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Celebrity Darling for GREE

Celebrity Darling for GREE
3.5 based on 246 Votes
Price Free

"If we can be together, I don't care who finds out..."
When you jump head first into the entertainment industry to make your dreams come true, what do you find waiting for you? Read more...

Celebrity Darling for GREE is a Entertainment application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 3.5 based on 246 Votes. This version 1.3 has an average rating of 4 based on 40 Users.

Your device must have atleast 8.5 MB of space to download and install Celebrity Darling for GREE. This application does not have game center . Celebrity Darling for GREE is Free to download and install on your mobile device

More Description

A life-changing, non-stop scandal with the hottest boys in the business!

Your turbulent life in the industry is filled with trials—but what will be the future of your scandalous romance?

A popstar, an actress, a singer... decide which path you'll take, and aim for the top!



・Endings change based on the choices you make

Suddenly find yourself even closer to your darling based on the choices you make in the game! The ending of your story depends on you!


This app is designed for iPhone 5 / 4 /4S and iPhone 3Gs.

(Not compatible with iPhone 3G,iPad,iPad2 and iPod touch)

What's New on this version 1.3

The system has been updated


  • Entertainment
  • Simulation
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Support Languages

  • English, American


Celebrity Darling for GREE
Celebrity Darling for GREE
Celebrity Darling for GREE
Celebrity Darling for GREE

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • What's goin on? Can someone help please???

    For some reason today when I tried to play every time I tried to go to My Page I kept getting the login bonus page even after I recived the bonus it wouldn't let me play I really love this game and have never had problems until now so please someone help I want to play!!!!!!

  • I love this!

    This game is great, I love it. Very fun, but I wish I could play every route of guys that I meet. I want to fall in love with Toma! (Drummer of Jade), or maybe even Yamada. 😘 It would definitely be 5 stars if you could choose from every guy, not just a handful of them.

  • Love the game.

    I love the game. When will Natsuki Orihara be available? I'm looking forward to his route.

  • Nice Game

    I really love the game but the missions cost a lot of salary! Also, I really wish there were more routes, in the game you can meet so many guys but there are only about 5 routes. Please make more routes ;-; I finished all the routes except 1 and I really want to play different routes •^•

  • Love it but...

    Ok this game is so cute and fun!! But the missions cost waaaay to much. I just finished one and I used all my money that I had saved up for like forever and now there is another mission that costs even more money! I love the game but the missions are just to much.

  • Great Game!

    Like all of your games, it's amazing! But I would really like to see it as a non GREE game. GREE games are really unorganized and all over the place, so I really get confused. It'd be awesome if you could, thanks! :)

  • Love but Mild Problems

    Don't get me wrong, I love Gree .But when I try to play the story or just check things, the screen shifted like a lot. Most of the screen is of to the side and I only see 1/4 of the entire screen! Can you fix this problem because I miss reading the story and playing properly without any side problems.

  • Fun but broken?

    I played for a while, but now my screen is stuck on the login bonus page where it says 'Touch'. I love the app and all, but please fix!

  • Love it!!!

    Could add Teppei and Momose - more scandalous, as new characters otherwise love love love it. 😻😻😻😻❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Great!

    The guys are adorable and it's fun to play!

  • There's a glitch

    I can't go to my page or anything because it keeps repeating the daily log in, please fix!

  • Omg

    This is awesome!! Love the games that are made by your company!! Keep up the great work!!!

  • Bad!

    It's not working! Keeps repeating. Characters are ugly. Disappointed.

  • One of the Best

    This game is One of the Best I ever played, and Haru is just the perfect guy for me 💙

  • I Really liked it except for some

    I really enjoyed this game!! Unlike many otome apps this one gives a backstory where you interact with all different kinds of characters , building up to the point where you finally choose your route. This is a nice difference from the other games where you sort of just jump right into the romance for no reason. I think that the visuals are little blurry and there are a few translation mistakes. Also often it makes me repeat the same chapter I just read. I also wish I could choose more plot routes , since I met like 15 guys but am only able to play like 5 . Otherwise I really liked this game

  • Not enough salary

    I don't like having to wait 10 days to earn enough salary to complete ONE mission. I LOVE the game! But hate that it takes sooo much time to get salary to buy items for missions. I just finished my last mission and now I have another.. So not kewl. Please fix this!

  • Fix the screen issue please!

    I can't play the game because of the screen, please fix it! :(

  • Had a glitch

    Today my Celebrity Darling experienced a glitch where it played the same love pass story multiple times. When I went back to my MyPage it stated that I had my 5 full love passes to play. After resetting the game my love passes where down to 1 but I had only read one passage, it just played multiple times.

  • How do I start a new game??

    I downloaded this game a while ago and I made it very far into the story but I deleted the game, for reasons I'm not quite sure of myself, and I redownloaded it. I'm too far in and I don't remember anything. So I want to start over. How do I? I've looked everywhere and I have no clue. Please help!

  • Love it!

    Awesome game, just like all your other dating sims, but you should make a feature so that users can make an account that they can log on and off of, so that way if we switch to a new device, we can log in to our accounts and have all our data saved and not have to start out at square one all over again!!

