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Uniden Guardian 2

Uniden Guardian 2
2 based on 226 Votes
Price Free

Uniden Guardian 2 Remote app allows you to view live video from your Uniden Guardian Surveillance system. From anywhere in the world you have 3G or higher phone access or WiFi access, you can view your cameras live.
You can choose any of the 4 supported system cameras. The snapshot feature also allows you to record a still image of your video to your iPhone® or iPad® device. If you have more than one Uniden Guardian Surveillance system, you can just add it to the app to view. Read more...

Uniden Guardian 2 is a Business application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 2 based on 226 Votes. This version 1.2.55 has an average rating of 2 based on 14 Users.

Your device must have atleast 1.8 MB of space to download and install Uniden Guardian 2. This application does not have game center . Uniden Guardian 2 is Free to download and install on your mobile device

Support Languages

English, American , Chinese , Chinese


Business , Utilities ,


Uniden Guardian 2
Uniden Guardian 2
Uniden Guardian 2
Uniden Guardian 2
Uniden Guardian 2
Uniden Guardian 2

Additional Information

The Uniden Guardian Surveillance system also allows 2 remote viewers simultaneously, each viewing which ever camera they choose.


•View live video from your iPhone or iPad

•Choose any camera to view

•Supports WiFi networks

•Record snapshots to your iPhone or iPad

•System supports 2 remote viewers simultaneously (require 768kbps effective upload bandwidth in any given time)

What's New on this version 1.2.55

1. Add "Connecting picture" in Live view screen
2. Limit password use number digit and english char
3. Fix App crash when tap "Back" key in live view screen

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Stopped working

    Worked for a few months, but won't connect and there is no customer service to speak to. Huge fail.

  • Works

    I didn't have any problems on this app using my iPhone 6 plus. Just put my Camera name, DiD and security code.

  • It works now

    Wouldn't connect but had to completely restart the thingy. Works great for remote viewing to see if any riffraff is at the door

  • Doesn't work

    Don't waist you time. Doesn't work on iPad or iPhone. Can't find system and when I put in the DID number it say not valid.

  • Horrible

    Can't get past DID/UID PROCESS. Total waste of time and money

  • Terrible

    Works inconsistently at best. Update made marginal improvement. Regret buying these cameras.

  • I-Pad

    How can you use this Ap with an IPad as suggested by Uniden. I cannot access my wifi because I cannot get passed the set up when asked to enter the DID number. The monitor has a UID number that does not work in the DID box. I have a Uniden UDR 744 system and they have not explained on- line how to down load Aps to an I-phone or I-Pad. To me this product was falsely advertised.

  • Cameras don't connect

    Would rate better if all cameras would connect. Very frustrating when everything disconnects. Can't figure this system out. Spent extra money on additional cameras, what a waste.

  • It's Working

    This update did it for me. Works better then ever. All cameras work. All features now work such as the camera button and record button. Videos now playback at the correct speed every time. Cameras connect every time. When using the back arrow you can now connect to the cameras again. Thanks for the update.

  • doesn't work

    I haven't been able to see any cameras since this update. I'm getting a notification on an outdoor camera, I'm sure due to wind. But all I get is a black screen, no images for any of 4 cameras. Last update I could open camera 3. No nothing. Update Jan 3 2015. The Dec update helped, but I got a lot of dropped connections. Latest version, I can now see camera 4 but get nothing for camera 2.

  • Terrible

    App works terribly after the last few updates! Won't show live stream most of time. No other option but sure would appreciate the app working again!

  • Internet no connect

    As of 12/05/14. Uniden support said we will have to wait for an updated app because the current one has issues with the new iOS and cannot be used to watch videos outside the home network. According to the lady it should be one week. 12/27. No updates. On iPhone 6+ remote access cannot be used.

  • Worthless

    You can record OR view remotely, not both. The app has never been updated and as of 12/14 no longer can connect to the cameras. In short, this system is useless and a complete waste of cash.

  • It doesn't work

    Since the last update, it's better (works 20% of the time instead of not at all). I will be demanding that Uniden refund the $2000 I paid for 3 systems and 7 extra cameras.


