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Bingo 90 Live HD plus FREE slots

Bingo 90 Live HD plus FREE slots
3 based on 910 Votes
Price Free

play FREE Vegas Slots and 90 ball Bingo online - UK bingo!
Bingo 90 Live HD plus FREE slots is a famous online bingo and Vegas slots for mobile and tablets. Play BINGO and FREE SLOT game and meet with players worldwide. Our 90 Ball Rooms offer everything any Bingo lover could ask for! Read more...

Bingo 90 Live HD plus FREE slots is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 12+ (Application may not suitable for children under the age of 12). This application has an average rating of 3 based on 910 Votes. This version 14.01 has an average rating of based on 0 Users.

Your device must have atleast 75.7 MB of space to download and install Bingo 90 Live HD plus FREE slots. This application does not have game center . Bingo 90 Live HD plus FREE slots is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of Fungrep Co.,Ltd at

Support Languages

English, American


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Bingo 90 Live HD plus FREE slots
Bingo 90 Live HD plus FREE slots
Bingo 90 Live HD plus FREE slots
Bingo 90 Live HD plus FREE slots
Bingo 90 Live HD plus FREE slots
Bingo 90 Live HD plus FREE slots
Bingo 90 Live HD plus FREE slots
Bingo 90 Live HD plus FREE slots

Additional Information

You'll find Huge Jackpots, Gorgeous graphics and all day FREE Bingo. There are 3 chances to win a prize with every ticket! Be the first to complete 1st line, 2nd line, or the full house to win the pot! We offer FREE to play online bingo with various rooms and friends, Wherever, Whenever.

How to Play

The Lobby

1. To enter a room simply double touch or two touch on the Room area in room list.

2. The status of room is “Playing”, or time stamp of remained time to play

3. There are 4 types of room, Emerald, Sapphire, Diamond and Ruby.

4. Each room type requires the minimum tick price. For example, a ticket price in Emerald is 5P and Diamond ticket’s 1£.

The Room

1. When you fist visit a room, it’s divided into two columns.

2. Right column is ticket list to buy. Another ticket list can be shown to swipe ticket list.

3. Touch a ticket to buy, the status of ticket is changed to “Selected”. Touch “SELECT MAX TICKETS”, 18 tickets will be selected.

4. Touch “BUY SELECTED TICKETS”, then all of tickets to be chose will be bought.

The Game

1. One of the great things with online Bingo is that you won’t need to worry about marking your cards as you go, the computer will do all this for you.

2. While you enjoy the game or chat with your friends, our automatic daubers will mark your cards and keep a record of how many correct calls you need to win

3. We’ll also ensure that your most complete cards are pushed to the front so you can make sure you’re watching the front of the race!

4. We’ll flag it up each time someone wins and automatically credit your account!

The Prize

1st line pot : When All numbers of the first line on a ticket is called, you win 1st line pot

2nd line pot : When All numbers of the second line on a ticket is called, you win 2nd line pot

HOUSE : When All numbers of the all three line on a ticket is called, you win HOUSE Jackpot

What's New on this version 14.01

- Bug fixed blocking with other account after trying to connect with blocked one
- The number of slot spin is fixed
- Not destroying no-user room.
- Display winnings during free spins

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Fungrep Cheats

    After adding the new slots people can lose millions of points in very little time! I have spent $250(real money) in less than an hour and couldn't win anything! How is this fair?? Same winners all the time just under different names. They should be reported to iTunes and Play Store for ripping people off!!! Shame on you fungrep taking people's hard earned money and not even giving them a fair chance on anything!!! Fungrep is a cheat and thief!

  • Judy Mauer

    I love Bingo 90 and play it everyday, but I am having problems. I buy my cards and it takes the money but when the games start they are blank. Lost $1400 yesterday. It takes forever after you buy the games for it to turn green that it is accepted.

  • Player

    I really like this game. But it is difficult to win. It seems that the same players continue to win and the rest of us, every once in a while. Plus it states that the game is free. It is not. To continue playing you have to keep buying coins.

  • Addictive!!!

    I love this game, I have been playing for about 4 yrs now and so far I haven't had to buy any credits..., I guess I'm just lucky:)

  • Same people win

    I could win a little more. Seems like the same people win over and over again. No names *cough* •kari•

  • Bingo

    Love the bingo hate the gifting limit

  • Bingo star

    Tight game

  • Somewhat fun

    I love this game, but it gets way too expensive to play. I buy credits all the time, and have for years. It's so hard to win anything at all. I play and play and play, but rarely win. I do like chatting, but some people are VERY rude and use vulgar language. Lots of name calling on here. People team up on others and bully them. I stayed off of this game for months because of this. But, I still love to play.

