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The Sims™ FreePlay

The Sims™ FreePlay
4 based on 235,408 Votes
Price Free

LIVE FREE! PLAY FREE! From the creators of The Sims™ 3 series of best-selling iPhone games, comes a Sims experience that you can play for FREE on iPhone and iPad!
This app offers in-app purchases. You may disable in-app purchasing using your device settings. See for more info. Read more...

The Sims™ FreePlay is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 12+ (Application may not suitable for children under the age of 12). This application has an average rating of 4 based on 235,408 Votes. This version 5.8.0 has an average rating of 4.5 based on 1,420 Users.

Your device must have atleast 595.0 MB of space to download and install The Sims™ FreePlay. This application is game center enabled . The Sims™ FreePlay is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of Electronic Arts Inc. at

Support Languages

Chinese , Dutch , English, American , French , German , Italian , Japanese , Korean , Portuguese , Russian , Spanish


Games , Adventure , Simulation ,


The Sims™ FreePlay
The Sims™ FreePlay
The Sims™ FreePlay
The Sims™ FreePlay
The Sims™ FreePlay
The Sims™ FreePlay
The Sims™ FreePlay
The Sims™ FreePlay

Additional Information


5 STARS ...The Sims FreePlay is everything you could ever want a freemium Sims game to be.” (Gamezebo)

“10/10 …one of the most addictive and highly polished games available and there’s no excuse for anyone to not download it; especially since it is free to play (the clue’s in the title).” (God is a Geek)

“...plenty of hours of fun... at an excellent, non-existent, price.” (148Apps)


• Design dream homes complete with swimming pools and multiple stories

• Live out your perfect Sims story at every stage of life from Babies to Seniors

• Get to know your Sims and give them unique personalities for them to live out their Life Dreams

• Visit your real friends’ Sim Towns! Complete goals, form new relationships and compare your friends’ interior design skills against yours!

• Care for pets, grow gardens, even bake a cake

• Give your Sims careers and earn Simoleons to improve their situations

• Complete goals for Lifestyle Points, then spend them on hip items

• Live with your Sims in real-time

…and most of all, play for FREE!


Will your Sims be friends – or enemies? Form relationships with a slap, a high-five (or some Woohoo!). Make your town bustle with pet stores, car dealerships, supermarkets and even a beach! Expand your city as you get more Sims.

Be free, Sims! Be free! The opportunities are limitless!



Terms of Service :

Game EULA:

Visit for assistance or inquiries.

EA may retire online features and services after 30 days’ notice posted on

Important Consumer Information:

This app: requires a persistent Internet connection (network fees may apply); requires acceptance of EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy, TOS and EULA includes in-game advertising; collects data through third party analytics technology (see Privacy & Cookie Policy for details); contains direct links to the Internet and social networking sites intended for an audience over 13.

What's New on this version 5.8.0

Magic is appearing in Sim Town! Get the help of Sim Town’s resident Wizard and conjure up new spells to save your neighborhood from impending doom.  Summon your enchanted broomstick and hold on to your wand; magical mysteries and mayhem are just around the corner at level 8+!

• Discover a world of magic and charms in the Book of Spells Quest – construct Sorcerous Supplies to unlock it
• Conjure up mysterious collectibles in the new Spell Casting Hobby and unlock a gorgeous pet Owl
• Hatch your very own mythical pet Dragon! Handle with care, they are a little bit fiery
• Soar to the skies in the gravity-defying Broomstick Flying Hobby – complete the Spell Casting Hobby and wait until the witching hour on Halloween to unlock it!
• Enchant your friends with stylish new Wizard Costumes, perfect for your magical Sim
• Pick up all your mystical wares at Sorcerous Supplies; it’s stocked full of crystal balls, cauldron fireplaces, and much more
• Find frightful new items every day leading up to Halloween – starts Oct 25!

Be enchanted in The Sims FreePlay! Be sure to LIKE us on Facebook for the latest news and offers.

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • It stills needs something...

    The app is cool but I think it could use something more, like being able to use google+. Also, it could be better without the sim-eating plant. It was scary. But when I checked in help, it said they don't harm at all! A big waste of my time, and lp triying to get rid of it(tried to plant tomatoes for my quest)

  • Addictive

    Fun and funny game!

