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Learn Chinese (Mandarin) by MindSnacks

Learn Chinese (Mandarin) by MindSnacks
4.5 based on 1,302 Votes
Price Free

*** One of the best educational apps of the year - Apple (iTunes Rewind) ***
Now you can learn Mandarin Chinese just by playing games on the go. With 8 addictive games designed for essential vocabulary & conversation skills, our Mandarin app is perfect for students and travelers of all ages who want to learn, speak and read Mandarin the easy way. Read more...

Learn Chinese (Mandarin) by MindSnacks is a Education application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 4.5 based on 1,302 Votes. This version 3.3.7 has an average rating of 2.5 based on 24 Users.

Your device must have atleast 42.2 MB of space to download and install Learn Chinese (Mandarin) by MindSnacks. This application does not have game center . Learn Chinese (Mandarin) by MindSnacks is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of MindSnacks at

Support Languages

English, American


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Learn Chinese (Mandarin) by MindSnacks
Learn Chinese (Mandarin) by MindSnacks
Learn Chinese (Mandarin) by MindSnacks
Learn Chinese (Mandarin) by MindSnacks
Learn Chinese (Mandarin) by MindSnacks
Learn Chinese (Mandarin) by MindSnacks
Learn Chinese (Mandarin) by MindSnacks
Learn Chinese (Mandarin) by MindSnacks

Additional Information

Instead of snooze-worthy flashcards, our apps are packed with rich games that teach important aspects of Mandarin such as the Pinyin and character writing systems. And with our new game, Galactic, you’ll master the ever-important usage of tones within the Mandarin dialect. Plus, lessons like “Yes or no questions,” and “Chinese foods” will have you conversing like a local in no time.

“Learn Chinese (Mandarin)” includes one free level and if that’s not enough, upgrade to get a whopping 50 additional levels and 40+ hours of content. With so many bite-sized portions of knowledge, MindSnacks is like the dim sum of language learning. Mmmmmmm...dim sum.


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“This app is not just your average, run-of-the-mill crash course... It includes complex exercises, challenges, and lessons that make the learning process fun and effective."


“...Galactic truly takes advantage of the touchscreen in a unique game mechanic. The space theme is also visually and auditorily appealing, creating an all around fun (and educational!) multisensory experience.”


-- 8 addictive and unique games

-- 1000+ Chinese words & phrases to study and master

-- Unique “Galactic” game to help master the tones required to speak Mandarin

-- Spoken audio clips provided by a native Chinese speaker to help with pronunciation

-- Hand-illustrated image library to help memorize words

-- 50 Chinese lessons designed by Ivy League instructors (upgrade required)

-- Personalized learning algorithms to maximize memorization, retention & contextual usage

-- Enhanced review mode lets you replay previously mastered lessons

-- Additional quests & challenges will keep you motivated

-- Thoughtful curriculum may induce smiles and the occasional “booyah!!!” when achieving new high scores


“I’ve been waiting for a fun app that teaches Chinese and this one is awesome! It teaches characters and pinyin, so it’s great for beginners. They even have a game that teaches tones!”

“The Mindsnacks Apps are colourful, fun and perfect for learning. The games are heart-racing and enjoyable. My favourite game for the Chinese app was 'Galactic' because it really helped me with pronunciation.”


At MindSnacks we like to keep it fun, but we’re serious about learning. That’s why our Mandarin app includes 8 challenging games designed by Ivy League professors. Each game teaches a specific skill for speaking Mandarin and helps create a well-rounded learning experience for both kids and adults that goes well beyond basic flashcards.

Of course studying is only worth it if it works, so our unique algorithm reinforces the learning process using proven methods from the field of memory studies. Over time, the games adapt to your individual performance, selectively repeating Chinese words, phrases and grammatical points with which you’ve previously struggled. In other words, as you learn Mandarin, the app learns about you for a more effective learning experience.

Perfect for beginning and intermediate learners of Mandarin, MindSnacks is like your own personal Chinese teacher you can take just about anywhere. You’ll quickly become less reliant on that Chinese dictionary and learn the grammar and vocab you need for traveling in China.


For more information or support, please contact us at Or if you’re feeling social, come on over and like, follow or tweet us.




What's New on this version 3.3.7

- Bug fixes

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Problem >.>

    I first downloaded the app and was satisfied with it, I made an account learned my numbers, then proceeded to buy the whole entire app. However I upgraded my phone to an iPhone 6. I re downloaded the the app and lost ALL of my work, points, and most importantly my access to all of the lessons, if you guys would install or put in a "restore my purchase" somewhere that would be great instead of linking the money with an account someone would most likely forget.