  • Journey80s

    Unable to play on my iPods since an update!!! Crashes upon opening!! Please, bring back the money wheel! I love this game.

  • Focus on 90 balls bingo.

    It's great of 90 balls bingo game

  • Fun game

    Like the game

  • Bingo 90

    Love this game

  • Problem

    I bought 5000 for $ 10 and the sixth days I can't got it! I wrote to support but no response from there!

  • Mr Alegarbes

    I enjoy it very much! Awesome!!!

  • Greatest

    Love it

  • Ace

    Unable to play since I upgraded the game this morning please help I really like this game


    This game is rigged same winners slots give little $$ so no chance on winning unless u spend $$. Not worth downloading customer service is horrible also!!

  • Good game but

    Same winners.....

  • Just tons of fun

    This game keeps you on your toes! Great fun, great friends!!

  • Awesome

    Great game

  • Pushy

    I was forced to write a review before I even played the game. It was the first thing that popped up as soon as the game opened.

  • DO NOT USE!!!!

    All the "good" n "great" reviews r written obviously by people associated with the site-seriously!!!! Read the older reviews..... By the same person who makes the SAME grammar errors!! ROBBERY, simple as that. They should b paying every person they've ripped off back! They're basically a "catfish", taking money from people just to screw u overnight put it in their pockets, 5 stars for THAT!!!

  • Great

    Really love this game!

  • It practically forced me to write a review...

    It practically forced me to write a review before I even get a chance to

  • Waste of time

    Play all you want. You'll never win. You can spend real money on the game and STILL not win. I'm talking like one win out of every 30 times you play. This game used to be fun to play, but it's not anymore. Line yourself up in every room you can afford and watch as you lose it all. The odds in real bingo are better than in this game.

  • Love this game

    I love this game, but it seems like the same players win over and over.

  • Na

    Love this game

  • Blackjack

    Like the game but dont like all the pop-ups

  • Love this app

    Fun bingo game!

  • Fun

    Fungi fun

  • Great Game

    The game is great ! Yes there can be issues which are usually fixed. The players can be nice . Only down fall is some players are like children they harass certain players. Yes there is also this type of violence on a game !! You can block these players , but sometimes its like 10 names to block . If you can ignore adults acting like children you will enjoy this game .Also miss the slots u could play.

  • AWESOME!!!

    Truly addictive..

  • Card Bug

    When I pick a card and when the game starts, the cards I pick say "empty".

  • FUN!!!!

    Best bingo game on the market.

  • Bingo

    Love this game! Addicted

  • Great Game

    I love this app but I spend a ton of money playing it and don't win!

  • Best bingo in the App Store

    This app is awesome if you love bingo. They also have a 75 Ball if you prefer. The company is awesome and they make it right if something goes wrong. Also the players are extremely friendly and share funds between each other. You can gift your fellow player from your bank if you wish. We try to help each other so it's lots of fun. When I hit big I share and so do many others. Won't disappoint.

  • Bingo live 90

    It's fun

  • I love 90 rules


  • Thieves

    Just purchased $100 in tickets, went to play game, spent $2400, the program lost the room I was in #1, lost my bet! This is a fun game, needs iTunes to regulate it better so they quit STEALING from their players.

  • bingo 90

    At first it was fun and I like that its fast paced but after many games and a week of playing and still haven't won any game it get boring fast. Sry just no points and bored.

  • No Surprise

    Once again, after an update, us loyal paying iPad 1 customers own an app that won't open. Not surprised, just disappointed.

  • Funfun

    Sometime its fun when u win a lot but thers a lot of time IMBROKE ,, is there anycheat?! Is thts for real?! Cuz ill been seeing a lot of time Pipol called over &over i wish thy called mine to.. Pls send me special gift ;)0

  • Horrible

    This game stinks. I installed and never even got to play because they start you out with 10$ credit bits a whopping $100 to play ONE card. So I tried to get more $ by slot that was 1$ a spin. Well that didn't pay out anything. So I just deleted this game. It's not worth playing.

  • Fun site to play

    It is a very fun game but it is starting to have more and more problems all the time from the games freezing or being booted off and now to day as i tried to logon it says it exceeds players they need to create more room for more players.

  • Love this game

    Love this game, the layout the ease of use,passes away hours of time.

  • Pretty awsome!!

    Very good game . Xx

  • Vert fun

    Love this game, the layout the ease of use,passes away hours of time.

  • Unfsir

    Same ppl win allll the time makes it no fun at times fix it and it would be awsome

  • be careful with credit cards!!

    if you are going to play this game, make sure u use an itunes gift card,,if u use credit card, you will be billed more than u bought...could be a fun game, if this didnt happen allll the time..then u must deal with i tunes to get it back, because fungrep say its not there be careful peeps...!!! and does seem like the same folks win all the time..but thats bingo...

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