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Slots - Pharaoh's Way

Slots - Pharaoh's Way
4.5 based on 59,035 Votes
Price Free

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Fun, excitement and entertainment! Welcome to Slots - Pharaoh's Way! Read more...

Slots - Pharaoh's Way is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 12+ (Application may not suitable for children under the age of 12). This application has an average rating of 4.5 based on 59,035 Votes. This version 5.0 has an average rating of 4 based on 554 Users.

Your device must have atleast 41.2 MB of space to download and install Slots - Pharaoh's Way. This application is game center enabled . Slots - Pharaoh's Way is Free to download and install on your mobile device

Support Languages

English, American


Games , Entertainment , Casino , Dice ,


Slots - Pharaoh's Way
Slots - Pharaoh's Way
Slots - Pharaoh's Way
Slots - Pharaoh's Way
Slots - Pharaoh's Way
Slots - Pharaoh's Way
Slots - Pharaoh's Way
Slots - Pharaoh's Way

Additional Information

These slots play just like a dream - Easy to understand, big wins and amazing bonuses!

Gorgeous graphics, smooth animations, fantastic bonuses and atmospherical sounds guarantee a premium slot experience.



- The first multi slot experience with REALLY GOOD SLOTS!

- Discover incredible games: 5 reels-4 symbols, 3 reels-3 symbols, 25 lines, 50 lines, 10 lines, consecutive symbols, 243 win-ways and many more - All in all, 33 slots are available now! WOW! And we constantly add more content!

- State of the art math/game design designed by ** professionals

- Easy to play with multiple convenient features:

• Fast reel stop

• Individual reel stop

• Auto play

- Discover lots of amazing bonuses

- Gorgeous presentation/authentic sounds

- Double up/*** (50:50 and 75:25)

- Game Center High Scores and Achievements

- Slots - Pharaoh's Way is THE premium slot experience for the iPhone and iPad

--> Please note:

• This app is for entertainment purposes only!

• No real money or any other real world goods and/or services can be won in this game!

This game uses virtual units called "Credits" (visualized by a coin with an egyptian eye on it) to play the game. You can purchase additional credit-packs for real money via the "Buy" popup (with the payment method selected in your iTunes account). These credits bought or won cannot be changed back to real money and cashed out, transferred, redeemed or collected in any other way or changed back to any other real world goods and/or services. Once purchased or won, the credits can only be used to play this game.

• This app does not reflect the actual game play of any **-, online- or other electronic gaming machine. The payout percentages, odds, payout methods and other features on our for-fun, entertainment only slots are higher/better/different than slot machines in regular/online **s. You should not expect similar results!

• The developer of this app takes no responsibility or liability with regards to the legal requirements to use this app in the relevant jurisdiction the player is resident and plays the game, and therefore the use of this app is the sole responsibility of the player.

• The player agrees that he/she will comply fully with all applicable laws, regulations, statutes and ordinances which are applicable to use this app.

• Only play this game if you have reached the respective legal age required in your country of residence. If so, play responsibly!

What's New on this version 5.0

• The Pharaoh welcomes you to a new world: The Blue Kingdom!
• A new, thrilling slot with two exciting bonuses: Marlin Money!
• Find a free gift at Level 460!

• Look out for the next update coming soon!

• If you encounter any problems, please contact our friendly support staff:

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • LJL

    Great game!

  • Games

    Good game

  • Pharaoh way

    Good game it's better than going to the casino

  • Cosmopolitan2574

    The Best Slot APP around. Unfortunately their is a Virtual Pimp inside the game. Whenever I start to win, he takes my hard earned credits.

  • Pharo Game

    I've not really played long but seems ok. Enjoying for now. But refuse to pay real cash for fake, lol

  • Rate

    Love the games but not enough bonuses!!!

  • Levels

    I love this game..... The only issue I have encountered was achieving / advancing to each Level.... The requirements to advance to each Level is outrageous! You must maintain a great deal of credits in order to advance to the next Level. It should be reduced! Don't be surprise if you noticed the game is rigged! It will only allow you to advance so much before it starts taking all your credits. It will allow you to win a big Jackpot, but will take it away in a flash....

  • It's free!

    I totally agree with others that say bid low and you win. I saved up coins by bidding low for a long time. I had over 100,000 then started bidding 1000 or 2000 and lost 75,000 coins fast! At higher wager I would get approx 5 wins out of 50 spins. Went back to bidding 500 and started winning more. Also higher wager = fewer bonuses as well. With that said I do enjoy playing this game. I like slots so when I want to play at the casino and don't have time or money to go then I play here to get my fix. Also would be nice to be able to earn mPoints or something similar.... That way it would not make me feel like I am just waste time when I am playing.

  • Great game

    If your looking for a fun slots game look no further this Is an amazing game

  • Total jip

    The problem is that it screws you every time you 'win big'- after you win you, each spin thereafter is a non win resulting in loosing all your chips. Then you have to wait four hours before you can play again and the same thing happens. I love playing this game but you can only play for about 5 minutes each time. I'd rather play for four hours straight than for five minutes every four hours. Lame.

  • Slots

    Love it.

  • Are you joking?

