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Hidden Objects⋅

Hidden Objects⋅
3.5 based on 983 Votes
Price Free

Enjoy the quiet soothing surroundings of the forest with our NEW Forest and Recreation pack!
Enjoy 75 levels of stunning hidden object scenes!

Hidden Objects⋅ is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 3.5 based on 983 Votes. This version 3.1 has an average rating of 3.5 based on 95 Users.

Your device must have atleast 272.5 MB of space to download and install Hidden Objects⋅. This application does not have game center . Hidden Objects⋅ is Free to download and install on your mobile device

More Description

- 4 Theme Packs and 75 Levels for you to choose from.

- More theme packs added all the time.

- Got an idea for new image packs? Let us know!

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note: graphics are currently not optimized for iPad Retina and iPhone 5. We are working on this!

What's New on this version 3.1

New package Midnight Fantasy is updated.


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  • Puzzle

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Support Languages

  • English, American


Hidden Objects⋅
Hidden Objects⋅
Hidden Objects⋅
Hidden Objects⋅
Hidden Objects⋅
Hidden Objects⋅
Hidden Objects⋅
Hidden Objects⋅

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Crappy App

    This is nothing but an advertisement. Spent 10 minutes trying to get to the game. Do not waste your time. I love hidden object games but this one missed the boat!

  • Fun

    This is my type of Hidden Objects game as no timer and graphics are nice as is the game play. You can remove the ads and upgrade for $1.99 as well worth it. THANKS to the developer.

  • One of the best

    This game has a more relaxed pace than some. I also love the art in this app. Having named, identifiable objects to find is good also- not just shapes of a bunch of different pots, vases, nic nacs, stick shaped tools, etc.! My only suggestion is to make the touch screen zoom function work, especially for those of us who need reading glasses.

  • Please make more!!!!!!!

    This game is my favorite hidden object game ever!! Untouchable but need to add more scenes like Now!!!!! Great app! Love it!

  • Please fix

    I got the update for Midnight Fantasy and Be Amused. They seem to work just fine. There is still a problem with the app closing when I try to start Under the Sea, Forest and Recreation, 4th of July, and Days in the Museum. I did pay for this app. It hasn’t worked correctly since the middle of last year. I’ll be happy to change my rating to 5 stars when the problems are corrected.

  • My favorite game!

    Love it. I was so happy to see the new amusement park level! Thanks for that!!

  • It's time for MORE!

    I love this game but it is time for you to update the game. We need more levels to play. I have started over several times but that's getting old. Come on guys, make some new scenes so we can continue to enjoy the game! Thanks guys for listening. I was so happy to see the new board. Can't wait to play it. Now get to work on some more! (Ain't that just like they public.... Never satisfied! : -)

  • Awesome.

    I love this game. The pictures are absolutely stunning! I am having a bit of trouble finding the third bonus ticket in the 2nd level of the under the sea scene. Other than that, I love it.

  • Great

    This is a wonderful game but where are the updates and new scenes? I have completed all of the ones available. Need more!

  • Theme Suggestions

    Theme suggestions for this game: river pack, desert pack, candy pack, lava/volcano pack, savannah pack, Yellowstone park pack, restaurant pack, and tropical beaches pack.

  • Too small on iphone

    Nice pictures and music, but too small to see on iphone. I imagine it would be great in ipad.

  • Latest update fails

    Midnight fantasy finally loaded! However Spring, under the sea and forest all crash when try to open. I can't improve my skill level if I can't replay the older levels. Some of the previous levels crash the game if player tries to open them to replay. Please fix as this game is enjoyable when it works.

  • Completely addictive

    I have had my ipad about 4 years and I have over 100 apps but this is only the 3rd app I have stopped to rate. Sometimes I'm cursing you in the middle of the game but when I find everything I'm like "dang he's good". I love this game!! Great to keep my brain working. I never ever get tired of it and I just play over and over. Love the new themes. Thanks for making a simple game instead of one tied to a treasure map or finding clues. I really dislike those so please don't change this.

  • Finally a new update

    I love this game but it has been so long since they added a new one. I am thrilled they added a new one and hope they continue to add new ones faster.

  • More, more

    That's more like it! But, please,spare us the vulgar display of things like the nude with the butterfly wings.

  • Needs fix

    Got the new updates in my library, but every time I try to play, I keep getting kicked out of the game. Please pay attention to your users and fix this immediately. Higher reviews will follow.

