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Uniden Guardian 2

Uniden Guardian 2
2 based on 180 Votes
Price Free

Uniden Guardian 2 Remote app allows you to view live video from your Uniden Guardian Surveillance system. From anywhere in the world you have 3G or higher phone access or WiFi access, you can view your cameras live.
This version of the app is required for Guardian firmware version A0.3.5 or higher. If you have Guardian firmware version V 1.5.5, you can upgrade to the latest firmware and use this app. Otherwise, download the original Uniden Guardian app (blue icon). Read more...

Uniden Guardian 2 is a Business application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 2 based on 180 Votes. This version 1.2.53 has an average rating of 1.5 based on 23 Users.

Your device must have atleast 1.8 MB of space to download and install Uniden Guardian 2. This application does not have game center . Uniden Guardian 2 is Free to download and install on your mobile device

Support Languages

English, American , Chinese , Chinese


Business , Utilities ,


Uniden Guardian 2
Uniden Guardian 2
Uniden Guardian 2
Uniden Guardian 2
Uniden Guardian 2
Uniden Guardian 2

Additional Information

You can choose any of the 4 supported system cameras. The snapshot feature also allows you to record a still image of your video to your iPhone® or iPad® device. If you have more than one Uniden Guardian Surveillance system, you can just add it to the app to view.

The Uniden Guardian Surveillance system also allows 2 remote viewers simultaneously, each viewing which ever camera they choose.


•View live video from your iPhone or iPad

•Choose any camera to view

•Supports WiFi networks

•Record snapshots to your iPhone or iPad

•System supports 2 remote viewers simultaneously (require 768kbps effective upload bandwidth in any given time)

What's New on this version 1.2.53

- fix liveview issue
- fix event search issue
- fix icon issue

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Broken App again guys!

    New versions were coming quickly is the past week and now that it is totally broken for "Live Camera" they look to obsolete this Product? Why put up with this Product? An App is just as important as the Product! My supplying distributor of this Product, Costco will give me a FULL refund! Now the search begins for a better Product with a STABLE App again.

  • Zero!!!!

    This just keeps getting worse. This system has pretty much failed me every time I've ever had to depend on it. Between the sd card not being over written and the memory filling up, always when I need it to work and play back an event, to this buggy app. Don't wast your money. This is garbage. There are other better systems on the market.

  • UGH!!! You're killing me, Smalls!

    I had great camera system. Now, I've got junk. Sometimes I can get one camera on my iPhone, briefly, and then with their "poor" label. Then, it goes black. Then, none of the other three cameras respond at all. Same result with my wife's iPhone and iPad. Frustrating addition = the desk monitor works perfectly - but that's not helpful/why I purchased this system = without remote access it is useless to me. Someone in Uniden's tech area is incompetent and is even compounding their problems with bad updates. Help, please! I want my great system back. Thank you very much for any efforts you can bring to bear on this. k

  • No remote connectivity

    The most recent update has rendered this app useless and therefore my security system is pretty much useless. Don't buy this system. Waste of time and money.

  • update is a failure

    cam not working after the update.uniden did not even informed the public,what kind of company is this.i will not buy any product from them.


    The app worked fine until this awful update! Now you can see one camera and then when you try to view others, it disconnects and leaves me with a black screen. What good are our 4 cameras if viewing is impossible? This really needs to be fixed!

  • Bad update! Please fix ASAP

    Remote monitoring on iPhone 6 no longer works since the latest update. I'll be able to pull up the first camera on connecting but cannot view my other 3 cameras on the phone and/or it would disconnect. App used to work reliably but no longer. Please fix!!

  • They really screwed this one up!

    I've never had a problem with this app until the latest update. Now I can only occasionally remote view my cameras. If you haven't updated to this latest version then DON'T! Uniden- please fix this!

  • Update made the app unusable!!!

    Okay so notifications are working but THE LIVESTREAM IS BROKEN! No peace of mind!!! The irony of having a SECURITY CAMERA!

