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Toys "R" Us Shopping

2 based on 269 Votes
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Get all the toys all the time with the Toys”R”Us Shopping App! Search for the hottest new toys, make purchases from your device, find store hours and directions and so much more right from the palm of your hand! The built-in barcode scanner makes it easy to find information, videos and reviews right from a product's barcode! Plus, toy fans can share their fun-filled excitement, thanks to the convenient links for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, text and email. Download the Toys”R”Us Shopping App now for the ultimate digital shopping experience!

Toys "R" Us Shopping is a Catalogs application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 2 based on 269 Votes. This version 5.3 has an average rating of 2 based on 8 Users.

Your device must have atleast 3.6 MB of space to download and install Toys "R" Us Shopping. This application does not have game center . Toys "R" Us Shopping is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of Toys "R" Us Inc at

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What's New on this version 5.3

Foresee survey integration

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Literally...

    the least user friendly, most diseased app I have ever attempted to use. I'm actually angry right now.

  • I'm going to got to the store

    If I could give a 0 star rate I would because if they do not give me my refund I will sue them becuse I just tried to use 40 dollars and I Wanted to get a game and they side NO you can't they just side nothing after that exept for get the hell out

  • Glitchy garbage

    Don't try to order through this app. I had to give all my info three times because this app is messed up- would go to white screen- plus other glitches that forced you to start over. It didn't want me to use a gift card- kept changing it to credit card. Told me what it thought my address should be. It finally put my order through. Before I could get a screen shot or even read my order summary, I was immediately cut off by an opinion survey redirect and honey- THEY DO NOT WANT MY OPINION. Forget the search function- it does not work well. The other past reviewers are right- this app is crap.

  • Worst app ever

    This is quite possibly the worst shopping app I've ever tried to use. It's pretty clear that no thought or design (or budget) was put into it. I hope the company's IT department doesn't run their website by the same team. It's a shame, too, because buying items online should be relatively easy in 2014. There are missed sales opportunities here.


    This app is so horrible you can't even buy nothing or put toys on your wish list this app is dysfunctional I love shopping at Toys "R" Us but the app is horrible they NEED TO/ IMPROVE their app it really worthless but if you want to download it and see for yourself gone ahead but remember I warned you

  • Worthless

    I downloaded the app against my better judgement after reading the reviews. The website wouldn't let me enter my local store or us the checkout cart. The app was even worse. You've lost a few customers in this household ToysRUs.

  • Makes you give address to create wish list

    We buy a ton through the store but it is ridiculous to ask for so much info to just create a wishlist!

  • Rewards

    How long does it take for you to support Passbook?! Add your darn rewards card to it already. And an app that is just a glorified web browser isn't an app. Stop being lazy. Update: App doesn't even work anymore. "Unable to load the content from the server. Please check your network connectivity and try again later. Click here to reload the page." Over and over again...

  • Worst app ever

    I wish there was a way to give this awful app 0 stars. This app did nothing but frustrate me!! Deleting now!!

  • Awful

    Really might be one of the worst apps ever. At first the search bar didn't even appear. Then it appeared and I searched, accidentally hit something and everything disappeared. I mean everything. Had to completely close and restart the app to search again. This app has way too many bugs and its launch is premature.

  • Disappointed

    I really want to have a user friendly and useful app to be able to complete my holiday shopping without stress. Trying to use this app just make me angry. I need something faster, with easy searching options. That do not crash every minute. That allows me to filter by My chosen store and give just items available at my store for pick up. Where I can sort by price, best match, best selling and availability/inventory.

  • Tried to place an order 3 times.

    • Goes blank several times during the check out process •No in app support for Apple Pay •No support for iPhone 6 •All around terrible app deleting it from my phone NOW

  • Very frustrating app!

    I normally don't leave reviews but this app is horrible! Tried to make a wish list several times and it keeps crashing. I think I've gotten spoiled with the amazon app. It's hard to believe that such a big company has such a bad app. Please fix soon!

  • Horrible

    Don't waste your time with this app because it is horrible. It crashed every time you try to do anything with it. I read all the other bad reviews but figured what the hell it's free and what the hell is what I say every time I try to use the stupid thing

  • So bad

    Doesn't even deserve one star.

  • Toy R us

    I am 23 years old and I love shopping at Toy R US. And this is the best way 2 do it. I love this app.

  • Useless

    This app horrible and useless crashes and can't even locate a simple thing like their stores. Frustrated

  • Bad

    If I could rate zero stars I would. I can't order anything through the app. It says my card is expired and my card doesn't expire for another 3 years.

  • Horrible app

    This app is completely useless. Deleting it due to frustration. I tried to make purchases thru the app and it would not let me. Kept saying my card had already expired. Funny thing is it doesn't expire for 3 more years. Thanks to looking at other reviews I went thru safari and completed the purchase. Why have an app that will not work for customers. Navigating the app is horrible too. When I click to see what the toy is about, I go back hoping to get back to where I left off. That doesn't happen. I have to scroll thru all the stuff I already saw just to look at more stuff. I end up just closing the app. If you plan on shopping online at toys r us I would suggest safari to alleviate the frustration.


    My first review ever, but this app is so awful I couldn't NOT review it!! I've been fooling with it over an hour to accomplish absolutely NOTHING. The feedback button is ridiculous! Even though I have feedback multiple times it still kept popping up and floating around the page. It takes forever to load anything. When looking at weekly ads it has to open up a browser window?! What's the point of the app?? My title summed it up. Totally useless. Just use the mobile version, it's not great either but at least you can browse around. Ticks me off the "Chat Live Now" button disappears and guess what? You can't chat. Smh.

  • Wow

    It can not even retrieve information from their own server. Totally useless especially around the holidays.

