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Slots Journey

Slots Journey
4.5 based on 166,003 Votes
Price Free

slot simulator – absolutely FREE.
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Slots Journey is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 12+ (Application may not suitable for children under the age of 12). This application has an average rating of 4.5 based on 166,003 Votes. This version 4.9 has an average rating of 3 based on 50 Users.

Your device must have atleast 78.5 MB of space to download and install Slots Journey. This application is game center enabled . Slots Journey is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of Fishsticks Services Limited at

Support Languages

English, American


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Slots Journey
Slots Journey
Slots Journey
Slots Journey

Additional Information

-Get 400 Coins for FREE after installation!

-Grab FREE COINS as Hourly bonus!

-Bonuses for friends!

-A variety of BONUS games.

-No Fees.


Searching for a trip all over the world but don't have the time or money?

Don`t worry! Slots Journey gives you this opportunity!

You can enjoy the newest slot machines in the different corners of the world. Such as:

# Egypt,

# China,

# Islands,

# Greece,

# Transylvania,

# Texas,

# Australia

# North Pole

# France

# Brazil

# Holland

Game Features:

-Dozens of different slot machines to unlock and play.

-Multiply your winnings with various boosters.

-Plenty of bonus games to win extra coins.

-New worlds and adventures are coming constantly.

And that’s not all!!!!

What are you waiting for? Download now and get LUCKY!

-The World Needs More Winners!-


What's New on this version 4.9

Meet the WILD Slots Journey update!
Extravagant coin giveaway awaits!
Now you’re a Millionaire!
*** with a higher bets and take a chance to WIN billions!
Spin the lucky reels in the new Caribbean Bay slot!
Continue your triumphant journey!

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Update?

    How about an update so it's compatible with iPhone 6s?

  • Good game to play


  • Doesn't work

    Won't run properly on ios 9.02 on an iphone 6s plus

  • Update?? Downgrade IMHO

    What purpose did the multiplication of 1000 serve? How can I get back to the previous version. This game has always in my Top 3 GO-TO games. Now it's cluttered and the change to "millions" is meaningless. I want my old version back!! :-(

  • ZEROS are a giant ZERO!

    The update to add zeros doesn't improve this game or increase winnings; it's a false statement. Bigger numbers are just clutter I truly hate this update. Wish I could downgrade to previous version. If there was a ZERO star option I would have selected it.

  • joy


  • - Stupid update and too many ads

    UPDATE: I deleted it. Changed bets and winnings by adding 3 zeroes to each. So earnings on millions and bets in thousands. Same bet win ratio. Why bother. Advertisements more intrusive than ever.

  • MaxWazoo

    Hate all the zeros in the new version. How can I get the previous version back?!?

  • Decent game play marred by ads

    I can't really recommend this app over other slot machine type games. This game is marred by both obtrusive and excessive ads, low payouts, arbitrary goals required to reach the next level, and some basic gameplay limitations that can be readily found on other slot machine games. It can be unpredictable when an unwanted ad will pop up exactly where you want to tap (for example, to spin the wheels or choose the "country" you want to visit), taking you completely out of the game and into the App Store. In fact, there are times when an ad will appear after you've tapped the screen as a part of the gameplay, but it will still register that you tapped the ad. It's in your interest to turn off the use of cellular data on this app if for no other reason than to avoid most of the ads when you're not on wifi. There are also ads that come up unexpectedly and with sound, even when your preferences are to keep the game silent. At least these ads only happen when you're connected to a network. The latest update multiplied everything by 1000, so where previously you might have had a million coins, now you've got a billion. This serves no practical purpose and adds to the irrelevance of the game. The bonus "scatter" game is, at best, uninspired. You get to open the same number of chests as scatter icons received in the spin. Betting on a maximum of 25 pay lines means that you can have as many as four winning lines and still not break even with your bet. The "twist" that makes this game different from other slot games, is the fact that each spin -- and each payout other than a scatter win -- advances a score that's independent of your cash on hand. When you reach the goal for that level, you get a star for that level and may advance to the next level. Not only is the goal completely arbitrary (other than to say that, within a given country, a given level's target score is higher than that of its predecessor), but also the number of points received in a given successful spin appears even more random and arbitrary. If there is a mathematical formula to the number of points received relative to the amount won, I can't figure it out and I'm, to be modest, good with numbers. A similar questionable issue of math is with the definition of a "big win", which opens up a double-or-nothing bet for your winnings. It appears as though a "big win" is a function of the amount bet, but I have had wins that didn't qualify as such, but which yielded a higher payout than ones that did (for the same amount bet). Perhaps it's at least partially a function of the number of items that appear on the screen as a result of your spin that actually factor into the payout? While it's nice that the game reports the amount won in the most recent win, it strikes me as strange that it doesn't report the amount won in the most recent spin (even if that amount is zero...) or provide a summary of the winnings from the scatter bonus game when it's over. Additionally, an auto-spin feature would be nice, thus allowing for continual spins without the user actively doing anything. (Of course, that would minimize, if not negate, the arbitrary challenge of completing all levels of a given country within 24 hours to achieve a three-star rating on a country...) Every hour, the game awards a monetary bonus. Every day, the user receives a choice of chests from which a bonus will be granted, and every week, the game gives a user a new match three scratch off ticket. The problem with these bonuses is the fact that the hourly, daily, or weekly clock resets when the user actually avails him or herself of the reward given. So if you go into the game once in five hours, you only get a single bonus and have to wait another hour for another bonus. This is particularly egregious on the weekly scratch-off ticket because you also have a 24 hour window within which to make your daily scratches and if you miss a day, the game doesn't permit you to make up a missed day. Past versions of this game suffered from a bug that intermittently didn't actually scratch off a space despite your choosing it and yet still registering as a daily scratch. Because it was intermittent, I can't be certain that it's been fixed. I only know that I haven't encountered the problem with this version. Long story short, there are better slot machine games, and there are better see-the-world games. That said, this game is still better than its sequel, Slots Journey 2, which is completely unplayable.

