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Toys "R" Us Shopping

2 based on 394 Votes
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Get all the toys all the time with the Toys”R”Us Shopping App! Search for the hottest new toys, make purchases from your device, find store hours and directions and so much more right from the palm of your hand! The built-in barcode scanner makes it easy to find information, videos and reviews right from a product's barcode! Plus, toy fans can share their fun-filled excitement, thanks to the convenient links for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, text and email. Download the Toys”R”Us Shopping App now for the ultimate digital shopping experience!

Toys "R" Us Shopping is a Shopping application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 2 based on 394 Votes. This version 5.4 has an average rating of 2.5 based on 38 Users.

Your device must have atleast 4.7 MB of space to download and install Toys "R" Us Shopping. This application does not have game center . Toys "R" Us Shopping is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of Toys "R" Us Inc at

Support Languages

English, American


Shopping , Catalogs ,



Additional Information

What's New on this version 5.4

Minor bug fixes.

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Just awful

    No wallet support for rewards cards. Slow, so slow Not updated for higher res phones. Makes me not want to shop at Toys-r-us.

  • Don't waste your time.

    There is no real use for this app. It's clumsy. It's glitchy. Having to sign in every time you open it is a huge waste of time and once you're in the navigation is slow.

  • Awful...

    Impossible to change my email address. I can sign in under my old email, directs me to email preferences to change email address. Here it asks for my current email to sign in--it says email is not in the database. Not worth the effort!

  • Awful, worse to navigate than their website

    The search function is really clumsy and you can't double tap the top of the screen to bring your search results back up to the top. Instead you have to scroll and scroll and scroll until you are back at the top. Don't waste your time.


    NEVER NEVER ORDER ONLINE. I ordered a trampoline. I paid... they created a FedEx track number. Several weeks have passed since delivery date. Now FedEx states they never received it from ToysRUs. There is no human contact at ToysRUs online & their robot answering line says it was sent. Local will not help ! Problems at ToysRUs must be handled through credit card company. Horrible company !

  • Navigation is horrible

    I haven't had this app long and probably will delete. When you add something to your shopping cart you can't navigate back to where you were to keep shopping. It's terribly annoying and a waste of time.

  • Terrible doesn't work

    The app loaded quick. Started to wonder when I had to put in a bunch of my info to start Got worse it's functional I followed directions took pics from toys R is catalog that suggested the app of the 3 I tried the app only found one I used the search tool in the app to find one of three the pic wouldn't. Found it pretty quick but wouldn't let me add it to wish list. Just kept putting it in my cart. I'm deleting the app.

  • Old

    Need a update. Old app to ios 10 in iphone 6s plus.

  • Terrible app

    This is literally just the mobile website on an app. And the app is slower than my data or wifi. This app is a complete waste of time.


    When trying to get into our wish list account it NEVER recognizes my password. I can request to have it sent to my email and it tells what my password is and it's the exact same password I'm entering and it's saying it's invalid. This same thing happened last year and now it's happening again this year. So frustrating. Moving our wish lists to Target. Shame.

  • horrible!!!!!

    Twice I attempted to purchase items with this completely USELESS app. Twice it appeared to work, only to find out afterwards no order was ever created!!!!! Complete waste of time.

  • Disappointed

    Was trying to make wish list through catalog and camera but it doesn't work. To then shop big book without the camera is another waste of time. I finally had to enter each item number. Nothing fast, convenient or easy. Now to the website itself, another disappointment! It took forever to add something to the wish list and if you put something in your cart, there's no option to go back so you have to start over - not!! Moving on to a better toy shopping app...

  • Camera function useless

    Clever idea to let kids use a camera app to create a Christmas wish list. However execution is terrible to the point my 8 year old suggested I delete the app and write a one-star review. You have to login multiple times and the high-latency website requires multiple clicks to register entries. Worst part is it switches you constantly between the app website and the safari website which are subtly different and require a new set of logins. Next time have actual kids test the app - embarrassing execution by a technology laggard.

  • Crashes Too Often

    If I follow any links or press any buttons, then the app glitches and eventually crashes. Not worth downloading.

  • Slow!!

    Takes forever to do anything! 5 minutes to delete something from the cart and return to shopping. Makes me want to spend my money somewhere else.

  • Apple Wallet Option Needed

    Chat now buttons are inoperable and there is no option to view this card in my apple wallet. I used my desktop to chat with customer service and they were of no help and tried to tell me I needed to defer to my apple wallet for help. Very disappointed in this app.

  • Poor execution

    What iOS version was this targeted for? Very slow and crashes too often. Needs a redesign to stay current

  • Horrible

    This app is horrible. It is always crashing. When I finally get it to load something it gets stuck. Then takes forever to reload. When you add something to the shopping cart you can't envisage back to where you were. So now you have to start all over again.

  • The worst app ever seen

    Don't download this apps, nothing but trouble waiting for the update that was back in May

  • Apple Wallet support needed

    Please let me add my rewards card to Apple Wallet. This is badly needed feature.