  • Idea

    What is the creator can add a creative mode where you can do anything! You don't need money or lp and you can build your own house however you want and you can still put sims in it and raise a family just like regular and make them have jobs but you can make the building how you like it

  • Great game, but my sister got ripped off when buying simoleons

    This is a very fun game and is quite addictive and is overall a great game. That is what I have to say about the game itself. It does have its flaws though. What I really want to talk about is how my sister got ripped off when buying simoleons. So she bought some simoleons. She spent a about 8 dollars on the simoleons, and it said purchase successful. However, when she went back into the game, she didn't have the simoleons. Sure enough, the purchase was in her purchase history and her money is gone. I don't know if this is a problem with the game or if the ripoff was intentional or if anyone else has had this problem, but that just makes me and my sister very angry. I recommend that until this gets figured out, don't do any in app purchases on this game.

  • This is horrible😡😡😡😡😡

    What the $$$$ is up with u people.first i do not like this game and let me tell u why 1.things are too expensive why in the world does it cost 4.99$ to adopt a toddler u cant earn life points it would make life a whole lot easier. 2.why do we have to have a birthday cake to age someone that should be an option. 3.YOU Guys dont listen to any of these reviews.because u add what u want to add insed of listing to us. takes the fun out of the game because u guys use real time and things take too long serulsy.

  • Plz look

    So get it but you have make sims have when sim Are have baby they have big fat pelly and when sleep the pelly grows when woke up when tuoch They tells you more days have baby

  • Best game ever

    It's not that I don't like it. Is that it need like new clothe and that when the girl gets pregnant that I can see the belly and if you could make better the shoppings better and the baby shop need more stuff and new costume and if there could be the others sims games but free for the people that can't afford it please and thank you. and if your planning to make another update make it good like make new task, or when you go to the wardrobe Make new hairstyle or new makeup. because in every single update you make I don't see the difference and in your last update you took the dog away maybe so it could be harder to get money and why start with weekly task I don't like that because some things you can't afford maybe that's why it's free you should do a change and if you do make it the belly one please and thank you.

  • awesome game🎮

    it sometimes gets boring but when it gets interesting i can't stop playing but the thing that I hate is that to get simoleons is difficult and I'm still trying to get the horse stables which is $100,000 simoleons SO HARD but still a great game

  • HELP

    how to I get 2 sims past a partner relationship I try so hard for hours why won't it work ?!

  • 😃😀😃😀😃😀😃😃

    Love it it's a awesome app it work perfectly!!!! Subscribe to seven amazing teens!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I love this app

    You can have babies and build your house however you want. You can cusomzie anybody. It is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooofun!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can get married too. Best app ever. You should get this app. Who ever made it is a good app. Everything is perfect!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!! It has sims 1 2 3 4!! AWESOME!!

  • Bellandrea's ideas

    You should have a bridge that you can make at level 27+ That leads to another island that has a collage for your teenagers to go to after they complete high school. I think there should be an airport where your sims could give in money to get a ticket so, they can go to another country like France or China. You should have another level after you get to serious date with teens. Teens should be able to baby sit as a job. Speaking of jobs, teens should be able to have jobs. Also, you should be able to drive boats and find islands. There should be a metal detector hobby where you can drive a boat to an island and use the metal detector to find buried treasure. You should be able to do what ever quest you want and there should be no lp and you should be able to get anything with money and not lp.

  • Bad Update

    I used to love this game then they updated it. They took out all my favorite wallpapers and now I have to get to level 40. The update messed me up. Oh and you should add hats to the beauty salon

  • Awesome app

    This app is so amazing, but lp is really hard to get. I really need for because The task I have they need me to but thing with lp. Either way you should,get this app.

  • Meuff


  • Plz make it play it offline with no Wi-Fi!

    Make it so you can play it without wi-fi please! Right Now! Plz?

  • Read this

    This is so stuiped there's no easy way to get lp points and rings and cakes shouldn't coast life lp points till you update it so that rings and cakes don't coast lp points I'd give this 0stares 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿

  • Sims free play

    Hi on the next update I really want you to like when you visit somebody's town the other person can also see them please please!!!

  • Apps kept crashing

    I love the sims, I really do. But since the update with the magic store (is this the Halloween update everyone is talking about?), not only was the game itself crashing, all of the other apps on my phone were crashing too. I couldn't add a photo to Instagram or send a video via Facebook messenger, they would crash. Safari was running extremely slow and absolutely nothing would load. So I went into the sims to try and back it up into the cloud, but it was running so slow and kept crashing, backing it up was impossible. After finally just deleting the game, everything started working normally again. I was only level 14, but I'm still rather frustrated. I'm willing to start over, but I don't want to reinstall the app if it's going to slow everything down again. I don't want to seem rude or mean, I really love this game, you guys have done a great job! But something went wrong somewhere. :(

  • Make it more like the computer

    Add feelings like embarrassed, confident, flirty, etc. Make us able to speed up time

  • Baby?

