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Empire Online (Classic MMO)

Empire Online (Classic MMO)
4.5 based on 14,790 Votes
Price Free

Join 12 million players worldwide in this EPIC MMORPG for FREE!
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Empire Online (Classic MMO) is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 9+ (Application may not suitable for children under the age of 9). This application has an average rating of 4.5 based on 14,790 Votes. This version has an average rating of 5 based on 198 Users.

Your device must have atleast 27.2 MB of space to download and install Empire Online (Classic MMO). This application is game center enabled . Empire Online (Classic MMO) is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of LAKOO GAMES LIMITED at

Support Languages

Chinese , English, American , Japanese , Korean , Chinese


Games , Role Playing , Entertainment , Strategy ,


Empire Online (Classic MMO)
Empire Online (Classic MMO)
Empire Online (Classic MMO)
Empire Online (Classic MMO)

Additional Information

Feel bored with the brainless tapping game?

Empire Online is a completely unexplored fantasy world which has a lot of legendary monsters! Classic turn-based game style, making a good strategy against your enemies, finish over 1000 epic missions to save the world will give you the true fun of a MMORPG on iOS!

Be Afraid to spend a lot in this game?

Don’t be!

Empire Online provided the best equipments from our missions and from players’ empires.

Characters are based on classes but not limited on them! You can learn skills cross classes. Combine with over 6000 equipments, the power of your character is only based on your imagination!

We will hold events from time to time in game to make new challenges and provide new equipments for you for free!

And you can trade with others to get items you need or even to earn money!

So, it might be a good classic MMORPG, but why it is called empire online?

Good question! It is called “Empire Online” because you can build empires in game with other players!

We have a very completed empire system which is not like any other game. You can build buildings to sell skills and equipments to other players and make profit from them and you can declare a war against other empires to raid them!

A might empire can be built only based on a group of good friends which you made in game. We always agree that making new friends is the greatest fun!

Meanwhile, to be a role in empires will let you experience a life you have never experienced. Can anything else be more excited?

Are you still seeking for a real online game on iOS? This is it!

Check our user reviews and rankings! Make a download and have a try!

I bet you will love this!



“The perfect iPod game. A classic MMO. If you're looking to pass the time, get this game. It's great as long as you have Internet.” -BFTank

“This is the mmo I've been waiting for! A must have!” –Xephirion

“Great mmo f2p, easy to learn, make friends on, and enjoyable. Recommend if you like RPGs or MMOs.” -Delta dad

“I love this mmorpg it's one of the best mmo I have played on iPad/iPod/iPhone it's really great you should try it out :)”

“I am not the type who usually plays mobile MMO's, but after playing this game I was shocked. It's amazing how many RPG elements can fit inside this game. It's a must-get!” -PCarnage

Empire Online (Classic MMORPG) HD is also available on iPad:

About Lakoo:

Our fans page:



What's New on this version

Fix the register bug on iOS9.

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Free stuff

    Did it for the free stuff

  • Greatness achieved

    Congrats to this game and its creator(s) for making an original game that isn't a mod of others and isn't some horrible money grabber like most of these games seem to be. You don't need to buy things to get too far there are no subscriptions you can do things like make hybrid build of classes, it's great. Just kind of wish you could just have better means of getting pets.

  • Good but...

    This is a fun game and all but it's kinda confusing

  • Gear

    Free gear

  • Great game

    I love the old style rpg feel.


    This is one of the best MMOs i have ever played. Plus its even better since its a game i can play on the go!

  • Interesting game

    Boring but fun in a way

  • Cool

    It's okay.

  • Good game.

    Addicting. Good game to go to between larger series

  • Great game

    Lots of fun

  • Tatty!!!

    Great game!


    Good game i like it

  • Good game

    Been playing for a while it's a great turn based game



  • Best MMO EVER

    One of my childhood games and still is an amazing game! Would recommend it to anyone that enjoys collecting and finishing quests!!!

  • Great game

    Haven't played for very long, but so far seems to have everything you'd look for in an mmo and then some.

  • Awsome

    love the game

  • Bad

    Just want suit

  • Amazing

    This is too good to be true

  • Free

    Thor suit plz

  • Thor


  • Always wanted to play, but...

    I love this game and I am so happy that they fixed the crashing and looking forward to start the game. P.S. I want my Thor

  • Eol

    Awsome game lots of helpful players

  • For now

    I'm getting a Thor suit for this. I will review after more time playing

  • Awesome

    Would really like a new class to the maya though

  • Thor Suit best game

    Best game yooooooo.)/&/))2738'.$3@/!/?3@228:

  • Five stars for a Thor costume.

    I love Thor. Had to get the costume.

  • Nice

    Enjoy this great game

  • Good game so far

    I guess it's ok make it better plz

  • It's Not Bad, But..

    It's complicated to figure out certain functions, such as paying for things. Also it deleted my character when it crashed.. Good thing I had just started.

  • Great Game!

    Such a good game so far! I love the art style!!!

  • Dank

    I like it

  • Good game


  • Iz so cool sonabch

    It has that classic RPG feel

  • Good but

    Would be better if we could convert copper into silver or if they would update it like Chinese server

  • Amazing

    This game is amazing

  • Fun game


  • nice

    not bad

  • Not bad game!!!

    This game is very fun!!! ;)

  • Amazing Classic!

    Always loved this little game on my phone, it's always something to play if you love any classic RPG

  • F


  • Cool

    It's good

  • Empire online is the sh*t

    Awesome. I love this game. Been playing it on and off for 3 years. Never tire of this game

  • Amazing!!

    Love the battle system!!

  • So far so good

    My only "compliant" is that there aren't that many character options at the start

  • Actually fun

    Played a bit before the review actually kinda fun nice time sink game and mmo

  • This game is awesome~!

    This game needs a new grand opening!!!!! I really hope this game is not pulled of the App Store because I use to play it when I was young. Now that I went back to this game no one is on, like it was so crowded in the city nine dragons and I couldn't get to the trade center; but now no one is on. Like "no one," this was so frustrating, after all these years I hoped new characters and new stuff but it's the same, which I'm ok with but the thing is no one is on.😢 I really hope this gets to the top review because what I said, I mean it so plz fix this and get people to play...... Good game👍

  • Great game


  • Really love this game

    Really love this game

  • Review

    It's fun so far and hey a free suit

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