    I had 300,000 credits and now I have ZERO because I kept hoping a higher bet would increase my payouts and give me something. But NOPE. I stopped playing this game before for this exact reason. You can't hope to get to the next level in a reasonable time without having to bet a high amount due to the amount of diamonds you need. So now I have to wait hours for a little bit of credits. How about you give me a free 100,000 credit? This game is a scam. All they want is money. I REFUSE to give them a cent. A free app is a free app. Make it fun for everyone. This is completely ridiculous. I wasted my time trying to get to the next level,level 100 and now I have ZERO credits. I used to have 300,000. ARE YOU KIDDING? You should be ashamed.

  • Slots - Pharaoh's Way

    Fantastic Generous Game!

  • For people

    It's fun

  • Pharaoh's Way

    Entertaining! Love it!

  • Addictive

    A number of games to enjoy!!!

  • Hi

    Have to start over every time you get a new phone and u have a Facebook account still have to start all over again from higher up back down to the beginning

  • Addictive

    Too addicting, but I love this game.

  • Love This Game

    One of my favorite games, no problems. Great game

  • Addicting

    It's easy and addicting. U can never really lose because if u don't want to hit the button yourself u can hit auto play and leave it. I think it would b a good game for road trips :)

  • Great graphics

    Constant action, cool sounds....tons of fun!

  • Awesome game

    Awesome game.

  • It was ok

    I did it for a download on another app and now I can't get the other app for some weird reason.

  • Awesome

    Super fun

  • Cool

    I just reached lvl 10 in 5 mins

  • Hi

    Like game

  • Great Game

    Fun game to play

  • Fun

    I enjoy this game, it's a good time burner & so far it's the best one I have found for Free. Don't know till you try it ! I give it 4 stars.

  • Pharaohs slots

    Fun game but can't win enough tokens when you're betting large it's definitely rigged, keeps you on the cusp of just winning, I would ask the makers of the app to make it better so we can have a better time, then maybe spend a couple dollars on tokens.

  • Freat Game!

    Lots of fun, like that there are several games to choose from.

  • Great App!

    love the graphics

  • Morons

    Whe just got the good news, you GmbH going Bankrupt , good you a criminal derty online Imtertent ! Last week you lost 150000 players , that's good you now a losing proposition , and whe talke about your rotten online intertenment ! You going down sooner them later you online criminal Slot App from the Nazi land gewerkschaft mit beschraenkter Haftung ,haha,in California you under the online Revenue Ruling Law haha Soliciting on online intertenment ! The FBI watching and play your cheating manipulating Silrnt crinal criminal Employees and CEO , ther close you up soon!In California you dealing with the Fed. Cov hahaha ,Ihr muest all Bloede sein u get invested for 1 yrs you Moron online Thiefs . Whe waiting for this for a long time , you stolen Millions of $ by cheating my online , Facebook Friends the last 2 yrs You German Schweine ! My federal Friends investigate you for a while with out you have known at got around fast and that is good for Us you online Clowns!

  • great


  • Nice distraction

    Love a game that allows me to indulge in an otherwise bad situation. I get to gamble but not lose my money.

  • Cjubes

    I've been playing this game for quite a while now & have mixed emotions about it. The downside on this game is that the wins are far & few between. You'll have a half a million in credits & spending 5 grand for each spin, the money goes like water. Winning is really tough!! I think the object here is to get hooked & buy-buy-buy! I guess if a player knew they could win, they might feel that purchasing extra playing monies would be worth it!! But, if the game is cheap with wins, buying extra is really not a good idea!

  • Wasup

    I do not want to have this

  • Pharaohs. Way

    De. Best to have fan

  • Addicting.

    Best slots game in a long time. Level 2 rocks for making extra money.

  • Most realistic!

    Just like being at a casino. I play this for hours. Fun bonus games too.

  • All games !

    Love it! Love it! Love it!

  • Fun for sure!

    I started out my first day and by the end of the day I am at level 100! Def a fun game. I was a little bit disappointed that I had got my chip count up to just over a million and was able to get to $0.00 pretty quickly once I started betting $2500 a hand. I think since it's not real mo et they should make it so you always win and keep a decent stack of cash otherwise it's no longer fun. If you want people to play, give them money/points to play with.

  • One of the Best

    I have never written a review for any game but I feel I must for this one.. Might be the best free app and tech support will also help you transfer any progress to a new phone as they did with me.. That's a huge plus

  • Good chip count

    I have trouble with other games that don't give you a win. You spend weeks getting your daily free chips only to lose in a few minutes. This app has high daily bonuses and keeps you in a pretty good chip count.

  • Supper Slot

    This is best game ever made for mobile devices. Best artwork and best music on every level and every play. Best winning percentage if you compare to others lot of Mega wins ,every 4 hours bonus . Best supporting Team you never have before they answer you right way and help you with any game problems you have . 100% Recommendations

  • Fun

    Entertaining so far not too easy or diffi ult

  • Best all around !

    Real Vegas style feel. Awesome graphics and bonus play. Every level is fun and I like the fact that you can choose to play your favorite slot to acquire points towards a new one. Each slot is different and I enjoy this app immensely.

  • Funny

    Muy dibertido

  • Theman

    Great game!

  • Slots Pharaoh's way

    Really good app very fun to play. Great graphics I love it

  • Super Bad

    The game itself is the biggest contradiction... Win big, ask to rate, lose, lose, lose, lose, little win, lose, lose, lose.... Thats slots; house always wins... In this case, the app always wins...

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