitz

    I enjoy playing but sometimes when I win and hit bingo nothing happens now I have lost credits this game is suppose to be free so why do we have to keep buying the game freezes all the time it very frustrating!

  • Report this game freezing to Apple

    If we get together and file a complaint with Apple maybe they will quit cheating us out of our hard earned cash. I have taken print screens of the Chats on the left side of the bingo cards when people discuss freezing and losing bingos, and print screens of the comments here. I have sent Bingo Blitz many incident tickets but they just ignore us. Please file a complaint with Apple and stop this company from cheating.

  • Review

    It's great but need more htg to appear in chests it seems like it's getting harder and harder to finish rooms but overall love itπŸ’œπŸ’œ

  • Bingo

    Love it!

  • Game play

    It's broken and not working. I've deleted and reinstalled several times. Can't do daily slots or free tournament and if I go to a room I get charged and game starts but DOES NOT bring up my cards to play. Please fix this what ever it is. There's plenty of people having issues.

  • Machu Picchu 😘

    I have been playing bingo blitz for a few months now, and I found myself mesmerized by all the different bingo sites to play. If I had money to invest it would be with the Buffalo Boyz!

  • Like it but

    It used to be easier to win a "prize" or at least get bingo. Now it seems so much harder! Why?

  • Love

    Can't get enough!

  • Bingo Blitz

    Addictive very fun

  • Bingo Blitz

    Treasure chests opening but not getting what is inside - goes straight to xps; rooms completed and not receiving the 200 bingo rewards; countless glitches with numbers freezing and when resumed game is over. Get your game on and reimburse purchased bingos when there are so many glitches!!!! Used to love this game but now not so sure. 😳

  • Good game.

    Love it. A lot of fun to play!

  • πŸ’“πŸ’—πŸ’•

    Been playing since it came out. Awesomeness

  • Bingo blitz

    I love this game it's so addicting

  • Bingo


  • Love this game!!!!

    This is my favorite game!!! It is so addicting!!!

  • Awesome

    Love it!

  • Bingo Blitz

    Really enjoy this game. I just wish that coins could be used to purchase the Blue B coins. I really don't want to use my own real money to purchase more of those. Other than that, this is a great game.

  • Awesome game

    This game is awesome for on the go bingo play. I love the different country settings and creative slot machines. Perfect for as a quick time passer.

  • Dawne

    I love this game I just hate when it freezes in the middle of a game or don't give me a bingo when I have's my favorite game to play though

  • Great Game !!!

    Would recommend to anyone.😊

  • Enhance game

    You took away the conversion ability.....not nice......On some games you can win lots of money. Why not let us trade tokens. For money or money for tokens. A conversion bar to trade one for the other. Sometimes a multiple bingo does not register. Fun game Love this game Very addicted Got the conversion for money but only on the slots....helps convert useful tokens...thanks

  • Love

    I love this game!

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