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PayAnywhere – Accept Credit Cards

PayAnywhere – Accept Credit Cards
4 based on 2,782 Votes
Price Free

Start swiping and increase your sales.
Accept credit card payments on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. PayAnywhere is a free credit card processing app that works with the free PayAnywhere credit card reader so you can accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal payments anytime, anywhere. Read more...

PayAnywhere – Accept Credit Cards is a Business application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 4 based on 2,782 Votes. This version 2.0.10 has an average rating of 3.5 based on 12 Users.

Your device must have atleast 13.8 MB of space to download and install PayAnywhere – Accept Credit Cards. This application does not have game center . PayAnywhere – Accept Credit Cards is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of North American Bancard, Inc. at

Support Languages

English, American , Spanish


Business , Finance ,


PayAnywhere – Accept Credit Cards
PayAnywhere – Accept Credit Cards
PayAnywhere – Accept Credit Cards
PayAnywhere – Accept Credit Cards
PayAnywhere – Accept Credit Cards
PayAnywhere – Accept Credit Cards
PayAnywhere – Accept Credit Cards
PayAnywhere – Accept Credit Cards

Additional Information

At just 2.69% per swipe, PayAnywhere lets you pay-as-you-go, with no monthly minimums or monthly fees. When you swipe, you’ll get your money faster - your funds are deposited within 1 business day.

Increase your sales with the ability to accept credit cards anytime, anywhere, from anyone. From seasonal businesses and fundraisers to contractors and food trucks, PayAnywhere is perfect for any size business.

Sign up in just minutes:

• Download the PayAnywhere app for free

• Set up an account by applying in-app, online, or call 1.877.387.5640

• Start accepting credit card payments, even before you receive your free credit card reader in the mail.


• Free app and free credit card reader

• 2.69% per swipe for all card types, including American Express

• No monthly minimums, no cancellation fees, no hidden fees

• Secure encrypted transactions adhering to PCI compliance standards

• Live customer service and technical support

• Accept and record credit card and cash payments

• Add discounts and customizable tips

• GeoTax feature automatically calculates sales tax based on GPS location

• AirPrint, Star thermal printer, and Cash Drawer compatibility

• Inventory tools for adding products/services with images, custom descriptions, and categories

• Customized electronic receipts sent to your customers

• In-apps reporting to view sales trends in app

• Free online portal with PayAnywhere Inside for detailed account activity

To learn more, including information on PayAnywhere Storefront (our free tablet, stand with built-in reader, and app), please visit

We love your feedback! Please email any comments or suggestions to

What's New on this version 2.0.10

2.0.10 fixes a crash error that some users may have experienced upon launching the app.

2.0.9 refreshes the UI on both iPad and iPhone. This update also improves syncing of merchant data and includes the addition of a Bluetooth printer to print receipts. Please note that iOS 7 or higher is required for all new features and optimal performance.

New for iPad and iPhone:
- Reduces syncing time of merchant data.
- Improved merchant data migration. If prompted with an error, simply sign back into the app to recover all data.
- Ability to print receipts via Bluetooth.
- Bug fixes.

New for iPad:
- Checkout: Simply swipe the card or enter card information manually. New “Quick Cash” buttons expedite cash payments by rounding up totals to whole dollar amounts. Select “View Cart” to see items, subtotal, discount, and tax.
- Signature: Updated design focuses on capturing customer signature. If tip is turned on, your customer can choose from preset amounts or enter a custom tip. Select “View Cart” to review items purchased.
- Receipt: Capture your customer’s information and select whether or not you’d like to email or print a receipt. Select “No Receipt” to finish the transaction.

New for iPhone:
- Checkout: Simply swipe the card or enter card information manually. New “Quick Cash” buttons expedite cash payments by rounding up totals to whole dollar amounts.

Please email any comments or suggestions to

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Sas cash

    I want sas cash, so I'm writing a great review....

  • Screw this app

    These guys are crooks!

  • Bring back the older version receipt form

    I used to like the old fashion receipt in version 2.0.5. dont like this new version.

  • Needs A LOT of improvement

    This app looked a whole lot better on the preview pics than it actually looks on here. If you search for a video demo the video of the app looks different than it does in the company made videos also. Categories will not save on items. And the app crashes constantly. The app is so basic looking. The previous version was a whole lot better than the current version of the app. And it would make things a lot more easy if you could add options like SMALL, MEDIUM, or LARGE to items. Please consider all of these things when building the newer version of this app.

