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Fish with Attitude

Fish with Attitude
4 based on 8,977 Votes
Price Free

Breed fish with amazing personalities and discover a whole new world of delightful aquatic characters!
From the makers of Happy Aquarium - the #1 Fish Game on Facebook - comes Fish with Attitude! Whether they’re Nice or Mean, Flirty or Nerdy, pair up different fish to get even more unique personalities for your tank! You might find yourself getting addicted to this game as you feed your fish, watch them grow, decorate your tanks, and invite your friends to visit! Read more...

Fish with Attitude is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 9+ (Application may not suitable for children under the age of 9). This application has an average rating of 4 based on 8,977 Votes. This version 3.5.3 has an average rating of 3.5 based on 94 Users.

Your device must have atleast 61.5 MB of space to download and install Fish with Attitude. This application does not have game center . Fish with Attitude is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of Crowdstar Inc at

Support Languages

English, American


Games , Strategy , Simulation ,


Fish with Attitude
Fish with Attitude
Fish with Attitude
Fish with Attitude
Fish with Attitude
Fish with Attitude
Fish with Attitude
Fish with Attitude

Additional Information

Can you breed them all? Dive in to Fish with Attitude!


* Breed your own adorable world of underwater personalities - you’ve never seen fish like this!

* From love to hate, watch how different fish personalities collide!

* Treasure hunt with your fish and dig up exclusive items you can’t get anywhere else!

* Treat your fish to their favorite toys and make all your fish ecstatic!

* Customize your tanks with vibrant wallpapers and animated decorations to delight your fish!

* Facebook support to visit friend’s tanks and trade gifts

What people are saying about Fish with Attitude:

"...a radically innovative game that completely rejuvenates life into fish by setting them up with personalities." - AppPicker

“Don’t be fooled by the cartoon style graphics. Both kids and adults alike are sure to get drawn into this lushly realized aquatic playland." –

"Definitely a must have game to buy from the app store, wait what am I saying - It's actually free!" – iStartMacRumors via Youtube

“Easily one of the most fun and inviting micromanagement games we have ever played!” –

Download Fish with Attitude for free! And don’t forget to rate us and tell us what you think!



- Requires iOS 6.0+

- Compatible with iPhone 3GS or newer, iPod Touch 4th Generation or newer, and iPad 2 or newer

- This game will not work on iPhone 3G or older, and iPod Touch 3rd Gen or older.

- This game requires an internet connection (WiFi or 3G) to play


Stay Connected


Twitter: @TheFishGame



Payments FAQ:

Does Fish with Attitude allow in-game payments?

Fish with Attitude is a free-to-play game, but like many games in the App Store, there is the option of purchasing in-game items using real money. Turn off in-app purchases on your device if you’d like to disable this feature.


Privacy Policy:

Terms of Service:

Acceptable Use Policy:

What's New on this version 3.5.3

Adds 5 more tanks so you can collect more fish! (New tanks not available on iPod 4, iPhone 4, or iPhone 3GS.)

Requires iOS 6.0 or higher.

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Fish With Attitude......... Robin Walelu

    Fish With Attitude CherokeeAngel53. Well the time to leave this game has come. I've tried breeding fish but after months of saying you were aware of the disappearing fish and fixing it you have failed. I know I have to give you a star to write this but that's all you'll get. A great game gone bad.

  • Not good

    It's a fun game but breeding takes to long and the demand of pearls is nuts 200 I understand 20 but 200 rely and I'm only 10 years old soon to be 11 years old and I don't like how all of us fall for this for example if you do 2 nice fish that art excited you're expecting a rare nice fish but no you get a common it drives me crazy and I'm sure that others agree with me so your lucky I don't give you 0 stars. Ps I'm a girl

  • Constantly Crashing

    Do you devs just not care about this game anymore? There seems to never be any support, nobody to answer help and now it constantly crashes. Can't check tanks and collect pearls bc it closes on you. Been this way for a while now. are taking way longer to hatch now. It's like triple the time it says.

  • Problem

    I was in the middle of growing a wizard fish and it's ready to hatch but when I would press hatch it force closes, I've tried turning on and off the wifi, closing the app completely,turning off my phone etc, nothing seems to work, please fix this glitch

  • Good game but... PLEASE READ

    I have been playing this game for a while now and I just re-downloaded it and I got a new fish and when I try to hatch it crashes. I can do everything else but that please FIX!!!

  • Good, but the bugs though

    Overall, this game is great, but every time I try to change to the breeding tank, it just jumps back to my home screen. Pls fix this!

