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Bluebird by American Express

Bluebird by American Express
2.5 based on 589 Votes
Price Free

• Quickly view your Available Balance without logging in to your account Read more...

Bluebird by American Express is a Finance application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 2.5 based on 589 Votes. This version has an average rating of 2.5 based on 36 Users.

Your device must have atleast 39.3 MB of space to download and install Bluebird by American Express. This application does not have game center . Bluebird by American Express is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of American Express at

Support Languages

English, American


Finance , Utilities ,


Bluebird by American Express
Bluebird by American Express
Bluebird by American Express
Bluebird by American Express

Additional Information

• View your transaction history

• View information about your transactions by clicking on an individual transaction


• Locate MoneyPass® ATMs

• Set funds aside in your SetAsideSM Account

• Send money to your Family Accounts and see their transaction history


• Add checks with your mobile phone

• Add money to your Account from your bank account or debit card

• Find cash reload locations near you on the go


• Access your Direct Deposit information

• Pay Bills

• Pre-authorize Bluebird checks


• Add offers to your Account and start saving on dining, shopping and more

What is Bluebird® by American Express, brought to you by American Express and Walmart?

Bluebird is a financial account with flexible features and convenient management tools to help you get more from your money. There are no monthly, annual or overdraft fees, and there is no minimum balance requirement. With a Bluebird Account, you can direct deposit your paycheck, government benefits and tax refund, pay bills and have access to 24/7 customer service.

Visit us at for more information.

What's New on this version

We’ve made even more updates to get excited about:
• Log into the app using your fingerprint – just Enable from the login screen, enter your username and password once, and then you’re good to go! Each time you visit the app, conveniently log in using your fingerprint.
• We made the app faster and more reliable by fixing bugs

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • What???

    App was working fine but now you can't even open it. It immediately crashes.

  • BlueBird

    I have had my card for awhile now, I love the card and the app works GREAT!!!! Best card on the market. I LOVE this APP it is AWESOME!!! "I wouldn't leave home without it!!!!" Lol

  • Bluebird by American Express

    Very satisfied with the bluebird card has made my life more easier whether I'm out to eat or in a store or paying bills.

  • Can't open, Crashes Every Time

    Since the latest update this app crashes - no matter what you're trying to do. Swipe to find out balance - it crashes. Login using password - it crashes! What makes it even worse is it crashes immediately after sliding for balance or immediately after entering password. Loved it before this latest update but totally useless now.

  • As expected, "new features" don't work.

    Yet another worthless update bringing "new features" that don't work. Bluebird has yet to fix "features" from literally twenty updates ago. I'm pretty sure the Bluebird app developers are incompetent preschool children.

  • Thief

    They'll steal your money any chance they get. Don't trust this card.

  • Bluebird by American Express

    I recently seen this card at the store had to have it with no fees it was a must buy just waiting for my card in the mail and I will update this review thanks bluebird for making my life alot easier.

  • Great Alternative Banking!

    The new update on this app is useless. For one it asks you to log in and then when you put in your password it goes to a next screen where possibly you'll have to put in a password, but there is not question shown. I was finally happy when the Touch ID was added, but unfortunately it has too many glitches to it. For one, when it's enabled it doesn't save it even if you agreed to it. When Login get back in and trying to use it, doesn't work. I have screenshots, but update this ASAP. Other than that, this banking service is great.

  • CONSTANT tech issues!

    Guys really? I can't even use this app. If Google wallet were still around I would use it over this.

  • Fabulous for everyday use! LOVE it

    PROS of Bluebird App: -ease of writing checks for all my bills -ease of direct deposit/tax return -ease of categorizing transactions -able to view transaction history -easily transfer from Set Aside Accounts to regular accounts -easily syncs with Mint App! CONS of Bluebird App: -Categorized transactions may not update 1% of the time (must log in from computer to view) *it has only happened to me once in 2yrs -Doesn't remember password/Touch ID with iPhone 6s and have to enter secondary password question every time you log in. Kind of annoying **otherwise I love Bluebird and everything associated with the services and especially the app. Their customer service is even great.