  • App shuts down immediately

    I have has this app for a while not and have been happy so far, but since the upgrade on 9/17/14 the app keeps shutting down as soon as it's launched. I tried several times and it finally opened but was only to a blank screen with the payanywhere logo at the top!!!! Please fix this problem!!

  • Happy Customer

    Hi, I've been using PayAnywhere for well over 2 years and I have to say I've been very happy. The software and reader are really free & I only pay when I accept visa/Mc for payment. When I call for service they answer the phones and are fast and friendly. The updated reports make it very easy for me to review my sales totals for the day, for the week and for the month over previous periods to see if my sales are trending in the right direction. I would recommend PayAnywhere to any Business whether big or small that needs to accept credit cards and manage their sales simply and easily. Thanks again!!!!

  • Works now

    After having trouble with the new app update I called customer service. I was told to uninstall and reinstall the app, I haven't had an issue since. I suggest trying this if you have issues. You can always call customer service too, they were very helpful.

  • App not loading

    I absolutely LOVE this app, but I've updated with the most recent update. The app no longer crashes when I open it, but now it won't give me a login screen. Normally, I'd give a 5 star rating! I need it work for this weekend! Help, please!

  • Great app!

    Long time user with no issues. Gets better with every update.

  • App won't open!!!

    What is the point of having this app if it doesn't work?!? It won't even open! I canst take payment for my business which is causing me to loose business!!! Fix this ASAP!

  • Not working after update

    Fix asap plz!!!

  • Mr

    Great app for in house and out. Yea Store Front POS. Yea Terry at 404 806 7420

  • New 9-11-14 update

    New update does by work. Crashes app unable to log in. IPhone 4s

  • App does not work after yesterday's update. Switching to square.

    Total bs. App no longer works. Switching to square.

  • App crash

    New update crashed the app will not open

  • Crashed

    Crashes after up date.

  • App not working after update

    App will not open after new update. Need to use this. Please fix!!!!!

  • Wow!! New update is awesome

    Great new updates - love this app even though had to reinstall it - keep up the good work guys.

  • Working Great

    This app allows me to get paid while I am still in front of my customers. I no longer have to chase down customers with an invoice. I love the emailed receipts! New update is working great. Thank you!


    This product is not user friendly and support is not 24/7. The test mode and live environment is not well defined and no backup log for your transactions. Going back to square or paypal. Brought this piece of ? /bc office max was out of the square. I don't recommend this product.

  • Bad idea

    I tested this product on myself before using it on a customer. I charged my credit card. And the funds have been taken from that account. Yet not deposited into my company account. Very frustrating.

  • Noooooooooooo

    They will steal your money. Quick discontinue after the first 30 days your money is gone with no questions. Discontinue use immediately I have deleted app pay pal and square only. Pay Anywhere will take your money somewhere.

  • No Problems

    Haven't had anything dramatic happen, I had to call customer service once because I made a mistake on a card swipe & they took care of it right away. My money is in my bank account very quickly, nice interface, works well enough for me.

  • Bunch of scam artists

    I too was allured by the low fees and ease of use. So I signed up by phone. Talked to them and was never told of any hold policies. Very "if they don't ask don't tell". I made my first sale which was 2200 dollars and was very optimistic as to the ease of use. A day later I'm getting emails saying it's on hold. I call and they tell me I need to provide my bank information and my clients which is illegal to disclose other peoples bank information and contact info. Then I come to find that after I refund they will be charging me money when it was there fault I didn't get it in the first place. I will be filing with the better business bureau and my lawyer if charges are taken from my account without my consent. Due to false advertising and also not giving it's costumer a full access to there policies before signing up. This is a SCAM. Don't get sucked in.

  • Savon Cafe

    It has always worked for me since day one. Customer service is supportive. Upgrades are smooth.

  • App closes when syncing

    This app is not great. With this new update the app closes when it begins to sync. We use multiple devices and they don't sync with each other. So many issues I can't list them all.

  • Don't waste your time

    I signed up and used it for a sale of 1,100 dollars, my money was put on hold . I had to send in 3 months of bank statements and invoices of the sale. Five days later they told me I would get my money's, but they were dropping me. :( I asked to speak with a manager and they said that computer repair was high risk for them, so I can't make a living? Or only a living they approve of. Don't worry , there are others out there to get my business.

