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The Sims™ FreePlay

The Sims™ FreePlay
4.5 based on 405,094 Votes
Price Free

Create a beautiful Day Spa with everything you need to soothe your Sims’ senses in the latest update.
LIVE FREE! PLAY FREE! From the creators of The Sims ™ 3 series of best-selling mobile games comes a COMPLETE Sims experience that you can play for FREE on your iPhone and iPad! Read more...

The Sims™ FreePlay is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 12+ (Application may not suitable for children under the age of 12). This application has an average rating of 4.5 based on 405,094 Votes. This version 5.21.1 has an average rating of 4.5 based on 98 Users.

Your device must have atleast 196.7 MB of space to download and install The Sims™ FreePlay. This application is game center enabled . The Sims™ FreePlay is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of Electronic Arts Inc. at

Support Languages

Dutch , English, American , French , German , Italian , Japanese , Korean , Portuguese , Russian , Chinese , Spanish


Games , Simulation , Adventure ,


The Sims™ FreePlay
The Sims™ FreePlay
The Sims™ FreePlay
The Sims™ FreePlay
The Sims™ FreePlay
The Sims™ FreePlay
The Sims™ FreePlay
The Sims™ FreePlay

Additional Information

This app offers in-app purchases. You may disable in-app purchasing using your device settings. See for more info.

100 Million Downloads – This app has received more than 100 million overall downloads.


5 STARS ...The Sims FreePlay is everything you could ever want a freemium Sims game to be.” (Gamezebo)

“10/10 …one of the most addictive and highly polished games available and there’s no excuse for anyone to not download it; especially since it is free to play (the clue’s in the title).” (God is a Geek)

“...plenty of hours of fun... at an excellent, non-existent, price.” (148Apps)


• Design dream homes complete with swimming pools and multiple stories

• Live out your perfect Sims story at every stage of life from Babies to Seniors

• Get to know your Sims and give them unique personalities for them to live out their Life Dreams

• Visit your real friends’ Sim Towns! Complete goals, form new relationships and compare your friends’ interior design skills against yours!

• Care for pets, grow gardens, even bake a cake

• Give your Sims careers and earn Simoleons to improve their situations

• Complete goals for Lifestyle Points, then spend them on hip items

• Live with your Sims in real-time

…and most of all, play for FREE!


Will your Sims be friends – or enemies? Form relationships with a slap, a high-five (or some Woohoo!). Make your town bustle with pet stores, car dealerships, supermarkets and even a beach! Expand your city as you get more Sims.

Be free, Sims! Be free! The opportunities are limitless!



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EA may retire online features and services after 30 days’ notice posted on

Important Consumer Information:

This app: requires a persistent Internet connection (network fees may apply); requires acceptance of EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy, TOS and EULA includes in-game advertising; collects data through third party analytics technology (see Privacy & Cookie Policy for details); contains direct links to the Internet and social networking sites intended for an audience over 13.

What's New on this version 5.21.1

Keep calm and still your mind as you take off on a journey to enlightenment with the ultimate Day Spa retreat!

• Create a beautiful sanctuary complete with everything you need to soothe your Sims’ senses
• Wrap up in comfy robes and awaken the mind with healing facials
• Stretch out on massage tables as you surrender to relaxing body massages and elbow out those back knots!
• Invigorate the soul with meditation, or inhale, exhale and sit by the water finding inner peace
• Treat yourself from finger to toe with manicure and pedicure stations
• Get steamy at the sauna or sit back, relax and contemplate life in the hot springs

Retreat to your Day Spa in The Sims FreePlay. Be sure to LIKE us on Facebook for all the latest news and offers.

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Great Game!

    I love it, You should get it! :)

  • 😊yaaaas!

    Thank you for fixing up the glitches!

  • I LOVE

    I really like this new update and i can't wait to finish this spa mission I LOVE IT SO MUCH !

  • Lololo lol



    The new update made my toddlers act weird and it makes me mad all they do is stand there!!!!!😤😤😤😤😤😤😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Minor issues and suggestion

    -The dogs are meowing like cats, please fix it -Also when I am editing doors/windows, the lighting in the house turns off and changes to blue -I suggest that you create an option to send multiple people to work/school because it's getting very tiresome having to send 30 sims to work individually

  • It's fun but....

    This game is fun but they need to fix the toddlers because when I was sending my kid to sleep it just froze in front of its bed took off its clothing and the blanket was on the floor glitches a lot

  • SimsFreePlay

    Starting to dislike the game because they dont give you enough time to do Anything & it ask for to many Yellow Life point or the purple social points to get requirements On the spa Items .

  • Can't find my other review

    An update!!!! Yay!!! Giving y'all 5 stars and hoping the glitches will be fixed.. Ahh thank you for being on top of things!

  • Love This Game But...