  • Horrible app!

    You'd think of all places toys r us would have a decent app! Needs a lot of improvement...

  • Worst Retail Store App Ever

    I almost never write reviews, but this app is so terrible I felt I had to. The navigation is difficult. There is very little added from just browsing their site in Safari. Rather then a wish list that you have to sign into there should be a shopping list. It's difficult to view flyers. Toys R Us should check out Walmart's and Aldi's Apps for good ideas.

  • Eh

    The app has great potential. The biggest frustration I've experienced is the lack of navigation. For example, the app has to be restarted to close the coupon page and get back to the shopping area. Not good. Or, after drilling down in the Great Deals section you have to return to the home page and drill back down to get to another deal; would be much more useful if there was a breadcrumb or something to get back up one level.

  • Needs a zero star rating

    Perfectly worthless app! Spent 15 frustrating minutes trying to get it to work. Set up a wish list through a clunky, repetitive sign up screen and now it won't let me add anything to the wish list by scanning or by manually typing it! The "helpful" employee told me to "use the gun at the front desk, it works!" Thanks for the tip Richard.

  • No results

    I'd love this app but everything I search for comes up with a blank page. This includes browsing TRU categories.

  • Terrible App

    This app just does not function well at all. I had to try to register for a wish list 7 times before it actually went through. The feedback button that appears on all screens and floats as you move the screen causes a lot of issues.

  • Terrible app

    Terrible app. Navigation is horrible.

  • Horrible... Doesn't do anything

    Completely worthless, scanner doesn't seem like it has access to their product database. Only errors come up when tryouts my to view products by scanner. Do not recommend until they update!!!!!

  • Toys R Us app is very bad.

    I usually use my apps while in bed and just before sleeping. Finishing up work I can do on my phone. I have to agree with everyone that says it crashes all the time. I don't know what their budget is for this phone app but it is pretty frustrating when I want to finish my day with a gift for my grand kids and sleep on a positive note, then this app crashes...! ToysRus store service is very good, but this app is poor. Writing an update. It still crashes about every 2 to 3 minutes. This is just not worth the time. Use you computer, but on my Iphone it is the worse....!

  • Because I can't give it less

    App has little to no function other than a weak mask for the already horrible mobile website. No specific content, horrible navigation, and in-app ads to download, that's right, the app!

  • Toys r bust

    App worked slowly to search items but the real problem is you can't checkout once you finally get to that point it just keeps would think a company would actually want to take your money guess not

  • Worst app ever

    Continuously shuts down in the middle of selecting items and checkout.

  • No Passbook support for loyalty card?

    LAME. This app is one of the worst from such a large company.

  • Terrible

    You would think since Toys R Us is such a huge company that their app would be wonderful. It's awful. You're better off going to the actual site rather than using this app. Come on guys! Surely you can do better than this!

  • Not user friendly

    Worst app for a store I've ever encountered. It is poorly designed. Hard to navigate. If you want to go to a previous page it takes you to the home page so if your shopping for a registry, you have to go through the hassle of finding the registrants all over again. Also they don't have separate apps for the baby r us I hope their developers make it more user friendly and soon!!!

  • Big company phoning it in

    This app is really pathetic - how is it in version FIVE? Its nothing more than a modified layout of its website in a hybrid wrapper - with a broken back button and a scrolling component which is ridiculously easy to select items by mistake if you don't swipe it just right. Cmon, you're a big company Toys R Us - you can afford to make a basic native app which works *better* than your website.

  • Awful app

    Don't try to type anything into the search bar. You can't. It allows you to type maybe one or two letters, then pulls away the keyboard. If you're still trying to type when it happens, you wind up tapping some random item and having to wait for that to load. Then you try (and fail) to search again. After so many times, if you haven't already cussed at it and given up, the whole app will crash. You'll have better luck just going online to the site.

  • Needs love

    This app does what most every half-hearted retailer “we-need-an-app” does. It locates the closest retail store of their chain, does search for their products and shows prices. What the app ought to have is in-store maps of where all inventory is located, buy online pickup in-store and support for Passbook.

  • No passbook?

    I find the app it's sell to be somewhat use full. The main problem I see is why take up space on my phone and wallet with your rewards card? You need passbook integration. Until then I don't see any reason to keep the app on my phone. Safari and chrome work just as good. And the card, well I'll throw it away. We live in the 21st century why carry a rewards card in my wallet when I can have a digital one.

  • Great

    I could find what I need and search well

  • App is just fine...

    App works as described. There's really nothing wrong with it. It would be awesome if they added 2 features though: • Being able to scan your Rewards cards in the app (and add them to Passbook) • Being able to check your rewards in the app threw your account

  • Crashes like crazy

    Whenever I look up Xbox 360 it always crashes. Please fix soon.

  • Very bad app

    Horrible. Does not work.

  • Nothing works in that app

    I Try to order and try to open account nothing works... How come a big store like you can't make a good app?

  • Cannot log in even if details are correct

    I have logged in with the same exact email and password I used for the desktop site and the app will not let me log in. This app needs improvement. I checked the case sensitivity and that isn't the issue since I can log into the regular website just fine.

  • It’s what I need but...

    It just needs a redesign. Very useful though.

  • A stupid App

    This app is not the best,when ever I went on it went right to my home Paige! Another Reason why it's a stupid app!

  • BAD

    This app is a mess, doesn't work never returs to previous page... Just to main

  • The truth is

    This app is absolutely terrible. It's slow, crashes constantly, and the search engine is horrid. It constantly goes back to the loading screen or home screen even when you click something completely different. The keyboard disappears when you are halfway done typing in the search bar which is annoying. I rage deleted it and won't be downloading again.

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