  • Love it but.....

    I love this game but can you PLEASE make it NON-GREE IN ENGLISH?!

  • Repeat pages

    It keeps repeating the login page and story pages so I can't get any further

  • fairly fun !

    this game is great although i would like to see other ways to get love passes

  • Awesome

    Thus is the best game ever I love GREE games

  • Err...

    The stories are quite well, the boys are cute (especially Sho). However, I have to say that I HATE the main character. She always gets on my nerves!!! She gave up so easily, not even trying to find a way for her love. And what with that workaholic type??!! It is crazy

  • Update Characters!!!!

    Will we ever get non-GREE version? When will we get NEW characters? This game is boring. How many times are we suppose to play the same characters? Please UPDATE!!!!

  • Will it work?

    Will it work? I have an iPhone 4S, but I upgraded it to be a iOS 7. Will it work for my phone? I've tried, but it doesn't seem to work.

  • Shall we date

    It's a really fun game and it makes you feel like you are a part of it. I haven't had any problems on my iPod

  • Great but flawed

    I love the game and it really is a great otome game. I couldn't ask for better but I can't see my room when I try to arrange furniture.

  • It was perfectly fine before i installed iOS 7

    The screen is sort of off centered. Can you fix it please? Other than that the game is really good!

  • iOS 7.0

    After updating to iOS 7.0 I am no longer able to read it. It should be updated immediately. Please and thank you

  • Thank you!! Happy! :)

    I LOVE these games from GREE! Thank you for updating the system so it's compatible with iOS7! And for fixing the lucky 24 hour! So happy!!! :)

  • Love this game (BUT!)

    Love playing this game (BUT!) wish u had more guys to play. Are you ever going to make this a paying game like the others one I'll like that I would buy it if you do.

  • I'm sure it's amazing...

    I can't even play it. It shuts off every time I try. I will change the rating after it's fixed and I can play it.

  • Can not see or read text!

    Since update I can not read text. It just loads on the far right of the screen. Please update!

  • Lucky 24 hour

    It says there is a lucky 24 hour thing for the event but when I try to go to the party it only uses 20 strength so it doesn't give the extra points that the lucky 24 hour usually gives. I've never had this problem before

  • Love but minor problem

    I absolutely love this app! But ever since I updated my iPad to iOS7 the app comes in funky. It comes up but the page is on the right side of the screen, so I have to swipe the screen to the left to be able to click something on the game. It's sort of annoying but the big problem is when I try to continue the story. When I go to resume it won't let me swipe the screen over so I can see the picture and dialogue. When I tried to move the picture, the story kept going as if I were clicking it. If you guys could fix that, that would be great cause I really love this game! ^_^ it's ever since I updated the software on my iPad to the iOS7.

  • Used to play everyday

    I loved playing this game along with the other gree games such as bodyguard and princess now none of them work with iOS 7. Fix this or you will be losing any money I plan to spend on these games!

  • Please update soon!

    Another great game that i am now unable to play due to the iOS 7 update. Please fix this soon!! Other then that, the game is excellent and I can't get enough of it :)

  • The app keeps crashing!

    This app won't work since I updated to iOS7! Can it be fixed? I used to love this game!

  • iPad

    It said that it can't work on iPad!? Could you guys make a version for iPads please!!!!?

  • Needs an update

    The app won't even let me open it I think it's because of the new iOS 7 but it's starting to get on my was working fine before but I don't know how to undo the update on my phone just frustrated

  • Bug

    Won't let me play, please fix

  • Love love love it but...

    I love the game but since the iOS7 has been released this and the others have been crashing on me. T.T hope you fix it soon.

  • Hello!!

    I love celebrity darling, but I cannot stand the gree version. I'm really hoping for a translated version of a non-gree version... So please, please., translate the non-gree version...!! I'll be waiting for it...

  • Buying problems

    Why can't i buy diffrent hairstyles or backgrounds? it keeps saying oops error???

  • I love this game so much!

    Please release Natsuki's route!

  • Pretty please

    Oh my gosh I love all y'all's romance stories(or as I call them romance novels xD) But I was never that big of a fan of the gree versions though... I mean don't get me wrong there great stories but.... I prefer the non-gree versions more ( like way more).... So I hope very soon that you guys put this one,as one of ur, many famous non-gree version. I think this one would be very fun and delightful to read! So I anticipate reading this one very,very,soon! Oh and the reason why I'm not that big of a fan to the gree versions is bc my attention span is kind of short.. So it's hard for me to stayed interested in the gree-versions simply bc they just don't hold my attention very long... Unlike ur non-gree versions which always keep me interested... Not sure why though I guess I just find the non-gree versions more entertaining.... But any case, can't wait for the non-gree version! ^_^ <3 Voltage inc. <3333

  • I really love it but..

    I really love the game but it dose have some bugs like the other day when I logged in and I went to go to my my page and it keep sending me to the log in and never got anything for that day and then to day I went to play the main story it keep making me replay the same thing over and over agin then I lost all my love passes for that day

  • Rhymes

    I love these games it makes real life less of a pain .

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