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DoubleDown ** - FREE Slots, Blackjack,...

DoubleDown ** - FREE Slots, Blackjack, Roulette & Video Poker
4 based on 47,790 Votes
Price Free

Experience the BIG WIN of Las Vegas in the largest FREE to Play ****!
*Note* DoubleDown **** is optimized for iOS 7. Please update your software for an optimal experience. Read more...

DoubleDown ** - FREE Slots, Blackjack, Roulette & Video Poker is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 12+ (Application may not suitable for children under the age of 12). This application has an average rating of 4 based on 47,790 Votes. This version 3.4 has an average rating of 4 based on 1,382 Users.

Your device must have atleast 48.0 MB of space to download and install DoubleDown ** - FREE Slots, Blackjack, Roulette & Video Poker. This application does not have game center . DoubleDown ** - FREE Slots, Blackjack, Roulette & Video Poker is Free to download and install on your mobile device

More Description

DoubleDown **** brings the FULL **** experience everywhere you go. With blackjack, video poker, and authentic slots such as Wolf Run™, DaVinci Diamonds™ and Cleopatra®, you’ll experience Las Vegas anywhere, anytime.

Enjoy exclusive, original DoubleDown games with interactive bonus round and unique mobile only features for even more fun! Daily Spins give you bonus chips 365 days a year!

Double down and play our newest game, Player’s Suite BLACKJACK.

Experience an even BIGGER thrill in Daily Slot Tournaments.

Get in on the action with GAME KING™ Video Poker - the most popular Video Poker found in all land-based ****s.

With new games added each week, join the millions of players who are already winning!

Key Features:

• FREE to Play, Every Day!

• New games every week!

• Over 40+ Slot Games, including authentic games from the **** floor

• GAME KING™ Video Poker, the #1 Video Poker on the planet

• Player’s Suite BLACKJACK

• Daily Slot Tournaments with Progressive Jackpots

• Login with Facebook, or play the full game as a Guest

• Invite friends, send FREE Chips, and find something NEW every week

What's New on this version 3.4

+ NEW SLOT - Experience the ultimate royal treatment with GEMS OF THE PALACE. All the red jade gems will offer you the decadence of royalty.
+ NEW SLOT - The action doesn’t stop in TRANSFORMERS: BATTLE FOR CYBERTRON where the FreeFall Symbols feature and five mystery TRANSFORMERS features let you win again and again!
+ NEW GAME - Your favorite ROULETTE game is now on mobile. Feel the rush of hitting your favorite number or color with one spin of the wheel!


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Support Languages

  • English, American
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish


DoubleDown ** - FREE Slots, Blackjack, Roulette & Video Poker
DoubleDown ** - FREE Slots, Blackjack, Roulette & Video Poker
DoubleDown ** - FREE Slots, Blackjack, Roulette & Video Poker
DoubleDown ** - FREE Slots, Blackjack, Roulette & Video Poker
DoubleDown ** - FREE Slots, Blackjack, Roulette & Video Poker
DoubleDown ** - FREE Slots, Blackjack, Roulette & Video Poker
DoubleDown ** - FREE Slots, Blackjack, Roulette & Video Poker
DoubleDown ** - FREE Slots, Blackjack, Roulette & Video Poker

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Too tight

    Love the slots but these seem much tighter than the real slots in Vegas.

  • Ms.

    I like the games when they work. I am having difficulty getting on certain games like Goddess. When I hit the classic it kicks me off sometimes. Or if I get on it will not stop spinning. I do not know if this is just a glitch on the IPad. I hope they fix it soon.

  • All game

    Play few million coin without pay any shot DONT FOOL TO BUY THE COIN,!!

  • Been playing Noah Ark haven't payed off big time in over day

    I wish this game can pay every few minutes instead of losing

  • Poor Poor Poor

    Yes, Real Casino Games, be prepared to spend real $ on virtual coins-and they're expensive. Bonus just once a day and poor. Poor payouts, high min bets. Customer Support Poor--reply always Nothing We Can Do Better off going to real casino

  • More bonuses

    This is a fun game to play but, the bets are high so it eats up your coins fast and doesn't hit that often. Been playing this one 20,000 minimum bet game every day for a week. Not one bonus. Ridiculous!

  • Great App . . . However

    I like this app except for the Facebook. Do not want Facebook so I am penalized. Won't play much!


    It's the best casino games ever than all of casinos. This ones gave me much winner a lot of it. In five mins to playing then boom won the jackpot up to 1.4 Million dollars slot , isn't it awesome!? Keep it going winning a game ever time u play that's why I love this one is the best casino so everyone should get those casino to play cuz it's really worthy to play casino I give this casino rate are TOP FIVE STARS 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  • Great game

    Love the game, it freezes or locks up quiet a bit when not connected to wifi but overall it's great!!! Love it!

  • Great game

    Love the game, it freezes or locks up quiet a bit when not connected to wifi but overall it's great!!! Love it!

  • Worst payback

    Will never buy coins again!! Double downer no wins!! No bonus!!! Real Jews

  • Too tight, means NO fun!

    Been playing this app for a long time but lately it has become less and less exciting. Slots are so tight it's not worth my time to play anymore. Just wish it would let me play more than 15 minutes!

  • Mom


  • Worse than before

    Connectivity issues are worse than before and very tight with "ROI". Frustrating to play,

  • Great

    Love it. Doubled my money in no time.

