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BINGO Blitz - FREE Bingo + Slots

BINGO Blitz - FREE Bingo + Slots
4 based on 33,754 Votes
Price Free

NEW BINGO Room: New Orleans! BINGO in the big easy!
NEW High Roller Slots: Wild Tiger!

BINGO Blitz - FREE Bingo + Slots is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 12+ (Application may not suitable for children under the age of 12). This application has an average rating of 4 based on 33,754 Votes. This version 2.99.0 has an average rating of 4.5 based on 117 Users.

Your device must have atleast 44.1 MB of space to download and install BINGO Blitz - FREE Bingo + Slots. This application does not have game center . BINGO Blitz - FREE Bingo + Slots is Free to download and install on your mobile device

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BINGO Blitz - FREE Bingo + Slots
BINGO Blitz - FREE Bingo + Slots
BINGO Blitz - FREE Bingo + Slots
BINGO Blitz - FREE Bingo + Slots
BINGO Blitz - FREE Bingo + Slots
BINGO Blitz - FREE Bingo + Slots
BINGO Blitz - FREE Bingo + Slots
BINGO Blitz - FREE Bingo + Slots

Additional Information

Download the FREE Award-Winning BINGO & Slots game for your iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch! We have over 50 exciting rooms, including 30+ internationally-themed rooms, specialty rooms, and Slots! We add new content every week so check back often! Play BINGO Blitz today!

***Wi-Fi connection suggested for best playing experience.***


BINGO Blitz mixes the classic game of bingo with exciting arcade-style gameplay features such as power-ups, collection items, achievements, and much more to create a unique and addicting Bingo experience.


Connect and play against millions of players from around the world! Chat in-game and in real-time with other bingo players while you daub or between rounds. Play up to 4 cards at a time on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch!


Tilt the odds in your favor with an array of power-ups that can cause a cascade of bingos, boost scores, and elevate your status in the game.


Travel around the world through more than 30+ international Bingo rooms with unique goals, collections, trophies, and rewards!


Spin in one of our themed slots rooms, each with their own collections and achievements.


A BINGO and slots room for every occasion – we offer limited time rooms for seasons and holidays!


Connect your BINGO Blitz account to Facebook or your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch and sync your profile, credits, keys, power-ups, and everything else you’ll need.


Our weekly app updates bring you new rooms and new features. Check our Facebook page for more information!

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Having problems? Any suggestions? We would love to hear from you! You can reach us at

Enjoy the game directly on your PC through Facebook at

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*BINGO Blitz contains optional in-app purchases.

*This product is intended for use by those 21 or older for amusement purposes only.

*Practice or success at social ** gaming does not imply future success at real money gambling.

What's New on this version 2.99.0

- NEW BINGO Room: New Orleans! BINGO in the big easy!
- NEW High Roller Slots: Wild Tiger!

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Favorite game app

    I play in this game room all the time. Love it.

  • TiffanyRose

    Fun game!

  • Good

    I wish there was a way to get bingo coins/credits and coins without having to pay because I'd rather go to a less enjoyable bingo app if they offer it without paying because it's more worth it then.

  • Fun, Fun, Fun

    This game is very enjoyable. I look forward to playing it

  • Really fun bingo!!! ☺️😎

    I love how you get to "go around the world" and get free prizes everyday. The other bingo games are nothing compared to this! You have so many rooms to choose from! I love it!

  • Enjoyable

    But...hoping for another "no power-ups" option like Plano. Straightforward game play affords players an equal chance of winning.

  • Love it!

    I have been playing this game for years and I never get sick of it! I love it!

  • So fun:)

    Love this fun game:)

  • Amazing!

    I love playing this game! I could play this for hours! It's so much fun, I can barely put my phone down!

