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Fish with Attitude

Fish with Attitude
4 based on 8,296 Votes
Price Free

Breed fish with amazing personalities and discover a whole new world of delightful aquatic characters!
From the makers of Happy Aquarium - the #1 Fish Game on Facebook - comes Fish with Attitude! Whether they’re Nice or Mean, Flirty or Nerdy, pair up different fish to get even more unique personalities for your tank! You might find yourself getting addicted to this game as you feed your fish, watch them grow, decorate your tanks, and invite your friends to visit! Read more...

Fish with Attitude is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 9+ (Application may not suitable for children under the age of 9). This application has an average rating of 4 based on 8,296 Votes. This version 3.1.20 has an average rating of 4 based on 142 Users.

Your device must have atleast 49.2 MB of space to download and install Fish with Attitude. This application does not have game center . Fish with Attitude is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of Crowdstar Inc at

More Description

Can you breed them all? Dive in to Fish with Attitude!


* Breed your own adorable world of underwater personalities - you’ve never seen fish like this!

* From love to hate, watch how different fish personalities collide!

* Treasure hunt with your fish and dig up exclusive items you can’t get anywhere else!

* Treat your fish to their favorite toys and make all your fish ecstatic!

* Customize your tanks with vibrant wallpapers and animated decorations to delight your fish!

* Facebook support to visit friend’s tanks and trade gifts

What people are saying about Fish with Attitude:

"...a radically innovative game that completely rejuvenates life into fish by setting them up with personalities." - AppPicker

“Don’t be fooled by the cartoon style graphics. Both kids and adults alike are sure to get drawn into this lushly realized aquatic playland." –

"Definitely a must have game to buy from the app store, wait what am I saying - It's actually free!" – iStartMacRumors via Youtube

“Easily one of the most fun and inviting micromanagement games we have ever played!” –

Download Fish with Attitude for free! And don’t forget to rate us and tell us what you think!



- Requires iOS 4.3+

- Compatible with iPhone 3GS or newer, iPod Touch 3rd Generation or newer, and iPad 1 or newer

- This game will not work on iPhone 3G or older, and iPod Touch 2nd Gen or older.

- This game requires an internet connection (WiFi or 3G) to play


Stay Connected


Twitter: @TheFishGame



Payments FAQ:

Does Fish with Attitude allow in-game payments?

Fish with Attitude is a free-to-play game, but like many games in the App Store, there is the option of purchasing in-game items using real money. Turn off in-app purchases on your device if you’d like to disable this feature.


Privacy Policy:

What's New on this version 3.1.20

What's New?

- Want more decorating options than just Tall Seaweed? We hear you! We added over 120 new decorations to the game!
- Several new corals, plants, and rocks can be purchased directly from the in-game store.
- Many new types of decors can ONLY be found by digging. Higher tier fish find the best ones!
- Some decors now animate! Some squish and some wave, but all are awesome!

- We listened to player feedback, and unopened tanks can now be unlocked with coins.
- We made it slightly easier to breed for higher tier fish. Good luck meeting your new fishy friends!
- We also brought back the feeding button.

- Fix for fish sometimes going missing after breeding
- Fix for treasure chests sometimes getting stuck upgrading
- Fix for Facebook gifts not always being received
- More crash fixes and game optimizations


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  • Simulation
  • Strategy

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Support Languages

  • English, American


Fish with Attitude
Fish with Attitude
Fish with Attitude
Fish with Attitude
Fish with Attitude
Fish with Attitude
Fish with Attitude
Fish with Attitude

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • idk

    Love this app but when I Try to breed fish when I get off and then go to get back on the fish are gone from the breeding tank

  • AMAZING!!! Plus cheat (at the bottom of review)

    I love fish with attiude i hade it a few years agao and i didnt like it i think the new updates are great.I only have one problam so far and it is that it takes a longe time for it to load o and another thing is that sometime it freezes for a few seconds but otherwise i 💞 it. Also this is a cheat i figured out. You can go on to the fish that u want to buy but it is to expensive then you look at the charter tratis and for example popstar fish is mean smart and creative so i go to the breeding tank and push on greedy fish because he is mean and smart and in the right side i click on creative fish and breed them together and that makes a baby popstar fish. Hope that u liked this review hope it helped.

  • Fish with attitude.

    What happened to "breeding"? I have not been able to do it for the past two weeks!

  • Good game

    It's fun but it does not hold my attention for a long time and every thing cost a lot of money

  • Keeps crashing

    make it stop crashing!!!!

  • Awsome!!!

    Love this app nothing better one of my top 10 favorites love love love this app whoever made this app should be super rich this is great.


