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DoubleDown **** - Free Slots, Video Poker,...

DoubleDown **** - Free Slots, Video Poker, Blackjack, and More
4 based on 63,811 Votes
Price Free

Experience the BIG WIN of Las Vegas in the largest FREE to Play ****!
DoubleDown **** brings the FULL **** experience everywhere you go. With blackjack, video poker, and authentic slots such as Wolf Run™, DaVinci Diamonds™ and Cleopatra®, you’ll experience Las Vegas anywhere, anytime. Read more...

DoubleDown **** - Free Slots, Video Poker, Blackjack, and More is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 12+ (Application may not suitable for children under the age of 12). This application has an average rating of 4 based on 63,811 Votes. This version 3.5.6 has an average rating of 4 based on 2,828 Users.

Your device must have atleast 50.6 MB of space to download and install DoubleDown **** - Free Slots, Video Poker, Blackjack, and More. This application does not have game center . DoubleDown **** - Free Slots, Video Poker, Blackjack, and More is Free to download and install on your mobile device

Support Languages

English, American , French , German , Italian , Portuguese , Spanish


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DoubleDown **** - Free Slots, Video Poker, Blackjack, and More
DoubleDown **** - Free Slots, Video Poker, Blackjack, and More
DoubleDown **** - Free Slots, Video Poker, Blackjack, and More
DoubleDown **** - Free Slots, Video Poker, Blackjack, and More
DoubleDown **** - Free Slots, Video Poker, Blackjack, and More
DoubleDown **** - Free Slots, Video Poker, Blackjack, and More
DoubleDown **** - Free Slots, Video Poker, Blackjack, and More
DoubleDown **** - Free Slots, Video Poker, Blackjack, and More

Additional Information

Enjoy exclusive, original DoubleDown games with interactive bonus round and unique mobile only features for even more fun! Daily Spins give you bonus chips 365 days a year!

Double down and play our newest game, Player’s Suite BLACKJACK.

Experience an even BIGGER thrill in Daily Slot Tournaments.

Get in on the action with GAME KING™ Video Poker - the most popular Video Poker found in all land-based ****s.

With new games added each week, join the millions of players who are already winning!

Key Features:

• FREE to Play, Every Day!

• New games every week!

• Over 40+ Slot Games, including authentic games from the **** floor

• GAME KING™ Video Poker, the #1 Video Poker on the planet

• Player’s Suite BLACKJACK

• Daily Slot Tournaments with Progressive Jackpots

• Login with Facebook, or play the full game as a Guest

• Invite friends, send FREE Chips, and find something NEW every week

DoubleDown **** is intended for users 21 yrs+ and does not offer “real money gambling” or an opportunity to win real money or prizes based on the outcome of play. Playing DoubleDown **** does not imply future success at “real money gambling”.

What's New on this version 3.5.6

• NEW SLOT - Wheel of Fortune Double 3x4x5x Times Pay® Spin that Wheel of Fortune in every Bonus Round, and win up to 5x with the Wild symbols!
• NEW SLOT - Pharaoh’s Fortune® Extend your kingdom! With entertaining animation sequences and great music, this 5-reel, 20-payline theme will have you walking like an Egyptian in no time.
• NEW SLOT - Red Mansions® Experience 20 independent reels, 40 paylines, and 1024 ways to WIN!
• NEW SLOT - Triple Diamond® Triple Diamond has 3 reels, 9 paylines, and a Wild Multiplier symbol that multiplies your wins up to 9x!
• NEW SLOT - In-Bloom® which flower is your favorite to see bloom in the Spring?
• Support for Facebook 2.2
• Bug Fixes

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Favorite casino game!

    This app is the best to play and has the best games! Never any problems thus far!

  • When its good

    It's definitely fun and it's definitely a gamble

  • Overall

    Why so tight? You've made changes for the worse hoping people will pay real money to buy credits. It's sad what you're doing here.