  • Bingo blitz

    I am so aggravated with this game I would not even rate it a star. Nobody is doing anything to fix it It's A RIP OFF its suppose to be a free game. I am uninstalling and I will do everything possible to have this game removed I am so upset with this game every game I played today froze I had bingos but it froze and I lost the credits this is unbelievable that nothing is getting done about It. It's getting worse I lost so many credits I think I am done with this game!!!! Game still freezing I am losing credits and I never received my credits for today I am not paying anymore! And again I did not get my free credits! Where are my free cr My daily spin won't stop spinning and I can't get out of it! I cannot play the game because my daily spin won't stop spinning and I cannot get out of it this is getting ridiculous with this game I did not receive my free credits for today what's goin I am so tired of the game freezing I had 2 bingos and lost both of those games because of the freezing I am done paying for this game!!!! It's a ripoff and I think this is done on purpose I enjoy this game but I am tired of paying goodbye bingo blitz!!!! Game still freezing and credits lost what is wrong with you people why are you not fixing it very unfair so sick of it!!!!!!!!! I am having a problem getting on the game it takes my credits but game does not start I am at my wits end! And again game is freezing and I lost credits I am not buying anymore I am done with this game!!!!! I never received my 20 credits it was suppose to go in my account but it did not! 3 games in a row froze and I lost 6 credits getting tired of this I am so tired of getting ripped off of credits had a bingo game was not over and game froze earlier had bingo and did not get my credits this is getting ridiculous I had 2 cards and a bingo on both I hit bingo and it froze I lost 2 credits I got to stop playing this game I am tired of the freezing and losing credits!!!! I have tried to play 2 games and both time the games froze that's 4 credits I loss I am playing the credits I have and I am done I am tired of wasting money on this game!!! I never received my 11 credits I was suppose to get this is getting so ridiculous!!!!! I was suppose to get 11 credits but I did not get them not fair! This is getting so pathetic 3 games in a row froze and I lost 6 credits I am on a fixed income and paying for credits is getting ridiculous even the tournament game froze I am done I am going to finish my credits and find another game to play!!!!! Again game freezes and was suppose to get the credits and never got them what else is new!!!!!! I have lost 4 credits because freezing now I am beginning to think that this is being done on purpose I am not giving anymore to this game!!!! Where are the 2 credits I was suppose to get since the game froze AGAIN! I am having a problem connecting to the game I have lost about 5 credits without even playing please give me my credits back WHY is this game not being fixed game is still freezing! I hit the B and I was suppose to get 12 credits and I never got them what is going on with this game? I am still waiting to get my 12 credits that is due me I am sick of being ripped off!!!!! Just when I thought the game was going good it's starts to freeze again and I lost a bingo and never got my 20 credits!!!! I am really about to stop playing Game is still freezing I lost about 6 credits today it's getting ridiculous! Game is stuck on the tournament and I can't click out of it I am losing credits because game counts down but does not start I can't believe I am still playing this game with so many problems! I am getting really tired of this game constantly freezing I am spending money and I am losing credits I have lost 6 credits already I am finishing the credits I have and I am done!!!! I lost 6 credits and all I get back is 2 how is that right? The game freezes and I get punished for it by losing credits a real fair game!!!! Can't get on table it comes up blank! 3 games freeze and I lost 6 credits and did not get any back this game is very disappointing! Game won't load but it keeps taking my credits! I cannot get on game what is going on it won't connect! I have lost 5 credits and I have not even played what's going on with this game! WHY is this game not getting fixed!!! It's taken my credits but no game!! I am so sick of this game you can't even get a bingo and when you do and are waiting on the other card it counts down so fast I have had enough!

  • Addicting game!

    Awesome game! Great storyline, challenging too. Find fan pages to trade hard to find items!

  • Great game

    I love this game!

  • Fun Bingo!

    Fun & addictive. Once I start, I have a hard

  • Best Bingo App EVER!!

    I've found the app to be clearly above the rest where so many others have a number of "glitches" that make the game itself unbearable.

  • Bingo Review

    At first I wasn't happy, but I wrote to customer service & their response was awesome! They worked 2 fix glitches & reimbursed me for tokens lost! I play daily now, it's so addictive! And chatting with friends while playing is the best! I look forward to it more than playing, well, sometimes, ( when I've run out of tokens-lol) All in all I give this game 5 stars. You will too!


    SARAH-A Very Fun Game.

  • Annoyed

    Love the game, but it keeps freezing. It will take your credits and kick u out. It is annoying. Wait till they work the bugs out. Right now it is just a scam to get money. Only play if u have enough patience to just log on get ur daily bonus and log out for a while so u can build up a lot of credits because they will steal them from you.