    OMG! Crowd star thank you for the best game ever created! Me and my cousin ADORE THIS GAME! I have the diamond fish! Thanks so much!

  • I would give it 0 stars if I could!!

    I love the idea, but now when you start you are forced to use pearls!!!!!! And that means all the created wants is money!!! That makes me sick!!! F**k you! You motherf**ker!!!! If you make an app, you should want to put it out there for people to enjoy!!! Not just steal their money!!! If I could meet you in person, I would give you a motherf**king wedgie!!! And I would beat the balls out of you!!! So I hope you die alone and go to HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Facebook contests

    What's up with the Facebook contests? Some of us don't, won't or can't have facebook. It's not really reaching all of us to compete. Without competition we'll get bored and go away.

  • 👌👌👌


  • 😑

    I 💙this game. I have this on my laptop. On the ipad I started the game, it say drag the mean fish out of the store, but I dragged it out and there was nothing there. That was so annoying. They should fix it.

  • Check this out

    From the beginning to the end I had a adventure of awesomeness that I couldn't stop I would go on vacation and play this from 9:00am to 1:55pm. Until my phone got robbed all my fish and tanks went gone until I downloaded it again.

  • Love it

    I love it I think you should add a daily reward for everyday and can other people know even If u don't have a Facebook account can we still know about it still

  • Luv it!!

    These fish are awesome!!!!

  • MY FISH ARE ALL GONE!!!!!!!!!

    I am very angry because I try to breed some fish and then the fish jump out of the tank and then when I try to find any of my fish they are all gone then I look in the store to see that all my fish are MISSING now I had to restart my whole game because of this bug!!!💔😡 so please crowd star please fix this annoying bug!🙌 I love this game so mush and I really want to play it more but all my fish are disappearing!!😱😩

  • Breeding bug💔

    I love fish with attitude but when I tried to breed the genie fish I got 20 hours but then after a hour I went to check on it and it was gone 😭

  • Disiprering fish?😡

    I got this game it was very fun but then my fish where disipering and pearls are hard to get and fish are 327pearls! What a ripoff fix it it is very annoying that I can't even get a third tans because it is 25pearls!

  • Tell me what to do plz

    The game keeps crashing while it's loading I've tried deleting and re downloading resetting my I pad shutting down my iPad and swiping the app up tell me what to do

  • Pretty cool

    I love the game but I have two things to say..... There are not many ways to get pearls, and lots of things cost them, and last it takes too long to load

  • Breeding

    When ever I'm breeding my fishes it turns out they stop once the get hungry or something not sure it I'm the only person with this problem but I hope you can fix it!

  • Breeding

    Aug 2, 2014 Fish are still disappearing from the breeding tanks and then you have to find them and feed them, before you can put them back to breed. Haven't gotten a new fish in about 4 months, so don't care anymore. Don't enjoy this game anymore and you guys don't care!

  • A little problem

    Umm I don't know if it's just with my phone but I have to flip my phone to do somethings.the feeding button is ok but it would be nice if you removed it also more crashes and it's WAY harder to breed higher tier fish like devil or angel please fix these! I always get the ghost fish and have to wait 30 hrs! Please help this is my favorite game! 😔

  • Connection lost!

    The connection is lost!!! I can't get on my fish!!!! Please fix this!!!!!!


    This is the worst game since they "updated and enhanced" it. You cannot breed fish because the fish jump out of the breeding tank. Fish disappear. There are so many bugs I can't even begin to list them! When you send a bug report they tell you wait for the update. Then they close your ticket as resolved. WOW!

  • Feeding button is so much easier!

    I love this game and I'm so glad they brought back the feeding button because i couldnt feed this one tiny fish.

  • PLZ HELP ME CREATOR!!!!!!!!!

    I love fish with attitude with all my heart but creator why did you tell me to upgrade it ,every time I click rockstar fish' s profile it always exits me out of the game >:( I have a lot of patients but fish with attitude is making me lose my patients I know it's a game but you need to fix the crashing if you what people to buy your game: plz fix the game :) not trying to be mean okay everything is good now not crashing since I upgraded but the game is still crashing i thought u fixed it I had so much when it was wasnt crashing plz fix the game again

  • wow to ugh

    This game is a really fun game it started out so fun i unlocked most fish but when i gave my fish food i have 4 tanks tank number 4 says there hungry i give them food one rish eats then the app crashes !!!!! Can u please fix this

  • ;(

    I played this game a long time ago and it was real fun i was also very very good at it but when an update appeared it kept crashing so i deleted it then after that it worked but all my fish decorations and other stuff were gone i was really sad and mad about also i posted review and you did nothing about this is stupid and unfair

  • FIX NOW!

