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IamResponding (IaR)

IamResponding (IaR)
4 based on 106 Votes
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Note: "Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life."
This App is a companion feature to the system, which enables first responders to know who is responding to an incident, where they are responding, and when. This is used by fire departments, EMS agencies, and many incident response entities and teams. The system also includes incident notifications, duty crew scheduling, inter-agency messaging, incident mapping with directions, and much more. This App brings all of the primary features of the IamResponding system to mobile users in the field, in an easy-to-use and access format. Read more...

IamResponding (IaR) is a Business application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 4 based on 106 Votes. This version 1.9.0 has an average rating of 3.5 based on 3 Users.

Your device must have atleast 20.8 MB of space to download and install IamResponding (IaR). This application does not have game center . IamResponding (IaR) is Free to download and install on your mobile device

Support Languages

English, American


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IamResponding (IaR)
IamResponding (IaR)
IamResponding (IaR)
IamResponding (IaR)
IamResponding (IaR)
IamResponding (IaR)
IamResponding (IaR)
IamResponding (IaR)

Additional Information

**Please consult the QUICK START GUIDE provided to your department/team to correctly enable all of the app functions and notification features. If you do not do so, some features will not work correctly**

**You MUST be a member of an entity with a current IamResponding subscription in order for this app to work**

For any technical support needs or inquiries, please contact, or during regular business hours (M-F, 9am-5:50pm ET) at 315-701-1372. We do NOT monitor this page for technical support issues, and we cannot reply to support issues posted as user reviews in iTunes™ or in the App Store.

Please Note: If your dispatch messages are not currently processed through your department’s IamResponding system, that is a free configuration that can be done in most jurisdictions, and is included with your department’s IamResponding subscription. Your app will have more complete functionality if we enable that feature for you. Have your local system administrator contact our customer support team at 315-701-1372 to set this up.

What's New on this version 1.9.0

This update adds incident details to push notification of dispatches, adds a new building number map marker, and adds a new default map zoom level setting for when you are using the maps for things other than incident mapping. Further AVL networking improvements, general system improvements and some interface improvements are also included. For any questions, please call 315-701-1372 or email, as we do not monitor app reviews for technical support needs or comments. Thank you!

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Mr

    Great technical support!

  • Awful

    Connection issues since updates. Notifications are intermittent. Contacted tech support blame Apple. Can't even send a message anymore from the app.

  • A helpful addition to my pager

    Most of the time this app is great. I love the one-button response on my way to the station. Now that my county has computer-aided dispatch, the alert and mapping features are great. For some reason though, the pop-up alerts have been very spotty lately. I'll get one alert to come up for every 4-5 calls that come in. I don't know if it is a compatibility issue with 9.0 IOS? If the alerts were more reliable, this would be a 4-5 star app.

  • I don't see any flaws

    I don't see any flaws at all. It runs smoothly for me and gets the job done. I am currently running it on my iPhone 6 and it works fine. It doesn't lag at all. It does have a bit of delay from my pager, but we can't always rely on the app.

  • Runs slow, lags, crashes

    As seen above. Tried to seek out tech support. They were less than helpful saying it was my error and not theirs because it was uncommon. I will add that this is the only app I have trouble using and its on a brand new iPhone 6.

  • Good App w/ 1 Flaw

    I've been using the application for quite some time and it is extremely useful. However recently it became apparent to me that it is missing support to contact the app developer. I've noticed the events tab is smaller than that of my screen and unlike the rest of the tabs. Not sure if this was done on purpose or what but can't believe it was missed.

  • Show apparatus responding

    Great app love it. Just wish it could show apparatus that have responded so you know if any thing has responded.

  • Works great

    I like where this app is going I would love to see other departments hydrants in areas that are using this app also that would help out a lot on cover assignments

  • Maps not working

    Everything seems to work except maps. I get either no map at all or I see everything around my location. But nothing at my location. If I try to route to an incident I get a blue with a route but no map.

  • Fantastic Functionality

    Sturbridge Fire Dept has been using the I Am Responding web-based and phone app system for over a year now. Best system we have had yet to track personnel and map out hydrant system. Highly recommended!!

  • Needs more map markers

    We're beginning to incorporate the mapping and markers in our preplanning but we could really use the universal symbols for marking dangerous structures. Red box with white 'X' or '/' would be great options.

  • Needs Work

    Previous version was just fine. Unable to send messages out on the app now. Have to log in online to send message instead of app. Very inconvenient!

  • Almost Perfect

    Just two things are keeping IAR from 5 stars: the ability to set a default response time, and pop up notifications. I would love to be able to set up a default time so when I respond it is one less step. And if we could get pop up notifications and just swipe to respond that would be amazing Thanks! A very appreciative volunteer firefighter

  • Nice but wish I could set sounds for different incidents

    It would be awesome if we could set different alert sounds for different incident types.

  • Good, but needs alerts

    We use the IamResponding and it is very helpful. For the iOS app it needs to have alerts like active911 does. I have to personally open the app to get the alert and to see the call. I would be nice to see it show up right on my lock screen.

  • After iOS 8 delete agency and readd

    So after the iOS 8 update IAmresponding wasn't working for push notifications. If you delete the agency and then readd the agency the push notifications started working again. Hope that helps everybody. 5 stars again.

  • IOS 8 Issue Still Not Addressed?

