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Uniden Guardian 2

Uniden Guardian 2
2.5 based on 133 Votes
Price Free

Uniden Guardian 2 Remote app allows you to view live video from your Uniden Guardian Surveillance system. From anywhere in the world you have 3G or higher phone access or WiFi access, you can view your cameras live.
This version of the app is required for Guardian firmware version A0.3.5 or higher. If you have Guardian firmware version V 1.5.5, you can upgrade to the latest firmware and use this app. Otherwise, download the original Uniden Guardian app (blue icon). Read more...

Uniden Guardian 2 is a Business application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 2.5 based on 133 Votes. This version 1.2.4 has an average rating of 2 based on 90 Users.

Your device must have atleast 1.5 MB of space to download and install Uniden Guardian 2. This application does not have game center . Uniden Guardian 2 is Free to download and install on your mobile device

Support Languages

English, American


Business , Utilities ,


Uniden Guardian 2
Uniden Guardian 2
Uniden Guardian 2
Uniden Guardian 2
Uniden Guardian 2
Uniden Guardian 2

Additional Information

You can choose any of the 4 supported system cameras. The snapshot feature also allows you to record a still image of your video to your iPhone® or iPad® device. If you have more than one Uniden Guardian Surveillance system, you can just add it to the app to view.

The Uniden Guardian Surveillance system also allows 2 remote viewers simultaneously, each viewing which ever camera they choose.


•View live video from your iPhone or iPad

•Choose any camera to view

•Supports WiFi networks

•Record snapshots to your iPhone or iPad

•System supports 2 remote viewers simultaneously (require 768kbps effective upload bandwidth in any given time)

What's New on this version 1.2.4

1>add push message

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Needs audio and Touch ID

    Please add audio and Touch ID support to log in. It also needs a better designed inference.

  • iOS 8???

    Not working in IOS 8!

  • App doesn't work!

    Anymore= please update ! Used to work

  • Works sometimes

    It worked great when I had my iPhone 4 but since I've had my iPhone 5s i always get the disconnect message and can't view anything. It always works in my iPad however and surprising when I was out of state on vacation it actually worked on my phone. But once I got home it stopped working. This app could be really great but I don't understand the whole discounect issue, why it only works on my iPad but rarely works on my phone.

  • Time for an update of features..

    I have had this camera system for a year now and very easy to set up and use. The app works roughly 90% of the time and I would just with Uniden would add more features to the app like you can actually access through the viewing tablet.

  • Notification not working

    Push notification not working! It's frustrating to not have a peace of mind as I sleep or being away. Please fix this issue it is a SECURITY matter.

  • Great system

    This is a great system for the price. Using 3 cams I have no problems viewing from my iphone or iPad. Could use more remote features but this works as advertised.

  • What's up

    Until 3 days ago I could watch my 4 cameras on my laptop and iphone5s. Not anymore. Status says disconnected while the internet icon is showing on monitor. It was working with 3G, LTE and wifi. I was able to check on things even from overseas on my phone. Not since Monday. What's going on?

  • Bad system all around

    The app is terrible. It will connect sometimes but now it's been disconnected for a whole day. I'm gone on vacation and this is why I bought the system! The website is terrible. I could not get connected through the website. I will be returning my system upon returning home and opting for a better system.

  • Not very reliable.

    The app is very unstable. There are times where I can see the cameras, but it is more often that I can't see the cameras. I think there's is a limit on how many devices that can watch at a time.

  • Just OK

    This does not work well with Apple devices. FIX THIS!! I would never have purchased this system had I known. I can only see one camera there are no drop downs one menu buttons to see more.

  • No audio can't view away from home

    When I view from a mobile device away from home there no audio disappointing As for viewing away from home Tap on the world icon on your cradled screen This will allow viewing when away from home Note that then you have allowed for your cameras onto the internet And now you should be able to view on your mobile device away from home But have your home screen in the cradle And connect via the supplied wire to your router

  • bad app, ok hardware

    not user fridendly. clumsy interface!

  • It works fine

    Have had the surveillance system for a couple months. The app works fine. I am able to see all 4 cameras from my IPhone 5s without a problem. Sometimes it might take a few seconds for the image to come through but I have no complaints.

