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The Sims™ FreePlay

The Sims™ FreePlay
4 based on 225,780 Votes
Price Free

LIVE FREE! PLAY FREE! From the creators of The Sims™ 3 series of best-selling iPhone games, comes a Sims experience that you can play for FREE on iPhone and iPad!
This app offers in-app purchases. You may disable in-app purchasing using your device settings. See for more info. Read more...

The Sims™ FreePlay is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 12+ (Application may not suitable for children under the age of 12). This application has an average rating of 4 based on 225,780 Votes. This version 5.7.0 has an average rating of 4.5 based on 6,664 Users.

Your device must have atleast 585.7 MB of space to download and install The Sims™ FreePlay. This application is game center enabled . The Sims™ FreePlay is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of Electronic Arts Inc. at

Support Languages

Chinese , Dutch , English, American , French , German , Italian , Japanese , Korean , Portuguese , Russian , Spanish


Games , Adventure , Simulation ,


The Sims™ FreePlay
The Sims™ FreePlay
The Sims™ FreePlay
The Sims™ FreePlay
The Sims™ FreePlay
The Sims™ FreePlay
The Sims™ FreePlay
The Sims™ FreePlay

Additional Information


5 STARS ...The Sims FreePlay is everything you could ever want a freemium Sims game to be.” (Gamezebo)

“10/10 …one of the most addictive and highly polished games available and there’s no excuse for anyone to not download it; especially since it is free to play (the clue’s in the title).” (God is a Geek)

“...plenty of hours of fun... at an excellent, non-existent, price.” (148Apps)


• Design dream homes complete with swimming pools and multiple stories

• Live out your perfect Sims story at every stage of life from Babies to Seniors

• Get to know your Sims and give them unique personalities for them to live out their Life Dreams

• Visit your real friends’ Sim Towns! Complete goals, form new relationships and compare your friends’ interior design skills against yours!

• Care for pets, grow gardens, even bake a cake

• Give your Sims careers and earn Simoleons to improve their situations

• Complete goals for Lifestyle Points, then spend them on hip items

• Live with your Sims in real-time

…and most of all, play for FREE!


Will your Sims be friends – or enemies? Form relationships with a slap, a high-five (or some Woohoo!). Make your town bustle with pet stores, car dealerships, supermarkets and even a beach! Expand your city as you get more Sims.

Be free, Sims! Be free! The opportunities are limitless!



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Game EULA:

Visit for assistance or inquiries.

EA may retire online features and services after 30 days’ notice posted on

Important Consumer Information:

This app: requires a persistent Internet connection (network fees may apply); requires acceptance of EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy, TOS and EULA includes in-game advertising; collects data through third party analytics technology (see Privacy & Cookie Policy for details); contains direct links to the Internet and social networking sites intended for an audience over 13.

What's New on this version 5.7.0

Tails are wagging and there are purrs aplenty after the grand opening of Barkshire Pet Park! Grab your furry friends and explore a pet paradise filled with exciting new activities for your Sims and their Pets. Roam free, Pets! Roam free!

• Head on down to Barkshire Pet Park where your Pets can explore wide open spaces
• Let your Dog roll, balance and jump through the intensive Dog Agility Hobby
• Teach your pooch adorable new tricks in the Dog Obedience Hobby
• Win first prize in the Cat Show Hobby with your perfectly groomed feline
• While away the time at the Cat Café as you enjoy the antics of your favorite feline in the Cat Run
• Does your Sim love all creatures great and small? Give them the all-new Animal Fanatic personality
• Surprise your Pets with colorful collars from the new Pet Salon

Make some new furry friends in The Sims FreePlay! Be sure to LIKE us on Facebook for the latest news and offers.

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Fix it please

    Game is good. Really fun, but whenever i close game and return later, quests and construction are reset. Then i gotta do 12hr thing AGAIN!! Fix it please.

  • This game is awesome!

    This game is really awesome but I would like a gym for my sims. There could even be a little playground for toddlers. Teenagers could even work out in the gym too! It would also be cool if after you complete the fashion designer hobby your sims could have a little fashion show to show off their designs. There should be more clothes and hairstyles for teenagers. Also more time to complete the quests please! I would also like toddlers swimming in the pools with little arm floats. And you should be able to take your dogs on walks, give them baths and they should go inside the sims house at night. Please take this under suggestion! Thank you

  • Why

    Why is there not a CANCeL button ??? When downloading #smh

  • Worthless!