  • Garbage. Hire new coders

    Been using the previous version for about a year without issues. Ever since the update, it seldom connects and you can't even cycle through the cameras. I would give it 1/4 star if I could.

  • Stopped working

    Everything worked fine until the latest updates now doesn't connect 99% of the time. Please fix fast or I need to replace my entire system. Not good at all.

  • New update failed

    I started to have problems with my G955 receiver now is the app. I can't see any off my cameras I reset the system and still no luck

  • Updates broke remote access

    Do you have even read the reviews? You have broken the value of our cameras with this faulty app. Keep us informed of your progress,if any, to fix this. I will be requesting a return of all four of my cameras, if not fixed by the end of this week. I recommend others do the same and call uniden company with return requests. There are many other brands to choose from that work.

  • Update screwed app up!

    Ever since the update came out I can no longer view my camera's. They state disconnected yet on the monitor they work just fine.

  • Update worse than before

    2 bad updates followed by one that was good but slow and now this one that is lucky to display one camera image. Trying to select another camera either times out with connection lost, or does nothing and screen remains black. I'm not sure what these updates are attempting to add or correct, but you should go back to 5 updates ago to get the one that worked fairly well.

  • Updates renders app unusable

    I updated to an iPhone 6 and unfortunately I only get "disconnected" messages and black screens when connected. Please fix, otherwise the cameras are useless to us. App used to work OK before the iOS 8 updates.

  • Live View Still Not Working

    About to go on vacation. Testing the iOS app and 90% of the time live view is not working. Please fix!!

  • 1.5 year user

    I've been connecting to two different G755 systems for about a year now plus the predecessor system for 6 months prior to that using the Guardian 2 apps. Set up was easy for the cameras and apps. I've been generally satisfied with the performance up until the 3 recent updates (11/10-17/2014) to the a Guardian 2 apps for the iPhone and iPad. It's been much slower to connect to the camera feeds and most of the time it fails when I try to switch to another camera on the system. One of the systems I haven't been able to connect to at all since the first app update. Please fix soon.

  • doesn't work

    I haven't been able to see any cameras since this update. I'm getting a notification on an outdoor camera, I'm sure due to wind. But all I get is a black screen, no images for any of 4 cameras. Last update I could open camera 3. No nothing.

  • Still Needs To Be Fixed

    Live view still does not work most of the time. Shows camera is disconnected. Using iPhone 6 plus.

  • Crap app

    Please fix!

  • Junk update

    I did the latest update which is junk and now there is a long box across the screen that blocks some of the view when viewing the cameras. I need to find a way to go back to last version.

  • Slow

    Update is no good. Slow and disconnects. Hope it can be fixed.

  • Still problems

    Updated to ver. 1.2.52 and still have problems viewing any of my cameras. Need to go back to 3 updates ago.

  • Terrible

    I would give zero stars if I could. This app needs lots n lots of work

  • Terrible Update

    This update does not work at all! If I am lucky, I can see one of my 4 cameras. It will not go to the other cameras so that I can view the scene from their locations. Fix this, or go back to a former update. As it is now, it is useless & a waste of my money for this system. Very upset about this. FAILURE, is what this update is.

  • Horrible

    I don't feel secure with this product you still can't get it right on mobile,there's no view of the cameras even tho it shows connection.the app gets updated daily for viewing issues....please fix this nonsense,am seriously second guessing this product.its got the "potential" but it needs work😞

  • Finally working again

    Latest update fixed problems & I can see all 4 camera images.

  • Bad update again

    This update to fix the last update did not help. There is still a huge empty text box in the middle of the full screen view. They need to pay an adult to update their app, or go back two versions.

  • Mr Echo

    Much better with this update.

  • New Update Still Has Major Problems

    11/14/14 Update Version 1.2.52 still does not work correctly. Application will open and say connected then say disconnected and not bring up your camera’s. Original application worked fine.