    Your breeding tank restarts itself. I wait 3 days for a fish then it restarted the tank. Please fix this or I'm deleting this app.

  • Breeding Fish

    So with the new update when does the easier to breed rare fish start? I've been breeding away for 2 weeks now and haven't had any luck breeding the rare fish. I love the game, but this is really frustrating

  • Can't log in

    Can't log in to the app

  • Facebook

    The update is fine with one exception, I don't have Facebook, and I don't plan on getting it. Is there a way I can partake in the contests without Facebook?

  • Facebook Contest

    I shouldn't have to connect to facebook to join a contest. I am one of the few people that have no interest in facebook. If that is the only way to join in a contest I may finally have to delete. I have stuck it out with all the update issues, but this may do it. I always looked forward to the contests. Please fix!!

  • 😫

    Ok so I love this app but it takes 20 mins to upload and then when it uploads it exits and then have to redo so if it dose not fix I'm deleteing it

  • Awesome

    So fun! I think there should be more fish so that you can make 4 breed fish. 🐠🐠. Make more games like this crowdstar

  • Dissatisfied

    Don not like the new update. Took away two of themy three star tanks. Had four of them. To long to come up. Very very disappointed in this update. This game has gotten worse. Not able to save the pearls. Box comes up data not saved not safe to go on. Luved playing this game but really thinking bout deleating it. It's worse then before. Now I'm missing information on the fish.its a good game and I like it but for several days now it takes to long to load if it loads at all. Please fix

  • Battery in iPhone HOT Hot Hot

    Was really hoping this latest update would resolve the hot battery issue. No such luck. Battery still feels like it is going to catch on fire. If Crowdstar is going to keep changing tanks from coins to pearls to coins PLEASE give some notice. Like updates coming don't waste your pearls on tanks. The day before update I used 485 pearls on a new tank! 3) Random crashing still occurs. #smh

  • :(

    I love the new update and all the new things in the game but I really hate that once you get to the third tank and up you have to spend a crazy amount just to get points or w.e. You call it when you dig up treasures. Please fix this so it's not so hard

  • Thank you crowd star

    Thanks for making tanks get bought with coins! Because I only had 2 tanks and when I got new fish I had to sell other fish so thank you very much for the update

  • Update...

    The update was nice for some things. The way you have to feed the fish now is ridiculous. And when you want to breed fish...the fish are so small you can't hardly see them. You can keep everything new about the update, except change the two things I mentioned above. I quit playing because of these main two changes. As far as the feeding, did you not think about how hard it could be for the folks with arthritis? And as far as the small fish, did you not think about how some folks might have a hard seeing those small fish?

  • Great update but....

    I would really like if you would make the store back to the way it was when it took up the whole screen not just a little sliver. It it very annoying to scroll through and is soooooo small😕 I would rate fish with attitude 5 stars if you made the store back to the way it was.

  • Great new decorations! But now a deco blue bubble bug

    Fish dig up new fresh decorations,very fun to see the new items in the store and the surprises dug up! Feed button is back, have 6 fish,tap it six times, if one misses the food flake simply tap once again. No need to hurt any hands from tapping. The game is fun again. I can't wait for my new tank to finish so I can start in decorating. 7/17 Oppps after a 345 size patch most of my old decorations are now just blue bubble shapes sitting around :( What happened? Also the camera for taking screenshots to share is gone so I can not take a pic to show this bug. Taking away some stars

  • Great, but...

    I love fish with attitude and I've been playing this game forever but I just got an iPad and got the game on there cause I haven't played it in a while only to open the app to the new update I like it but the only thing I don't like is the store and how it's set up. and when I say I hate it I mean I HATE it

  • About time!!!!!

    Finally! It's about time that the better feeding is back! And the tanks cost coins again! Yeah!

  • Boo

    Way to go crowdstar. Way to ruin a once perfect game. Hay Day all the way now!

  • So fun

    This game is so fun you should add a dragon fish lik it would be red and have horns it would be brave nice and mean

  • BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!

    If you don't have this app you have to get it it's really fun get it what's the point of life if you don't have this app

  • 😊

    I like the new decorations. Already got a purple shell and I'm building a new tank with coins.

  • Great update although...

    I love the update which fixed LOTS of problems but there are still a few missing fish from the store. I have a few of the fish that weren't there before the update but the diamond ruby and galaxy fish aren't there.

  • Wonderful!!

    The new update was FANTASTIC! Thank you Crowdstar for listening to your player's requests! Awesome game!

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