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PayAnywhere – Accept Credit Cards With...

PayAnywhere – Accept Credit Cards With PayAnywhere's Mobile Credit Card Reader
4 based on 3,070 Votes
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Start accepting mobile payments on the go and increase your revenue with PayAnywhere’s credit card reader.
PayAnywhere allows your business to accept credit card payments on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. PayAnywhere’s free credit card processing app and credit card reader enables your business to accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal payments anytime, anywhere, all at the point of sale. Purchase the PayAnywhere NFC and EMV-capable credit card reader in Apple Stores or to accept Apple Pay™ and other contactless transactions. Read more...

PayAnywhere – Accept Credit Cards With PayAnywhere's Mobile Credit Card Reader is a Business application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 4 based on 3,070 Votes. This version 4.1 has an average rating of 4 based on 5 Users.

Your device must have atleast 26.6 MB of space to download and install PayAnywhere – Accept Credit Cards With PayAnywhere's Mobile Credit Card Reader. This application does not have game center . PayAnywhere – Accept Credit Cards With PayAnywhere's Mobile Credit Card Reader is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of North American Bancard, Inc. at

Support Languages

English, American , Spanish


Business , Finance ,


PayAnywhere – Accept Credit Cards With PayAnywhere's Mobile Credit Card Reader
PayAnywhere – Accept Credit Cards With PayAnywhere's Mobile Credit Card Reader
PayAnywhere – Accept Credit Cards With PayAnywhere's Mobile Credit Card Reader
PayAnywhere – Accept Credit Cards With PayAnywhere's Mobile Credit Card Reader
PayAnywhere – Accept Credit Cards With PayAnywhere's Mobile Credit Card Reader
PayAnywhere – Accept Credit Cards With PayAnywhere's Mobile Credit Card Reader
PayAnywhere – Accept Credit Cards With PayAnywhere's Mobile Credit Card Reader
PayAnywhere – Accept Credit Cards With PayAnywhere's Mobile Credit Card Reader

Additional Information

At just 2.69% per swipe for all credit card brands and PayPal with no monthly fees, PayAnywhere is quick and easy to use.


• Download the PayAnywhere app for free.

• Set up an account by applying in-app, online, or call 877.387.5640.

• Start accepting credit card payments, even before you receive your free credit card reader in the mail.


When you swipe, you’ll get your money fast — your funds are deposited within 1 business day.


PayAnywhere has the latest in point of sale and credit card reader technology so that you can grow your business on the go.

• Accept credit cards, including Apple Pay™ transactions, and track cash payments.

• 2.69% per swipe, a flat rate for all major credit cards.

• Secure encrypted transactions adhering to PCI compliance standards.

• Live support by phone, email, and chat.

• Allow customers to pay with multiple payment methods using Split Tender.

• Automatically calculate sales tax based on GPS location.

• Add cart- and item-level discounts.

• Add default tips or allow your customer to choose a custom tip.

• Organize items by sorting in color-coded categories or placing items into Favorites.

• Add modifiers and multiple prices to items.

• Customized electronic receipts sent to your customers.

• In-app reporting to view sales trends in app.

• AirPrint, Star Bluetooth printer, and Cash Drawer compatibility.

• Free merchant portal with PayAnywhere Inside for detailed activity of your merchant account.


Our U.S. based live customer support is here for you; if you need us we are ready and waiting to help.


Request your free credit card reader when you sign up at — our secure credit card reader makes it safe and easy to accept credit cards. To accept contactless payments, such as Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay, learn more about the new PayAnywhere reader at

To learn more about PayAnywhere and point of sale solutions, including information on PayAnywhere Storefront (our free tablet, stand with built-in credit card reader and app with pricing as low as 1.69%), please visit

We love feedback! Please email any comments or suggestions to

What's New on this version 4.1

This release includes new features and functionality for both iPhone and iPad.
•Touch ID: Login quickly and securely to the app using Touch ID.
•Receipt Settings: Option to turn off receipt share screen for faster transactions.
•Signature and Tip: Redesigned screen to make it easier to add a tip and see totals.
•Sales Trends: Two new reports under the Reports tab.
1.Flash Report: Total for net sales, discounts, tax, refunds, and more. Ideal for a quick glance or closing out the day.
2.Product Sales Report: Item and category performance by quantity and sales volume.

