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Capital One Mobile

Capital One Mobile
4 based on 35,580 Votes
Price Free

Introducing Capital One’s new, fifth generation app!
What if there was a way to see and manage your Capital One® Credit Card, 360, Bank and Home and Auto Loan Accounts in one place? Now there is. Read more...

Capital One Mobile is a Finance application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 4 based on 35,580 Votes. This version 5.2.0 has an average rating of 4.5 based on 1,613 Users.

Your device must have atleast 44.4 MB of space to download and install Capital One Mobile. This application does not have game center . Capital One Mobile is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of Capital One Services, LLC at

Support Languages

English, American , French , Spanish


Finance ,


Capital One Mobile
Capital One Mobile
Capital One Mobile
Capital One Mobile

Additional Information

Sign in with your existing username and password, or use Touch ID or SureSwipe® if you prefer, and you'll see all your accounts tied to that username. Once you’re in, start managing your accounts from one spot: check balances, pay bills, deposit checks, redeem rewards – and lots more.

Here are some of the exciting, new features:

• See and manage your accounts from one place

• Personalize your app with a nickname and picture

• Sign in using Touch ID or SureSwipe®

• Search for past transactions and payments

• Make auto and home loan payments

Did we mention the app is also available for Apple Watch? That’s right! Now you can really keep a closer watch on your accounts.

Whether you’re next in line at the store or out walking your dog, simply check your wrist to see your account balances – even get notifications when you need them. Everything you need, all within arm’s reach.


What's New on this version 5.2.0

New features! Reorder your accounts and switch profiles. And, the app now works with Apple Watch.

• Drag and drop accounts into any order you like
• Seamlessly switch between account profiles
• Keep your accounts at a Glance on your Apple Watch

We love your feedback. Tweet us @askcapitalone.

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • It works

    It wirks

  • I love it

    Great app. Not overly complicated. Not too busy with useless graphics. Great functionality. Does exactly what I need and does it well.

  • Great

    Great app

  • Capital One App

    Excellent app. Easy to install and use. Best one I've used so far.

  • Convenient

    Easy to use. Love all the credit tracker.

  • Great app!

    Great app, accurate and allows me to do payments on the go plus the credit tracker is a great tool!

  • Handy app

    Great app, very handy

  • Easy to use but....

    App has been great but loses account pay from information and when I try to re-add it, says it already exists. Needs an update.

  • Best finance app

    I've used a few different banking and finance apps and the latest version of Capital One's app is the best. It's simple to use and looks great. It rarely ever crashes. My only complaint is how it automatically takes the photo of a check to be deposited via mobile deposits. It happens so fast that it often requires a second time to get it right. I'd rather do it manually. Otherwise, great app!

  • I like it

    I have never had an issue with this app. Service is great! I like it.

  • Convenient

    So easy to use and quite reliable at all times.

  • Love this app!!

    I use it all the time. Capital One is the best credit card company!

  • Great App!!!

    Good too for keeping track of all your accounts!

  • Super easy to use!

    Very user friendly and easy to make payments on! So far I love it and it updates me as soon as transactions are made

  • Newest update

    Touch ID makes my life so much easier. I hope it stays just like this!!


    I absolutely love this app. I'm a new capital one user and I downloaded this app as soon as I got approved. It's very user friendly and helps me track my usage and balance very easily. No more calling to pay a bill or to check current balance. I recommend you use this app.

  • Your update broke the online payment function!

    Not sure what you did to mess up online mobile app payment--but it's broken now. I've entered my bank info 4 times now- it keeps telling me my bank info is already in the system, and gives me a dismiss button then erases what I just entered--and then doesn't bring my bank account info up that it claimed was already entered so I can select it to make a payment. I've grown used to paying my bill through the app on my smart phone- now I have to mail a check through the postal service- I want the previous version back! Good thing I went on well before my payment was due--I was reading others experiences with this same issue- and it caused them to have late payments. Can't believe the app creators didn't fully test this--Can we revert back to the previous version, please?

  • Works great

    Love this app.

  • Review

    The app works great

  • All info at finger tip!

    I get every information I'm looking for in one app. Love it.

  • Well designed!

    App looks nice and support thumb scanner for login!

  • You guys broke the app!

    I've always used this app with no issues and now it won't let me pay my bill! It doesn't show my bank account used to pay my statement so I go to add it and when I try to it says this account already exists! Need to update immediately so people can make their payments and not be penalized. Before this issue it was very user friendly and efficient. It made paying bills painless.

  • Great App!

    Easy to use & navigate. Helpful tool!

  • Love it

    What a great app

  • Great job!!!!


  • 👍🏽


  • Can't make payments after most recent update

    Has been a great app, but with the most current update I've lost the ability to make a payment. When it asks me to choose a bank acct to pay from, my old information is gone and when I go to add it back in the app tells me that acct has already been added.

  • Excellent


  • Love it

    Love having my credit card, auto financing, savings, and checking all in one app.

  • Extremely educational!

    Credit tracker option is A-1!!!!

  • Very good stable platform

    Use this buddy thing all the time it is the best application for my banking needs never crashes never ceases to amaze me

  • Better than previous one

    Hardly crashes nor and faster response. Suresign works the very first time every time. Touch ID is cool

  • First card

    Credit score check is so cool!!!

  • Good app, easy to use

    Love the new style of the capital one app. Easy to navigate.

  • A step backwards

    This new version has less functionality than the previous app. For example, P2P payments require a separate sign in and are not integrated like they were in the previous version. So frustrating.

  • Capitalone

    It's a great app!!! It's easy to use.

  • I haven't really had any issues

    I haven't come across any issues (knock on wood)

  • Great App

    You can make your payment from it and access all info in your account. I love the fact that you can see your credit score.

  • Took a chance on me

    Thank you Capital One for taking a chance on me and giving me the ability to rebuild my credit. I can't thank you enough!!!!!!!

  • Great App!

    Easy to use. Works like it should.

  • It works!

    I always pay my bill through this app. Easy, convenient and can get it paid on my due date if necessary! Beats the mail! Nice fingerprint recognition on my iPhone 6 too!

  • Great at first!

    At first this app was great. It was convenient and I love the Touch ID! I wrote to another bank bragging that they need to update there features like you guys. But now...the Touch ID is having issues! It is not my phone because it still works on all other apps that takes Touch ID. Also sometimes I make payments and they don't go through. Luckily I pay my bills really early so it does not go past due. It has done that twice. I though I was going crazy. I followed the instructions and it did not come out of my account?? Please update these features ASAP!!

  • Excellent App

    Love the app and how it allows to manage all areas of my accounts.

  • It works

    As advertised

  • Great

    Easy interface. Useful. Great for credit tracking, expenses, etc. you can pay from here.

  • So Convenient love it

    This app is a dream come true

  • Capital one

    I really like this app. Shows u everything and u can track credit score. Nice nice nice

  • Great credit card access

    I really like the ease of use of this app. I also like the built in credit review app

  • Can't deposit

    Since last update on can't make a mobile deposit keep getting a message saying image too blurry

  • Great job

    Nicely done.

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