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Hide it Pro

Hide it Pro
4 based on 272 Votes
Price Free

Tired of people snooping around in your phone , looking at all your personal pictures and videos. Well , not anymore. With Hide it Pro you can securely hide your pictures and videos , protected behind a inbuilt lock screen
Hide it pro features :

Hide it Pro is a Entertainment application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 4 based on 272 Votes. This version 1.0.1 has an average rating of 4 based on 272 Users.

Your device must have atleast 729.5 KB of space to download and install Hide it Pro. This application does not have game center . Hide it Pro is Free to download and install on your mobile device

More Description

Secure hiding of Pictures and Videos behind an impenetrable lock screen.

+ Create Multiple photo/video albums and share unlimited photos/videos inside them

+ Customize album by changing its name or thumbnail

+ Add photos/videos to the album by Phone Gallery , from iTunes or directly from the Camera

+ View photos and videos in inbuilt picture viewer and video viewer

+ Email photos/videos to others from inside the app

+ Move photos/videos to other albums

+ Unhide photos/videos back to your phone gallery

+ View photos in Slideshow with customizable duration and slideshow transition

+ Export all your files from inside the app in one tap with USB export

+ Enable disguise screen to disguise the app as if it is crashed when anyone tries to access it

+ Automatic locking when you exit the app.

+ Escape Unlock code to make the app look empty (in case someone finds out)

And many more.

So what are you waiting for , try it out now.

P.S if you are wondering what's up with the weird icon ? well we don't wanna look too obvious now , do we ?


  • Entertainment
  • Utilities

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Hide it Pro
Hide it Pro
Hide it Pro
Hide it Pro

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • I love it!

    This app is great. I think the name should be changed. It's a dead giveaway. Hides all my private photos and videos.

  • Yokeily


  • Doesn't work

    Stays stuck on importing pictures and never finishes.

  • 👎

    The app worked fine the first month. Then it wouldn't accept my pass code as if I didn't know it, and cued me to reset it and that would cost .99 cent.....

  • Deleted my photos automatically

    Very disappointed. Can't ever get those photos back

  • terrible

    every time I go to add pics to an existing folder after choosing gallery it crashes as soon as I touch the photo album this app is 10/10 useless how are you gonna hide pics when you can't even add them to the app without it crashing each time

  • Lots of crashes

    Every time I try to view my album the app crashes after about 3 photos. Other than this the app is okay.

  • Review

    GREAT APP!!!

  • Love it!!!

    Perfect place to hide pics to don't want the young ones to see ;)

  • Best

    This app help me hide my pic n video i like it a lot

  • Mo


  • Messaging?

    This app needs away to hide contacts and SMS and disguise when they message u or try to call and change the mame like the hide it pro audio manager like droids.... If this would change it would make this a five star app

  • Fix

    Useless, because the icon says "hide it pro" think about it...

  • Name change

    It would be nice if you could change the name on the app. Call it something as to not be so obvious that it's hiding something. Otherwise I think it's great!

  • Faulty

    It's a little slow. Also, I hid 2 videos, and they won't play anymore. What's the point?

  • Pretty good

    It's a pretty great app in every way. If it changed the name it would be flawless!

  • Possible display name change

    Is it possible to change the display name of the app. In the droid version it is displayed as an audio manger. Is a display name changer or a display name change possible?

  • Good App

    This is the best App :)

  • Hide contact like the Htc version

    Why can't we hide contacts on the iPhone version . One of the most important part of the feature

  • Hide it por

    Chang the name

  • Love it

    My go to app for privacy.

  • Hi

    Great app

  • Need to update for iO7

    Was pretty good but since I updated my iPhone hide it pro just crashes when I try to add pics.

  • Very good

    Very very good app. Need to update

  • Def333

    Works great, would like to have the ability to change the name on screen from Hide it.

  • ..

    This app is horrible. I just downloaded it and it crashes every time i go into my gallery to hide a picture. Waste of time.


    it does it's job. But ever since day one whenever I try to navigate around the app or upload new pics it crashes. Please please fix this

  • One issue

    It is a great app, except that it needs to have another update. For some reason now it won't allow you to store videos. But other then that it's great.

  • Name Change

    Works well and does what it is suppose to but why do I need to hide my hide it app. The name is too blatantly obvious.

  • Can not important from phone gallery

    I love the app but all of a sudden when I try to important a photo from my phone gallery the app just closes out I've rest my phone and it didn't help I'm running iOS 7 on a iPhone 4 . Is this a issues for anyone else ? If so when will there be a fix

  • Name fail

    App is great! Easy to use. Failure: calling it Hide it Pro.

  • Annoyed

    Great app for hiding pics, however when I try to play my videos inside the app it won't allow me. It moves to the play screen then back to the thumbnails. The only way I can watch my hidden videos is to I hide them. What good I the app if I can't view my videos, which are sent to me from other people. Once I can watch my hidden videos in the app you will get a better rating.

  • Crashes

    iOS 7 crashes when attempting to add a picture. Which is the main purpose of the app

  • Not the same

    It's not the only on the google play. You guys clam that the apps are the same.there is a big difference between apps. You can't hide your apps on the iPhone.

  • Fix the bug!

    App keeps shutting down when I view my pictures...other than that really good app

  • Hide it

    Great app but honestly should add the option to hide messages.

  • App

    Everything is great but the name.. If you are wanting to hide something, the name should not say you are hiding something. Would like to see a up date that corrects this stupidity.

  • One and a half thumbs up

    I love it, I just think its stupid that it says hide it pro on my home screen, I don't even want people to ask. I think u should come up with new skins for the home page so even people who have hide it pro don't even know u have it

  • Awesome

    Better name

  • What a disappointment!!

    Horrible disappointment I will gladly pay when you have the SMS and calling hide featur

  • Perfection

    Being able to hide pic/videos for everyone great app use it every day recommend for all to use

  • Awesome

    Awesome app love it , it really does it job and really works .

  • Name Change

    This is a good app, just needs a name change. You don't need everyone to know you have things hidden within the app.

  • Hideit pro

    Love it!! Simple to use and fast!

  • Great app

    Great app


    To find a good app in iTunes to hide pictures. This is the second one I'm trying now that DOES NOT WORK. Miss my Droid

  • J

    Definitely need to have a hoax screen so it doesn't say "hide it pro" for all to see.. Other than that it's great.

  • Great

    Love this app I use it for a lot.

  • App

    Good app, except in the online description it says you can hide apps in this app. Even if I am misunderstanding, PLEASE MAKE THAT HAPPEN! I babysit frequently and I don't want those kids getting into some of my apps.

  • App


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