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Hidden Objects⋅

Hidden Objects⋅
3.5 based on 1,058 Votes
Price Free

Enjoy the quiet soothing surroundings of the forest with our NEW Forest and Recreation pack!
Enjoy 225 levels of stunning hidden object scenes!

Hidden Objects⋅ is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 3.5 based on 1,058 Votes. This version 3.3 has an average rating of 3.5 based on 93 Users.

Your device must have atleast 275.2 MB of space to download and install Hidden Objects⋅. This application does not have game center . Hidden Objects⋅ is Free to download and install on your mobile device

Support Languages

English, American


Games , Entertainment , Puzzle , Adventure ,


Hidden Objects⋅
Hidden Objects⋅
Hidden Objects⋅
Hidden Objects⋅
Hidden Objects⋅
Hidden Objects⋅
Hidden Objects⋅
Hidden Objects⋅

Additional Information

- 15 Theme Packs and 225 Levels for you to choose from.

- More theme packs added all the time.

- Got an idea for new image packs? Let us know!

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What's New on this version 3.3

- Bug fix for users to download the updated packs

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Lost the love

    Use to love this app and spent a great amount of time with it. Why have you stopped adding new scenes? I have all the stars on all the scenes and have done and redone them so often that I have them memorized and so they are no longer fun. ADD SOME NEW SCENES NOW and make many people happy or you may find most people deleting you.

  • Used to love it

    Good game, but difficult to reach them when needed. Game had hiccup on my iPhone and had to delete and reinstall. Bad thing is that it does NOT recognize that I paid for this app and should have no ads, also wiped out all my games played. Now there is no way to contact them to fix it.

  • Updates

    I played the free version of this game and then purchased the game only to find outing was the same. Will there be updates anytime soon??

  • Crashes with iPhone 6 and iPad air 2

    Now it can't get passed the ad. Tapping the X doesn't work. I got a brand-new iPhone 6 and an iPad air 2 and now this glitch.

  • Update review

    When are there going to be new levels? Also, after buying the hidden objects pro, it is the same as the original.

  • Hidden objects

    Been a long time since there has been any new scenes. Why are we not getting any new scenes? When will there be some new scenes available?

  • Wonderful but abandoned

    Where did everyone go? It's been almost a year without an update.

  • The best game!!

    I am in my late 40's and bought a new iPad just so I could play this game again! Some may see it as being boring cause nothing gets moved around but this helps me with my memory issues. I love the different theme packs, different levels, and all the items you have to find! If there was 1 downside that would be that sometimes the items you have to find that was is pictured does not look like what you need to find.

  • Hidden Objects

    Love this game, but need help! After you have completed the first line, how do I unlock the others! Getting very frustrated, not knowing how? What am I missing?

  • Updates please...

    I love this game but it's too long between updates and new levels to get a 5 ⭐️.

  • Need more levels!!!!!

    I love this game SO much, I just wish more levels would be added often!! Please, please, update for more levels!!!!!!!

  • Bug fix

    So, last update was October 3 2014......really? Does it truly take this long to develop new packs or have you abandoned this game?

  • LOVE

    I love this game. I got through all the levels. I'm disappointed there isn't anything new to download so I can keep playing. Best game ever!

  • Love this game

    I really love this game, great graphics. No silly stories or going to different rooms. My only negative is that the updates are far between.


    Why does it take so long to create new levels??? MORE please! Love this game. Would have 5 stars if I didn't have to wait so long between new games! HURRY!!

  • New levels

    I have been waiting over a year for new categories and levels. I loved this game and want to keep going but tired of waiting. Please hurry and keep adding categories. "Coming Soon" doesn't mean over a year.


    It hasn't update in a year. New levels until you purchase.

  • Cbb

    I paid for this and you have not added any new games in months. Very disappointing. Nothing left to play.

  • Please add new packs!

    I love this game but it has been so long since you added a new one!! Please add new packs faster because I really LOVE this game!! I have had no problems with it other than new ones to play!


    I love this game and would give it 5 stars IF you would update it and add more levels! If that happens I will do another review and give more stars!!

  • Time for an update cause otherwise I'm gonna delete it soon!

    I used to love this game but there haven't been any new levels added in almost a year. If you've given up on the app I'd love to know. I have all the stars in every level and I know the scenes by heart now. It takes up some pretty hefty storage space that I could be using...for games with regular updates!

  • New games please!!!!!

    I love this game and have been playing it for a while. But where are the new games?????