    Please fix this! I can't see anything but a black screen every time I open the app. It's really starting to get frustrating 😡😡😡 FIX IT PLEASE!!!! 😩😩😩

  • Needs to be Updated

    It seems to work, but lacks features and has an unpolished look. Recently this app won't give me notifications, even though it's turned on in the notifications settings. Please fix this App!!!

  • Bad update again

    This update still has the same problems. Blank text box on wide view and camera selection button is missing text. Seems to be diconnected more often too


    Great app and camera system! Been running the camera system for 2 years now with just a few minor issues. I had one of my power plugs fail but Uniden sent me a new one fast. The APP has been working great my only issue is my cameras are right on the edge of being to far from the base. Otherwise everything works great I have been using iPad 2 and iphone4 with no problems, I just upgraded to the iphone6 and it's been working great.

  • Still have a problem

    Connecting is about 10% of the time with dec 2 update. The first 6 months connected 95%.

  • Bad to worse

    Cannot connect at all since update! At Least it worked most of the time. Please fix!!!!

  • DITTO!

    As all the rest of the reviews....DITTO. You got to get this app.fixed.ASAP UPDATE:thank you Uniden,it worked for a few it's dead again👎

  • Trash

    Somehow this version is even more broken than before. Well played uniden. If you enjoy looking at a black screen you will love this update.

  • Works on IPad and IPhone 6

    12/4/2014 This new update that came out on 12/2/2014 is now working on our IPad and IPhone 6. Thank You 11/25/2014 I sent Uniden an e-mail regarding their update for this app and below is what they sent to me to fix the problem. Unfortunately they did do an update that started the problem now their saying to uninstall the Apple update and reinstall their App. That is not how this works they are suppose to make the changes that works with each application they say works with their system. They updated their app on Nov. 17, 2014, which caused all of the problems now they are saying they did not release a new App, but they did release a new update that does not work with the old and new Apple operating systems. Bad customer service and guaranteed loss of revenue if they don't back up their statements that their system works with Apple products. Sure waist of $600 dollars. Our Solution: Thank you for using our system. Dear Valued Uniden Customer, Uniden has not released a new APP. Apple has done a software update recently that is not compatible with our APP. Please uninstall it and re install the APP to allow proper updates to install. Thank you for choosing Uniden! My original post is below: The app worked fine until this awful update! Now you can see one camera and then when you try to view others, it disconnects and leaves me with a black screen. What good are our 4 cameras if viewing is impossible? This really needs to be fixed!

  • Please fix this

    there's no view of the cameras even tho it shows connection.the app gets updated for viewing issues but is only worst....please fix this non sense

  • Great!!

    Update was successful I can now see all 4 cameras. Thanks for fixing prior updates, loving it!!

  • Still has problems!!!

    With the I Phone 4s there are still problems with this up date. I still do not see what camera is selected in the box, and when you switch to a full screen view (sideways) there is still a mystery box blocking part of the view right in the center of the screen. If you touch the box it turns blue but does nothing but block some of the view. What is this and why? It is on the regular view also but it is above the camera view. This problem started with the last 4 recent updates. Please fix i want my view back with out the box.

  • Works!

    The newest update got the app working again. I hope future upgrades don't break the camera connection like the ios8 update did. It works like it should now.

  • Safety At Risk

    I'm a disabled veteran person who relies heavily on the cameras and now without remote access I'm at significant risk. Please fix ASAP. Please. The update today 12/3/14 did and changed NOTHING. Please try again. Never give up.

  • New system owner

    Just purchased the g755 system and being able to remotely view was one of my reasons. This app worked just once and now shows a cam with an X when trying to view. Says it's connected to the system but cannot stream video. Very disappointing. Update 12-02/14: still will only load the cams off and on. If it does load the first cam it will rarely load the video of the other cams when you try to switch to another. Useless update and system.

  • user

    upgrade still doesn't work. worked great before first upgrade. please fix

  • This is sad, please fix this

    This new update is as bad if not worse than the others. I get one camera (I have 12 on three systems), displayed and trying to display another camera does nothing. These updates (since the one to support iOS 8) are using a Direct connection. My iPad is still at the version before the iOS 8 update and works fine using P2P connection. Please go back to that type connection to get this new version to work. This version is useless on my iPhone. This must be the 5th or 6th bad update since the iOS 8 version.