For more reporting, check out PayAnywhere Inside on

Please email any comments or suggestions to

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Convenient

    This app is great as it makes paying for things and managing a credit card more convenient. Would recommend this to everyone.

  • nice app

    your business to accept credit card payments on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. PayAnywhere’s free credit card processing app and credit card reader enables your business to accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal payments anytime, anywhere, all at the point of sale

  • Best app

    This is good appp

  • A $3.99 fee without warning?!@%

    I spent hours tracking down the source of the $3.99 fee on my "dormant" account. (1) This company didn't use "PayAnywhere" to charge my account but instead used a 3rd party "Global Solutions". (2) PayAnywhere told me they sent an email warning of the charge before it posted. I asked for a duplicate copy of the email and was told I can't have it. (3) I was told that I couldn't speak to a customer service manager. I hate this type of company that will take your funds, lie to you about notices it sent out, and refuse to provide a manager to help resolve your issue.

  • Useful

    Very practical application, it helps me a lot with it, accept credit cards anytime, anywhere, great!

  • Nice app for payment.

    I've just bought iPhone 5s. I downloaded and used this app. It's really useful. I can pay anywhere I want. This app like wallet, you can pay when you need to buy something or do something. Really good app. My phone suit for this app, I think you should download it for save times or keep your money saver. Thanks.

  • good

    of the app, buy things payment becomes very simple. Many cards can be used on this app.

  • Nice app

    Detected indian sbi debit nfc card.. Good to see information .Works with MasterCard, shows card number and recent transactions

  • Nice app

    This is a wonderful app. It helps me to link my credit card and pay for products in just few mins. Reduce my wasting time to get those things. Thanks for this app, keep it up

  • Good app :)

    this is very application. i use app everyday. it is help me have many feel excited and comfortable. i like app. nice

  • Wonderful card payment Device provider.

    With the pay anywhere Device we could now accepted not only plastic but Apple Pay.which gives Little reseller lots of convenient. Only plug in The device on our iPads then we could do payments easily. Great!

  • good app

    this application is very useful in transfer payments. it simple quick easy. Thanks author very much.

  • Great app

    Good good good

  • very nice app

    This is a best csgo style mini game. It has high quality game graphics and smooth game play. This game contain lot of new features and every features are interesting. It will take you endless hours of fun and entertainment. This game is so easy to play, we just click the case to earn money to purchase keys. Really wonderful interesting game. Thank so much for free app and loved it.

  • Good app

    It's a good application, very useful.

  • Good app

    This app has a really beautiful features. Application nice and interesting, I enjoyed it, develop more applications or more. thanks

  • Shady

    Do not use this company. I started using their service last week, and they fraudulently deposited my transactions it to someone else's account. I have spent hours between emails and phone calls trying to get it resolved and they will not turn my funds over to me. They just promised to call back with an update, which they do not, and they send generic email responses that mean nothing.

  • This app is such great!

    This app is such great!

  • Good

    I can buy anything I want and use this app to pay, this app help me saving times, I like it.

  • Good and safetest payment app!

    I think in near future all payments use this, because its so fast and easy, safest way for payment. And this application is very helpful and profitable businesses. It also accepts different type of credit cards like MasterCard Visa. I hope more people will know to this app. Thank for developing.

  • Nice app

    Today I downloaded and used it, I enjoy immensely, I will forever support it to both future versions, I'm looking forward to the next version follow, I will share with you my friends and family to download and use it, thank appstore give me. Thank the author has created this app.

  • Not reliable

    This product was recommended to me at the Apple Store. It was easy to set up an account, but it's not so easy to load inventory. You have to type each item out one by one. There's no better way to get your products into the system. A website upload would be MUCH better or even using a desktop browser than typing each in iOS. Second issue, I haven't been able to charge a card yet. Tried using several cards and all declined, including my own. It's not working. Ticket escalated to IT support, but no answer or resolution yet. Third issue so far...waited on hold for 29 minutes to get a hold of a customer service agent to try to fix why cards are not processing. Who has the time to wait this long to reach an agent when I'm trying to use the app to sell items? Response times need to improve if they expect me to remain a customer over other products in the market.

  • Good app

    I am very satisfied after using this application, it is easier to use and brings a different experience compared to similar applications that I've usued. I would recommend this app to family and friends for all to use

  • Good application

    It's a good application, very useful.