  • Hit N Miss

    The app is great in all but why go through the trouble and add the touch id feature and I still have to enter my password after I do it. Please fix and app will be awesome!!

  • Adding funds

    Will not let me add card for adding funds "due to technical difficulties", unable to take pic of debit card for adding funds because the app just crashes. Please fix

  • Works good!

    Touch ID works and it nice and fast. I don't know why there are so many bad reviews? But it's works for me! :D

  • App update needs updating

    I've been waiting on Touch ID for this app for so long. Guess what!!?? It doesn't work!!! I still have to type in my password. Please fix this feature! The bank account and app have come a long way from where it started. Please fix soon.

  • So many bugs

    So many bugs, the app is useless and can't be used. Touch ID doesn't work. Just opened my account and every time I go to add a debit card to give them money, it crashes out when trying to snapshot the card. When entering manually, it always gives an error.

  • Touch ID. You're doing it wrong.

    You finally offer the one feature that all other banking apps have mastered and implemented over a year ago, and you still can't get it right? Defeats the whole purpose. Same with the "swipe for balance" feature. Truly disappointed.

  • app crashes since last major update

    Re-installing the app usually makes it so I can log in once. Crashes once secret question pops up....stupid app.....

  • Log in issues

    I was having issues with logging in, but I deleted the app, then reinstalled. That solved my problem, so I suggest others do the same thing if they are having problems.

  • I can't register Bluebird

    I been wait 2 months I hope they get fix register Bluebird

  • Touchid fail

    Touch ID does not work. TEST YOUR APPS BEFORE LAUNCH!!!!

  • Touch ID not up to par

    After the most recent update which added Touch ID functionality, it only worked ONE time. Even after uninstalling and reinstalling the app, this feature still did not work. Appears that it needs more work to make it a functional feature.

  • Username option

    Why we don't the have option for the app to remember our user name like it has on the website version

  • Sigh.

    It's good as a basic app. The Touch ID doesn't work. I can transfer money between accounts easily. Logging in is a chore sometimes.

  • Touch ID doesn't work

    Updated and got excited for Touch ID. That doesn't work at all

  • I love this app!!!!

    This app is excellent!! I love bluebird and the earning 5% on every purchase! I highly recommend moving up the amount that i can switch over from my debt card and adding finger scanner to login. Besides that the app is great and fine with me!!!!!!

  • What great until the last update

    Now the new update it will not read my touch ID fingerprint and the app keeps freezing up on me and shutting down. Please fix this as soon as possible!

  • No Apple Pay Support

    While the app is slowly getting better and better. This card needs to be allowed on Apple Pay. How can a big company like AMEX not support it with ALL of its products... Also, it no longer remembers your username. TOUCH ID IS NOT WORKING!! Finally, it never takes 6 days to deposit a check at other banks, why at yours?

  • Needs to be fixed

    Touch ID doesn't work for the app please fix this mechanical problem thank you

  • Finally got a fingerprint that doesn't work

    This app needs some attention. Just had an update and it's worse off. Seems to never keep username or password. I agree with the other reviews. Need fingerprint login option. At least a passcode. Update 04/11/16 Added finger print reader but it doesn't work.

  • Adding money

    Will not let me add money from debit card for some reason. Please update

  • Touch ID

    Touch ID, great idea and if it worked it would be even better...

  • Touch ID Not Working

    The long awaited Touch ID feature has finally been added! But to my disappointment, it doesn't work. After setting up Touch ID and going back to the app, I get an error saying the account cannot be authenticated which forces me to manually type in my password. Other than the Touch ID issue the app is solid.

  • Developer Just updated and still doesn't work

    I just updated the app and the new feature that they offer doesn't work. Also the quick balance does not work consistently at all as well. It always logs itself off and then you have to go back in the settings and re-enable it again. Two of the most important things to me does not work. It should be very simple to make these two options consistently work.

