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iCuba, the first application dedicated to Cuba on iTunes has been completely updated and expanded, becoming a true multimedia tourist guide of Cuba. The application is now available on iTunes in 2 versions: - Lite version: map of Cuba completely free - Full version: which includes the map of Cu...

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Escape 3D: The Bathroom 1

1 Million + Downloads! I woke up in a bathroom with no memory.. The door was locked so I have no way to escape.. I need to FIND A WAY OUT OF HERE! Try to escape the room by solving the seemingly unsolvable puzzle. Touch objects to pick them up and drag them onto other ones to combine them. T...

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Thunder Storm - Distance from Lightning

Scared of thunder and lightning? Usually there's no need to be afraid. Mostly the lightning bolts are far away. This app will tell you how far exactly and it can even show you the location on a map where the lighting bolt went down. This is how it works: 1. Touch 'Saw Lighting Bolt' when you...

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SyncAudioBook-Anne of Green Gables (Classic Collection)

Synchronized audio books, Human-read Audio Book. Article will auto scroll to where you are listening, Display and voice are Synchronized, While watching while listening, This is the best way of reading book, learn english, practice listening ----------------------------------- Anne of Green Gable...

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Power Chords

Power Chords is a powerful and portable guitar chord reference application. Power Chords offers the opportunity for any musician to explore musical chords to its fullest. All chords have been considered and available as reference and sampling for any musician from the novice to advanced. Power C...

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