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Cheater for Ruzzle - Helper to find the...

Cheater for Ruzzle - Helper to find the best words for your Ruzzle game!
2.5 based on 316 Votes
Price Free

Need some help finding words?
Want to rake in some serious points?

Cheater for Ruzzle - Helper to find the best words for your Ruzzle game! is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 2.5 based on 316 Votes. This version 1.4 has an average rating of 2.5 based on 101 Users.

Your device must have atleast 8.4 MB of space to download and install Cheater for Ruzzle - Helper to find the best words for your Ruzzle game!. This application does not have game center . Cheater for Ruzzle - Helper to find the best words for your Ruzzle game! is Free to download and install on your mobile device

Support Languages

English, American


Games , Productivity , Word , Board ,


Cheater for Ruzzle - Helper to find the best words for your Ruzzle game!
Cheater for Ruzzle - Helper to find the best words for your Ruzzle game!
Cheater for Ruzzle - Helper to find the best words for your Ruzzle game!
Cheater for Ruzzle - Helper to find the best words for your Ruzzle game!
Cheater for Ruzzle - Helper to find the best words for your Ruzzle game!
Cheater for Ruzzle - Helper to find the best words for your Ruzzle game!
Cheater for Ruzzle - Helper to find the best words for your Ruzzle game!
Cheater for Ruzzle - Helper to find the best words for your Ruzzle game!

Additional Information

Then this is the app for you! Cheater for Ruzzle loads in a screenshot of your Ruzzle game and immediately returns you all possible words including the amount of points they are worth!



★ Choose a screenshot from your Ruzzle game and words are automagically returned to you in an instant. It doesn't get any easier than this!

★ Tap a word to see how to play it, directly on your board!

★ Email the complete word list to your email address!

★ Support for every language included in Ruzzle!

★ Super easy and user-friendly design will get you going instantly!

What are you waiting for?


Supported languages:

- English

- Dutch

- Italian

- Spanish

- French

- German

- Norwegian

- Swedish

- Danish

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The free version locks words above a certain amount of points. This limitation can be removed through in-app purchase.

What's New on this version 1.4

- Now you can email all words to an email address of your choice.
- Updated tutorial: it is no longer possible to kill Ruzzle to stop the timer.
- New icon.

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Total waste of time...don't bother

    The screenshot isn't even loading into the app. I gave it a try several times and it won't recognize the board.

  • Does not work on iPhone 6

    This app is optimized for iPhone 5 not iphone 6 or 6 plus, it cannot read the screenshots and says they're invalid.

  • List all possible words but beware....

    It makes errors reading the letters on the board. Seems to happen on letters with double or triple score.

  • Dumb

    This is not valid don't download this it made me tap a star how many stars none

  • PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Most people cheat at this game and am tired of being a loser. I want to beat cheaters at their game but this app will not work for me. I keep getting ERROR, not a valid ruzzle board. The app cannot recognize the screenshot of ruzzle from my camera roll. Please! please! update the app to work with iPads. I need to win a few games. I use my brains and came up with 400 words in 2 minutes most times, but the cheaters always defeated me with 800 to a 1000 words.

  • U & O

    It can't differentiate between U & O.

  • Worthless!

    As of December 1, 2013, you can no longer take a screenshot of your game (it activates Ruzzle's anti-cheat feature) so this app is now worthless.

  • RUZZLE cheats is horribke

    It actually misspells words. How can I get my money back. Worst app ever.

  • Ugh

    Keeps saying the anti cheat is activated and ends my round, definitely not helping me

  • ehh

    it detected that I had a cheat app and ended my game

  • these cheat codes are no good

    these cheat codes are no good because you cannot pause ruzzle

  • Gives All Known Words!!!

    This app will let you see all words. I've never had any problems with it so far. I actually have this cheat app on my iPod touch and I have the Ruzzle app on my iPhone. The only problem is this cheat app wont let you use photos from your photo stream. This takes a little work but worth it. I take a screen shot of the board and it downloads to my photo stream. I then take a screen shot of the photo in my photo stream and I'm able to use it. Here's a little info, if you receive a phone call, your game will automatically pause! I use another phone to call my iPhone while playing. It's brilliant!! You don't have to answer, so you don't use any minutes.

  • Disappointed

    Will not use any of my pics! Says it doesn't fit the board!!! It will not let you past that point! Why not create a basic pic for the board so you can get past the "start" part? Am I doing something wrong or does this app blow??