    OK so I've had this game for a while and I'm already on level 27. I don't have any complaints, its just so fun! But I do think there should be an update for; 1.Sims should have a more varied selection of hairstyles. should not have to pay 3 Life style points to have a baby! 3.The female Sims should be able to get pregnant, and have twins or possibly triplets! 4.The pets should not cost so much 5.Quests should be shorter 6.building more floors on houses should not cost 300 simoleons option for when building a house you could choose a layout And 8. You shouldn't have to pay so much for a cake/pet biscuit That's all I have to say. I am finally done with my rant! (^_−)☆

  • Good but with new update bugs

    This is a very good game and I recommend this to anybody who likes life simulators but there is one problem. When the new update came, I aged my baby up to a toddler and her life dream was to play a lot with dogs. But when I do this action my toddler basically just freezes but the dog keeps doing the actions it's supposed to do. Please fix that. Then I will rate 5 stars.

  • Help the toddlers

    I made my family. I also included my brother, who is a toddler. But now he is super glitchy ever since this "Spa Update." When he does some animations, he just freezes in one pose (Such as freezing in the walking animation, just not moving). When he sits, half of his head is showing on the table he's sitting next to. When I look at his picture, it shows his stomach. Please help him (Not only him, but all of the other toddlers I've experienced when growing them up)! I will give this game a 5 Star in exchange! Please and thank you!

  • Fix the game

    Toddlers are lagging and nobody else is

  • Toddler glitch

    My toddlers keep freezing and when I make them do something, the objects move but not the toddler. When my toddlers eat, they're at the middle of the table and not in the seat. They freeze in the corner while walking. When they play with toys, they freeze in the spot. Their faces don't even show on simtracker, it's jut their shirts .

  • Creepy Glitches

    When I went onto the game today, I noticed that my toddlers were freezing. One was stuck in the middle of a table! And also, where I had a different one play with the dog, it was just standing there! I think it's weird because all my other sims are fine- they aren't glitching. I usually like this game, but now it's a bit odd.

  • Glitches on the update

    I love the game except for this update. My toddlers keep freezing whenever they go to do something. Even sleeping. One other thing I wish we can do in the game is stop our sims from aging if we don't want them to. I know u can do it by using life points. But I would like to be able to do this through options like the regular sims. So u don't have to pay for it

  • Lots of glitches/ hacks ruins the game

    Everything I see, I agree with. I have been playing for 2 years and it's only getting weirder and harder. The new spa quest has unreasonable goals,the social point tasks all take forever. I REALLY REAllY want a delete all button for the inventory!!!!! Please I beg you! It gets so hard to demolish a house and sell all the items to make money because of all the items and the longness. In addition, there are many hacks that ruin the purpose of the game and preteens spa robes are invisible

  • Glitches and suggestions

    I looooove the sims but every since the update all my toddles do is freeze...can you fix it? And also it would be really cool if the mothers could carry the babies in their stomachs.

  • Sims

    All toddlers are glitching doing everything

  • Love the game but

    The game is always glitchy when I am far from wi-if it freezes and doesn't work properly it needs a update to fix the bug and can you add a water park plz

  • Time is way too long

    You made a great game, but on the nanny knows best quest, everything is taking 18 hours, 3 hours, I am getting sick of it. I have school and homework with only a little bit of time to spare. Please fix this to make the time shorter please. ⏲⏰⏱

  • New spa update

    Since the spa update my $65,000 hot tub is useless lol it doesn't fill with water anymore. Please fix this

  • Missing prizes

    When I claimed the cummunity prize "open entrances" on the new spa update, originally I was able to view them all, then when I went to try to put them into my homes they disappeared. I have restarted and reset my game, and nothing has changed.

  • Frozen Toddlers!

    I love this game so so so much, but whenever I leave or something, the toddlers are frozen while walking, or playing with each other. The adults don't freeze, but the toddlers do. I always have to make them go somewhere to fix it. And, when I told one of my toddlers, Sydney, to go to bed, and she just stood there with her underwear on. And the blanket appeared out of nowhere and was glitching under Sydney. PLEASE FIX IT!!😢

  • love this game but one thing needs to be fixed.

    please fix the glitch with the toddlers because my toddlers are kinda creeping me out. i hope someone please fixes this problem!

  • Realisim

    I Know this is a video game but sims should be able to become pregnant and it shouldn't cost to make bday cake because it doesn't make sense to me in the real game it doesn't so... And less quests now I'm on level 31 going strong but i still have quests I need to finish.And✨lifestyle-points should be easier to get.And lastly you should be able to choose if a sim is fat skinny or in the middle.


    I Have been playing this game for a while,but when the update came out I put a outfit on my teenager and there body disappeared I don't know if anyone else has this problem there head is just FLOATING AROUND its kinda creepy please fix this


    There is a scary glitch with the toddlers that really freaks me out sometime 😂 I try to have them do an action and they just stand there are stare. Sometimes it glitches and they are INSIDE A TABLE. One time I was trying to get one to use the rocking horse and the horse rocking by itself and the toddler was staring at it SMILING. ITS MAD CREEPY 😂🎅🏿

  • Loving the spa update

    Sims is an addictive time killer. Haven't enjoyed most of the most recent updates but this spa update is the best so far. A dull panic was starting to set in as I ran out of goals so update is right on time. Thanks😊🤗😊

  • Toddlers being weird! 🙄

    Since I've updated with the spa my toddlers are being weird. I thought I was the only one that has experienced this problem, but I am not. Every time they do a task; for example, going to sleep they just stand there in their diaper and blanket under them doing nothing at all! It happens all the time I do something with them. And on one of my toddlers it only shows their clothes not themselves. Please fix this!

