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Schwab Mobile

Schwab Mobile
2.5 based on 2,207 Votes
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Manage your money on the go.
Take charge of your financial future with Schwab’s mobile app for iPhone®, iPad® and Apple Watch®. Monitor your accounts, trade, research investments, and follow today's market news—whenever and wherever you want. Read more...

Schwab Mobile is a Finance application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 2.5 based on 2,207 Votes. This version 6.1.0 has an average rating of 3 based on 24 Users.

Your device must have atleast 33.5 MB of space to download and install Schwab Mobile. This application does not have game center . Schwab Mobile is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of The Charles Schwab Corporation at

Support Languages

English, American


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Schwab Mobile
Schwab Mobile
Schwab Mobile
Schwab Mobile
Schwab Mobile
Schwab Mobile
Schwab Mobile
Schwab Mobile

Additional Information

• Manage your brokerage, Schwab Bank, 401(k) and other accounts

• Trade/edit/cancel Stock, ETF, Mutual Fund and multi-leg option orders ¹

• Login using Apple's Touch ID™

• Deposit Checks via Schwab Mobile Deposit™ ²

• Get real-time Trade Notifications

• Enjoy auto-updating Watchlists (synchronized with

• Add, edit, pay, or cancel Bill Pay payments for Schwab Bank

• More enhancements are coming soon

Your input is important. In the app, go to the Menu, select "Feedback" and share your experience and ideas for future enhancements.


¹ Options carry a high level of risk and are not suitable for all investors. Certain requirements must be met to trade options through Schwab. Please read the Options Clearing Corps options disclosure document titled "Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options" Supporting documentation for any claims or statistical information is available upon request, call 800-435-4000 for a copy. Multiple leg options strategies will involve multiple commissions. Spread trading must be done in a margin account.

² Schwab Mobile Deposit™ are not available on all devices. The Schwab Mobile Deposit service is subject to certain eligibility requirements, limitations, and other conditions. Enrollment is not guaranteed, and standard hold policies apply.

Functionality may vary by device. System availability and response times are subject to market conditions and mobile data and Bluetooth connection limitations. Trade Orders received outside normal market hours will be entered the next business day.

Apple, the Apple logo, Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone and Touch ID are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

The Schwab Investor Card™ from American Express under this program is issued by American Express Bank, FSB and not Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. (“Schwab”). Schwab is the broker dealer subsidiary of The Charles Schwab Corporation. Brokerage products, including the Schwab One® brokerage account, are offered by Schwab, Member SIPC.

The Platinum Card® from American Express Exclusively for Charles Schwab and the Charles Schwab Investor Credit Card™ from American Express are only available to you if you maintain an eligible Schwab brokerage account (an “eligible brokerage account”). An eligible brokerage account means a Schwab One® Account or Schwab General Brokerage Account held in your name or in the name of a revocable living trust where you are the grantor and trustee. Eligibility is subject to change.

American Express may cancel your Card Account and participation in this program, if you do not maintain an eligible brokerage account.

Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., Charles Schwab Bank, and optionsXpress, Inc. are separate but affiliated companies and subsidiaries of The Charles Schwab Corporation. Brokerage products are offered by Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. (Member SIPC) ("Schwab") and optionsXpress, Inc. (Member SIPC) ("optionsXpress"). Deposit and lending products and services are offered by Charles Schwab Bank, Member FDIC and an Equal Housing Lender.

©2016 Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. All rights reserved. Member SIPC.

211 Main Street, San Francisco, CA 94105


What's New on this version 6.1.0

Thank you for using Schwab Mobile. We are working on improving the app and we welcome your input. In the app, go to Menu and select "Feedback" and share your experience and ideas for future enhancements.

In this release we’ve made account information available for View Only roles, added the ability to view account details for the new Charles Schwab Credit Cards from American Express and resolved a few bugs.

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Needs Improvement

    Overall I like the App, but there are small needed improvements. My biggest issue that it doesn't show my cash balance in my accounts. How can you make a trade without knowing how much cash is available in your account?

  • Great app

    Great app for me and has reliably done everything I need. Love ability to makes trades or deposit checks anytime, anywhere.