    I hate this so much! Can't even play it! I've had it before on the same IPhone and it was fine, but I stopped playing and deleted it. Now I want to play it again but I can't! Says it only takes 614 MB yet I deleted 3 GB AND I CAN'T DOWNLOADED IT! So done.

  • Add the previous things

    I love the game so much but ever since your update came sims can't wear their varsity jackets and there no more full versions of cloths or hairstyles and there's no deleting sims and also you need to let the toddlers help there parents to was dishes and wash their hands and bring the cloths back and let the sims speak English

  • Great game

    Love this game but hate the life goals portion. It takes forever to get orbs.

  • Love it but needs some work

    I love this game. But idk why it does this but, I built a house but every time I open the app it makes me make the sim all over again. Second thing. You should be able to do more things with the app. Like if you take your sims to work, you should be able to actually be able to see them work. But mostly fix the bug where it make me have to make the sim all over again. It's really annoying

  • similar to original

    good try to replicate the real game, just wish some things didn't take so much time

  • Great game


  • Awsome app but

    I'm a level 7 and my sims won't fall In love😩 I even have the quest for it please fix and I'll give it 5 stars

  • Good game but.....

    This game was fun with the cheats, with the two newest updates they have disabled the cheats. It's not fun anymore because it takes forever to earn money and LP now you have to wait the full amount of time and "Ain't nobody got time for dat" bring back the cheats!!!!!!!!!!- besides that it's a good game😌

  • Great game

    Really good game, though most things take a lot of time

  • Amazing sims

    Omg is this game is the best game ever do not listen to the other people this game is awzing

  • My Review

    Hello Everyone, I just want to say, that this is one of my favorite games ever! First off, I would like to list some things I love: - The High Prices - The Pets - The Life Stages Then, the things I don't like: - There aren't a lot of Romance Choices - Not that many quests


    You should be able to take a picture of a cupcake and get the cupcake thing. Like, you can't get one from your photo album or the web. You can only take a picture. My life would be complete.

  • Okay

    First of all on this app you can see them when they are taking a shower and they can whoohooo which is not that promising to kids under the age of 5 Also I do not think that it has much to do with cooking either.i hope that this helped a bit.

  • The newest update has totally messed it up!

    Been playing a LONG time, but the new update means that you must use orbs obtained when your sims DIE in order to expand your town. There is now no way to stop the death progress, nor can you expand without creating a crop of people to die for Orbs, keeping in mind you are limited in your population. Don't bother with this game!

  • I love this game

    I play this game a lot. But I kinda want to make my sims do things then not worry. I want them to have a que so I can set up what I want them to do. But it's great!

  • Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

    It's an amazing game

  • Yay

    We need to have a Sims 4 on iPhones

  • The sims review

    I love this game so much it's amazing go sims

  • Sims free play

    I luv this game but it takes too long to complete tasks. I mean who takes 17 hours to BBQ.

  • Awesome game

    The way they make this game is awesome

  • Love

    I love this game so much. Feel that's all that needs to be said

  • Just yes

    Great game dont know how to make it better

  • Why would we wanna play this game anymore?

    Al the quests are hard it should not be 24 hours it never should have been there should be fun places like a waterpark or a gym and we should see inside of all the buildings there should be yummier food like casserole or pancakes or cake you can eat this game is ridiculous with out all of this stuff there should be different cars different houses that look different different town do a huge update on the place and let us pick a town we would love our sims to live in there should be different actions to talk to sims like ask her here name and different funny and cool stuff,this game is getting worse and worse without the updates the people want I like the game but please do a BiG change on this game and I'm sure EVERYBODY WOULD WANT to PLAY!!

  • I love

    But it's been gliching

  • Life cycle options.

    This whole life cycle thing needs to be an option.. I was someone who played this game all the time and now I don't even bother. I spent a lot of time and some money on this game and it's just disappointing. I won't be playing anymore.

  • Good but needs fix

    Everything is fine but one thing got me mad. For a girl...lets say I want plain hair that goes to my shoulders. There are non except the one with designs in it. There should be no max for how many pets u have, children, and people in a house.