    I've won some, and lost some.. But the outcome is always the same.. CONTENT. It's much like a real casino, but without the people watching over your machine like a hawk when you've hit big. I like the variety of slots, along with the option of tourneys, blackjack, and roulette! This game is truly a life saver. I don't buy any extra chips because I never have to. Majority of time when I do hit, I hit big!! Get this app if you're on the brink of spending all your real money at a casino or if you just want a bit of fun!!

  • SAD!!

    Good luck on winning anything on this game! Even bonus rounds! Very sad

  • Slots

    The best slot app on the market!

  • Potential for being a fun game site

    This site has the potential for being a really fun game, but after two weeks so playing it takes all your chips and no payouts! I buy more chips and it took those in one setting! For crying out loud....give some payouts especially after you have purchased multiple times!!! If not, I'm done!! Have better luck at real casinos with real money!

  • WHEN WILL YOU UPDATE Slots wheel of fortune triple spin

    This game has problems and needs an update. When going into the bonus game will often bump you out of the program and you can't tell if you have won the bonus or not. Tia is getting OLD!!! Also the wheels seem to spin slowly and get stuck!!!

  • Why my email?

    I don't play game that require my email address.

  • Ms.

    Had a 5 star rating now down grading to 2. Chips last less than 5 min. Never get bonuses. Doesn't matter which game. 'Bet max and win more' that's BS. Very disappointed.

  • Rooster1990


  • Looser looser

    Love the game, been playing for months. Daily spins are very small. Almost requires you to purchase chip to continue to play. The odds of you of winning are worse than going and playing in Vegas. I used to play the app for hours just passing time and having fun, but now if I get 5 minutes out of my daily bonus, I causes me to look at other apps that entertain me for longer periods. I really hope they consider loosening up their app, so I don't just delete it all together. Daily bonuses are a joke, bonuses are even bigger jokes when you get one. 1million credits won't last long when you don't win.

  • Lots of fun.

    Lots of fun.

  • Great games

    I love these games!

  • DDC

    Like this! Different levels and allows you to gain access to more games as you play. Easy to change settings and you don't have to worry about Internet connection! Only reason not five stars- wish there were more options in selecting bidding amounts..jumps of 10% per line, with games upto 40 lines.. Adds up Quick!! ESP. When losing...

  • Good

    Best game

  • Wheel Of Fortune

    Lots of fun! Loving the free coins! I just wish that waitress would come around more often...

  • Great game

    I love it I feel like I'm at a real casino best game evaaaar!!!

  • Gambling is fun here!!

    Love playing these slots!!


    I seriously want to thank the creators of this app! FINALLY a slots app that actually lets you WIN! Imagine that. I have tried lots of slots apps and almost all of them give FAR worse odds than a true casino. Thanks to the creators for understanding what people really want from a slots app that you play for fun. KUDOS!

  • Pretty fun

    Plenty of winning. Good daily bonuses

  • Pixey and Siberian tigers

    Are you kidding me the pixey is so creepy and slow and the tiger the whole thing is so small come on that pixey bores me to tears and takes so long to come on that I switch to a different site. BORING!!!!!

  • Reels Will Not Stop

    I have been playing Double Down for quite some time. Now all of a sudden after about 4-5 spins, the reels just keep spinning and I have to close the game. I have contacted Tech Support and they have given me several things to try to fix it which I have done, none of which have worked. I enjoy the game but it is horribly annoying.

  • Buy chips, they never appear

    Bought the 7.99 pack for 3 million chips and was charged; they never appeared. Scam.

  • Great game to learn with.

    I like this game because it helps me learn how the slots work, for when I go to the real casinos! I wish the friends line would go slow so I can see who they are and send them Chips. Other than that I love it!

  • Great game

    This casino game is perfect when it is working

  • Fool

    Well I gave in and bought more chips. Another hundred dollars worth. You would think they would let you win a little after spending so much money. But no, same old crap. I hope I learned my lesson this time. I can only hope. BEWARE.

