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Bingo Blitz: Play Free Bingo & Slots Games

Bingo Blitz: Play Free Bingo & Slots Games
4.5 based on 44,059 Votes
Price Free

Win big with Bingo Blitz’s amazing bingo and slots FREE games! Enjoy the daily credits,
free spins, and real time social bingo Games! Multiple players from all across the world Read more...

Bingo Blitz: Play Free Bingo & Slots Games is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 12+ (Application may not suitable for children under the age of 12). This application has an average rating of 4.5 based on 44,059 Votes. This version 3.50.0 has an average rating of 5 based on 4 Users.

Your device must have atleast 77.4 MB of space to download and install Bingo Blitz: Play Free Bingo & Slots Games. This application does not have game center . Bingo Blitz: Play Free Bingo & Slots Games is Free to download and install on your mobile device

Support Languages

English, American


Games , Casino , Entertainment , Board ,


Bingo Blitz: Play Free Bingo & Slots Games
Bingo Blitz: Play Free Bingo & Slots Games
Bingo Blitz: Play Free Bingo & Slots Games
Bingo Blitz: Play Free Bingo & Slots Games
Bingo Blitz: Play Free Bingo & Slots Games
Bingo Blitz: Play Free Bingo & Slots Games
Bingo Blitz: Play Free Bingo & Slots Games
Bingo Blitz: Play Free Bingo & Slots Games

Additional Information

can play against each other and win rewards and bonuses!

Get a head start with our initial promotion package which includes 50 credits, 5,000 coins

and 30 power ups!!!

Become a part of the community

v Bingo Blitz provides you with different chat rooms where you can chat with

multiple players after your games or during!

v Connect through Facebook and sync all your mobile devices to play

v Share your experiences and hear about others, from millions of users all around

the world.

v Find friends to play with! Users on the net can chat and play with you!

v Send and receive gifts from friends!

v Discover new cities on the Bingo map and enjoy the different seasonal rooms!

Each room will have its own new and unique gifts, rewards and bonuses!

Enjoy FREE daily rewards

v Receive daily credits, coins, points and exclusive gifts

v Daub your way through different bingo cities and seasonal games

v Unlock free coins with a greater number of games you play

v Play now, win challenges such as “Bingo Cup Blitz Lightning” for a lifetime supply of free


v Increase daily FREE rewards and bonuses by playing more games!

v Raise your bingo coverall odds and make gaming more fun with the free cards

that Bingo Blitz provides you with, as you continue to play through the


Hit the jackpot!

v Get your lucky strike with Bingo Blitz’s 5 reel FREE slot machines!

v More free spins! Bonus rounds! Wild and scatter symbols! Extra pay lines!

v Get your daily FREE spins on a 3 reel slots machine and win a bigger payout!

v Receive extra jackpots at different lucky games!

v Enjoy the most coin winning

v Receive stacked wilds and enjoy the progressive jackpots!

Let Blitzy, the Bingo Blitz super hero, guide you through all your real time bingo and slots

adventures, whether you’re daubing through bingo cards or spinning the wheel on the

slot machine!

Download the FREE Bingo Blitz today! Time to start your social journey of Bingo and slots!

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Having problems? Any suggestions? We would love to hear from you! You can reach us


BINGO Blitz contains optional in-app purchases. This product is intended for use by those

21 or older for amusement purposes only. Practice or success at social *** gaming

does not imply future success at real money gambling

What's New on this version 3.50.0

A Blitzmas Story BINGO is back in town! Have a jolly good time!
NEW! Win Bingo CREDITS on the SLOT reels with Jackpot Blitz!

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Bingo

    Not enough bingo chips to keep playing don't like to pay to play

  • Rate

    5 star

  • Nice game

    Very exiting

  • Bingo

    I love this game

  • Bingo blitz

    Hate changes with new owners. Impossible to finish a room no matter how many instant wins or credits you use. The daily tournament is a joke! Such low scores! I am in a group and we used to have so much fun with bb. But not anymore. Please make it more encouraging. Does it cost you more to offer more or do just want everyone to spend money in order to win anything?

  • Bingo at it's best!

    I love this game! Best one by far that I have played.

  • I love his BINGO

    Fun plus, receive extra games when your down coins. Lots of other ways to earn.

  • Tinker bell

    Great Game Best Bingo App I've Played!!

  • BINGO Blitz

    I love this game. I wish there were more free opportunities to play. I like the free daily tournament, and I appreciate the daily BINGO coins. However, they run out too quickly.

  • Great game

    Never really liked bingo. Always thought it was only for the older crowd but I really like this game.

  • Stamping My Passport

    I love this game! It's almost as thrilling to get a stamp from collecting items as it is to get my passport stamped in person. The use of genuine dialects of the places is great and the items we collect help me show my grandchildren what they'll see when one day they travel there!

  • Love this game

    I really enjoy this game!!!

  • My favorite!!

    Love love love my bingo!!


    Love Love Love Bingo Blitz!!!!

  • Fun!

    If you like bingo, this app is great! Lots of games to play for free!

  • Great time kiil

    I like it. It gets addicting after a while.

  • Addicting

    This game is fun and super addicting.

  • Nice game

    It is a fun game but expensive to play for any length of time

  • Genial

    Excelente e increíble

  • Love the game, but....