  • Great way to start learning Mandarin!

    If you want learn the fun way, then check out this app ( first lesson is free)! Sometimes I am forgetting that I am studying because there a are many fun games to choose from. You can customize your lessons by focusing on what YOU want to learn first. I did not give this app five stars because there is only one game for tones and error recognition. So far this app is worth the money.

  • Yeah right.

    Played through the free game. You have to memorize the words on your own from a 'review' page with no help from the app at all, then play a mini game to match the words. The hell am I reviewing? I haven't even learned anything! There's seriously no help from the app other than pressing on the word to hear how it's pronounced. The rest is up to you.

  • Extremely helpful

    I was extremely surprised at how good this app is. The games are fun.

  • Worth Downloading

    An effective and harmless way to begin learning Chinese. A recognition-based approach that is fun and quite possibly addictive. If you want to start learning Chinese but aren't ready to make a commitment, you've found what you're looking for. Enjoy.

  • seriously, seriously GREAT app but...

    This app is everything a learner could want. I love it, was ready to buy all 50 lessons but the problem is that the new games won't download and another review says they didn't even receive the lessons. Please fix these bugs because this app has wonderful potential

  • Fun way to learn some Chinese

    Includes simplified characters, pinyin, and TONES! I only wish it also included grammar, being one of the hardest things to learn in Chinese (for a native English speaker at least). I also wish there was an option to go back over and drill the words on your "mastered" list: they sometimes get thrown in at random with the current lesson you're working on, but not nearly enough to keep them in your memory. Anyhow, great app, I'm thinking of recommending it to my Chinese professor to help her students study!

  • Purchased all the lessons for mandarin...never received them

    I think this app is pretty amazing overall. However, when I paid for the lessons, my iTunes account was charged, but I never received the content. It this gets fixed or I am refunded, I would definitely give 5 stars.

  • Error 3002

    Can't create an account to use for iPad.

  • Great for auditory learners

    Well designed! I am a speech pathologist, and have a better than average ability to acquire second languages. This app really does well in integrating auditory linguistic features with receptive language features.

  • Best app ever

    This app was so worth the cost. I have been trying to learn Chinese for a year and have tried every language learning app that the App Store offers, and this is by far the best one I have found. Definitely recommend it!!

  • Great for Vocab

    I grabbed the full app and it's so worth it. You really should pair this with other learning sources but it is worth the money. My main gripe is that it doesn't teach stroke order and there isn't really any documentation. My complaint with the company is that there isn't a Korean version. I would snag that up so fast.

  • Amazing tool

    I am studying Chinese in college and this app is a great supplement to my learning. My only suggestion to the creators is if they could make a feature to create your own lessons with the existing words, I wish I could put the vocabulary I have coming up on a test into my own custom lesson and use the AMAZING games the app has to study them!!

  • Crashes on iPhone 6 plus

    Crashes every time.

  • Great app.

    I used the app and it's great. Willing to pay $5 for 50 lessons.

  • Fun App, but ...

    I find this app quite fun to use and I have already finished a view levels. I'm struggling a bit with recall and retention outside the scope of the game, but that may just be me. My main complaint about this app is that (according to my Chinese friends) it teaches a lot of very formal words that are rarely used in daily conversation, rather than the more commonly used ones (e.g. handsome = ying jun vs . shuai) Second, it teaches words you really don't need to know as a beginner (e.g. "submarine" in the "Transportation" category - really!? How often are you going to take a submarine somewhere?). Learning a new language is already hard enough. No need to fill up our memory space with useless vocabulary. Finally, the algorithms that reenforce words you don't remember well is extremely weak. If this app were to use "Spaced Repetition" or "Leitner" it would be significantly more useful. Calling a word "mastered" just because you got it 10 times right isn't very realistic. With these issues addressed, I would give the app 5 stars. Without it, it's just a fun game but without much real teaching power.

  • Great

    Great and fun app!!

  • 100%worth buying

    I have Rosetta Stone but find myself using this app more often. I learn a lot with this and find myself playing this more often than any other games, like WWF or Candy Crush etc. I don't usually pay for apps, actually I'm completely against it (sorry app developers) but after using the free version I decided it was worth it; don't regret my decision!

  • Great app

    Very good quality and very fun! Great thing to do when I'm bored! Can you add an Arabic one?

  • Fun and entertaining!

    Love it so much.

  • Does not work in iOS 8 on ipad

    I used to use this program a lot before iOS 8 but now can't even log in to it.

