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PDF Splicer

PDF Splicer
4.5 based on 191 Votes
Price $4.99

IMPORTANT: This app has been replaced by the PDF Splicer 2 app. iOS 7 users should download PDF Splicer 2 instead of this one.
Introducing PDF Splicer - the ultimate PDF page editor. Here is a list of functions you can accomplish with PDF Splicer: Read more...

PDF Splicer is a Business application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 4.5 based on 191 Votes. This version 1.0.6 has an average rating of 3.5 based on 15 Users.

Your device must have atleast 4.0 MB of space to download and install PDF Splicer. This application does not have game center . PDF Splicer can be downloaded and install for $4.99 only

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of Tipirneni Software LLC at

Support Languages

English, American


Business , Productivity ,


PDF Splicer
PDF Splicer
PDF Splicer
PDF Splicer
PDF Splicer
PDF Splicer
PDF Splicer
PDF Splicer

Additional Information

- Combine 2 or more PDF files

- Split a PDF file into 2 or more files

- Reorder pages in a file

- Rotate pages

- Extract pages

- Delete pages

- insert pages from another PDF file

- insert blank pages

- insert pages from images

All this with an easy to use interface.

Please click the support link or goto for a complete demo video of the app.

From the makers of other great apps like Type on PDF, Sign-N-Send, Scan To PDF, Office To PDF, and FaxIt!

What's New on this version 1.0.6

Bug fix for iOS 7.

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • PDF app

    Very reliable app. Very satisfied.

  • Short lived app

    App discontinued. $4.99 more for updated version. A big thanks to loyal customers.

  • PDF Splicer

    App is being discontinued. After purchasing this app, notification on screen your screen directs you to PDF Splicer II for another $5. Deceptive.

  • Developer is ceasing support after ios7

    Sounds like users will have to pay again to use the updated app after iOS is upgraded. The new app pdf splicer 2 is listed at $4.99 Unbelievable...

  • Details are important

    This app looked good and I wanted to support an indie developer, so I took the chance and paid. Editing functions on a pdf are great, but if the app destroys (erases) the outline (or metadata table of contents) during the "editing" process, then this app is useless for any pdfs that need editing, that are of any business, technical, and/or academic importance. Adobe Acrobat can edit pdfs without destroying and/or erasing the TOC - So why can't this app?

  • Love this application. Use it everyday

    I really like this application. I can take large files and then pick only the pages I need for a smaller file or to email etc. it is very easy to use and fast too.

  • Good and useful app

    This was a good app now it crashes EVERTIME I scroll through a doc. Useless since the new pdf splicer2 came out. Hmmm coincidence ?

  • Yes, FINALLY,!

    This app has what none of the "Big Boys" have. I finally found an app that can rotate and/or combine fairly easily. I've bought too many apps that implied they could do this but couldn't. HINT: Watch the video! It will cut the learning curve in half or more. Very nice app. Thanks.

  • Love this app! Highly recommend it!

    I use this app all the time to edit PDFs. It is super easy to merge PDFs, delete or add pages. Highly recommend!

  • Great app

    Although there is a learning curve involved in using this application it serves its purpose well. It allows you to manipulate pdf docs as needed.

  • Amazing App!

    This is such an amazing App. In the past if I wanted to email 1 page of a longer PDF document, I would have to print it out and scan it in, taking too much time and losing image quality. Now I open the file in this App and export out the 1 page via email. LOVE it!

  • Game Changer!

    This app changed the way I work. It takes half the time I customarily spent to deliver a vastly improved product to my clients and colleagues. This app allows me to assemble all the components into one simple, beautiful, pdf.

  • Crashes on Password Protected files

    Like the program but won't load a password protected PDF file.

  • Awesome app!!!

    Does exactly what it says it does! Extremely easy to use. I organize and combine music pdfs into one file.

  • Great app!

    This app has solved the PDF issues I was having. It works perfectly. Love it!

  • Great easy to use app

    This app does what it claims. Watched the 9 minute video and used right away with no difficulties. Had to delete some pages from pdf and republish them - worked great. Well done!

  • Awesome! Fast, easy to use, and demo video explains it all!

    It's well worth the money. The perfect app for what it does and costs.

  • Works great

    Works great for what I do. Best of all... it actually works just like they promise. Which is rare in the app world

  • Excellent App

    Wow, I've been looking for an app to split pages, this app does that and more. It's basically perfect!