  • Good but not great

    Installation of cameras was effortless. App is functional but could use some improvements. I would REALLY love to be able to turn cameras on/off as well as being able to control motion notification through the app. Also, I receive email alerts but push notification on iPhone 4s doesn't work. I am a badge type of person and I don't get nada. :-(

  • UDS655

    Work adequately but need to have a PC to set up iPhone app REALLY? How about Mac support for computer set up

  • Connection.

    Will not stay connected. Terrible app!

  • Use with MAC

    Apparently the internet remote view can only be accomplished through a PC and not a MAC. If it is not adapted to MACs in the near future there should be a disclaimer noting the problem.

  • Good and Bad

    I got this system a few days ago, hooked it up in about 20 minutes. Downloaded the app, and the app worked great! Even when I went out of town this past weekend, I was able to view live from my iPhone 5. Other than having to open and close the app to get a quick refresh, it worked great. When I got home I was excited to add the app to my wife's iPhone 5c so she can have the same wonderful experience I was having with this new, what I called "toy." Downloaded the app, logged in, and bam!!! I keep getting a "disconnected" message. I thought maybe I wasn't able to have the app on 2 separate iPhones, so I deleted the app from my phone thinking it would work on my wife's.. Still I got the "disconnected" message. So now what I'm thinking is this system is NOT compatible with any iPhone above the iPhone 5? Kinda worries me because I plan to get the next new iPhone, and the main reason I purchased this surveillance was because of the fact I can monitor my house via my iPhone. I REALLY HOPE THEY FIX THIS!

  • Needs more features

    The app works fine however it would be nice if we were able to see all cameras at once or simply slide left and right to see other cameras.

  • Extremely buggy and push notification doesn't even work anymore

    Has the potential to be great but the software is extremely buggy. Push notification on iPhone doesn't work anymore. Please hire yourself a few good developer and fix this

  • Disappointing at a minimum.

    No audio while monitoring. Push notifications quit working two weeks after spending $400 on system and an extra $200 on additional cameras. Uniden will not fix it. Do not buy. Taking my system back to Costco for a refund!

  • Just gets good enough

    It works fine but seems to be designed on "Minimalistic" principles. The GUI doesn't resemble what is shown on the store displays. Once the app was found to be stable, a lot could have been done in 1 year's time.

  • Electrical Eng

    i have problem for receive alarm in my iPhone 4S, in the beginning all time i hearing the alarm, but several days ago i don’t any more could you tell me how can repair those problem, by the way i tray instal the email and do not accept those, can you help me about that.

  • push notifications stopped working

    as of first week of Jan 2014 both my phones (5) no longer get push notifications from the Guardian 2 application. Email alerts still works as well as everything else, remote viewing (online), etc. Just no push notifications. I tried reinstalling the app, rebooting the Guardian 955, router, etc. but the IOS notifications are not working even though the Guardian 2 software has that feature enabled. This not working defeats the purpose of having a security camera. Please fix this.

  • Broken and abandoned...

    App no longer works with iPhone 5S over wifi. You must connect the base station to the Internet as a workaround... Even if you are home. So much for security. Also, this app hasn't seen any love since June 2013, and the developers never really learned how to make apps for iOS. Horrible interface on top of broken features, designed for an OS that was 5 versions ago.

  • Reviews are correct

    Everything about this system from the cameras to the tablet to the app is just underwhelming. It all works but lacks any kind of intuitiveness or features one would hope to find. The app itself is slow, and has nothing but the bare minimum. Does it do what it says, "watching the cameras on the phone or ipad" well yes but also lacks so much. It's truly unfortunate because for an entry level security system it works, but with a better web design, app development and some firmware updates this could be an amazing product. As is I probably would recommend buying something else unless the bare minimum bottom of the bare is good enough.

  • Needs to be Updated

    It seems to work, but lacks features and has an unpolished look. Isn't even optimized for the iPhone 5. Maybe a complete redesign is in order. Recently this app won't give me notifications, even though it's turned on in the notifications settings. Please fix this App!!!

  • Apple push notification doesn't work

    Push notifications used to work on my iphone 5 and my wife's 4s. I only get email alerts. I have tried playing with the iPhones push notifications and reinstalling the app. Please fix this app. Thanks

  • user

    Please fix the iPad app. Screen freezes and does nothing. Developer has been aware of this problem for months and refuses to fix the problem. Do not buy this camera system

  • Please fix

    Connects ok, but I get the broken connection when I try to see my cameras...

