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LGE Mobile

LGE Mobile
4 based on 38 Votes
Price Free

LGE Mobile Banking App allows you to check balances, view transaction history, deposit checks using Snap Deposit, transfer funds, and pay loans on the go.
Features:

LGE Mobile is a Finance application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 4 based on 38 Votes. This version 3.5.8 has an average rating of 4 based on 12 Users.

Your device must have atleast 4.0 MB of space to download and install LGE Mobile. This application does not have game center . LGE Mobile is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of LGE Community Credit Union at

Support Languages

English, American


Finance ,


LGE Mobile
LGE Mobile
LGE Mobile
LGE Mobile
LGE Mobile
LGE Mobile
LGE Mobile
LGE Mobile

Additional Information

- Check Balances

- View Transaction History

- Transfer Funds

- Pay Loans

- Secure Messaging for support

- Snap Deposit

If you have any questions about this application, please contact LGE at 770-424-0060, Option 4 to speak to an Account Representative.

What's New on this version 3.5.8

•Enhanced User Interface
•View holds on pending transactions (ACH, General, Check, Pledge, and Signature Authorized)
•Improved transfers with last name verification and more share and loan types available to transfer to and from
•Available balance display in transaction history
•Remember User ID function
•Share and Loan Nickname display

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Good but need TouchID.

    So far this app has fulfilled my banking needs but missing an important & secure feature, TouchID. Please add.

  • Touch ID

    is a great app. first time user. what about enabling the Touch ID feature for log in. it will make life easier for those who use alpha numerics for passwords.

  • Missing feature

    This app does not allow you to print your statements

  • App works

    It is now 2015 time to bring the app up to date for security biometric thumb print

  • Great

    But needs support for iPhone 6 and 6 plus; otherwise, it looks blown up and ugly.

  • Great

    Works great

  • iOS 8 No Longer Breaks Snap Deposit

    I drove to Marietta and talked with Drew Brannon, who was not only able to understand the problem (below), but actually fix it. Long story short: If this happens to you, delete the app and reacquire it from the App Store. Back to 5 stars. ===== 3 Stars: I just upgraded to iOS 8, and after once again accepting their "terms," I logged in as usual. Everything works EXCEPT the Snap Deposit. Choosing Snap Deposit brings up an error message, "Error, Invalid sign on." Clicking OK (the only option) takes me back to the main selection screen. If my sign on allows me to see my balances, transfer between accounts, etc, why won't that sign on allow me to make a deposit? The main thing I use the app for is making deposits.

  • Great app

    Great app but I would recommend they integrate Apple Pay with there system!

  • Latest release doesn't run on iPad gen 1

    Previous releases ran fine but this latest release can't run on my iPad gen 1. It crashes immediately. I've reported the problem LGECC says the developer can reproduce the problem but they haven't made a patch to resolve this issue. If/when it works it's a good app too bad it hasn't worked since 6/3/14 when the last update was released.

  • New glitch

    Snap deposit now quits out when taking 1st photo. Tried 4 times unsuccessfully. Please fix asap!

  • Great app!

    I always liked the app to begin with but the latest update has made it even better. It is very user friendly and well laid out.

  • Prettier, more useful UI

    I've always been happy with the app before now, but I lamented the lack of being able to see account holds. That's finally not an issue! Also, the new UI looks fantastic and loads much faster.

  • Best Credit Union Ever

    Very user friendly and better than any other bank or CU. Cool layout! Love snap deposit. Bill pay is awesome.

  • Banking Super Easy

    So easy to navigate and makes it super easy to do everything, from bill pay to check deposits to transfers.

  • Simple, but useful

    This app works surprisingly well. It's thoroughly exceeded my expectations. There aren't a lot of bells and whistles, but it's very straightforward and does what I need it to do. Snap deposit works great -- it looks like other reviewers aren't aware that it takes longer for checks deposited this way to appear. The only issue I've run into is that it doesn't show pending deposits like direct deposit from my employer. I've had to use the desktop version to make sure payments are on schedule. Other than that, this app suits my needs.

  • Ok

    Good for snap deposit, although you have to log out and log back in to see the new balance. Also, I wish it showed which transactions were pending.