  • SUCKS👎👎👎

    Some people say that if you leave the app, you lose, but even HAVING THE APP makes you lose❗❗❗❗❗

  • Terrible

    Unless you have 2 devices and the full version

  • Tartar Sauce$&@

    Was great before ruzzle updated and I paid to have all features if you close your ruzzle game you automatically lose!

  • It great

    But only cuz it's free

  • What a scam

    Garabage !!!!

  • I wanted to play this game, however, I could not down load the the app. Pls tell me how to do so. Tk

    Pls let me no how to down load the app.

  • Can't cheat with anti cheat

    It worked fine at first but then when ruzzle updated the app now when you use it it has an anti cheat which means you lose out by losing out you lose time which you end up not getting as many words before! What's the point of cheating when you can't cheat! LOL

  • Not good

    Waste of time because the game has an anti cheat activation thing.. Its stupid

  • Ruzzle is a step ahead

    With the recent ruzzle update, they have added "anti cheat"... Sometimes I'm able to use it, but I guess it counts the number of times I exit out of the app to check. Tip; Use another phone to take a pic of the words

  • Wish I could give it negative stars

    Bought send to email function and the crap doesn't work!

  • Waste of time

    Don't get it.. The game blocks it's use I actually bought it.. Smh

  • Try this

    Ok so to use this app u want to call your phone with another phone while your playing , answer the call and it will pause your game .. But before you call screenshot then go on here and write them down and U will win !!!! Hope it helps !!

  • 0 stars

    Don't waste your time. It takes way too long to load and by the time it gives you anything the game is over! Total waste. Good thing this was free. Also you have to pay to get any good words. Seriously, when I tried to get words the only ones it gave me were words like 'please' and 'too'. I could get those on my own. DON'T. WASTE. YOUR. TIME.

  • Ruzzle update

    Ruzzel will stop your game if you use this!!!!!

  • New update

    Ruzzle new update prevents you from cheating so it kind of makes this app useless

  • This is a waste

    I bought the upgrade so I could get better words and now ruzzle updates it so if you leave and come back it say ANTI CHEAT ACTIVATED! then you lose.

  • Lose 👎👎

    Everytime I snapshot my game and get cheats, I end up losing. When I go back to my game it ends and I get 0 points. 😑

  • Gogodancer

    Guaranteed to lose your game. Don't bother downloading this app.

  • Td


  • Help

    I downloaded it and and said take a snapshot of your board I tried to and it said there was an error won't let me even play and I pressed start and said take a picture won't let me import the picture so I can play. Everybody else my mom and brother can play it on there iPods It won't let me play on my iPad its not worth it unless somebody can help

  • Horrible!

    If I could give it 0 stars I would!! It cancels your game !!! NEVER GET😡😡

  • DO NOT GET!!!

    Do not get this app!!! It works but it takes time out of you ruzzle game and it only gives you little words. To get big words you have to buy for $1.99. I've lost 4 ruzzle games because of this app. So DONT GET IT!!!!!

  • Doesn't work

    It keeps saying it can't access photos

  • .__.

    Takes the fun from the actual game knowing theres CHEATERS out there that cant win w/o CHEATINGG!!!!

  • Nice

    Works fine. It clearly says not to kill the game as you will LOSE ! Read carefully

  • Works fine for me

    Helps a whole lot and I destroy everyone

  • Crap

    It used to work. Just stop out of nowhere

  • Worst ever

    Literally never works ever.

  • Wrong word

    When I would post the snap shot of the board up it would mistake the letter T as an I and give me words that I could not do stupid..

  • Read the details

    Read the details because I didn't. It says in the latest update that you're no longer able to stop the timer by exiting the app. Well that's .99 cents down the drain.

  • Do not buy!

    This app is absolutely the biggest waste of money. By the time you get all the words you've run out of time. It doesn't work.

  • Awful!!!!!!!!

    When you kill your game it makes you lose the round. Didn't work for me

  • Doesn't work.!

    The cheats don't even work anymore.! You kill the app and then reopen it after the game and it just gives u a zero score. 1 star for effort

  • Awful!

    It wastes all your time so that when you get back to your Ruzzle screen, nearly all your time is gone. Don't install this app.

  • Refund us!!!!

    We buy the app now ruzzle doesn't allow this cheat to work. Do we get our 1.99 back I bought this app a week ago and now it's free. This is outrageous and should be illegal!!!

  • Okay -email doesn't work

    It's not bad, but not really worth having. By time u get the words you don't have enough time do anything with them. The email feature doesn't work, even though I paid .99 cents for it. Don't waste ur money.

  • If I could zero stars.

    It is a rip off. Like how do you get into the game. If you can't get in if the directions that you can't under stand. So if I could zero stars

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