  • Ok but

    The site used to transfer money between accounts so much faster. The new and less improved version takes FOREVER to open the drop box for frequency. Waste of my time waiting for it to drop down.

  • No voice ID support

    Really? I sign up for voice ID but the app doesn't support it?

  • No happy ending in sight

    This app hasn't been fixed after about year of unfavorable reviews. Poorly designed with wasted white space rather than focusing on presenting data on a small screen. So users have to go to screen after screen to see account data and history.

  • Didn't fill orders

    It happened twice now. Set my limit sell at $6. Day high was $6 but order never filled up. I hate it when happens! Then the price starts to go down.

  • I use it all the time

    There's no substitute for the full website that you use on the computer but it gets pretty darn close!

  • Needs serious improvement

    Consistent data feed issues requiring to restart the app. Frequent app timeouts requiring loving back in. Really needs work.


    FREQUENTLY, this app does not allow one to place a multi-legged order (for example, can't scroll to the desired expiration date -- frozen). Or, it won't show any open trade orders. Pathetic. If you're the least bit sophisticated about securities trading, don't use this app or you may lose money from inability to place or revise open orders. Indeed, I recommend tht you don't open a Schwab account in the first instance.

  • Usable and functional but no aesthetic appeal

    I'm all for minimalism within an app but compared to several other personal finance apps available, this one falls short visually. With even a little tlc this app could be read and used more easily, especially on the account ledger view. Come on Chuck...kick this app up a notch!

  • App will cause you to be locked out from account

    This app will cause you to be locked out of your Schwab account. Be wary of using Touch ID. Multiple requests sometimes get made to their authentication server causing Schwab to lock you out of your account. After calling in they force you to run antivirus on your computer and claim that hackers tried to access your account when it is actually a flaw with the iOS app making multiple authentication requests simultaneously. They will also force you to change your login credentials.

  • Be careful

    I had a bad experience where there was hard check on my credit history which I opted for mobile deposit process... Pathetic

  • Great for on the go people

    Love being able to check my accounts and place trades while on the go!

  • Unreliable

    The app performs poorly. There are issues seeing entire option chains unless you reboot once every often.

  • Great app, love it

    Best place to get updated market information. Thank you for the update

  • Dividend yields

    Stock quote does not show dividend yield. Surprisingly. Shows all sorts of other data but NOT the yield. Crazy. Fidelity shows such a basic stat. Planning to move back to fidelity.

  • It’s okay

    It does what it needs to for some jobs such as checking your account balance and history. My biggest problem with the app is that I cannot deposit checks through the app. 9/10 times I need to retake check images.

  • Ugh

    This app is the worst. I get security is an important thing, but when it's so secure even I can't use it somethings wrong. One hassle after another.

  • Good app

    These negative reviews must be from competitors. It is sometimes slow and I use a different app for trading, but viewing transaction history, my accounts, and customer service are all perfect.

  • Thumbprint login broken

    More than 50% of the time it won't login but just cycles. Requires a phone restart to get it working again. Please fix

  • Fuzzy math

    I'm so tired of Schwab's fuzzy math when I buy a stock then cheek it's performance like in the Gain/loss feature. For example, I purchased 500 shares of a security at a cost of 1.99. The stock now trades at 2.03 which is a gain but Schwab says I have a 133.00 loss. Makes no sense and I can't do business like this. I'm out to Scottrade soon.

  • Horrible

    Now the app routinely has you re-input your password even though it's set to save. I don't want Big Brother over riding what I want. This has recently started with the app Schwab fix it. I control my security not you!!!!!!!

  • Crappy app

    Please do not respond because at this point I no longer care about what you have to say. Your app continues to have functions that work one day and then not the next. Hoping this will land on the desk of someone who actually cares. You must have some of the most pathetic programmers on the planet. This has been going on for years. Hopeless. Thankfully I have other sources for quick information when I want it. Again, do not respond. I no longer have any interest in talking to someone about it. Just thought that someone in management ought to care.

  • 6s app stopped working properly

    The Schwab app in iPhone 6s has stopped working properly. Before, I liked it. Now it is almost useless.

