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Slots Journey

Slots Journey
4.5 based on 165,616 Votes
Price Free

slot simulator – absolutely FREE.
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Slots Journey is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 12+ (Application may not suitable for children under the age of 12). This application has an average rating of 4.5 based on 165,616 Votes. This version 4.6 has an average rating of 4.5 based on 207 Users.

Your device must have atleast 59.5 MB of space to download and install Slots Journey. This application is game center enabled . Slots Journey is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of Fishsticks Services Limited at

Support Languages

English, American


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Slots Journey
Slots Journey
Slots Journey
Slots Journey

Additional Information

-Get 400 Coins for FREE after installation!

-Grab FREE COINS as Hourly bonus!

-Bonuses for friends!

-A variety of BONUS games.

-No Fees.


Searching for a trip all over the world but don't have the time or money?

Don`t worry! Slots Journey gives you this opportunity!

You can enjoy the newest slot machines in the different corners of the world. Such as:

# Egypt,

# China,

# Islands,

# Greece,

# Transylvania,

# Texas,

# Australia

# North Pole

# France

# Brazil

# Holland

Game Features:

-Dozens of different slot machines to unlock and play.

-Multiply your winnings with various boosters.

-Plenty of bonus games to win extra coins.

-New worlds and adventures are coming constantly.

And that’s not all!!!!

What are you waiting for? Download now and get LUCKY!

-The World Needs More Winners!-


What's New on this version 4.6

Thanks for playing Slots Journey!

We did our best to make game better:
- minor bugfix and improvements

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Sick of pop up ads!

    I'm so tired of every time I go in there it seems as though you trick me to click on an ad and then I get re-directed to the website and then the app store it has gotten out of control. I understand having ads in the bars but they should not be where I have to click them. This game used to be fun but is now just more annoying than anything else.

  • Decent game play marred by ads

    I can't really recommend this app over other slot machine type games. This version regularly crashes when launched from Notification Center. Even once the developers fix that issue, the game is marred by both obtrusive and excessive ads, low payouts, arbitrary goals required to reach the next level, and some basic gameplay limitations that can be readily found on other slot machine games. It can be unpredictable when an unwanted ad will pop up exactly where you want to tap (for example, to spin the wheels or choose the "country" you want to visit), taking you completely out of the game and into the App Store. In fact, there are times when an ad will appear after you've tapped the screen as a part of the gameplay, but it will still register that you tapped the ad. The bonus "scatter" game is, at best, uninspired. You get to open the same number of chests as scatter icons received in the spin. Betting on a maximum of 25 pay lines means that you can have as many as four winning lines and still not break even with your bet. The "twist" that makes this game different from other slot games, is the fact that each spin -- and each payout other than a scatter win -- advances a score that's independent of your cash on hand. When you reach the goal for that level, you get a star for that level and may advance to the next level. Not only is the goal completely arbitrary (other than to say that, within a given country, a given level's target score is higher than that of its predecessor), but also the number of points received in a given successful spin appears even more random and arbitrary. If there is a mathematical formula to the number of points received relative to the amount won, I can't figure it out and I'm, to be modest, good with numbers. A similar questionable issue of math is with the definition of a "big win", which opens up a double-or-nothing bet for your winnings. It appears as though a "big win" is a function of the amount bet, but I have had wins that didn't qualify as such, but which yielded a higher payout than ones that did (for the same amount bet). Perhaps it's at least partially a function of the number of items that appear on the screen as a result of your spin that actually factor into the payout? While it's nice that the game reports the amount won in the most recent win, it strikes me as strange that it doesn't report the amount won in the most recent spin (even if that amount is zero...) or provide a summary of the winnings from the scatter bonus game when it's over. Additionally, an auto-spin feature would be nice, thus allowing for continual spins without the user actively doing anything. (Of course, that would minimize, if not negate, the arbitrary challenge of completing all levels of a given country within 24 hours to achieve a three-star rating on a country...) Every hour, the game awards a monetary bonus. Every day, the user receives a choice of chests from which a bonus will be granted, and every week, the game gives a user a new match three scratch off ticket. The problem with these bonuses is the fact that the hourly, daily, or weekly clock resets when the user actually avails him or herself of the reward given. So if you go into the game once in five hours, you only get a single bonus and have to wait another hour for another bonus. This is particularly egregious on the weekly scratch-off ticket because you also have a 24 hour window within which to make your daily scratches and if you miss a day, the game doesn't permit you to make up a missed day. Past versions of this game suffered from a bug that intermittently didn't actually scratch off a space despite your choosing it and yet still registering as a daily scratch. Because it was intermittent, I can't be certain that it's been fixed. I only know that I haven't encountered the problem with this version. Long story short, there are better slot machine games, and there are better see-the-world games. That said, this game is still better than its sequel, Slots Journey 2, which is completely unplayable.

  • Great slots journey!!

    Woww, Feel like I'm in a real journey through many new lands that I haven't known, really entertaining with this! Tks much

  • Cool classic slots!

    Really cool slots! Classic slot machine. Graphics is strict, but nice. Payouts are optimal. It's interesting to continue playing. The game is not boring, but not greedy. I enjoy tripping from world to world with Slots Journey. The music and graphics are unique for every world. Bonus games are awesome! Ads is not so annoying, like in many other games. You could even earn FREE coins for watching short video. When I made a payment, all ads was removed. Thanks developers. Continue tripping with Slots Journey!

  • Wow

    What is all these annoying ads that can't even purchase to disable. Get rid of them. Ruined a good game with 100 ads that you have no way of disabling.

  • Real journey!!!

    Great game! A lot of slots. Nice graphics. I have a lot of pleasure playing this game. Strongly recommend to play! Classic slots for slots addicted players.

  • Like it a lot but...

    It freezes up my iPhone 5 every time w/ popup ads that even appear in the middle of a spin. Have to constantly restart my phone. The game & bonuses, fun. The ads, obnoxious!

  • It's ok

    That's it

  • Gamz

    Good game

  • Mindless

    Mindless and fun...

  • 4265

    only reason im doing this is to get appbounty credits

  • Nice

    Cool game 👌

  • Squad


  • Banana

    Awesome game

  • Great

    Get this app!

  • Holo

    Yolo Thai best app ever I. Da world swagger yo man dagw

  • Yep


  • Only for cashforapps

    This only has good rates Cuz of cash for apps

  • Good

    It's a good game overall the stages of the games are good the only thing is that when your out of coins that's it you gotta start from scratch.

  • Good


  • Yah

    Yahabdicks skdkaicja

  • Good game

    Awesome game

  • Game

    It's a fun game

  • Great app

    Amazing app!!!!

  • Good

    I had to

  • Good

    I love it

  • Reviewwww

    Very functional

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    Had to

  • Good game

    Good game

  • I just need coins 😘😘😘

    So I got this app for coins haha it said give 5 stars.

  • Bake


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  • Bans


  • App cash

    Had to download it

  • Bruh

    Getting points

  • amazing685

    such a good game and app

  • Great


  • gameloverz

    love love love it

  • Great game

    Fun times

  • One thing to say

    Very fun game and good for @fastappfast

  • Yeet

    This app is amazing and I'm just saying that so I get point for writing this review

  • Review

    Only has good review because of cash for apps!

  • CashForApps

    Had To

  • Review

    Best slot machine I played so far. Excellent

  • It's great

    It was good. Sorry to lazy to write a full report

  • Awsome

    Some good game. But there's a such thing called cash for apps

  • Dickidiot


  • cool

    this is AMAZINGGG

  • Game


  • Great game

    Very fun!!

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