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Hide it Pro - Hide Photos, Hide Videos, Pics

Hide it Pro - Hide Photos, Hide Videos, Pics
3.5 based on 314 Votes
Price $1.99

Features By Apple, Reached #1 in 105 App Stores, regarded as a technological marvel and has the best customer support.
Tired of people snooping around in your phone , looking at all your personal pictures and videos. Well , not anymore. With Hide it Pro you can securely hide your pictures and videos , protected behind a inbuilt lock screen Read more...

Hide it Pro - Hide Photos, Hide Videos, Pics is a Photo & Video application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 3.5 based on 314 Votes. This version 2.8 has an average rating of 2.5 based on 9 Users.

Your device must have atleast 4.5 MB of space to download and install Hide it Pro - Hide Photos, Hide Videos, Pics. This application does not have game center . Hide it Pro - Hide Photos, Hide Videos, Pics can be downloaded and install for $1.99 only

Support Languages

English, American


Photo & Video , Utilities ,


Hide it Pro - Hide Photos, Hide Videos, Pics
Hide it Pro - Hide Photos, Hide Videos, Pics
Hide it Pro - Hide Photos, Hide Videos, Pics
Hide it Pro - Hide Photos, Hide Videos, Pics
Hide it Pro - Hide Photos, Hide Videos, Pics
Hide it Pro - Hide Photos, Hide Videos, Pics

Additional Information

Hide it pro features :

Secure hiding of Pictures and Videos behind an impenetrable lock screen.

+ Create Multiple photo/video albums and share unlimited photos/videos inside them

+ Customize album by changing its name or thumbnail

+ Add photos/videos to the album by Phone Gallery , from iTunes or directly from the Camera

+ View photos and videos in inbuilt picture viewer and video viewer

+ Email photos/videos to others from inside the app

+ Move photos/videos to other albums

+ Unhide photos/videos back to your phone gallery

+ View photos in Slideshow with customizable duration and slideshow transition

+ Export all your files from inside the app in one tap with USB export

+ Enable disguise screen to disguise the app as if it is crashed when anyone tries to access it

+ Automatic locking when you exit the app.

+ Escape Unlock code to make the app look empty (in case someone finds out)

And many more.

So what are you waiting for , try it out now.

P.S if you are wondering what's up with the weird icon ? well we don't wanna look too obvious now , do we ?

What's New on this version 2.8

To access disguise screen -> slide your finger from left to right at top margin of the app

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • It's labeled Hide it pro!

    Don't wast your money. It shows up on your screen as "Hide it pro" not very covert.

  • I have problem with the app

    I bought it now I can do anything with it

  • Error and won't open anymore

    I don't know what happened...can't open the apps and now I can't get all the saved photos and docs I put there!!!!

  • Upload crashes

    If videos and pictures aren't uploaded immediately, they can't he uploaded. Cannot upload multiple videos.

  • Awesome app

    Love how easy and user friendly it is. Has kept me 'safe'.

  • $&@

    I just switch to the iPhone plus and can't find the app called "audio manager" that one really works but this one is garbage, it simply doesn't work.

  • Bad loss money

    Bad app don't work need to fix

  • Fake Crash Screen

    I love the app until I decided to select the option for the fake crash screen when the app opens. There's no direction or guide as to how to get into the app from that screen.

  • Doesn't work

    Just doesn't work I had the older version then got rid of it and now got it back and it's 100% worse and now won't open

  • Does not work after last update

    App will not open since the last version update

  • App has encountered a problem message

    If you have this disguise screen message......simply swipe right at the top of the screen and you will then be able to enter your pin.

  • Hide it pro

    Great app

  • Help

    App is not working when I open it says it has encountered a problem. Seems frozen

  • Help help help

    How do I get into the app when it says "this app has encountered a error. Press home button to close..... Someone help me out here

  • Terrible.

    Icon says HideItPro, that doesn't help. No video support. Can't text message through app. Doesn't deliver more than storing notes or pics.

  • Showing and error

    launched what i presume is the updated version. I'm getting a blank screen with the text: "This application has encountered an error and must be closed..." How do i resolve this without the loss of my photo and video content?

  • No longer works after update

    Keeps telling me "This application has encountered an error and must be closed. Press Home Button to close the app". Not sure what to do. Rebooted and tried again. No such luck. Don't want to delete and reinstall because I don't want to lose the files.

  • Plz

    Change the name

  • My files?!?!

    App is showing error message, and I see no link in app support. Are my files lost?

  • WowπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

    This app does everything it says it does, and more! Now I can hide my musical.lys that I don't want my brother/ family to have access to. One thing I would like added though is the ability to hide/ change the appearance of apps. There are several apps on my phone that I don't want my brother to mess with. Overall it deserves this 5-star rating.

  • Finally back up and working correctly

    I was so upset with this past update at how everything crashed and videos disappeared but finally everything is back up and working :-) πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ awesome awesome and awesome.

  • Still showing an error message. How do I get around this.

    The original error message is still on my screen. I cannot get into the app. Even after yesterday's update. How do I fix this.


    Hello!!! This update wipes out all of your videos! Wait years for an update and this is what we get?? This needs fixed ASAP!

  • Wow

    Updated the app, all I get is an error screen now. More than likely lost all my data. What the hell?! Fix it!!

  • Error message/ update

    Downloaded the app today once I tried to hide the screen it prompt an error message. "This application has encountered an error and must be closed. Press Home Button to close the app." Attempted several times to reopen the app and was unsuccessful! Once I read a posting as to how to open the hidden screen. It works well, app support could explain this far better than it had. That's the reason for the 3 stars, otherwise great app.

  • Video loss, crashing

    When the app updated, I lost all my videos. Videos I hadn't had a chance to back up and can never get back. It would have been nice to be told in the update notes that the video section/folders were being removed so that I could have either backed them up or not updated the app. Also, if a folder has more than about 100 photos, you can only scroll about halfway through them before the app crashes. This app halfway works

  • What now?!

    There is no slideshow option for the pictures.

  • Happens!

    😑😑 lost everything after update!

  • Very unhappy

    I downloaded this app a few years ago but it has never lived up to expectations. I've never been able to save videos with this app. Then there were never any updates. Now the update you give doesn't work. Really?!?!?? Fix this now, please.

  • Videos????

    My videos folder (that stores all my videos) completely disappeared and I had multiple albums of videos. All I see now is a photos and notes folder. Fix

  • Undisguise app screen

    After a lot of time trying every possible thing, even hard reset etc., I got it how to undisguise app welcome sreen! Just swipe above the error messeage with your finger right or left and you will be able to enter your pin and access the app. Only two stars for the lack of the app support. For two days my app was useless and I couldn't delete and install again because I would lose everything...

  • Please update bug fixes

    Automatic updated app and now i cant even get to passcode screen. Please help

  • Have to "buy unlock code" ?? To get info

    I have used the app and password for a few years now. Magically my password doesn't work anymore and in order to get info or reset it - system says I have to purchase unlock code. This is extortion. Please let me know what I can do or will follow up with the proper legal matters.

  • Plz..

    Can u upgrade this app to the same as on droids phones..plzzzzxx

  • Great app

    I feel the same as everyone else, it's a great app but the iPhone version needs to be more inconspicuous. Anyone that sees it knows exactly what it is, and it's supposed to be avoiding that.

  • Doesnt work with iphone 6 ?

    App is not hiding anything from my iphone 6. its useless

  • Love it!!!!

    The only complaint I have about this app is the icon... On my droid it showed a volume control thingy.... Now it straight days hide it pro, can u change that?

  • Shutoff

    When try to save videos it freezes and kicks you out. Fix and will do 5 stars

  • If J-Law had only been using HideItPto!

    Great app to use for, well, only you know what you're using it for and that's the point, isn't it? I'm disappointed that the name if the app isn't "hidden" in iPhone like it is on other systems, though. Can't you guys solve this, maybe by giving us an option in setup? That cost you a star! Auto-delete option from the camera roll would be nice, too, and that cost you a second star. Other than that this would be a 5-star app!

  • I love it!

    This app is great. I think the name should be changed. It's a dead giveaway. Hides all my private photos and videos.

  • Yokeily


  • Doesn't work

    Stays stuck on importing pictures and never finishes.

  • πŸ‘Ž

    The app worked fine the first month. Then it wouldn't accept my pass code as if I didn't know it, and cued me to reset it and that would cost .99 cent.....

  • Deleted my photos automatically

    Very disappointed. Can't ever get those photos back

  • terrible

    every time I go to add pics to an existing folder after choosing gallery it crashes as soon as I touch the photo album this app is 10/10 useless how are you gonna hide pics when you can't even add them to the app without it crashing each time

  • Lots of crashes

    Every time I try to view my album the app crashes after about 3 photos. Other than this the app is okay.

  • Review

    GREAT APP!!!

  • Love it!!!

    Perfect place to hide pics to don't want the young ones to see ;)

  • Best

    This app help me hide my pic n video i like it a lot

  • Mo


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