  • The Touch ID login mechanism

    The Touch ID mechanism is completely broken, it keeps telling that it cannot authenticate my login when I try to log in.

  • So many issues!!

    Quick balance is awful. And it never accepts mobile deposit. Which is an issue since the only place I can get funds added is from Walmart and they charge me 3$ to process a check. Highly disappointed

  • Love it

    I love the Bluebird app, it's easy to use, and now you can log on with your fingerprint ID! Saweeet!

  • Not worth it.

    This isn't a great account to start. I've had it two years, and it's very inconvenient. They've shown my balance on card receipts, and you can't make automatic monthly withdrawals out of your account. Get a normal checking account from a normal bank.

  • Crashes

    I've used this everyday for 2 years and now with last update it crashes as soon as I enter password. It's not as bad on wifi as it is with lte but still happens even then. Need fixed quick. Edit last update still crashes as soon as you try to enter password but only on cellular data not over wifi. Needs fixed quick. Edit again new update still crashes when on 3G/4g if this doesn't get fixed I will have to find a new prepaid debt card to use. Revised just updated to newest update. App still crashes immediately after login while on carrier data!!!! For the love of god fix this. And also get Touch ID for login it's on the phones for a reason.


    I've had this card a few weeks now and it's great. Better than the Rush Card. The app is easy and simple to use. Bank transfers are quick and easy. Overall good for managing money.

  • Great app, lacks modern features

    This app is great and convenient, it's a easy app to use and has great features but lacks one that can make it even better. Touch ID is something that should be added quick. It would save a lot of time when signing in.

  • Still crashes, can not open

    Well, I was really hopeful after a month of less then desirable stability with this app because it crashes that this update would fix the problem. However, as soon as I sign in & see my balance, it crashes. Worse now than before update, can't even get in now. Please fix, when the app is working properly, it is a wonderful app.

  • App closes out

    I like the overall concept of the app, it's quick and easy to use; however I have trouble with this app, when I am out of a wifi area, and I'm just using my network data. The app will let me sign in, but after I answer my security question, the app will automatically close and kick me back to my home screen of my iPhone. I also wish that this app would have the Touch ID feature to get into my account, instead of me having to type in my password and security question.

  • Customer service is horrible

    If you ever need anything from customer service you will be in for a longggg night. The app is not so good, but it's nothing that a few updates features can't fix.. Wouldn't recommend bluebird to anyone

  • App keeps crashing

    Some days it works fine, other days it simply closes when you try to log in. Today I type on my user name it disappears not allowing me to log in, keep getting error message. Very frustrating when you need to transfer money at that moment and have to access it through safari instead, please fix!

  • Awful

    This app will not update nor let me delete it. It is totally useless now. The icon just keeps saying loading that's it.

  • Straight forward, reliable, but..

    The app would be more utilized by me if the Touch ID was part of could be part of signing in. I know, it sounds lazy that I can't take a few mins to enter my pw but an app should take advantage of a devices ability. Just saying.

  • Good App, Lacks Modern Conveniences

    The app is straightforward and doesn't look hacked together like so many other apps. That said, it is frustrating to have to type in my password each time I want to use the app. Touch ID isn't new. I use a password manager and have to look up my password each time. Adding Touch ID support would make it significantly more convenient to write checks or transfer money through the mobile app.

  • "REDEEEM TO BLUEBIRD"... my favorite thing about this card. I collect money on it I've never "earned". I get it from using my Walmart Savings Catcher option- scanning my receipts and getting the difference back after the system checks for better prices with competitors. I'm only upset it reduced its range for price competition as well as ceasing international usage as a card in general.

  • The best $0 fees Prepaid card!!👍😊👍

    Just needs to be part of Apple Pay services and this will be 5*'s

  • Crap

    One of the worst

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