  • New App makes the product almost unusable

    We bought the product for our house in Mexico. Man it worked great. HOWEVER, since the latest app update the product is virtually unusable. It is hard to switch between cameras and there is almost never any activity when you look at the past. I would advise you not buy this product.

  • Yippie !!! It's working again !!!Today's update did the trick!!!

    Remote viewing has been fixed. Thank you to the support team for getting it done...although it took you a long time. System works as it should. Good system when it works.

  • Really poor!

    Would rate 0 if possible

  • UNIDEN FIX APP!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm very sad and disappointed that my cameras don't work since upgrade of app. Please fix it!!!!!!! DO SOMETHING TO GET THE APP FIX!!!!!!!!!

  • Look at old reviews

    Please disregard the ignorant reviewers from 2013. I believe uniden is desperate for some weak star ratings. to put on reviews from last year. They also screen the most critical of reviews and block their posting. Good job uniden. You will pay back every one you e ripped off.

  • Awful

    Worked ok till update. Now it takes forever to load 1st camera. Then it takes FOREVER to open next 3 cameras. PLEASE FIX THIS !!!

  • Poor app

    Not worth an upgrade or the money! Buy a different system, not Uniden!

  • Update

    Worthless! New update is horrible! Used to be able to connect to my system 50 percent of the time, now it's down to 5 percent. Piece of junk!

  • Update


  • Never again Uniden

    This is my third attempt to post a review. Every time I try to post I am told my nickname is already in use.

  • Upgrade a disaster

    like many others, I have been using the online system to monitor activity at our store and the last update destroyed that. I cannot even get the system to work remotely and have lost the entire value of the reason I purchased it.....VERY FRUSATRATED, stayed on hold for over 45 minutes yesterday to finally talked to a CS rep who was trying to be nice but could not tell me how to fix the issue and that she thought the updates have been made. HERE'S TO ENDING ALL AUTOMATIC UPDATES

  • Crap

    I should have read the reviews before I wasted my time on this. Can't remote access. Can't access the web. This makes this useless. Don't waste your money.

  • The worst app/system on the market

    Like all the other reviews, the system worked just ok until the app update now I can't either get connected at all or, if I do I can only get one camera to work. I suggest Uniden u get this fixed ASAP or you'll have a class action against you for false promotion of system functionality and capability. If you're thinking about a uniden system, stay away until they fix the problem that is obviously a wide spread problem

  • Disaster

    This latest update is a disaster. I have been using this system to monitor my house while out of the country for the past year. The app was not perfect but at least it worked. This new update means I no longer have any ability to view my cameras! Please fix this ASAP or allow us to revert to a previous version!

  • Update (Ya right)

    Well, after your "update" I now have a camera system that does not work. I cannot remotely see my home from from iPad or iPhone, the reason I bought this system in the first place. I bought the system from Costco and two extra cameras from Amazon, if the "update" Is not fixed soon, both Costco and Amazon will be getting a pile of junk in their return piles.

  • Don't Download Current App

    The Uniden Guardian App use to be very reliable. However, the current update is unusable. I've had to downgrade to an older version to use my system. Thank God I had an old version on an iPad that I could use. What is Uniden thinking of when they put out an untested app. Someone needs to loose their job.

  • Your update is a complete failure!

    I'm so disappointed in this app. I would have been better off sitting on my front porch with a shotgun just to monitor a possible burglary suspect in the area.


    I've written to Uniden many times asking them to fix their system (G955), and they admitted they can't. I'm contacting the Attorney General with Uniden's last reply and suggest that consumers were defrauded with false claims and fooled into buying this garbage when in fact Uniden knew the system(s) were not capable of doing the things that they claimed they were capable of. Consumer fraud! I want my money back! It's time to make this right to the consumers you swindled with false claims in advertising!


    Was fine until last update. Now I can briefly connect to cam 1 before it cuts connection to the system. Please fix ASAP!!!

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