  • Site utility


  • Pleased & Confused

    Really like the app - have not had any issues with speed, access, or the auto login. Seems people either love this app or hate it. Interesting!!

  • Could be so much more

    Headquartered next to Silicon Valley you'd think Schwab could find some techies to make this a much more dynamic app. Not as pretty as it could be. Not as many features as it could have. Wish it were more.

  • Poor, very Poor

    I hate the app and the company.

  • Connectivity issues up the kazoo

    This app has constant connectivity issues; slow load times or just no connectivity at all. The overall design is clunky and not done by anyone actually using it. For such a high profile back, they sure don't give this app much attention.

  • Won't install

    v6.0.1 won't install on my iPad.

  • Mobile Deposit Broken

    The app has stopped accepting my paychecks for deposit. It will deposit other checks, but the checks issued by my employer keep getting repeatedly rejected for image quality despite working for months under the same conditions. I hope they find some way to address this or I am going to have to change banks as we have no local branch and as such mobile deposit was the whole reason I bank with Schwab.

  • 👍

    Awesome app!

  • Finger print doesn't work

    Pls fix the fingerprint scanner. It often doesn't initiate the scan.

  • Processing error :(

    I've deposited 100+ checks with the Schwab app before. Now I'm unable to deposit checks with this new version. It's super frustrating. Every time it says "Processing Error."

  • equity award balance missing

    Unvested value of equity award no longer displays

  • Finger print login should allow read only access

    Stupid app goes back and forth read only permissions based on finger print login for users with secure ID tokens.

  • Crashes...

    How did this go out?

  • Bugs on Feb 3rd Update !!

    Don't update !! Can't trade in my Employer Sponsored account. Trades fine on Internet site but the app has some serious bugs...

  • App won't download

    This app is terrible!!! It won't update and download. I can't delete it either. I expect better. I hope this isn't an indicator of how they r managing my $$.

  • Latest update bugs

    Updated to the latest version last night and now I can't trade in either of my employer sponsored retirement accounts. Lost out on a 3% gain today because phone was my only access.

  • Good app, but lots of crashes

    The app crashes much less frequently now than in previous versions. It's still a bit flaky. Sometimes when you try to trade options many of the expirations are missing. Also if you try to view an SEC filing that appears in company news it rarely works. It would be nice if there were more details and research available for mutual funds on the app.

  • Newest update refuses to download

    Totally broke my app and I can't even uninstall it from my phone. Real issue that needs to be addressed.

  • Password UNSECURE!

    Do you know that your Schwab password is unsecure? Your password is limited to 8 characters and it is entirely CASE INSENSITIVE! You can type all caps, all lower case, type a mixture. It's WIDE OPEN! All a hacker needs to do is guess the 8 characters - zero regard to case.

  • Won't download

    Don't update. This version will not download

  • Not a strong platform; costing me returns.

    I have been using this App for several years and have become very frustrated at the pace of improvement. I am giving strong consideration to pulling my money out of Schwab. In my other brokerage accounts I have found many more features and, more importantly reliability, in the their Mobile platforms. It's particularly frustrating to try and make a trade, being unable to do so and than finding the market has moved against you.

  • Does it all from nowhere

    All the function, none of the trxn fees. EVER

  • Pretty good!

    Able to do most standard things that I need to do. I only wish there were a "FUTURES" option on the app to view futures. I would also like to see an individual portfolio performance chart. I've never compared it with any other stock app, so I can't compare to much.

  • Too many bugs

    Basic functions like dividend events in graphs no longer works. They know about it. Won't fix it.

  • Crash

    Crash crash crash. Please login. Crash. Please login. Crash crash crash.

  • Worst mobile trading app

    Avoid using this stupid junk app! Especially avoid using it for option trading! I tapped at a out position position and followed the work flow to close it, but it said the symbol was not recognized! I tried 3 times! Finally I used the web version from Safari, but the best time was gone! Not only it is very slow to initialize an option trading, but also buggy. They should really learn from the mobile version of ThinkOrSwim. Schwab should seriously thinking about firing the whole software development team of this junk app!

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