  • Not bad...but

    Would love to be able to add my reward card to wallet with just about all my other cards. If you can make that possible that would get a 5 star from me!!!!

  • Not as I expected

    This app is not as I expected. I cannot have my rewards card added to apple wallet or the reward balance.


    This app is the absolute worst. You can't navigate without something crashing. You're better off just ordering from an actual computer rather than this useless app.

  • Works fine

    Don't know what the other reviewers are talking about, being slow and taking long to load is not true. Maybe they should pay a little more money for a better internet service. This app works well and it's free anyway, so get over it.

  • Upsetting

    I use to use this app a lot and never had a problem! Since the newest update I'll I've had is problems especially with the rewards and trying to view them! Please fix asap!!

  • Mediocre app

    For the premium prices they charge, I expect a better app. It's a laggy app testing your patience.

  • Doesn't work

    This app doesn't work right. Most of the things you want to do such and Rewards r Us and live chat will not work. This is not good when you are in the store trying to use rewards. App needs to be fixed.

  • Update

    It needs an update ASAP!


    This app completely shuts my phone off so not download. I know it's the app and it's the only time it shuts off. Even though my phone has 75% left. This needs to be fixed or taken off immediately.

  • Useless App

    Nothing works. Outdated like the search results.

  • Horrible

    Horrible app it won't let me see my rewards and the website is the same this is just absurd it keeps crashing and logging me out this app doesn't work so fix it

  • This is just awful.

    Its like a terrible mobile version of the web site... In fact i think going to the website through safari looks and works 10x better. You know what? Just use the website and don't bother downloading this.

  • Great app!

    It's a good app! And really useful

  • Toys R Us should be embarrassed

    What a badly designed app for such large popular store. Half the buttons don't work - weekly ad, manage your rewards account, etc. Just leaves you waiting for nothing to happen.


    Zero stars. Blown up view likely made for old iOS devices, doesn't actually work. Things you'd think would take you to a destination are more like static images. Use the website. Would be so nice to have an actual TRU app to manage account, manage rewards and....SHOP! Almost impossible to do those.

  • Awful app

    Wow. This app is shamefully bad. Don't bother installing as it is just the website. No way to have reward card accessible for in store scanning. Terrible.

  • Doesn't work

    I downloaded this for the rewards program to scan receipts, it doesn't work at all, not even manually entering in the barcode number. Ridiculous.

  • Needs a major overhaul

    Add Apple Pay. Add the ability to add rewards card to iPhone wallet app. Add 3D Touch and peek and pop. Add Touch ID. Add a better way to search for products. Feels very primitive, like an ios 6 app!

  • Trash mixed with garbage

    I can drive to Canada and back and this app still won't be loaded or fully working. This is total garbage if you try to she arch something up it will just take you back to the home screen. This app is almost as worse as walmarts customer help. That's how dumb the creator is. There is so many bugs I can't even count them! Get it fixed before you loose more of my patience😡😡😡

  • Terrible

    No scaled for he bigger iPhones. Horrible slow and glitchy.

  • Bad app glitches

    Very bad not only have I only had it 5 mins it glitches and kicks u off the app every time plz fix

  • Optimize

    This app needs major updates for resolution functionality and every other aspect of this app

  • Awful Ap

    This Ap stinks to navigate. If you add something to your cart, you can not go back to your search results. You have to go home & start over. There is no search in the bottom menu bar, either. It's impossible to find your Rewards info either. So disappointed.

  • This app is worthless

    The app shows items available and will let you add them to your cart. When you go to checkout it will not give you shipping options. When you call customer service they tell you the items are out of stock and if they get more they will have a different item number so they do not have to honor the online price!!

  • Do NOT waste your time

    I am so frustrated using this crappy app ! I can't even go to check out because it keeps telling me to choose a shipping method , when I go to choose it - there isn't anything to choose from . Please , just go online on the computer or to the store.

  • Not a great app

    The app is difficult to navigate and doesn't looked like its been updated for the most recent iOS. Works okay to look at toys r us products. Otherwise needs new update to app.

  • This App is a joke

    Actually the entire online shopping experience at babies r us is a joke! All you see is the following error regardless of using a credit card or a gift card. Only thing that works occasionally is using the PayPal checkout. I'd rather shop elsewhere that doesn't have these petty issues! "Oops! There's an issue. You entered an invalid card number. Please use numbers only in this field and re-enter all card information: number, expiration date and Security Code."

  • I would 0 stars

    terrible! it says i have to log in for each item!

  • Problema

    No puedo escoger la tienda para hacer el pick up.... Gracias

  • Where the old wish list kids app?

    This is completely useless and too slow with their servers. Also to make a wish list you have to give too much information. A year or two ago there was a kids list app, where they could go in and pick out what they wanted it was perfect for them and us! Now with this app it's easier to open amazon in a browser and have them use the cart to make a list and save it or send to some one else. Takes longer with the younger kids but it's way faster the using the r us one. I probably paid about 15% more but my time and frustration is worth it.

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