  • Can't log in....

    I can't log into the app. I can log into the web but need the app for the device to work. Annoyed!!

  • Love PayAnywhere!!

    This thing is awesome! The money shows up NEXT DAY and charges a cheaper % then Square! Those two reasons were enough for me!

  • Best Payment App!

    Well designed, does what it says and most important of all, it make it very easy for my clients to pay us!

  • Love it!

    I'm new to processing credit cards in general, but the ability to process credit cards on my phone has been an awesome exp and my customers love it!

  • Good App!

    While initially disappointed in payanywhere, I've become a big fan after the last release. I look forward to seeing more!

  • Perfect!

    The best payment app out there!

  • Mr

    Worst app ever. Cant log in. Got a Square and have no problem.

  • My Favourite App!

    By far my favorite app, I use it every day for my business!

  • Great App but needs little improvement!

    I'd love to see some improvements in this app, but overall it does the job and it's helping me process mobile transactions. Before I had to take cash or pay corporate a huge fee to process them for me, which I refuse to do.

  • Horrible

    I would never recommend this to anyone!!! The customer service is horrible there is not a single person that I talked to in the past week trying to set up this account that knew anything!!!! I recommend the square. These people will talk a good talk but they never follow through. If I could give these guys no stars I would it is horrible.

  • Great App!

    Does exactly what it says. They have a great customer service team to help you with any issues as well.

  • Simply Awesome

    One of the best payment apps if you need to process credit cards on the go!

  • Froze constantly

    I am trying to choose an app like this for my small business. I am testing different ones, and this is the worst thus far. It froze within seconds on my iPad air. It did this over and over. I won't be using this company for my business.

  • Get "square "over this no costumer help

    If I could it would be 0 stars!!! I bought this over a week ago I can't create a account I went threw the application process fine, I go to log in it asks me for a user name in the application there is no entry to create a UN how do I log in? I call costumer service everyday and it goes to voice mail left my info they said they would return my call with in one business day, still no reply after three days... Horrible experience if I had my receipt I would return it but I just threw it in the trash just like where this company where belongs

  • Very Useful App!

    I can finally accept credit cards without paying a huge fee to the company I work for, who has been milking us for years when we use their system with their fees. Thank you payanywhere! I recommend this for any driver, taxi, car service!!

  • Excellent!

    Awesome app, works like a charm!

  • No support

    I have tried several times to get support via telephone and chat with no response. I have left voicemails with no callback. Not feeling the love.

  • Good app, room for improvement

    I really enjoy using this app. The reader works much better than the square reader. Love the daily, weekly, monthly totals. I have had issues with it accepting some credit cards. It swipes fine but says declined. It's a Visa card... Should work. Even when i manually type it in it doesn't work. When you try and type in the billing street it only lets you use numbers, no letters. Needs to be fixed. Very very frustrating. So I have to switch to the square app which is frustrating for me and my client. I often run cards and then the clients ask where can I leave a tip? It shouldn't feel as though you are hiding the tip option from the client. Please make this more visible. It will make me more money and PayAnywhere more money. Everyone wins. Similar programs now sync to quick books. This would be a nice option to have. Not a deal breaker, but would be convenient. I really would like to continue using this app for all my transactions. Hopefully the kinks get worked out. But if it continues to decline credit cards, not allow me to manually enter information, and continually lose me money because of the tipping section then I'll probably try out another reader such as the Intuit app, which my colleague loves. I would like to continue to support PayAnwhere, please fix the issues.

  • Why fix what wasn't broke?

    I first used this app a year ago and it was great. It was easy to add inventory and manage reports, etc. With this recent update, all of my settings were wiped. At the inventory tab, there is no way to add new (or old) items. That description is found on the Sell tab, under Custom Item, saying you can "Sell and add new inventory items." However, once you add the item to sell, including a photo and description, there still isn't a way to save the item to your inventory. One star for completely wasting my time.

  • Gets the job done.

    I recently made the change from square to payanywhere and I'm glad I did.

  • Great App

    What sets this company apart is their customer service. All these payment processing apps do the same thing at nearly identical rates.

  • It's alright

    PayAnywhere is ok....not great but does the job.

  • Recommended

    I had some issues at first with this app, but the latest update solved most of them. This is my first time processing, so I haven't really tried any other mobile credit card apps.

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