    Ok so I know that it's kinda early to ask this but how do u have a baby ..... Like it has woo-hoo but that doesn't do any thing so can someone please answer me.

  • Good Time

    Looooove it

  • A Great Game

    This game is good but you should let people like get mods for it so like they can have skeleton dog or cat

  • Help! App won't load!

    I bought some yellow simoleons & now my app won't load! Please help! My sims are probably home from work now & starving. Please fix. Do it for the Sims.

  • I love this game

    With the new update the game is so much more fun

  • Love it!!!!

    I love this game I just wish it had the fast forward button because some of the quests take to long...

  • I don't really like but I do

    I like it an sometimes not but I like it so 5 I'll rate it I want to rate it 10 but only 5

  • Too long

    I love this game but u have to wait so long to do things like for thirteen hours to do play with your wand I can't wait that long please make some thing like 3 min or 1 hour

  • Awesome

    This game is so addicting! I just love it❤️

  • The good game of tonight

    I was fun but now I couldn't play it because it was updated 😭😿💦

  • Update suggestions!!

    do it more like pc play we will love it more ! it if you did it more like pc game play it will be more famous in App Store with the new update please do an update more like pc, Thank you !!

  • Seriously???

    Why do you take away items that we already had access to just to give them back after more work? Stop doing this!!! How about you come up with new items for an update instead of making it so we have to work even harder to get back the items we used to have. We already have to work hard enough for half of this stuff. Some of the time limits on quests are unattainable without spending money on LPs to finish goals early... I thought the point of calling it freeplay was that you could play for free... You are making me seriously reconsider this game. And I'm not sure I want to spend the money to buy another version (which I was considering).

  • Bought LP , but didn't get them!

    I just bought LP for 14.99 and my CC was charged for it ,but never got them . This costed me not only money ,but a quest I needed done within an hour of purchase !

  • Can you get more greedy?

    I absolutely love this game. Well I USED TO, until the game became impossible to play. That is unless you spend actual money that costs around $5.00 (least amount) There are sooo many issues with this game, its unbelievable. I'll first talk about the Halloween Update or newest update. 1. All the prices went up OR removed altogether and it won't let you buy them until you unlock a higher level- even though they were unlocked before the update. - The makers of this game are greedy, and it's upsetting because I really enjoy this game. A chair once cost $80 and now costs $180. WHAT A RIPOFF!!!! 😡 2. Another thing that needs to change are the quests. It's unfair to have a Halloween update BUT only for those who can afford it. 👎. - You have to unlock previous quests before you can even get to the new update: Halloween, Teenager, Horse place, etc. 3. With the new update walls and floors dramatically went up in cost!!! A red carpet used to be $5 a yard. Now it's 500!😲 I can't afford to buy carpet and walls. It's unfair and it's a real jerk move. Now I'm going to talk about issues with the overall game. 1. Houses are too expensive. My town is worth 3 million and each time you purchase a house, money goes up more and more. 📈 2. Same goes with businesses! How am I supposed to buy buildings required for quests when each building doubles in cost?💵 I'm up to $250,000 for a new business. To purchase a new house, it costs around the mid 100,000 and ITS STARTING TO GET OLD.💰 3. LP (life points) are waaay too hard to get. I can't do anything without them. To marry another sim= 3-12 LP. To have a baby= 3 LP. To change ages (from a baby to toddler or toddler to preteen) you need to make a birthday cake🎂, which= 5 LP. The farther you get in the game, the more things cost till it gets to be overwhelming and not fun. - If the developers care, they will fix these issues ASAP. - - I'm angry! 😡I've spent actually money on the game and in return I still can't afford it. - Please change it or I'll be forced to delete and move on to a better game. Family Guy or Simpsons.

  • Awesome

    Cool game

  • Really fun but expensive

    This game is really fun but you need life points to make a birthday cake to age your sims and you need life points for a lot of other things , and then the cheapest life point pack is $2.99. And then eventually to build buildings, it costs 150,000 simoliens and then the cheapest simolien pack is $4.99!! Really fun but way to expensive! It should be like 99¢ for the money and life point packs.