  • New theme

    Thank you for the new theme, please give us more themes. Its a great game

  • Where is the new level

    Okay, I just found the new updates.....everyone, you have to go into the game and click on the library and you will see the updates waiting to be downloaded.

  • Great game

    Ok, back to 5 since the update finally worked. Changing my rating to 2 stars until they fix the latest version! It's the first game, in fact, first app I bought since I got an apple device in April! Had to be on iPad though, can't work on iPhone . Really enjoyed it so far.

  • possible fix

    I also didn't get the newest download in my library on my iPad. A few days later I realized I hadn't downloaded the updates on my phone. Once I did, the update appeared in the library so for all those having trouble receiving the update, give that a try.


    FINALLY!!! Update working great for me! Waited a long time for a new one! Thank you! =)

  • STILL crashing!

    Just updated and restarted iPad and the game is STILL crashing. Wanhhhhh! Please fix, I love this game :-(

  • Downloaded the upgrade...

    Where are the new levels?

  • New update

    I ran the update and it is not there! What is the glitch and when will it be fixed?

  • Missing update?

    I'm like everyone else. Been waiting forever for new games, tried to update but no Midnight Fantasy. Please fix!

  • New downloaded scene

    It would be 5 star, if it would give me the update it said i have downloaded, seems im not the only one missing it. Been waiting forever for some new scenes, and got excited when i saw there was a new where is it??

  • confused.

    dozens of complaints about the update not working!!!! do they ever read and acknowledge these reviews????

  • Good pictures

    Love this app but Ive been waiting for new scenes for 2 months! How about Alaska? Or Hawaii? Or the mountains or dessert? Or New York, London...etc..... This game is getting flicking boring!!!!! Come on!!!! Update!!!!! New scenes!!!! Come on!!!! It said I got a new update!!! Where is it!!!!! I'm really getting tired of this app. It's getting boring!!!!!!

  • Update never came through

    Looking for the update for a long time. Love this game, but where is it???? I was excited and waited a long time, please fix it!

  • Hidden objects

    Seriously????? Wait forever for update then nothing! Even purchased older version thinking that would help but nope....I would like a refund!!!

  • Update

    I have been looking forward to new updates but I just can’t access them. I can’t find the newest update, Midnight Fantasy. Love the game but very frustrating when game updates aren’t there, especially when you’ve paid for them. Will change to 5 star when updates come through.

  • Update Didn't work

    I used to love this app, but now completely frustrated with no updates. Finally, when I think we have an update it doesn't work.

  • Missing update

    I did not receive the update...would love to have it since I paid for the full version...

  • Where is it?

    Really looking forward to an update. Says it's here but can't find. Nothing in library. Where is it? Love this game but this is disappointing so 4 stars for now. Back to 5 if I can get the update it they come through more regular!

  • Where'd it go?

    Whew! Thought it was just me. I can't see the update either. I'll keep checking. Thanks for a great game

  • Missing new update!

    Midnight package never updated. I really enjoy this, but the wait stinks.

  • Arrrrgg!

    What update? Please fix soon! I love the game but waiting on new scenes!

  • Midnight fantasy

    Not able to download

  • Update MIA

    Have been waiting for months for an update and finally get one and there's nothing there. What's up with that! Please fix the problem.

  • Update????

    Excited about latest update; however, it's M.I.A. Please fix. Would love to continue playing.

  • Updated the game but the new game isn't there.

    Help! Please fix the missing game.

  • update?

    Where's the update? Not showing! Please fix.

  • Where's the update??

    So excited to see a new pkg, but can't find it after updating :(. Plz fix this! I love this game!

  • New update Midnight Fantasy but can't see it!!

    Please fix it! :)

  • Waiting.....

    Just like everyone else, I cannot get latest update to produce results. Love the game, but not this frustration.

  • Awwww man....

    Can't wait to play the new upload...please's not here :(

  • Update

    Why don't I have the newest update

  • Update

    Ok I really love this game but I just did the update that was supposed to give me the midnight package but it's not there please fix I feel like I've been waiting forever for new scenes!!!

  • Missing update too....

    Was really looking forward to this update as its been awhile since the last update.....Where is it ? I just looked in the Library and there were new packs in there that I didn't have so I downloaded them.....was I charged for them ???.

  • Deb

    Where the heck is my update new package midnight fantasy?!!!

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