  • "LOVING BINGO" 🎉💃😍

    I love playing bingo I can play it for hours at a time. My old man don't like it so much bc I don't pay attention to him but he'll be strong love bingo

  • Tiger slots?

    I loaded the latest version, but don't have the high roller slots...?

  • Love it

    This is my favorite bingo game

  • Not fun anymore

    It's almost impossible to complete a bingo room. The same players win &it appears there is either a cheat going on or bingo is favoring paying players letting them win. They don't address the problem when players complain. Lots of long time players are quitting. It's not so much about winning as it is about blatant cheating.

  • I love this game but....

    It keeps freezing up, gets stuck. So I deleted it to restore it and lost everything,so now I'm really angry. I lost almost 400k and so much more..... Grrrrrr.

  • Great!

    Love it!

  • Fun game

    A lot of people complain about this game but I think it's great. Nobody should be playing hours upon hours a day unless they want to spend cash. I have plenty of credits and because I don't play every day, all day, I was able to save up quite a few. It's a fun and free game.

  • Bingo blitz

    Really enjoy this game,want to buy coins but it has froze on me a couple of times,would be really upset to pay cash for something then lose that credit,hopefully will be able to purchase items when these issues have been resolved.Thank you for the game.

  • Love it

    Love this game. It's easily one of my favorite bingo platforms.

  • Love it

    Great game

  • Bingo Blitz

    Addicting! Just wish they'd make the free daily credits higher!

  • Lots of fun!

    Really have been enjoying Bingo Blitz the more I play. Way better if you tune in once a day just to collect your daily bonuses & gifts, but don't actually use your chips to play. After a few days, it's so much more fun to enjoy a few rounds as apposed to a couple.


    Fun game to advance you spent a little. Very much cheaper then any BINGO parlor.

  • Jerkoff Tournaments

    This game freezes at least one round, I get zero with the word "new!" next to it. This game is a rip off, even if I don't pay for it.

  • Good games and slots are okay

    Few problems with the loading of the game but overall great bingo game

  • Fun bingo game

    Fun game, good graphics and variety

  • Fun and cool

    Great game

  • Awesome

    Addicting good game


    Well,you have improved the game a bit. I like the game. I enjoy playing. However, there are still so many things that need to be improved. There are many people out here that cannot afford to be an ELITE MEMBER. We may never have the chance to win the Daily Tournament. I have one suggestion, LOYAL (year or longer)PLAYERS deserve extra daily credits.

  • Love the game

    Love this game but I wish you won more coins in the tournament

  • Fun game!

    This used to be a fun game, but hardly ever win a game.

  • Awesome

    Great game

  • Awesome


  • Player

    It's ok a good way to pass the time. Kind of frustrating when I'm on for a bingo in two to three ways on the same card and no bingo.


    For months this app freezes, steals chips, and keeps power ups. I have now deleted it 3 times this month. I keep downloading it hoping the flaws are fixed. It is so frustrating. It constantly freezes after purchasing cards. It consistently crashes. It repeatedly deletes or never reflects purchased power ups and daily credits. Buffalo has majorly messed up a very attractive popular app. The "customer support" ignores any contact made. What a sad decline for a formerly fantastic app.

  • Bingo blitz

    Have been stuck on same level for weeks. Not enough opportunity to advance.

  • Bad Update

    When I tried to update it didn't work and just froze. I uninstalled the app and tried to download it again but it's frozen and won't install. I'm sure that if I ever get it back I will have lost all my coins and credits. Bad bad news!! Not happy!!

  • Good game...

    Wish I could get credits faster...seemed like some people get bingos SO fast I don't even have a chance...

  • Ugh

    I did it again! I'm bout to uninstall this ish!

  • Bingo blitz

    Love it!!

  • Not going to play again.

    Any way I can pass my extra coins and credits to someone else. I have a few left over and they might as well go to another player who doesn't mind getting cheated.

  • Meh

    The accents of the bingo callers are obnoxious, hard to understand and at times slightly offensive. Also, who has time to chat when they're trying to play bingo? The chat box seems unnecessary.

  • Obsessed

    Love it

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