  • سييييييييييييمز

    احسن لعبةةةة فالللللللللللللللللللعالم

  • Frustrating

    This game is getting more frustrating with each update. Updates are supposed to add new things into the game and make it better. Instead every update has made money and LP hard to get and the prices for items in the home store are even higher than before. I used to have the game and spent money on it. BUT THEN an update came along and erased my data. I had to start over and complete all these quests again to unlock the bonus items and stuff. I dont have one good house and i am on level 20. The reason is because every quest that i get requires me to buy something worth 200,000+ simoleons. I have to spend my money on buildings to complete the quest before time runs out or i wont get the time limited bonus. I am struggling to get money because each of my sims get like 1000 simoleons a day from work and i only have 12 sims. I am not spending money on this game because the IAP prices are really high for only a small amount of LP. This game seems like its too much focused IAP because im struggling to keep my sims happy while i send them to work and make them garden as many times as i can befor i have to go to bed and then wake up for school the next day. Before my game had gotten deleted, sims freeplay was much more relaxed and fun. Please go back to that because im not spending any more money on this game in case my data is deleted again.

  • Bbbbeeeeaaaasssttttt

    Hey best game ever can't even stop

  • The Worst an Update Can Get

    Ever since I've started playing I didn't really like how much time was needed to do certain task but I eventually got over it. Now since the update has been out not only does it take long for me to make money, I can't even finish decorating my houses because certain items are locked and I have to be at level 50+ to get them. And on top of that, prices of older items have gotten much more higher than they use to be. When I first started I was going to try to play it through to the end without giving up but apparently the people who developed it and did this mess of an update doesn't want people to play it. And if an update doesn't come soon with some fixes then I guess I will just give up because it's crazy how y'all would make an update that makes the game harder to complete when it already wasn't an easy of a game in the first place.

  • awesome

    I love this app but could u guys lower the price of simolians to build a new level on your house , from 1,000,000 to 500,000 or something please because I seriously need another level to my house and also lower the prices of pools too please?!😕 and since u r selling long hair styles in the online store, could you lower the price from 3.99 A PIECE to maybe 3.99 for all of the hair styles Total please😕 and why are buildings so expensive? I'm not made of money ya know!😕and could u lower the LP cost for an eternity ring please I need to get some people married but I can't because it's so freaking expensive. And could we be able to customize our fences? And maybe be able to brush our sims teeth at the bathroom sink? Bath our dogs and cats as a little mini game or something? Just some thing that I'd like to be added to this game.and stop making it so hard to find new ghosts! Ain't nobody got time for that!!!😔 AND ESPECIALLY DONT MAKE ALOT OF TASKS TAKE 24 HOURS IN A TIMED QUEST PLEASE!!!!!



  • Jerks

    This game was fun but in the last update it took a lot of the items I could buy and made it so that I had to level up A LOT in order to get them. I think the right thing to do is to give back all the stuff you took away or give me my money back. And please stop taking stuff from your customers!

  • Fine until the update

    Alright where do I begin. How about with,this update is horrible. I thought updates were supposed to make the game better...instead though,you 1.lock things that used to be unlocked.why would you do that? And 2.holy lag.i have never had a problem before with this game.please fix it.

  • Fix this 😠😠

    I used to have this game on my old phone but I recently got a new iPhone. I got to level 5 and of course the screen comes up and tell me all the things you can do at level 5 like get married, have kids, ect. But after that, the quests have stopped. The weekly task is there but that's all and I can't progress any further😠😠😠😠 is it supposed to do that?! I deleted the game and downloaded it again but still same thing. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Pls help!!!

  • Furniture locked

    It's petty that the developers updated the app only to make furniture that was once available on lower levels now only available on higher levels. Also, there needs to be a better way to collect Simoleons and XP points from buildings/places on the map. All of that tapping is ridiculous. Make a list of places that are notifying me to collect Simoleons and XP points then let me click "Collect All" or something.

  • I Don't like this game

    I tryed and tried to get this to download it took 3 hours when I got it my phone complety froze up I turned it back on and the App Store won't work anymore thanks a lot ea I won't be getting your apps anymore.


    I love this game a lot and I have spent probably $200 in purchases for this game. Would it kill you to give me more of the rare items needed to get further in the game please?? And can our sims have more than one hobby?? Those are the only 2 complaints I have. The game is awesome though!

  • 👍

    Great app ! Just wish the time wasn't real life

  • Updates plzzzz

    These are the updates I want the first is can you make sims do more tasks than once and I am trying to buy the pet shop and I'm on lvl 13 and I only have half of what it costs.and it costs 100 K .But I love this game!!!!

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