  • Poor service

    I have purchased 3 of these units and extra cameras and they worked fine until the software upgrade. The new software disconnects every time you want to see a different camera and never shows the next camera unless you are sitting at your home.

  • What's up

    Did update today 11/13/14. Connection is really bad. Takes a long time to switch from camera to camera. Was working much better before update. I have iPhone 5s. Image is fuzzy and moving. Not good update.

  • Slow when using the new version to switch cameras

    slow to switch between camera views in this version

  • Junk

    All the above plus the button links don't work.

  • Pin

    Will not accept my alpha pin code after Nov. 12 update.

  • Bad Upgrade

    Since upgrade I have bad reception and the cameras flicker between each other. Please fix. I still give it a 5 star since I believe this will be fixed and I have loved this service for years.

  • Updates

    Second update this week and it still does not work. Button is sketchy when pressing to change cams. Takes a long time just to be able to see an image. Then it jams between images. Hope you guys get this fixed ASAP. It's a huge reason why I purchased this system in the first place.

  • Bad update

    Do not up date, please fix , junk


    My 4 cameras were working great until I did the last update. Now I'm getting poor reception and cameras are flickering between camera 2 and 3 on its own. Latest update 1.2.51 finally updated but did not fix glitch. POOR RECEPTION AND CHANNEL BLEED OVER.

  • Ok app

    App is ok. Having issues switching through my 3 cameras, the pictures keep scrolling though cameras 2 & 3 when I try and watch camera 2 and it isn't a clear pic. When it works its a good app, problem is it gives me more issues than anything. Constantly closing and restarting it to try and get a cleaner stable pic.

  • Buggy and Freezes

    Somewhat buggy app has just been iOS 8 updated and is now more buggy. Freezes, certain cams will be selected but the image remains of the prior cam. Disappointing.

  • Snapshot

    I loaded the latest version and the snapshot function is not working on my 5s . I says completed but pic is not in Photos gallery. Install and snapshot on IPad 2 seems fine. Overall the new version is slower.

  • Uniden surveliance

    This upgrade needs to be rolled back to engineering. It does not work properly and much slower between camera selection. Seems like Quality Control is in order for this latest version.

  • Latest Update Not So Good

    The latest update 1.2.5, I believe, is very difficult to switch between cameras. Tap, swipe and beg, it just sticks on camera 1. They 'Select Camera' pop up menu does not appear. May we have another update please.

  • Leave it to Uniden

    I was excited when I saw this update considering how HORRIBLE Uniden customer service is to deal with. Needless to say the update is the equivalent of their customer service. Buy a quality product and avoid Uniden at any cost!!!!

  • New app version is a step backwards

    The app doesn't allow you to view any camera but the first. A total step backwards. I have 4 cameras and can't look at the other three.

  • App is hit or miss

    Recently purchased the Uniden G755 camera system and downloaded the Guardian 2 app. Initially it worked fine pushing notifications to our phones. Unfortunately, the notifications suddenly stopped and even after deleting and reinstalling the app the system will not send out notifications. We tried installing the "Uniden camapp" and are still having issues. So not sure if its the apps or something with our cameras. Wish Uniden would take a look into everyones comments and revamp their apps.

  • Very disappointed with this application.

    Installed about a year ago. The app worked enough for me as an entry level (viewing) system -- really should have returned the system to Costco but didn't. Recently the app started pushing notifications and it will not stop! Every second I get notified that there is movement. I tried turning the notifications off but that didn't stop them -- frustrated and fatigued! By the way this is the first time the notifications worked. Was excited to see that until I realized that they alarmed "just because" -- do I have ghosts only house??!!! No!! Lousy app. Also now it is very slow or doesn't respond at all when transitioning between cameras. Please fix ASAP!

  • Needs audio and Touch ID

    Please add audio and Touch ID support to log in. It also needs a better designed inference.

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