  • Awesome!

    It is really convenient for payment since I installed this app! It accepts kinds of ways to pay, such as visa, credit cards. It's suitable for business or personal !

  • good

    it is good app,one of the best app,i like it very mu ch

  • Trust app

    I think the best purpose that your app need to take the trust for who will use it.I used many apps of this kind before and this make me confuse about security function. Besides, Categories are seperated clearly and listly. I will try to test it.

  • very good!

    This app is simple and easy to use.The chat window popped up and we both knew what was going to happen.I feel that since the app is still relatively new you have to make sure to came back every hour until you find what you are looking for.

  • This app is very convenient

    This app is very convenient. I can pay any time, any where and all at the point sale on my phone. This app is quick and easy to use.

  • Good job!

    Real nice app! Can't get it to crash on iPad!!! This team did a great job.

  • User changer money app

    app can withdraw money at any time , on any account, very convenient and easy

  • Great service quality

    My company recently switched to PayAnyWhere after “threats” from our previous vendor demanding we buy a +$400 machine to take chip and pin cards. After extensive research, payment was the ONLY company to pick up the phone when we called and they addressed our concerns immediately. They also took the time to review our business, which saved +18% in processing costs. Operationally, Paynet’s product offering is a godsend. We save so much time and energy utilizing their recurring billing and invoicing options. Our staff is more efficient, cash flow is up, and we could not be happier.

  • Good

    This app is very good, I enjoyed it, it's pretty interface easy to use. I used it and I am very happy about it. I hope the developer will complete it more perfect. I enjoyed

  • Ok app

    It helps you pay anywhere and anytime without having to carry your credit cards with you. It is simple, quick and easy to use. It doesn't crash and has an interesting design.

  • Looks pretty good

    I've been on the search for such an app and it looks pretty good. Transactions have been great so far and I think I'm gonna go with this app for now!

  • Super

    Payanywhere is the best!!!

  • Good app

    The app very handy. Thanks to this app I can pay in anywhere. I like most about this app is no monthly cost and protect the safety of my transactions. Add to that support for customer enthusiasm. Thanks the developers have to make this app.

  • Pay anywhere

    It is helpful to pay at any places. And it will keep security for your information.

  • good credit card assistant app

    it's a good credit card assistant app that I never met before. if it support more card would be better.

  • Good job

    This app very useful to me. I can trade in any of his first phone quickly. The application is easy to use, simple operation. Thanks to the Developers.

  • Good app!

    I was very impressed with this app. It's good for a lot of my work, every transaction king safe and secured old king. I love it.

  • Good app

    This app is very easy to use, a simple interface, and very fast, i recommand to try it really very great.

  • Easy Payment like no others

    I think in near future all payments use this app, because its fastest, easiest, safest way for payment. It has lovely design . It accepts different type of credit cars like MasterCard Visa , American Express; Discover and popular PAYPAL. I use this app for all my business payment an I'm satisfied with live customer support , they help me anytime ,anywhere. I really appreciate for everything.

  • Improves checking out

    This app makes checking out very easy. With this app, the customer simply swipes and signs electronically and the purchase process is over. I would recommend this app if you want to decrease waiting times.

  • Loving the new design.

    Loving the new design. Especially on the iPad, the bigger fonts make for a much better counter-height experience. New icon is a great refinement of the old one. Very happy!

  • Good app

    PayAnywhere allows your business to accept credit card payments on my iPhone,I find this application very well, actually admire someone has created such great app, thank for all, wished everyone peace, happy

  • Nice app!

    It run smoothly and works every time I needed it. With a awesome design and engine, I recommend this app for everyone who's need something like that

  • Great App

    App is really useful. Easy to use, design is simple. I like it. Thank you!

  • Eh, it's ok

    Confusing for clients that the option for "other" tip defaults to percentage not dollar amount. Takes too long for summary to come to email and for funds to get to bank account. Also wish it would have repeat clients' email or phone number already entered at the end of checkout for receipts. All these things make me think I should switch back to Square.

  • Held my money without informing me!

    This company held my money and never notified me. After two weeks of not receiving a deposit I called customer support. They transferred me three times until I ended up at a voicemail for the representative handling my account. I left a message and still days later have not heard back or received my money. I understand that companies have to take measures against fraud, but the customer should at least be notified and given a chance to clear things up.

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