  • Help

    I used to play this game awhile ago on my old phone and i really enjoyed it. But when i redownloaded it onto my new phone, i cant even start up a new game. In the tutorial, one of the first steps is to drag the mean fish into the tank, but it wont even let me do this! I tried everything even deleting the game and redownloading but nothing seems to work. I would really like to play the game, so if anyone could help that would be great. Overall, i enjoyed the game when i could play it.

  • Pointless! Can't even begin

    I opened up the game started it (new player) it wanted me to drag the mean fish into the tank but I can't drag it or tap it. Nothing works.

  • Fish with attitude

    I got oak upgrade on my iPad, and I lost all my point, can you give me my point back, I have been playing this game for year. I don't want to stated over

  • Is this game still supported?

    Can anyone tell me if Crowdstar still supports fish with attitude. I put in a bug report months ago and never heard back from anyone. I have a problem with missing treasure chest and the application closing down every time I enter one of my tanks. Also in one of my tanks the fish do you not mature/grow. Sooooo Frustrating!



  • General Server Error

    I love this game so much that I have it on 2 of my devices but for the past 2 days I've been receiving the following message as soon as I open the game: CONNECTION LOST GENERAL SERVER ERROR It would be very disappointing if I lost my progress and had to start over again. If that's the case I won't re-download the game.

  • Getting mad

    I haven't been able to play at all every time I get on it won't let me play. It keeps saying general error. If all my fish are gone I'm done playing because I had a ton of rare fish. Please fix this!!!😡😑

  • Don't waste your time

    This game is not supported. If there is a problem you can submit it but you will get no response. Fun to play when it works. If you can put up with the game crashing or giving the message "general server error" on a frequent basis you might like the game for a time. You will find that you need thousands of game coins and hundreds of game pearls (which are not easy to accumulate) the longer you play. Ultimately you will become disappointed with it. I

  • Won't work

    I normally love this game, but when I tried to download it, it won't let me drag out the mean fish from the very start. I tried re-downloading it many times but it just won't work. :(

  • It's a good game

    Ok don't get me wrong I love this game but I know what I'm about to write isn't gonna change anything so here it goes so I have 3 girl fish in one tank shy fish flirty fish and pretty fish and flirty fish keeps kissing the other girls on the lips and she goes over to kiss them every 3 seconds it's annoyingly weird I don't mind if they're gay but it needs to stop

  • Coins?

    I have been trying to get "a fin full of coins" for a long time, and every time I try to it says something went wrong with the purchase, and I can't get the coins!! Please fix this issue

  • Fix it

    Wen't are you going to fix it

  • Love dis game!

    I lava dis game so much!!! Fish are friends not food! (🐠=🚫🍔) 10/10 would recommend.

  • I am so done

    I am frustrated because I was trying to hatch an egg and it will not let me it will long me out of a game I am done if this does not get fixed I will delete this game and tell all my friends to delete this game I am DONE!!!

  • Lost everything


  • What happened

    I used to really play this game but it just wasn't competitive anymore and not only that but when I try to breed my fish it'll tell me their done I go on the app they aren't even in the breeding room anymore and there is no egg

  • Please

    You should make it to where you can transfer your information onto another device because I love this game and the app keeps closing on my old iPod I'd like to continue playing the same game on the I pad I have now

  • All my crap erase

    When I played it I had rares now since the update I lost everything F*CK THIS GAME IM DONE

  • Good But...


  • I love this game, But...

    This is so addictive, it is one of two games that i consider the best available... All exept for the fact that this game is a like a giant money pit. For one thing the items are super expensive, like into the millions to buy with in game currency, and there is really no good way to make 750 pearls(wich you need to open the second breeding tank), not for breeding fish or getting a good rating on tank decor you get like two or three. So to get that amount you really have to buy it ($50.00!!!)unless you don't mind playing untill the end of the millenium. So don't buy this one for the kids, mine got bored of it within three hours and started begging us to buy more pearls X3 So yeah, it would be so much more fun if it did'nt cost as much as a 1 tb hard drive to progress through the game, buyer beware


    This game is fun and all but (if you are under 5 then and get your parents to read this review) DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. If your kid can't read and you say he can buy pearls for $1.99 then he ends up using $104.00 for 50 pearls. And you know why? Because after you purchase any item with money, it asks you to pay $99.99 and if you say no, then you have to pay double the amount of money to get whatever you're trying to buy. And if you say no, then you don't wasted how ever much money you just payed and you get nothing. I love the game and all but THIS HAS GOT TO STOP. Please, if you are in contact with apple, report this

