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Schwab Mobile

Schwab Mobile
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Manage your money and track the markets no matter where you are. Schwab’s mobile app for iPhone® and iPad® makes it easy to monitor your accounts, trade, research investments, and follow today’s market news—whenever and wherever you want.

Schwab Mobile is a Finance application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 3 based on 1,377 Votes. This version has an average rating of 3.5 based on 18 Users.

Your device must have atleast 29.3 MB of space to download and install Schwab Mobile. This application does not have game center . Schwab Mobile is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of The Charles Schwab Corporation at

More Description

Get the latest quotes, headlines, market updates, and charts. Research stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and mutual funds—all before logging in on your iPhone or iPad.


Get real-time quotes and check your balances and positions while placing orders for stocks, ETFs, or mutual funds. You can even trade eligible stocks and ETFs in the extended-hours session. Place, modify or cancel single and two-legged options strategies(1).


Stay current with auto-updating watch list quotes—on the iPad, get quotes on a scrolling quote bar at the bottom of every screen.


Keep an eye on all of your balances, such as brokerage, optionsXpress, Schwab Bank, and Schwab 401(k). Even stay informed of your trade execution status through Push notification messages. Also view your day change and unrealized gain/loss on your eligible positions.


Transfer funds between accounts, select transfer frequency and make IRA contributions directly from your brokerage accounts.

(2)Deposit checks using Schwab Mobile Deposit(TM)

Pay your bills quickly and easily from your Schwab Bank accounts. Make, edit, and cancel payments. Pay e-bills and add/edit billers.

SEE SCREENSHOTS BELOW. (For illustrative purposes only.)



(1)Options carry a high level of risk and are not suitable for all investors. Certain requirements must be met to trade options through Schwab. Multiple leg options strategies will involve multiple commissions. Please read the options disclosure document titled "Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options” before considering any option transaction. Supporting documentation for any claims or statistical information is available upon request.

(2)Schwab Mobile Deposit(TM) is not available on all devices.

The Schwab Mobile Deposit service is subject to certain eligibility requirements, limitations, and other conditions. Enrollment is not guaranteed, and standard hold policies apply.

System availability and response times are subject to market conditions and mobile connection limitations. Trade orders received outside normal market hours will be entered the next business day.

Unrealized gain/loss is only available on devices with iOS 4.3.1 or higher.

Apple, the Apple logo, iPad, and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., Charles Schwab Bank, and optionsXpress, Inc. are separate but affiliated companies and subsidiaries of The Charles Schwab Corporation. Brokerage products are offered by Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. (Member SIPC) ("Schwab") and optionsXpress, Inc. (Member SIPC) ("optionsXpress"). Deposit and lending products and services are offered by Charles Schwab Bank, Member FDIC and an Equal Housing Lender.

©2014 Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. All rights reserved. Member SIPC. CS17369-01 (0514-3016)

What's New on this version

App Feedback
Providing feedback is now easier than ever. Our new form, available from the “More” menu, allows you to provide information to us or rate the app directly in the App Store.

View Schwab Charitable Accounts
Schwab Charitable Accounts are now integrated into the Mobile App along with other Brokerage Accounts. View Balances, including amount available for granting, as well as Positions and History information for Grants and Contributions.


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  • English, American


Schwab Mobile
Schwab Mobile
Schwab Mobile
Schwab Mobile
Schwab Mobile
Schwab Mobile
Schwab Mobile
Schwab Mobile

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • A Steadily Improving App

    The app gets better with each upgrade. I really like the additional features for option traders: Idea Hub with actionable trade suggestions, Trade Calculator which tells you potential profit/loss before you place the trade, option chains with all the Greeks and theoretical values included and Watchlist where you can store possible trades until you make your final decision. I no longer use the Schwab desktop apps and do all my trading from my iPad. Trading enhancements and access to even more account details are on the way. Keep up the great work Schwab, I haven't used a mouse for months now.

  • Does what I need, doesn't crash


  • Schwab app

    App frequently shuts down. Due to this frustration, I often resort to using a browser rather than the app.

  • Great app

    User friendly, clean app, powerful, and can get all the I need. Great job Schwab.

  • Listen to your customers. Fix the color on the volume indicators on graphs

    The graphs show the incorrect color on the volume indicator. Green should represent a rise in price and red should represent a decline in price for that period of time. I have called Schwab numerous times and no one seems to be listening.

