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Capital One Mobile

Capital One Mobile
4 based on 44,389 Votes
Price Free

What if there was a way to see and manage your Capital One® Credit Card, 360, Bank and Home and Auto Loan Accounts in one place? Now there is.
Sign in with your existing username and password, or use Touch ID or SureSwipe® if you prefer, and you'll see all your accounts tied to that username. Once you’re in, start managing your accounts from one spot: check balances, pay bills, deposit checks, redeem rewards – and lots more. Read more...

Capital One Mobile is a Finance application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 4 based on 44,389 Votes. This version 5.8.1 has an average rating of 4.5 based on 290 Users.

Your device must have atleast 70.6 MB of space to download and install Capital One Mobile. This application does not have game center . Capital One Mobile is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of Capital One Services, LLC at

Support Languages

English, American


Finance ,


Capital One Mobile
Capital One Mobile
Capital One Mobile
Capital One Mobile

Additional Information

Here are some of the exciting, new features:

• See and manage your accounts from one place

• Personalize your app with a nickname and picture

• Sign in using Touch ID or SureSwipe®

• Search for past transactions and payments

• Make auto and home loan payments

Did we mention the app is also available for Apple Watch? That’s right! Now you can really keep a closer watch on your accounts.

Whether you’re next in line at the store or out walking your dog, simply check your wrist to see your account balances – even get notifications when you need them. Everything you need, all within arm’s reach.


What's New on this version 5.8.1

• Want less mail? Enroll in paperless for your credit card in account settings today.
• Save time and activate your 360 debit cards with the app.
• Need to cancel a Home Loan payment? The option is now available to cancel one-time scheduled payments.

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Great app

    Really good app. Easy to use. Love the credit tracker feature

  • Works well

    With just the toutch of my finger

  • Easy to use!

    Very simple and easy to use. Love it!

  • Lord


  • Great

    Gréât app

  • Bill pay messed up again

    Bill pay recipients should be listed in alpha order not randomly. Should be able to make changes to bill pay through app.

  • Excellent app

    This app is really helpful and easy to use. The best part is about the credit score because it explains in detail why you scored what you scored. Thanks Capital One!

  • A++

    Great app. Fast n convenient

  • Easily Manage

    Easily manage your credit card account.....

  • Review

    I simply love this app. Especially the credit tracker option!

  • Capital One 360

    Excellent so far‼️Very good customer service and the representatives are super friendly and thoughtful,as well as patient.

  • Love it!

    It's just simple and great!

  • App Review

    Capital One, your App is simply great! I love it Cheers! Pip

  • Good

    Its a good app for monitor your credit card

  • Love it

    Convenient and reliable . Love the ease I can get in and out. Thanks

  • Capital One!

    App makes life so much easier!!!

  • Great app on the go

    Great to check purchases even updates very quickly to the site! Love it

  • Awesome

    I really like being able to see my transactions in real time great app and credit tracker pure genius 😀

  • On top!

    Very helpful features. Love it

  • 2 bills, 1 app

    I have a credit card and a car loan with capital one - I love that I only need one app to make payments on both. The only annoyance so far? I had to re-enter the payment information for each account.

  • Love the app!

    Love using this app. Very easy to use and convenient for any issue!

  • Great app!!

    Love this app!! Easy to make payments.

  • Love the credit tracker


  • Good app.

    I like it, like really like it. It's such a good app. Like, so good.

  • Great!!!

    Awesome!!! No issues yet.

  • Great

    Easy to use, great app

  • Multiple accounts!!

    This is an amazing feature. The ability to log in and out of multiple accounts quickly and easily is something everybody should do. But Capital One gets the 5 star review since they do and others don't.

  • Nice App

    It works well. I really don't have any complaints as of yet. I have not used all features though, so I don't think I can give it 5 stars.

  • Just got this

    Very happy so far able to see right away where I am.

  • Needs Balances

    Overall I find this a good App. They just need to make 1 change. Show your balance after each purchase. With that change it makes it easier to detect fraud and control your spending. Other banks show balance.

  • It's good

    I don't need it make me pancakes

  • Works well from what I can tell

    Haven't been using it long, but the app seems to work well enough for my liking

  • Great app

    Great app

  • Great

    I have no complaints

  • Great app

    Super easy,

  • Awesome App

    I love this app! I've been using it for almost a year. It's so convenient to check my account at the touch of my finger.

  • Great app

    Easy to use and love the login via fingerprint.

  • Crash

    Been crashing since 4/28. Everytime.

  • Easy to Use

    The app seems easy to use. I haven't done much so far except check my balance.

  • Best Credit Card App Yet

    This app is awesome. From the really basic, like checking your balance or rewards status to the more involved like tracking spending trends and the like, it is all really easy to use. Purchases post in real time and rewards program is great. Would Samuel L Jackson lie? :-)

  • Review

    Love capital one.

  • Best credit card I ever had

    I love the app. I love that my payments are posted to my card in a couple of days. I love the cash back.

  • 💓💓💖


  • Love it!

    Easy to use and puts my account at my fingertips.

  • Awesome

    Love this app, I like the fact that I can use "Swipe" as a password instead of using numbers! It has everything I need to see on there.


    The new update won't even let me open the app!!

  • Re-enter amount to match check

    I could see if it misread hand written check amounts frequently. But if it is going to misread computer printed checks, why force me to match the random amount you think the check is for? And if I enter an amount that differs, why not rerun the optical recognition and see if it comes up with the matching amount? If I am re-entering the amount for verification, isn't it possible you are wrong? The answer is yes. And it is not only possible, but likely. In fact, it gets the amount wrong so frequently, the best guess is probably to assume it isn't the value you parsed.

  • Simple and Convenient

    I appreciate the simplicity of Capital One's app. I personally find its simple, streamlined and I can quickly check balances and make payments on the go.

  • Love the swiping security

    Easiest bank app by far to access on my phone. First time I've ever preferred the mobile experience to desktop.

  • Love it, but...

    I love the app, user friendly and loads everything fast. But, it hasn't once told me when the bill is due. So because of that I have to time it out myself and hope I paid for it in time.

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