  • All good things must come to an end

    I loved this game, truly and played it for years now after 25 some odd tanks and I don’t know how many fish hundreds of pearls saved, the game won’t load. Submit a bug report yes I have done that 4 or 5 times, your response is to follow the following…. I tried that and Listen Crowdstar I’m not the only one. What is so hard about making a game load? Its a fundamental necessity to play. Secondly do not waist my time anymore with “submitting an bug report” waiting on your answer when it does nothing to address the problem. If you have corrupted my game as such that retrieving it is hopeless then just be honest. Apologize, and move on. i never spent money on the game but I was pretty high in the ranks. I know that many people did spend money and they are in the same boat as me. The game will not load. I think that gamers will eventually unite, together they will start actions which will hold you accountable for this type of thing. Its only a matter of time

  • Good Game, Bad Prices

    This game is good. It's addictive, and after you breed a bunch of fish, it's just basically collecting the money every hour and making more fish breed. Problem with that is, the more fish you breed, the more fish you find dislike the fish you just bread. So you have to buy a new tank for it. Not real money, coins you earn. I just bought a new tank for 65k, the next one costs 150k. That's a big price range, and frankly, that's ridiculous. I'd get the game if you haven't, but you gotta be patient when it comes to saving up for stuff.

  • Love this game but

    Hey! I'm really addicted to this game I've had it for a really long time but I stopped playing it for a while and ALOT has changed!!!! First what happened to the fish breeding contest? Where whoever bred the most of a certain fish in a certain amount of time won a prize! That was one of my favorite things about the game! Also why do I feel like it became ALOT. Harder to breed some fish it took me three weeks of combining the smart fish and the brave fish constantly to finally get a cool fish! Idk it's definitely been a lot harder to breed fish.😕 but I do love the game but i will definitely get bored of it if the fish I wanna breed don't start actually being created. And I miss the competition a lot !!!!please make these changes I miss the old fish with attitude!!!!

  • Awesome app

    Sweet app.Play on it everyday!Get it!It is FREE! Love the app. :D

  • Great game but...


  • Tee

    I do love playing the game however, the ads are interfering with just how much I do like it! Another thing I would enjoy playing it on the computer as well. How? Let some of the special edition fish be purchased with coins, raise the bar some Gee!

  • Ads

    The ads are so freckin' annoying....; there needs to be a option to turn them off...; until then you get 1 star; fix it I'll give 5....

  • Glitch

    I personally love this game but ever since I got the new update 1. The fish have been deconstructed and 2. When I try to hatch an egg The app closes. Overall is is a must get, I hope they fix the glitches soon.

  • ADS?!

    The game was fun until I update it. Now I'm getting ads. Usually when I'm breeding. What the heck?! Why are there ads all of a sudden. It's ruining the game for me. The game never had ads before. Why does it have them now? What's the deal? Seriously get rid of the ads. Its ruining the game for me.

  • The game is great but ...

    I have to admit the game is a lot of fun but ,I personally think that the videos that you can watch to earn more pearls take to long to load . After I ran out of videos to watch , after two days the videos are still trying to load which I think is very inconvenient . And personally I think that breeding certain fish takes too long . Sometimes people don't have four hours to wait for to fish to breed and then wait for that egg to hatch .

  • Great at first but now needs fixing

    The app was good at first but now continuously refuses to download with out crashing

  • Love it

    I enjoy is a great game and it's fun

  • Awesome

    I love this game, it has to be my favorite fish game. I just hope they have more ways for people to earn pearls and also have even more fish and hope that they do mini games to play with your fish.

  • Amazing

    As soon as I played this game for thirty seconds I knew it was going to be amazing. Sometimes the waiting is annoying but it is worth it. I would still give this game 5 stars.😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  • Amazing game.

    The game is a awesome, nothing is wrong with it. :-). My cousin plays this game, I have it on my iPod and my cousin has it on the family iPad.:p


    This game is reeeeaaaaallllly fun but is there any way where the fishes can be switched with other fishes from tanks when there is no more room in the tanks ? I really don't like waiting a long time for another tank to open just so I can switch out one fish with another. Please ?

  • Love it!!

    It needs more fish to breed!!! I'm not rushing y'all but design some new fish to breed. And make new ways to get pearl!! Cause no one has 2,000+ pearls laying around

  • This is the cutest game ever😋

    If yall make a new version I'll definitely play it

  • AMAZING app

    I love this app I think it's great for kids. I know I love it and hopefully others do too. 😃😃😃 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • They got the right attitude

    I luv iiiiiiiiiit!¡!¡!¡!

  • No decor points

    Dig several times with any fish and almost every piece of decor from common to rare comes up with 0 points. Can't get to 100% tank decor to make fish happy. It use to never be that hard. Have spent all of my coins several times in a row trying to get decor with points. That's a bit excessive. Is this a glitch?

  • Load screen:(

    I just got the app and it won't load. It gets half way through then it says error.


    this Is a great app and awsome to play but when I get in sometimes it half way loads and then it just stops plz fix and y DOES IT NEED TO TAKE INTERNET

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