  • Classic slots

    I play classic slots most of the time and every time I play the game goes haywire after a few minutes of play. It gets very frustrating. Quality very poor. Here we go again- I played less than 2 minutes and the game went crazy. I love the game but you cannot play it for any length of time before it goes haywire!!!!!

  • Why?

    Why do I have to have a Facebook page to login to get extra points? Silly.

  • C K

    Great casino

  • Big Dick

    Do people really pay to buy chips at this farce? I do a heck of a lot better at real casinos. Just blew through 2 mil with only 2 four of a kind hands to show for it! Geesh!

  • Gaming

    This is a great app!

  • Close this app.

    Hello! Hacker do something on this double down casino it's money eater app.

  • A lot of fun

    Similar to real game. Had one big win of 500k. Moved smoothly and quickly.

  • Loves it!

    I love this I played it all day after I got it.. Totally addicting!👍👍👍

  • When do you win?

    I have played over 750000 coins with no bonus. How do you play at that rate? Real slots aren't even that tight!!!!

  • Joker

    LOL..... Good game. Bad design group! Its all about your in app. Purchases. It's sad because it is one of the best downloads for slots I've found. Win too lose ratio is ridiculous. Now they have add the feature of giving u money every so often and it's right back to kicking u off line. Looks like they could address all the feed back, on the reviews. In the end it's still about the purchases, they try to get u to buy. Sad...

  • Doubledown always goes down!

    Every few plays the slot continues spinning and eventually quits or tells me that the "casino" is the bets are set toooo high for such tight slots. I will not buy fake money for fake wins!!!

  • Great game

    Live action casino play with a awesome bonus of a mil!

  • Cats slot game

    Crashes constantly Spins out of control then black screen Fun game when it works for longer than 5 mins.

  • Robert j Hartzc

    I would love this game but the more I play the more I feel it is riged. Always something wrong with the wheels or something. Get the game straight. RJH

  • Points vanish

    I enjoy this game but the glitches happen often. Also, during an update my points went from over 5 million to under 1 million. Disappointing for the user to build up points just to have them taken. Especially when I paid for the original points. Very disappointed.

  • Loosing connection

    What the heck is happening with this games. I don't understand why I am loosing connection all the time I send lot of money to play this games but I am fed up with this kind a fun Fix it.

  • Addictive

    I love this app, like the slot tournaments the best. Only a few complaints, wish they had some smaller stakes slot machines, to play 6,000- 16,000 as the lowest denomination is crazy. Would love to see $100-$1000 games. Also the black jack is fun but no realistic. The dealer will get 21 and 20 more times than I've ever seen. It is almost laughable how many times you will see this even when he has a 4-5-6 showing

  • Double down casino

    Great game a lot of fun thank you for the win awesome game

  • Rating games...

    There is so much more to ratings then just winning a few tokens. Tonight I have been winning on and off, but have been disconnected so many times that I can't justify giving a very good rating. Reported this technical glitch few days ago. The response to correct the problem was so technical I can't solve the issue.

  • Crash!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why is this thing crashing so often. Good grief, fix it!

  • What Happened

    Worked great at first. Not now. Wheels don't spinning. States. ERROR. LOST CONNECTION. My other games. DO NOT DO THIS. FIX THE PROBLEM.

  • Not a fan.

    Completely unstable, even in presence of strong wi-fi signal. Stalls and/or disconnects frequently. Algorithm for blackjack frustrating at best - dealer's blackjack opportunities are ALWAYS with an ace face-up, NEVER face down. Dealer blackjack frequency is easily 5 times player frequency. If dealer has weak hand - showing a 3, 4, 5 or 6, player hand will be equally weak or weaker every time. Played for several weeks, I'm done with it.

  • Junk!

    Crashes constantly! I have a wifi connection and it still kicks me off. The minimum bet is off the charts. Payout... What payout?! I would love to enjoy this app, but unfortunately there are too many problems. Maybe if you would fix the crashes, more people would play and the payouts would be better. I understand they are trying to make money but this app is a piece of SH*T!

  • I


  • Went from good to bad to worse

    Too many bugs. Nothing has been fixed. Game cuts out more frequently and breaks the connection to often. Use to be a great game, needs big improvements now. Very frustrating to play. Bonuses are hard to get so why ask what kind anyone likes to play? Always gives message updating the site but no changes are made

  • Player

    Fun to play when it works but more often than not the slots just spin without stopping, then it kicks you off. Frustrating.

  • Awesome Game But Lots and Lots of Bugs

    Is is an awesome game, or would be if did not continuously go down. Continuous logging off and pop ups saying no internet connection or saying someone else has logged in, kicking you out of the game...and sometimes costing you money! Fix it and I will give you 5 stars double down!

  • Good


  • Not Good

    Bets are too high and often lost connections. Uninstalled

  • Slow play

    Games run very slow...very frustrating. Even tried uninstalling and reinstalled. Did not help. Locks up often. Needs to be updated to faster speed on games. Falling behind in popularity...better catch up and fix bugs!!!!!!!!

  • Gmawmnm

    Loads of fun thanks to all

  • Jackpot

    I gave this game low score because the more u bet the the more this game take to long on spinning and then reloads come on that 's not ok

  • Slots

    Connectivity is bad always shutting off using WIFI like they suggest Good selection of slots Pay ours not high enough for bet amounts

  • Double down slots

    Greatest slot games on line !! Love this app. I recommend it to everyone so much fun u don't wanta stop playing .

  • ME

    Thank You

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