  • Great to reinforce language class

    I'm taking Chi 111. This app is helping me stay excited and actively learning when I get frustrated and confused. It's perfect to accompany a language class, and reinforces the material into class. The expansion is well worth the money. The games help with speed and comprehension. I don't have OS 8 and do not have any issues.

  • Love the app but it ism,t working with iOS 8.2

    I have had Chinese, Spanish, Italian Mind Snacks for months, and loved them. However, after the new Apple IOS debuted, they quit working. I can play one game and then they freeze. Please, Mind Snack cooks, come up with a fix!

  • Fun and fruitful

    I am taking a Mandarin 101 class and was looking for and app to help reinforce what I am learning. I downloaded the free version and quickly upgraded to the full lessons. I am so glad I did! The 50 word sets are wonderfully comprehensive. This app is stable and well executed. I love that I can switch my vocabulary sets, tap on the characters to hear pronunciation, and the games are quick and engaging. I am grateful to have this app as a tool to help me learn Mandarin Chinese. Kudos!

  • Can't Sign Up

    I can't even get past the login screen. After downloading this app, users are required to create an account and login. Neither button works so even if I had an account, this app would be useless. I'd have happily paid for a good mandarin learning app, but I'm glad that I didn't pay for this one because I do not have to demand s refund.

  • Great app but doesn't work for the iPad on iOS 8

    This app would have 5 stars if it would also work on the iPad. On the iPhone it works fine and is great. On the iPad I can only access the login page and none of the buttons work.

  • App Doesn't Work

    I downloaded this app and it doesn't work. A log-in page shows up but the buttons don't work. Can't get pass the log-in page.

  • 👏

    I really love this app it's a really easy to learn app now all they need is to make one for Korean

  • App is great, but broken in IOS 8

    This app seems great and an easy way to learn how to read and speak Mandarin. The issue I have is that it has been broken in IOS 8. Scrolling through lessons no longer works properly.

  • Great! +Feature Requests

    So, I've tried several Chinese language learning apps, and this is definitely one of my favourites. If you only get one Mandarin app, get this one. The value for what you pay is really good, and it's very addictive! With that said, there are a few things I think could be improved: - I think the individual lessons are completed too quickly, before actual mastery is obtained. Slowing down advancement through the lessons would aid in retention. - The program has games designed to foster learning in several categories—image recognition, tones, rapid recall, and error recognition. This is great, except that it's possible to complete lessons only using one of the categories, instead of requiring the user to achieve mastery in each area before advancing. For instance, you could just play games that help with image recognition and complete a lesson without ever practicing tones, which is critical. - Similar to the above comments, incorporating more automatic/built-in review would help with long term memory storage of learned words and phrases. - Lastly, there should be games dedicated to learning characters and drawing them with the correct stroke order—not just the ability to switch from pinyin to Chinese characters. It's a lot better to learn pinyin and characters together at the same time, rather than just one or the other, and a touchscreen device is ideal for learning to draw characters with the correct stroke order.


    I love this app but not it will not let me sign in. When I try to sign in the whole app crashes. Please fix and I will give 5 STARS and recommend to others.

  • Worth the money -- but could use some improvements

    I've completed 25 of the lessons on this app and it's been fun. The game introduces you to a lot of vocabulary, however, it only tests your Chinese to English skills. It never makes you to translate English words to Chinese. There's also not a good system to gauge how well you know the words. By just grinding through a few rounds of the games you'll have "mastered" a set of vocabulary according to the app. Unfortunately if you're like me you'll forget lots of it. It also really only covers vocabulary -- very little grammar. I would say overall this is useful for getting a decent vocabulary base but you'll have to supplement it with something more elaborate.

  • This app is so good that my review sounds fake

    One of the best language apps I've ever used. And no, they didn't have to pay me to say this. I've used Rosetta Stone and this is just as good (if not better) for 1% of the price. Definitely worth it. It's very helpful for learning to read. The only improvements I would like to see are more grammar lessons and maybe a writing (not reading) game? I also liked the cultural vocab words/phrases in this app! Things like holidays, food, expressions... Very useful. I like the game structure, it's great motivation and keeps the learning fun. A good idea for parents trying to get kids to learn? Overall fantastic app.

  • Best app for quickly grasping Chinese words BUT

    I love this app. I quickly downloaded it, was challenged by the first lesson, and was excited to buy the other lessons. $4.99 for **49** additional lessons and ability to continue the leveling up is quite worth it. I'm only on level 8 but I'm already obsessed and it makes learning very fun. The only problem I have with this app is that I wished that there was a lesson that taught is RADICALS. Radicals are so important and it would've been nice to been enforced to learn them. Also, even though I'm only on level 8, I hope/wish for a game that has us actually writing the Chinese characters.