  • Solid App

    Simple and works great. Must have if you work with PDF files that you need to send around. Easily worth the price.

  • PDF Splicer

    PDF Splicer is great. It's easy to use and you can really arrange your PDF document any way you like.

  • Great!

    User friendly and so easy o work with.

  • Handy app!

    This is a great app for working with PDF docs. I use it pretty frequently and it always works great!

  • Great app!

    I receive a ton of PDF files that need to be split up, emailed, faxed, signed, etc. I've had this app for a week now, and find myself using it even at the office because it's faster than printing & scanning on my desktop! Great so far, my only update wish is that you can expand pages by finger slide instead of opening a preview pane. Awesome otherwise, happy with the investment.

  • Mostly good, however...

    Overall good app. But make sure you keep your original somewhere else. Somehow I overlaid my original multipage document with the appended one page document.

  • Great App

    Use it

  • Awesome

    Very good PDF manipulator

  • Freaking awesome

    This app is great

  • Great App

    Crashes sometimes when I'm working with really big files but otherwise works great.

  • PDF Splicer

    Great app. Use it all the time. Easy to use. Easy to import and export files.

  • PDF splicer

    This program is very useful for manipulating pdf's. The tutorial gives you all the information you need to quickly modify and export pdf's. I use it on a regular basis with great success.

  • Love PDF Splicer

    Works just as advertised.. Easy to use!

  • Impressive

    My review titled "Impressive", dated March 28, 2013 had an error in it. The error was "by Glad I found VueScan Mobile". I did not put that on my review. I am not happy about this error. This review is about PDF Splicer, NOT VueScan Mobile. So now, to set the record straight, I will have to re-write the review as follows: I have had the PDF Splicer app a little over a month and it has been very helpful to me. Able to add documents I forgot or found later and put them into chronological order in established PDF files. Also, can add new documents later without having to create new file. Works great with Type on PDF and File Pro apps. A very useful tool on my iPad 3. 5 stars. I also did reviews on Type on PDF, File Pro, Photo Vault and Secret Apps.

  • Does what it's made for, and does it right!

    I actually use this app as a database of songs that I pull out and rearrange according to what I'm playing. Easy and quick, use it at least 3-4 times a week and it has never failed me. love it!

  • Excellent and easy

    Does what you expect with ease. I'm very happy with it.

  • A Great App

    Use it all the time!

  • Great App

    Love the App, hate the font choices of the interface. Fix this and get 5 stars.

  • Thanks

    Great app. I'm finally getting my work done-- Thank You!

  • PDF Splitter

    Wonderful app. Exactly what I have been looking for. A quick and easy way to remove extra unwanted pages from files.

  • A Must Have App

    This app is extremely useful. It gives me the ability to splice out sections of long documents, so I have quick access to those sections. Spliced out sections can be exported to other programs where they can be marked up. Buy this app for the price of a burger, without all the fat!

  • Worth it

    Truly useful app. Watch the demo.

  • What a life saver!!!

    I am a school teacher having to constantly change things around. Since I started using this app, it has made my work so much easier. What took me several hours to do to create 3 assignments, I created 24 assignments in less time. It has given me some of my free time back.


    Awesome app. Never have had any problems with this app.

  • Awesome app

    I play piano and I use this for writing up set lists and exporting them to iBooks so I can have all the music at my finger tips. This app allows me to do that with style. The reader on the left hand column needs a little work though. I know it's in its early phase but when more updates come around this should be the best one hands down. Also they wrote back for support. Thanks to that as well.

  • Awesome. Indispensable.

    'Nuff said.

  • My new favorite app

    This app is excellent. I use it several time each day. I use it as my new filing system. It is so good that if you try it you will fall in love with it. Watch the video to see all it can do. I use my multi-page scanner to load PDF files then I open the PDF in this app. I use this app to rename the PDF and that is my new filing system. I would like to see a way to sync between my iPhone, iPad. For now I just use the email feature to send the finished PDFs to myself.

  • Poor support-does not work correctly

    Wont show up in list of apps to open in..clipboard not working. Support offered no help.

  • Love this app!

    It's so easy to use.

  • Very Handy PDF tool

    Great app for working with PDF files. I use it to remove unwanted pages in pdf's created from web pages. Easy to use and export the edited PDF to other apps.

  • Very useful app

    My only complaint is that it could be a bit more intuitive

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