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Bluebird by American Express

Bluebird by American Express
2.5 based on 650 Votes
Price Free

• Quickly view your Available Balance without logging in to your account Read more...

Bluebird by American Express is a Finance application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 2.5 based on 650 Votes. This version has an average rating of 3 based on 3 Users.

Your device must have atleast 60.0 MB of space to download and install Bluebird by American Express. This application does not have game center . Bluebird by American Express is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of American Express at

Support Languages

English, American


Finance , Utilities ,


Bluebird by American Express
Bluebird by American Express
Bluebird by American Express
Bluebird by American Express

Additional Information

• View your transaction history

• View information about your transactions by clicking on an individual transaction


• Locate MoneyPass® ATMs

• Set funds aside in your SetAsideSM Account

• Send money to your Family Accounts and see their transaction history


• Add checks with your mobile phone

• Add money to your Account from your bank account or debit card

• Find cash reload locations near you on the go


• Access your Direct Deposit information

• Pay Bills

• Pre-authorize Bluebird checks


• Add offers to your Account and start saving on dining, shopping and more

What is Bluebird® by American Express, brought to you by American Express and Walmart?

Bluebird is a financial account with flexible features and convenient management tools to help you get more from your money. There are no monthly, annual or overdraft fees, and there is no minimum balance requirement. With a Bluebird Account, you can direct deposit your paycheck, government benefits and tax refund, pay bills and have access to 24/7 customer service.

Visit us at for more information.

What's New on this version

You can now have up to 5 American Express Serve Accounts from the family of American Express Serve Prepaid Debit Cards. Choose from the following Prepaid Debit Cards:
American Express Serve
American Express Serve with FREE Cash Reloads
American Express Serve 1% Cash Back
One VIP™ from American Express Serve
American Express Serve® (Jackson Hewitt Co-Brand)
You can add checks to your Serve Account by using Mobile Check Capture by Ingo™ Money. Just login to your Account via the Serve mobile app and tap “Add from a check”.

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Great App, fix the touch id

    The app is quite good and awesome. The issue is when you try to log in with a touch ID, it keeps asking for password again, what doesn't make any sense.

  • Fix Touch ID

    Good app, but touch ID is a joke, if you enable touch ID what it does is that now you need to enter password and fingerprint adding more work instead of convenience.

  • Good and glitchy

    The bank service and convenience of this option for saving and spending is wonderful. Please address the Touch ID login. While that's less significant than the banking service itself it would be nice to sign in quickly like the rest of my apps. Thank you!!

  • Needs work.

    I love the service so far. The app makes it easy to keep track of your account. But the finger print log in feature is basically useless. You have to end up putting in your pw everytime you use the finger print reader. Pretty much makes the finger print log in feature useless. Fix that and you'll have a pretty decent app on your hands.


    If you can't log in then 1. Uninstall the app 2. Reinstall it and then you can log in!

  • Need work

    It's a useful app, but TouchID login is broken. I always have to log in twice before it actually works. No other TouchID apps that I use have this issue.

  • Terrible

    Good thing its free! I would not pay for this. The app is unstable. Touch ID hardly works and does not support Apple Pay.

  • Worst company

    I used this app to deposit a check into my account. They approved the check, then asked that I write VOID across it in bold letters. I did so, in black pen, so I had to go over the letters to make it bold. They then decline the check saying I did not VOID it properly. How do you not VOID it properly? The check is now useless, because it was VOIDED and they won't let me deposit another check using the app. Bluebird is a horrible company. I have had numerous problems with them. I opened a bank account for my daughter at my bank, now I have no problems with transferring money or using the mobile check app. I would not recommend this company to anyone. I would give no stars but I have to give at least one.

  • Good app but...

    Touch ID needs work. Very unreliable. Hardly ever works on the first try. After I use my finger print, it fails and I'm still at the log in screen. I have to click the Touch ID option again and then it lets me in. Sometimes.

  • Touch ID & Add funds glitch

    I had gotten used to having to use Touch ID twice to login, but after this latest update, whenever I tap "Add Funds", I get redirected to the Tax Refund Direct Deposit information. If I can add funds, this product is useless. PLEASE FIX.

  • New update won't allow me to sign in!

    Since the latest update when I put in my user name it goes blank when I tab to the password box. Please fix this!!

  • WTH is going on?

    On Oct. 4, 2016, transferred money to a Walmart, got an email within 10 seconds. Today, Nov. 1, 2016 did the same thing, went to a Walmart, Walmart couldn't find the reference number. Bluebird said it would take up to an hour to process.

  • Touch ID Does not work

    I have had Bluebird for years App is slow and Touch ID does not work at all. All so photo check deposit takes way to long.

  • Weak

    Touch ID Works 50% Of The Time. 3 Weeks Or More...Processing Time After I Mail A Check For Deposit Good Customer Phone Service

  • Touch is doesn't work

    I thought it was me at 1st. Then I realized Touch ID is not working on this app. I'll update my review when it's working again

  • New mobile checking is horrible

    Trying to add a check for a lousy 2.01, first asks for picture of my ID then glitches. Try again the. Tells my they can not verify my ID ~~ I have been using bluebird for years your new system is terrible and may just cause me to cancel the card. I called and was transferred to an automated system asking for my social security number, I do not give out my social to any automated system

  • Security Bug with Touch ID

    I open the app and hit cancel to Touch ID and it logs in. Without a finger print applied. Repeatable too. Huge security risk.