  • About time!

    I was excited to see they finally have an app. However upon trying to use mobile Deposit, i find it is useless. Pictures are perfectly clear tried to deposit a check over 10 times, hopefully they fix this problem ASAP otherwise app is useless!

  • Great app

    Works like a charm for checking my balances, making transfers and so forth.

  • So happy.

    They finally came out with the "snap deposit" thing where you can take a picture of a check to deposit it. So helpful! I'm so glad I have this app.

  • Do not rely on this app for accurate information

    Because at this app I have bounced checks all because it shows the wrong balance on my accounts. The only place it will display the account balance is under accounts it will not show a running total and it doesn't separate your available balance from your total balance also I found out when it was too late that the transaction order is not the same as it is when you go online this is the worst app I've ever used in my life not to mention that it freezes up when I'm trying to view my transaction it's terrible do not rely on this for a good balance definitely go online to get your Balance and view your transactions.

  • Stealing members money

    Snap Deposit a cash cow for LGE. Most banks provide fees, holds and policies up-front - not so with LGE. If you have time take your deposit to the bank... The same check they put a hold on had I taken it in versus using Snap Deposit cost me an extra $60 in "courtesy fees" because the $$$ from the deposit wasn't available when items cleared. I've suggested twice that an FAQ outlining the policies before using the feature would be a great enhancement, but the rep just smiles and nods and says she'll pass it on. Not worth the convenience unless you have money to burn. After 15 yrs as a member I'm taking my business elsewhere...

  • Great app.. But...

    This app is great, love the new features. One thing though, please optimize for the iphone 5!!!!!!!! And also add the option to transfer money to other lge accounts!!!!!!

  • Pretty standard

    It does what most banks apps do. Great update, way faster.

  • Banking

    I like it. It does what is suppose to.

  • Not too bad

    I was unable to use my iPad' web browser to do web bill pay after the LGE site redesign, so was interested to hear about this app. I just tried it today to pay bills, and it did accomplish that purpose. I have a few gripes about it, but it did get the job done. Beyond that, it did have some handy graphs of checking and VISA usage which I do appreciate. My gripes about web bill pay are: 1) you do not see any e-bills in this app. You CAN send a payment to a company that sent you an e-bill, but you must use something else (web browser, email notification, etc) to know how much to pay. I assume that they are working on including this feature soon! 2) if you have multiple accounts with the same company (such as separate accounts for each person that visits the doctor), you cannot quickly and easily distinguish between them. It IS possible to figure out-you have to look at each bill's account # and compare it to the account # is the payee details, then remember the order of this particular payee account in the list of payees. 3) The app doesn't tell you your recent payment history for the payee when you start a payment. This isn't a big deal, but was nice. 4) There is no reminder function. 5) there is no way to group recurring payees (such as end-of-month bills, etc). Again, a nicety, but one that I used on the web site. If you can live with these imperfections, the app accomplishes the job of web bill pay.

  • Improved

    Like the new improvements and definitely more mobile friendly now

  • Good app for on the go banking

    Goo job. Any update for new iPhone screen size would be nice.

  • Can't view high rate checking stats

    It'll be great if we can view "total # of debit/credit transactions" for those who have high rate checking accounts. Also can't Deposit checks with a picture on smart phones

  • LGE is getting there!

    Much better than the last app. Smooth. Would like pic taking ability for checks. Nice upgrade.

  • Love this app!!

    Thanks LGE!

  • Great improvement but still lacking a bit

    Lot of new features and looks great! Was told it would have the ability to take a picture and deposit a check, but doesn't yet.... Hopefully we'll get that feature soon!!!

  • Much better!

    Overall 100% better than the first attempt at the app (basically just a webpage opening app, no thanks). This new app is great, would have given it 5 stars but some of the info was a bit slow to load. While I appreciate the graphs being available, perhaps an app isn't the best place for them as they are the main reason for the lagging performance. Very pleased though, thanks for the genuine mobile app!

  • Great for everything but paying bills

    This app is better than the first LGE app You can now pay bills but not as quick and easy as on the website. This app also doesn't show you what bills are due like the website. I will still use the website over this app!

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