    Several updates have come out without addressing a major concern for all of us IOS 8 users. The app does not give notifications as it did in prior IOS platforms. This is a major concern for those of us relying on this system when we are on duty. It's great you're dealing with other enhancements, such as maps, but shouldn't you have a team working on this notification issue that you have been aware of through NUMEROUS prior reviews (which are not currently on this update's review screen ... but be patient, I'm sure they are lining up behind me!) This app, when it works properly, is a phenomenal tool. But because it no longer works as it should I can't rate it more than a 2. Please fix this issue!!

  • Great app, ties into the iar system nicely.

    I am on computer committee on our squad. I think it could be easier to navigate but is not a show stopper. And with the newest release, it still doesn't open maps properly. I think the issue is more with dispatch in how they send the address out though. I rate this app a 4.5 because of the reliability and benefit I get from it.

  • Won't open

    I can't get signed in cause their is now place to type in my password. Lil frustrating since we started trial today

  • Last update messed up mapping

    The update from yesterday messed up the mapping. I had an address that mapped fine prior and now it doesn't see it as valid. Was a great App until now.

  • Must have

    This works great. Especially when radio service is spotty.

  • iOS 8 update needed ASAP

    Ever since I updated to iOS 8 I don't get any incident notifications

  • good but.....needs ios8 update

    great app, but push notifications aren't coming through when a call comes in. my settings are all correct. May need iOS 8 update. I have not changed any of my settings since the update and now the notifications are not pushing through.

  • iOS 8 update needed

    iOS 8 update needed and to clarify others issues in regards to incident notifications, you need to make sure you have the right carrier settings through the website. It will help you with getting notifications of incidents. The mapping issues have to do with the dispatch center putting in the correct townships/cities in the CAD screen. It has nothing to do with iamrespondings end of things.

  • Works sometimes

    The app does a good job for the most part. It has a bad habit of having "server issues" every time you try and send a message or create an event. If those could be fixed it would be excellent.

  • Very little functionality

    There are only a few things I want from this App, and only one thing works okay. Being able to see who is responding is the best part in my opinion, hence the purpose of the app. But some things just need to be fixed. The notification settings are set correctly, but yet, no notifications, for any call! The mapping software isn't that great either. Looked up an incident today, luckily, I wasn't relying solely on this app, as it pulled up the wrong location. I truly hope this app gets better. At least fix the notifications!

  • Terrible

    This app functions and looks like a high school computer project. Much like its desktop counter part, this software is "good enough" and hasn't been thought out during the development stage. Take a look at Active911 to see what the competition is doing better and for less money.

  • Great program.

    I love this program. They are always improving and making things better.

  • Can't update profile???

    Can't update settings or info from app.

  • Connection issues

    My only complaints are getting a connection error more often then not and the is no FAQ page for help that I can find. Otherwise it is good

  • The best time saver period

    A absolute life saver!!! A must have for all departments trying to reduce response times... We've been using it for 1.5yrs and I don't know where'd we'd be without it

  • Great


  • Nice job

    Nice job with the IAR app. Very well thought out and designed. Keep up the great work on this fantastic product.

  • Great App

    Thank you from a Newton Twp Firefighter your app and programs greatly improves our fire department's response to all calls we get it. As well as quick messages from the 911 Center to our phones. Many precious minutes saved with this program keep up the good work.

  • Great app

    Works great. Fast way to see who is responding and where.

  • Fantastic

    It's great once you get the call! You know who's going where and can get accountability set up before you even get on scene and you know who is coming, how many, who is driving, and the location right away!! But the only thing I wished they did is if the could update the alert tones and add a few things on there. But definitely worth it!!!

  • This app helps

    We began using this app when it first became available. It has been a great bonus to our department. We now know who is responding and have a good idea on when our firefighters will be arriving at the station. The mapping part helps officers on the apparatus to find their destination easier and is very efficient. Our county is thinking of stopping funding for this service but our department will continue funding so that our people have the information and knowledge to make correct judgment and respond correctly. We highly recommend this app for all our firefighter brothers and sisters.

  • Capt. BHFD

    I am a Captain of a FD and V.P. on a Search & Rescue Team. We use iamResponding in both organizations. I have 3 Agencies on my iPhone and really like how the system works. My problem is to go out of an agency I click top right icon and get a screen saying Sort By Clear Now Responding Agencies Cancel The problem is if I miss or do not hit Agencies exactly I hit Clear Now Responding which clears our response screen. Remedy: If possible have a pop up that says "Are You Sure You Want To Clear Screen" this would help stop an instant clear screen. Thank You Capt. BHFD

  • Update

    Needs update to fix no notifications. Never get any

  • Great

    Amazing app!

  • Love it

    It's easy to whip out your phone and hit I am responding and everyone knows either if UR going to station or scene . Or it also helps to let others kno UR not available. Also helps out with radio traffic

  • Awesome!

    Great app! Very useful and effective for our department.

  • Needs iOS 7 update

    Needs an iOS 7 update. Won't work after you download iOS 7. Please update asap.

  • Needs update to work with os7 !!

    Please update asap! It will not work with os7

  • Love it

    I just got everyone on our EMS squad to start using this app. We need the iOS7 update!!

  • iOS 7

    Will not work with ios7

  • iOS 7

    Does not work with iOS 7 please fix now!

  • Needs updated for iOS7

    This program used to work great but since the update it doesn't work. Please fix ASAP

  • Great app

    This is a great app, the auto refresh update was nice. It would be great for volunteer depts if you could set your ETA when you put yourself in route. If I'm at home when we get paged out it takes me 5 min to get there but if I'm somewhere else it could be more or less time. Would just be nice to be able to set your ETA so when other members look they have a good idea of how far out everyone is instead of having to set a default time

  • Good app

    Great app. Would be nice to be able to delete incidents and messages but other than that great job!

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