  • Doubledown

    Love this site !! Only thing better is going to a real casino😃

  • Double Downs Slots

    Can be lots of fun. They have a lot of different slots to play, that's the plus side of it! But it's nothing like playing in the casino, if I had of played over $18 million I know I would have hit a bonus for sure.... Seems hard to level up, been playing for years and no matter the issues they have, I keep playing daily! It's all for FUN 😋

  • Love it

    Love the games

  • Cheap

    get 50k up to 85k. I love the games (double diamonds and triple diamonds. Bes The other day you gave me Two million at different times, I sure did appreciate it ,now I'm I am broke . I sure could use another gift. I read that some get millions on a bonus spin and I get 50k And iq can not buy be cause of limited income I hope you read this and can help me out thanks DDC

  • Don't play

    They don't let you play they got into trouble for unfair gaming

  • Fun games!

    Realistic slots, fun to play.

  • Slots

    I really enjoy playing the slots when I have some free time on my hands! I can't believe what luck I'm having, Just started an account about 5 min ago and already I've hit a jackpot! OUTSTANDING! I'll recommend this app to everyone!

  • Double Down


  • Mr.

    Too many "no win" spins in a row Not enough opportunities for coins Other than purchase.

  • Points

    Played 45 min. Got no pay,

  • Let's get it

    Awesome game

  • Fun Fun Fun!!!!

    I love this game. Nice payouts!

  • Don't buy from dd thieves

    Every single time I buy I win 1 out of 30-40 spins this is ridiculous...these games use to be fun until dd got so greedy my $ was gone in less than 5 minutes these games aren't a game of chance u think they were giving us real $ I will not ever play an igt game at a casino if there this greedy with play $ can u imagine real $ I'm deleting this app I loved the games until the got greedy ..... I don't believe their star rating is accurate I believe they manipulated that also ...thieves ....this shouldn't be legal cause this isn't a game of chance fun games but their thieves !!!!!

  • Favorite Slot Game!

    Love the variety of slots and the bonus everyday. Fun game to wind down with. Best slots I've found to date!

  • FIX. iT!!! 🔨🔨🔨🔨😡

    Don't know what you did...but fix it. I don't get my "free chips". I get kicked out of games constantly. It's a ok game. The games are fun. Hard to win anything. And now this crap!!!!!

  • Lasted about a week

    Well something happened for about 5 days actually was allowed to be able to play the games and win. Received nice daily bonuses and then it's back to 30 seconds of play. What a joke!

  • Worst slot app/no payouts

    As stated above, barely pays out. Oh sure, it'll give you a great day to day bonus just for using it, but prepare to watch it get sucked away like a Dementor sucking out a human soul. Just an absolutely terrible app.

  • Not very satisfied

    Double down is a great name for you app, specially because your server is often down. I love the variety of slot machines that you have but, this the app has technical issues quite too often. The developers have a lot of opportunities for improvement. They should also make some adjustments on the payouts and the daily bonuses are a slap in the face..

  • Typical Casino / Slot App in the End

    Keeps you coming back with bonus play credits, etc, and not bad regarding variety and quality games, but typical when it comes to winning for a casino app. I would not have any credits left, if not for the daily bonus awards. They don't want you to lose all of your money and delete the app, so they give you just enough to keep you floating. This is not to say that I want a super easy, unrealistic game, but anyone who goes to a casino at least once a year can tell you that the payouts on the slot machines in this app are disproportionate to what is being bet. A 'big win' certainly pales in comparison to what a 'big win' would be in an actual casino. In over a month, I have not ventured beyond the minimum betting amount. I cannot afford anything more than that, and I'm certainly not about to spend real money for fake money. Bonus rounds are very difficult to come by, and when you do get them, it's typically nothing to write home about. Please keep in mind that I'm only playing the slot machine portion of this app.

  • Best casino app out there

    This is addictive and so real it's amazing I just love it very we'll imitation of the real slot games

  • Super fun games!!!

    Just be really careful about losing your credits because you can have $10,000,000 one minute, & lose it all the next. Fun fun fun tournaments too:)

  • Aggressive

    Good game

  • Most favorite app.

    I play this everyday and I love it. They give you a daily spin and you can follow them in FB. I love their slots and I play roulette .

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