  • Not very reliable...

    It doesn't let me log in anymore. I used to love this app, until the problems logging in started. 😞 Please fix this....

  • The WORST company!

    I had to give them one star in order to write the review but if it was an option to give negative stars I would have. They have horrible customer service, I was on hold multiple times and hung up on every single time. The "money in minutes" option is an absolute joke! My Mom deposited a check and paid for the "money in minutes" and here we are a day and a half later and still no money. Save yourself the trouble and find a company that is worth your time.

  • Good app except Touch ID

    Touch ID rarely works on the first try otherwise the app is good. I wish it didn't take 10 days to get a deposit from a check without a fee. I could understand a few days but 10?

  • Few issues but ok

    Touch ID still has a few issues. I have to apply my finger twice but it eventually works. Please consider the ability to see check images in the app. Other than that, the app is ok.

  • Can't log in

    Not sure what's up with my app but I can't currently log in. The other versions worked just fine, no idea what's wrong with this one. When I type in my username it doesn't stay typed in - disappears as soon as I go to type in my password. Please fix this ASAP.


    If you don't want your money stolen, don't use. At first it was around $10 and that happened twice. Then it was $92!! There isn't a convenient way to contact them either so I still haven't gotten my money back. DONT USE!!!!!!

  • Touch ID Feature is Useless

    Like the app, except Touch ID doesn't work. Every time it's enable and I open the app, I apply my finger when prompted and am directed to the login screen to enter my password. Please fix it!

  • The King

    Works well. I am able to check my balance, write checks, send money, and pay bills instantly!

  • Works sometime

    It works sometime should be able to transfer back to bank account

  • Mr

    touch id never works, no one debug.

  • Touch ID faulty

    Keep resetting Touch ID and works once or twice then stops working. Very annoying. Come on, get your act together!!

  • There are a couple negatives

    Depositing a check takes sooooooooo long! It's a ridiculous amount of unnecessary time to wait, when banks offer better check deposit. And security is low for these cards. 👎🏼

  • Good app

    Does what it is supposed to do. Fingerprint reader is a little buggy, though. EDIT: Since the update to iOS 10, the fingerprint reader is MUCH better, so I'm raising my review to 5 stars.

  • App not working properly

    Unable to use most features for over a week already. No support available, so this review has to do. Had to use the desktop site to do what I need to do.

  • Can't see info for family accounts

    Great until about 5 days ago - but since then can't see the family account info. Touch ID has never worked

  • Absolutely terrible!!

    For a company to let the bugs continue as you have is absurd. Never been able to log in with Touch ID and have not been able to transfer money to my family account for about a month now. Will be changing cards.

  • Works sometimes

    Intermittent services. Buggy fingerprint ID

  • Fix Touch ID or Get Rid of it!

    This app is buggy and the Touch ID rarely works. If you can't fix this feature don't offer it!


    The app it's self work fine, but when I had my bluebird card I had money stolen off of it BY THE COMPANY not only once, but three times. The first two times it was only around $15 but the last time it was $92. Do not use!


    Previously, app worked great. However within the last two weeks I can no longer deposit checks into my account and the customer service center is basically useless. Fingerprint ID doesn't work. Unless things are fixed quickly I'm going to ditch these bluebird cards and find some other method for my kids to use prepaid cards. Very very disappointed.

  • Touch ID

    The app works okay with the exception of the Touch ID login option. For some reason I have to touch it twice before it logs me in. There are several other complaints regarding the same issue. This bug needs to be fixed.

  • Please fix Touch ID

    Please please please!!

  • Fix fingerprint id

    Would you please, for the love of everything holy in this world, fix the fingerprint ID. This isn't ground breaking technology anymore. My local credit union has a wonderful app with flawless fingerprint ID. Do not tell me American Express can't figure it out.

  • Username option

    Why we don't the have option for the app to remember our user name like it has on the website version

  • Can't withdraw to bank account

    App is fine and does most things I need, but it seems you still have to use the website if you want to withdraw funds to a linked bank account.

  • Touch ID does NOT work

    The app is okay. It works well for what you need it for. But the touch ID does not work and never had worked no matter how many updates or times I try and re do it. The app sometimes crashes and is buggy but it's okay. Please fix the touch id

  • App Update

    What is the point of the app if I can't sign in??

  • Bring Back Touch ID Feature

    What happen to Touch ID option?

  • Bugs!!

    The app doesnt remember my quick view settings, so I have to enable it every time!! How on earth did this most basic bug not get discovered before going live? 0 star if I could. iPhone 4s ios 9.3.3

  • Does the job I guess

    Please fix Touch ID login..doesn't work on my IPhone 5S. Also check deposit and check writing seem to error out quite often.

  • Pathetic

    How can you release an update that won't even log in. Do you actually test before you release a product? Do you use the same rigor in protecting our personally identifiable information? This update doesn't work and will prevent you from using the app. FIX IT.

  • Horrible Now

    I'm glad there isn't or was a fee for this app. It used to work great, perfect and convenient, since that last update or one before that it hasn't worked AT ALL. I can't login, I can't use the Quick Glance. Currently it's just wasted space on my phone and has been for a while.

  • Can't use the app

    When I try to log in, the app crashes on me. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it still doesn't work iOS 7.1, iPhone 4

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