  • Slots Journey

    New update is terrible. I'm going to delete the game all together. All those zeros don't make the game more interesting just kind of stupid.

  • Agree with others

    This is one of the first slot games I ever downloaded on my iPhone & I always felt it was very slow paced so I applaud this update for the higher bets now. Like others though it does make the screen cluttered with many zeroes & it is quite distracting.

  • Slot Journey

    TOO MUCH CLUTER. It's worst now then it was before. I'm seriously thinking of deleting this game.

  • Recent "upgrade"

    I feel no wealthier with the addition to a million dollars. Just harder to calculate points on each spin.


    Don't add a plethora of zeroes on everything and call it an update. It simply added clutter to the interface and just isn't very kind on the eyes. There's too much to look at. Change it back to the smaller numbers.

  • Screen Clutter

    So the new update has everything increased by a factor of 1000. Bonuses, total coins, winnings, etc. are all still in the same proportion. I see no point of this other than to clutter up the screen with useless zeroes. An option to go back to the old numbers would be nice. This game has always been 5 star to me, but now it's a 4.

  • Ms

    Excellent game

  • Commercials and Pop-ups Ruined It!

    The pop-ups have gotten crazy! And now there are video commercials, and you can't turn off the sound! I play this game at night with the sound muted, but this game blasts the commercials anyway, waking up my husband! The game used to be fun. Now it has gotten boring and has nothing special any more. It also starts to open and then closes. Please get this mess fixed!

  • Love this game...

    The best...

  • Loved this app, but not today

    This app worked so good until last night. I keep getting errors and can't play the game or collect daily bonus. It's not my device because every other app is working fine.

  • Fun

    I like this game

  • Fun

    Fun when you're bored.

  • Slots Journey

    I have not been able to play since the last update. It only opens to the lobby page then promptly closes. I used to get the free coins at least 10 times daily. If this isn't fixed soon, I plan to delete the app.

  • Entertainment

    Slots of great Journeys.... Are you up for it?!?!?

  • Good

    Yep fun

  • Best game ever!

    The game has an amazing concept of going on a "journey" and getting three stars on each level as a challenge! It is the best game to kill time and updates are appreciated! The game would be even better if u can add auto spins for about 15-25 spins. This auto spin would show the player the chances of getting high-low payout rates! Best game ever!!!!!!!!

  • Thanks For Playing

    Thanks For Playing

  • Ello

    Hejeveienehoevrhrjrvrjebvenrvrjbrvrjrvrjrvrirhdjeawsome awsome

  • audial postaljqo

    The best game ever! Nothing needs to be changed, the mechanics and graphics are the best

  • Poo


  • Nice game

    Great game as a gambler addict lol

  • I r8 8/8

    M8 the app is gr8 I r8 an 8/8 no h8 but a gr8 r8

  • Game

    Great game everyone should get!!

  • Wonderfanterrific

    Great game

  • Great

    Great game

  • 😄

    I'm only doing this for cash for apps

  • uh


  • Fun

    Fun game

  • Wow

    Just perfect

  • Jsjahaha


  • Slots

    It's good

  • 😍❤️

    Asdfghjkl 💖✨

  • FAF

    FreeAppFast sent me here

  • Good app


  • i like turtlezzzz


  • Cool


  • Great

    I really enjoy this game. It helps pass time on the airplane.

  • Cash for apps made me do this

    Never download this

  • Would play again

    10/10 cash for apps

  • Its something


  • Good

    It's a goods game. I like it.

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