  • Fun and educational

    I often find myself wanting to play just one more round.

  • Love this app

    I really enjoy the concept of MindSnack. The only downside that I have found to the Chinese app is that it only has simplified characters, which causes someone like me who learned the traditional characters to have to default to pin yin. Essentially having to default to the pin yin for me makes the app lose its effectiveness because I am already pretty fluent. However, it is fun to still learn new words that I have never used in context.

  • Best language learning app I've found.

    My son is in first grade at an immersion trilingual school. We are using this app to supplement his class work because the game element really works for him over flash cards. I do wish we could make custom word lists to match his classwork for the week, but since we cannot we still have him play three games a day along with his homework. He never fights us about the games and many times opts to keep playing because he is close to leveling up, getting a new word list, or completing a new challenge. I have already recommended it to the other parents and teachers at his school. He enjoys the update because there are more games for him to play. I also like that they have a way to play the games with reviewing words you have already mastered. Every other time my son levels up I will have him play several rounds reviewing the words. This was a great purchase! I hope they come out with a sequel with additional phrases to learn. Now my son is going into third grade and his younger brother just finished kindergarten. We still recommend this app. In fact I have bought the English vocabulary version too. Very similar in design but definitely worth a few dollars.

  • Really amazing

    I can't believe how good this app is for learning vocab. And it helps you practice hearing the tones and quizzes you to test your memory of the tones of the vocab, really great app

  • Excellent!!!

    This app is terrific for learning Chinese vocabulary! They have games that help you learn the words and as you learn each word on the list based on your performance in the games you become more more proficient until you pass the lesson. There are 50 lessons and it is well worth the purchase. I have tried several Chinese learning apps on the AppStore and this is one of the best and a must have. Furthermore, when you play on different iOS devices your progress gets synchronized automatically. One thing the developers need to work on is having more games because you unlock all games after a certain lesson and it would be fun to play and learn in more ways. Furthermore, they should include more grammatical elements because while this game does have a little, vocabulary dominates in this game. Enjoy!

  • Great App for introduction!

    I love playing this app almost everyday! It's entertaining and does a decent job of refreshing your memory with helpful pictures and repetition. I do wish that there was a writing game and more using vocabulary to build sentences. I haven't gotten all the games yet but I enjoy most of them, except bubbler. I wish bubbler showed you the error if you make one, rather than guess what minor error may have been in the bubble.

  • Great app what about Thai

    Great app for learning Mandarin. Can you make a Thai app

  • Too Many Bugs

    I sent them an email listing all the bugs I found. I refuse to play this anymore until they fix the bugs as it's too frustrating as of now. It has potential though.

  • Great customer support

    The developer resolved my in-app purchase quickly and professionally. My wife and I can highly recommend this app to anyone trying to learn a new language!

  • Love love love

    I'm going to China to teach English and I don't know Mandarin! This app is a fun way to learn gradually through games and well worth the 5$. I do wish there was a way to practice the character writing, but I'm pleased with what it offers!

  • Great app

    Very enjoyable. It'd be nice if there was an option to more gradually accelerate the pace in the sight-recognition games, and it'd also be nice to have the option to simultaneously show both the pinyin and the characters. Minor gripes, clearly a 5-star product.


    I already have a Mandarin Chinese class outside of this app, but it's a great supplementary addition; use characters! (no pinyin in China :/ )

  • Worth a try

    This is a good app for learning Chinese. I highly recommend it, except when you finish all of the lessons. While learning it reminds you of problem words and lets you see your performance (a kind of percentage that relates to how good you are), this is very nice. However, when you finish the lessons these go away so that when you finish a learning game it gives you only options to try again, go to home or try a different game (or look at the words you were quizzed on without telling you quickly which ones you did bad on). If instead when you finished the lessons it would show you the trouble words and your percentage it would be so much better. I really hope they change that because when I finish a game it leaves me unsatisfied and I stop playing instead of learning like I really want to. Please update this because it is a good game and worth getting, but now that I have finished the lessons it is no fun, which is not fair to the game or to the customers.

  • MindSnacks Mandarin

    This app is very helpful for studying outside of school, or just for fun. I am picking up on Mandarin very fast and finding learning much easier. I hope that MindSnacks adds more fun games and lessons in the future. Overall the best $4.99 I have spent in a while. Keep up the good work MindSnacks!

  • I am learning Chinese

    I love it! It is fun and I am actually learning something.

  • great app

    My kids love this to learn.

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