  • Please improve EVERYTHING


  • Fix deposit feature

    Hi, please fix deposit feature. It crashes and closes after I take the photo of the second side if the check on my phone app.

  • Where is the functionality

    I was at first going to rate this with 2 stars, but then I was forced to rethink my rating as I wrote this review. I give it a single star. I was hoping to be able to sort and list my portfolio in a way that was useful. This does not seem to be possible and I am disappointed in the platform as a whole.

  • What were you thinking

    Why would you screen shot your app showing someone losing $20k. Are you setting user expectations? Down load this app, lose 20k.

  • Fatally Glitched

    This apps’ log-on fields do not support special characters. Too bad if you use them for your Schwab web-based log-on. This glitch locks me out of using the app. And Schwab has received complaints about this for years…what a joke.

  • Can't paste password from manager

    I can't login with long random password since pasting on login page does not work. This encourages weak passwords and is very disappointing. Please fix this soon.

  • So glitchy!

    Update: Stop adding new features and focus on fixing existing bugs or I'm switching to another broker with lower commissions!!! So frustrating!!!

  • Terrible UI

    Hard to navigate and confusing

  • Check Deposit Broken

    Fix this bug and I'll change my rating. This App is severely diminished by this big.

  • Unfriendly options quotes

    Non actionable charts & lousy options quotes at the trade ticket. Data is not timely in the windows where decisions are made; by the time you get to the trade ticket, the quotes are TOO TOO different! When you are correct the app leaves you wondering if it is worth chasing the new quote. We all know that chasing price only benefits those making the commission and the market maker. There is no graphic tool to quickly identify break even and profit potential points either. This is of extraordinary value for learning, especially if quotes are current. It's aggravating, but it the only game in this town. I've been using this app for well over a year with less success than I should have had. Never-the-less, it has proven to help make me a profitable trader; however, its lack of actionable tools and untimely "real time quotes" that are different than those on Street Smart Edge level II by as much as .25 /share as I witnessed on 7/29/2014.

  • Extreme login difficulties

    Every time I go to the password field and attempt to paste my password, the paste button appears and I can tap it but the clipboard text doesn't populate the field. This is EXTREMELY frustrating, and obviously I am not going to write my very long and complex password down on paper just to so I can type it into the app, as that defeats the purpose of keeping it securely in my 1Password vault. HELLO SCHWAB WAKE UP! Writing my password down on paper just so I can type it in is EXTREMELY INSECURE.

  • Best banking app

    I bank with apps and this one (with the update) is by far the best. Thank you!

  • Good enough for me!

    Perhaps not the most suave app, but it certainly is very clean, capable, and stable!

  • Mobile deposit not working

    I've banked before at other institutions using mobile deposit, so I am familiar with the process. I've tried 30 times tonight to get a check through and the software continues to say cannot read account no matter what lighting or angle I shoot the photo at. Very frustrating. New customer too, not sure I made the right choice to switch if this is any indication of the future.

  • Great app

    Love this app. Never had trouble e-depositing a check like some reviewers have mentioned.

  • Crashes on Deposit

    The app crashes every time I try to take a picture of my check. iOS 7, iPhone 4s

  • Deposit checks just fine. Faster than last one.

    Just updated. Deposited a check like always just fine (on iPhone not iPad). I don't know what the others are complaining about. In fact the app feels faster, but that could just be placebo who knows.

  • New update not fully functional

    Pls fix order status page. It's not loading with the new update. Frustrating as updates supposed to improve not degrade experience

  • No Streaming Quotes

    Why doesn't this have streaming live quotes for stocks and options like every other trading application? It makes no sense to have to keep hitting refresh to update the quotes. Also the refresh button is badly placed so you end up hitting other buttons instead by accident.

  • Can't paste pw, web-acceptable pw characters can't be entered

    These weren't bugs on an earlier version of this app. I can't review the rest of the app because I can't access it.

  • Needs Improvement

    It would be nice to have a pop up of executed trades

  • Useless for depositing checks

    I use the Schwab app for one thing - to deposit checks electronically. It works mostly fine on my phone - except for large sized checks, which I have to mail in (weird and unnecessary in itself). So I just installed this app on the iPad, and on the very first check it first wouldn't take the picture, and then kept claiming that I took 2 photos of the front of the check, and not front and back (not true). Great idea, poor execution.