  • Glitches in new update

    LOVE THIS GAME! I've been playing for years. I love the new update but I realized I few glitches. My toddlers seem to freeze and I can only see their clothes in the simtracker. Please fix this!

  • Problems with toddler

    I just love this game I play it all the time but it's having problems I can see everyone else is having the same thing happen when I make my toddler go to do something it don't work I was very excited about the update I still am just please get this glitch fixed! Still love this game one of the best games

  • Glitches omg

    My toddler is possessed and since the update just freezes and nothing happens. It won't do a single action. Just freezes on front of the object

  • Store Error Glitch

    Game was fun until the update, now I log in and get a "Store Error”pop-up with the message “Error: Unable to find offer”. I hit the ok button but it will not go away making the game 100% unplayable.

  • Glitches!!

    Ever since the last update, my toddler is a complete mess! She floats and freezes and I sent her to bed and she is standing next to her bed in a diaper and it claims she is asleep! 5 stars if it starts working! Oh and if there were an undo button lol. Dumb me always seems to spend my money and then forget that tearing something down cost so now I'm broke!!

  • Great but new glitches!

    I love this game but after the new update all my dogs are meowing instead of barking, in addition to other glitches. Please fix!

  • Day Spa

    I haven't been able to figure out how to build the Day Spa. Is there a way to do that? I have collected several gems, etc. Where and how do I do this? Also, like others, my toddlers are acting strange.

  • So many glitches!

    I love this game so much, and I love the update. The thing is, it keeps hitching. The party boat no longer works, no matter how long I wait for it to load. Also, the robes and slippers for preteens are invisible and don't show up at all in the dresser. Lastly, when the door package was unlocked, I picked one of the doors, but as soon as I placed the free one, it completely disappeared from the shop. All the others were just fine, and I tried to close and then reopen the app, but it's still not there.

  • HELP!

    After the recent update, the app won't just open! Please help!!

  • Frustrating 😡

    I've had this game for a while and I've had little to no problems. Until this new update. I got the flashing symbol for The Party Boat rewards. I tapped it to collect my rewards and it brought up the "login in failed tap to sign in again". So I try to sign in again through Facebook and while trying to type in my email address it freezes to a white screen. I can't go back or do anything. I have to completely close out the app. I try again and the same thing. This has been going on for since the app updated and it's very frustrating. Please fix it!

  • 1 bad thing😒

    Everything is good but there's 1 bad thing you have to control the whole city 🙁🙁

  • Great but......

    For the new spa challenge one of the tasks is to complete the first set of daily goals. Well, I've done multiple sets and the task is still there and I'm losing time to complete the challenge. Please fix. I would like to compete the challenge with no more problems.

  • I love playing this game!

    I really enjoy playing this game. 5/5/16 after the update my toddlers don't do anything I tell them too, even though the game says they are doing it. I do wish it wasn't so hard/impossible to get long hair for the sims. I also really really wish families could have more than 2 kids. I created my own family at the beginning of the game, and didn't realize I couldn't add my other kids until after I'd add two and tried adding a 3rd. I would also like it more if the requirements for tasks didn't take so long, or if the tasks had more time. Other than that the game is fun, and is one of the very few games I'll actually play.

  • Glitches

    I love this game but ever since the new update my toddler freezes doing stuff(going to sleep, playing, walking etc..)

  • Dogs sounds like cats?

    Okay I enjoy this game but for some reason the new update has my adult dogs sounding my cats? And when given attention they sound like parrots? I don't even have parrots in my game. Please fix.

  • Glitchy

    Latest update for spring is making toddlers freeze, dogs meow, and changing sims appearances completely. Not just their clothing but EVERYTHING. Also, three times today I've assigned each sim to a 3+hours activity only to come back after ten minutes to find them doing nothing. Also had some already half way through a 16 hour activity and found it somehow had been canceled. Ugh!

  • Addicted!

    I believe I might be the only one with a meowing dog lol.

  • Bug/glitch report with New Spa Update

    When you think of playing the sims one day, and decide that your toddler sim should do something to get XP. But when that toddler or any other toddler begins an animated movement, (for example; going to take a bath, or sitting on the couch) they just completely stop all movement and seem to not follow the task that was set ahead. They do not stop the task however, and as the time spent for the task wears off, you get whatever XP or simoleons that you wanted. The bug also makes the toddler sims begin to stop in the middle of the table, which makes them look like part of or all of their head was decapitated. If this bug was fixed I believe that it would make a huge difference to the overall game, not just for quality but for the actual people that like to play it.

  • Anonymous Walrus 🤔🤔🤔

    Was working fine before this update, but now my toddler is glitching like a maniac.

  • Toddlers

    I'm so upset... Yesterday my toddlers just started to freeze when I wanted them to do a task... The task is completed but they just stand there frozen... I really hope this bug gets fixed soon!😔 Other than his problem the app so great!

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