  • Too needy!!!!!

    I was expecting to have a lot of fun with this but the sims are just too needy. I am constantly making them go to the bathroom, eating, bathing, etc. And later when I play the happiness bar goes back down to red. It ruins the fun so please fix this. Thanks

  • Pets

    I really like your game, but I would like you to add one more dog to be equal to the cats. I just find it unfair that there is a half cat/robot cat AND a full robot cat while the dogs only have a robot dog. No half robot/dog dog. Also we need a food BAG. No bag appears when my sims fill up their bowl of water and food. I would like this to be more realistic please.... Anyway, other than that your game is AWESOME. :-) Also, can you add some small doggies? Like an mini Aussie or a dachshund a.k.a wiener dog? Pweez? I would really enjoy that :-)

  • Wheelchairs

    It's a great game but I see a lot of gliches like dancing inside each other, and their is no wheelchairs and I want to make prof. X.

  • Glitch

    Everytime I get to best friend it takes me back to good friend so I can't complete the quest -_-

  • To be honest

    I used to love the game but it seems that the makers have just missed the point now that the Sims age and die it's like what's the point of having them because they don't time to stop your life to go on and if you don't come and play with them they get old and then whatever success you have made in the game it's gone now because you've been busy in real life it's like I miss the days of my simply just wait for me and even though they would get moody and and sticky it was nice when I got to deiced who aged and who didn't who had a kid and stuff like that now it's just now fun

  • Love The game

    I love the game and it so much fun. There is one thing, it is how it through real time. I prefer it to be game time it takes for ever.

  • The sims free play

    The game is good but I don't think you should charge to make the kids adults and the adults Seniors what if people can't afford the gold coins. And I also think you should give more free stuff

  • the update

    i updated it it wont even open like i press the app and it wont open

  • Fine

    Great I love it it's just you need lvl 9 to have a kid higher possibly I don't know I'm lvl 8 you should have a kid whenever you have a crib witch still needs lvl 9 and that's all the reasons it's fine

  • New things

    I wish that it would have more clothing ideas like dresses and jewelry and things like that. I wish the hair was free and it could be longer but free.its a really good game I love it

  • Cool app!

    It's a fun app,it's great and it's FREE!👌

  • Other ways!

    I love the game! I would love to see more challenges, also a bonus for completing the weekly challenge early. I also wish there were more ways to earn life points or make the pets and birthday cakes payable with the money's.

  • Pretty good but...

    The sims free play is a good app but it needs some improvements. One when you get on level seven you should be able to get a cat or kitten or dog or a puppy! Two there should be an icon on level seven that lets you buy a whole city that would be cool! Three you should get more XP and there should be more lifestyle points when you get on the next level up.

  • Simoleons!!!!!

    Getting money on sims freeplay is hard. The quests/goals make you lose money so fast. The prizes you can get after completing the quests are cool but if you don't finish the quest in time you can't get the prize, which is not fair. But I have to say, you guys did an amazing job blocking all the cheats. I have seen almost every video on how to do cheats and none of them work so good job. Just hear me out though please make it easier to earn simoleons and make the game more fair. Thanks! ~love a sims gamer

  • A question

    I want to know where can I find sims 2,3,4 on App Store

  • Fun...but

    It's a very fun game, however it would be much better if the sims could do more than one task at a time-similar to the PC version.

  • Back to The Past

    I finished a task and I made my sim do another task. But I came back after an hour. And I was still doing the first task. It took me back. And it's already done that twice. I went to settings to see if my time or date was wrong but it was all good. So can you guys like fix it? 😭🙌

  • Expensive

    There is no way I'm spending real money on a game where it takes forever to get a task done. If I could give no stars, I would. THE EA GREED IS REAL.

  • Awesome

    Would rate a five if it didn't freeze up other than that very entertaining 😀

  • I love this game but

    I love the sims free play but for some reason this new up date keeps bringing me back like if my plants finished growing and I went on and did a quest then turned off my phone when I played again it would say I had to collect my plants and do the quest again!!!! Please fix this issue or I will have to delete the app thx

  • Pretty cool game

    I like this game but some of the tasks take way too long

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