    The game is amazing. From the graphics to the gameplay itself. The only issue I have is why can't we send bingo coins to friends? I know we can send one a day, but why if I have 10,000 bingo coins, why can't I send 1,500 to a friend who has 30? That's the only thing that would make the game a 5 star game for me.

  • Ok

    It never calls my number and every time it tells you to "8 bingo balls and guaranteed shadow card", it will never work and will be a waste of your time

  • Bingo Blitz Fun

    Love this game! Wish I had unlimited time to play this game. Haha!

  • Expensive "free" game

    I'm giving 2 stars because the game itself is fun and entertaining. But it is stingy on daily credits and so you must make frequent in app purchases to play at any length. Do not recommend unless you have $$ to spare.

  • Greatest Ever


  • Bingo Blitz


  • Disappointed...

    The last two updates have come with glitches and this recent one has somehow removed my Elite account. Also it keeps showing that my daub alert is active when it's not. Lastly, a more important concern/issue is when I loose credits due to a game glitch. What's very disappointed is the numerous times I've tried contacting support about this only to have them come back with the same response. Stating in so many words that they are sorry but it shows I've used the credit so no refund will be issued. I "used" the credit to purchased the cards and the game will attempt to start and the an error screen appears stating something was wrong with the room. For this I should refunded the credit, of which sometimes the game will automatically issue while other times it has not. I have let some of these glitches go but for the credits I've purchased I've submitted a trouble ticket and have never been issued a credit. These are legitimate gaming glitches and should be rectified. I was very upset upon receipt of their reply and have since been cautious in my purchasing decisions. As a consumer I feel like I have been ripped off and not cared for beyond my wallet. So as my first negative review ever written please take them with a grain of salt and heed my warning on purchases. If BB would like to right this wrong I would be glad to edit this negative review. At this time I'm very disappointed and although I know I will continue to play, my feelings toward BB has lowered.

  • Gems

    I'm not getting my gems when I watch video! Why not? Pls fix it. Thx

  • Love it

    Got to try

  • Bingo Blitz

    I love playing it, awesome and i love the music

  • Could be better

    Reliable fun for about 10 minutes a day. very stingy on daily credits. Also I don't want to Add my facebook friends. They aren't bingo playing kind of people. But I do want to add "in game" friends without having to give them access to my facebook account.

  • Bingo

    I Love this Game

  • Charged me more than asked for a bundle

    They charge me more when I bought a bundle for 4.99 when I check my account they took 9.99 and I had done it four times

  • Fun Bingo

    I love this bingo game. It is fun.

  • Poor poor poor support services

    Like the game and you will too as long as you don't have any support issues. No response at all! Have written seven times on the same issue and no help. Really frustrating as they certainly can make changes very quickly when it's to their advantage. So just be forewarned that you will get no support from this company if you have issues or it steals your coins etc.

  • Bingo

    Love it awesome

  • Need Some Serious Upgrades

    I've been drawn to this game for 3 years now. It's a great game to play while enjoying a glass of freshly squeezed lemonade. Just like lemons this game has become sour. With each new room that's created comes a lot of bugs. I can never bring up the new rooms and play them before the temp period expires. Everyday I try to claim my daily coins the screen just loads. I've done every troubleshooting tip they have provided and the same thing. With that being said it has drawn me to play my 2nd favorite game the most UNO. Please fix these issues this is really a great game and so many others can enjoy it.

  • I love this!

    I'm addicted! I won a jackpot so I hav enough tokens to play all day and night

  • Love game but mad

    I've been playing this game for years. I love it. But I'm very angry tonight and I know a lot of other players feel my frustrations. Countless amounts of hours, money, coins, and credits go into this game. But it's made nearly impossible to finish a room once you get past the first few levels. It's great when you have other friends who play and can help you complete rooms. But when you are stuck like I am right now, it makes me want to stop playing all together. I've been in the Istanbul room for a very long time. I need one more item that is "ungiftable". The Obe. And it's made absolutely impossible to complete! Fix this BB. If you want to have "ungiftable" items, you need to make them a little bit easier to obtain! I've put thousand and thousands of credits into this game and you can't fork over one simple item?! It's a bit ridiculous!

  • Addicting

    What a fun way to pass the time.

  • Good game

    Used to be a whole lot better though. Now it's too many people in one room, and you always have to ask other players to complete collections. Also, they need to make it to where you collect XP while in the tournament. Don't want to play as much as I used to, cause it seems you can't get anywhere in the game anymore. 😐

  • Love Bingo Blitz !!!

    This is one of my most favorite game's ....

  • Great game

    Game is great, although when bingo is called it does not give you enough time to dab your numbers

  • Fun!

    Addictive entertainment!

  • Fun game

    Good times!

  • So fun!

    I love this game!

  • Addicting

    I ❤️❤️❤️ this game!!!

  • Used to love this game

    If not for the frequent server issues and "unexpected game ending", I would probably rate this game five stars. Very frustrating when numbers stop mid-game but yet others still playing.

  • Bingo Blitz .. Awesome Fun and Choices

    So many rooms, good amount of Bingos, great Fun!!5 Stars✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️❗️

  • Bingo

    Great game I'm obsessed

  • Bingo Blitz

    I love this game!! Fun, addictive, great graphics!

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