  • Bad App!

    The app worked for a couple of weeks then all of a sudden it quit sending me alerts when the camera detected motion. Dont bother calling Uniden they never answer the phone. I was on hold for over 30 minutes.

  • Excellent system and app

    Apparently whatever errors other reviewers were experiencing have been corrected. Bought this system at SAMs club, setup was beyond easy, took minutes instead of hours. Downloaded the app, again no problems whatsoever. I am able to view both cameras, pleased with the day time color and night vision as well. Took a vacation and was able to keep an eye on the dogs and my home, gave me piece of mind and you can't put a price on that. Love this system.

  • App is worthless

    Great system but don't understand why it has to be connected to my computer for it to work? It should be able to connect directly to wi-fi

  • Guardian 2, wasted money.

    It's a waste of money. App is crap and Uniden seems to not upgrade any more. Recording stops when the SD card is full. Deleting recording files of camera 2~4 remotely doesn't work. I wish I had purchased other brands' system.

  • Great app

    Thank you Uniden for the effort. I appreciate being able to look in on our kids (our four legged kids)when away.

  • Needs work ASAP!

    If I would have know the app sucked this much I wouldn't have purchased the $300+ system. Please fix it!

  • Does not work with iPhone 5

    Just got off the phone with tech support and they said there is a problem with Apple. If it doesn't work with iPhone 5 don't advertise it does.

  • Ok... Needs work

    Want to be able to look at more than one camera at a time. Hearing would be nice too. All in all more remote access

  • Does not work

    Does not work with IPHONE 5 with IOS7, and I guess Uniden isn't going to fix it, lots of money wasted, Also it's been 6 months since last upgrade, don't you think it's about time to do a upgrade

  • One star is a gift

    The product might be worth one star, the app is worth less. The product does not show a time stamp for recorded videos. There is no way to determine the current firmware level. The touchscreen response can be very poor. For the price, it might be useable as a baby monitor (except it freezes, and is a hassle to reset). For a security system, its value is mostly as a psychological deterrent.

  • Upgrade was Horrible

    Cameras cut in and out need alot of work

  • Needs To Be Fixed

    When using iphone 5, when watching recorded videos most of the time they play back at a very high speed making in impossible to view the video clip. After reviewing a video and going back to see live cameras the app freezes needed to be closed and restarted. Please update as I'm sure most people use the remote viewing.

  • Poor

    Only one camera shoes with no option for selection....

  • Works fine but needs features

    The app seems to work fine on my iphone 5. It definately needs some usability work and functional improvements but does work. I can see all my cameras (one at a time) either locally via wifi or remotely via data plan. I get alerts on motion detection. I didn't realize at first you do not need to sign up to their web service if you only want to access remotely via your phone. The web service is only if you want to access your cameras remotely via PC. I have not tried this because when I did the web site was down and I could not access it.

  • Very good app

    I don't think the other reviews are fair. Great App. I have no problem to use it. Easy to set up and user friendly.

  • You guys are doing a good job, but

    There is no reason why you can't have all of the features that your pad comes with... Build more in the app, zoom, sound on/off, sensitivity, quad view, FF/RW features, all settings controls, brightness etc... Good job otherwise! Keep up the good work!

  • iPhone 5/5s update😩

    Make an update for the latest iPhones!!!!!

  • 1.2.4/API doesn't work with 5s

    As an app, Uniden Guardian 2 works, but it's very utilitarian and somewhat clumsy. For example, I'd rather swipe through cameras, rather than select them from a drop-down list. However, the app and API versions listed in this review title do not work with the iPhone 5s. Basically, the app never connects to the Guardian control station. My 4s and iPad2 (both on iOS7.0.3 like my 5s) work perfectly. The only workaround at this time is to put the control station in Internet mode. Then the app will connect to the control station and you can view live video. Normally, I'd give an app like this a 3 out of 5. But since it's not work ok properly with my version of the iPhone, it loses one star.

  • Buggy app and a pathetic interface

    Come on guys. Get it together. Your app is clunky and bug ridden. The images from the cameras often become pixelated. It's too cumbersome to switch between the two cameras much less among four. When reviewing what has been recorded, often the image turns to a black screen. I just might be taking this back to Costco.

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