  • Does not show open orders

    I know I have an open order but orders menu is blank for all accounts, so I need to go to the website to edit my open orders.

  • update the app

    I have moved to Capital one, they have a much better app that works if you want to deposit wiht your smart phone. The CS app does not appear to work.

  • Great app!

    I've been using this app for years and it has gotten better and better over time. The mobile deposit feature has always worked for me.

  • Can't deposit checks!

    As a dozen other people have mentioned, the app crashes when depositing checks (v4.2.1.1, iPhone 5S). This is the ONLY reason that I (and many others) use this app. How did they miss this?? And worse, this issue has gone unaddressed for nearly a month now. For shame!

  • Would it kill you to make a native app?

    Local broker encourages me to deposit via the app, but it always crashes when I take a picture. I shouldn't have to reboot my phone to use your hybrid web app mess.

  • Works great!

    I’ve been using this since version 1.2 and it keeps getting better. I’m not experiencing the problems others have with cut and paste with the passwords (that didn’t work a few versions ago, but its fixed now) and I have no trouble with remote deposit. Bill pay works very well too.

  • Mobile deposit still doesn't work

    App still crashes when trying to deposit check. Where is the fix?

  • Can't deposit checks

    Well it was great until the last update. Now it crashes every time I try to deposit a check. Ugh.

  • Useless w/o copy/paste login

    This app doesn't support the use of external password vaults such as 1Password, which require the user to copy/paste their passwords. While that may seem insecure to the ill-informed, it is a marked security improvement to requiring users to create a password so weak it can be easily remembered and typed. Schwab, by disallowing this (trying to paste in a password results in no action), is perpetuating security problems, and is making their app completely unusable by those that care about security. Fix that major flaw, then we can talk about actual app features.

  • Suggested improvements

    Overall good, but a couple tweaks could make it great. How about an option for live updated account summary screen (similar to the Watch List)? Or at least use the standard iOS "pull down to update" rather than the tiny refresh icon at the bottom. Also, please get rid of the session time out errors. Why do I have to tap through two error messages every time I log back in? Shouldn't the login credentials screen be enough to indicate that my session has timed out? It didn't use to be this way in the last version of the app. Thanks!

  • App crashes, can't deposit check!

    Consistently on taking the 2nd photo of a check the app crashes on my iPhone 4S, so I'm unable to use check deposit anymore.

  • Awesome!

    I absolutely love this app. It does an excellent job as a stand in for the computer trading platform. While I don't expect it to have the flexibility of Streetsmart it does a stellar job as a mobile app for the bank and brokerage.

  • Not good

    Downloaded the app but the icon never appeared on my screen. When I press "open" in the App Store nothing happens. Better off using the website

  • Mobile Check Deposit doesn't work

    I primarily use this app to deposit mobile checks. That used to work like a charm. Now it consistently fails. Even with a number of updates it has still not been addressed. You would think a bank with no physical locations would make this a priority. I love banking with Schwab, but this is really driving me nuts.

  • Check Deposit Crashes on iPhone 5s

    Unable to deposit a check using an iPhone 5s. Please issue an update immediately!

  • Yields

    Needs to show dividend yields on stock quotes.

  • Crashes with check deposit

    Also have the iPhone 5s and the app crashes when I try to deposit a check.

  • Problems with iphone 5s

    Check deposit does not work with iPhone 5s constantly crashes.

  • Broken Update

    The app now crashes almost every time you take a picture of your check, making the check deposit function unusable. How does a company with the resources and responsibilities of Charles Schwab push an update like this? Makes one wonder if they're equally sloppy with computer security. Heads should roll.

  • Good job but please polish up the colour scheme!

    All in all the new layout is well done, although the colour scheme contains too much white, making it distracting and hard on the eyes. I would advise injecting more colour into future updates to create contrast/balance, particularly black as the background for charts as in the prior version, as well as more of the soft blue on the News tab in this version's expanded Quote window.

  • Quote expansion crashes app

    In newest update expanding a quote box crashes the app. This means no news available for a particular stock. Pls fix this.

  • Crash City

    The app was excellent until this latest update. Now it crashes every time I try to take any meaningful action. Please fix or restore it to it's older version.

  • Terrible update

    Yet another bad update. Order status is blank after I purchase some stocks. Only thing to do us kill the app and restart. Also the watch list would frequently lose network connection even though I was connected to my home wifi. Please do better QA.

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