  • Last game

    When will there be new games? It's been almost a full year! Don't waste your money!

  • Hidden Objects has many issues

    I loved playing this game until I bought the deluxe version and now it won't let me play all the levels, it completely knocks me out of the game, very very frustrating!!!!!

  • Update?

    Love this game but have been waiting a long time for a new update!

  • When do we get new ones

    Haven t had any new pictures in 7 months. I paid for the updates. When do we get them, once a year?????

  • Hidden Objects

    I love this game!! It gives you a whole lot for the money, something other games rarely, if ever, give you. Great graphics, outstanding hidden objects with no goofy stories and going from one room to the other. I've never had any trouble with this game whatsoever. I love it so much, I constantly look for updates. Most times, they're there at no extra cost! I've had it a long time and finally decided I should rate it since I love it so much. Even after playing all the puzzles, I delete my stars and do them again and again.

  • Won't update.

    I've paid for two of your apps and they both haven't updated or added anything new for at least 6 months/one yr. I'd delete them but since I paid for them I don't really want to do that. Have you stopped working on them? What's going on? Please get on them!!!!!!

  • Addicted

    Please more themes!! New update! I've went through all of these and got all the stars!! Need more!!!!

  • Update

    New levels please!!! There has not been an update since last year!! Love the hidden pictures!!! Please update!!

  • Great game but no updates!

    Please we need more updates of this app. More scenes please, no new one since october 2014!

  • Fun...but....


  • Love it! But....

    Been waiting for new scenes for ever! Where are the updates???

  • Crashing

    Every scene crashes. I love this game, but please fix it for me!

  • Needs more updates

    This is a great game but they never add new games. Wish they would update.

  • Great App!

    I love this app! I have played many hidden objects and adventure games, but this is my favorite. Yes, it takes a lot of space, but it's worth it! Best of all, they are constantly adding to it, which I love! Thanks, and keep it up!

  • Not Fun Anymore

    This game used to be a 5 star rating, but now it crashes every time I try to play. Very disappointing!

  • Great game

    I love this app, except for the music in Midsummer's Dream. It sounds like the soundtrack to Barney!

  • Fun but Frustrating!

    UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE! You would have gotten 5 STARS if you would add levels more often then once a year! On the fence of whether to delete or not!

  • More Scenes

    When are you going to add more scenes? One of my favorite games.

  • DaMomma

    I love this game and I do find it enjoyable to play but I have found that some objects are not listed properly & that makes it frustrating at times 😃

  • Disappointed

    Take forever to get new levels been waiting months for new levels what takes so long ? It's great to play when new levels show up

  • I love this app

    I've always loved hidden object games and this one fits the bill. There are a lot of hidden object games out there but most have stories or other activities built in that I feel take away from the enjoyment of the game. This is a no nonsense hidden object game with beautiful pictures, pleasant music and challenging play. Also, there are no annoying social media 'bonuses' like most other games of this type.

  • Not right!

    Like others I too was having game issues. So I went ahead and took it off my ipad, as well as deleted it from my apps, then reloaded it. Now I have all the levels....BUT now you can only play 5 games in each level instead of the 15 games per level, you have to buy the additional 10 games. Until these issues are resolved I think I will be removing this game once again. You would think with all the complaints they would do something, this is not right!

  • App crashes!!

    I used to love this game but now every single time I try selecting a level to play the darn thing crashes on me! I really hope they fix this soon.

  • Gone downhill

    Like many others, I used to love this game but I've had so many problems with it that it's become mostly frustrating & annoying. Cannot get new games to download, can't access some games. It's like the people who manage this app all disappeared.

  • Worse than horrible!

    Game was never very good. Artwork was poor. However, the new version is unplayable due to the number of add pop ups, and browser redirects. You have been warned. This is pure garbage.

  • Confused

    I updated the game and it showed it was loading butcwhen I opened the game, the new levels did not show up. Hope this gets fixed because this is the only hidden objects game I like. No annoying storyline or mini-games/puzzles to get in the way of finding hidden objects.

  • What happened to this great game?

    Why hasn't the company (Tobi) fixed this yet? I want to play their game, not get kicked out of it on the higher levels. And NO, I don't want to download the game "100 floors", you can stop asking me.

  • So frustrating!!

    I would LOVE to continue playing this game, but when I click on "Under the Sea" or any level after that, it crashes! Please fix this, so that I can get MY fix! I miss playing!

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